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ABDICATION of Irish propofitions, CHARACTER of the ministry, 77.

234. Reasoning upon them, ibid. Comparison between adminiftration and Ambition insatiable in its nature, 432. the opposition, 78. Application to the Emperor, ibid. His Commercial treaty with France, 399. Iree different claims, ibid, Bavaria bis land, ibid. great object, ibid. Impediments in Condition of the Irish protestants, 160. his way, 433. The conduct of Eng. Condition of the Irish Roman Catholics, land in this affair, ibid. Treaty of ibid. Munster violated, ibid.

Chance of discord between the great EuroAggrandizement of the navy, 437.

ropean powers, 398. Probable con. Appointment of Mr. Eden, 439. Counsel sequences to the empire, ibid. Poland, for his conduct, ibid.

399. Holland, ibid. Arret of the French King to check the Corruption the bane of empires, 238. trade of England, 159.

Conduet of the Irish justified from reason,

240. Comparison of the present with statesmen

of the former age, 318. B.

Comparijon of former with our present

speakers, ibid.

Continent of Europe, 319. BARBARY, 437., Their piracies at Czarina and the Emperor, 435. United their Zenith, ibid. The English flag

by their enmity to the Turks, ibid. alone respected, ibido

Conjecture of a fale of Gibraltar, ibid.


Idea of the Duke of Richmond, ibid.
Idea of Lord Howe, ibid.
Idea of Mr. Dundas, ibid.

Irish affairs, 79. A censure of govern.
DECLINE of the Dutcla, 433.

ment in the conduct of them, 80. Description of the administration of Mr. Pitt, 78. Its contradictory feae Irish without dispositions to peace, 236. tures, ibid. His versatility, 79.

Consequences of Relaxation, ibid.
Discussion of the Emperors views, 319.

Impolicy of rage for commerce, 237.
Ignorance and incapacity of our statesmen,

317. None fit to govern our affairs in
difficult situations, ibid. Instances op-

posed to this, in the history of other . E.

nations, ibid. Examples among the Turks, ibid,

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PROBABLE behaviour of the Irisa,


Perseverance of Scotland for a reform, GENIUS of Gratton's eloquence, 235• Proper

" method of governing Ireland, ibido
His sentiments quoted, 236.
Germanic league, 398. England praised

for acceding to it, ibid.
Gratron's, Mr. eloquence, 234.
Great Britain, 439. Speculation on her

commercial treatics, ibid.

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REFLECTIONS on a progress of revolt,

238. Supposed reasoning of Scoto land with such a view, 239. Sup. posed resolutions of the cabinet on such an occasion, ibid. . Opinions of Pitt, Dundas, and Thurlow, ibid. Want of spirit censured, 240.


IDEA of Lord Sydney, 77.

Idea of Lord Carmarthen, ibid.

Reasoning upon an exchange of BavariaSpeculations on the present agitation of 320. Oppofite to tbe interest of Eng.

the empire, 396. land, ibid. Reflections and conclufion, Speculation of the result of the alliance ibid.

betwixt France and Holland, 436. Ini. Repose of Ireland, 440.

mical to the trade and navy of Enge Land, ibid.

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STATE of Ireland, 157. The charac

YIEIVS of Lewis 319.

ter of its inhabitants, ibid. State of Germany, 160. Stare of America, 438. Their danger

from the Indians, ibid. Spain, 437. Bull feats restrained, ibid. Spirit of emulation of freland, 235;

Views of the three powers, France, Ruflia, and the Emperor, 396, Speculations upon confequences, ibid. State of Great Britain in these events, 397. Her probable conduct, 398.


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