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HOLMES is instructed to Sell R. GEO. NEWMAN, Auctioneer,

the Business of a Bookseller, Stationer, and Printer, established nearly 50 years, and respectfully offers his services in all matters of situated in a very eligible position, an easy dis- Transfer, Valuations for Partnerships or Probate, tance from Town. Returns about £3,000 a year. Assignments to Creditors, or Sales by Auction, Doable-fronted shop, large printing office, long either in town or country, and feels assured his garden, and comfortable dwelling-house : stable, experience and practical knowledge of its various gig-bouse, and other offices. About £1,000 to branches enables him to render very valuable £1,500 required.- Apply to Mr. HOLMES, Valuer advice and assistance to either Vendors or Purand Accountant, 48, Paternoster Row.

chasers, or in any transaction of a private and

confidential nature connected with the trade. No R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell expense whatever is incurred until actual business

is transacted. - Offices, 26, Great Winchester a first-class Printing Business in the

Street, Broad Street, E.C. vicinity of the Strand and Fleet Street. Splendid premises; lease 21 years. Steam power, machinery, R. GEO. NEWMAN has a very type, and every requisite for carrying on an extensive Bookwork and Jobbing Business. Premises

facturing Stationer's and Printer's Business for built expressly for a Printing Office. The con

Immediate Disposal, situate in one of the best Dertion is vith leading Publishing Firms.-Apply

main thoroughfares in the city. Nett profits for to Mr. Holxes, Valuer, &c., 43, Paternoster Row.

the last seven years guaranteed over £1,500 per R HOLMES is instructed to Sell

annum. £8,000. A portion can remain for a term of years. Mr. Geo. Newman, Trade Agent and

Valuer, 26, Great Winchester Street, E.C. situated in a flourishing country town 40 miles fron London. £100 to £450 required. Rent £10. In same hands 15 years, during which time it has the best positions W., near Oxford Street, prodochd a comfortable living.–Apply to Mr. a Stationer's and News Business. Established HOLNE, 48, Paternoster Row.

upwards of 25 years. Returns over £1,000 per

annum with good profits. This is well worthy R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell

the attention of a persevering man with £300.the Business of a Bookseller and Stationer, Mr. Geo. Newman, Trade Valuer, Agent, and 10 miles from London £700 required. In same Auctioneer, 26, Great Winchester Street, E.C. hands 15 years. Profits nearly £300 a year.Apply to Jir. Holmes, 48, Paternoster Row.

R. GEO. NEWMAN has a Genuine IM Old-Established Printing Business in

W.C. district, capital plant, good position, and the Business of a Bookseller and Stationer adınirable premises, with commanding shop, to in an attractive suburb of London. £250 required.

which a Stationery Business could be most advantaRent 115. Can let half off. Good house and

geously introduced. Lease 21 years; and the ample small garden.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, Valuer,

and well-assorted plant, £500. Few better oppor&c., 43, Palernoster Row.

tunities than this are offered to a practical and

business man.-Mr. Geo. Newman, Trade Agent R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell and Valuer, 26, Great Winchester Street, E.C.

R. GEO. haslarge muired. Rent £30. Returns £16 to £17 a week (proof). Established 60 years.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, 48, Paternoster Row.

and Musicseller's Business, returning over £900

per annum, with large profits. This is a very MAGAZINE

genteel business, High Street, with nearly whole of rent let off. £450 required, for part of which time

will be given.-Mr. Geo. Newman, Valuer, 26, Bale. Would suit a Clergyman who could act Great Winchester Street, E.C.

the Editor. £150 required.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, Agent for the salo of Literary Property, R. GEO. has 4s, Paternoster Row.

noss, 20 miles from London, for immediate DisPRINTERS. - To be Sold, the posal. Good connection and very geuteel trade,

Goodwill and Extensive Plant of a Printing --Mr. Geo. Newman, Trade Valuer and Agent, Establishment in full work, with a large connec

26, Great Winchester Street, E.C. tica among Publishers and others. To any one R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed to possessing the requisite capital and knowledge, this otfers an excellent opportunity of entering

Dispose of a First-class City Stationery into a lucrative business. For particulars, apply

Business, leading position, old-established and be letter to S. E., care of Messrs. Spalding and

good cominercial connection. A nett profit of Hodge, Wholesale Stationers, Drury Lane. £300 per annum guaranteed £1,200 required for

lease, stock, and goodwill.- Mr. Geo. Newman,

Trade Agent, 26, Great Winchester Street, EC. OHN GRAY, Valuer to the Trade, is

R. GEO. NEWMAN has for Disslling and Stationery, in Hertfordshire. £300

posal a capital Stationery and Bookselling required.-Address, Buckland Lodge, Croydon, S. Business in a Seaport Town. Has been esta

blished manv years. £300 required. (OHN GRAY Valuer to the Trade, is

R. GEO. NEWMAN has for Disinstructed to Sell a respectable concern in Northamptonshire. Printing, Books, and Sta.

posal a capital Stationery and Printing tionery. £700 required. — Address, Buckland

Business in a flourishing Town in Kent. EstaLodge, Croydon, S.

blished 24 years by present owner. Low rent, and

can be had a bargain. Amount required, £250. TOHN GRAY, Valuer to the Trade, is R. GEO. NEWMAN has for Sale basiness in Worcestershire. Stationery, Library, Town in the North. Nett profits £300 per annuin.

Artistic and Fancy Goods. £3,000 required. About £750 required.--Apply to Mr. Geo. NewI Aldress, Mr. Gray, Trade Valuer, Buckland man, Trade Agent and Valuer, 26, Great WinLodge, Croydon, S.

chester Street, E.C.

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Mashionable Seaport Towa, a Stationes

RESAGE. U popular Akela bous Monthly for

M Country Bookselling and Stationery but




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MR. His Rooms

, 116Chancery Lane,


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ILLIAM WEBB, (late of the Firm Popular Modern Books in Quires and

Bc of Webb, Millington, & Co.,) Trade

Stereo-platos, Wood-blocks, and copyrigh Valuer in all its branches, and Commission Agent R. HODGSON will Sell for the Trade in General, Bloomfield Cottage, Otley, Yorkshire.- Terms may be had on appli

on Tuesday, March 12th, and following day, cation.


BOOKS, in Cloth and Quires. Comprising 10 BOOKBINDERS.-A Business of

Watchwords for the Christian Year, cats borders; 1,986 The Guardian Angel's Whi

cuts and borders; 2.200 Bible Stories and Pict suited to uno thoroughly proficient in his busi

2,080 Scripture Picture Story Book ; 1,000 ness. Terms easy.- Apply by letter, A.B., Mr. J. CORFIELD, 5, New Bridge Street, London, E.C.

Holiday Keepsake; 800 Praise, Precept, Prayer, by Clabon, 8vo; 430 De Laspee's thenics, 137 platus ; 260 Lamb's Studies of A

tecture, plates, 4to; Portfolio of Engineering prietor of a very old-established Business 367 copies, and the 51 Coppers ; Pain's H wishes to meet with a Purchaser. Can give satis- Carpenter, 4to, 856 copies, and the 102 Copi factory reasons for selling. Books well kept. The 100 Gleanings from Ornamental Art, plates, best business in a country town. The concern 245 Monograms and Alphabets, plates, 410; 2 clears, after every expense, nearly £700 a year. volumes of the Champion Hand-books, fcap., t Stock, Fixtures, and Printing plant in first-rate boards; 700 Marian, by Maud Jean Franc, cr order. Bonâ fide purchasers with £1,200 to 8vo.; 3,000 Parley's First Atlas ; 13,000 $1,300 are requested to apply by letter tó B. S., Elliott's Books, in packets, and many 30, Neville Terrace, Hornsey Road, London. Popular Juvenile Books, Religious Publicati

&c., in the greatest possible variety. Also NO PUBLISHERS, BOOKSELLERS, Wood-blocks of nearly Two Hundred Illustrat

by Eminent Artists; and Stationers.-- The Advertiser, who for

Copyrights and Ste

plates; Unpublished MSS., &c. satisfactory reasons is leaving the employ of an

To be viewed, and Catalogues had. eminent Publishing firm in the City, is desirous of a Situation as Traveller, Manager, or Assistant, in town or country. Would not object to go TANTED, by a London Publish abroad. First-class testimonials from present and

Assistant who has bad experienc previous employers.-Address J. D., 3, Queen's the Paper and Print and Advertising departme Row, Walworth.

is a good correspondent, and capable of und

taking the superintendence in the absence of TO PRINTERS.-Wanted immediately, principal.- Address, stating age, previous eng

a good Jobbing Hand at Case and Press, to ments, salary expected, &c., Q. Q., BOOKSEL take the Management of a small office; one who

Office, 10, Warwick Square. understands plain binding preferred. Situation permanent to one who suited.-Apply, stating BOOKSELLER AND STATION wages required, and references, to Alfred Freeman, Printer, &c., Framlingham, Suffolk.

in the Country requires a Young Man

of the house) who has been accustomed to VITUATION WANTED, in either a

Picture and Frame Trade. Apply, with parti

lars of former engagements, references, &c., F Bookselling or Stationery House in London, care of Messrs. SIMPKIN & MARSHALL, Station by a Young Man, aged 23, who has had consider Hall Court. able experience in inost branches of those busi

Good references. - Address A. B. C., Spencer House, Loraine Road, Holloway, London,


Reporter for a Weekly Newspaper, who is als

Practical Printer.-Apply, stating terms, &c., aged 25, of good address, a Re-engagement as

Taylor & Son, Northainpton.
Assistant (out-dours). Good reference.-Address
E. W., 41, High Road, Darlington.

TANTED, by a Country Booksel

and Printer, who is relinquishing bi NO BOOKSELLERS and STATION- ness, an Appointment as Manager or Gene

ERS. — Wanied, a well-educated Young Superintendent in a similar branch of busin Man as Junior Assistant, with good address, and every departinent thoroughly understood. Wo knowledge of the business (a Churchman), one

have no objection to a share in a Partnership. who has been accustomed to a Library would be otherwise.-For further particulars, addr preferred.--Apply by letter, stating references and

“ Beta," “Publishers' Circular" Office, Ludg salary required, to Mr. Sharlaud, Bookseller,

Hill, London, E.C. Southampton.

, for Publisher's Office, having a few hours to spare, is desirous of experience of Accounts. Address, mention usefully employing them in copying or correcting salary expected, previous experience, &c, for the Press.-Address, Rev. B.A., Post Office, X. X., 3, Waterloo Place, S.W. Halifax.

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To Wanted immediately, a Young Man

T.B Wanted, by a respectable Young Man,



CLERGYMAN (B. A. of Cambridge), WANT TOE Disclistaat

, who shas' hade e


by letter to Book Department, W. H. Smith a Sox, 186, Strand, London, W.C. Security quired.

of many years' experience, residing near the South Coast, has Vacancies for a few Select Pupils, who iny require more than ordinary care and attention with regard to their health and education. House detached, high, and most pleasantly mitunted, with southern slope towards the sea. For terms, &c., apply to Messrs. Daktox & Co., Educational Publishers, 42, Paternoster Row, London, E.C.

ANTED, an Assistant who unde

stands the Bookselling and Publishia Trade. Age about 24.-- Address, J., Office of th BOOKSELLER, 10, Warwick Square, E.C.


R. CANTON, Valentine Manufacturer, And Publisher of Christmas and New Year's Cards, Note Paper,

Envelopes, Scented Satchets, &c. Just published, 12 Illuminations in Chromo-Lithography, size 144 by 34, Retail 1s, each, 63. dez.; or mounted with addition of gold border, size 18 by 55, 88. doz. ; also 12 ditto, size 772 by 49. Retail 1s. each, Gs. doz.; or mounted with gold border, 124 by 103, 8s. doz. Outlines ef either of the above, with photographs, to sell at 6d. each, 38. doz. CANTON'S SERIES OF FORTUNE-TELLING & CONVERSATION CARDS.

One Shilling Series in Illuminated Varnish Covers, Size Packet, 41 by 34.
Prophecies of Momus.

Merlin's Legacy.
Zoroaster's Legacy.

Trial by Jury.
Sixpenny Series, in Gold Embossed, Illuminated Covers.
1 Egyptian Sybil.
7 Merlin's Oracle.

With Fancy Coloured Backs, 2 Courtship made easy. 8 Matrimonial Mirror.

13 Punch. Cupid's Guide to Courtship. 9 Old Parr's Experiences. 14 Astrologer. 4 Hymen's Oracle. 10 Bohemian Oracle,

15 Floral 5 Road to Matrimony. 11 Koh-i-Noor.

16 Cupid's Sweets. 6 Stepping-stone to Matrimony. 12 Persian Talisman.

17 Puzzle Cards. 34. CONVERSATION CARDS. Six Sorts, done up in glass-top boxes, 3 doz. in each box., 2s. per doz. PEXNY CONVERSATION CARDS. 78. per gross, in half-gross boxes, with Glass Tops. LONDON – 172, ALDERSGATE STREET, E.C.

Printing Establishment-7, Dowgate Hill, E.C.


For the Terms on which Books for Sale are inserted, see BookSELLER for September, page 783.

Paarl. Vol. 1 to 14. Uniform in 11 vols. Cloth. Orig.

edition. Cican as new. £3 103.
George Cruikshank's Table Book. Parts 1 to 7. Fine
impressions of euts and plates. £1.
Bunlastes Furioso. Illust. by Cruikshank. 28. 6d.
Dz. Jahr's History of the Hebrew Commonwealth. 2 vols.
Bro. 7s.6d.
Leizton's whole Works. By Pearson. 4 vols. 8vo. 128.6d.
Writon's Josephus. Edited by Dr. Stebbing. Wood-

ests and steel engravings. Imp. 8vo. Cf., gt. 12s.6d. Stridiand's Letters of Mary Queen of Scots. 3 vols. 8vo.

Cath 10s. 6d.
Colpe's Lectures on the Miracles, Parables, Scripture

Futs, and Prophecy. 4 vols. 8vo. Calf, gilt. 108. 6d.
Walpole's Memoirs of the Reign of George III. Edited

by si Denis le Marchant. 2 vols. 8vo. Cloth. 7s.6d. George Selwyn and his Contemporaries. With Notes by

Jessie. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo. Cloth. 6s.
Cours of Mathematics for the Royal Military Academy.

3 vol. Imp. 8vo. Cloth. 158.
Henry's Commentary. 6 vols. 4to. Bds. 125. 6d.
Pe Nic Papers, Edited by Chas. Dickens. Plates by

Cruikshank. 3 vols. Svo. Cloth. 108. 6d.
Goodman's Penitent Pardoned. Plates. 4to. Calf. 4s.
Anqueteil's Histoire de France. 13 vols. 8vo. Calf. 158.
Belsham's History of Great Britain. 12 vols. 8vo. Calf,

gilt extra. 123.
Society of Arts' Transactions. 1785 to 1800. Plates.

18 vols. 8vo. Calf gilt. 158. Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue. 4to. Cloth, gilt. 79. 60. Sale's Koran. Plates. 2 vols. 8vo. Calf, gilt. 128. Gleaner. Selected from Scarce and Neglected Volumes, by Dr. Drake. 4 vols. 8vo. Calf, gilt.. 83. Hogarth's Works. Original Ed. Splendid impressions, containing the suppressed plates. Elephant folio, russia. Illustrated London News, 1847 to 1856. 20 vols. Half

calf extra. £5.
Cooper's Works. Ed. by Grimshawe. Plates. 8 168.
Lives and Amours of the Empresses of the first 12 Cæsars.

Bro. Calf. 58. 1723.
Adventures of the Six Princesses of Babylon in their
Travels to the Temple of Virtue, and other Pieces. In
1 vol. 4to. Plates, 6s. 1781.

Illustrations of the Passions of Love, a Collection of

Curious Anecdotes illustrative of the Attachment of the

Sexes in all Ages and Countries. 2 vols. 5s. 1829. Small Books on Great Subjects. Vols. 1 and 9. Cloth.

5s. Pickering. 1841-5. Campbell's Virtuvius Britannicus, or the British Architect,

containing the Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Buildings, Public and Private, of Great Britain. 1715-71. 3 vols. Elephant folio. Half-calf. Fine copy. £3 108. Stackhouse's History of the Bible. Plates. 2 vols. Folio.

Calf. 7s. 60.
Philosophy of Legislation. 2 vols. Imperial 8vo. Cloth.

10s. (Pub. 30s.)
Crosthwaite's Synchronology. 8vo. Cloth. os. J. W.

Parker. 1839.
Jones' Recollections of Royalty. 2 vols. 8vo. 6s.
Hogarth's Works. By Nichols and Stevens. Vol. 3.
4to. 78. 6d. Nichols. 1817.

Macklin's Bible. 4 vols. Imp. 4to. Half-bound. Un-

cut. £6 6s.
Clarke's Tubular Bridges. 3 vols. £2 12s. 6d.
Daniel's Rural Sports. 4 vols. 4to. Uncut. Hf. cl. £4 10s.
Sportsman's Cabinet. 2 vols. 1803-4. £2 5s.

The Wilkie Gallery, a Selection of the Best Pictures of

Wilkie. 67 engravings. Fine impressions. £2 25.
Choice Examples of Art Workmanship. Selected from

the Exhibition of Ancient and Mediæval Art at the Society of Arts. 61 Illustrations. On India paper.

Half-morocco. £2 58.
Humber's Progress of Modern Engineering. 4to. Half-
morocco. 1865. £2.

Moss's History and Antiquities of Hastings. 1824. Bds. £1.
Knight's The Land we Live in. 4 vols. £1.
Sixteen magnificent steel engravings of Fountain's Abbey,

Yorkshire. 8s. Published at 12s.
Nine pamphlets, ranging frem 1683 to 1715. Bound in

1 vol. Very curious. 6s. Baines' History of Lancashire. Two first vols. Backs

poor; inside clean. 3s. 10d.




3 vols.

Westwood's British Moths and Butterflies, Sculptured Stones of Scotland. Spalding Club. 138 plates.

Lars 1836. £8.

paper edition. New red cloth. W. and R. Chamin JARROLD AND SONS, NORWICH.

1500. Church of England Magazine. Vols. 1 to 52. Neatly Connion Prayer, Charles Knight's Pictorial Elita

No date.

122, Ludgate Hill. half-bound in 52 vols. Purple calf.



dark ruby morocco, plain gilt edges. LEWIS AND OWEN, OSWESTRY. Brockledon's Italy Ilustrated. Imp. 4to. IIf.-cf.

Richardson's English Dictionary. Svo. Cloth. 1862. Seventeen Numbers of the Indian Empire.


Published at 2s. ench. Any reasonable offer.
Russell, On Crimes and Misdemeanours. 2 vols.



Coates's Herd Book. Vol. 2 to Vol. 7. 7 vols., board Martin's British Colonies. Cloth. 1843. 5s.

.£:3 17s. Titus Livius. Plates. 6 vols. 4to. Old cf. 1679. 78. 60.

Bds. £2 156.
Ditto ditto Vol. 4 to vol. 7. 5 vols.

8 vols. Memoirs of Countess De Genlis.

Svo. 1825. 58. Hooke's Roman History, maps and plates. Calf, gilt.

E. TURNER, CHARLOTTE Row, MAXSION House. Fine copy. 11 vols. 158.

Official Illustrated Catalogue of International Exhibitin Memoirs of Charles Macklin. 2 vols. Hf.-cf. 1799. 35. 60.

of 1862. 2 vols. Large paper. Folio.

H.-Mor. The Words of the Lord Jesus. 8 vols, 1835. Clean. 303.

Ackermann's Westminster Abbey. Nuncrous colour Robertson's History of America. 4 vols. 1809. 6s.

plates. 2 vols. Large paper. 4to. Red morocco, The Adventurer. 4 vols. Calf, gilt. Plates. 58.

S. C. Hall's Gems of European Art. Fine impressiot Historie of the Life and Reigne of that Famous Princesse

2 vols. 4to. Half red morocco. £2 2s. Elizabeth. 4to. 1619. Wants re-binding. 10s. 6d. Forty-nine 25. parts of the History of Yorkshire, Whit

tock. 8 steel engravings. £1. Owen's Hist. of the Bible Society. 2 vols. 8vo. 1816. 2s.6d.



Atlas of thirty-two plates plain, to Leuret et Gratiolets Address, by letter, "Traveller," 273, St. Aldated
Anatomie comparte du Système Nerveux.



Letters, stating price and condition, to be forwarded to the Advertisers.


The Tatler. Original folio. 1710-11.
The Tatler. Royal 8vo. 1710
Harrison's Tatler. Folio. 1711.
Baker's Tatler. Folio. 1711.
Wagstaffe's Annotations on the Tatler (Oldisworth). 1710.
The Female Tatler, By Mrs. Crackenthorpe.

No. 1, July 8, 1709.
The Tatler. By Scriptor Furiosus, a Superintendent and

Court Intelligencer.
The Re Tatler. 1709.
Tory Tatler. 1709.
Northern Tatler. Com., No. 1, April 1, 1710.
The Tatler. Anonymous. 1710.
Fairy Tatler. Com., Feb. 23, 1722.
The Tatler Revived. October 17, 1727,
The Tatler Revived; or, the Christian Philosopher and

Politician. Com., No. 1, March 20, 1750.
Political Tatler. By Joshua Standfast, Esq. Com.,

Jan 19, 1710.
The Spectator. Original folio. 1711-12.
The Spectator. Vol. IX. Original folio. Feb., 1715.
The Country Spectator. Com., Oct. 9, 1792.
The Feinale Spectator.
The Rambler. Folio. 1712.
The Guardian. Folio. 1713.
Guardian, with Notes.
The Englishman. Folio. 1713-15.
The Englishman. Royal 8vo.
The Lover and Reader. Folio. 1713-14.
Examiner. With Notes.
Whig Examiner. Folio.
Medley. Original folio.
The Funeral Procession : a Poem on the Death of Queen

Mary. 1695. (Steele's).
Christian Hero. 1701.
French Faith Represented in the Present State of Dun-

kirk. 1714.
A Letter from the Earl of Mar to the King. 1715.
Chit-Chat. 1715.
The Tea Table. 1715.
The Fish Pool. 1718.
The British Subject's Answer to the Pretender's Declara-

tion. 1715-16.
A Letter to the Right Worshipful Sir R. S., concerning

his Remarks on the Pretender's Declaration. 1715.
A Vindication of Sir Richard Steele against a Pamphlet

entitled " A Letter to the Right Worshipful Sir R. s.,"

&c. 1715-16.
A Letter to a Member concerning the Condemned Lords.

The Protestant Pacquet. Com., January 21, 1715-16.
The Pretender's Declaration Transposed. By Mr. Asgill.

Fires Improved; being a New Method of Building (him-

nevs, so as to Prevent the Smoking, &c. By Mr. Desa

gulliers. 1715-16.
Sir Richard Steele's Account of Mr. Desagullier's Newly-

invented Chimneys. 1715-16.
The Drummer. By Addison. 1715.
Some Considerations relating to the Peerage of Great

Britain. Printed for Beza Creake. 1718-19.

A Letter from a Member of the House of Commons to a

Gentleman without-doors, relating to the Bill of Peer

age, &c. 1718-19.
Two Lists, showing the Alterations that have been made *

in the House of Commons from the beginning of the
reigti of King Henry VIII, to the end of that of King
James I., and in the House of Peers from the Accession

of King James I. to this Time, &c. 1718-19.
Some Reflections upon a Pamphlet called the Old Whig.

An Exact List of the Peers of Scotland at the time of the

Union. 1718-19.
Some Considerations humbly offered relating to the lect-

age of Great Britain. By a Gentleman. 1718-19.
A Discourse upon Honour and Peerage, &c. By an

Elector, Peer of Scotland. 1719.
The Complicated Question divided, upon the Bill, &c., The

lating to the leerage. By Mr. Asgill. 1719.
The Moderator. 1719.
Mr. Budgell's Letter to the Lord ». 1719.
The West Country Freeholder's Letter to Mr. Secretary

Webster, occasioned by Mr. Budgell's Letter to the

Lord *** 1719.
An Account of the Conduct of the Ministry with relation

to the Peerage Bill, in a Letter to a Friend in the

Country. 1719.
Considerations on the Peerage Bill.

Addressed to the
Whigs by a Member of the Lower House. 1719.
The Constitution Explained, in relation to the Indepen-

dency of the House of Lords, with Reasons for
Strengthening that Branch of the Legislature most
liable to Abuse; and an Answer to all the Objertions
made to the Newly-revived l'eerage Bill. 1719.
The Peerage Bill considered as it relates to the Lists. 1719
An Enquiry into the Manner of Creating Peers. 1719.
The Patrician.
The Spinster. 1719.
The Wearers' True Case. 1719,
The Manufacturer; or, British Tude Truly Stated. 1719,
The British Merchant; or, a Review of the Trade of

Great Britain. 1719.
The Weaver; or, the State of our Home Manufactures

considered. 1719.
The Wenrer's Complaint against the Calico Madams: A

Song. 1719.
The Weavers' 'Prentices Examined. 1719.
The Just Complaint of the Poor Weavers truly reptes

sented. 1719.
Mr. Avgill's Answer to the Questions upon the Calicoes.

The Female Mannfacturers' Complaint. 1719-M.
Respectful Epistle to Sir Richard Steele, author of "The

Spinster." . 1719-20).
Letter to the Earl of Oxford. 1719.
Sir John Edgar; a Cornedy. 1719.
Answer to the Same. 1719-20.
A Full Consideration and Confutation of Sir John Edgur.

The Conscious Lover. 1721.
Pasquins. 1721-22-23.
The Theatre. Original Edition. 1719-20.
Anti-Theatre. Original edition. By Dennis. 1719-20.

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Letter to Sir Miles Wharton concerning Occasional Dupont on the Violoncello. 1852. kat

Kollmann's Musical Composition. Folio. 1912. ds for a Hi-tory of the Duke of Marlboro'.

Butler (S.) Posthumous Works. 3 vols. 1720. Birkerstaff Detected, or the Astrological Impostor Cole's Winter Evenings at College. 2 vols. 8vo. 1829. Leveres

Thomson's Book of Life. Svo, 1820. W Without-doors; a Comparison between Sir R. Abercrombie's Martial Achievements of Scots. Fo. 1711-15. See and Mr. John Dunton.

Adams' Civil Wars in Scotland. 1724. In coes Po ms; a Collection. By Sir R. Steele. Addington's Ancient Jews and Patriarchs. to. 1827. N'Tatler, Spectator, and Guardian. 14 vols. 8vo. Enigmas Thesaurus Ænigmaticus. Svo. 1725.

Agnew's Application of the Quadrature. 4to. Kos Town Talk, Fish-pool, and minor Papers. 8vo. Algurotti on Newton's Philosophy. 2 vols. 12mo. 1739.

Alves' History of Literature. 1794.
The Wine between Scandal and Admonition, By Anderson (R.) Poet. Works. 2 vols. 12mo. Carlisle. 1820.
Issa Raentaff. 17(9.

Andreyssy's Constantinople, &c. 8vo. 1828.
A Letter frin Madame Maintenon to Monsieur Torcy, Arminius' Works. By Nicholls.
I* Ertesiastical and Political History of Whig-Land. Arnold on Insanity. 2 vols. 8vo. 1806.

Aspinall's Roscoe's Library. Svo. 1853.
The Projector; or, Remarker Remarked. A Poemn in Babbage on Infinite Series 4to. 1819.
Purgesse. 1710.

Calculus of Functions. 4to. 1817. Topolo. 1710.

and Herschell on Arago's Magnetism. 4to. 1835. Varis a History of Men eminent in the "Re- Bailly's Atlantis of Plato. 2 vols. Svo. 1801.

Lits," as well Foreign as Domestic. 1731. Banck's Miscellaneous Works. 2 vols. Sro. 1739. Lite band Lilly. 1774.

Bannister's British Colonization. 12mo. 1838.
Virtina sir R. Steele against the Injurious Misre- Barham's Life of Hook. 1853.
Toen of Mo, Talhot.

Barlow's Machinery and Manufactures. 1818.
Orze) La to Tatler and Spectator. By Charles Barrett's Irish Confederates of 1818. Svo. 1819,
Pro's. Svo. 1725.

Barth's Mesmerist's Annual. 1852.
Ja Deterge A Poem.

Baskerville's Poetry of Germany. 1854. Vilman's Journal.

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British Poutz; from Chauver to the Present Day-The Bonn, University of. 12mo, 1845.
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Cerutta. 1st and mud edit.

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1760. ang Wet lo-lies. Folio 1655.

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Daisy Chain. 2 vols. Post Svo. 1856.
Life of Captain Cook.

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Life of Lardnet and Doddridge.

Gaskell's North and South.
Hi Ampat Object Glasses. 4to. 1830.

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Michell's Russians in Central Asia.
TPntish Librarian. Svo.

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Calvin od Servetus. 1846.

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Chronicle. 1863.

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Chemistry and Pharmacy. 1843.

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Beay Practice. 4th series.

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Smith's Stonehenge. Choir Gaur. 4to. 1771. "! tett on the Spirit Level. 8vo. 1838.

Cumıning's Runic Remains in Isle of Man. 4to. t's Excavating for Railways. 8vo. 1838.

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Waterland on Regeneration. nepon's Variation of the Compass. 8vo. 1797.

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Agnesde Mansfeldt. 1 vol. each. It's leful Inventions. Svo. 1862.

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Laing's Scottish Seals. Part 1. * nn Lenys. 4to. 1933.

Humphreys' British Moths. 4to and 8vo. tard's Resolution of Equations. Svo.


Jukes' Physical Geography. endring's Mathematical Lucubrations. 4to. 1734.

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Plain Sermons, Vol. 5. 8vo. Electro-Biology. 12mo. 182.

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Hastod's History of Kent.

Vols. 2 and 4. Folio. (An White's Century of Inventions. 4to. 1822.

imperfect copy of vol. 2 might do.)

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