Specimens of ancient printing types, in use at E.W. Morris's general printing office, no.106'1/2', High-street, Oxford

E.W. Morris, 1860
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Page 4 - Governments ; in the nature of civil corporations, with the power of making bye-laws for their own interior regulation, not contrary to the laws of England ; and with such rights and authorities as are specially given them in their several charters of incorporation.
Page 4 - Proprietary governments, granted out by the crown to individuals, in the nature of feudatory principalities, with all the inferior regalities, and subordinate powers of legislation, which formerly belonged to the owners of counties palatine...
Page 2 - ¡T prœceptum five axioma de transformatione corporum duplicis eft generis. Primum intuetur corpus, ut turmam five conjugationem naturarum fimplicium, ut in...

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