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before he be Partaker of it*: Yet being enabled by the Spirit to know the Things which are freely given him of God, he may, without extraordinary Revelation, in the right Use of ordinary Means, attain thereunto! And therefore it is the Duty of every one, to give all Diligence to make his Calling and Election surem; that thereby his Heart may be enlarged in Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost, in Love aud Thankfulness to God, and in Strength and Chearfulness in the Duties of Obedience; the proper Fruits of this Aflurance" :

So III. * 1 John's. 13. These things the promises. Eph. 3. 17. That have I written unto you that be- Christ may dwell in your hearts by lieve on the name of the Son of faith, that ye being rooted and God; that ye may know that ye grounded in love, v. 18. May be have eternal life, and that ye may able to comprehend with all saints, believe on the name of the Son of what is the breadth, and length, God. Ifa. 50.10. Who is among and depth, and height. v. 19. And you that feareth the Lord, that to know the love of Christ, which obeyeth the voice of his servant, passeth knowledge, that ye might that walketh in darkness, and hath be filled with all the fulness of God. no light? let him trust in the name m 2 Pet. 1. 10. Wherefore the raof the Lord, and stay upon his God. ther, brethren, give diligence to Mark 9. 24. And straight way the make your calling and ele&tion sure: father of the child cried out, and for if ye do these things, ye shall said with tears, Lord, I believe; never fall. help thog mine unbelief. [Sec Psalm * Romans s. 1. Therefore being 35. throughout. Psalm 77. to the 12. justified by faith, we have peace with verse. ]

God through our Lord Jesus Christ. i Cor. 2. 12. Now we have re- v.2. By whom also we have access ceived, not the spirit of the world, by faith into this grace wherein we but the Spirit which is of God; that stand, and rejoice in hope of the we might know the things that are glory of God. v. S. And hope freely given to us of God. John 4. maketh not alhamed, because the 13. Hereby know we that we dwell love of God is shed abroad in our in him, and he in us, because he hearts, by the holy Ghost, which hath given us of his Spirit. Heb. 6. is given unto us. Rom. 14. 17. For Jl. And we desire, that every one the kingdom of God is not meat of you do shew the fame diligence, and drink, but righteousness and to the full assurance of hope unto peace, and joy in the holy Ghost. the end : v. 12. That you be not Rom. 15. 13. Now the God of hope Alothful, but followers of them, who fill you with all joy and peace in bechrough faith and patience inherit


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thefethings write I unto you,that ye 2. Beloved, now are we the sons of Deliy fins: and not for ours only, but u. 3. And every man that haththis hereby how fhall we that are dead to fin,live If we fay that we have fellowhup 90 Of Afurance of Grace Chap. 18, So far is it from inclining Men to Loole. i nefs

IV. True Believers may have the Affurance of their Salvation divers ways shaken, diminished and intermitted ; as, by Negligence in preser: :De ving of it, by falling into some special Sin which woundeth the Conscience, and grieveth the Spirit

, by some sudden or vehement Temptation, by God's withdrawing the Light of his Countenance, and come suffering even fuch as fear him to walk in Darkness tre fie lieving that ye may abound in hope, the grace of God that bringeth lalo through the power of the holy Ghoft. vation, harh appeared to all men, Eph. 1. 3. Blesfed be the God and v, 12. Teaching us, that denying Eatherofour Lord Jesus Christ,who ungodlinefs and worldly lusts

, we hath blesed us with all spiritual thould live soberly, righteouly, and bleflings in heavenly places in godly in this present world. We logo Christ. ... According as he hath who gave himself for us, that he chosen as in him, before the four might redeem us from all iniquitis

, dation of the world, that we should and purify unto himself a peculiar be holy, and without blame be people,zealous of good works. act! fore him in love. Psalm 4. 6. There 7.1. Having therefore these promie be many that fay, who will few les (dcarly beloved) let us cleanse as any good : Lord,' lift thou up our Telves from all filthiness of the the light of thy countenance upon Aelh and spirit, perfe&ting holines us.

7, 7. Thou haft put gladness in the fear of God. Rom. 8:1. There in my heart, more than in therime is therefore now no condemnatithat their corn and their wine in- on to them which are in Christ Je creafed. Pfalm 119.92. I will run fus, who walk not after the fath

, the way of thy commandments, but after the Spirit. v.12, Therefore when thou

shalt enlarge my heart brethren, we are dobrers, not to he • 1 John 2. 1. My little children, Aolhyto live after the Aesh. 1 ifolin ja fin not.

And if any man siny we God, and it doth not yet appear have an Advocate with

the Father, what we fallbe: but we know, that Jesus Christ the righteous. vo 2. when he shall appear, we lhall be like And he is the propitiation for our him: for we shall fợc him as he is also for the fins of the whole world. hope in him, purifioth himself

, even Shall we continue in fin, thar grace there is forgiveness with chee: the may abound: v. 2. God forbid : thou mayelt be feared. ; John 1.6 any longer therein. Tit. 2. 11. For

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with my voice, and he gave ear unto

and to have no Light P : Yet are they never utterly destitute of that Seed of God and Life of Faith, that Love of Christ and the Brethren, that Sincerity of Heart and Conscience of Daty; out of which, by the Operation of the Spirit, this Assurance may

in with him, and walkin darkness, we me. V. 2. In the day of my trou. lie, and do not the truth. v. 7. But "ble I sought the Lord, my fore ran if we walk in the light, as he is in the in the night, and ceased nor: my Bight

, we have fellowship one with foul refused to be comforted. 7.3. another, and the blood of Jesus I remembred God,and was troubled: Chtift his Son cleanseth us from all I complained, and my spirit was ofin.

verwhelmed. Selah.

V. 4. Thou ; IV. P Cent, 4. 2. I sleep, but my holdest mitrescyes waking: I am so heart waketh: it is the voice of my troubled that I cannot speak. V.S. beloved that knocketh, saying, o- I have considered the days of old, pentome, my lifter, my love, my the years of ancient times. V: 6.1 dove

, my undefiled; for my head call to remembrance my song in the is filled with dew, and my locks with night : 1 commune with mine owa the drops

of the night. v. 3. I have heart, and my spirit made duligent put off my coat, how shall I put it search. v.7. Willthe Lord catt off on! I have wafhed my feet,how fall forever and will he be favourable 1 defilethema v.6. Iopened to my no more! (0.8. Is his mercy clean beloved, but my beloved had with gone for ever: doth his promise drawn himself, and was gone: my fail for evermore? , 9. Hath God floud failed when he fpake; I fought forgotten to be gracious'? hath be him, but I could not find him; I cal- in anger shutup his tender mercies? led him, but he gave me no answer. Selah. *v. To. And I said, This Psalms 1. 8. Make me to hear joy is myinfirmity, but I will remember andgładness; that the bones which the years of the right hand of the thou haft broken,may rejoice. 7.12. mort High. Matth. 26. 09. Nov Reftore unto me the joy of thy fal- Peter sat without in the palace; and cation; and uphold me with thy free a damsel came unto him, saying, Spirit

. v.14. Deliverme from blood- Thou also waft with Jesus of Galilee. guilcinels, o God, thou God of my v.70. But he denied before them all, falvation ; and my tongue shall sing faying, I know not what thou fayaloud of thy righteousness. Eph. 4. eft. v. 71. And when he was gone 30. And grieve not the holy Spirit out into the porch, another maid saw of God, whereby ye are sealed

unto him, and said unto them thar were the day of redemption. v.31. Let there. This fellow was also with Je allbitterness, and wrath, and an- sus of Nazareth. j. 72. And again ger, and clamour, and evil speak- he denied with an oath, I do not ing be put away from you, with all know the man. Pfalm 31. 22. Fort malice. Psalm 77. 1. I cried unto faid in my hafte, í am cut out from God with my voice: even unto God before thinc eyes :

; nevertheless thou



in due time be revived ?, and by the which in the mean time they are supported from utter Despair".


Of the Law of God.
IOD gave to Adam a Law as a Covenant of

Works, by which he bound him and all his Pofterity to personal, entire, exa&t and perpetual Obedience ; promised Life upon the fulfilling, and

threatheardeft the voice of my fupplica- gainst him, until he plead my cause, tions, when I cried unto thee. i Pfal. and execute judgment for me: he 88. throughout ] Ifai. so. 10. Who is will bring me forth to the light, among you that feareth the Lord, and I shall behold his righteousness. that obeyeth the voice of his ser- Jer. 32. 40. And I will make an vant, that walketh in darkness, and everlasting covenant with them, hath no light? let him trust in the That I will not turn away from name of the Lord, and stay upon them, to do them good; but I will his God.

put my fear in their hearts, that 9.1.John 3. 9. Whosoever is born they fall not depart from me. Ifa. of God, doth not commit fin: for 54-7. For a small moment havci his feed remaineth in him, and he forsaken thee; but with great mer cannot fin, because he is born of cies: will I gather thee. v. 8, In2 God. Luke 22.3 2. But I have prayed little wrath I hid my face from the for thee, that thy faith fail not; and for a moment; but with everlasting when thou art converted, strengthen kindness will I have mercy on the * thy brethren. Job 13.15. Though saith the Lord thy Redeemer. 0.9. he lay mc, yet will I trust in him: For this is as the waters of Noah anbut I will maintain minc own ways to me: for as I have sworn that the before him. Psalm 73.15. If I say, waters of Noah should no more go I will speak thus: behold, I should over the earth; so have I sworn that offend against the generation of thy I would not be wroth with thec, ner children. Psalm 51.8, 12. [ See letter rebuke thee. v. 10. For the mounimmediately before. ] Isaiah so. 10. tains shall depart, and the hills be [Sce letter P immediately foregoing. ] removed, but my kindness shall not

* Mic. 7.7. Therefore I will look depart from thee, neither shall the unto the Lord: I will wait for the covenant of my peace be removed, God of my salvation: my God will faith the Lord, that hath mercy on hear me, v. 8. Rejoice not against thee. Pfal. 22. 1. My God,my God, me, O mine enemy; when I fall, I why haft thou forsaken me? why fhall arise; when i lit in darkness, art thou so far from helping me, and the Lord shall be a light unto me. from the words of my roaring: [ Pfal. v. 9. I will bear the indignation of 88¢ throughout. ) the Lord, because I have linned 2- ,

I. 'GA

threatned Death upon the Breach of it; and inducd him with Power and Ability to keep it *. - II. This Law after his Fall, continued to be a perfe& Rule of Righteousness, and as such was delivered by God upon Mount Sinai in Ten Commandments, and written in Two Tables b; the

Four 1. ^ Gm, I. 26. And God said, under the curse : for it is written, Let us make man in our image, af- Cursed is every one that continueth ter our likeness : and let them have not in all things which are written dominion over the fish of the sea, in the book of the law, to do them. and over the fowl of the air, and v. 12. And the law is not of faith: over the cattle, and over all the but, the man that doth them, shall carth, and over every creeping live in them. Eccl. 7.29. Lo, this thing that creepeth upon the earth. only have I found, that God hath V, 27. So God created man in his made man upright: but they have own image, in the image of God sought out many inventions. Job created he him: male and female 28. 28. And unto man he said, Be-, created he them. With Gen. 2. 17. hold, the fear of the Lord, that is But of the tree of the knowledge of wisdom, and to depart from evil, good and evil, thou shalt not eat of is understanding. it : for in the day that thou catest II. James 1. 25. But whoso thereof, thou shalt surely die. Rom. looketh into the perfect law of li2:14. For when the Gentiles which berty, and continueth therein, he have not the law, do by nature the being not a forgetful hearer, but a thinge contained in the law, these doer of the work, this man shall be having not the law, are a law un- blessed in his deed. Fam. 2. 8. If to themselves : v. is. Which shew yę fulfil the royal law, according to the work of the law written in their the scripture, Thou shalt love thy hearts, their conscience also bear- neighbour as thy felf, ye do well. ing witness, and their thoughts the v. 1o. For whosoever shall keep the mean while accusing, or else excu- whole law, and yet offend in one fing one another. Rom. 10. 5. For point, he is guilty of all. v. 11. For Moles describeth the righteousness he that said, Do not commit adultewhich is of the law, that the man ry; faid also, Do not kill. Now which doth those things, shall

live if thou commit no adultery, yet if by them. Rom. 5. 12. Wherefore, thou kill, thou art become a tranfa

onc man sin entred into the gressor of the law. 0.12. So speak world

, and death by lin; and so ye, and so do, as they that shall be death pafsed upon all men, for that judged by the law of liberty. Rom. all have linned. v. 19. For as by 13. 8. Owe no man any thing, but one mans disobedience many were love one another: for he that lomade finners : lo by the obedience veth another, hath fufilled the law. of one, thall many be made righ- 49. For this, Thou

shalt not comtrous. Gal

. 3. 10. For as many as mit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, are of the works of the law, are


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