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ABBE Mann's case, further ac- Archæologia, vol. vii, 300c
count of, 229.

As you like it, a poem, -32.
Academical news from the imperial aca“, Auibentic statement, extracted from the

demy of sciences at St. Petersburgh, report of the privy council, &c. 152.

Art of cloquence, 55.
Adventures of a flea, 66.
Adye's treatise on court martials, 143.
Address to the king and people of Ireland,

Address to farmers, an earnest and affectio-
nate, 458.

Aerostaiic spy, 426.

Burke's speech, 206.
Alopiad, a poem; 309.

Barrett's treatise on the gout, 228.
Albinus's tables, Bell's edition of, ;65. Beirnop's history of New Hampshire, 2 $4.
Analyrical essay on pure air, 222. Bellamy, life of, vol. vi.

On the moral Analytical researches on infiammatory air, turn of Mrs. Bellamy, 18. 62.

Believer's safety and faristaction, 68.
Answer to David Hume and others, 285. Bees, lion, affes, and other beasts, 72.
An epiftle from the reverend William Blane's Dr. obfervations on the diseases

M... A lo the right hon. William Pitt, . incident io seamen, 439.

Boswell's tour to the Hebrides, 369.
Annotations upon Mrs, Errington's trial, Book of seven chapters, 309.

Bombay, history of, 428. Appearance is against them, 426.

British fisheries, general remarks on the Arnott's collection and abridgment of cele.

152. brated criminal trials in Scotland, 286.


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CAS E of Major John Savage, 393.

Case of Christopher Atkinson, 391.
Campbell's observations on the typhus, 381.
Cervantes, life of, 312.
Curton's cight sermons, 270.
Chauncey's diflertationons the scripture ac-

ount of the fall, 264.
Claims of the British feamen, 153.
Calitional rencounter anticipated, 315.
Continuation of Hargrave's editiou of Coke

on Littleton, by Butler, 275.
Confiancy, 70.
Confilia, 278.
Confessions of a coquet, 307.
Constance, a novel, 393-
Corp on the jaundice, 74.
Colletion of Gaelic proverbs, 3.11.
Crisis of the Colonies confidered, 429.
Curfory remarks upon Mr. Ramsay's ef-

jay on the treatment and converfion of
African Naves, 212.

GEOGRAPHY and astronomy of

the created world, book iv. 419.
Gordon's tranflation of Livy's Roman his-

tory, 167. His principles of naval
architecture, 310.
Government of Ireland, a plan for setling

the, 130.
Gregory's historical and moral essays, 19.
i His conjectures on alphabetical writing,

20. On picture writing, 21.

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FALSE friends, 3.3.

Fearon on cancers, 2.
Female tuition, 362.
Fourcroy's elementary lectures on chya

mistry, 12.
Fowler's medica' :eports of the effects of

tobacco, 186.

INQUIRIES into the origio,

{pirit and progress of the arts of
Greece, 1. Supplement to the in-
quiries, ibid. Inquiry into the repre.
sentation of Greek medals, 2. Inquiry
into the emblematical representation of
the Greeks, 3.


Inquiry into the increase of attornies, 67. Memoirs of the Baron de Tott, 89. His
Imison's school of arts, 425.

account of the cruelties of the Otto-
Ingram's view of the great events of the man family, 93. His relation of a
leventh plague, 430.

visit to the interpreter of the Porte, 94-
Increase of manufactures, commerce, and

Memoirs of Mrs. Errington, 231.
finance, 180.

Memoirs of George Ann Bellamy, 232.
Invocation to melancholy, 231.

Memoirs of Sir Simon Supple, 308
Introduction to the reading of the holy Mercator's letter, 391.
bible, -316.

Miscellaneous thoughts on effays, dide

's prayers and meditations, 162. logues, epistles, &c. 410.
Julia to St. Preux, a poem, 229.

Moral and sentimental essays, 203.
Fele, or the forced vow, 230.

Morveau's translation of Bergman's essays, .
Jacquin's elements of medico practical
chemistry, 304

Moseley's treatise on coffee, 227.
Johnson's Dr. life of the Rev. Isaac Moseley's observations on tobacco, 313.
Watts, D. D. 258.

More lyric odes, 69.
Jobnfon's Dr. lise, 307,

Moir's sermons, 68.
Mode of defence, fliort essay on the, 52.
Mode of defence, an answer to a short

essay on the, 153.

Muse of Britain, 231.

vol. ii. 223.

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LAWRIE's history of the wars in
Scotland, 281.

Laws concerning horses, 67.
Letters to a planter, 395.
Letter from R. N. to the editor, 400.
Letters between an illustrious personage O'BRIE N's letters, 218.

and a lady of honour at Bath, 310. Obedience to the divine rule, 226.
Life and adventures of John Christopher Observations on the jurisprudence of the
Wolf, 97. His curious account of court of seffion in Scotland, 232.

the elephant, 98. The crisis, 126, Observations on the militia, 428.
London unmasked, 109.

observations on the case of Christopher
Low's chiropodologia, 227.

Atkinson, 391,
Lyrick odes for 1785, 10.

Obsequies of Demetrius Poliorcetes, 155.
Ode to Lansdown Hill, 230.
Omai's letter, 310.

Original papers, 312.

Oriental chronicle of the times, 72.
Owen's translation of Juvenal's satires,

MARI A, a novel, 232,

Maria, 65.
Memoirs of a Pythagorean, 46. An ac-

count of the Babylonian Saturnalia,
49. Reflexions on the state of learn.

ing in Babylon, 59.
Memoirs de l'academie de Dijon, 64.

PEDDL E's life of Jacoh, 22.
Memoirs of Baron de Tott, 371,

Prate's landscapes, in verse, 103.
Piti's reply to Mr. Orde, 224.,


Plantagenet, a poem, 312.

Sermon on the window tax, 226.
Planting and ornamental gardening, 428. Sinclair's history of the public revenue
Political letters, 152.

Poetical works of David Garrick, Efq; Sketch of the life of Pope Clement siv.

Puerical trifles, 156.

Spilfury's discursory thoughts, 224.
Political inquiry into the consequences of Spallanzani's differtations relative to the
Power of oratory, an ode, 307,

natural hiftory of animals and vege-
Potter's favourites of felicity, 115.

tables, 291.
Price's observations on the American revo- Sparrman's voyage to the Cape of Good
lution, 135.

Hope, 342
Primitive candor, 430.

Stack's medical cases, 24. A case of re.
Probationary odes, 154.

markable diffolution of the blood, 25.
Practice of medicine made easy, 319.

State of facts respecting roine differences
Pugb's treatise on the mineral waters of betwixt the Duke of Bridgwater, 429:
Balaruc, 267.

Strictures on ecclefiaftical ahuses, 431.
enclosing waste lands, 260,

Strutt's biographical dictionary, 321.
Supplement to the case of Christopher At-

kinson, 391.

Swederborg's summary view of the hea.

venly doctrines of the New Jerusalem

church, 432.
ROBERTSON's inquiry into the Swinburne's travels in the Two Sicilies,
fine arts, concluded, 26. His ac-

vol. ii. 81. His voyage to the island of
count of the Chinese and Greek ma-

Capri, 82. His hiitory of Baiæ, 83.
fic, 27. Of the Roman music, 28.

His relation of the tales of master
Defence of the opera, 29.

Peter Barliardus, 86.
Relation of the battle of Maxen, 57.
Reid's essays on the intellectual powers of

man, 192.
Reports of the humane society, 228.

Remarkable effects of fixed air, 229.
Reid's Dr. essays on the intellectual powers
of man, concluded, 448.

THOUGHTS on the commercia!
Refitution of aļl things, 68.

arrangement with Ireland, 151.
Reid's essay on the intellectual powers of Tableau de l'Angleterre, 460.
man, continued, 241.

Three letters to the people of Great Bri-
Reid's effay on the intellectual powers of

tain, 262.
man continued, 329.

The Pittiad, 154.
Refutation of the cate of Christopher At- Ibe newspaper, a poem, by the Rev.
kinson, 392.

George Crabbe, 349.
Remarks on the journal of a tour to the The crisis ; or, a defence of adminiftra-

Hebrides, 395.
Ridgeway's abstract of the budget, 232.

The omen, 395.
Rcusseau's letters on the elements of bo. The Lousiad, an heroic comic poem, 416.
tany, 401.

The answer, 400.
To correspondents, 124.
To correspondents, 240.

Treasury pamphlet, a reply to the, 127,

Treasury pamphlet, an answer to the re.

ply of the supposed, 201.
Treatise on aerostatic machines, 313.

alec. 394.
Sargent's mine, a dramatic poem,404. Trial of Mrs. Errington, 231.
Scholmberg's view of the Roman law, 36. Two schemes of a Trinity confidered, and

His account of the Justinian code, 37. the divine unity asserted, 423.
Scoit's critical estays on some of the po- Two letters to David Hume, 429.

ems of several English poets, 338.
Sentimental memoirs, 273.

Sermon preached in the church of St.

Nicholas, 43!:

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tion, 429:


Wanderer, 71.
VIEW of the arts and sciences, 74,

Walker's rhetorical grammar, 187:
Viriue and learning the great supports
of religion, 227.

West's elements of mathematics, 303.

Wedgwood's letter, 429,
Vale of innocence, 394.
Vivian's revelation of St. John explained, Willet's letters to Bellamy, 66.

Williams's loose thoughts on the situatie

on of Ireland, 150.
Vigor's eleven additional letters, 42$.

Woodfall's sketch of the debates in the

house of commons in Ireland, 365.

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