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hear their disputes;

Gala Abbatum Monasterii Saniti Albani. A THOMA narratives, have never been excused or condoned."

ISINGAY, compilata. Edited by C. H. T. But in a literary point of view they are not without BILI, MA. Vol. 1-A.D. 793-1290. Published by importance, as they reveal the origin of many direction of the Master of the Rolls.—A better medieval superstitions, show us the sources whence

der of the manners, customs, and mode of thought have been derived several of the “histories" con: bien characterized our mediæval ancestors is to tained in the “service books” of the Romish Church, be obtained from the Chronicles left us by one and point to the legends adopted by the old paintersof the great religious houses than from the narra. as, for instance, the worship of the infant Jesus in his tise of the most pieturesque modern historian. It is cradle in the manger, by the ox and the ass, an inci. impossible for the latter to reproduce the age about dent nowhere mentioned in the New Testament. “I which he is writing with that precision which hardly think,” observes Mr. Cowper, " that any of the

Atenants to verisimilitude. He can paint a land. false gospels can be ascribed to the simple intention The

seape and dot it with figures; but the serial perspec. to weave into one consecutive narrative the traditions 922tive of the landscape is defective, and the figures which were actually known to the writers. ... The

produced are too often distorted. He cannot give the Jews have a form of literature called Agada, or Hagathe carright tone to his pictures. On the contrary, upon dah, which are defined as historical pieces like those

eng one of the Chronicles, we at once feel our. which poets sometimes feign and fraine. I have selves arongst real men, living and moving in a real arrived at the conclusion that the Christian Apocrypha Seene. It is one of the characteristics of the noble are often simply Christian Hagadoth. .. The

series of works issued in this series that, with very Hagadah is written for instruction, and not amuse. obsler CIRTDEAs, each of the Chronicles is edited by the ment merely, and so the Christian compositions genecenter a man who, from his previous labours in the field of rally have a didactic element underlying the narra. 5 nediæral literature, is presumed to be most com. tive, or intercolated with it.”

petent for the particular task assigned to him. The The history, tendency, and uses of the Apocryphal editor of Liber Albus," “Liber Custumarum," and Gospels have from time to time engaged the attention other documents preserved in the archives of the of the learned. The French have two works of autho. Gudball

, has long since proved his ability to deal rity on the subject-Les Evangiles Apocryphes, with with such a Chronicle as that now before us, and the notes by Gustave Brunet (1863), and Etudes sur wander in which he has performed his present labour Evangiles Apocryphes, a portly volume, by Michel wdl undoubiedly confirm the reputation he has

Nicolas; the Germans have several works on the aequired by former works. The "Gesta Abbatum " same topic, the last of which, De Evangeliorum connebees with the foundation of the Abbey of St. Apocryphorum Origine et Usu, by Dr. Tischendorf, Alban's by Oła, King of Mercia, and the nomination forms, indeed, the basis of Mr. Cowper's work. of Willegod to be first abbot, and ends with the closing Hone's “ Apocrpyhal New Testament," is the work by years of Abbot Thomas de la Mare, who died A.D. which these writings are best known in England, but 1548. Between these events we have a complete it is a work of a very unsatisfactory character, it is a record of the doings of the inmates of the famous worthless compilation, entitled the "Apocryphal New monastery. We hear of the frugal management of one Testament: being all the Gospels, Epistles, and other abbot, of the squadering propensities of another; we

pieces now extant, attributed in the first four centuries are admitted into fellowship with the brethren, and

to Jesus Christ, His Apostles, and their Companions, we are present at their petty and not included in the New Testament by its Com. conspiracies, and are spectators of the success or

pilers." It was published in 1820, and has been many favure of ibeir schemes. The contests for supremacy

times reprinted with all its errors and absurdities. Over other houses; the various diplomatic schemes

“Hone,” says Mr. Cowper, “much regretted publish. employed by the partisans of rival claimants for the ing this book when he came to a better mind, but it abiser; the labours and amusements of the monks,

was beyond his power to recall it, or it would have sad their disposition and behaviour under the circum- been suppressed." What he did in preparing it was to stances incident to their position, are all minutely

select some of the translations of Jones, and attach to Teoorded, and sometimes with a particularity which

them the version of the Apostolical Fathers, by Wake : askes the volume quite pleasant reading.

all these he cut up into chapters and verses, preThe “Gesta" is divided by Mr. Riley into three

fixing beadings to the chapters, to make them look fictions. The first compiled by Matthew Paris) em.

like ordinary editions of the New Testament. His trues the period from the foundation of the Abbey to

introductions and notes are borrowed (without ht. 1235; the second, by an anonymous hand, ends

acknowledgement, in great. part) from the same The the death of the twenty-sixth abbot, in March,

sources as his text, and hashed up to suit his pur. and the third, compiled, Mr. Riley thinks, by pose. It is a standing reproach to our literature that

us to the end of the work. The this beterogeneous jumble should have remained great volume, however, contains only the first two

alone, and no effort made to give the people the Kectamaa; the third and most valuable portion being

means of correcting its misrepresentations. Only letened for the concluding volume. For this, also,

think of the Apostolical Fathers figuring as Me . Riley reserves his detailed review of the period

Apocryphal New Testament !". Another and more per which the Chronicle extends. What we have be.

mischievous publication arose cut of Hone's book. fore si is quite enough to command our respect for It is a reprint, with additions and omissions, from the cure-taking pains bestowed by the editor upon the

Hone, and is called the “Suppressed Gospels;" but

it is a thorough imposture, produced for the worst of The Apocryphal |Gospels, and other documents relating


These miserable compilations are now, to the History of Christ. Translated from the originals

however, superseded by the volume before us, which Greek, Latin, Syrisc, &c., with Notes, Scriptural

contains the so-called Gospels of James, Pseudo. Peletences, and Prolegomena. By B. Harris COWPEK,

Matthew, Nicodemus, the History of Joseph the Iftor of the " Journal of Sacred Literature." 12mo. Carpenter," the “Nativity of Mary," the "Acts of p. 456. (Williams and Norgate.)-A long-admitted

Pilate," and other smaller pieces, produced during the * rent” is supplied, and well supplied, in this impor.

third, fourth, and succeeding centuries. Now, for i tant volume." It is not necessary to inform our

the first time, the English reader is provided with a readers that what are called the "Apocryphal Gospels"

work which can honestly pretend to be anything like otisst of spurious accounts of the youth and career

a complete collection of the false gospels. Prefaced to of Christ, thiat they pretend to supplement or develope

the writings themselves is an elaborate and very satis. the onungs of the New Testament, and that they are

factory introduction, giving the history of the several all of Dore recent date than any of the canonical

books, and detailing the real or assumed theory of books. The materials are drawn trom the Scriptures,

their productions; wbile to each gospel or chapter is from varioas mystical and legendary stories, and from

added an account of as much as is known of its writer, the maiginations of their authors. They possess no

and the sources whence his particular narrative was Rest of historical or doetrinal authority; and as Bishop

derived. Mr. Cowper has given to the English reader Ellicote observes in the “ Cambruige Essays " for 1856,

a most interesting and valuable book. their real demerits, their coaneness, the bar. barities of their style, and the inconsequences of their

Walsingbarn, brings

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RELIGIOUS. Abraham (Henry A.) Whom do yon Worship? A

Popular Treatise on Reasonable Religion. 12mo, pp. 44. New York

6/ Adams (William) In the World, not of the World.

Thoughts on Christian Casuistry. 18mo, pp. 64. New York

2/ Alden (Joseph) Christian Ethics ; or, the Service of Duty. 12mo, pp. 170. New York .

6/ Alger (Rev. W. Ř.) Genius of Solitude. The Soli.

tudes of Nature and of Man, or the Loneliness of Human Life. 10mo. Boston, U.S. .

104 Apocryphal Gospels (The), and other Documents relating to the History of Christ. Translated from the Originals in Greek, Latin, Syriac, &c. With Notes, Scriptural References and Prolegomena. By B. Harris Cowper. Cr. 8vo, pp. CX-456. Williams Norgate

7/6 Arden (Rev. George) Manual of Catechetical instruc

tion, for Public or Private Use. 4th ed. Fcap. 8vo, cl. lp. pp. viii-135. Masters

2/ Balfour (Mrs. C. L.) Bible Pattern of a Good Woman. Illust. Cr. 8vo, pp. 80. Partridge .

1/ Barham (Thomas Foster) One God the Father; or,

the Strict and proper Monotheism of the Gospel vindicated. New ed., revised and enlarged. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii-175. Whitfield

2/6 Barry (Rev. Alfred) Notes on the Catechism, for the

use of Public Schools, especially of Classes pre. paring for Confirmation. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 120. Bell & Daldy

2/ On some of the present Needs of the Church of England. A Lecture. Cr. 8vo, sd. Macmillan, 1/ Bate (John) Class Leader's Assistant, and Christian's

Handbook. Containing upwards of 470 views of Christian Doctrine, Duty, Experience, and Practice.

14th ed., enlrgd. Post 8vo, pp. xvi-425. Hamilton, 4/6 Baynes (Rev. R. H.) Lyra Anglicana. Hymns and

Sacred Songs. 36th thous. Fcap. 8vo. Houlston, 3/6 Bell (Rev. Charles D.) Night Scenes of the Bible, and

their Teachings. 2nd ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. xi-547, Maeintosh.

6/6 Biblical Orientalisms; or, Scripture Science for

Sacred Hours. No. 1.-Old Testament. No. 2.New Testamnet. Partridge; each

1/6 Binney (T.) Micah, the Priest-Maker. A Handbook

on Ritualism. 2nd ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. viii-240. Jackson f. Walford

6/ Bonar (Horatius) Family Sermons. New ed. Post 8vo, pp. xv-464. Nisbet

6/ Hymns of Faith and Hope. Third Series. 32mo, pp. viii-248. Nisbet

1/6 Book (The), and its Story; a Narrative for the Young.

By L. N. R. 88th thous. 18th ed. Cr. 8vo, pp.

xiv—508. Kent Bosanquet (S. R.) An Eirenicon: Toleration Intoler

ant, Christianity, Christian Unity, the Church of

England, and Dissent. Fcap. 8vo. Hatchard. 1/6 Bourdillon (Rev. F.) Bedside Readings; being Short

Portions of Holy Scripture, with a Simple Com. mentary, chiefly for those who visit the Sick, 2 vols. in l. 12mo. Soc, Pro. Chr. Kno,

3/6 Boyd (Archibald) Confession, Absolution, and the

Real Presence. 2nd ed. Post 8vo, 206. Seeleys. 3/6 Buchanan (James) Doctrine of Justification: an Out

Jine of its History in the Church, and of its Exposition from Scripture. With Special reference to recent Attacks on the Theology of the Reformation. The Second Series of the“ Cunningham Lectures." 8vo, pp. xii-514. T. & T. Clark

10/6 Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. With Explanatory

Notes by Rev. W. Mason and others. Illustrated,

Copyright edition. Fcap. 8vo. J. Blackwood. In Butler (Bp.) Works. Containing the Analogy of

Religion, and Sixteen Celebrated Sermons. New ed. 1 vol. 12mo. Togg

Catechist's Manual (The) With an Introductie

Sarouel, Lord Bp. of Oxford. 3rd thous., rex

Cr. 8vo, pp. XV-277. Parker Cavan (Rev. S.) Confession, Absolution, Bapt

Regeneration. Together with Abp. Crani Doctrine concerning Christ's Presence in Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Cr. 871

Langley (Mansfield)-Simpkin . Christ. The Life of Jesus acccording to his Ori

Biographer. With Notes by J. R. Gilmore. pp. 279. Boston, U.S. Chronological Weakness (The) of Prophetic

pretation. By a Beneficed Clergyman of the Ci

of England. 12mo, sd. 61. Scoll (Ramsgate). Companion for Lent: being an Exhortation

pentance, chiefly from the Syriac of S. Eph

By S. C. Malan. 64mo. Masters
Coombs (Jessie) Thoughts for the Inner Life.

8vo, pp. xii-268. Jackson of Walford. Cottage Readings in Exodus. By the Auth

“Cottage Readings in Genesis." Fcap. sro

530. Nisbet Cowles (Rev. Henry) Minor Prophets; with Ni

Critical, Explanatory, and Practical, designed both Pastors and People. 8vo, x-425. Nete Port 1 Hebert (Rev. Charles) Ritualism; or, True Clu

Views. Dallon & Lucy Davies (Rev. J. LI.) Morality according to the S

ment of the Lord's Supper. Three Discourst the Names Eucharist, Sacrifice, and Commu

Post 8vo, pp. 102. Macmillar. . Davis ( Thos.) Endless Sufferings not the Dog

of Scripture. 2nd ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vů

Longmans Duncan (Rev. David) Discourses. With a M

of his Life. Edited by his Brothers. Post

pp. xi-306. Oliphant Duncan (Mary B. M.) Bible Hours: being

from her Note-Book, New ed., revised and enlo

Post 8vo, pp. xvi —266. Nisbet Ecclesiastical Reform, A Practical Considera

of the Questions of. In medio tutissimus

8vo, sd. Longmans Ellicott (Bp.) St. Paul's Epistle to the Galati

with a Critical and Grammatical Commentary, 1 Revised Translation. 4th edit., corrected.

pp. xxxii-169. Longmans English Ritualism and English Bishops. 89

Longmans Ewing (Bp.) On Materialism in Christianity: 1

a Caution against gross Conceptions of the $

ment. 8vo, sd. Bosworth Fergusson (Rev. Wm.) The Beloved's Little W

Fcap. 8vo, pp. 286. Nisbet . Gabriel. Sermons by Gabriel, Bishop of Ime

on Faith, Eternal Punishments, and other Sab To which are added, an Exposition of the L Prayer and of the Beatitudes, by the same at intended for the Ossetes, and for other Inhadi of the Caucasus. Trans. from the Georgian, Rev. S. C. Malan. Post 8vo, pp. xv.-166. San

# Otley Going (Rev. J.) Catholic Doctrine of Electia Sermon. 19140, sd. Whittaker

Real Presence not Transabstantis No. 1. A Sermon. 8vo, sd. Pererail . Goode (Dean) Rome's Tactics; or, & Lesson

England from the Past: showing that the object of Popery since the Reformation has been subvert and ruin Protestant Churches, and 1 testant States by dissensions and troubles al

by disguised Popish Agents. 8vo, sd. Hatchart Groser (William A) Teacher's Model, and the Wa

Teacher, or Thoughts on the Educational AD
of Our Lord's Teaching. Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., sp
J. Clarke & Co.
Hapstone (i)alman) Ancient Psalms in Appen

Metres : strictly Literal Translation fran!
Hebrew, with Explanatory Notes. Svo, pp. 1-

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List of American Publications supplied by Messrs Trübner and Co., 60, Paternoster Row.




derson (Alerander) Sermons, Prayers, and Pulpit Mellor (Rer. E.) Ritualism and its Related Dogmas. däresses. Edit. from the Original Ms. by Rev. Post 8vo, pp. 202. Snow PL Thomson Martin. Svo, mv-529. Maclaren Mozley (J. B.) Eight Lectures on Miracles preached

10,6 before the University of Oxford, in 1855, on the lesbert (her. Charles Ritualism; or, True Church foundation of the late Rev. John Bampton. 2nd Fless. Pp. 123. Dalton i Lacy.

1/6 ed. 8vo, pp. Eviü--382. Rivingtons . ; 10/6 Lessey Dr. Francis) Cateehetical Lessons on the Neale (Rev. J. M.) Essays on Liturgiology and Book of Common Prayer. Parts xvi-xvii, fcap Church History. With an Appendix on Liturgical ad Parker.

each 6d. Quotations from the Isapostolic Fathers, by Rev. Lentley Chas. A.) Doctrine of the Eucharist; Christ Gerard Moultrie. 2nd ed. With Preface by Rev. R. present by Spirit and Grace: a Sermon. 8vo, sd. F. Littledale. 8vo, 11–527. Saunders & Oliey. 18/

Neale (Rev. J. M.) Sermons for Children: being 3:1 (Ber. E.) Village Dialogues. Nex ed.' Fcap.

Twenty-eight Short Readings addressed to the

3/ Children of St. Margaret's Home, East Grinsted. Einton Bes. J. H.) Anti-Ritualistic Tracts, Nos. 1 Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii-193. Riringtons

3/ tot Herlator; each

2d. Order (The) for Morning and Evening Prayer, simply Pr Hoste Rex. Eds.) Four Sermons for the Day. Feap. explained. For Parochial Distribution. Edited by bre, Hatchard


a Clergyman. Pcap. 8vo, cl. sd., 8–148. Masten, 1/6 in Kocins (Pl. Rev. John Henry) Law of Ritualism, Phelps (Austin) The New Birth; or, the work of the

ned in its relation to the Word of God, to the Holy Spirit. 12mo, pp. 253. Boston, U.S. . 61 E: si trimitere Charcb, to the Church of England, and to Pizzani (Andrea) Pre-Existence and Future Existence,

the Protectan Episcopal Church in the United or, the Soul created in the image of God, changed

States Post sro, sd., pp. 31–98. Masters . . 2/ in form but not in identity. Freely translated and Hymns, Ancient and Modern; for use in the abridged. Ridgway.

.1/ Series of the Church, with Annotations, Original Plumer (William S.) Stadies in the Book of Psalms: References, Authors' and Translators' Names, and being a critical and Expository Commentary, with Vi sene Metrical Translations of the Hymns in doctrinal and practical Remarks on the entire Latia sad German. Re-edited by Rev. Louis C. Psalter. Roy. 8vo, pp. 1211. Philadelphia. . 28/

Bees. Sq. cr. Svo, pp. svi—348. Novello . 12/6 Plumptre (E. H.) Christ and Christendom. The Jakastone James Presbytery of the Scriptures ; also

Boyle Lectures for 180€, delivered at the Chapel aler Translation and Exposition of Isaiah liii. 2.

Royal, Whitehall. 8vo, pp. vü-378. Strahan. 12/ Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 40. Thin Edinburgu). : • 6d.

Postuary (A) for the Laity. 48mo, cl. sd. Parker. 60. Kable (Per. John) On Eucharistical Adoration. 3rd

Pre-Existence and Pature Existence: or, the Soul ed. With Considerations suggested by a late

created in the image of God, changed in form but Pastoral Letter 138 on the Doctrine of the most

not in reality. A free Translation and Abridge. Holy Eucharist Bro, pp. -264. Parker


ment from Andrea Pizzani. 8vo, sd. Ridgway . 60. Kelly ifier. Denis Posthumous Sermons. Post 8vo,

Panshon (W. Morley) Sabbath Chimes; or, Medi. pp. 7-159. Longmans


tations in Verse for the Sundays of a Year. Fcap. Kelly William Lectures introductory to the Study

870, pp. 1-208. Nisbel.

3/6 of the Gospeia Cz. 8vo, pp. xxiii—622. Broom. 7/8

Pusey i Res. E. B.) Life, the Preparation for Death : Kingale (Charles) Twenty-five Village Sermons.

a. Sermon. Parker .

6d. Tra eitt Fap. dr. Macmillan .

Why will ye also go away? A Sermon,

2/6 Water of Life, and other Sermons. Fcap.

preached before the University of Oxford. Sro, sd. 670, pp. 1-28. Hacmillan


1/ 6/ Kiri Ber. Joha) Geological Theories; being a Dis

Questions of the Day: Four Addresses on the Atone. case on the Past and Present Relations of Geology

ment, Absolution, the Lord's Sapper, and Future to the Sacred Seriptures, read before the Victoria

Pumishment. Delivered at the Islington Clerical lastitate. bro, sd., pp. 51. Hardwicke .

Meeting, Jan. 15th, 1867. By Rev. J. C. Miller,

1/ Litto Hahn) Daily Bible Illastrations. New edition,

Rev. J. Bardsley, Rev. W. Cadman, Rev. E. Bayley. revised and enlarged. By J. L. Porter. Morning

Cr. 8vo. Seeleys

2/6 Series. Samgel, Saul, and David. July-Sept.

Banken (Williara Hen.) Simple Sermons. Fcap. Post Pro, pp. Ti—415. Oliphant

Svo, pp. xv-230. Rivingtons

5/ 67 Les Probert Clerical Profession, some of its Diffi

Resurrection (The) and the Sabbath ; or, the Rest taldea sod Hindrances. Edmonston.

of the Seventh Day. Post 8vo, pp. 11–191.

6d. Light Rev. C. d.) Catholic kitaal of the Church in


6/ Lagund. A Lecture. Delivered at the request of

Reynolds (Henry) Baptism by Christ, the only ka Wezbers of the Oxford Branch of the English

means of entrance into the Church of Christ. Cauren Union. fcap. Bro, sd. Pp. 44. Mowbray

Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., pp. xii-108. Hall (Cambridge,

1/6 6d. Liber Librorum: its Structure, Limitations, and

Ritual Reason Why (The). Edit. by Charles Walker. furpose . A Friendly Communication to a Peluctant Fcap. 850, pp. xvi-2:29. Hayes

4/ Sapte 8vo, pp. xxviii-183. Longmans

Romaine's Life, Walk, and Triamph of Faith.

7/6 Lite dl the English Saints. Re-issue. Fcap. 8vo.

With a Preface by Rev. J. B. Owen. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii—183. Routledge.

3/ Stephen langton, Abp. of Canterbury

Schaff's History of the Christian Church; from

2/6 8. dagustine of Canterbury, Apostle of the

Constantine the Great to Gregory V. Vols. 2 & 3,

completing the History of Ancient Christianity.

3/6 Bu German, Bp. of Auxerre

8vo. New York.

36/ Lathardt, Kahnis, and Brückner (Drs.) The

Sermons preached to Working People. By Very Carred; its Origin, its Present Position. Trans.

Rev. A. P. Stanley, Revs. Henry Allon, Edward thata the German by Sophia Taylor. Post 8vo, pp.

James White, Hamilton, Samuel Martin, R. W. Fi-*. Clark (Edinburgh)

Dale, A Mackennel, Mark Wilks. 12mo, sd., 5/

od. I'Caza ker. James) Anti-Secularist Lectures. No. 4.

pp. 120. Miall Seveace and the Bible not Antagonistic. 8vo, sd.,

Sidney (Rev. Edwin) Conversations on the Bible and 4. Tindall (Huddersfield)—Simpkin

Science. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xi—268. Jarroid 3/6

4d. Snell (H. H.) Notes on the Revelation: with Practical Lumillan (Rev. Hugh) Bible Tezhings in Nature. Reflections. 12mo. Broom

3/6 a. tex. Bro, pp. IX-341. Macmillan . 6/ Kilder (Ep.) Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Spurgeon (C. H.) Morning by Morning; or, Daily New edition. To wbich is aided Devotions to the

Readings for the family or the Closet. 15th lunsalate Heart of Mary. Roy. 32mo. Wash

thous. Fcap. 8vo. Passmore

Stanley (Arthur Penrhyn) The Coronation of William Kinton (Rev. Sam.) Oar Present Position. The

the Conqueror and its Consequences. A Sermon.

od. Løw) years of Papal Domination just expiring, and

8vo, sd., pp. 16. Parker We Tide of the Eud commencing. Three Sermons.

Tabor's Teachings; or, the Veil Lifted. By the Post 870, sd. Seeleys

Author of " Heaven our Home," &c. Cheap edit.

1/6 9d.

Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd. Nimmo


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Lady Dublin Simpkin.



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Tayler (John James) Attempt to Ascertain the Cha- Handy Horse-Book (The); or, Practical Instrue

racter of the Fourth Gospel; especially in its re- in Driving, Riding, and the general care lation to the Three First. 8vo, pp. xvi—189. Management of Horses. By a Cavalry OE Williams f. Norgate

5) 3rd ed., revised and enlarged. With Eng. Sm. Taylor (Hugh) Path of Repentance: being Village 8vo, pp. xii-167, Blackwoods

Sermons for Lent and Easter. Fcap. 8vo, viii-191. Rivers (Thomas) Rose-Amateur's Guide : conta Macintosh.


ample Descriptions of all the fine leading Var Taylor (Rev. William) Reconciliation; or, How to of Roses regularly classed in their respe

be Saved. Cr. 8vo, pp. viii-208. Partridge · 2/6 Families, their History and Mode of Cul Thom (David, D.D.) Soul and Spirit. 8vo. Lewis. 10/6 9th ed., enlarged, corrected, and improved. Trench (Ahp.) Studies in the Gospels. 8vo, pp. ix- 8vo, pp. ix-243. Longmang 326. Macmillan

10/6 Routledge's Handbook of Fishing. With I Vernon (Rev. I.) Committe on Pews. The Prize Essay &mo, bds., pp. 59. Routledge.

on Freedom of Worship. 12mo, sd. Bosworth. ld. Smith. Sporting Incidents in the Life of an Warner. The Word. T'he House of Israel. By the Tom Smith. With Illust. Post 8vo, pp. sii

Author of " The Wide Wide World." With Eng. Chapman f Hall,
Feap. 8vo, v-354. Nisbet


Watts (Elizabeth) Poultry: an original and pra Whitefield (Rev. George) Sermons on Important Guide to their Breeding, Rearing, Feeding Subjects with a Memoir and Dissertation. New

Exhibiting. With Illust. (Country Lib.) edition. 8vo. Tegg

7/ 8vo, bds., pp. 192. Warne Williams (Rev. John) Letters on Anglican Orders Youatt (William) The Pig. Enlarged and re-w

and other Matters. 2nd edit. Cr. 8vo, pp. xvi- by Samuel Sidney. Illust. (Books for the Cou 246, Washbourne


cr. 8vo, bds. Routledge, Winslow (Octavius) Morning Thoughts; or, Daily

Walking with God. A Portion for each Day in the

Year. July-Dec. 9th thous. 18mo. J.F. Shaw. 2/6
Precious Things of God. 9th thous. Sm.

The Pigeon Book. By W. B. Tegetmeier, Post 8vo. Nisbet.


Harrison Weir.
Words for Meditation during the Season of Lent.
Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd. pp. 132. Hayes



Gwilt (Joseph) Encyclopædia of Architecture. BENTLEY

torical, Theoretical and Praetical. Illust. Atheism and the Social Danger. By the Bp. of more than 1,100 engravings on wood. A Nes Orleans. Edit. and revised by Abp. Manning.

revised, with Alterations and considerable CHAPMAN & HALL

tions, by Wyatt Papworth. Additionally illus Religious Lite in England." By M. Esquiros.

with nearly 400 engravings on wood, and mort

100 other woodcuts. 8vo, xx—1364. Longman Ruskin (John) Modern Painters. Vol 3, cont

Part 4. Of Many Things. 2nd ed., with ANNUALS AND SERIALS.

and Illust. Sup. roy. 8vo, pp. xix348. Se Brown Book 1867 (The). Cr. 8vo, sd. Saunders &

Stones of Venice. Vol. 2.

The Olley.

17 Cassell's Illustrated Family Papor. voi. 4. New Stories. With Illust. drawn by the Author. 2 and enlarged Series. 4to, pp. viii-447. Cassell .

Sup. roy. 8vo, pp. vii-494. Smith & Elder 5/

Samson G. W.) Elements of Art-Criticism: Cassell's Magazine. Part 1. 8vo. Cassell 6d.

prising & Treatise on the Principles of Catholic Directory and Ordo for Ireland. 12mo, Washbourne .

Nature, as addressed by Art, with

2/6 Scotland. 12mo, pp. 178. Washbourne. 1/

Survey of the Methods of Art Execution Churchman's Shilling Magazine (The), and Family

Cr. 8vo, pp. 810. Philadelphia . Treasury. Conducted by Rev. R. H. Baynes.

Scripture Illustrations of the Life of ci

Folio Packet. Philip . Part 1, 8vo. Houlston .


Taine (H.) Philosophy of Art. Trans. Feap Debrett's Illustrated House of Commons and the

Williams f Norgate
Judicial Bench. 1867. Compiled and edited by
Robert Henry Mair. Personally revised by the
Members of Parliament and the Judges. Post 8vo,

BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY. pp. siv-412. Dean.

6/ Engineering Facts and Figures for 1866.' An

Arnold (Isaac N.) History of Abraham Lincoln

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an Hists

pp. 580.

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. 2/6

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Announcement. bor. Vol. 6. Middle-Age Period. 8vo, pp. xvi

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6/ Dr. Wü-10l. T'insiey.

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adapted to the Public School Latin Primer, and a BESTLIS

Vocabulary on the plan of White's Junior Scholar's The Last Days of Laois Philippe and the Revo

Latin English Dictionary. By John T. White. lation of 1848. B; M. Guizot.

12mo, pp. vii—280. Longmans .


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chiefly for Map Drawing, and the Study of the Levis Do.) Musical Gymnastics for Families and Great Physical Features and Relief.contours of dels. With Nus. of all the Positions. 9th ed.,

the Continents. With an Introduction to serve as Tih 10 Intro. by M. C. Tyler. Post 8vo, bds., a Guide for both purposes. By Rev. J. P. Faunpp. 115. Tweedie 1/ thorpe. Obg. bds. Stanford.

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and Incidents of Australia and Australian Life, p. 18. Parker.

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of the Nile and Explorations of the Nile Sources, k Deiziton (Cambridge)-Bell & Daldy. 3/6 With Maps, Illust., and Portraits. New ed. 2 vols. PUT( Thornas; New "Standard" Arithmetic adapted Post 8vo, pp. xli—743. Macmillan

18/ by the present system of Government Examinations; Cheltenham, The New Guide to : its Spas and

Sotation List being carried through all the Educational Establishments, with descriptive ac. Stendards

, and the Questions being printed in Words count of the Surrounding Country, and List of the instead of Figures. Part 3, Stand. 5 & 6. Fcap.

Hunting Coverts. With Plan. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii d. Educational Trading Company (Birming- -106. Heslley (Cheltenham)--Simpkin.

2/ 2d. Dunn (Rev. B. S.) Brazil the Home for Southerners ; Robinson (kev. Hugh G.) Literary Reader: Prose or, a Practical Account of what the Author and others Anthors . With Biograpbical Notices, Critical and

saw and did while in that Empire, 12mo, pp. 296. Explanatory Notes, &c. (Nelson's School Series.)

New York .

101 Cr. Bro, pp. vi—137. Nelson


Eden (Hon. Emily) “ Up the country." Letters Taring Rev. Edward) Elements of Grammar taught written to her Sister from the Upper Provinces of

in English: with Questions. New ed. 18mo, India, New ed. Post 8vo, vi-396. Bentley . 6/ Pp. m-136. Macmillan

2/ Ellis (Robert) Enquiry into the ancient Routes be. Fyryan (Rev. Thomas G.) Elementary Analytical tween Italy and Gaul: with an Examination of the Gewmetry for Schools and Beginners. Post 8vo, Theory of Hannibal's Fassage of the Alps by the pp. xiii-210. Deighton (Cambridge) Bello

Little St. Bernard. 8vo. Deighton (Cambridge)7/6 Bell f. Daldy

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10/6 by John Longmuir. 19th thous. 8vo. Tegg . 5/

8vo, pp. ix-324. Newby Whitworth (Rev. William A.) Choice and Chance. Houlding (Henry) From Lancashire to London on Two chapters of Arithmetic. With an Appendix Foot. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 56. Heywood f. Son

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• Bell &

Australia. By a Colonist. Feap. Bro, pp. vii

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