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Epictetus, Works of, trans. by T. W. Higginson, post svo
Epigrams and Humorous Verses, by Rambling Richard, 12mo
Eternities (The) of Scripture, by Theologus, 8vo
Eton Latin Grammar, by T. W.C. Edwards, new edit., 12mo
Euclid's Elements, edit. by R. Blakelock, new edit., 18mo
Farningham (Marianne) Lays and Lyrics, 5th edit., cr. 8vo..
Fenn (G. M.) Original Penny Readings, Vols. 3 and 4, in 1 vol., fcap. 8vo
Fernandez, (F.) Henry's Geography, 12mo
Fischer-Fischart (C. W. F.) Elementary German Grammar, 12mo
Floral World (The) and Garden Guide, 1866, 8vo
Foreign Office List (The) 1867, 8vo
Forlorn Hope (The), a Novel, by Edmund Yates, 3 vols., post svo
From Haytime to Hopping, cheap edit., 12mo
Gasc (F. E. A.) French Pocket Dictionary, 18mo
General Baptist Magazine, 1866, 8vo
Girl at a Railway Stations' Reply, roy. Svo
Glum-Glum, sm. 4to
Goldsmith's Widow (The) 18mo
Gram. Sch. Classics, Xenophon's Memorabilia, by P. Frost, fcap. 8vo
Grandineau (F.) Petit Précepteur, 32nd edit., sq.
Gray (G.) What is it that Dies? 8vo..
Great Riches, by Aunt Fanny, 18mo..
Grierson (J.) Divine Suppliant and Intercessor, 12mo.
Grove (W. R.) Address to the British Association, 2nd ed., 8vo

Correlation of Physical Forces, 5th edit., 8vo
Guthrie (Thos. ) Our Father's Business, cr. 8vo
Guthrie (Rev. W.) Conversations on Church Establishments, fcap. Svo
Gwendoline: a Novel, by a Septuagenarian, post 8vo
Ham (J. P.) Idea of the Church, an Essay, cr. 8vo
Hannah's Home, 18mo
Harding (J. D.) Lessons on Art, edit. by W. Walker, 8th ed., imp. 8vo
Harrison (John) Whose are the Fathers ? 8vo
Harrison (J. A.) Right Way, 18mo
Harrison (Rev. L. J.: Sermons, post 8vo..
Hart's Annual Army List, 1867, 8vo..
Hastings' Universal Penny Postage, cr. Svo
Herxheimer (S.) Hebrew Method, Key to Exercises in, 12mo
Homer's Iliad, Notes by W. Trollope, 6th edit., 8vo
Hooker (Rich.) Works, new edit., 2 vols., 8vo..
Howitt (Wm.) Woodburn Grange, 3 vols., post Svo
Hudson (A.) Lectures on the Study of Fever, 8vo..
Hughes (T.) Faithful Endurance and High Aim: a Sermon, 12mo
Hunt (Leigh) and Lee (S. A.) Book of the Sonnet, 2 vols., 12mo
Hyde (J.) Science of Cotton Spinning Arranged, 8vo
Idalia: a Romance, by Ouida, 3 vols., post 8vo
Illustrated London News, Vol. 49, fol.
Indian Army List, 1867, 12mo
Isbister (A. K.) First Book of English Grammar, Geography, &c., 12mo

First Steps in Reading and Learning, 12mo
Jacobs (F.) Latin Reader, First Part, 20th edit., 12mo ..
Japanese Lyrical Odes, trans. by F. V. Dickens, 8vo ..
Jeaffreson (J. C.) Book about Lawyers, 2nd edit., 2 vols., post Svo
Jessie's Expiation. by Oswald Boyle, 3 vols., post 8vo
John Thorpe's Marriage, a Tale of Hopshire, 2 vols., post 8vo
Joint-Stock Company's Directory, 1867, 8vo
Joint-Stock Dir tory (The) 1867, by G. Templeton, 8vo
Jones (J.) Notes on Geology of Midland Counties, 8vo..
Jones (T. M.) Old Trinity: a Story of Real Life, 3 vols., post 8vo
Jones (Theod.) English System of Book-keeping, 12ino, 28/; Key

Ruled Books to Book-keeping, 4to..
Jones's Tables of Annuities, 2 vols, 8vo

adv. to
Jordan (W. L.) The Elements, Vol. 2, roy. 8vo
Keene (Hon. Geo.) Moghul Empire, Avo..
Keightley (T.) Shakespeare Expositor, fcnp. 8vo
Kelly (John) Sermons, cr. Svo
Kempis (T. à) Counsels from the Imitation of Christ, Illuminated, la. sq.
Kenrick (J.) Papers on Subjects of Archaeology, &c., 8vo

red. to
Kent (C.) Footprints on the Road, cheap edit., cr. 8vo ..
Kingsley (Chas.) Hereward the Wake, new edit., cr. Svo
Küghler's Hábk. of Painting, Italian Schools, edit. by E. Eastlake, new ed., 2 v., 8vo
Lady Adelaide's Oaih, by Mrs. Henry Wood, 3 vols., post Svo
Latham (F. L.) Treatise on the Law of Window Lights, post 8vo
Lavater (J. C.) Essays on Physiognomy, 13th edit., 8vo

Physiognomy, an Epitome of the original Work, new ed., post 8vo..
Laws and Principles of Whist, by Cavendish, new ed., sq.
Lawson (P.) Agriculturist's Manual, 8vo..

red. to
Laxton's Builder's Price Book, 1867, fcap. 8vo
Lectures, Hulsean, 1866, Perowne's Godhead of Jesus, 8vo..
Legends of the Harz, from the German, 12mo
Lehrer (C. H.) Picture Book of Elementary Ideas, trans., obg. 4to
Leighton (Alex.) Romances of the Old Town of Edinburgh, cr. Svo
Lemon (Mark) Up and Down the London Streets, 8vo..
Levita ( Èlias) Massoreth Ha-Massoreth, with trans., &c., 8vo
Leibig ( Baron) Development of Science among Nations, 8vo
Life among the Red Indians, 12mo
Life (The) of a Salmon, edit. by a Fisherman, cr. 8vo ::

0 10 6 Low 0 2 6 Longmans 0 0 Simpkin 0 2 6 Simpkin 0 0 Longmans 0 0 J. Clarke ţ Co. 0 2 6 Routledge 0 2 0 Bean 0 6 Longmans 0 6 Groombridge 0 0 Harrison 1 11 6 Tinsley 0 1 0 Warne 0

Bell f Daldy 0 6 0 Marlborough 0 0 6 Kennett 1

0 Bentley 0 1 6 Hamilton 0 6 Whiltaker 0 0 Jackson f. Wal. 0 6 Calder 0 1 0 Nimmo 0 0 Maclaren 0 2 6 Longmans 0 10 6 Longmans 0 6 Sirahan 0 2 6 Miall 0 6 Nisbet 0 6 Whitfield 0 O Hamilton 0 15 0 Kent 0 16 0 Longmans 0 1 0 Nimmo 0 5 0 Rivingtons 11 O Murray 0 0 6 Simpkin 0 1 6 Thimm 0 15 0 Riringlons ol 0 Macmillan 111 6 C. W. Wood 09 0 Longmans 0 2 0 Har on 0.18 0 Low 0 10

6 Simpkin 1 11

6 Chapman f Hall 0 18 0 Leighton 0 6 0 W. H. Allen 0 0 6 Longmans 0 1

6 Longmans 0 2

6 Simpkin 0 10 6

Smith & Elder 1

0 Hurst & Blackelt 111 6 Tinsley 1 ! O Chapman & Hull 1 1 0 Groombridge 0 12 6 Lou 0 0 6 Simpkin 11 6 Bentley 0 2 0 Jones 0 2 0 Jones 2 5

0 Simpkin
0 4 6 Longmans
0 9 0 W. H. Allen
0 7 6 J. R. Smith
0 7 0 Snowo
0 15 0 Harduicke
0 3 6 J. R. Smith
0 2 0

0 6 0 Macmillan
1 10

0 Murray
1 11 6 Bentley
0 10 0 Butterworths
0 12 0 Tegg
0 3

( Tegg
3 6 De la Rue

9 0 Blackwoods
0 4

0 Simpkin
0 5 0 Beil * Daldy

( Whitfield

0 Myers 0 10 6 Nimmo 0 12 0 Chapman f Hall 1 0 Longmans 0 1 0 Edmonston 0 0 6 Marr 0 1 0 Day | Son


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Lilian's Inheritance, hy Mrs. Murray, 2 vols., post dvo'..

1 1 0 Neirby red. to

0 S Little lile IR. F. Offices from Service Books of E. Church, cr. 8vo

6 Williams & Norg.

0 10 Llanorer Lady) Good Cookery, illust., cr. 8vo


0 1 Lobb (Heart) Successful Oyster Culture, cr. 8vo

0 Ridgway Leekhart (J.I.) Wife's Peril, a Romance, 3 vols., post 8vo..

1 11 6 Saunders & Olley London Journal, Vol. 44, 4to

0 4

6 Office Love that kills, by W. G. Wills, 3 vols., post Svo

1 11

6 Tinsley

0 2 Lover (Sanneli Handy Andy, a Tale of Irish Life, new ed., fcap. 8vo

6 Routledge Lover's Dretionary The) a Poetical Treas. of Lover's Thoughts, Fancies, &c., pt. 8vo 0 7 6 Cassell

0 Laptan W. 11. Arithmetic for Schools, 12mo, 2/6; Key, 1/; with Key


6 Longmans

0 7 0 Lyta Elegantiarum, edit. by F. Locker, fcap. 8vo..

Moxon Lyra Germaniei, trans. by C. Winckworth, Ser. 1 and 2, new ed., fcap. 8vo ..each 0


6 Longmans Lytton Lord) Novels, new edit., Night and Morning, fcap. 8vo


10. Routledge Litton (R. B. Poetical Works, new edit., Vol. 1, fcap. 8vo..


0 Chapman * Hall 'Cann 1.) Lecture on Secularism, 8vo..

0 4 Simpkin Anti Secularist Lectures, No. 2, 8vo

0 4 Simpkin Mackay Mrs. Cliford Castle, 12mo

0 6 Hamilton Mackay R. W.) Eterual Gospel; or, Idea of Christian Perfectibility, 12mo


0 Williams & Norg. Mackenzie IG. M. and Irby (A. P.) Turks, Greeks, and Slavons ; Travels, 8vo 1 0 Bell # Daldy Van (Ibel of the Mountain, 18mo

0 0 Nimmo Marshma (1. C.) History of India, Vols. 1 and 2, cr. Svo

0 15 0 Longmans Martia Fred) Commercial Handbook of France, cr. 8vo


6 Longmans Mary Shepherd The) 18mo

6 Hamilton Matthay !I.1 German Literature and Reader, 12mo

6 Trübner Meredith Utan Poetical Works, new edit., Vol. 1, fcap. 8vo


0 Chapman * Hall Metra slitan Tabernacle Pulpit, 'Sermons by C. H. Spurgeon, vol. 12, 8vo

0 0

Passmore Hlebacl i. H. Sanitary Acts, 12mo

0 6 Sweet Niller Thos. Gideon Giles, the Roper, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 Routledge Nilman iDean History of Christianity, new edit., 3 vols., post 8vo


O Murray Milns.) Penman's Repository, new edit., fol.

6 Simpkin Mongan (J. R. Practical Spelling Book, 4th edit., 12mo

0 6 Allman Nostalenbert (Count de Monks of the West, Vol. 2, trans., Evo

0 10 6 Blackwoods Nog G. W. Elijah the Prophet, a Poem, 3rd edit., sq.

0 6 Halchard Mosbeim's Ecclesiastical History, by J. Murdock, 5th edit., 8vo

0 8

0 Tegg Morbers of Scripture The) fcap. 8vo

3 6 Ward & Lock Ninilois (Abtei Ulergy and Pulpit in relation to the People, trans., cr. 8vo

6 0 Smith & Elder Marby's Exeeksiar Reader, by F. Young, No. 1, 12mo, 4d.; No. 2

06 Murby Murray Mrs., Lilien's Inheritance, 2 vols., post Svo

1 1 0 Newby Neale J. M.) Hymns suitable for Invalids, fine edit., 16mo


0 Hayes Nelson D., Collegiate Education in relation to the Sciences, 8vo


O Simpkin Set Ibe! Cast in leany Waters, 1866, Vol. 1, 8vo

0 Lothian Nes Manual of Devotion, new edit., 12mo

04 0 Rivingtons Niehols (G. W. Sanctuary, a Story of the Civil War, post 8vo

7 6 Lowo Nimmo's Pupalar Tales, Fol. 9, Too Late, &c., fcap. 8vo

0 1 0 Nimmo Lisbet James) Lessons from the Life of, by J. A. Wallace, fcap. 8vo

02 6 Hamilton

0 10 6 Office Obstetrical and other Instruments, Catalogue and Report of, 8v0

0 10 6 Longmans Olis and Ends, So. 17, Highland Shepherd, fcap. 8vo

0 6 Edmonston Cu Troity: a Story of Real Life, by T. M. Jones, 3 vols., post 8vo

1 11 6 Bentley Cliphant Mrs. Son of the Soil, new ed., cr. Svo

0 6 0 Macmillan Clive Blake's Good Work, cheap edit., cr. 8vo

20 Warne ace s Week, new Series, Vol. 2, sup.-roy. Svo

6 Bradbury turpaan Thet: or, Comfort and Counsel to the Fatherless, &c., 18mo

6 Nimmo var Carate's Badget, Vol. 4, fcap. 8vo, 21; 1866, in 1 vol. ..

6 J. Parker of Co, 5th Series, 12mo

1 O J. Parker & Co nearl Pocket Class Test, Cicero's First Oration against Verres, 18mo

0 1 0 J. Parker of Co Palisst, Hagunot and Potter, 18mo..

0 1 0 Hamilton

0 5 0 Blackwoods bus id, Scieet Puetry for Children, 15th edit.,

02 Virtue Pearu 1. 5. Public Worship, Methods of Conducting it, post 8vo

03 Jackson of Wal.

red. to 0 5 0 Routledge Peruate LH. Godhead of Jesus : Four Sermons, 8vo

05 0 Bell & Daldy Personal Astearenea; Observations on Fashion and Dress, fcap. 850

0 0 6 Passmore Pain Sugesunds for a Ceremonial after Sarum Use, 8vo

0 1

O Hayes Poole (J. Glosary of Dialect of Forth and Bargy, edit. by W. Barnes, 12mo

4 6 J. R. Smith Foror (Harriet . Prisenchanted, and other Tales, post 8vo

0 10 Saunders of Olley

0 7 6 Chambers Pila Vrs.) Maternal Counsels to a Daughter, 3rd edit., fcap. 8vo

0 36 Ward of Lock 0 8

6 Office Pyue's Tree Tables, by Taylor, 1867, 8vo

0 1 0

Shaw Sons

16 Hamilton bati . Lie, videon Giles, the Roper, by Thos. Miller, new edit., fcap. 8vo

2 0 Routledge Kaltime steamers, and l'elegraphs, a Glance at Present State, cr. 8vo

3 6 Chambers Bu bertson J., Daily Exercises in Arithmetic, 12010, 1/6; Key

Bean Esbe 4. English Prose and Poetry, fcap. 8vo

4 6 Trübner bereits Rer. E.) Some Account of Life & Opinions of a 5th Monarchy Man, sm. 4to 0 16 0 Longmans Ders J. G.) Priests and Sacraments: Sernions on Ritualism, 12mo

0 2 0 J. Clarke f Co. *** H. C.) Lessons in Elementary Chemistry, 4th thous., 18mo

0 4 6 Macmillan e Rolla) Practical Conveyancer, 3rd edit., enlarged, 2 vols., 8vo

1 10 0 Butterworths noul Blae Book, 1867, 12mo

0 Gardiner Guide to the Turf, 1867, Winter edit., 12mo

0 2 6 Sport. Rev. Ofi. R.) Electric Telegraph, 8vo

0 12 6 Virtue (M. F. Parish Sermons. 1st Ser. Advent to Trinity, 2nd edit., fcap. Svo 0 6 0 Bell & Daldy *sut Alice, by E. C. Tainsh, 3 vols., post 8vo

1 11 6 Hurst & Blackett B. Palentine's Pocket Book, 12mo

03 Hotten dhiller's Don Carlos, Infant of Spain, Trans. by T. S. Egan, 12mo

0 Williams & Norg.

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Patos. Spindrift, 12mo


Pennel H. C) Peek on Pegasus, 8vo


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Scott's Waverley Novels. New Issue. Vol. 26, Fortunes of Nigel-1, fcap. 8vo 4 6 Black
New edit., Antiquary and Rob Roy, 8vo

..each 0 6 Black
Scriptural Studies: Our Church and Our Times, post 8vo


Saunders of 0!! Scripture Truths, on roller.,

red. to 0 1 6 Hunt Secret Revealed (The), 12mo

0 0 6 Ward Lock Sel. Lib. F'iction. Trollope's Tales of all Countries, new edit., 12mo

0 2 0 Chapman H. Sergeant (E. F. A.) Poems, with Introd. by Adeline, 12mo..


Hamilton Shakespeare, Handy Volume, Vol. 8, 32mo

0 Bradbury Shanks (W. F. G.) Personal Recolletions of Distinguished Generals, post 8vo 0 7 6 Low Skey (F. C.) Hysteria; Six Lectures, post 8vo

0 Longmans Skyring's Builder's Price Book, 1867, 8vo


4 0 Skyring Smith (Barnard) Key to Examination Papers in Arithmetic, 18mo

4 6 Macmillan Smith (H. S.) Illustrated Album of Postage Stamps, sm. 4to

4 6 A. Hall Smith (J. G.) Faith and Philosophy, 8vo..

7 6 Longmans Smyth (W. W.) Treatise on Coal and Coal Mining, post 8vo


Spedding (J.) Publishers and Authors, post 8vo

2 0 J. R. Smith Spencer (Capt. E.) Germany from the Baltic to the Adriatic, post 8vo

0 7 6 Routledge Spirit Voices, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo

0 2 6 Simpkin Stevens (R. W.) On the Stowage of Ships and their Cargoes, 4th edit., 8vo

1 1

0 Longmans Stevenson (Hen.) Birds of Norfolk, their Habits, Migration, &c., Vol. 1, 8vo

0 10 6 Van Voorst Story (Jos.) Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence, 9th edit., 2 vols., roy. 8vo 3 3 0 Luw Stonehenge's The Dog in Health and Disease, new edit., 8vo

0 10

6 Longmans Stowe (H. B.) Daisy's First Winter, 18mo

0 1 0 Nimmo Studies in Conduct. Short Essays from the "Saturday Review," post svo


6 Chapman f H Sutton (Thos.) and Dawson (Geo.) Dictionary of Photography, post Evo

0 8 6 Low Tainsh (E. C.) Saint Alice, 3 vols., post 8vo

111 6 Hurst of Blacl Taylor (J. E.) Lithographs : Four Lectures on Geology, fcap. 8vo

0 0 Hamilton Tennent (Sir J. E.) Wild Elephant, and its Capture, &c., in Ceylon, 12mo


6 Longmans Thimm's Traveller's Manual of Conversation, 12mo

6 Thimin Thirlwall (Bp.) Charge, October, 1866, 8vo

0 3 6 Rivingtons Thomas (W. C.) Science of Moderation, cr. Svo

05 0 Smith og Elde Thomson (A.) Sketches of Scripture Characters, cr. 8vo

0 5 0 Hamilton Thoresen (M. Signe's History, cheap edit., post 8vo

0 1 0

Warne Tracts for Thoughtful Christians, No. 3, Restoration in World to Come, cr. 8vo 0 3 Simpkin Trollope (Anthony) Tales of all Countries, new edit., 12mo..

0 Chapman H Tucker (W. G.) Royal Naval Song Book, with Music, sq.

0 2 6 Roullerige Two Marriages, by the Author of " John Halifax," 2 vols., post 8vo

1 1 0 Hurst * Black Tytler (A. F.) Elements of General History, new edit., 24mo

0 2 6 Simpkin United States' Claims in respect to “Alabama," Official Correspondence, 8vu

0 7 6 Longmans Valpy's Latin Delectus, new edit., by T. H. L. Leary, 12mo

0 2 6 Teg Van Laun (Henri) French Grammar. Parts 1 & 2 in 1 vol., 4th edit., 12mo

Truiner Vaughan (C. J.) Wholesome Words of Jesus Christ: Four Sermons, fcap. 8vo.. 08 Macmillan Velasquez (M.) Span. and Eng. Dictionary, abridged, cr. 8vo

adv. to 0 12 0 Trubner Span. and Eng. Pron. Dictionary, roy. 8vo

adv. to 15 0 Trubner Victory (The) which Overcometh the Worlu, a Sermon, 8vo..

6 Hayes Virgil's Æneid, Trans. into Eng. Verse by J. Copington, 2nd edit., cr. 8vo

0 9 0 Longmans Virgilii Opera, Dymock, new edit., 18mo..

6 Simpkin Vores (T.) Loving Counsels, Vol. 1, 12mo

red. to

Macintosh Walford (E.) Progressive Exercises in Greek Jambic Verse, 12mo

6 Longmans Walkingame's Tutor's Assistant, by E. Lethebridge, 12010

0 0 9

Warne by Roscoe Mongan, new edit., 12mo..

0 0 9 Tegg War Office List (The), 1867, 8vo..

0 6 Harrison Warne's Atlas of the World, roy. 8vo

red. to
0 6

Warne's Bijou Books --Cribbage, Etiquette of Dinner Table, Parlour Magic, Draughts 0 06 Warne
Warne's Ready Reckoner, 18mo

0 6

Watson (J. F.) Textile Manufactures and Costumes of People of India, fol.

W. H. Allen
Watson (Rev. J. S.) Reasoning Power in Animals, post 8vo..

9 0 L. Reeve Webster's Red Book, 1867, la. sq.


Webster Westropp (H. M.) Handbook of Archæology, Egyptian, Greek, &c., 8vo

0 15 0 Bell of Daldy Wettenball (E.) Greek Grammar, by Wright and Wheeler, new edit., 12mo

0 3 0 Tegg Wheeler (C. B.) Taking the Consequences, sm, cr. 8vo..

0 Seeleys White (J. T.) First Latin Parsing Book, 12mo

0 0 Longmans Who Wins? being the Autobiography of S. B. Carlingford, 3rd edit., fcap. 8vo

1 6 Jarrold Who's Who, 1867, 18mo

02 6 Baily Why the Mill was stopped, 18mo

0 1 0 Hamilton Wife's Peril (The); a Romance, by J. I. Lockhart, 3 vols., post 8vo


111 6 Saunders ou Wilberforce (Bp.) Agathos, and other Sunday Stories, 26th edit., lomo

2 6 Secleys Charge, 1866, 8vo ..

0 2 6 J. Parker SC Wilkinson (Rev. G.) Pentecost; or Revival of the Work of God, cr. 8vo, sd., 170; cl. 0 2 6 Morgan 5 CM Wills (W. G.) Love that Kills, a Novel, 3 vols., post 8vo

111 6 Tinaley Withers (J. R.) Rustic Songs and Wayside Musings, 4th edit., revised, fcap. 8vo 0 0 Darton Wood (Mrs. Hen.) Elster's Folly, a Novel, new edit., cr. 8vo


0 Tinsley Lady Alexander's Oath, 3 vols., post 8vo..


6 Bentley Wood Demon (The); Plays and Poems, la. sq.

0 6 0 Booth Woodburn Grange, by Wm. Howitt, 3 vols., post 8vo

lu 6 C. W. Wood Woodfall's Law of Landlord and Tenant, 9th edit., roy. 8vo..

1 18 0 Sweet Woodleigh House, fcap. 8vo

0 2 6 Nelson Worboise (E. J.) Campion Court, 3rd edit., fcap. 8vo

5 0 Virtue Work for All, and other Tales, by C. E. B., 4th edit., 16mo..


6 Seeleys Wright (R. T.) Medical Students of the Period, 12mo..

6 Blackrooods Xenophon's Memorabilia, Notes by P. Frost, fcap. 8vo..

Whittaker Yates (Edmund) Forlorn Hope, a Novel, 3 vols., post 8vo


6 Tinsley Land at Last, a Novel, new edit., post 80

0 6 0 Chapman of Yonge (Miss ) Clever Woman of the Family, 2nd edit., cr. 850

06 0 Macmillas Young Lady's Journal (The), Vol. 3, 4to..

0 12 6 Harrison Zoe's Brand, cheap edit., cr. 8vo

0 2

0 Warne Printed by BENJAMIN PARDON, 1, Lorell's Court, Paternoster Row, London ; and published by EDWARD TUCKER


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With which is incorporated BENT'S LITERARY ADVERTISER, established in the Year 1802.




..156, 157

ro 183

Allen, T'iam, & Co.

155 Azeg, C P.....

155 Art Jeans The ............. 143 Asta & Co

Bailiez Hyppite
Baila sa E Cn. Elinburgh .. 180
Bascot, H. 1. C.

Barnicett, James, Tranton .... 149
Bil & Dad..

150, 151, 159
Benett, A.W.
Biling, J., Gorllord .......
Baekwood, James, & Co....... 178
Bocey & Co.............

Brown, Filliam, & Co.

Csaton P bert.
Cissell's Wazazine

Cassell, Petter, & Galpin

184 Chaptas & Hall

155 Critchman's Sailing Magazine 146 5. , .......

CE, Tre, Sons, & Co.

.... 152
153, 183


...... 160

.....: 187


Hanbury & Simpson

182 Happy Hours

149 Harrison, F. M.

148 Hodgson, Edmund

............ 186 Holmes, William

185 Hotten, John Camden.. Houlston & Wright..

146 Hunt, William, & Co.

148 Hurst & Blackett ..............

161 Ingle, H.

183 Jackson, Walford, & Hodder

159 Kent, W., Co.

146 Kremer, Joseph, Paris

178 Laboratory, The

146 Leighton, Son, & Hodge 184 Lockwood & Co. Longmans, Green & Co. Macintosh, Wm.

160 Macmillan & Co.... 164, 165 Marks, Joseph

183 Marlborough & Co.......

174, 184 Masters, J........

164 Milner & Sowerby, Halifax 166 Morel, Victor..

178 Morris & Co........

178, 182 Moxon & Co...

142, 164 Mozley, J. & C......... 164 Murby, Thomas

.... 174 Nature and Art

153 Nelson, Thomas, & Sons

...... 170 Newman, George.....

185 Nichol, Jarnes, Edinburgh 163

Nimmo, W. P., Edin. 168, 169
Nisbet, J., & Co.

167 Nutt, David

164 Partridge, S. W.

173 Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton.. 171 People's Magazine, The

........ 147 Philip, George, & Son..

172 Poplett, John

182 Ransom, H.

182 Religious Tract Society

173 Round Table, The

144 Schenck & Macfarlane, Edinb... 173 Shaw, J. F., & Co. Simpkin, Marshall & Co. 163 Smith, Elder & Co.

159 Smith, John Russell

...., 174 Smith, William....

184 Soc. Prom. Christ. Knowl.

147 Spon, E. & F. N. Stinson, R. Y.

183 Strahan, Alexander

..... 175. Tegg, William Treble, George, & Son

184 Trübner & Co.

176 Venables, Tyler, & Son

181 Virtue & Co.

178 Warne, Frederick, & Co.

179 Webb, William, Otley

186 Westleys & Co. Whiteman & Bass

142 Wood, Charles W.

.... 174 Wyman & Sons..


...... 162

..146, 155

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Droit Free Tes et Cie. Dorres Daấy, Jarek, Dwalin.......... 173 Gadisos, Alfred Gray, Jubn, Croydon Gria (Baries, & Co....... Griba Parten Groombridge & Sons


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THE GAZETTE. Bankrupts :

dealer, &c.; comp. of 73. 60.--23. 6. on 14th May, Ashworth, Thomas, Oldham, stationer; solicitor, J.

2. 6d. on 14th Sept., and 23. 60. on 11th Sept., 1863.

Williams, Alfred, Muswell Hill, photographer; comp. to
Richardson, Manchester.
Banks, George Linna'us, Cloudesley Square, Islington,

pay debts in full-5s. in twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, late Richmond Road, Balinsbury Park, author, jour

and thirty months; first on 24th December. nalist, and general agent; solicitor, W. E. Goatley,

Partnerships Dissolved :-
Bow Street.
Barham, James Frederick, Watling Street, and Newington

Bointon, Francis Bower, and John Yarwood, Stockton,

wholesale stationers, &c. Crescent, Kennington, stationer; solicitors, Merrian

Debts paid by Bointon. and Buckland, Queen Street.

Brown, John, and Peter Kert, West Nile Street, Glasgow, Barnes, John, Leeds, printer, &c.; solicitor, T. Simpson,

printers and lithographers. Debts paid by Brown. Leeds.

Burns, James, Thomas Lambert, and William Oates,

Paternoster Row, and Cleary, Willinm, Bolton, newsvendor, photographer, &c.;

Poruman Street, publishers, solicitors, Glover and Ramwell, Bolton.

booksellers, stations, ani ucanufuturors and sellers of Colley, Franc., Barnsley, bookseller, printer, and stationer;

musical instruments. Dehts paid by Burns and Oates. solicitor, T. G. Hamer, Barnsley.

Cassap, William, George Reeve, and Samuel Mulbourn, Coon, Martin, Douglas Street, Deptford, lithographic

Iping Mills, near Medhurst, nuper inanufacturers. writer and artist; solicitor, J. D. Rigby, Coleman Street.

Debts paid by Cassar. Cook, Robert, Mount Terrace, Lambeth, late Strund,

Clifford, John, and William Griffiths Proverbs, Edgbaston, musician; solicitor, W. H. Filder, Bedford Row.

Birmingham, printers and stationers, Delts paid by


Claims by 13th
Craighead, James, Aberdeen, printer.

Crossley, John Sydney, and William Billington, book-
Dixon, Thomas Stephen, Watney Street, Commercial sellers, printers, dr., Rugby. Delts paid by Billington,
Road East, compositor, and clerk to a printer; solicitor,

Dobson, John, and Williau Green, Bingley, printers and
W. E. Goatley, Bow Street.

stutioners. Debts paid by Dobson.
Gates, Joseph Robert, Folkestone, bookseller and sta-

Francis, William, and Albert Jackson, Gray's Inn Road, tioner; solicitor, W. Wight wick, Folkestone.

lithographers and engravers. Griffith, Thomas Kelsall, Cross Street, Holywell, sta

Goodhall, Charlotte Eliza, and James Thomas Dindale,
tioner; solicitor, T. Parker, Liverpool.

Pancras Laue, stationers. Debts prud ly Dinslule.
Jones, John, Erdington, newsarunt, &c.; solicitor, E. A.

Hook, Willinn Edward, and Herry Tech, Plymouth,
Ward, Birmingham.

Low, Peter, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, artist and photo-

Morton, Johu and James, Glasgow, wholesale stationers

and merchants.
grapher. Claims by 6th June.
Marsh, John Thomas, West Square, Southwark, manager

Reeves, Henry, Henry Bowles Wild, and Charles Keinp
to a publisher; solicitor, J. I. Cridland, Lincoln's Inn Wild, Cheap-ide, stationers and artists' colournen, is

regards Reeves. Dents paid by H. B. and C. K. Wild.
Murphie, George, Kingsbridge, printer and stationer; Tootill, Elis, and James Thomson, Pall Mall, Manches-

solicitors, J. Square, Knightsbridge, and T. Floud, ter, printers, lithographers, and stationcis,

Walker, Arthur Melherson, and George Metcalf Moot,
Wigley, Henry, Shrubland Road, Dalston, stationer, &c.; Peterborough Court, Fleet Street, stationers, printers,
solicitor, J. Hall, Coleman Street.

and en Tavers.
Woodin, Acraman Augustus, Old Bond Street, late IIam- Wall, John Peter, James Henry Dunlop Johring, and
mersmith, picture-dealer, &c.; solicitor, F. T. Girdwood,

Edward Huurison, in the young Ladies' Journal, 6th
Old Jewry Chambers,

April, 1965.
Wallis, John E., and P. Keating, proprietors and pub-

lishers of the Tablet new-paper.
Assignments, Compositions, Trust Deeds, &c. :-

Wood, George, and Francis Henry Lakin, berdeen,
Bailey, Anne Maria, widow, Cheltenham, stationer, &c.; musicsellers.

comp. of 23. 60. on 30th January, 1868.
Burbidge, John, Moorgate Street, advertising agent; in-

Dividends :-
spectorship to wind up estate; inspectors, Thomas Lane Graham, P., printer, second div. of 133. 9/d.; Parkýzzs
Coward, manager of the Morning Post, and Charles London.
Herrman, merchant, Lime Street.

Hutchinson, J. J., bookseller, 1st div. of 1s. 4. ; Parkirus,
Fisher, Walter, Bristol, printer, &c.; trustee, William London.
Wardley, wholesale stationer, Watling Street.

Revell, W., printer, 2nd div. of 25.0]d.; Turner, Livet-
Lawrence, James. George, Bread Street Hill, printer; pool.

comp. of 2s. 6d. in three months.
Newmarch, Isaac, Hull, stationer, &c.; comp. of 4s. Order to Wind Up under Companies' and Societies' Adler
Salmon, John, Belle Sauvage Yard, printer and litho- The Dartford Creek Paper Mil Company Limited;
grapher; comp. of his, on 14th February.

voluntary winding-up to be continuerli solicitors,
Savage, Alfred, Bishopsgate Street Without, picture Edwards, Webb, and Co., Delahay strett, Westminster.

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EASTBOURNE. — The business of Mr. W. H.

required for the new law courts, Mr. Edward

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Mr. Holmes informs us that be has disposed of
the Herts Express, the property of Messrs. Pain Law has been transferred to Mr. T. S. Gowland,
and Brook, Hitchin, to Mr. Chance, late of Bir. of the Old Library, in the same town.
mingham. He has also recently negotiated a

The premises adjoining Temple Bar being
i partnership between Mr. Keating, printer, 11,
Water Lane, and Mr Page, late of Norwich. Truelove is removing his stock of a Free

FRAMLINGHAM.-The business of the late Mr. Thought,” and other publications, to No. 250,
Wm. Dove Freeman has been recently transferred
to his nephew, Mr. Alfred Freeman.

pied by the late Mr. Kettle.

High Holborn, the shop for many years occ!.


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