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Bywhite's Cricketer's Companion, 1867, 12mo

0 1 0 Kent

11 6 Tinsley atna (E. L) Sowing the Wind, s Novel, 3 vols., post Svo wtedale RF. Offices from the Holy Eastern Church, cr. Svo

red. to

0 6 Williams & Norg. ocker 1: Lyra Elegantiarum, new and revised edit., fcap. 8vo

o Мохоп

0 1 ondon Lute of Periodicals, 1867, roy. 850

0 Longmans

0 ondca Inese Book The) for 1867, cr. 850..

2 6 Rivingtons

4 oplo Tuersity Calendar, 1867, 12mo..

0 Taylor & F.

3 6 Bush se Fire Erb.: Speeches and Letters on Reform, cr. 8yo


0 Routledge Lu (wed Ernest Maltravers, new edit., fcap. 8vo.. Lost Tales of Miletus, 2nd edit., post 8vo


6 Murray

0 II Toes P. Jax, Esil: its Satore, Origin, &c., 8vo..

4 Simpkin

3 Meegrare il Night Lamp, 9th thons., 12 mno

6 Nirbet

0 3 Ika C.: Trasand and One Gems of British Poetry, sq. 12mo

6 Routledge

0 xeberie V. Married Life: its Duties, 'Trials, 17th thous., 18mo

1 6 Seeleys

3 Leod 4 Stirtare Meteorology and Modern Science, fcap. 8vo

6 Nisbet Macleod Son Bminiscences of a Highland Parish, cr. 8vo

0 10 6 Struhan Udderboni. By Mrs. S. A. Marsh, 3 vols., post Avo

111 6 Hurst & Blackett

.each 0 Manants of Sore ed the Person, Nos. I and 2, 32mno

0 Simpkin 12mo

0 Msgotber i L Lectures on Public Health, 2nd edit.,


6 Longmans Mund Urs Maidenhood, 3 vols., post 8vo ..

1 11 6 Hurst f Blackelt

0 3 Marsi Fr. P. Absolution: Two Sermons, 12mo


0 0 Mary

Rel. Tract Soc.

7 Maybex ice Pared with Gold, 3rd edit., post Svo

6 Chapman df Hall Meiklee linistry Sehool Grammar, 12mo

9 Simpkin

3 Michi da Tute to Soaship, new edit., fcap. 870

6 Masters Charebes of Asia, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 Masters Mil?.*' In Address at St. Andrews, Feb. 1, 1867, 8vo

0 5

0 Longmans Mila cibis Country Book, la. sq.


6 Routledge Yino Lore of the Atonement, fcap. 8vo

red. to 0 3 6 Masters Masien Lie Elisel by J. J. Halcombe. Vol. 1, 8vo

0 Rivingtons Yobters, Kirgos Gentilhomme, avec Notes par Dudevant, 18mo

1 6 Thimin Mae* (Jan-s Esteosion of the Suffrage: an Address, 8vo

1 O Edmonston BT Gezo) On Ihsaas of the Nose, Throat, Air-Tubes, &c., 8vo..

6 Simpkin Meethu Yueh. Sorel, by Author of " Recommended to Mercy,” 3 vols., pst. Svo 111

6 Tinsley Maaltreer. G. Hytana and Lyrics for Seasons and Saints' Days, fcap. Svo.. 0 0 Masters Varus. Sedri Pezar Perlings, cr. 8vo,

0 0 Moron Meta Espeza kesiog book, edit. by F. Young, No. 3, 12mo

8 Murby Muriel e. Seal Fetter by Mrs. Edwin James, post 8vo

0 10 6 Skeet Hysterios iveco The edited by J. W. Kirton, 12mo


6 Partridge Seale . Veral Concordances of St. Antony, 2nd edit., cr. 8vo

0 3 ( Hayes New Zela Handbook ilth edit., 12mo


0 Stanford Xeissa 11.6 sent&bons on Odd Fellows, &c., new edit., 8vo

0 2

0 Simpkin Serie:Its for Co-operative Societies, by I. O'N.,

6 Suunders * Oilev : Nebels ker. W. Best in Jesus, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo..

( 4 6 Blackwoods Sin Sistas, the Story of a Maiden of Prague, 2 vols., fcap. 8vo

0 10 6 Blackwoods Xane. Archiwald Lee, a Sorel, by Author of “Agnes Tremorne," 3 vols., post 8vo 111

6 Chapman J. Hall Mae Lun. National Finance and Currency, 2nd edit. revised, cr. 8vo..


6 Longmans Se La Froeh Pronunciation conveyed by English Words, 12mo

0 0 Simpkin Eres T.) ibarge to the Clergy of Ossery, Ferns, &c., 8vo..


Macmillan { texal Seety Transactions, Vol. 8, 1866, 8vo

0 15 0 Longmans 04 de Fritletul Words; or, the Inner Life, its Nature, &c., 12nio

0 1 6 J. F. Shaw Core Nr. :!lze Annals, 18mo

0 1 (0) Nisbet loppe E. A Cassell's Sixpenny German Lessons, 12mo

L'inst German Book, 12mo

0 2 Nult allrissity Calendar (The), 1867, 12mo

J. Parker f Co. hex I B. Oriental Mysticism: a Treatise on Sufiistic Theosophy, 12mo

6 Bell Daldy Paper Petra master, Vol. 2, New Series, 8vo

0 3 6 Srphin Paris Hickmaker of St. Laurent, 18mo


Macintosh Parry I. Sex tandard Arithmetic. Part 1. (Standards 2 & 3). 12mo, Qu.; key ( 2 Simpkin Part 2. (Standard 4.) 12mo, 2d.; key

2 Simpkin Pare the Astobiography of a “ Man of Kent," post Svo

0 J. R. Smith Parse * Paruy for Children, 15th edit., 18mo, 2/6; gilt ..

3 0 Virtue Feiley Nn frucal Housekeeping, fcap. 8vo

0 10. Routledge Persell H. isco Pegasus, 4th edit, revised, sq. cr. 8vo..


O Roulledge Philippe her... E. Things rarely met with, fcap. 8vo

0 1

0 Rivingtons Phila, a tasnee of Life in First Century, by J. Hamilton, 3 vols., post Nvo


6 Saunders Otley Pirrie 5. ad Erith (Wm.) Acupressure, roy. 8vo..

5 Churchill VisaLae of, by Earl Stanhope, 3rd edit., 4 vols., post 8vo


0 Murray Pollirpa Ta. Half Pound the Old World: a Tour in Russia, 8vo..

0 14

M1 oson Partes Web of Eminence, with Biographical Memoirs, Vol. 5, sq. Svo

1 0 Bennett Pript 1 , VOL 87, Byo

8 Part 1176.) Literature and its Professors, post 8vo


6 Boll k. Daldy Qu's Againy, 7th edit., by Sharpey, Thomson, and Cleland. Part 3, 8vo.. 0 10 6 Walton

2 vols., Svo

111 Walton Samide ( W.J.M.) Manual of Civil Engineering, 5th edit., revised, cr. Svo

0 10

O Griffin E Tai lan, e. Svo

0 0 C. H. Clarke Peman ; s Tamphlet containing Thonghts on Representation, 8vo

0 1 ( Skoffington Its on the Natural Hist. and Habits of Salmonoids, 8vo

8 6 Blackwoods Lleo (C.), the Peasant Preacher, by J. E. Coulson, 3rd edit., 12mo

3 Hamilton son iT. and Waits (H.) Chemical Technology, Vol

. 1. Part 5. Svo 1 16 0 Baillière

Vol. 1., pts. 3, 4, 5, 3 vols., 8vo 4 10 0 Baillière buen Tbas. Miniature Fruit Garden, 14th edit., fcap. 8vo

0 Longmans Paterson E. Priesteraft; or, Church versus Bible, 8vo

0 0

Triibner inlinek E. H., Homeopathic Vade Mecum Mod. Medicine, 2nd edit., cr. 8vo

0 Jarrold Iran & Kead Lib. Emma de Lissau, new edit., fcap. 8vo

Ward | Lock MeCrindell (A.) English Governess, new edit., fcap. 8vo

Ward | Lock

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Roberts (Rev. A.) Life and Work of St. Paul, cr. 8vo..

05 0 J. Blue St. Paul, Life and Work of, by Rev. A. Roberts, cr. 8vo

J. Blake Sakoontala; or, the Lost Ring, trans. by M. Williams, sm. 4to

red. to

Quarite Sallesbury (Edward) Children of the Lake, fcap. 8vo



lurras Schiller's William Tell, with Notes, by A. Bartels, 8vo ..

0 Nisbet

0 Schædler (F.) Treasury of Science, cr. Svo

5 Griffin Scott (Sir W.) Bride of Lammermoor, cr. 8vo..

0 0 6 Hotlen Fortunes of Nigel, cr. 8vo..

Hollen Heart of Mid-Lothian, cr. 8vo

Hollers Old Mortality, 8vo

6 Black Scott's Waverley Nov., New Issue, Vol. 26, Fortunes of Nigel, Vol. 1, fcap. 8vo

4 Bluek Scripture Acrostics, edit. by A. H., 18mo..

10 Boxicon Seatield (F.) Extraordinary and Well Authenticated Dreams, Svo


Office Smith (Bernard) Examination Papers in Arithmetic, with Answers, 18mo

1 9 даслени Secretan (Rev. Sam.) Remarks on “Ecce Homo"..

0 1 0 Author Sel. Lib. Fiction, Castle Richmond, by A. Trollope, new edit., 12mo..


Chapma Jack Brag, by Theod. Hook, new edit., 12mo ..


cha hrea Mount Sorel, by Mrs. Marsh Caldwell, new edit., 12mo

02 0 Chupma Shakspeare, the Handy Volume, Vol. 9, 32mo

0 1 0 Bruba Vol. 10, 32mo

0 1 0 Bradbu Shakespeare's King Richard 2, with Notes by H. G. Robinson, 12mo

2 0 Simpkin Shakespeare (Wm.) Philosophy of, new edit., fcap. 8vo..

0 Lockuod Some Notes on his Character and Writings, 8vo

Edmonst Shepheard (Rev. H.) Ithuriel's Spear; or, Is this Christianity ? post 8vo

Nisbet Shore (0. B.) Domestic Medicine, fcap. 8vo

0 2 Nimmo Sir Cyrus of Stonyeleft, by Mrs. Woou, 3 vols., post Svo

11 6 Nerby Slater ( Edward) Wail of the Vatican, a Poem, revised edit., fcap. 8vo

5 0 Hardicici Smethurst (J. M.) Locus Standi of Petitioners against Private Bills, 2nd edit., 12mo 07 6 Stevens Smith (Aug.) Copstitutional Reflections on Parliamentary Government

0 1 6

Stanfor: Smith (Tom) Sporting Ineidents in the Life of an Author, post 8vo

Chapman Smith (Wm.) Smaller Classical Mythology, fcap. 8vo

3 Murray Smith & Elder's Mon. Vol., Chanter's Over the Cliffs, fcap. 8vo

1 (

Smilk Soames (W. A.) Sermons, Svo

0 10 6 Rivingions Songs of the Soul, new edit.. fcap. &vo

0 Lockteoud Sophocles, edit. by R. C. Jebb, the Electra, cr. Svo


6 Rivingtons Sowing the Wind, a Novel, by E. Lynn Linton, 3 vols., post Svo

1 11 6 Tinsley Speight (T.) Brought to Light, a Story, 3 vols., post 8vo

111 C. W. W Stanley (W. F.) Propositions for a New Reform Bill, cr. 8vo

6 Simpkin Stirling (James) Considerations on Banks and Bank Management, 8vo

0 2 0 Maclehost Stories told to a Child, new edit., 32mo

0 3 6 Rezlieug, Stoughton (J.) Ecclesiastical History of England, 2 vols., 8vo

1 0 Jackson Streeter (E. W.) Hints on the Qualities of Gold, 32mo

6 Haneocx Stratten (James) Intermediate State, and other Discourses, 12mo

03 6 Nisbet Suffolk, the Visitation of, made by Wm. Hervey, edit. by J. Howarı, 8vo..

0 15

Whittaket Sutton (T.) Novelty in Art, Painting in Oil Colours, &c., 12mo..


Reece Swedenborg (Emmanuel) his Life and Writings, by Wm. White, 2 vols., 8vo


0 Simpkin Sybil's Second Love, by Julia Kavanagh, is vols., post 8vo

111 6

Harsi g 5 Symon's Meteorological Magazine, Vol. 1, 8vo

() Stanfuri Temple (J. A.) Litres and Centilitres reduced to Gills and Pints, 12mo

Temple Thorne (E. H.) Sacred Music for the Home Circle, obg


J. Vorgun Timbs (John) Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, 1867, fcap. 8vo

Lockor Todd (A) Parliamentary Government in England, Vol. 1, Avo

0 16 0 Longmans Tomlinson (Chas.) Cyclopædia of Useful Arts, la. paper, '3 vols, imp. Svo

3 15 0)

Virtue Toscani (Giovanni) Italian Conversation Course, 12mo

0 5

Trubnet Traill (G. W.) Elementary Treatise on Quartz and Opal, sm. 4to

04 0 Simpkin Trapp's Commentary on Old & New Test., edit. by H. Martin, Vol. 1, sup.-roy. 8vo 0 15

0 Dicienso, Trimen (R.) Catalogue of South African Bullerflies, 8vo

0 18 0

Triebrer Trollope (Anthony) Castle Richmond, new edit., 12mo.


Chapman Trousseau (A.) Lectures on Clinical Medicine, trans, by Bazire, Part 2, 8vo

4 Harduich Truths Lilustrated by Great Authors, new edit., fcap. Svo

Lockout Useful Lib., Charley ( W. T.) Law of London Cabs and Omnibuses, 12mo

0 1 0

Roulletve Practical Housekeeping, by Mrs. Pedley, fcap. 8vo

0 1 Routledgi Village (The) on the Cliff, by the A. ot“ The Story of Elizabeth," 8vo

0 12


Smith Ville (G.) High Farming without Manure, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo

0 1 0

Lothian Vlachos (Aug.) Method of Learning Modern Greek, 12.00

0 0

Thimm Voluntary Lay Ageney, by a Yorkshire Churchwarden, 8vo.


6 Simpkin Vores (Rev. T.) Loving Counsels on Charity ; Sermons, 3rd Series, 12mo

6 Macintosa Wallace (H., Representative Responsibility, cr. Svo

0 0 Clark Walsh (J, K, ) British Rural Spurts, ith edita, revised, cr. Svo

0 15 0 Warne's Bijou Books. Handbook of Whist, 64mo

0 Waterton (Chas.), his Home, Hubits, &c., by R. Hobson, 2nd ed., post. 8vo, 5/6; Ilst. 0 7 6 Weale's kud. Ser. Pneumatics, limo

adv. to

0 Which will Triumph ? a Novel, by A. B. Le Geyt, 3 vols., post Svo

111 White (Wm.) Emmanuel Swedenborg, bis Life and Writings: 2 vols., 8vo..

1 4

O Simpkin Winslow (Oct.) Help Heavenward, 16th thous., 18mo


Nisbet Morning anıl Evening Thoughts, new edit.,


.each 0

2 6 J. F. Shu Winter (S. H.) Mathematical Exercises, new edit., enlarged, lizinu


6 Longmuras Wood (Nirs.) Sir Cyrus of Stonycleft, 3 vols., post 8vo.. Wood (Sir Chas.) Administration of Indian Affairs, 1854–66, Svo Working Men and Religious Institutions,

0 1

Meall Wright (R. T.) Medical Students of the Period, fcap. Svo

0 3

Blackcoud Wartz (A. C.) Introduction to Chemical Philosophy, fcap. 8vo


3 6 Dutton Yates (E.) Land at Last, new edit., cr. 8vo

6 U Chapman Yearsley (J.) Throat Ailments, the Enlarged Tonsil, &c., 8th edit., 8vo

0 Chu chill Yonge (C. D.) Hist. of France under the Bourbons, 1989–1830, Vols. 3 & 4, 8vo.. 1 10 0 Tinsley Yonge (Miss) Six Cushions, cr. 8vo

0 5

0 Mesley

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lent's List, No. 755).




British and Foreign Literature,

With which is incorporated BENT'S LITERARY ADVERTISER, established in the Year 1802.







ll. Flliam, & Co. ......217, 219 Bagster, Samuel & Sous 216 Ballantyne & Co., Edinburgh .. 254 Bancroft, H. H. & Co.

........ 259 Particott, James, Taunton

218 Barritt & Co.........

..... 252 Bal Dalds

220 Bentley, Richard.

225 Blackie & Son

212 Boosey & Co...

227 Burdekin, C. L, Pork

........ 253 Baras, Ostes, & Co.

225 Barton, J.Y.

258 Caaton, Robert.

251 Crescit's Magazine

.... 223 Cassell, Petter, & Galpin.

223, 251 Chaysan & Han

247 Chambers, W. & R...

217 Chronicle, The

247 Carchman's Shilling Magazine 216 Claez, T. I, & Co.......

253 Gel, T. & T., Edinburgh

.... 227 Care, cu

245 Clare, 2. Paris.

219 Coltázs, Tim, Sons, & Co.

222 Derbia & Co......

227 Day & Son (Limited) 218, 257

224 Dellegas, J. & B.

230 Dicka, Jobs

253 Dalsa & Co.

219 Suisher, Williarn......

249 Gritz, Charles, & Co.

226 Grifith & Farran ....

230 Gembridge & Sons .......... 218 Hagra, James

216, 213

Hamilton, Wm., Glasgow...... 253 Hanbury & Simpson

255 Hatchard & Co.

..... 230 Heywood, Abel, & Son, Manch. 245 Holmes, William Houlston & Wright...

216 Hunt, William, & Co.

229 Hurst & Blackett..........

228 Ingle, H.

256 Jackson, Walford, & Hodder

.... 230 Journal of Horticulture...... Kelly, W. B., Dublin

227 Kent, W., Co.

218 Kirkland & Co......

217 Kremer, Joseph, Paris

219 Laboratory, The

218 Leigbton, Son, & Hodge

...... 255 London, The..

216 Lockwood & Co. ........216, 228 Longmans, Green & Co.....218, 231 Macintosh, Wm.

232 Macmillan & Co.

233 Marks, Joseph

251 Marlborough & Co..... 250, 253, 255 Miller, J. Moodie, Edinburgh .. 253 Milner & Sowerby, Halifax

.... 234 Morel, Victor.....

255 Morgan & Chase

245 Morris & Co.....

251, 256 Mozley, J. & C...

230 Murby, Thomas

222 Nature and Art

218 Nelson, Thomas, & Sons

235 Newman, George.....

258 Nicholson, W., & Sons, Halifax 219 Nimmo, W. P., Edin.

Nisbet, J., & Co. .............. 239 Partridge, S. W.

250 Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton.. 238 People's Magazine, The ........ 243 Philip, George, & Son.......... 240 Poplett, John

253 Prayer Book and Homily Soc... 253 Ransom, H.

251 Ramage & Coppinger........ 215 Rivington's

241 Schenck & Macfarlane, Edinb... 255 • Seton & Mackenzie, Edinburgh 217

Shaw, J. F., & Co. ............ 232 Simpkin, Marshall & Co.

..217, 242 Smith, Elder & Co.

242 Smith, William....... ....... 253 Soc. Prom. Christ. Knowl.

243 Spon, E. & F. N.

247 Stinson, R. Y.

256 Strahan, Alexander

246 Tegg, William

248 Treble, George, & Son ........ 257 Trübner & Co.

244 Tweedie, W.

227 Van Voorst, John.....

219 Venables, Tyler, & Son ........ 257 Virtue & Co.

.249, 256 Walton, James

250 Ward, Lock, & Tyler

249 Warne, Frederick, & Co. Webb, William, Otley

259 Westleys & Co.

..... 257 Whiteman & Bass

253 Williams & Norgate 218, 250 Wood, Charles W.

250 Wyman & Sons..




236, 237


Subscription, 5s. per annam, delivered post-free.-Single Number, 6d.; by post, 7d.

Subscriptions to The BOOKSELLER for 1867 are now due, and Subscri are requested to transmit the amount, 5s., either in Postage Stamps or by office Order, payable at the General Post-office to MR. EDWARD TUCKER.

Advertisements inserted in The Bookseller are charged at the follo rate :-Four lines, set close, in column, 35. 6d., per line beyond, 6d. ; six lines close, across the page, ios. 6d., per line beyond, is. 6d, ; page, 31. 35. ; half-p il. 165. ; quarter-page, 205.; one-sixth, 145. Displayed Advertisements, whe in column or across the page, are charged according to the space occupied.


Bankruptcy Annulled :

secured ; trustee, Charles James Philip, chan Lace, Joshua Fletcher, and Leonard Addison, Liverpool,

manufacturer, Birmingham. late printers and stationers.

Friend, Marian, Deptford, stationer, comp. of 5s. i

month. Bankrupts :

Knight, Charles Henry, Worthing, bookseller, stat

and newsagent; comp. of 108. 28. 6d. at thn Adam, David Christian Bowman, Newcastle, late trading nine, and twelve months; trustee, William H.

under firm of Adam and Co., publisher, printer, &c.; Paternoster-row. solicitor, J. A. Bush, Newcastle.

Lewis, Moss Alfred, Islington, wholesale statione Barlow, Joseph, Newcastle, bookseller and newsagent ; lithographer; comp. of 25. 6d. in fourteen days. solicitor, T. Forster, Newcastle.

McDonough, Joseph, South John-street, Liverpool, Bielefeld, Julius Martin, Wellington-street, Strand, papier- seller; comp. of 6s. Sd., 38. 4d. in seven days, 1 maché manufacturer.

in three months, and 1s. 8d. in six months, secured Bollington, James, High-street, Portland Town, bookseller Metcalf, John, Liverpool, stationer, comp. of 103., and stationer; solicitor, J. Goldrick, Strand.

three and six months; trustee, Joseph Green, accoun Booty, George Thompson, formerly Bucklersbury, printer; Liverpool solicitor, F. G. Venn, Paper-buildings, Temple.

Neal, Thomas, Sash-court, Finsbury, printer; comp, a Broome, Charles, Leicester, wholesale stationer, &c. ; 23. 6d. on 15th May and 15th August. solicitor, J. N. Petty, Leicester.

Nurton, George, Prued-street, printer; comp. of % Burns, Hugh, Liverpool, wholesale stationer; solicitor, S. three months. Forrest, Liverpool.

Nuttall James, Burnley, bookseller, printer, and statii Carbutt, William, Birkenhead, stationer, newsagent, and trustees, John Heywood, bookseller and stationer,

manager at a wholesale paper warehouse; solicitor, R. Edmund Wrigley, stationer, both Manehester. Anderson, Birkenhead.

Payne, Sidney Lidbury, John-street, Edgeware-r Clark, Adam, Duffield, paper manufacturer; solicitor, J. bookseller, stationer, printer, and bookbinder, com Briggs, Derby.

23. 6d. on 26th May; trustee, Robert Braden, Clegg, Robert, Meredith-street, Clerkenwell, lithographer; fishmonger, Upper York-street, Bryanstone-square solicitor, R. H. Munday, Basinghall-street.

Roberts, John Stewart, formerly partner in the fi Endall, David, Great Marlow, stationer, &c.; solicitor, R. Ballantyne and Roberts, the Pauľs Work, Ediub Spicer, Great Marlow.

printers. Figdor, Morris, Liverpool, importer of fancy stationery, Robinson, Crescens, and Arthur Porter, Atlas ? &c. ; solicitor, R. Williams, Liverpool.

Works, Borough-road and Upper ThamesFuller, Hiram, Strand, editor and proprietor of Cosmo- trading under firm of Crescens, Robinson, and politan newspaper; solicitor, Lawrence, Plews, and Boyer,

comp. to pay debts in full by instalmente, 23. 6. e. Old Jewry Chambers.

April, 2s. 6d. 21st July, 28. 6d. on 21st October, Gaukroger, Thomas, Sowerby, musicseller; solicitor, J. B. 21st January on 21st April, and 28. 6d. on 21st Ich Hoiroyde, Halifax.

Yelf, William Richard, Newport, Isle of Wight, pra Gorton, William, jun., St. John-street-road, bill-poster trustees, James Harvey, grocer, and George C

and general advertiser; solicitor, C. Hanslip, Great James- accountant, both Newport.

street, Bedford-row. Green, Litchfield and Frederick, Lauderdale-buildings, Partnerships Dissolved :

Aldersgate-street, trading under firm of Green Brothers, stationers and envelope manufacturers; solicitor, H.

Baxter, James Eyre, and James Ralph King, Gloons Walker, Moorgate-street.

street, printers, lithographers, and engravers. Groves, Henry, Torriano Avenue, Camden Town, printer

paid by King and engraver; solicitor, R. H. Munday, Basinghall-street.

Blake, Alfred John, and James George Shephard, sa Haley, Alfred William, Manchester, previously carrying on

hall-court, envelope stampers. Debts paid by Bla business with Arthur Bingham, Garrett-street, engineer

Broadbent. William and Edmund, and subseg and machinist; solicitor, J. Peacock, Manchester.

between John Hutchings, Joseph Broadbent. Jackson, Walter Henry, and Henry Arcourt Lewsey, Old

William Godfrey Mason, as trustees of Willico B Brentford, wholesale stationers and printers; solicitor,

bent, (dec.), and Edmund Broadbent, Cream: C. Butterfield, Connaught-terrace.

Works, Little Lever, and Manchester, paperm: Jackson, Henry, Seacombe, near Liverpool, printer.

Debts paid by E. Broadbent. Linton, Henry, Cannon-street, stationer.

Cornish Thomas Samuel, Charles Leslie Cornish Mackenzie, John Ford, Ardwick, Manchester, stationer,

James Edward Cornish, Oxford-street, books &c. ; solicitor, J. R. Homer, Manchester.

Debts paid by T. 8. Cornish. Paris, John Charles, Borough-road, stationer,newsagent,&c.

Davis, Ebenezerand Ann, Cowbridge, booksellers, stati Risdon, Charles, Prospect-place, Chelsea, lithographic Green, Litchfield, and Frederick Eagle, Wharf-roa

Debts paid by E. Davis. artist; solicitor, E. F. Marshall, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Robinson, William Henry, Great Queen-street, Holborn,

Aldersgate-street, envelope-makers. printer's draughtsman; solicitors, Lumley and Lumley,

Penny, Charles Elias, John Simon Penny, ani Alfrex Moorgate-street.

Penny, Cannon-street, wholesale stationers, as re Rogers, John Banting, Hastings, lithographerand engraver;

A. H. Penny. Debts paid by C. C. and J. 8. Pena solicitors, Woodbridge and Sons, Clitford-inn, for Shorter,

Rutter, William Francia and David Pitcairn, Nes Hastings.

street, booksellos, publishers, and printers. Squier, Ephraim George, Liverpool, editor and author;

Stoveus, Simon, and Benjamin Franklín Stevens, Henr solicitor, J. Best, Liverpool.

street, booksellers and commission agents. Detta Thomson, Robert, George-street, Edinburgh, bookseller;

by B. F. Stevens. claims by July 19.

Taylor, Daniel, and Joseph Sharp, Manchester, lithog White, Henry, Lucretia-road, Kennington, bookseller's

printers. Debts paid by Sharp. clerk; solicitor, W. W. Brown, Basinghall-street.

Wilberforce, William, jun., and Robert Walker, P:

street, Strand, publishing Weekly Register ani !

Standard newspaper. Assignments, Compositions, Trust Deeds, &c.:

Wilkinson, William, and Thomas Dyson, Sheffield Adams, William Peter, Oxford, stationer, &c.; trustee, graphers. Debts paid by Dyson. Joseph Rolph, house agent, Oxford.

Dividends : Bridges, Jane, widow, Oxford, stationer, &c., comp. of 58. Clark, Charles Henry, Exeter, law stationer, &c.; trusloe, D'Arcis, F. H., editor, &c., first of 1s. 7d. Em Joseph Hopper, canteen proprietor, St. Leonard.

London. Cullen, John Ignatius, Liverpool, book eller and stationer; trustees, Thomas Richardson, publisher, Derby, and

Petitions to Wind up Voluntarily have been Presented by Charles F. Finney, accountant, Liverpool.

The Yorkshire Printing and Publishing Company, iz Donglaz, James Alfred, Buimingham, stationer, &c; The Casket lo trait Company, Limited,

coinpo ition of 53., 2s.6d. at three and six months The Northern Counties Publishing Company, Linkta

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The appointment of Dr. William Smith to the editorship of the Quarterly Review is a matter

causing considerable uneasiness in certain circles. Vr. Brown, who only a few years ago retired The “Quarterly” was long regarded as the you tz firm of Messrs. Longmans, and who staunch defender of the Established Church, a till resides within sight of Stationers' Hall, has vehicle in the early numbers of which the gentle recently made a most munificent present to St. Robert Southey invoked anything but blessings Paal's Cathedral, consisting of a stained glass upon the Baptist Missionary Society--reminded W windor, which was uncovered on the 19th

us of the mildness of the Dissenters, as recorded that in the presence of the Dean and a large by Bogue and Bennett-and, over and over again, be of Wr. Brown's old friends, former col. dilated on the wickedness of all Nonconformity. saates, and acquaintances. The designs were In this “Review” may also be found some of sign to Professor Schnorr, and the painting the strongest arguments ever made use of by 933 exseitd at Brussels. The cost is said to be John Davison (on Regeneration); by Mr. Sewell Bariy 21,34).

(on Oxford Theology, the Irish Church, AngloMr. Beatles, of Swansea, desires to warn the Catholocism, &c. &c.); and on almost every trade spustize practices of a person who appears other subject by which the peculiar doctrines of tube .bling booksellers by calling and order- the Church, or her revenues or position, might be ing koks, to be sent to his hotel, and then effected. How can this loyalty be maintained, it manage to get away without paying for them. is asked, now that the editor is himself a Dis. The Depra when ordering from Mr. Bentley senter? It is not certain that he is even a Conwas leade.

servative; certainly he is not one of the old Balazos.-Mr. D. B. Friend, of 51, Preston 'Quarterly Review” Tories. What if he should Star, catered into partnership with Messrs.

turn out a Whig, 'or perhaps a Radical ? Sore and Marchant, of 77, Western Road,

People cannot turn to the “ Edinburgh ;" for the seere the sex firm will carry on their business

editor of that, Mr. Henry Reeve, is bound over

to keep the peace, and allow no attacks upon Mr. Holmes informs us that he has recently

Dissenters, nor too much praise to Churchmen. - Mr. Arnola's business, 11, Park Terrace,

The "Westminster,” again, “is not respectable, Sent's Park, to Mr. Potter, late of Holland

you know ;” it discusses outre subjects, and is Kari Brixton.

read by people who think for themselves; is edited ALDEESHOT. – Messrs. Oliver & Muggeridge

by an outspoken freethinker, Dr. Chapman, who

was once a bookseller. It is true there is the hase esived partnership. The business will be carried ca by Mr. J. W. Oliver, who will

Christian Remembrancer, edited by Mr. Scott, a receive an per al debts.

learned and clever Tory clergyman; but the

“Remembrancer" is filled with nonjuring As Italian - Bibliografia,” or “ Bookseller,” crotchets, “first-pointed "opinions, some of them laus ootal Dow been almost an impossibility, in very sharp, and such proclivities for mediæval Cosze d the divided state of the nation; ecclesiology that no one who has not had a certain *** that the kingdom of Italy has been training can get through a whole number. For feel, a “ Bibliografia D'Italia” has made its our part, we congratulate Mr. Murray upon the

asce, under the direction of Mr. Læscher, acquisition of so able an editor as Dr. Smith. Perez's and Turin, with an ageney at Venice. That gentleman is no new or untried man. kach bunter contains a list of publications for In the various works he has conducted he has Le mouth

There is also to be an Annual shown great skill in the selection of subjects Catalogus arranged both alphabetically and and the choice of men. He brings a large

amount of varied knowledge, and above all a We have received from Mr. C. E. Weldon,

power of discrimination which few possess. It * Strand, several numbers of the Moniteur may be that Croker's ghost will be disturbed, en la Vules Fork published monthly, printed but the reading public will be pleased, and we back in English and French, and containing a

shall be disappointed, if the “Quarterly" do larp wnet of designs, both coloured and plain. not get back some of its ancient prestige, and It was well adapted for the use of private every new number be again anxiously looked famkes abo not only desire to know the modern

forward for. Lashka, bet to coltivate a study of French.

EDINBURGH. -Our good friends in this city Ds. Here Professor of History and Political

live in a world of their own, having local Eesmony in the Caiversity of Melbourne, has

interests, local politics, local feuds, and even local in the pros a folume on The Government of

odours, all which are cherished and nursed as England : ita structure and its Development.”

though they were of the utmost importance. One It will be sabintical by Mr. G. Robertson.

day, every citizen is called upon to say whether À 2 wekly paper, The Chronicle, some

the Town Hall shall be disposed of or retained ; whats the plan of The London Reviein, is in

another day, an indignation meeting is called to Endel to be the representative of advanced

denounce the conduct of the Provost in euath ters, its chief contributors consisting of

deavouring to pull down or cleanse the Covenant, det of the staff of the late "Home and Foreign

or other savoury Close ; next day some other lorem," one of whom, Mr. Wetherell, is the

matter is found for discussion in the Courant, kur. Mr. A. C. Lawrence, the manager, was

Scotsman, Daily Review, or North Briton. Even a baronal contributor to Tre Reader, during

the publication or announcement of a new book at ** period of its existence under the editor

times serves to arouse and set the modern Athe. pe Nir. Benlyshe.

nians by the ears; the merits of the work are exVan Hatchard & Co. info is us that they

tolled by one party, and its demerits as loudly pro

claimed by the other. Just now the good citizens He wout to publish a sequel to that popular uri, ter young children, the “Peep of Day;"

are discussing a new Directory. First, a party title of which will be

got up and denounced the old one as unsatisPrecept upon Pre- factory ; secondly, a new one was proposed ; of the “ Peep of Day" 250 000 copies have thirdly, the proprietor of the old one anathema es salì in England, and as many in the United tised all the concoctors of the new one ; fourthly,

de sabjects.

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