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The Weakness of this Obje&tion further evidenced Page 113115 Obje&tion IV. taken from the mischievous consequences of fuch publick Standards of Orthodoxy, with respect to the Peace and Happiness of Mankind, and the Divisions, Animofities, „which, it is alledged, they are the Occasion of This Obje&ion strikes only against the Abuse of Creeds, but is of no Force against Confessions duly regulated

ibid. 2 And these Evils are really owing to the unfanctified Passions of

Mankind, and not to their Opinions either for or against Confessions

116, 117 Therefore the Authority of Confessions in our Church, noways prejudicial to any of the Virtues of Christianity

117 Several Considerations which evidence the Importance of this

Question, invigorate our Zeal in behalf of Confessions, and heighten our Value and Esteem for them

118 The near Connection which this Question concerning Confessions

of Faith hath with the Doctrines of Chriftianity, and the great Influence Creeds have on the Interests of Religion, are Things

of much Importance A pathetick Exhortation to Constancy in the Principles of Religi

on, and to a vigorous Zeal and steady Adherence to the Faith of the Gospel : With Remarks suited to the present Times 119-124 The great Importance and Necessity of a Belief of the Principles of Religion applied to the present Purpose

125, 126 The Unreasonableness and fatal Consequences of a Church's re

ceiving any Ministers among them who maintain not the Purity of Faith, and refuse to subscribe the publick Standard 126, 127 None so violent Oppofers of Contefsions as the declared Enemies

of revealed Religion, with Remarks upon it The happy Effects which the Authority of Creeds in the Church

of Scotland hath had upon Truth, Peace and Holiness 128, 129 Some Things particularly with respect to the Weftminfter Confef fion

129, 130

118, 119

127, 128

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PART III. Ontaining those Ends of Confessions which have a Relation to all the Members of the Church

ibid. The First End, To provide the People with a short and useful Summary of the Doctrines of Religion

130, 131 The Excellency of the Westminster Confession and Catechisms in this respect

131---133 The Second End, To maintain the Purity of Faith, and prevent

the spreading of Errors among che People, explained and illuIsrated



Remarks on a Book lately published, The Marvew of modern Divinity

Page 133-138 The Third End, To transmit the Truth to Pofterity, and animate their Zealand Stedfastness in the Profession of it

138 This applied to the State of the Church of Scotland, with a particular Refpect to the National Covenant

138---140 The Laft End of Confeffions, To be fubfervient to the History of the Church

140, 141 An Objection, arising from the alledged Use of our Confession in the Administration of Baptism, answered

141---143 The Claufe in the 4th Section of the 230 Chapter of our Confef

fion, Infidelity or Difference in Religion doth not make void the Magifrate's just and legal

Authority, nor free tbe People from their due Obedi. ence to bim, considered

143, 144

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Confession of Faith,






Of Publick Authority in the

Church of Scotland.

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Printed by JAMES WATSON, His Majesty's

Printer, MDCCXIX.

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Assembly 1649. Seff. 30. BE General atlembiy oldains every minifter, with allittatice of the

Elders of their several Kirk-Selli ons, to take Course, that in every houle

there be at leatt one Copy of the Shoe ter and Larger Catechism, Confettion of Faith, and Direçou foz Family-tuolihip,

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