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keep it, Cit. 149. Yet it contiThe TABLE, Con, 11: 3, in the last Judgment, King. Christ the King of his Con. 33: 2.

Church, Con. 30:1. How he escJUSTICE in Contracts and Com cuteth the Office of a King, merce between Man and Man,

Cat. 45.

What meant by the Cat. 141, 142,

coming of his Kingdom, Cat, JUSTIFICATION; What, Con. 191. il: i, Cat. 70.

All the Ele&, KNOWLEDGE, God's Knowledge and they only are justified, Con. is Infinite, Infallible and Inde3: 6.::Whom God did from all

pendent upon the Creature, Con, eternity Decree to justifie, Con. 2:2. The Knowledge which may 11: 4. But they are not justitied be had of God and of our Duty till the Holy Spirit doth in due to him by the Light of Nature, Time a&tually apply Christ unto Con. I: I. 21: 1. Cat. 1. The them, ibid. How Justification is Scriptures are only sufficient to of God's free Grace, Con, 11: 3. give that Knowledge of God and Cat: 71Faith is necessarily re of his Will, which is necessary quired for Justification, Cat. 71. unto Salvation, Ibid. But it juftifies a Sinner only as it is an Instrument, by which he re

L. ceiveth Christ and his Righteousness, Con. It: 1,2. Cat. 73. The exact Justice, and rich Grace of used, Cat. 135, 136, God are both glorified in the Ju- LAND-MARKs not to be remoftification of sinners, Con. II: 3.

ved, Cat. 142. Justification, the fame under the Law. The Ceremonial Law,what, Old Testament as under the New, Cón. 19: 3. It is abrogated now Con. 11:6. It is inseparably join under the New Testament, C:6. ed with San&tification, Cat. 47.

19: 3. 20: 1. How the Covenant How they differ, Ibid. Thofe that of Grace was administred under are juftified are perfe&ly freed the Law, Con 7: . 8:6. Cat. 34. in this Life from the revenging The JUDICIAL L Aw expired Wrath of God, that they never with the State of the Jews, Con. fall into Condemnation, Cou, 17:

19: 4.. And obliges no further 1. Cat. 776 79. But Corruption re than the general Equity of it remaining in them, Con. 6:50 13: quires, ibid. 2. Cat. 78. They fall into many The MORAL L Á , What, Cs. Sins, Con. 17: 3. Cat. 78. Which 93.

Given to Adam with a God continues to forgive; upon

Power to fulfil it, Con. 4: 2. 19: their humbling themselves, con

1. Cat. 92. The Ten Commandfefling their Sins, begging Par ments the Sum of it, Con. 19:2. Jon, and renewing their Faith

Cat. 98. Tho' Believers are not and Repentance, Con, 11: So under it as a Covenant, Cm. 19:

6. And are not
Eys, The Power ofthe Keys,

nues to be a perfe& Rule of Righ-
What, Con. 30:2. Commit teousness, Con. 19:2.
ted to Church-Officers, Ibid. The

as well justified Persons as others

, Civil Magistrate may not assume this Power, Con. 23:3.

Con. 19: S. Christ, in the Gospel

, having 'not abolished but much

able perfe&ly to


Binding all,


Cat. 97.

Arengthned the Obligation to not to be taken away except in the Obedience of it, Ibid. And case of publick Justice, lawful altho'no Man since the Fall can, War, or necessary Defence, Cat, by the Moral Law, attain to 136. Righteousness and Life, Con. 19; LIGHT OF NATURE, What may 6. Cat. 94. Which Christ alone be known of God and of our Duhath purchased for the Elect by ty to him by it, Con. 1:1. 21:1. his perfect Obedience, Con. 8:S. Cat. 2.

it is not sufficient to Yet it is of great Use to all, make us Wise unto Salvation, con. 19: 6. Cat. 95. ' The Use of Con, 1:1. 10: 4. 21:1, Cat, 2,60. it to the Regenerate, Con. 19: 6. It is of the Law of Nature that

The Use of it to the a due Portion of Time be set aUnregenerate, Cat, 26. Not çon part for the Worship of God, trary to the Grace of the Gospel,

Con, 21, 7. but doth sweețly comply with it, Wanton Looks, Ginful, Cat. 139. Con. 19:7. The Spirit of Christ LORD'S PRAYER, Seę Prayer. subduing and enabling the Will LORD's ŚUPPER. The Instituof Man unto a free and chear tion, Nature and Ends of it, ful Obedience to the Will of God, Con. 29: 1. Cat. 168. Christ not Con, 19: 7. Cat. 32.



to his Father, nor any Unnecessary L A W-SUITS to be real Sacrifice for Sin made in it, avoided, Cat. 141, 142.

Con, 29: 2.

The lass abominaLIBER I Y. Christian Liberty, bly injurious to Christ's one on

What, Con. 20:1. Wherein it is ly Sacrifice, ibid. The outward inlarged under the Gospel, Ibid. Elements in this Sacrament are The End of Christian Liberty, not to be adored, Con, 29: 4. Con. 20: 3. Liberty to Sin in They still remain truly Bread and consistent with it. Ibid. Įt is not Wine, Con, 29: 5. The Doctrine intended to destroy Ecclefiafti

of Transubstantiation is repugcal or Civil Powers, but to sup nant not only to the Scripture, port and preserve them, Con. 20: but even to common Sense, and 4. Neither are Men thereby al has been and is the Cause of gross lowed to publish Opinions or Idolatries, Con. 29:6. How Chrift maintain Practices, that are con hath appointed Bread and Wine trary to the Light of Nature, or to be given and received in the to the known Principles of Chri Sacrament, Con. 29: 3. Cat. 169. ftianity, or such as are destructive It is only to be administred by a of the Peace and Order of the Minister of the Word lawfully Church, ibid.

ordained, con, 27: 4. Cat, 176, LIBERTY of Conscience. what it It is not to be received by any is, and what repugnant to it, Con.

one alone, Con, 29: 4. 20: 2. Making Men the Lords be received in both Kinds, ibid. of our Faith and Conscience, What Relation the Elements in unlawful, Con. 20:2. Cat. 105.

this Sacrament have to Christ LIFE, Eternal Life purchased by crucified, Con. 29: 5. How Christ Ch

's perfect Obedienee to the is present there, Con. 29, 7. Cat. Law, Con. 8:5. The Tree of Life 170. How Believers feed on him was a Pledge of the Covenant of therein, ibid. What Preparation Works, Cat. 20. The Life of any is required for receiving it, Cat. H h 4


It is to

171. Doubting may confift with what End, ibid, Lawful for Chri,
an Interest in Christ, Con, 17:3. ftians to accept the Office of a
18: 4. Cat. 81. And therefore Magistrate, Con. 23:2. The Dy.
should not hinder from partaking ty of the Civil Magistrate, Con.
of the Lord's Supper, Cat. 172. 23:2. Cat. 129. Cor. 20: 4. Read
But the Ignorant and Scandalous the Scriptures Letter The Sins
are not to be admitted, Con, 29: of the Magistrate, Cat. 130, 145.
8. Cat. 173.

What Duties re He may wage War upon juft and
quired in the Time of receiving, necessary Occasions, Con. 23. 2.
Cat, 174. What Duties after re His Power in Church Affairs fta-
ceiving, Cat. 175. Frequent At ted, Con. 23. 3. The Duty of the
tendance on it, a Duty, Cat. 175, People toward their Magiftrates,

The Agreement and Dif Con. 23:4. Cat. 127. Their Sins
ference between the Lord's Sup against them, Cat, 128. Eccle-
per and Baptism, Cat. 176, 177.

fiaftical Persons not exempted
Lots, Cat. 112, 113.

from Obedience to the civil Ma-
Love. Election is of Gods free gistrate, Con. 23: 4 The Pope

Love, Con. 3: S. Cat. 13. Which hath no Power or jurisdi&ion
is unchangeable, Con. 17: 2, Cat. over Magiftrates or their People,
79. and therefore true Believers ibid. The Magistrate is not to
can neither totally nor finally be opposed in the lawful Exercise
fall away from theState of Grace, of his Power, upon presence of
ibid. The Sense of God's Love Christian Liberty, Eon. 20: to
is attainable in this Life, Cat. 83. Infidelity or Difference in Relie
See Affurance, Love to God is a gion doth not make void the
Ducy, Cat. 104. which the Light Magistrates juft and legal Au-
of Nature fheweth, Con. 21: 1. thority, Con. 23: 4.
To love the Lord our God with MAN, How created, Con. 4: 2: Cat.
all our Heart, (c. is the Sum of

17. His State before the Fall,
our Duty to hiin, Cat. 102. Love Con. 4: 2, Cat. 17, 20. His Fall
to God is necessary to the right and the Effects of it, Con. 6. Cat.
Performance of the Duty of 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.
Prayer, Con.21: 3. Cat.185. Love His State by the Covenant of
to God and the Brethrenis neces Grace, Con. 7: 3, 4, , 6. Car, 30,
sary to right Communicating, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35. Man's chief
Cut, 168, 171, 17.4. True Be End, Cat. 1.
lievers are never utterly deftitute M A N-STEALING, discharged, Cat,
of the Love of Christ and the

Brethren, Con. 18: 4. Wherein MARRIAGE, the End of it, Con.
Love towards our Neighbour 24: 2. Cat. 20.

Between more
confifts, Cat. 135,141, 144, 147.

than one Man and one Woman
what contrary to it, Cat. 136,142, at a Time, unlawful, Con. 24: 1.
145, 148. It is the Sum of our Cat. 139. Lawful for all sorts of
Duty to Man, Cat. 1'2 2.

People who are capable to give
LYING, finful, Çat. 145

their Consent, Con. 24: 3. And

who are without the Degrees of

Consanguinity or Affinity for
AGISTRATES, appointed bidden in the Scriprures, Con. 245

by Con 23: 1. For 4o Rut Marriages within those


Cat. 7.

Degrees can never be made law- The MERCY of God, Con. 2: 1,
ful, ibid. Protestants should not

It is manifested in his
marry with Infidels, Papists or Works of Providence, Con. s:1.
other Idolaters, Con. 24: 3. Nor It is of God's free Love and
such as are Godly, with those Mercy that the Elect are delivere
that are notoriously wicked, ibid. ed from Sin and Misery, and
A Contract of Marriage may be brought to an Eftate of Salva-
dissolved for Adultery or Forni tion by the second Covenant,
cation committed after the Con-

Çat. 30.

God is Merciful to pe-
tract, Con. 24:5. The Bond of nitent Sinners in Chrift, Con. is:
Marriage can only be diffulved 2. Cat. 76. For whose fake Mer-
for Adultery after Marriage, and cy is to be prayed for, Cat. 180.
fuch wilful Desertion as cannot Works of Mercy are to be done,
be remedied, Con. 24: 5,6. Un even on the Lord's Day, Con. 216
due Delay of Marriage, prohi-

8. Cat, 117.
biting of lawful, and dispensing MERIT. No Merit in good Works,
with unlawful Marriages, are sin for Pardon of Sin or eternal Life,
ful, Cat. 139. Vows of

perpe and why, Con. 16:5. Nor can
tual single Life, are sinful Snares we merit the outward Blessings
in which no Chriftian may in-

of this Life, Cat. 193. But we
tangle himself, Con. 22: 7. Cat. are to trust in the Merits of

Those who have not the Chrift, Cat, 174. Who appears
Gift of Continency ought to ing in the merit of his Obedience
marry, Cat. 138. The Duties of and Sacrifice, maketh Interces-
married Persons, Cat. 139, 141.

fion for his People, Cat. ss.
The Mass abominably injurious M ESSI A H, The Elect under the

to Christ's one only Sacrifice, Old Testament believed in the
Con, 29: 2.

promised Messiah by whom they
MEANS. God in his ordinary Pro had full Remission of Sins, and

yidence maketh Use of Means ; and eternal Saļvation, Con. 7:5.
yet is free to Work without, a. 8:6. Cat. 34.
bove and against them at his The MINISTRY given by Christ
Pleasure, Con.s:3. The outward to the Visible Church, Con. 25:3.
and ordinary Means of Salva The Maintenance thereof, a Du-
tion under the Law, Con. 7: s.

'ty, Cat. 108.

A Minister of the
Cat. 34. Under the Gospel, Con. Gospel is one sufficiently gifted,
7:6. Cat. 35, 154. The diligent and also duly approved and law-
Use of them is required in order fully called and ordained to that
to escape the Wrath of God, Office, Con. 27: 4. 28: 2. Cat.
Cat. 153. How they are made 158. By such only the Word is to
effectual, Con. 25: 3. Cat. 15ş, be read publickly and preached,
161, 182. Trusting in Means, and the Sacraments dispensed,
Sinful, Cat. 1os. Unlawful Means Con, 27:4. 28. 2. Çat. 156, 158,
not to be used, ibid.

IS 9, 16y.
False MEASUR Es unlawful, Cat. MORAL LAW, See Law.

Meat to be moderatly used, Car. nerate have the Corruption of
135, 136.

Nature mortified through Chrift,
MEDIATOR, Sce Corift,

Con, 6:5. And the several Lufts




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of the Body of Sin, Con. 13: 1. imposed by lawful Authority;
Believers draw Strength from ought to be taken, Ibid, it is a fin
the Death and Resurrection of to refuse it, Con. 22: 3. A Man
Christ for the mortifying of Sin, must swear nothing but what he is
Cat. 167.

fully perswaded is truth; neither

may he bind himself by Oath to

any thing but what he believes to

O. CHRIST. be just and good, and what he is
That Prayer be accep able to perform, ibid. An Oath
ted, it is to be made in the Name is to be taken in the plain and
of Christ, Con. 21: 3. Cat. 178. common Sense of the Words ;
What it is to pray in the Name of and in Things not finful, it binds
Christ, Cat. 180. Why Prayer is to to Performance, tho' to a Man's

be made in his Name, Cat. 181 own Hurt, or made to Hereticks,
The NAME OF GOD is only Con22:4. Cat. 113. But it can-

that by which Men ought to not oblige to Sin, Ibid,
swear, and therein it is to be used OBEDIENCE is due to God ia
with all holy Fear and Reve whatsoever he is pleased to com-
rence, Con. 22:2. How the Name mand, Con. 2:2, Cat. 104. Chrift
of God ought to be used, and hath performed perfe& Obedi-
how it is profaned, Cat. 112, 113, ence to the Law for us in our Na-
114, 190.

ture, Con. 8: 4. Cat. 38, 39, 48,
NATUR E. See Corruption, Origi 97. And by it purchased an ever-
nal Sin, Light of Nature.

lafting Inheritance in the King.
The Two NATURES of Chrift. dom of Heaven for the Elet.Cor.

See Christ, Incarnation, Personal 8: s. Cat. 38. His Obedience is

imputed to Believers, Con. 11: 1.
The NEW TESTAMENT in Greek Cat. 70. He hath not abolished,
is that to which the Church is fi but much strengthned the Obli
nally to appeal in Controversies gation to the Obedience of the
of Religion, Con, 1:8. The Ad Moral Law, Con. 19: s. Good
ministration of the Covenant of Works done 'in obedience to
Grace under the Gospel, is called God's Commands, are the Fruits

The New Testament, Con. 7: 6. and Evidences of a true Faith,
NEIGHBOUR. See Charity, Love. Con. 16. 2. Cat. 3 2. How the
NIGGAR DLINESS,inful,Cat.142. fincere, tho' imperfe& Obedi-

ence of Believers, is accepted

and rewarded, Çon. 16: 6.

OBEDIENCE is due to the lawful
An ATH, What it is, Çon.22:1. Commands of Magiftrates, Cəx.

23: 4. Cat. 127, 128,
Worship, Ibid. The Name of God OFFICES of Christ, of Media-
is that by which Men ought only tor. See Mediator. His Prophe-
to swear, Con. 22: 2. Cat. 108. tical Office, Cat. 43. Priestly, Car.
Vain or tash swearing by his 44. and Kingly, Cst. 45.
Name is to be abhorred, Con, 22: Tl OLD TESTAMENT in He-
2. Cat. 113. yet in matters of brew, is that to which the Church
Weight and Moment an Oath is is finally to appeal in Contro-
warrantable under the New Te versies of Religion, Cm. 1:8.
ftament, Can.22:2. Alawful Oath


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