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Timbs John) Year-book of Facts in Science and Art; Burton (John Hill) History of Scotland. From

erbibiting the most important Discoveries and Agricola's Invasion to the Revolution of 1688. 4 Improvements of the past year in Mechanics and yols. 8vo, pp. xliii-1806. Blackwoods 5/6 the [seful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Electricity, Calendar of state Papers. Calendar of Letters, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany, Geology and Despatches, &c., between England and Spain. Vol. Mineralogy, Meteorology and Astronomy. Fcap. 2. Hen. VIII., 1509–1525. Edit. by G. A. Bero, pp. 28. Lockwood 5/ genroth. Imp. 8vo. Longmans

15/ University of London. The Calendar for the year Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and 1857. Rimo. Taylor of Francis

4/ Ireland. The War of the Gaedhil with the Gael, Waz Office List (The) and Directory for the Civil or the Invasion of Ireland by the Danes and NorseDepartuents of the Army, 1867. 8vo, sd. Harrison 4/6 men. Edit. by J. H. Todd. Roy. 8vo, Longmans, 10/

Chronicles (The) and Memorials of Great Britain and AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, &c.

Ireland during the Middle Ages. Vol. 3. Leech

doms, &c., by 0. Cockayne, Roy. 8vo. Longmans, 10/ Copland (Sam.) Agriculture, Ancient and Modern; an

Pierre de Langtoft. Edit. by Wright. Hotnical Account of its Principles and Practice Vol. 1. Roy. 8vo. Longmans .

10/ esemplised in their rise, progress, and development. Chronicum Scotorum, a Chronicle of Irish Affairs

Hata Lar. Paper Ed. 2 vols. Imp. 8vo. Virtue 45/ from the Earliest Times. By W. M. Hennessy. "Fox's The) Tale" & Sketch of the Hunting Field. Roy. 8vo. Longmans

10/ By the Author of the “ Autobiography of the late Easton (Geo.), Autobiography of.


an Introd. Sele) Safar Esq.” Cr. 8vo, sd., Day't

. Son

· 1/ by Rev. W. Reid. 2nd ed. 18mo, Houlston ; Rivers Tbos. Miniature Fruit Garden; or, the sd. 1/; cl.

2/6 Culture of Pyramidal and Bush Fruit Trees; with Freeman (Edward A.) History of the Norman Con. Instrections for Root-Pruning, &c. &c. 14th ed. Faar wys, vii—142. Longmans

quest of England, its Causes and its Results. 3/

Vol. 1. The Preliminary History to the Election of Fille Gee.) High Farming without Manure. Lectures

Edward the Confessor.

8vo, pp. xviii-650. 01 Agrietlture, delivered at the Experimental Farm Clarendon Press

18/ # Filiennes. 2nd ed. (New Series of Books for Coanery. Fcap. Bro, ed., 1-112. Lothian : 1

Gayarré (Chas.) Philip II. of Spain. With an IntroWalsh J. A.) British Rural Sports : comprising

ductory Letter by George Bancroft. 8vo, iv-366. New York.

14/ Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Hawking,

Greeley (Horace) The Great American Conflict. A Racing Boating, Pedestrianism, and the various Para Games and amusements of Great Britain.

History of the Great Rebellion in the United States

of America, 1860-5: its Causes, Incidents, and By Stonebenge. Illaste 7th. ed., entirely revised,

Results. Vol. 2. 8vo, pp. 782. Hartford . 21/ with Additions. Sq. Cr. 880, 11–821. Warne. 15/

Kennedy (Rev. John) Days of the Fathers in Ross

shire. 4th edit. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xix-267. Maclaren (Edinburgh)-Hamilton

3/6 Dolby Anastasia ) Carch Embroidery, Ancient and

Lessing (G. E.) Life and Works of. From the German Modera, practically Illustrated. cap. 4to, pp;

of Adolph Slater. By E. P. Evans. % vols. Cr. 12/

25/ 8vo, pp. XX—825. Boston, U.$. Fergusson James ) History of Architecture in all Coun

Passages from the Autobiography of a "Man of tries, from the Earliest Í'imes to the Present Day.

Kent.” Together with a few rough Pen-and-Ink In 3 vols . Fol 2. lust. 8vo, hf.,-bd., PP. 5X57

Sketches, by the same hand, of some of the People

he has met, the Changes he has seen, and the Gill's Free-hand Ontlines. First Grade. Obg.


Places he has visited. 1817-1865. Edit. by lômo packet. Educational Trading Company (Bir:

Reginald Fitz-Roy Stanley, M.A. Post Svo, pp. xv -407. J. R. Smith

5/ Harding J. D.) Lessons on Art.' 8th ed. Edit. by


Waterton (Charles) : his Home, Habits, and Handi.

work. Reminiscences of an intimate and most conKempis Ttos, ) Counsels selected from the Imita.


Alding personal association for nearly thirty years. By tion of Christ. Selected and illuminated by R. R.

Richard Hobson. 2nd ed., containing a consider. Parkinson and Simmonds. Illustrated Record and


able amount of additional matter. Post 8vo, xxxii

375. Walker (Leeds)-Whittaker; 5/6; with Plts. 7/6 Descriptive Catalogue of the Dublin International

Announcements. Portraits of Men of Eminence. With Biographical

21/ Bell & DALDYMembers . Edit. by E. Walford. Vol. 5. Sq. 8vo.

Lives of Indian Officers; illustrating the History of

Civil and Military Services in India. By John Satton Thos. Novelty in Art, consisting of a Method

21/ Wm. Kaye. of Puttag in Oil Colours upon Paper, by means

The Abridged Edition of Miss Agnes Strickland's of Trasparent Washes, producing the same effect

Lives of the Queens of England.

BENTLEYas in late-Colour Painting, with the advantages of

Dr. Hook's Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury. greskt pereanency and facility of execution. Cr.

Vol. 5.

1/ MACMILLANSatton (Tbs.) and Dawson (Geo.) Dictionary of

On the Ancien Régime, as it existed on the Con. Fhotimayby. Illust. New ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. iv

tinent before the French Revolution. Three Lec

8/6 tures. By Rev. Charles Kingsley. Announcements

Life of Sir Walter Raleigh, By Edward Edwards.

MOWBRAYA Ser Edition of the Stones of Venice, Vol. 2.

The Autobiography of John Brown, the Cordwainer, The Ses Stories. By John Ruskin.

with his Sayings and Doings in Town and Country. A New Edition of Modern Painters. Vol. 3. By

Edit. by a Clerical Friend.

Memorials of Charles March, R.N. By his Nephew,

Septimus March.

Memoirs of the late Robert Henderson, Medical Bridger (Chas.) Index to Printed Pedigrees contained

Missionary to China. in County and Local Histories, the Heralds' Visita

The Story of Commander Allen Gardiner, R.N., wis, and in the more important Genealogical Col.

with Sketches of Missionary Work. By J. W. lectione. 8vo, pp. vi-384. J. R. Smith 10/6

Marsh. Bansen (C.C.J.) Egypt's Place in Universal History:

SMITH & ELDER— an Historical Investigation. In Five Books. Trans.

Life and Speeches of Lord Plunket. Edit. by Hon. from the German by C. H. Cottrell. 2nd ed., with

David Plunket. I tes and Additions by Samuel Birch. With Plates.

Turkey and the Crimean War. By Rear-Admiral Fol. I. 8vo, pp. lvi-771. Longmans 31/6

$19. Murray

Engham --Siapkin ; paper 6d.; cards

Wm. Walter

. Imp. 8vo. Kent

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Exibition, 1963. Roy. 8vo. Spon :


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Juin Easkin.

Sir Adolphus Slade.

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ENGLISH PHILOLOGY AND EDUCATION, Cornwell (James) Questions on the Geography for Beginners. 12mo, sd., pp. 48. Simpkin ва.

Geography for Beginners, with Questions. 12mo. Simpkin

1/4 Cox (Rev. Geo. W.) Manual of Mythology. In the

form of Question and Answer. Fcap. 8vo, xxiii. 253. Longmans

3/ Currie (James) Practical School Grammar. Including

Analysis of Sentences, with an Appendix of Exer. cises in Composition. (Constable's Edue. Ser.) 18mo,

iv—124. Laurie (Edinburgh)-Hamilton . 1/6 Davis (Wm.) Complete Book of Arithmetical Examples for Home and School Use, containing upwards of 140,000 new Questions in all the Rules of Arithmetic, and the more useful Rules of Mensuration.

New and revised ed. Fcap. 8vo, 175. Longmana. 1/4 De Vere (M. Schele) Studies in English; or, Glimpses

of the Inner Life of our Language. Post 8vo, pp. vi-365. Trübner

10/6 Farrar (F. W.) On some Deficiencies in Public

School Education: a Lecture. Macmillan . . 1/ Gill (George) Series of Geographical Lessons, in Two

Parts. Expressly arranged for Home Lesson Use. Part 1. England, Scotland, Ireland, Palestine. Part 2. The Continents and Countries. 3rd edit. Complete. Fcap. 8vo, sd. Philip; 6d.; separate, each.

4d. Series of Lessons in English Grammar expressly arranged for Home Use. Part 1. Ortho. graphy, Etymology, and Syntax. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 32. Philip

3d. Gill (John) Introductory Text-book to Sehool Edu.

cation, Method, and School Management. 11th ed.

15th thous. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-264. Longmans. 3/ Isbister (A. K.) First Book of English Grammar,

Geography, and English History. 12mo, sd. Long. mans

6d. First Steps in Reading and Learning, on the System of Word-building. Designed to Utilize the Time of those learning to Read, by presenting, in a Series of easy Reading Lessons, a First Course of English and Scripture History, Geography, English Grammar, Spelling, and Arithmetic, with Moral Lessons and Simple Poetry for Repetition. 12mo, pp. 174. Longmans

. 1/6 Laurie (James S.) National Standard Course of Ele.

mentary Instruction. The New Third Standard Reader; or, Moral Tales. Illust. 19th ed., re. modelled. 12mo, 122. Marshall | Laurie ,

The New Fourth Standard Reader; or, Stories of Animals. Illust. 13th ed., re-modelled. 12mo, pp. 151. Marshall f Laurie

1/ Meiklejohn (J., M.D.) Primary School Grammar for

the use of Publie and National Sehools, with 231 Exercises. 12mo, sd. Ireland (Manehester) – Simpkin

9d. Murby's Excelsior Readers for all Classes of

Elec ontary Schools. Edit. by Francis Young.

No.3. Fcap. 8vo, cl. lp., 199. Morby. 80. Parry (Thos.) New Standard Arithmetic, adapted to

the present System of Government Examinations, the Notation Test being carried through all the Standards, and the Questions being printed in Words instead of Figures. Part I. Standards 2 and 3. Fcap. 8vo, sd. Educational Trading Co. (Birmingham)-Simpkin; 2d. Key .

2d. Smith. A Smaller Classical Mythology, for the Use

of Schools and Young Persons. With Translations from the Ancient Poets, and Questions upon the Work. Edit. by William Smith. Illust. Feap.

8vo, pp. xi-283. Murray Smith (Barnard) Examination Papers in Arithmetic.

In Four Parts. With Answers, 18mo. Macmillan. 1/9 Walkingame's Tutor's Assistant. A Compendium

of Arithmetic. Revised, corrected, and modernized by E. Lethbridge. Fcap. 8vo, vii-136. Warne. 9d.

or, Complete Arithmetical Question-book. Revised, re-arranged, and considerably improved. Having the Rules, &c., simplified and fully ex. plained. The Examples carefully selected. The whole being adapted to the acquirements of the present age. By Roscoe Mongan. New ed. 12mo, Ta

EUROPEAN AND CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY, &c. Baletta (J. N.) Homer: & Criticism on his Life an.

Poems, in Modern Greek. 4to, sd. Trübner. 21, Cassell's 6d. German Lessons. By E. A. Oppen.

A New Method. Feap. 8vo, sd., 117. Cassell. tid Catena Classicorum. Edit. by Rev. Arthur Holmes

and Rev. Charles Bigg. Sophoeles. Edit. by R C. Jebb. The Electra. Post 8vo, pp. xiv—160 Rivingtons

8.0 Collis (Rev. John Day) Praxis Latina Primaria : a

Handbook of Questions and Exercises for Daily use with the “ Public School Latin Primer," 12mo. pp. vii-146. Longmans .

2.0 Dictionary (A Newi of Quotations from the Greek,

Latin, and Modern Languages. Trans, into English, and occasionally aocompanied with illustratious historical, poetical, &c. By the Author of " Live and Learn." New ed. Cr. 8vo, hf-bd. pp. ir

628. J. F. Shaw Levita (Elias) Massoreth Ha-Massoreth.

Wit Translation and Notes by C. D. Ginsburg. Sve Longmans

21 Molière's Bourgeois Gentilhomme, avec Notes ps Dudevant. 18mo. Thimm

li Schiller's William Tell. With Notes by Bartai

8vo. Nutt. Toscani (Giovanni) Italian Conversation Course

12mo. Trübner Van Laun (Henri) Grammar of the French Language

In 3 Parts. Parts 1 and 2., Accidence and Synta

4th ed. Post 8vo. Trübner Vlachos (Dr. A.) New, Practical, and Easy Method

Learning the Modern Greek Language. "Translate

12mo. Thimm Walford (Edward) Progressive Exercises in Gree Lambic Verse. 12mo, pp. xii--62. Longmans. 2

Announcement. MACMILLAN A Latin Grammar for the Higher Classes in Graz

mar Schools. By H. J. Roby.

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GEOGRAPHY, TOPOGRAPHY, &c. Atlas. Warne's Shilling Atlas. 12 Col. Maps. sd. Warne

The Junior Ailas for 'Schools; 11 M. Selected from the College Atlas: with Index. .

and revised edit. Imp. 8vo. Warne Bedeker (K.) Italy. Handbook for Travellers. Seca

Part: Central Italy and Rome. With 3 maps all plans. Fcap. 8vo, lxxviii-372. Williams & Nørgaie.

Part Third : Southern Italy, Sicily: Lipari Islands. With 4 maps and 6 plans. For

8vo, pp. xxx-356. Williams & Norgate Black's Guide to Paris and the Exhibition 1867. Edit. by David Theob. Ansted. With Ma

Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. iv--72. Black Bruco (J. C.) Roman Wall: a Description of

Mural Barrier of the North of England. 3rd

4to Reid (Newcastle-Longmans Du Chaillu (Paul B.) Journey to Ashango-Land :

further penetration into Equatorial Africa. W Map and Illust. 8vo, xxiv—501. Murray Eden (Lizzie Selina) Lady's Glimpse of the late in Bohemia. Post 8vo, pp. viii-305. Hurs Blackett


pp. 183.

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Pp. 94.

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pp. 17-414. Routledge,

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Ellis (Rer. Wm.) Madagascar Revisited ; describing Tyler (R. H.) American Ecclesiastical Law; the Law

the Events of a New Reign, and the Revolution which of Religious Societies, Church Government and followed; setting forth also the persecutions en. Creeds, Disturbing Religious Meetings, &c. 8vo, dorad by the Christians and their heroic sufferings, pp. 539. Albany

28/ with botees of present state and prospects of the Webster (Sidney) Duties of Neutrality: the United

people. With Illust. 8vo, xix 502. Murray. 10/ States versus the steamship Meteor, &c. 8vo, sd., Frentes (A.) Lima; or, Sketches of the Capital of

New York

2/6 Pern. Loy. 8vo. Trebner.

21/ Williams (Rt. Hon. Sir Edward V.) Treatise on the Graham John Murray) A Month's Tour in Spain. Law of Executors and Administrators. 6th ed. pated.

1/ 2 vols. Roy. 8vo, cxxiii-203. Stevens g. Sons. 76/ Harvey Thos.) and Brewin (Wm.) Jamaica in 1866 ; a Narrative of a Tour through the Island, with Re.

MEDICAL AND SURGICAL. marts on its Social, Educational, and Dudustrial Condition. Svo, cl lp. Bennett

Atkinson (J. C.) Change of Air considered with

1/6 | Hayes (Dr. I. I.) Open Polar Sea: a Narrative of a

regard to Atmospheric Pressure, and its Electric Tupage of Discovery towards the North Pole in the

and Magnesic Concomitants, in the Treatment of Schouder United States." 8vo, pp. xxiv—454.

Consumption and Chronic Disease. With a general 14/

Commentary on the most eligible Localities for Kumphrey (Mrs. E. J.) Six Years in India; or,

Invalids. Post 8vo, pp. viii-142. Tribner 5/ Skates of India and its People as seen by a Lady

Gibb (Geo. Duncan) Laryngoscope in Diseases of the Missiony. lômo, pp. 286. New York

Throat, with a Chapter on Rhinoscopy. A Manual

5/ Jeraingham Hubert E. 7.) Life in a French Chateau.

for the Student and Practitioner. 2nd ed., re. Post Sto, pp. xi—278. Hurst f Blackett .

written and enlarged. Post 8vo, pp. xii— 158.

10/6 Mackenzie (G. Muir) and Irby (A, P.) the Turks, Churchill

5/ the Greeks, and the Slavonsi Travels in the

Jones (H. Bence) Lectures on some of the ApplicaSlecane Provinces of Turkey in Europe. With

tions of Chemistry and Mechanics to Pathology and Mapa and Illust. 880, xxxii—688. Bell & Daldy. 24/

Therapeutics. 8vo, vi—314. Churchill 12/ Yacleod (Sorman) Reminiscences of a Highland

Moore (Geo.) On Some Diseases the Nose, Throat, Parish. Post dvo, pp. viii-425. Strahan

Air-tubes, and Lungs, and their local Treatment.

10/8 New Zealand Handbook. Ilth ed. 12mo, sd.

8vo, sd., pp. 103. Simpkin

2/6 Slanjord.

Percy (S. R.) Digitaline; its Chemical, Physiological,

1/ Pollington (Viscount) Half-roand the Old World.

and Therapeutic Action. 8vo, sd., pp. 39. PhilaBeing some Account of & Tour in Russia, the delphia

5/ Caucasus, Persia, and Turkey, 1865-6. With Maps,

Pirrie (Wm.) and Keith (Wm.) Acupressure; an fre, W. B. Wagon

excellent Method of arresting Surgical Hæmorrhage,

14/ Spencer (Capt.) Germany, from the Baltic to the

and of Accelerating the Healing of Wounds. With Adriatic; or, Prussia, Austria, and Venetia, with Engs. Roy. 8vo, pp. 190. Churchill .

5/ reference to the late War. With Illust. Post 8vo,

Quain's Anatomy. 7th edition. Edit. by William

Sharpey, Allen Thompson, and John Cleland. Part

7/6 Soffolke The Visitation of) made by William Hervey,

3. Containing the Descriptive Anatomy of the Clarenceur king of Arms, 1561. Edit. by Jos. J.

Organs of Sense and Vision, with Surgical Anatomy, Horari dro. Tyane (Lowestoft)-Whittaker, 15/

Dissections, and the Conclusion of the General

Anatomy. Illust. 8vo. Walton, 10/6; complete BELL & DADI

in 2 vols. 235–1147

31/6 Ruddock (E. H.) Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Pempeii; an Historical Account of the Destruction

Modern Medicine and Surgery. For the Use of of the City

, and
a Description of recent Excava- Junior Practitioners, Students, Clergymen, Mis.

sionaries, Heads of Families, &c. 2nd edit., much Losemus

improved and enlarged. Cr. 8vo, 599. Jarrold. 5! The North-West Peninsula of Iceland; being the

Shore (Оffley Bohun) Domestic Medicine. Plain Journal of a Tour in Iceland in 1862. By C.

and Brief Directions for the Treatment requisite

before Advice can be obtained. (Handy Outlines | The Englishman in India. By Charles Raikes.

of Useful Knowledge.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii-238. MARILLAS Nimmo

2/ A Net and Cheaper Edition of Sir Samuel W.

Skey (F. C.) Hysteria. ' Remote Causes of Disease in Baker's Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile

General Treatment of Disease by Tonic Agency. and the Explorations of the Nile Sources.

Local or Surgical Forms of Hysteria, &c. Six A Month. in Russia during the Marriage of the

Lectures delivered to the Students of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1866. Post 8vo, pp. viii-107. Longmans

5/ Eacieker's Guides, Italy. Vol. 1. Northern Italy.

Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of London. 1

Vol 8. 1866. 8vo, pp. xliv–404. Longmans. 15/

Trousseau (A.) Lectures on Clinical Medicine. Trans. &c.

with Notes by P. V. Bazire. Part 2. 8vo, sd. Austin Biebet. Cecil) Sanitary Act, 1866, with Notes, Hardwicke.

4/ Statutes, ke. Together with copious Notes and

Wright (R. Temple) Medical Students of the Period. Commentaries on Public Health and the Sanitary

A few Words in defence of those much maligned Lars of England. By William Hardwicke. 8vo,

people, with Digressions on Various Topics of

6/ Public Interest connected with Medical Science. Bigs. James General Railways Acts. A Collection Fcap. 8vo, 1–170. Blackwoods

3/6 of the Public General Acts for the Regulation of

Yearsley (James) Throat Ailments, more especially Railways: including the Companies' Lands, and

the enlarged Tonsil and elongated Uvula, in con. Kailways Clauses' Consolidation Acts. Complete.

nection with defects of Voice, Speech, Hearing, 1680–86 . 12th ed., as amended to close of Session,

Deglutition, Respiration, Cough, Nasal Obstruction, 1948. 12m0, pp. xii—625. Waterlow

12/ and the imperfect development of health and Charley (Wro. Thos.) Handy-book of the Law of

strength in Young Persons. 8th ed., 8vo, pp. London Cabs and Omnibuses. (Useful Lib.) Fcap: 112. Churchill

5/ 1/

Announcements. on the Law of Salvage.


5/ Notes on Public Asylums for the Insane. By C. L. Ley Hipotecaria (Thel of Spain; or, Law on the

Robertson. Inscription of Tities to Immovable Property. Trans.

Physiology and Pathology of the Mind. By Henry and Edit, by Wm. Grain. 8vo. Sweet .

10/ Maudsley. Szethorst (J. M.) Treatise on the locus standi of

TRUBNERPetitioners against Private Bills in Parliament.

On Sleep and Sleeplessness, and their Influence on 2nd edit, l2mo. Sferens & Haynes


the Human Economy. By J. C. Atkinson.


tions, &e. By Thos. H. Dyer.

W. Shepherd.

Czarewitch. By Edward Dicey. Fur & NORGATE

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pp. vii—133 Nicholls

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evo, bls., pp. 219. Routledge James (T. H.) Handy-book

12. Suret.

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MINOR FICTION & JUVENILE WORKS. Index to the Catalogue of the MSS. of Elias AshAnnandale; a Story of the Times of the Covenanters.

mole in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 4to.

Clarendon Press
18mo, pp. 171. J. Blackwood

10/ Author's Children (An). By the Author of " A

Lamb (Chas.) Essays of Elia. A New edition. With Maiden of our own Day." 18mo, cl. sd., pp. 103.

& Dedication and Preface hitherto unpublished. Masters


Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-436. Moron Battle for Truth (The); or, Emma de Lissau: a

Manuals of Society and the Person, Narrative of Striking Vicissitudes and peculiar

The Laws and Bye-Laws of Good Society. A Code Trials. With Notes, illustrative of the Manners

of Etiquette. By F. W. R. and Lord Charles X. and Customs of the Jews. By the Author of

32mo, sd., pp. 72. Simpkin

1/ Sophia de Lissan," &c. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, bds.,

The Art of Dressing Well: a Book of Hints on the pp. 372. Ward & Lock; 2/; Illust.


Choice of Colours to suit the Complexion and the Clockmaker (The) of St. Laurent. Edit. by J. E.

Hair; with the Theory and Practice of the Art of Clarke. (Parish Lib.) 18mo, pp. 88. Macintosh. 1/

Dress, illustrated by rules and examples of the Franc (Maud Jeanne) Emily's Choice. An Australian

Harmony of Colour. 32mo, sd., 72. Simpkin, 1/ Tale. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii—358. Low


Mapother (E. D.) Lectures on Public Health, deGirl (A) at a Railway Junction's Reply. By Iyulph.

livered at the Royal College of Surgeons. 2nd ed. Roy. 8vo, sd. Kennett


Illust. Feap. 8vo, pp. 664. Fannin (Dublin)-Huguenot Pastor; or, Arnold Delahaize, Fcap. 8vo,


7/6 viii-235. Bell f Daldy.

Moxon's Standard Penny Readings. Cr. 8vo,

2/6 Jamieson (Jane H.) Dalmeny; or, the Laird's Secret.

pp. xv-176. Moron

2/ Fcap. 8vo, pp. 316. Griffin


Neison (F. G. P.) Observations on Odd Fellow and Kingston (Wm. H. G.) Ralph Clavering; or, We

Friendly Societies. 14th edit., much enlarged and must Try before we can Do. 18mo, 104. Warne. 9d.

extended. 8vo, sd., pp. 150. Simpkin

2/ Lamb (Chas.) Tales from Shakspeare, designed for

Pedley (Mrs.) Practical Housekeeping; or, the the use of Young Persons. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii

Duties of a House-wife. (Useful Lib.) Fcap. 8vo, 371. Routledge


bds., pp. viii-174. Routledge M'Crindell (Rachel) English Governess. A Tale of

Pullan (Mrs.) Maternal Counsels to & Danghter. Real Life. New edition. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 285.

Designed to aid her in the care of her health, im. Ward f Lock


provement of her mind, and cultivation of her heart. Miller (Thos.) Child's Country Book, in Words of

3rd ed. Roy. 18mo, xii_312. Ward 4: Lock. 3/6 Two Syllables. With Col. Illust. 16mo. Routledge. 3/6

Purnell (Thos.) Literature and its Professors. Post Nimmo's Popular Tales. Vol. 9. Too Late; and

8vo, pp. xi—292. Bell of Daldy

7/6 other Interesting and Amusing Stories. Ву

Railways, Steamers, and Telegraphs; A glance at Eminent Authors. Fcap. 8vo, sd., 251. Nimmo. 17

their recent Progress and present State. With Olive (Mrs.) Village Annals. 18mo, pp. 141. Nisbel. 1/

Illust. Post Svo, pp. vii-326. Chambers . . 3/6 Six Cushions (The). By the Author of “ The Heir

Sabin (Joseph) Dictionary of Books relating to of Redclyffe." Sm. post 8vo, pp. 196. Mozley. 5/

America, from its Discovery to the Present Time. Worboise (E. J.) Campion Court. 3rd ed. Fcap.

Part I. 8vo, pp. 96. Now York


Scripture Acrostics. Edit. by A. H. *18mo, pp. 49. 8vo. Virtue


1/ Announcements.

Seafield (Frank) Extraordinary and well-authenticated BELL & DALDY

Dreams: Modes of Dream-interpretation, Ancient Dealings of George Macdonald with the Fairies. and Modern. With a Dictionary of Dreams. Abridg. Illust.

from his larger Work, “ The Literature and Curi LONGMANS

osities of Dreams. 8vo, sd., pp. 94. Office.

1/ The Journal of a Home Life. By the Author of Six Hundred Dollars a Year: A Wife's Effort at “Amy Herbert."

Low Living under High Prices. 18mo, pp. 183,
Boston, U.S.



LONGMANSAdams (W. H. D.) Sunshine of Domestic Life; or, Short Studies on Great Subjects. By James Sketches of Womanly Virtures, and Stories of the

Anthony Froude. Lives of Noble Women. 12mo, 303. Nelson, 3,6 Dissertations and Discussions, Political, PhiloBautain (M.) Art of Extempore Speaking: Hints for sophical, and Historical. By John Stuart Mill. the Pulpit, the Senate, and the Bar. Trans, from

Vol. 3. the French. 4th ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii--299.


3/6 Critical Essays (The) of a Country Parson. By the

Blind People; their Works and Ways. With Lives Author of " The Recreations of a Country Parson."

of some famous Blind Men. By Rev. B. U.

New ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. vii—370. Longmans 3/6
Dish (A) of Gossip of the Willow Pattern by Buz, J. R. SMITHM

and Plates to Match by Fuz. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 82. The Bibliography of Heraldry and Genealogy; being Laidlaw

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Folk-Lore; illustrative of the Superstitious Beliefs Gales. _With Map. 8vo, pp. 31. New York 5/ and Practices, Local Customs and Usages of the Book of Knots (The): being a complete Treatise on People of the County Palatine. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. the Art of Cordage. Illust, by 472 Diagrams sho*: xii-308. Warne

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14 Kerr (Rev. John) Elementary Treatise on Rational Howell (Thos.) Few Stray Thoughts upon Shake. Mechanics. Post 8vo. Hamilton (Glasgow speare Post 8vo. Bosworth 2/6 Simpkin


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158. Warre.


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pp. $10. Bentley

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Easy Task."

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Cr. 8vo, olo , yp. 183. Routledge

Story of Elizabeth."

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the Laws for raising Men to Serve in the Army, and Kavanagh (Julia) Sybil's Second Love. 3 vols. Post the Existing System of Recruiting, with Evidence, svo, pp. 915. Hurst & Blackett


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Estimates for 1867-8

1/8 the English." 2 Fols, in 1. Post 8vo. Macmillan. 6/

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7d. i/

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Coal. Further Reports respecting Coal in Foreign Karah Irs, Sara Anna) Maidenhood. 3 vols. Post

1/ Countries, and in British Colonies, 8vo .: 1/

Crete, Correspondence respecting the disturbances 31/6 in

2/ Layher Ang.) Paved with Gold; or, the Romance Education. Revised Code.

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3rd ed. dru, pp. vii-408. Chapman of Hall

1866. 8vo

1/7 Lore than a Match. A Novel. By the Author of


Freemen. Return of Freemen of Municipal Corporations

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Great Yarmouth. ' Report of Commission on Corrupt

31/6 Practices at the late Election, with Evidence . 6/6 Ning Balatka. The Story of a Maiden of Prague. 2 rols. Fcap. 8vo, PP. 443. Blackwoods

Jamaica. Correspondence respecting the Conduct

10/6 of Military Officers during the late Disturbances. 4d. Sora and Archibald Lee. A Novel. By the Author

Japan. Correspondence respecting the revision of 3 vols. Post 8vo. Chap.

the Japanese Commercial Tariff. Local Taxation. Returns for 1865

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Manufactures, &c. Reports of Secretaries of Baott Sir W.) Waverley Novels. Author's Original Fortunes of Nigel.-2. Fcap. 8vo, hfbd. Black. 4/6

Embassy, &c. No. l. 8vo

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Statement of Grants expended, 1866

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6/ List supplied by P. S. King, 34, Parliament Street.

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fashionable Novel. With Illust.

pp. 674. Tinsley :

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of "Agnes Tremorne." men Hall


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