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Reigate. Report of Commission on Corrupt Practices Knighton (Wm.) Policy of the Future in India ; á at the late Election, with evidence


Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Cranbourne. 8vo, “Tornado." Correspondence respecting the seizure sd. Longmans

u of the “ Tornado off Madeira by the Spanish Lowe (Rt. Hon. R.) Speeches and Letters on Reform, frigate“ Gerona." 1/10 with a Preface. Post 8vo, 212. Bush

3/6 Turnpike Trusts. Abstract of Income and Expendi. Mill (John Stuart) Inaugural Address, delivered to ture for 1864

1/ the University of St. Andrews, Feb. 1, 1867. 8vo, Workhouses. Returns relating to the Metropolitan pp. 99. Longmans

5/ Workhouses. 2 parts


Moncrieff (James, M.P.) Extension of the Suffrage ;
an Address. 8vo, sd. Edmonston

New Gospel of Peace, according to St. Benjamin.
Crown 8vo, pp. xxvi-343. New York


New Scheme (The) for Co-operative Societies. To Arnold (Geo.) Poems Grave and Gay. 16mo, pp. 214. which are appended Extracts from a Pamphlet by Boston, U.S. .

M. Paul Dalloy. By J. O'N. Saunders & Otley. 6d. Ashe (Thos.) Sorrows of Hypsipyle. Fcap. 8vo,

President Johnson and Congress. Andi et Alteram pp. 116. Bell f· Daldy


Partem. What is Thought at some of the Clubs, Bigney (M. F.) Forest Pilgrim, and other Poems,

and elsewhere in London, of the threatened Im. 16mo, pp. 258. New Orleans

peachment. By a Br. Stanford

1/ Laurel (The) and Lyre: Fugitive Poetry of the Nine. Reform: a Pamphlet containing Thonghts on Repre. teenth Century. Originally Selected by the late

sentation, in View of the Present Crisis. 8vo, sd. Alaric A. Watts. New ed., revised, with additions Skeffington.

1/ and illustrations. Sm. cr. 8vo, xv-400. Warne. 51

Smith (Augustus) Constitutional Reflections on the Lyra Elegantiarum. A Collection of some of the

Present Aspects of Parliamentary Government. best Specimens of Vers de Société and Vers d'Occa


1/6 sion in the English Language, by Deceased Authors.

Working Men and Religious Institutions, Miall id. Edit. by Fred. Locker. New and revised ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xx-845. Moxon



MACMILLAN Payne (Jos.) Select Poetry for Children. 15th ed. 18mo. Virtue ; 2/6; gilt .


Essays on Reform. Pennell (H.C.) Puck on Pegasus. 4th ed., revised and improved. Sq. cr. 8vo. Routledge


SCIENCE, NATURAL HISTORY, &c. Sallesbary (Edward) Children of the Lake. Fcap.

Bates (H. W.) Contributions to an Insect Faung of 8vo, pp. 96. Murray

4/6 the Amazon Valley. Coleoptera-Longi-Cordes. Part Shakspeare (The Handy.Volume.) Vol. 9. 32mo, sd., 1. Lamiaires. 8vo, sd. Williams & Norgate. 10/6 pp. 349. Bradbury

1/ Bowditch. (Rev. W. R.) Analysis, Technical Valuation, Vol. 10. 32mo, sd., pp. 351. Bradbury. 14 Purification, and Use of Coal Gas. With Illust. Shakspeare. King Richard II., with Historical and 8vo, pp. iv--300. Spon .

12/6 Critical Introductions : grammatical, philological, Chambers (Geo. F.) Descriptive Astronomy. With and miscellaneous notes, &c. Adapted for the use

Illust. (člarendon Press Series.) 8vo, pp. x1-816. of Pupils in Training Colleges, Candidates for Civil


21/ Service and other Examinations, and Students of English Cyclopædia (The) conducted by Chas. English Literature generally. By Rev. H. G. Knight." Re-issue. Natural History. Vol. 2. 4to. Robinson. 12mo, sd., pp. xxviii-103. Oliver


10/6 Boyd (Edinburgh) -Simpkin

2/ Episodes of Insect Life. By Achetá Domestica, Slater (Edward) Wail of the Vatican. Revised ed. M.E.S. Edit. and Revised by Rev. J. G. Wood. Fcap. 8vo. Hardwicke, .

5/ Illust. 8vo, x-430. Bell of Daldy; plain, 21/; cold.

31/6 Announcements.

Herschel (Sir John F. w.) Familiar Lectures on MACMILLAN

Scientific Subjects. Sm. post Svo, tii-507, The Book of Satires, from the Best English Writers.

Strahan Selected and arranged by Rev. Richard Hooper. Macadam (Stevenson) Practical Chemistry. Illast, Moxox

With New Notation. A New and Revised Edition of Lyra Elegantiarum.

(Chambers's Educational

Course.) Post 8vo, x147. Chambers Edited by Fred. Locker.

Reports on the Natural History and Habits of

Salmonoids in the Tweed and its Tributaries. 8vo,


Richardson (Thos.) and Watts (Ben) Chemical Anderson (Wm.) Poor of Edinburgh and their Homes. Technology; or, Chemistry in its Applications to

With a Prefatory Letter by the Rev. Dr. Guthrie. the Arts and Manufactures. 2nd ed. "Illust. Vol.

12mo, viii-110. Menzies (Edinburgh) - Simpkin. 1/6 1. Part 5. Acids, Alkalies, and Salts, their Manu. Bagebot (Walter) The English Constitution. Re. facture and Applications. (Lib. Illast. Stand.

printed from the "Fortnightly Review." Post 8vo, Scientific Works, Vol. 16) 8vo, xxiv-884. Bailliere, 36/ pp. viii-348. Chapinan & Hall

9/ Roscoe (Hen. E.) Lessons in Elementary Chemistry; Capital and Labour. By a Member of the Manchester Inorganic and Organic. 4th thous. (Macmillan's Chamber of Commerce. Stanford .

1) School Class Books.) Cr. 8vo, viii-398. MacCurtigs (E.) Atlantic and Great Western Railway. A millan

Review of its History and Finances. Pottle. 6d. Stevenson (Henry) Birds of Norfolk, with Remarks Denton (J. B.) The Water Question; a Letter to the on their Habits, Migration, &c. In 2 vols. Vol. I.

Earl of Derby, explaining a Proposal for the Supply 8vo. Malchitt (Norwich)-Van Voorst of the Metropolis from the Higher Sources of the Tennent (Sir J. Emerson) The Wild Elephant, and Thames. Stanford

1/ the Method of Capturing and Taming it in Ceylon. De Vere (Aubrey) Ireland's Church Property, and the With Illust. Sm. cr. 8vo, xxi-192. Longmans. 3 8 Right Use of it. 8vo, sd. Longmans

1/6 Traill (Geo. Wm.) Elementary Treatise on Quartz Few Thoughts (A) on Parliamentary Reform; the and Opal, including their Varieties, with a Notice

Claims of the Working Classes; Democracy; America of the principal Foreign and British Localities in and American Institutions; Virtues and Intelligence which they

Sm, 4to, 49. Maclachlar of the People ; Penny Political Literature; and the (Edinburgh)—Simpkin .

Wants and Prospects of the Future. Blackwoods. 6d. Trimen (Roland) Rhopalocera Africa Australis: Franchise (The), Freemen, Free Trade, Fortune Catalogue of South African Butterflies.

Svo Faber. By the Author of "The People's Blue Book." Triibner

18: 8vo, ad. Longmans

6d. Wurtz (Dr. Adolphe C.) Introduction to Chemical Gover (Rev. Wm.) Day School Education in the Philosophy according to the Modern Theories.

Borough of Birmingham; our Progress, Position, Translated from the French, by permission of the and Needs. 8vo, sd., pp. 24. Suckett (Birmingham) Author, by Wm. Crookes. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-192. -Simpkin.

6d. Dutton





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Rodrigues (H) Les Trois Filles de la Bible-Huitième aux Sabiens. 8vo.

1/6 Gassiot John P.) Monetary Panics and their Remedy, Sand (M.) Le Coq aux Cheveux d'Or. 12mo 3/ with special Reference to the Panio of May, 1866.

Scholl. Les Petits Secrets de la Comédie. 12mo. 3/ 1/

Bichel (J.) Nouvean Recuil de Pierres Sigillaires Hoy esa Paper Money Increase the wealth of a

d'Oculistes Romanis. Roy. 8vo

3/ Nation! Sefagion .


Simon (J.) Le Travail. Quatrième Edit. 12mo, 8//6 Norton (Edward) National Finance and Currency ; Souvenirs Militaires. Napoléon à Waterloo ou the Bank Acts of 1797, 1819, and 1844, with the

Precis rectifié de la Campagne de 1810 avec des Operations of Gain or Loss of Gold and Panics in

Documents nouveaux et des Pièces inedites par un Peace and War. 2nd ed., revised, 8vo. Longmans. 3/6 Ancien Officier de la Garde Impériale. Svo 6/ Stevens Robt. 4.1 On the Stowage of Ships and their Tripier. Du Cancer de la Colonne Vertébrale et de Cargosa (Europel. With Information regarding

ses rapports avec la paraplégie douloureuse. 8vo. 3/ Freights, Charter-Parties, &c., &c. 4th ed. 8vo, 368.

Vitu. Opinion sur la Question des Banques. 12mo. 2/ Siecas Plymouth - Longmans, 10/6; con plete 21/ Stirling (Jas. Practical Considerations on Banks and Bank Management. 2nd ed., with Postscript. 8vo,

GERMAN.+ sd., pp. 67. Hacichose (Glasgow)..


Am Hofe von Rom, Historischer Roman von A. von Streeter Edwin W.; Hints to Purchasers of Jewellery

L. 3 vols. 12mo

10/6 on the Relatire Value of the different Qualities of

Archivs des Norddeutschen Bundes, Sammlung aller Gold 18mo, pp. 26. Hancock


Gesetze, Verträge und Actenstücke die Verbältnisse des norddeutschen Bundes betreffend. Herausgeg. Von 1. C. Glaser. Heft I. 8vo

2/6 FRENCH."

Aus'm Weerth (E.) Das Siegeskreuz der byzan. Aupére . L'Empire Romain à Rome. 2 vols. 8vo. 15/

tinischen Kaiser Constantinus VII. Porphyrogenitus Annuaire Pharmaceutique, fondé par 0. Reveil et

und Romanus II. und der Hirtenstab des Apostels Parisel, 1867, 18mo.


Petras. Zwei Kunstdenkmäler des 10 Jahrhunderts Boichot. Souvenirs d'un Prisonnier d'Etat sous le

in der Domkirche zu Limburg. 4 chromo-litho. Second Empire. 12mo

3/6 graphic plates and numerous woodcuts in the Boaehat. Traité pratique des Maladies des Nouveau

text. Roy, fol.

24/6 Nes, des Enfants à la Mamelle et de la Seconde

Biblia Pauperum. Nach dem Original in der Enfance. Cinquième edition. Svo


Lyceumsbibliothek_zu Constanz herausgegeben, Batjin Nieclas) Histoire de l'Empereur Napoleon ler.

mit Einleitung von Laib u. Schwarz. Imp. 410. 19/ sinommé le Grand. 2 vols., 8vo, plates, cloth. 25s.

Bidermann (H. J.) Geschichte der österreichischen Cernil . Da Cancer et de ses caractères Anatomiques.

Gesammt-Staats.Idee 1526–1804. 1. Abth. 15261705. Svo

5/ 2/6 Cortet (Eng.) Essai sur les Fêtes Religieuses et les

Brachvogel (A. E.) Hamlet. Roman. 3 vols. 12mo. 16/ tradiuinas populaires qui s'y rattachent. 12mo. 31

Braun (J.).Historische Landschaften. 8vo 7/ Dandville . Piysiologie Morale des Instincts de

Burghardt. Johanna Gray. Ein Trauerspiel in l'Homme et de l'Action Divine dans l'Humanité.

5 Aufzügen. 12mo

2/6 6/

Döllinger (1. J. von) Die Universitäten sonst und Degland & Gerbe. Ornithologie Européenne ou

jetzt. 8vo

1/ Catalogue descriptif des Oiseaux observés

Drenkner. Palaeontologische Novitäten
nordwestlichen Harz. 4to.

5 plates

9/ De Pontés (L. D. Etudes sur la Peinture Vénetienne,

Duemiehen (Joh.) Historische Inschriften altaegyp. smules de Notices sur les Femmes Artistes, &c.

tischer Denkmäler in den Jahren 1863 bis 1865 an 3/ Ort und Stelle gesammelt und mit erläuterndem 3/

Text berausgegeben. 1. Theil. 37 Tafeln bildlicher Dalbeau . Lepone de Clinique Chirurgicale. 8vo. 11

Darstellungen u. hieroglyph. Inschriften in AutoDachenne ide Boulogne) Physiologie des Mouve,

graphie vom Verfasser. Boards, 4to.

45/ 14)

Fichte (J. H.) Die Seelenfortiayer und die Welt. Dumas (Marie A.) Au Lit de Mort. 8vo

stellung des Menschen. Eine anthropologische Girardin Saint-Marc) Lafontaine et les Fabulistes.

Untersuchung und ein Beitrag zur Religionsphilo

15/ sophie wie zu einer Philosophie der Geschichte. Il Detionnaire critique de Biographie et d'His.


9/6 18/

Gai Institutiones. Codicis Veronensis Apographum Lerebore de Denterghem. De la Responsabilité ad Goescheni Hollwegi Bluhmii schedas compositum des Ministres dans le Droit Public Belge. Roy;

scripsit lapidibusque exceptam scripturam publicavit 6/

Eduardus Böcking. Accesserunt Goescheni de Kagitot. Traité de la Carie Dentaire. 8vo.


codice Veronensi praefatio et incerti auctoris de 5/

jnre fisci quae supersunt. Regiae scientiarum Karmy. Etudes sur la Régénération des Os par le

academiae Berolinensi dedicatum opus. 8vo. 9/6 Inaset (AL. de) Melanges de Litterature et de


Gerstaker (F.) Unter den Penchuenchen. Chilenischer
Roman. 3 vols., 12mo.

16/ 8/8 Hartlaub (Dr. G.) Ornithologie Central-Polynesiens. Ollier Traité Expérimental et clinique de la

410., bds., col. plates

28/ Pégénération des Os et de la Production artificielle de Tisst osseux. 2 vols. 880

Hagenbach (K. R.) Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte. Parville H. de) Causeries Scientifiques, Decouvertes 30/. 5th edition. Svo

10/6 Heldenbuch, deutsches. Vol. i. Biteroit ú. Dietleib e Laventions progrès, de la Science et de l'Industrie hrsg. v. 0. Jänicke.-Laurin u. Walheran. Mit Percard (H.) Yo et les Principes de 80, fantaisie 3/6 Benutzg. der v. F. Roth gesammelten Abschriften

9/6 u. Vergleichgn. 8vo .

8/ Piron. Essai sur la Défense des Eaux et sur la

Kaulbach (w. von) Goethe-Gallerie. I. Abtheilung,

Goethe's Fravengestalten. With German letterProndhon (P. J.) La Bible annoteé; Les Actes des Construction des Barrages. Roy. 8vo. 7/ · press by F. Spielhagen. Imp. 4to, cloth gilt


edges Puel. Essai sur les Pseudarthroses consécutives aux Apotres, les Epitres, l'Apocalypse. 12mo. · 5/ Kugler (F.) Handbuch der Geschichte der Malerei

Beist Constantin dem Grossen. 3. Auflage neu Fractures des Membres et sur les Moyens d'y

8! bearbeitet von H. v. Blomberg. Vol. 1. 8vo Robin. Leçons sur les Huneurs Normales et

3/ Menzel (W.) Der deutsche Krieg im Jahr 1866, in Morbides du corps de l'Homme. Svo

seinen Ursachen, seinem Verlauf, und seinen 14/ nächsten Folgen. 2 vols. 8vo, to be published


in 12 parts. Dulan & Co., Foreign Booksellers, Soho Square. List of French Publications supplied by Messrs.

+ Lisl supplied by Mr. David Nutt, 270, Strand.


Europe. 2 rols, 8vo



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12119 Dolltu. Mardoche. 12mo

ments. Ovo

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Riel (K.) Natur und Geschichte. Welt-und Geschichts- Trendelenburg, Historische Beiträge zur Philo

bilder. Vol. I. Die Sternenwelt in ihrer geschicht. sophie. Vol. 3.

lichen Entfaltung. I. Der Fixsternhimmel. 8vo. 7/ Trieber (C.) Quaestiones Laconicae. Pars 1. De Reinke de Vos nach der ältesten Ausg. [Lubek

Nicolai Damasceni Laconicis. Svo

2/6 1498). Mit Einleitg, Anmerkgn. u. Wörterbuch v. Winer. Grammatik der neutestamentlichen SprachA. Lübben. 8vo.

6/ idioms. 7. Auflage bearbeitet von Lünemann. 8vo. 8/ Rother (L, F. W.) Der Telegraphenban. Ein Hand. Winkelmann (Joh.) Versuch einer Allegorie besonders

buch zum praktischen Gebranch für Telegraphen. für die Kunst. Säcular-Ausgabe, herausgegeben Techniker. 20. edition. 8vo.

8/6 von A. Dressel, mit einer Vorbemerkung von Const. Schellen (Dr. H.) Das atlantische Kabel seine Legung Tischendorf. 4to, portrait and facsimile. 9/

und seine prechweise. (In March.) about 3/6 Zirngiebl (E.) F. H. Jacobi's Leben, Dichten und Scanzoni. Lehrbuch der Geburtshülfe. 3 vols. 4th Denken. Beitrag zur Geschichte der deutschen edition, entirely re-written.

Literatur und Philosophie. 8vo




Fcap. 8vo, with Portrait, cloth, 3s. 6d., a New and Cheaper Edition of

N.B.—This Edition possesses the Dedication, and Lamb's explanation of his Pseudonym, now

published for the first time; all other Editions are therefore incomplete.

London : EDWARD MOXON & CO., 44, Dover Street, W.

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Now ready, crown 8vo, extra cloth, 2s. Vol. I. of

A Selection from the Writings of

And Prose Writers of equal merit.

London : EDWARD MOXON & CO., 44, Dover Street. W.




have opened a London Agency, at 10, Warwick Square, Paternoster Row, for the purchase and forwarding of Books and Stationery.

MESSRS. BANCROFT & Co. respectfully solicit Consignments of Goods, upon which they will pay freight and duties in San Francisco, and carefully follow the instructions of shippers regarding the same. They are prepared to act as Agents for Manufacturers, make collections and promptly execute all-commissions entrusted to their care.

Being in constant and direct communication with the entire coast, they possess superior facilities for introducing new goods, and keeping stock within reach of an intelligent and growing community, The Business was established in 1856. It covers the entire ground of Books and Stationery in every department, and is by far the largest house of the kind on the Pacific Coast. Their location is unsurpassed, the Retail Department fronting on Montgomery Street, and connecting with the Wholesale Department, which occupies an entire three-story building, 32 ft. by 80 ft., fronting on Merchant Street.

Subscription Books.The exclusive agency for the Pacific Coast of good first-class works is desired. I'his department is conductod separately from the general business, is thoroughly systematised, and a corps of good canvassers constantly in the field.

Messrs. H. H. Bancroft & Co. will be happy to receive Catalogues of Books, Stationery, and other Articles suitable for the San Francisco Market.

References.- British and Californian Bank, London; Messrs. Sampson Low, Son, & Marston, 59, Ludgate Hill.; Mr. J. Whitaker, BOOKEELLER Office; Messrs. Thos. Rhoads & Sons, 5, Vine Street; M. Theodore Salles, 5, Rue Neuve St. Augustin, Paris ; Messrs. Harper & Brothers, New York; W. C. Ralston, Esq., of the Bank of California, San Francisco; G. W. Duer, Esq., Cashier of the National Bank of the State of New York, New York City.


& Copper and

Steel Plate Engravers and Printers, Lithographic Draughtsmen, Writers, and Printers.

Price List free for Trade Card.

Dedicated, by Special permission, to H.R.H. the Prince of Cuales.



Published Monthly, Price 28. 6d. Each number contains three Line and numerous Wood Engravings, and interesting articles on all

subjects bearing on the Fine and Industrial Arts.



Dedicated, by Imperial Command, to H.I.M. the Emperor Napoleon III.

The first Part will appear in the April number. It will consist of twenty-eight pages, in which are comprised engravings from the works of twenty-six of the leading manufacturers of Europe ; among them may be named Froment Meurice, HUNT & Roskele Sy and WAGNER (Berlin); ELKINGTON, Happy EMANTEL, WEISE, BENson, RUDOLPHI, ODIOT, CHRISTOFLE (Jewellers and Goldsmiths, of Paris and London); COPELAND, MINTON, the IMPERIAL and Royal MANUFACTORIES of DRESDEN and Berlis (porcelain); DURENNE (cast-iron); BRECHEUX (fans) ; SERVANT, CHARPENTIER (bronzes) ; Jackson & GRAHAM, Gillows, TROLLOPE (furniture) ; Dobson (glass).

The number of Engravings exceeds One Hundred.


The Electric Telegraph. By Robert SABINE, F.S.A., M.B.A., te. With 200 Illustrations. Demy 8vo, 128. 6d.

[Just published. * The Work is divided into Two Parts, the first being a history of the Electric Telegraph, and descriptions

of the past and existing methods and apparatus ; the second part being confined exclusively to the more selectific matter relating especially to Cable Work.-Extruct from Prepuce. A Treatise on Coal and Coal-Mining. By WARINGTON

W. SMYTH, M.A., F.R.S., Chief Inspector of the Mines of the Crown, and of the Duchy of
. Post 8vo, illustrated, 7s. 6d.

[Just published. Within the space of 250 pages Mr. Warington Smyth has written an 'elementary account of coal

, and the en des of working and raising it from the pit," which conveys to the public more exact information on the whole

yet chan any other book on coal in the English language. Mr. Smyth's book will be read for the instruction it conveys, and it will be returned to again and again by any one who desires to learn something of

benefit of a sea coal fire."-- Atheneum. the veteral operations which are in progress in the depths of the coal-pit or on its surface, to attain for us the

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New Edition, with a Memoir of the Author. A Guide to Family Devotion. By the late Rev. ALEXANDER FLETCHER

, D.D., containing 730 Hymns, 730 Prayers, and 730 Passages of Scripture, with Appropriate Reflections. Also an Appendix, comprising a great variety of Hymns and Prayers to suit particular Days, Seasons, and Events of Providence. In 1 vol., royal 4to, £l 8s., cloth gilt, embellished with numerous Engravings on Steel.

** The above handsome volume may be had in various styles of binding. Weale's Series. Comprising, in a cheap form, Rudimentary and

Scientific Books, Educational and Classical Works.

4 Complete Catalogue of the Series will be sent on application.

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Arrangements and Proposals for the New Year, 1867.


National paper.

To Subscribers and the General The attention which THE ROUND TABLE Public.

has received, not alone from the home press, but

from leading critical reviews all over the world, THE Conductors of THE ROUND

has gained for it a celebrity and a prestige which TABLE beg to tender their cordial acknow- no other American literary paper has ever ledgments to the many friends of the paper for

acquired ; its articles and reviews are quoted to a handsome support, which has gone on steadily

an extent hitherto unparalleled, and are regarded increasing until it can now be truthfully said that by the educated and refined classes with a conit is fully, fairly, and prosperously established.

sideration hitherto only bestowed by them upon During the three years that have passed since similar publications from abroad. the first publication of THE ROUND TABLE,

It is hoped now that THE ROUND TABLE it has experienced an unusually diversified career,

has achieved a position acknowledged to be so making not only strong friends, but some bitter

far unique in our country, that all who are enemies; yet the number of the latter has ever

directly or indirectly interested in literature, in been comparatively small; and it is hoped and

art, or in cognate subjects, will give their personal believed that there are now very few who do not help, both by subscribing and inducing their wish well to a journal so earnestly devoted to

friends to subscribe, towards enabling the conliterary, social, and artistic progress.

ductors to accomplish their cherished wishes in THE ROUND TABLE now has subscribers the direction of continual improvement. in every state of the Union, in Canada and other

THE ROUND TABLE is distinctively a parts of our own continent, in England, Ireland,

It seeks to foster American and Scotland, and in many countries of conti

literature, and to encourage rising talent in the nental Europe. It goes, in fact, to the four

honourable vocation of authorship. It will, quarters of the globe, and with nearly every

therefore, give preference, when possible, to the issue the number which is sent abroad increases.

discussion of American books, as well as to that The home subscription list is a large and of American art, and to home subjects generally. steadily angmenting one, and it contains the

In order, however, to present the freshest and name of nearly every person noted in literature

most interesting intelligence from London, THE or eminent in professional life throughout the ROUND TABLE has in its correspondent in country. THE ROUND TABLE, therefore, that city a writer of whom the least that can be addresses a highly cultivated and distinguished said is, that the better they are known the more circle-a circumstance which, in preparing its will his letters be admired. Contributors of the contents, is sedulously kept in view. The

highest position in the English literary world will arrangements which have been made, and which

also write regularly for the paper, so as to ensure are in progress for the NEW YEAR are such as

for it the greatest attainable spirit and variety. to promise the most gratifying results. No weekly paper has ever been published in this country which has contained so much really first

Business Terms. rate writing, both from American and English The price of THE ROUND TABLE is pens, as THE ROUND TABLE will offer to its

Six dollars per year. The Conductors have unireaders during the year 1867. This will, of formly declined to lower this price, which, concourse, involve a very large outlay ; but the sidering the great cost of publication, and bearing present position of the paper is such as to justify in mind the paper and typography, as well as the the engagements which its conductors have made, character of the contents of the journal, is much as well as others which they have resolved upon cheaper than many others which charge for subcarrying out.

scription but half the money.

English Subscribers, by forwarding a Cheque for 308. on any London Banker, will

receive The ROUND TABLE for One Year. This sum includes the American Postage.



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