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Under the especial Patronage of

the Prince and Princess of Wales.


T. STEVENS, Inventor, Patentee, and Sole Manufacturer of the Coventry Illuminated

Silk Book Markers, Wholesale Fancy Stationer, &c., Begs to inform his numerous patrons that he has just completed, for the coming season, a great variety of New Illuminated Scent Satchets, Cards with Christmas, New Year's, Birthday, and other Mottoes. T. S. would call especial attention to his New Illuminated Valentines; they will be found Chaste in Character, Elegant in Design, and Brilliant in Colours, and unsurpassed in Quality or Price by any house in the kingdom. OBSERVE!—These Goods, in future, can only be obtained direct from the Manufacturer,

T. STEVENS, 132, Much Park Street, Coventry.

LEIGHTON, SON & HODGE beg to intimate to Publishers, Printers, and the Public generally, that they execute, in the best style and on the most moderate terms, every description of WHOLESALE BOOKBINDING, either in Cloth or Leather (also Account-Book Binding), with promptitude and punctuality. Their Stock of Engraved Brass Dies is most extensive and varied, and designed in the best taste; and their powerful Machinery and Steam power give them great advantages in the rapid execution of large Orders. Applications for Estimates will meet with prompt attention.


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Advertisements inserted on Moderate Terms in any

Publication in Great Britain and Ireland, Commissions undertaken for the Collection of Advertisements, or the

Publication of Periodicals.

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NEWSPAPER HEADING CUTTERS, Messrs. Cassell, Petter, & Galpin are prepared to dispose of Electrotypes of PRESSES, BRASS RULE, spacards of 30,000 Engravings, on mis

PRINTING AND BINDING MATERIALS. cellaneous subjects. Impressions may be seen, and prices and other particulars Manufacturers of Improved Cast Brass Types. knoren, on application at their works, La

MARBLE AND COLOURED PAPERS, HEAD Belle Saurage Yard, Ludgate Hill, BANDS, VARNISH, THREAD, &c. London, E.C.




TOSEPH BILLING begs to inform Publishers and others that he is pre-

pared to execute all kinds of Book and Periodical Printing at a CONSIDERABLE REDUCTION ON LONDON PRICES.

Guildford is only one hour's ride from London on the South-Western Railway. The office is directly opposite the Railway Station.

Manuscripts carefully cast off, and Estimates furnished for Composing, Stereotyping, and Printing. CARRIAGE OF PAPER PAID TO AND FROM LONDON. CUSTOMERS in LONDON WAITED UPON at a FEW HOURS' NOTICE.


TO PUBLISHERS, &c. MESSRS. WYMAN & SONS invite attention to

the facilities offered by their Establishment for the execution of EVERY DESCRIPTION OF PRINTING in the best manner, with promptitude, and on moderate terms.



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Book and Magazine Illustrations, Newspaper Headings, Portraits, Views of Public Buildings, Autographs, Labels, &c., &c. As low a scale of prices as is consistent with the production of artistic and superior work will be charged, and in all cases punctuality may be relied on.

Orders from the provinces will meet with prompt attention, and Estimates will be sent by return of post free of charge.

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Men Oid. Established Booktelling, Stationery

MESS Bilstermelted by the Liquidator of the

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any per mille was selected by ceren en MRvery eligible Business, about six miles



Dartford, Kent.

and Printing Busincss, established (and in same . FULLER

family) nearly half a century. It is now for disposal through the recent death of the Proprietor, and

may be purchased upon favourable terms. £1000 Dartford Creek Paper Making Company (Limited) to £1500 required. Returns, £3000, and open to to SELL by AUCTION, at the blart, Token- considerable extension. The Trade is well-known base-yard, E.C., on Thursday, Feb. 21, at 1 for 2 to the leading Wholesale Houses, and merits the preisely, in one lot, the very extensive PAPER

consideration of any gentleman desirous of pur. MILLS, situate at Dartford, Kent, on the banks chasing a sound and substantial business.-- Apply ci Dartford Creek, and about half a mile from the to Mr. HOLMES, Valuer, &c., 48, Paternoster-row. Dartford Station of the North Kent Railway. The buildings were erected in 1862, by Messrs.

R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell Lucas Brothers, and the valuable fixed plant, of the most approved modern description, for treat

a well-established Business, doing a ready. ing esparto, straw or rags, has since been con- money trade in Stationery, Fancy Stationery, structed by Messrs. Easton, Amos and Sons, and

Photographs, &c. It is situated in a charming Messrs. Bryan, Donkin and Co, Dlessrs. Hall and

district not far from London. Returns £5000 aSon, and Messrs. James Bertram and Son, of

year.-For particulars apply to Mr. HOLMES, Elistargh, capable of producing 35 tons printing

Valuer, &c., 48, Paternoster Row. or writing per week. of this pro.

CR. HOLMES is instructed to Sell practical men, and may the Dost desirable in the trade. It is at some distance from London. In same hands nearly twenty below the southern outfall of the metropolitan years. Rent only £52. About £700 required.

systems of drainage, and consequently free from The profits are nearly £300 a-year, and the Trade, ! any question of pollution of the river, now be- in good hands, could be doubled, as the present

coming a serious and harassing question to mill- Proprietor is engaged in another business, and Owners on the higher part of the Thames and its does not give much of his attention to the one numerous tributaries. It is also below the bound- offered for sale.- Apply to Mr. HOLMES, Valuer, ary within which the coal dues levied by the city &c., 48, Paternoster-row. of London are payable; and the supply of pure washing water

, which is inexhaustible, is obtained R. HOLMES is instructed by a by two wells , each 250 feet in depth, from the


Gentleman in the City to find him spriegs as supply the celebrated mills of Mr. Joynson, at 8:. Mary's Cray; so that, if wished,

Partner. An income of £100 a year (sate) may be the finest paper may be manufactured. The build

expected for about £1000 to £1200, which sum will ings have been very judiciously planned for eco

purchase the half of the entire Stock, Plant, Good. Domical working, and comprise two brick-built

will, &c. Business in same hands nearly twenty Ter eving warehouses, with crane, rag picking and

years. Books kept by a Professional Accountant,

and the returns have not varied more than £100 sorting room, ezparto preparing room, boilinghouse, 104 feet by 35 feet, fitted with six revolving

for some years.-Apply to Mr. Holmes, Valuer, rag boilers ; bleaching-house, 78 feet by 66 feet,

&c., 48, Paternoster Row. Tag engine-house, with. 28 cast-iron rag and beating engine, size room draining-house, store ware


the Business of a Bookseller and Stationer, fitted with an 80-inch papermaking machine and

established over thirty years, and situated in a sets of glazing rolls driven by an 8-horse power

flourishing Watering place. About £500 required. beam engine, a second machine-house, with an

Rent low. Long lease. --Apply to Mr. HOLMES, 80-inch papermaking machine, rolls and cutting

Valuer, &c., 48, Paternoster Row. machines driven by an 8-horse power horizontal steam-engine; a salle and finishing room, laboratory, steam boiler-house with four Cornish boilers,

BOOKSELLER'S and PUBLISHING each 6 feet 6 inches diameter, 28 feet long, and

BUSINESS for SALE. Central London. four elephant boilers, lofty chimney shaft, gas

Returns, £1,000. Valuable premises (can let off retort-house with five retorts and gasholder, a

£300 per annum). Rent £160. Profits more than steam engine-house with two pairs of double

ordinary.--Mr. FRANCIS, Auctioneer and Business cinder beam engines, each of 45-horse power

Agent, 126, Newgate Street. Folio, 7023. woninal, and water-tank forming roof, capable of

ARTNER WANTED.-A Publisher, house with 30-horse power double cylinder steam second steam engine

with a long-established name, and a large engine by Hallof Dartford, and boiler, offices,

connection amongst town and country Booksellers, millwright's and smith's shops, sheds, spacious is desirous of admitting a PARTNER into his

Business. Any suitable party with about £3,000 Forkmen's cottages, occupying altogether a site of about five acres; the mill-buildings covering

capital would find this a safe and profitable invest

ment. The Business is capable of great extension. about three acres, 'the remainder being partly

-For particulars, address to J. G., care of Mr. leaving a large plot still available for enlarging Oceapied by the dwelling-houses and cottages, White, 33, Fleet Street. the works or erecting cottages for the work-people. OHN GRAY, Trade Valuer, is in

There is a good wharf to the Creek, having a I can lay alongside. The land is held on lease for frontage of 341 feet, and vessels of 170 tons birden

structed to Sell a sound little business

Books and Stationery, to which Printing might an unexpired term of about 75 years, at a rent of

be added-situate in a Market Town about 20 3 23. 6d. per annum. The mills may be seen at

miles from London. About £300 required. Rent any time by orders, which may be obtained of the

moderate. Address, Mr. GRAY, Valuer to the detailed inventories of the plant and machinery, Auctioneers. Printed particulars, with plans and

Trade, Croydon, S. West and King, solicitors, No. 3, Charlotte Row, will shortly be ready, and may be had of Messrs.

TO BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS, Mansion House, E.C.; of F. Maynard, Esq., liqui

and Fancy Goods Manufacturers.-A Gendator, 19, Bread Street, Cheapside, E.C.; on the

tleman, well acquainted with the Trade, is open premises; and of Messrs. Fuller and Horsey,

to represent a good house in the Western States 13, Billiter Street, London, E.C.

of America.-Apply Mr. J. Andrews, General

Post Office, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

M... HOLMES is instructed to Sell


bolding 12.000 gallons,



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M. BURTON, Trade Agent and MRvaluero and Accountant to the Trade




GEO. NEWMAN, , Valuer.-Transfers effected, and Valuations for Probate, Partnership, Assignments, &c. Thirty respectfully offers his services in all matters of years in the Book, Stationery, Printing, and Transfer, Valuations for Partnerships or Probate, Publishing Business. — Address, 35, Cantelow Assignments to Creditors, or Sales by Auction, Road, Camden Town, N.W.

either in town or country, and foels assured his experience and practical knowledge of its various branches enable him to render very valuable

advice and assistance to either vendors or pur. MORTON, Printer, Bookseller,

chasers, or in any transaction of a private and

confidential nature connected with the trade. No Stationer, General News Agent, &c., &c., Boston, Lincolnshire. Terms on application.

expense whatever is incurred until actual business is transacted. — Offices, 26, Great Winchester

Street, Broad Street, E.C. WILLIAM WEBB, (late of the Firm

TRAVELLER.- Wanted an Energetic for the Trade in General, Bloomfield Cottage,

respectable Young Man to call upon BookOtley, Yorkshire.-Terms may be had on appli

sellers throughout the kingdom. One who has cation.

had experience will be preferred. Security re

quired. Address, W. NICHOLSON & Sons, PubПО

lishers, Halifax. Printing Business, in full work, together with the Plant, comprising Steam Engines and

TANTED, by a well-educated young Machinery, Hydraulic Presses, Printing Presses,

Lady, a re-engagement in a Bookseller's Type, and every_requisite for carrying on an

and Stationer's Shop. Can give good references. extensive Trade. Purchase-money between £5,000 Address, W. A., 10, Warwick Square, Paternoster and £6,000. The present proprietor would either

Row, London. retain an interest in and connection with the business, or retire from it altogether, as might be

10 BOOKSELLERS and STATIONarranged. The purchase-money might be paid ers.--An Assistant, thoroughly acquainted off gradually.-Letters only to M. N., Messrs. with the Trade, seeks a Re-engagement (out HUGHES & KIMBER, West Harding-street.

doors), is a good Book-keeper and Accountant.

Good references.-L. L., 5, Sussex Ter., Brighton. NOR DISPOSAL,—The Business of a

, valuer in all its branches, and

commission Agent T

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town, established and carried on for 18 years in

experience, desires an Engagement in the the same place, in a prominent and commanding Bookselling, Stationery, and Fancy Business, or position. Connection first class, chiefly mercantile. as Librarian.--Address A.B.C,

care of Mr. GuTCE, The proprietor proposes to carry on the Printing Bookseller, Southampton. and Working Department only. To a young man who understands the business this will be a very EA-SIDE EDUCATION.-A Tutor advantageous offer. Open, also, to a suitable gentleman as partner, to manage the department,

of many years' experience, residing near the

South Coast, has vacancies for a few Select Pupils, with £100 to $500. Address, X. Y. Z., Stationer, who may require more than ordinary care and BOOKSELLER Office, Warwick Sq., London, E.C.

attention with regard to their health and educaBOOKSELLERS and STATION.

tion. House detached, high and most pleasantly To ers. A Young Man is open to an Engage.

situated, with southern slope towards the sea.

Apply, for Terms, &c., to Messrs. DARTON & CO., ment as

an ASSISTANT. Has a practical Educational Publishers, 42, Paternoster Row, knowledge of Bookbinding and Printing. Seven. London, E.C. teen years' reference. Address J. W., 45, Gibbon's Street, Plymouth,


perience in the Wholesale Trade, and can undergagement as Assistant in the Bookselling, take the charge of the Publishing and Advertising Stationery, and Fancy Business.-Address, B. B., Departments in a large London house, correspond Herbert Villa, Charlton, near Cheltenham.

with Authors, Editors, and generally superintend

the issue of new books and new editions. Address, BOOKSELLER'S ASSISTANT A

by letter only, PUBLISHER, care of Mr. HODGSON, wanted for the Country Department. One 115, Chancery Lane, W.C. who thoroughly understands this branch of the business, and who can furnish good testimonials Paternoster cekernAppleby lotter, to F. 7., 12, A GENTLEMAN, of active habits, 28

in RowLondon, E.C.

London, or in the Country.

Has a thorough

knowledge of the Stationery, and is fairly up in W4

ANTED, by a Young Man, a re- the Publishing and Retail Trades.

engagement in a first class house. West Accountant, and well versed in the French and South-West experience. Good reference. language. References as to ability and character

. Address, S. J., Post Office, High Street, Ken- -Address, M. J., care of Mr. Tucker, Book: sington.

SELIER Office.


ANTED, by a Young Man, a SituaBookselling, and . tion as Junior Assistant in a Printing, Copper Plate Printers, and Engravers on

& CO. Good referencesAddress, Post-, Hereford.

Copper, Steel, Stone, and Wood; Seal Engrat; ings, Die Sinking, &c. Endorsing, Stamp, and

Stencil Plate Cuttere; Numerical Printers and J 'Thomas Bosworth desires to meet with


Perforators. Manufacturers of Embossing Presses, respectable youth to assist in the shop.-215,

Self Inking Endorsing Machines, and Improved

Inking Cushions for Endorsing Stamps. Regent Street.

London : 28, Ludgate Hill, E.C.

Is a good

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