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The QUIVER VOLUME for 1867, consisting of 832 quarto pages, fine Toned Paper, and containing upwards of One Hundred Original Illustrations The Text comprises Two COMPLETE SERIAL Tales, entitled “DEEPDALE VICARAGE," and the “ HALF SISTERS ;" together with about Eighty Short Stories, and several Hundred Contributions in Prose and Verse. Cloth gilt, price 7s. 6d.; or with gilt edges, 8s. 6d.

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CASSELL, PETTER, & GALPIN, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.; and 596 Broadway,

New York.




DEDICATED BY EXPRESS PERMISSION TO HER MAJESTY THE QCEEX. The British Army; Its Origin, Progress, and Equipment. By

Sir SIBBALD David Scotr, Bart. With about One Hundred Illustrations, consisting of most carefully-drawn Examples of Ancient and Modern Weapons, Armour and Equipment. In

2 large Svo volumes, price £2 2s. Cassell's English Heraldry.

Heraldry. By

By CHARLES BOUTELL, M.A. With 450 Woodcuts. Price 78. 6d. “Precisely such an elementary work as would satisfy the just requirements of students of all classes, by setting forth what students ought to learn, by suppressing what they ouyht to avoid, and by writing underslapelable matter in a readable and pleasant style."---Art Journal. The Autographic Mirror : Fac-simile Autographic Letters, Verses,

Sketches, &c., of Illustrious and Distinguished Men and Women of Past and Present Times, accompanied with Biographical Notices, Explanations, Translations, &c. In 4 vols., bound in

cloth, and sold separately, each 21s. Millais' Illustrations. A Collection of Eighty Drawings on

. Wood, by Joan EVERETT MILLAIS, R. A. 4to, clotlı, gilt edges, £1 ls. Cussell's Choral Music. Edited, with Special Copyright Marks

of Expression, by HENRY LESLIE, containing, amongst others, Original Contributions by Smart, Macfarren, Henry Leslie, Leigh Wilson, Hatton, Silas, &c. Music size, bound in cloth, India.

rubber back, 155, * The text of the whole is faultlessly correct, and the typography of the work is a inodel of clearness and beauty.”Illustrated London News. Cassell's French and English Correspondence for Boys. 18mo,

cloth, 35. 6. Cassell's French and English Correspondence for Young Ladies.

18mo, cloth, 3s. 6. Cassell's Commercial French and English Correspondence. With

a Glossary in English and French of Ordinary Commercial Terms, Formule, &c. &c. 18mo,

cloth, 3s. 6d. Cussell's Shilling Lessons in French ; or, A Compendious French

Grammar. By J. L. DE LOLME. For the use of Schools and Adults, with Exercises on all the Rules and Examples of familiar subjects required for daily use in conversation, &c. 18mo,

sewed, ls. ; cloth, ls, 6d. The Elements of Natural Philosophy. For the Use of Schools.

By the Rev. SAMUEL HAUGHTON, M.D., F.R.S., Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin. Fully

Illustrated. Bound in cloth, 4s. 6.. Handbook of Natural Philosophy. With Cuts. Fcap. 8vo, Is.

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London : CHASSELL, PETTER, & GALPIN, Ludgate Hill, E.C.

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Algebra--Architecture, Papers on-Arithmetic--Astronomy-Book-keeping-Botany-Chemistry-Civil Service, Papers on-Comparative Physiology-Conic Sections - Drawing, Elementary – Electricity - English - English Composition-English Grammar-English Literature - Essays on Lúc and Duty-Ethnology-Euclid, Lectures on-French-French Pronunciation - French RearlingiGeography -Geology-Geometry-German-German Pronunciation-German Realings-GreekGymnastics - Historic Sketches-- Italian - Land Surveying - Latin-Logarithms--Logic- Matbe matical Instruments, the l'se of_Mechanics—Moral Science-Music--- Natural Philosophy-Our Holiday-Painting in Water Colour-Penmanship-Perspective-Physics--Physical Education, Physiology of Man — Political Economy--Reading and Elocution-Shorthand—Sketching from Nature -Spanish-Theory and Practice of TeachingTrigonometry, Plane and Spherical Universities,

Papers on the-University Middle Class Examinations, Papers on the.

Price One Shilling. MORTON'S NEW





THIRTEENTH YEAR OF PUBLICATION. "We strongly recommend our readers to invest a shilling in this very useful little history of the past agricultural year.”The Field.


The Elchester College Boys. By Mrs. HENRY Wood. And other Tales.
The Delft Jug. By SILVERPEN. And other Tales.
My First Cruise. By W. H. KINGSTON. And other Tales.
Little Lizzie. By MARY GILLIES. And other Tales.
Luke Barnicott. By William Howitt. And other Tales.
The Secret Society. By Mrs. DE MORGAN. And other Tales.
The Boat Club. By OLIVER OPTIC. And other Tales.
The Little Peacemaker. By Mary Howitt. And other Tales.





THE CHILDREN'S ALBUM. Containing nearly Two Hundred beautiful Engravings. With Short Stories by UNCLE JOHN

Square crown Svo, 368 pp., cloth lettered, 3s. 6d.
This is a delightful book for young people--a real Album--every opening presenting an attractive

picture, the story of which is simply and interestingly told.

London : CASSELL, PETTER, & GALPIN, Ludgate Hill, E.C.


IN THE PRESS (Vol. 1. will be ready in January),

Notes on the Psalms.

The Work will be completed in Three Vols., uniform with all the Editions of “ Barnes's Notes."

“ These Notes on the Book of Psalms will be printed in England by Mr. Edward Knight, who has printed my Votes on the New Testament in a manner entirely satisfactory to me, and to whom I am greatly indebted for the interest which he has taken in my writings. The work will be revised, and will pass through the press, under the care of one to whom I am also greatly indebted for the manner in which several of my publications

been in England, as I was late

Ingram Cobbin, and the kev. Dr. Henderson, for similar servicis." Uhuet Barnes

Uniform with Memories of Bethany," 25. 6d., cloth.


Cdtalks and Homes of Jesus.

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London: HAMILTON, ADAMS, & Co., Paternoster Row.


Female Characters from Goethe's Works. Designed by WILLIAM

KAULBACH, and executed in the highest style of Line-Engraving; With Explanatory Text by

GEORGE HENRY LEWEs. 1 vol., containing 21 engravings, large folio, cloth, £778.; full morocco, £9 98. Reynard the Fox. After the German Version of Goethe. By THOMAS JAMES

ARNOLD. With numerous illustrations from the designs of Wilhelm von Kaulbach, Royal 8vo,

pp. 234, cloth, extra gilt, price 15s. Snow-bound: a Winter Idyl. By John GREENLEAF WHITTIER. With 39

Illustrations. 8vo, pp. 68, cloth gilt, price 18s. Strange Surprising Adventures of the Venerable Gooroo

SIMPLE and his Five Disciples, Noodle, Doodle, Wiseacre, Zany, and Foozle. Adorned with

50 Illustrations, drawn on wood by Alfred Crowquill. 12mo, pp. 224, cloth, extra gilt, price 10s. 6d. The Marvellous Adventures and Rare Conceits of Master Tyll

OWLGLASS. Newly collected, chronicled, and set forth in our English Tongue, by KENNETII R. H. MACKENZIE, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries; and adorned with many most diverting and

cunning devices by Alfred Crowquill. Second Edition, 12mo, pp. 300, cloth, extra gilt, price 10s.6d. A Lover's Diary. By ALICE CAREY. With Illustrations. 12mo, pp. 250,

cloth, price 129. Flower-de-Luce. By HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW.

With 4 full-page Illustrations. Small 12mo, pp. 78, cloth gilt, price 10s. 6d. Evangeline: a Tale of Acadia. By HENRY W. LONGFELLOW. With 8 full-page

Illustrations by F. 0. C. Darley. Small 12mo, pp. 160, cloth gilt, price 12s. The Travels and Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Grotesquely illustrated with 10 Coloured Plates by Alfred Crowquill. Second Edition, 12mo, pp. 206, cloth, extra gilt, price 7s. 6d.





Pp. 361.

Bacon's Essays, with Sketch of his Life | Layres.—The Elements of Composition,

and Character, Reviews of his l'hilosophical Writings, Belles Lettres, and Oratory. By ArGUSTUS LATE,
Critical Estimates of his Essays, Analysis, Notes and Professor of Various Languages, Rhetoric, and Sid.
Queries, for Students, and Select Portions of the Feap. Svo, cloth, pp. 166. Sın Francisc), 15.37. 6.
Annotations of Archbishop Whately. By JAMES R.
Born. 12mo, cloth, pp. iv. 426. New York, 1867. 98.

Layres.-Belles Lettres. By Augustus Bigelow.-Bench and Bar: a complete

LAYRES. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, pp. 210. Sra Frans

1867. os. Digest of the Wit, Humour, Asperities, and Amenities of the Law. By D, J. BIGELOW, Counsellor-at-Law. With Portraits and Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth,

Newhouse. - The Trapper's Guide: a New York, 1867. 123,

Manual of Instructions for capturing all kinds of !!

bearing animals, and curing their kins; with intraCary.-A Lover's Diary. By Alice Cary.

tions on the fur-trade, hints of life in the wools,

narratives of trapping and hunting excursions. B: With Illustrations. Square 10mo, cloth, gilt, pp. ix. J. NEWHOUSE, and other trappers and sports:1:1. and 240. Boston, 1868. 123.

Second Edition, with new Marratives and Illustrating

Edited by J. II. Vores and T. L. Pitt. Svo, cloth, PP Cowles.-Ezekiel and Daniel, with Notes, 215. Wallingford, Connecticut, 1857. 103. d.

Critical, Explanatory, and Practical. Designed for both Pastors and People. By Rev. IIENRY COWLES, Norman.- A Youth's History of California, D.D. Post Svo, cloth, pp. 472. Vew York, 1857. 103. Gu.

from the earliest period of its discovery to the przen

time. By Lica Normas. 12mo, cluth, pp. XI, and Curtis.-A Treatise on the Law of Patents

187. San Francisco, 1857. 58. for Useful Inventions; as enacted and administered in the t'nited States. By GEORGE TICKOR Cretis. Preston.-Lectures on Christian Unity. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. Svo, sheep, pp. Advent, 1866. With an Appendix on the Condition ci Xxxviii. and 631. Boston, 1867. 369.

the Anglican Communion and of the Eastern Chunha,

By Rev. T. S. PRESTON, 12no, cloth, pp. *. Dante. - The New Life of Dante Alighieri. York, 1837. 7s. 60.

Translated by C. E. Norrox. Royal Svo, cloth pp. 149.
Boston, 1867. 258,

Quincy.-Life of Josiah Quincy, of Massa

chusetts, By his son Ennuxd Quix Y. Crown Sie Day.--Grammatical Synthesis. The Art

cloth, pp. xii. and 552. Boston, 1857. 123. of English Composition. By HEXR3 N. Dar, author of “Logic,” “Rhetoric," "Rhetorical Praxis," &c. Crown

Rangabé. – Greece: her Progress and 8vo, cloth, pp. xii. and 356. New York, 1867. 7s. 6d.

Present Position. From the French of A. R. RAGET.

Greek Minister at Washington. Day.-The Art of Discourse. A System of

Translated, with

Introduction, by C. K. TUCKEEMAN. Square 12m0, ma Rhetoric adapted for use in Colleges and Academies, 102. New York, 1867. As. and also for Private Study. By I. N. Dar. 1200,

cloth, pp. xvi. and 343. New York, 1867. 7s. 6d. Stevens.-History of the Methodist EpisEarly.-A Memoir of the Last Year of the

copal Church in the United States of Amerna By

ABEL STEVENS, LL.D., author of "The History of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of Religious Movement of the Eighteenth century, ain! America. Containing an account of the operations of Metholism," &c. Vol. IV. 12mo, cloth, Pp. 3. his commands in the years 1864 and 1865. By Lieut.- New York, 1867. 7s. General JUBAL A. EARLY. Svo, pp. 135. Lyachburg, 1867. 54.

Stille.-Epidemic Meningitis; or Cerebro

$50, Flint. - The Physiology of Man: designed

Spinal Meningitis. By ALFRED STILLE, J.D.

cloth, pp. 178. Philadelphia, 1967. 95. to represent the existing state of Physiological Science as applied to the functions of the Huinan Bouly Alimentation, Digestion, Absorption, Lymph, and

Stoddard.-Poems. By Charles Warren Chyle. By AUSTIN FList, jun., M.D. Svo, cloth, pp. STODDARD, 8vo, cloth, pp. 123. San Francisc:), 1807. 146.

500. New York, 1867. 185. Geldard. - Handbook on Cotton Manu

Surratt.-Trial of John H. Surratt, in the

Criminal Court for the District of Columbia H. facture: or a guide to Machine-building, Spinning, and

GEORGE P. FISHER Presiding. 2 Vols. Weaving: with practical examples, all needful calcula

pp. 1383. Washington, 1807. 30s. tions, and many useful and important tables; the whole intended to be a complete yet compact authority for the manufacture of Cotton. By JAME GELDARD,

Upham. -- Salem Witchcraft; with an Lonsdale, Rhode Island. Crown 8vo, cloth, pp. 298.

account of Salem Village, and a history of opinions With Plates. New York, 1857. 10s. 6d.

Witchcraft and kindred subjects.


UPHAN. ? Vols. 8vo, cloth, pp. xl. and 469, and had Goodwin. - Syntax of the Moods and —

Doston, 1867. 323.
Tenses of the Greek Verb). By WILLIAM W. Goodwix,
Ph.D., Eliot Professor of Greek Literature in Harvard

Winthrop.-Addresses and Speeches on University. Third Edition, revised. 1200, cloth, pp.

Various Occasions, from 1852 to 197. XV. and 261. Cambridge, 1837. 98.

WINT BON. Svo, cloth, pp. xiii. 725. Boston, 1857. 104 Harris.--A Dictionary of Medical Ter. Wood.-Manual of Physical Exercises : minology, Dental Surgery, and the Collateral Sciences,

comprising Gymnastics, Rowing, Skating, Feming. By CHAPIN A. HARRIS, M.D., D.D.S. Third Edition, Cricket, ('alisthenics, Sailing, Swimming, Spartina", Carefully revised and enlarged by Ferdinand J. S. Base Ball, together with Rules for Training, a Gorgas, M.D., D.D.S. Svo, cloth, pp. 743. London, Sanitary Sugations. By WILLIAM Woop. Illustrata 1807., cloth, pp. 316. Yra York, 1807. 78. cd.

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