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Sew Fenny Paper, Sixteen l'ages. With the December Just Ready. Demy Gro, 2 vols, handsomely printed, Magazines, No. 1, Price 1d. To be continued Weekly.

price 21s. BEETON'S JOURNAL De Bonnechose's, Emile, His

TORY of FRANCE. With Preface written expressly

for this, the authorized translation. Crowned by the TRAVEL, SPORT, HISTORY, AND ROMANCE.

French Academy. Enlarged, Re-written, and brought Beyond the Accounts of Travel and Adventure, Histori- down to the Revolution of 1818. With Map of France, cal Notes, and henlthy Fiction, “Beeton's Journal” will showing Provinces and Departments. contain Reports of Athletic Sports; and, in their season, Football Matches, Cricket Matches, La Crosse, Swimming, Rifle Contests, dc. &c.

New Book by the Author of "A Night in a Workhouse." Correspondents are invited to send Reports of Matches, In cr. 8vo, bevelled buls., price 5s., handsoinely printed. or whatever Sports, from Clubs, Colleges and Schools,

Unsentimental Journeys. By Public and Proprietary. Travellers, and Officers of the Anny and Navy, are also invited to forward contributions.

the Amateur "Lambeth Casual," Mr. JAMES GREEN"The Odd Boy,” of “The Boy's Monthly Magazine," woon, of the Pall Mall Gazette, and Author of "The will contribute a Letter-a despatch, something in his own

Little Ragainutfin."

(In the Press. way-every week.-From Abyssinia there will be Original Correspondence. One Page will be given to Correspondence upon Subjects

The Best Boy's Book of the Season.--Price 38. 6d., with of Universal Interest, preferentially upon inatters con

Coloured Frontispiece and Title-page, cloth, gilt. nected with Natural History and Travel. Advertisements will be received for the last page only

Cudjo's Cave and the Three of "Beeton's Journal."

SCOUTS. Stories of the Great American Civil War. “Beeton's Journal” will also be issued Monthly, with

By J. T. TROWBRIDGE. a Plate in Chromo-Lithography, by Messrs. Day. No.I., One Penny, ready with the December Magazines;

Just Ready, the Old Favourite Annual for Boys.--Small Tart I., Sixpence, ready with the January Magazines.

demy 8vo, cl. gilt, bevelled bds., gilt edges, price 5s. Now Ready, the First Part, Price Sixpence, of Beeton's Boy's Annual (1868). BEETON'S

A Volume of Fact, Fiction, History, and Adventue.
With Coloured Plates and Steel Plates, comprising
Portraits of the Editor of "The Boy's Own Magazine,"

and of the principul Writers and illustrators of Boys' A UNIVERSAL GAZETTEER.

Literature. To be Completed in from Twelve to Fourteen Monthly Tarts. Illustrated by Coloured Maps, Ancient, Modern. Now Ready, cl. gilt, 58. ; gilt edges, 6s. Col. Frontispiece and Biblical. With One Thousand Engravings of the

and Title-page, Full Page and other Engravings. Capital Cities of the World, English County Towns, the Strong Places of the Earth, and Localities of General

Our Soldiers and the Victoria ! Interest, in Separate Plates, on Tinted Paper. Contain- CROSS. A General Account of the Regiments and Men

ing, in all, upwards of Twelve Thousand Distinct and of the British Army; and Stories of the Brave Decals Complete Articles. Edited by S. O. BEETON, F.R.G.S.

which Won the Prize "For Valour." Edited by S. 0. The First Part contains-

BEETOX. Suitable for Cadets of both Services, and 1. Eighty Pages of Letter-prens, clearly printed, and for all Naval, Military, Volunteer Services, and Ship’ containing upwards of a Thousand Distinct Articles, from Libraries. Ja (River to Armley (Yorkshire).

“Healthy reading for those to whom it is more espe2. Engraved Title-page, with New View of London from cially addressed.

The author does full justice to the East side of London Bridge.

the chivalrous courage and excellent conduct of the High3. Twelve separate Plates, on tinted paper, containing, landers." - Athenarum. besides the Engraved Title-page, Views of Aberdeen; “The peculiar characteristics of each regiment are careAbo; Aboukir, Map of, showing Scenes of the Battles of fully dealt with, and our enthusiasm is awakened by stories the Nile and Aboukir; Adelaide; Aden; Agra, the Taj that thoroughly illustrate the stuff of which our old armies Mahal; Ajaccio, Napoleon's Birthplace; Aldborough; consisted, and of which our present army is made."---l'ieil Alexandria, and Cleopatra's Needle; Algiers; Valley of Service Gazette. the Alma; Altona; Amalfi, supposed Tomb of Masamello; Amasia; the Acropolis; Amiens Cathedral, the Choirí Ammon, Ruins at; Amsterdam in 1639; Ancona ;

Just Ready, Handsomely Bound in Green Cloth, gilt, Antwerp; Archangel; Arkiko, View near; Armagh;

bevelled boards, gilt edges, 7s. 6d. Ishdod; Ashkelon.

| Englishwoman's Domestic 1. New Map of Abyssinia, Coloured by Hand. 7. Colouredi Biblical Map of Asia Minor.

MAGAZINE. The New Half - yearly Volume. Con6. Illustrated Wrapper, with Sketch of the Thames.

taining Eight Coloured Fashion Plates, and Six Coloured

Patterns of Designs for Ottoman, Sofa Pillow, Settec A Specimen Part, per Post, Six Stamps.

Cushion, Slipper, Banner Screen, Smoking Cap, TravelPRICE ONE SHILLING-EIGIITH SEASON.

ling Bag, General Purposes, &c., and upwards of 300

Designs of the Newest Fashions in Ladies' Dresses, BEETON'S CHRISTMAS ANNUAL. Fichus, Mantles, &c.; and l'atterns in Berlin Wool

Work, Tatting, Netting, Applique, &c. With Six SepaNINE OF US.

rate Sheets of Full-sized Patterns for Cutting-out the

Militaire Jacket or Vest, a Peplum-pointed Bodice, With Pictures by Alfred Crowquill, George Loose Jacket, Gored Petticoat, Muslin Peplum, and the

Cruikshank, jun., the late C. H. Bennett, &c. Lucy Paletot. "How We Got up “Beeton's Annual."--The Scotch- *. A very handsome, acceptable Book for a Lady. man's Story : Aleck Cameron, the Grieve of Bieldside.The German's Story: Carl von Linden's Defence. The Yankee's Story: How I Got my Postmastership after all, Just Ready, Handsomely Bound, cloth, gilt edges, and Swung round the Circle. - The Englishman's Story:

price 78. 6d. Squire Chalcombe's Oath. - The Turk's Story: The Crippled Cobbler of Bagdad.—The Frenchman's Story: A

The Young Englishwoman. Frog, he would A-Wooing go.-The Dutchman's

Story : The First Volume of this Interesting Miscellany of Moral Cast for Death.—The Irishman's Story: How Dan Hegarty and Pure Fiction, and of Pretty and Practical Needlehecame a Fenian, and Mistress H. helped him. - The work Patterns, and of Modern Fashion, should secure a Welshman's Story: Mynach-heb-un-Pen. ---Divination by favourable reception at the hands of the public and the the Hand; or, Palmistry. - The Grand Duchess of Gerol- trade. It contains Six Beautifully Coloured Fashion stein: Adapted for the Theatre Royal Back Drawing Plates, and more than 500 Engravings of the Newest Room.---Conundruns and Double Acrostics.--A Puff of Modes and Useful Patterns for the Exercise of the Thought and Afterthought. – Society in the Zodiac. Skill and Taste of Young Ladies in Town and Country: Celebrated Latin Dogy done into Dog-English.-An Ani- The Volume contains, moreover, the whole of the demated Alphabet.-The Rot-Roy Canoe.-A Page of Many lightful Story of “ Leslie Goldthwaite,” by the Author of Parts.- The New Game of Sortes,-Santa Claus.-Mornli- "The Gayworthys;" a dozen Pictures of Pages from ties in Rhyme. By the “Odd Boy.”-Beeton's Illuini- History, Twelve Letters from Dear Old Granny, and nated Almanac.

nearly 200 Valuable Recipes in Cookery.

London : WARD, LOCK & TYLER, Warwick House, Paternoster Row, E.C.



Alger's Future Life. A critical history of the Doctrine of a

Future Life, as it has prevailed in all Ages and Nations. By Wm. A. ALGER. To which is appended a complete History of the Literature of the Doctrine of 2 Fature Life; or, a Catalogue of Works relating to the Nature, Origin, and Destiny of the Soul. The titles classified, ani arranged chronologically, with Notes, and an Index of Authors and Subjects. By Ezra ARMOT, Associate Librarian of Harvard University. Fourth Edition. Royal 8vo, 924 pp., cloth, 4 dois.

50 cents.
Gayarré's History of Louisiana. 3 vols.

Vol. I. Spanish Domination.
Vol. II. French Domination (2 vols in 1).
Vol. III. American Domination. A new vol. from 1803 (its cession to the United States)

to !861. These 3 vols., by the Hon. Chas. GAYARRÉ, U.S. Senator from Louisiana, form the complete history of that State, and may be had in uniform sets, or any separate vol., each bcing complete. 8vo, cloth, 4 dols. per vol. “Mr. Gayarre's History of Louisiana' is the fruit of thorough research, and takes a very high rank among the early histories of the several States."--Hon, George Bancroft.

A COMPANION VOLUME TO PRESCOTT. Philip the Second of Spain. By Hon. Charles GAYARRE,

Author of "The History of Louisiana.” With an Introductory Letter by Hon. GEORGE BANCROFT, and a fine Steel Portrait of Philip from the Titian Picture. An elegant sro volume, in large,

clear (pica) type, on heavy toned paper. Cloth, 3 dols. The History of Texas, from its Settlement in 1685 to its

Aunexation to the United States. By H. YOAKUM, Esq., of the Texas Bar. With Portraits

Maps, and Plans. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 8 dols. (But a few copies remaining-not stereotyped.) Works of Hon. William H. Seward. Edited by GEORGE

E. BAKEN. Comprising Debates in the Senate of New York, and in the United States Senate; Political Writings; Official Correspondence; Speeches and Addresses. With a Memoir and finely.

engraved Portrait on Steel. 3 vols., 8vo, 4 dols. per vol. Works of William Gilmore Simms. 17 vols. (Historical

Romances.) Revolutionary, Colonial, and Legendary of the Border States. Each vol. a complete tale. With Illustrations by Darley.' In cloth, 2 dols. (Cheaper edition, in paper covers, in preparation.)

Of Mr. Simms's excellence as a novelist we have no necessity to speak; standing, as he confessedly does, des in rank to our lainented Cooper. He is read in every hamlet in the land."* Works of Edgar Allan Poe. With Notices of His Life

and Genius, by J. R. LOWELL, N. P. Willis, and R. W. GRISWOLD. A Library Edition. 4 rols.

With Steel Portrait. 2 dols. 25 cents per vol. Edgar A. Poe's Prose Tales. Two vols., each containing

a complete series of Tales. 12mo, cloth, 2 dols. 25 cents. Edgar A. Poe's Poems. The entire Poems, a Memoir, and

Steel Portrait. 12mo, uniform with the “Prose Tales.” Cloth, 2 dols. 25 cents. Freneau's Poems, relating to the American Revolution. With

Notes and Memoir by E. A. DUYCKINCK. Steel Portrait and Facsimile Poem. Small 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 2 dols. 25 cents. (A few copics of Freneau, Large paper, royal Sro, with additional

Plates, price 10 dols. Francis's Old New York. Reminiscences of the past Sixty

Years. By the late John W. FRANCIS, M.D., with a Memoir of the Author, by H. T. Tuckerman, and a Steel Portrait. Small 8vo, cloth, 2 dols. 50 cents. (A few copies, Large Paper, royal 8vo,

12 dols.) Elements of Heraldry, containing an explanation of the

Principles of the Science and a Glossary of the Terms employed. With an Essay upon the Use of Coat-Armour in the U.S. By WM. H. WHITMORE. Limited Edition, not Stereotyped. Elegantly printed, in large, clear type, on fine toned paper, with numerous Illustrations, 8vo, cloth, uncut, 6 dols.



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Chapman's American Drawing-book. A Manual for the

Amateur, and Basis of Study for the Professional Artist. Treating of Elementary Drawing, Perspective, Sketching from Nature, Painting in Oil and Water-Colours, Etching, Engraving, Modeling and Composition. Ono vol., 4to, cloth binding, prico 4 dols. 50 cents.

REDFIELD'S PHYSIOGNOMY. Comparative Physiognomy; or, Resemblances between Men

and Animals. By JAMES W. REDFIELD, DI.D. Illustrated by 330 Engravings. 1 vol., 8vo, pp. 334, cloth, 3 dols.

"In this volume Dr. Redfield explains at length his theory of plıysiognomy, or the art of judging of people by the Te semblance between human faces and those of animals." Gould's Good English, or, Popular Errors in Philology. By

EDMUND S. Gould, Author of the "Abridged Alison's Europe," &c. 12mo, cloth, 1 dol. 50 cents.

“Mr. Gould has devoted one chapter to the errors of Dean Alford's Plea for the Queen's English,' another to Mr. Moon's Mistakes,' and one to Webster's Orthography,' in which latter the heresies and crudities of Webster are very clearly exhibited.” The Resources of California, with past and future develop

ment of the State. By John S. HITTELL. Second edition, with Appendix on Oregon and Wash

ington Territory. 12mo, cloth, 2 dols. 25 cents. Kustel's Metallurgy. The Nevada and California Processes of

Silver and Gold Extraction. With Explanations for all Metallurgical Operations, &c. &c., and a description of the General Metallurgy of Silver Ores. By GUIDO KUSTEL. With numerous Drawings and Tables. 8vo, cloth, 6 dols.

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Reprints in Crown 8vo Volumes, Handsomely printed on toned, laid paper, 2 dols. 25 conts per vol., each set of books in a box. Hallam's Complete Works. From the last Burton. Anatomy of Melancholy. 3 vols

London edition, revised and corrected by the This edition of “quaint old Burton” is unAuthor; the most accurate and reliable extant. surpassed in beauty of mechanical execution. Comprising-Middle Ages, 3 vols. Literature of Europe, 4 vols., Constitutional History of Prof. Wilson's Noctes Ambrosianæ. England, 3 vols. Uniform sets, 10 vols., or any Edited, with Notes, by Dr. R. SHELTON of the Works separately.

MACKENZIE. Portraits. 6 vols. Including Life

of Prof. Wilson, by Mrs. Gordox. May's Constitutional History of England. 2 vols.

Sydney Smith's Wit and Wisdom. 1 vol. Napier's Peninsular War. 55 Maps and Praed's Poems. With Memoir by Rev.

Plans of Battles, 5 Portraits on Steel, and a DERWENT COLERIDGE, and Steel Portrait. 2 vols. completo Index. 5 vols, 8vo, 15 dols.

The Ingoldsby Legends of Mirth and Disraeli. Curiosities of Literature. 4

Marvel. With 16 Illustrations by CRUIKSHANK vols.

and LEECH. 2 vols. Disraeli. Amenities of Literature. 2 Bon Gaultier's Book of Ballads. By W.E. vols. Uniform sets of Disraeli, 6 vols.


trations. I vol. Dr. Doran's Works. ComprisingANNALS OF THE Stage. 2 vols.

Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers. By Wm. Table Traits, with Something on Them.

E. Ayroux. 1 vol. 1 vol.

Dean Milman's History of Christianity. HABITS AND MEN, with Remnants of Record touching the Makers of Both. 1 vol.

A handsome edition, Pica type. 3 vols. THE QUEENS OF ENGLAND OF THE HOUSE OF Milman's History of the Jews. 3 vols.

HANOVER (the Wives of the Four Georges.) Uniform with “Christianity.”

2 vols. KNIGHTS AND THEIR Days. 1 vol.

Stanley's Sinai and Palestine. A new MONARCHS RETIRED FROM BUSINESS. 2 vols. edition, with many coloured Maps and Plates. Uniform sets, 9 vols., or separate works.

8vo, price 4 dols. Charles Lamb's Works. 5 vols. Steel Conington's Translation of the Æneid of Portrait and Memoir.

Virgil. 1 vol., 2 dols. 50 cents.
And many other choice Works, which may be found in our Catalogue.

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New York: W. J. WIDDLETON, Publisher.


Peter Parley's Annual




The New Volume of this Old-Established favourite Annual will be found unusually attractive, baith in its literary features, and its high-art Illustrations. Regardless of cost, the Publishers aim at making this New Volume the most magnificent and perfect Christmas Annual over published.

This favourite Annual has already enjoyed a successful existence of twenty-seven years, and is held to be pre-eminently the most delightful work ever addressed to the young. The volume now in the press will greatly surpass its predecessors in editorial care, richness of illustration, and new literary features, which cannot fail to raise this Annual still higher in public estimation, and ensure for it an extensive sale.


GIFT BOOKS. The Birthday Gift. Printed on toned Longfellow's Poetical Works. With fine paper, Roxburgh binding, with engraved Title and Steel Engravings, from Drawings by Turner and other. Frontispiece. Price 3s. 6d.

Bound bevelled boards, gilt edges, 3s. 6d. “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Mia and Charlie. With Illustrations by Handsomely bound in illuminated binding, profusely illus- Birket Foster.

trated by the best artists, demy svo, price 5s. The Boy's Favourite. A Book of Recrea- A New Book of Family Prayer. Containing tion and Adventure. By the most popular writers of the Short Morning and Evening Prayers, printed in a day.

bold type, for Every Day in the Week; with additional ** This will be found to be the cheapest Book for Boys Prayers for Special Occasions. By the Rer, CHARLES ever issued. It contains 500 pp. of closely-printed matter, WEBSTER, D.D. Price One Shilling. with upwards of 100 interesting and original Engravings. This book will be immediately followed by a Companion Our Ou Favourites. The original “Rhymes Volume, entitled "THE BOY'S PRIZE BOOK," a volume admirably adapted for the purpose of its title, as well as a

for the Nursery." Bound in cloth, price 18. general Book for Boys.

The Early Educator. Twenty-sixth EliIn flexible binding, on fine toned paper, price 2s. 6d. Third Edition.

tion. By WILLIAN MARTIX. Very strongly bourd, in Smart Sayings of Great Personages, includ.

cloth and red edges. Price 2s. ing Statesmen, Courtiers, Divines, Lawyers, Actors, Tales of Life in Earnest. By Miss S Poets, Painters, and Philosophers.

CROMPTOX, Author of "Tales that are True," &c. Price 1s., cloth gilt, with Frontispiece in Oil Colours, and With Four striking full-page Illustrations by WAGE). Illuminations

Price 28. 6d.
Learning Better than House and Land.
By Dr. Carry. Revised and adapted by the Rev. Chas,

The Texan Ranger. By CAPTAIN FLACK WEBSTER, D.D. A cheap edition on toned paper, and With full-page Ilustiations from Life, from DraTi printed wrapper for distribution, 60.


WELCOME THE "FAMILY FAVOURITE!" On December 28th, ILLUSTRATED, price TWOPENCE, will be published No. 1 of a




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Useful, Beautiful, and Entertaining,

Ry the Best Authors, and carefully Edited for the ENTERTAINMENT OF THE FAMILY CIRCLE. No. I will contain the Opening Chapters of a New Taie of Great Interest, Illustrated

with whole Page Engravings,

Communications for the Editor, Books for Rcriero, fc., to be addressed. Editor of the FAMILY

FAVOURITE, 42, Paternoster Row, London, E.C." Suitable Contributions solicited. es Advertisements for the Wrapper to be addressed to Messrs. Dantos & Co., 42, I'aternostet Row, from whom may be had Prospectuses and Window Bills, which will be ready for the Trade on the 10th inst. That there may be no delay with the delivery of No. 1, Messrs. DarTos & Co. re-specifully invite Booksellers to favour them with early orders.

London : DARTON & CO., 42, Paternoster Row.

The resham Steam Press.


December. 1867.


announce that in consequence of the Metropolitan Improvements they have been compelled to remove their Printing Office from 31, BUCKLERSBURY, where they have been established for the past thirty years, to new and more extensive premises, situated



(Opposite the Railway Terminus).

These premises are admirably adapted for the purposes of the business, having been fitted up with all the modern appliances, new and improved machinery, and every convenience for executing all descriptions of Printing with promptitude and economy. As the several branches will be carried on under their personal supervision, Messrs. UNWIN BROTHERS confidently solicit the renewed support of their numerous custo

mers and the general public. To facilitate the despatch of business, the OFFICES AND RETAIL DEPARTMENT at 24, Bucklersbury, are connected by Telegraph with the PRINTING WORKs in Cannon Street.

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The following pages are devoted to a more detailed description of the

various Departments of the Business

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