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for 20, which is, In a Moment shall they die, and the People shall be troubled at Midnight, and país away: And the Mighty fhall be taken away with out Hand. Con. Ch. 18. 92. i. all the Copies have Eph. 3. 13, 14. which has been certainly mistaken for Eph. 1. 13, 14. In whom ye also truited after that ye heard the Word of Truth, the Gospel of your

Salvation : In whom also after that lieved, ye were sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise, which is the Earnest of our Inheritance, until the Redemption of the purchased Poffeffion, unto the Praise of his Glory.

And it is hoped these may determine the Readers to believe that any Papage of Scripture which does not seem adapted to the Purpose which it is used for, may perhaps be ascribed to a like Cause and should not be charged up on the venerable Asembly.

The Commission of the General Assembly, in Purfiance of an Order of the Assembly, did appoint a Conmittee of Ministers and Ruling-Elders, among whom the Gentlemen who undertook the publishing this Edition were 'named, to take Care that the Confession of Faith, Catechisms, &c. might be rendred as correct and complete as might be. By the Direction and Asistance of which Committee, the several Amendments and Alterations in this Impression mentioned in the above Advertisement were made: Which tis hoped will recommend this Edition, and give it a greater Authority and Weighs than any other.


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OF The Divines who mee in the Af

met fembly at Westminster. DR. R.William Twiss of Newbury, Dr. Humphrey Cambets of Claver. Prolocutor.

stoun. Dr. Cornelius Burges of Waterford, Thomas Micklethwait of Cherrys Febnu White of Dorchester, Affeffors. burton, Dr. William Gouge of 'Blackfriers

; John Guibon of Waltham.

Christopher Tesdale of Uphusborne. Robert Harris of Hantuell, B.D.

Henry Philps. Ilomas . Gattaker of Rotherhitbe, George Walker, B. D.

Edmon Calamy,

B. D. of Aldera Oliver Bowles of Sutton, B.D. manbury. Edward Reynolds of Bramstona

Dr. Lazarus Seaman of London, Jeremiah W bitaker of Streton,

Joseph Caryl of Lincoln's-Inn. Dr. Anthony Tuckney of Boston.

Dr. Henry Wilkinson Senior of Was John Arrowsmith of Lynne.

der/ten. Simeon the of St. Brides,

Richard Vines of Calcot. Philip Nye of Kimbolton.

Nicolas Proffet of Marlburrough. Feremiah Burroughs of Stepney.

Stephen Marchal, B. D. of Finche johm Lightfoot of Ashley.

ing field. Stanley Gower of Brampton Bryan.

Dr. Joshua Hoyle late of Dublin. Richard Heyrick of Manchester,

Tbomas Wilson of Otham. Thomas Case of Londox.

I komas Hodges of Xenfington, Dr. Thomas Temple of Battery.

Thomas Baylic of Mildenhal, B. DI Egorge Gipps of Ayleston,

Francis Taylor of Talding.
I homas Young of Stownmarket.

12 Thomas


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Thomas Valentine, B. D. of Chal. Fohn Whincop of St. Martins in font St. Giles.

Fields. William Greenhil of Stepney,

William Bridge of Tarmouth, Edward Pele of Compton,

Peter Starrye of London. John Green of Pencomb.

William Meri, B.D. of Ejingto, Andrew Pern of Wilby,

Benjamin Pickering of Eat-Honely Samuel de la Place,

Fohr Strickland of St. Edmonds John de la March.

Saruma. John Dury.

Humphrey Hardwick, Philip Delme.

Fasper Hicks of Laurick or Lari Sidrach Simpson of London.

Fohn Langley of Westuderly, John Bond.
Cleyton of Shower.

Henry Hell, B.D. of Narzyjch.
Arthur Sallaway of Seavernestoak.

Thomas Ford of Londong after John Ley of Budworth.

wards ot Exeter, Charles Herle of Winwick, Prolo- Thomas Thorowgood of Maffingham

çutor after Dr. Twiss. Peter Clark of Kerby-underhil. Herbert Palmer, B. D. of Apawel, William Good.

Affeffor after Mr. White. Fohn Foxcroft of Cotham,
Daniel Catudrey of Great Billing. Fohn Wird.
Henry Painter, B. D. of Exeter.

Richard Byfield of Long-Dittore
Henry Scudder of Colingborn:

Francis Woodcock.
Thomas Hill

, B. D. of Tichmarch. John Jackson of Marske,
William Reynor, B. D. of Egham,
Dr. Thomas
Goodwine of London,

Commissioners from the
Dr. William Spurstow of Hampden.
Matthew Newcomb of Dedham.

General Assembly of Dr. Edmond Staunton of Kingston. the Church of Scotland. John Congnt of Lymmington, B, D, Anthony Burges of Sutton Coldfield. William Rathband:

Alexander Henderfor of Edinme Dr. Francis Cheynel of Oxon. Dr. Henry Wilkinson Younger of Robert Douglas of Edinburgh, Oxford,

Samuel Rutherfoord of St. Andreas
Obadiah Sedgwick, B. D. of Cog Mal. Robert Baily of Glasgow,
Edward Corbijt of Marton College George Gillespy of Edinburgh,

Samuel Gibson of Burley.
Thomas Coleman ot Bliton,

John Earl of Gaffels,
Theodore Backhurst.

John Lord Maitland, afterwud William Carter of London.

Duke of Lauderdale, Peter Smith.

Sir Archibald Fokinjtor of Wate John Maynard of Mayfield.

founy William Price of Paul's Church in

Ruling Elders.

.Hory Robrough,

Admiram Byfeld, Scribes. Tad bancii?
Foku Jallis,

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Confession of Faith,

Agreed upon by the
Adembly of Divines


With the Affiftance of COMMISSIONERS


Church of Scotland;

Approved by the General Assembly 1647,

and ratified and established by AZ of 2 Parliament 1690, as the publick and a

vowed CONFESSION of the CHURCH of SCOTLAND: With the proofs from the Scripture.

Printed by JAMES WATSON, His Majesty's Printer.


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