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Pretace by the Lord Bp. of RiponSm, cr. 8vo, Shelto 1 (Edward) Dictionary of Every day Difficulties

117–344. Palmer Howe (Manchester)-Seeleye. 6/ in, Writing, and Speaking the English

Who Wins ! being the Autobiography of S. B. Carling: Langueso; or, Hard Words made Easy. Cheap

kn. 3ni, ed. Feap. 80. Vartold .

1/6 edition. 01, 8vo, bds. Ward f Lock


Why the Mill was stopped ; or, Evil Overcome with Smith (H. S.) Illustrated Album and Catalogue of

God. Roy. 18mo, pp. 96. Oliphant (Edinburgh)-- Postage Stamps. Sm, 4to. A. Hull



1/ Spedding (James) Publishers and Authors. Post

Wilberforce (Bp.) Agathos, and other Sunday Stories. 8vo, cl, sd., pp. viii-91. J. R. Smith


26th ed. Roy. 16mo, xii-163. Seeleys 2/6 Studies in Conduct. Short Essays from the" Saturday

Woodleigh Honse; or, the Happy Holidays. Illust. Review.". Post 8vo, viii-290. Chapman J. Hall. 7/8

P'eap. Ayo, pp. 213. Nelson

2,6 Thirlwall (Bp.) Present State of Relations between

Worboise (Emus Jane) Campion Court; a Tale of Science and Literature: an Address. 8vo, sd., pp.

the Days of the Ejectment 200 years ago. 3rd ed. 40. Rivingtons


Feap. 850, pp. vii-431. Virtue

5/ Toasts and Sentiments, 64mo, cl. sd., pp. 85.

Work for All, and other Tales. By C. E. B. 4th Routledge


ed. lomo, pp. 215. Seeleys

2/6 Ware (John) Hints to Young Men on the True Re-

lations of the Sexes. xviii-65. Boston, U.S. 2/6

Warne's Bijou Books. 64mo, cl. sd., Warne; each 60,

Cribbage and Dominoes. By F. Hardy. 96.


Etiquette of the Dinner-Table: with the Art of

Carving. With Illustrations, 95,

Bennet (Wm. Heathi Select Biographical Sketches

Handbook of Dranghts and Backgammon. By

frota the Note-Books of a Law Reporter, With

F. Hardy. With Diagrams. 96.

Photographs. 880, xir–265. Routledge . 10/6

Parlour Magic. By Frederic Hardy. 94.

British People (The). By One of themselves. 3rd

edition. STO, A. Hall


Cobbe Frances Pover) Hours of Work and Play. Sm.

post fro, pp. 274. Trübner



Double Acrostics. By a Lady, 18mo, sd., pp. 48.

Lippitt (F. J.) Treatise on Entrenchment. Cr. 8vo,

Hoya (Frome Smart f Allen



Dablin International Exhibition, 1865, Illus-

pp. 146, New York

Watson (E. P.) Modern Practice of American

trate i Pecord and Descript ve Catalogue of. By

H. Parkinson and P. L. Simmonds. Sup.-roy. 8vo.

Machinists and Engineers, including the Con.

struction, Application, and Use of Drills, Lathe



English Church Hymnody: a Lecture. Macmillan. 11

Tools, Cutters for Boring Cylinders and Hollow

Work generally. Sm. 8vo, 276. Philadelphia · 9/

Tenn G. M.) Original Penny Readings. Vols. 3 & 4

in Irel. Feap. Bro. Roulledge


Good Cookery Illustrated. And Recipes com.


monicsted by the Welsh Hermit of the Cell of St.

Gover, with various Remarks on many things past Ainsworth (W. H.) Novels and Romances, New

a present. By the Rt. Hon, Lady Llanover. ed., in 8 vols. Fcap. 8vo. Routledge


wi--482. Pentley

10/6 Boyle (Oswald) Jessie's Expiation, A Novel.

Handbook The) of Carving. With Hints for the vols. Cr. 8vo, pp. 928. T'insley .


Vinger-Table. 64mo, cl, sd., pp. 82. Routledge. Bd. Campbell (Lady) A Woman's Confession, 3 vols.

Hallah John) Sacred Music for Family Use: a Post 8vo. Hurst of Blackelt


Seleetion of Pieces for One, Two, or more Voices, Chepford People (The); a Story about Themselves,

by the Best Composers, Foreign and English, Fol. their Pastors, Masters, and Neighbours. 2 vols.


21/ Post 8yo. 'Newby :


Jeaffreson (John Cordy) Book about Lawyers. 2nd Clever Woman of the Family (The). By the Author

edition, revised. 2 vols. Post 8vo, pp. xiv-639. of “The Heir of Redclyffe.' 2nd ed. Cr. 8vo, pp.

Hanzl Blackett .

24/ viii-437. Macmillan


Keightley (Tbos.) Shakespeare Expositor; an Aid Cobbold (Rev. Rich.) History of Margaret Catchpole,

w the perfect understanding of Shakespeare's Plays. a Suffolk Girl. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, bds.


Frap. 850, pp. vii-31. J. R. Smith

7/6 Lock


Lavater (J. C.) Essays on Physiognomy: designed Cockton (Hen.) Sylve ter Sound, the Somnambulist.

to promote the knowledge and the Love of Mankind. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, bus., pp. xii-433. Warne.

13th ed. With Engravings. 8vo, pp. cxxviii-507. Cooper (J. F.) Eve Effingham. Sequel to Homeward


12/ Bound. New ed. Cr. 8vo, sd., 181. Routledge bu.

Physiognomy; or, the corresponding Analogy

Last of the Mohicans. New edition, Cr.

between the conformation of the Features and the 8vo, sd., pp. iv-178. Roulledge


Kolrag Passions of the Mind : being a complete

Prairie. A Tale. New edition, Cr. 8vo,

Epitome of the Original Work, New edit. Ilust. sd., pp. 173. Routledge

Post 650, PP. viii—287. Tegg


Pilot; a Tale of the Sea, New edition. Cr.

Liebig Baron Justus) Development of Science among 8vo, sd., pp. 166. Routledge


Sations. 8vo, d., pp. 32. * Edmonston


Spy: a Tale of the Neutral Ground. New

Xodern Culture; its True Aims and Requirements, edition. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 160. Routledge 6d.

A Series of Addresses and Arguments in the Claims

Water-Witch; or, the Skimmer of the Seas.

of Scientißc Education. By Professors Tyndall, A Tale. New ed. Cr. 8vo, sd., 184. Routledge, 6d.

Danbeny, Henfrey, Huxley, Paget, Whewell, Fara-

Water Witch. 12mo, sd., 159. Warne. Ed.

day, Draper, Masson, De Morgan, Owen. Drs.

Pathfinder. Revised ed. 172. Warne. 60,

Haigeon, Carpenter, Hooker, Acland, &c. &c. &c. Dickens (Chas.) Little Dorrit. In 2 vols. Vol. I.

Edited by Edward L. Yeomans. Post 8vo, pp. viii Post 8vo, bus., pp. 258. Chapman f Hall

123. Macmillan

8/6 Dickens' (Chas.) Works, People's edit. Little Dorrit.

Xy Kew-Year's Gift to my son. The Head and Vol. 2. Post 8vo, bds., 240. Chapman f Hall. 2/

Heart Legacy. By Pamphilins. New edition. Dumas (Alex.) Memoirs of a Physician. In 2 vols.

Post Axo. Virtue

2/6 Vol. I. Fcap. 8yo, sd., pp. 444. Puutledge . 1/

Barragansett Club, Publications of the. First Series. Dumas (Alexi Captain Paul. New ed. Fcap. 8vo,

1. 4to, visi--396. Providence

sd., pp. xii-328, Routledge .


New Double Acrostics (The). By A. A. Y. 18mo, Gwendoline : & Novel. By a Septuagenarian, Post

pp. 117. Lothian


8vo, pp. 354, Nishet


Parton (Jas.) How New York City is Governed. Howitt Wm.) Woodburn Grange. A Story of English

limo, pp. 48. Boston, U.S.


Personal Appearance: Observations on Fashion and

Country Life. 3 vols. Post 8vo, 910. C.W.Wood. 31/6


Hugo (Victor) Jargal : & Novel, Translated.


D 34. Beanty, &c, Fcap. 8vo, sd. Pass more. 6d.

8vo, pp. 310. Vew York

Sabir Poleri) The Electric Telegraph. 8vo, pp.

Idalia." A Romance. By Ouida, '3 vols. ' Post 8vo,

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7/6 Montague Corry. 8vo, xi--470. Longmans





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James (G. P. R.) My Aunt Pontypool. A Novel. New Lyra Elegantiarum; a Collection of some of t1

edition. Fcap. Avo, sd., pp. 320. Routledge 1/ best Specimens of Vers de Société and Vers d'Occ
John Thorpe's Marriage: a Tale of Hopshire and sion in the English Language by deceased Author

the Antilles. 2 vols. Post 8vo. Chapman * Hall. 21/ Edit. by Frederick Locker. Fcap. 8vo, pr. XX—31

Jones (T. Mason) Old Trinity. A Story of Real Life. Moron

3 vols. Post Svo, pp. 887. Bentley

31/6 Lytton (R. B.) The Poetical Works of Owen Meredit

Lockhart (J. I.) Wife's Peril. A Romance, 3 vols. Vol. 1. Clytemnestra, and Poems Lyrical and D

Post 8vo. Saunders of Otley

31/6 scriptive. New edition. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xiv-36

Lover (Sam.) Handy Andy': a Tale of Irish Life. Chapman * Hall

New ed. Fcap. 8vo, Routledge

2/6 Mercer (Edward S.) Mount Calvary: a Poem. 12m-

Lover (Samuel) Handy Andy; a Tale of Irish Life. sd. I'rübner

(Railway Lib.) Fcap. 8vo, bds., iv—436. Routledge. 2/ Moon (G. WashingtonElijah the Prophet. A Poem
Melville (G.J. W.) Cerise : a Tale of the Last Century. 3rd ed. Fcap, Avo, xvi-150. Hatchard 3

4th edit. Post 8vo, pp. 441. Chapman f Hall. 6/ Paton (J. Noel) Spindrift. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-18

Meredith (Geo.) Vittoria. vols. Post 8vo, pp. Blackwoods .

938. Chapman f. Hall

31,6 Payne's Select Poetry for Children. With Notes

Miller (Thos.) Gideon Giles, the Roper. New ed. 18th ed. 18mo. Virtue


(Railway Lib.) Fcap. 8vo, bds., 397. . Routledge. 2/ Royal Naval Song Book (The), Compiled and edit

Muloch (Miss) Two Marriages. By the Author of by Rev. W.G. Tucker; with appropriate Music fro

“ John Halifax, Gentleman.” 2 vols. Post 8vo, the most popular Composers ; Edit. and arrange

pp. 581. Hursl fBlackett

by C. H. Purday. Roy. 16mo, x-182. Routledge. 2

Murray (Mrs.) Lilian's Inheritance. 2 vols. Post Saint Valentine's Pocket Book, in which will b

8vo. Newby

21/ found a curious and beautiful collection of Loy

Power (Harriet) Disenchanted, and other Tales. Letters belonging to that Saint. Tuck, pp. 178

Post 8vo. Saunders $ Olley

10/6 Holten


Sand (George) Jealousy. Translated. Cr. 8vo, pp. Sæmund the Learned, the Edda of; from the Ol

304. Philadelphia

9/ Norse or Icelandic, by B. Thorpe. In 1 vol. 12m

Scott's Waverley Novels. New Issue. Vol. 26. Triibner.


Fortunes of Nigel-1. Fcap. 8vo, hf.-bd. Black. 4/6 Sergeant (E. F. A.) Poems. With Introduction b

Scott (Sir W.) Rob Roy. Copyright Edition. 8vo, Adeline. Fcap, 8vo. Walker (Leeds)Hamilton, 2/

sd. Black

6d. Shakspeare's Tempest. Edit. with Glossarial an

Tainsh (E. C.) Saint Alice. 3 vols. Post 8vo. explanatory Notes by Rev. J. M. Jephson. Chea

Hurst f Blackett

ed. (Macmillan's School Class Books.) 18mo, c

Thoresen (M.) Signe's History. Cheap edition. Cr. sd. Macmillan


8vo, sd. Ward f Lock

1/ Shakspeare's Works. Edited by Charles Knigh

Trollope (Anthony) Tales of all Countries. (Sel. Lib. Blackfriars edition. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. viii-107

Fiction.) 12mo, bds., pp. 403. Chapman * Hall. 2/ Routledge


Wills (W. G.) Love that Kills. A Novel. 3 vols. Shakspeare (The Handy. Volume). Vol. 8. 32mc

Post 8vo, pp. 909. T'insley

31/6 sd., pp. 372. Bradbury

Wilson (Prof.) Tbe Foresters. New edition. Fcap. Spirit-Voices. Roy. 18mo, pp. 162. Le Feurs

8vo, sd. pp. 237. Blackwoods

ва. (Jersey)--Simpkin


Wood (Mrs. Henry) Elster's Folly. A Novel. New Street (Alfred B.) Poems. 2 vols., pp. ix—640. Ne

edition. Post 8vo, pp. 483. Tinsley

6) York.

Wood (Mrs. Henry) Lady Adelaide's Oath. 3 vols. Tylecote (Rev. T.) Holy Seasons: a Collection,
Post 8vo, pp. 964. Bentley

31/6 Original Verses. Cr. 8vo. Longmans

Yates (Edmund) Forlorn Hope. A Novel. 3 vols. Webster (Augusta) A Woman Sold, and other Poem

Post 8vo, pp. 792. Tinsley

31/6 Cr. 8vo, pp. viii-288. Macmillan


Whitman (Walt.) “ Dram Taps " and Sequel. "Whe


Lilacs last in the Dooryard Bloomed," and oth

Pieces. In 1 vol. 12mo. Washington

Bennett (W. C.) Our Glory-Roll, and other National Whittier (John G.) Maud Müller. Sm. 4to. Bosto

Poems. Sq. 8vo, pp.xv-157. Routledge



Bickersteth (Edward Hen.) Yesterday, To-Day, and Withers (Jas. R.) Rustic Songs and Wayside Musing

For Ever: a Poem, in Twelve Books. Post 8vo,

4th ed., revised. Fcap. 8vo. Darlon fCo.

V-447. Rivingtons :


Wood Demon (The), &c. &c. Plays and Poem

Bonar (Rev. Andrew B.) Poets and Poetry of Scotland,


from James I. to the Present Time,with Biographical
Sketches and Critical Remarks. 2nd ed. Post 8vo,

xi-399. Maclachlan (Edinburgh)-Simpkin 6/ POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DA

Burns (Rob.) Poetical Works. Edit. by Rev. R. A.

Willmott. Illust. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. Ixiv- Adderley (Hon. C. B.) Europe incapable of Americ

478. Routledge

5/ Democracy ; an Outline Tracing of the Irreversi

Cowper (Wm.) Table Talk and Miscellaneous Poems. Course of Constitutional History. Stanford

(Bell & Daldy's Elzevir Series.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii Bemis (Geo.) American Neutrality: its honoura

--473. Bell & Daldy

4/6 past, its expedient future. A Protest against

The Task, Olney Hymns, and Trane lations. proposed Repeal of the Neutrality Laws, &c.

(Bell & Daldy's Elzevir Series.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. pp. vi—211. Boston, U.S.

xiii-453. Bell & Daldy .

4/6 Blackie (John Stuart) On Democracy. A Led

Edison (J. S.) Northumberland : an Historical Dra. delivered to the Working Men's Institute, E

matic Poem. Post 8vo. Rivingtons .


burgh, on the 3rd January, 1867. 4th ed. 8vo,

Epigrams and Humorous Verses. By Rambling pp. 54. Edmonston

Richard. 12mo. Longmans

2/6 Bright (John) Speeches on Parliamentary Refe

Farningham (Marianne) Lays and Lyrics of the &c., delivered during the Autumn of 1866. Rev

Blessed Life, consisting of Light from the Cross, by himself. 8vo, sd., pp. 77. John Heyt

and other Poems. 5th edition. Cr. 8vo, pp. 256. (Manchester) -Simpkin

J. Clarke f. Co.

8/ Cobden (Richard) Political Writings. 2 vols.

Hunt (Leigh) and (Lee S. Adams) Book of the pp. 950. Ridgway

Sonnet. 2 vols. Sm, cr. 8vo, xx—683. Low. 18/ Cole (Hen. W.) Middle Classes and the Bore

Japanese Lyrical Odes. Trans. by F. V. Dickins. Franchise. Roy. 8vo, sd. Longmans

8vo. Smith | Elder

10,6 De Vere (Aubrey) Church Settlement of Ireland

Lovers' Dictionary (The): a Poetical Treasury of Hibernia Pacanda. Svo, sd. Longmans

Lovers' Thoughts, Fancies, Addresses and Dilemmas. Disraeli (Rt. Hon. B.) Parliamentary Reform

Indexed with nearly ten thousand references as a Series of Speeches on that Subject, delivered i

Dictionary of Compliments and guide to the study House of Commons (1848.68). Reprinted

of the Tender Science. Post 8vo, pp. xxxvi-789. permission) from “Hansard's Debates." Edi

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Fowler (Wm.) The Crisis of 1866: & Financial Lees (W. Nassau) Memorandum written after a Tour

Essay. Sro, sd. Longmans

1/6 through the Tea Districts of Eastern Bengal in

Hare (Thos.) Election of Representatives, Parlia- 1864-65. Roy. 8vo. Williams f Norg. (Calcutta). 5/

mentary and Municipal: a Treatise. 3rd edit., Martin (Fred.) Commercial Handbook of France.

with new Preface, Appendix, and other additions. Post 8vo, pp. x-394. Longmans


Cr. Bro. Longmans


Monzert (L.) Independent Liquorist; or, the Art of

Jameson John A.) Constitutional Convention; its Manufacturing and Preparing all kinds of Cordials,
History, Powers, and modes of Proceeding.

8vo, Syrups, Bitters, Wines, &c., &c. 12mo, pp. xvii-

Pp. --561. New York

21/ 93. New York .

· 15/

Lees (W. Nasean Short Essays and Reviews on the Overman (Fred.) Treatise on Metallurgy; com.

Educational Poliey of the Government of India. prising Mining, and General and Particular Metal.
Sro. Williams f Vorgate (Calcutta)

3/ lurgical Operations, with a Description of Charcoal,
Macfie R. A.) Speech delivered at a Meeting of the

Coke, and Anthracite Furnaces. Blast Machines,

Liverpool Reform League, Dec. 19, 1866. 8vo, sd. Hot Blast, Forge Hammers, Rolling Mills, &c., &c.



Illust. 6th ed. 8vo. New York


Peyton Jno. Lewis) American Crisis ; or, Pages from

Smyth (Warington W.) Treatise on Coal and Coal.
the Note-book of a State Agent during the Civil

Mining. Post 8yo, pp. vi-253. Virtue 7/6
War. 2 vols. PL 850, wiii—669. Saunders f Olley 21/ Temple (J. A.) Litres and Centilitres, reduced to
Prossian Aggression and England's Interests.

Gallons and Pints. Amo, sd., 19. Temple 1/


1/ Warne's Ready Reckoner, for the Trader and

Romilly (Edsard) Letter to the Rt. Hon. B.

Housekeeper. Showing the value of any number

Disrieli, M.P. Ridgway


of Articles from 1 to 5,000, from 10. to £I. With

numerous Comercial Forms, Rates of Postage,

Bosse (Earl) Few Words on the Relation of Landlord

&c. 18mo, sd. Warne


and Tenant in Ireland, and in other parts of the

United Kingdom. 8vo, sd., pp. 53. Murray 2/

Stanley (W. F.) Proposition for a new Reform Bill,

to fairly represent the Interests of the People.


Explaining necessity of Reform, and anticipated

Advantages. Cr. Svo, sd., pp. 47. Simpkin · 6d. Baret. Les Troubadours et leur influence sur la

Thomas W. Cave) Science of Moderation. Cr. 8vo.

Littérature du Midi de l'Europe. Svo


Said Elder .


Beneden (P.J. van) Recherches sur la Faune Littorale

United States' Claims in respect to the Alabama

de Belgique.-Polypes. 4to


Brialmont (Lt. Col.) Considerations sur la Réorgani-

Official Correspondence on.) 8vo, 279. Longmans 7/6

sation de l'Armée. Svo


Varden Rich.) Hints on the Principles of Self- Busscher (Ed. De) Recherches sur les Peintres et
Government and their application to Parliamentary

Sculpteurs à Gand aux xvi., xvii., et xviii. Siècles.

Reform. Stanford



Caumont. Abécédaire, ou Rudiment d'Archéologie.

-Architecture Religieuse. Deuxième edition.



SCIENCE, NATURAL HISTORY, &c. Considerations sur le Recrutement de l'Armée.

Ennis Jacob) Origin of the Stars, and the Causes of


their Motions and their Light. 12mo, 394.

Delvau (A.) Dictionnaire de la Langue Verte, Argots
Neo Perk

10/6 Parisien comparé. Deuxième edition. 12mo. 6/
Grove (W. R.) Correlation of Physical Forces. 5th

Haus (J.J.) La Peine de Mort son Passé, son Présent,

ed. Followed by a Discourse on Continuity,

son Avenir. Svo


delivered by the Author as President of the British

Juste (Th.) Fondateurs de la Monarchie Belge. Le

Association at Nottingham, 1866. 8vo, xvii-363.

Regent. Svo


Longmans; 10/6; the Discourse separate . 2/6

Kickx. Flore Cryptogamique de Flandres. Vol. 1.

Jones (John) Notes on the Geology of the Midland

Roy. 8vo


Lehon. L'Homme Fossile en Europe son Industrie,
Counties. 8vo, sd., 24. Wright (Birmingham)-

ses Meurs ses Euvres d'Art. 8vo. Plates. . 6/



Leupol et Burnouf. Choix de Morceaux Sanscrits

Jordan (W. L.) The Elements. Vol. 2. Roy. 8vo. traduits, Annotés et Analysés. Svo



4/6 Liais. Traité d'Astronomie appliquée à la Geographie

Navroji (Dadabhai) European and Asiatic Races. et à la Navigation suivi de la Géodésie pratique.

Observations on Mr. Crawfurd's Paper read before


the Ethnological Society. 8vo, sd.Tribner . 1/ Nisard. Des Chansons Populaires chez les Anciens

Perkins (Maurice) Elementary Manual of Qualitative

et chez les Français. 2 vols. 12mo.


Chemical Analysis. 1200, pp. 65. New York. 5/

Ram (P. F. X. de) Notice sur la Situation financière

et Administrative des Etablissements Academiquis

Smith Rev. Sydney) Elementary Sketches of Moral

de Louvain en 1599. Svo


Philosophy, delivered at the Royal Institution in the

Years 1804-5-6. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii-

Ratisbonne (L.) Alfred de Vigny. Journal d'un

Poëte. 12mo.


120. Longmans

6/ Ritter. Les Diocèses des Belgique avant 1559.

Taylor (John E.) Lithographs: 8 Series of Four Première Partie, Liège. 8vo.


Lectures on Geology. Fcap. 8vo. Fletcher (Norwich) Saint-Victor (P.) Hommes et Dieux. Avo . 7/50

3/ Van Leynseele. Resumé du Cours d'Accouchement,

Walker (Amasa) Science of Wealth ; a Manual of donné à l'Université de Gand. 4to.... 10/

Political Economy, embracing the laws of Trade,

Carteney, and Finance, 8vo, XXX–478. Boston,



Watson (Rev. Jno. Selby) Reasoning Power in

Animals Post 8vo, pp. viii-471. L. Reeve. 9/

Appendix codicum celeberrimorum Sinaitici Vati-
cani Alexandrini, Cum imitatione ipsorum antiqua

manuscriptorum nunc primum edidit A. F. C.


Tischendorf. Fol., bds. 18/ to Subscribers ; after



Bronne (W. A.) Merchants' Handbook. 12mo, pp.

239. Stanford


Eyde (James) Science of Cotton Spinning practically • List of French Publications supplied by Messrs.

Arranged and Simplified. 8vo, 151. John Heywood Dular of Co. Fomign Rnoksellers, Soho Square.

+ Lisl supplied by Mr. David Nult, 270, Strand.

10 6

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Areschoug (J. E.) Observationes phycologicae. Par von Cues nebst ungedruckten Fragmenten Cicero-

ticula 1.: De confervaceis nonnullis. 4. Upsaliae nischer Reden. Svo



Mithoff (H. W. H.) mittelalterliche Künstler u.

Auerbach (E.) deutsche Abende. Nene Folge. 8vo 3/6

Werkmeister Niedersachsens u. Westfalens lexi.


Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum latinorum.

kalisch dargestellt. 8vo. 1856.
Vol. I. Sulpicii Severi opera ex rec. Hahn. 8vo 3/6

Mörikofer (F. C.) Ulrich Zwingli nach den urkund.
Jichen Quellen. 8vo. Vol. I.

Duschak (Dr. M.) Geschichte et Darstellung des

Müller (Dr. Carolus Fridericus) de pedibus solutis in

jüdischen Cultus. 8vo


Evsebi Chronicorvm libri 'dcio. Edidit Alfred

dialogorum senariis Aeschyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis,



Schöne, Vol. 2. Fol.


Müller (F.) Lohengrin u. die Gral. u. Schwan-Sage

Heffter (A. G.) le droit international public de

Ein Skizzenbild auf Grund der Wort- u. Tondich:

l’Europe. Traduit par Jules Bergson. "Nouvelle

tung Rich. Wagner's. 8vo.


édition revue at augmentée, après le décès du

Rabe (Th.)Aus dem heiligen Lande. Orig.·Aufnahmen

traducteur, par l'auteur. 1866. 8vo


auf Stein gez. u. in Farben ausgeführt. Mit

Henkel (W.) Ilias u. Odyssee u. ihre Ubersetzer in Einleitg. u. Erläutergn. v. C. Tischendorf, 1. Lfg.

England. Von Chapman bis auf Lord Derby. Imp. Fol.



1/6 Testamentum Novum Vaticanum. Post Angeli Maii

Hübner (E.) Relief eines römischen Kriegers im

aliorumque imperfectos labores ex ipso codice

Museum zu Berlin. 1866. 4to

2/ edidit A. F. c. Tischendorf. 4to., sd., early in

Justiniani Digestorum seu Pandectarum Libri March


1-X. Edid. Th. Mommsen. Accedunt tabulae Vergilii Maronis Opera rec. Ribbeck. Prolegomena

duae. 4to

12/ critica. Svo


Libri XI-XVI.

5/ Vogt (K. A. Tr.) Johannes Bugenhagen Pomeranus

Klein (Joseph) Ueber eine Handschrift des Nicolaus Leben und ausgewcahlte Schriften. 8vo .. 7/

Early in February.

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Printed on toned paper, cloth antique, 3s. 6d.
Memoir of Colonel Wheler, H.E.I.C.S. By

Major H. M. Conrax. Preface by MACLEOD WYLIE, Esq.

“ This memoir deserves an honoured place. It may
stand side by side with those of Hedley Vicars and Have-
lock."- The Freeman, January 7,

“A devoted servant of Christ.”Methodist Recorder,

January 11.

“A most valuable book."- The Record, January 21.

“There is an inexpressible charm in such a personal

history as this."- Wesleyan Times, January 28.

In tinted covers, 1s.; cloth, gilt edges, 2s. (13 as 12.)

The Gospel According to Moses ; being a

Description of the Tabernacle and its Services. By


improved. With Frontispiece--" The Tabernacle and its


"Not less serviceable than valuable."-T. H. Walker,

I rejoice in the publication of this little book."- Dr.


Cheap Edition, in enamelled covers, 6d. (13 as 12.)

The Child Minister. Records of a Young

Life. By Anna SHIPTON, Author of "Tell Jesus,”

“Will be perused by many a parent and child with

affectionate interest." - The Friend.

“ This tribute to the memory of a loveable, beautiful

child."-IUustrated Christian Times,

The Larger Edition, price 28. cloth gilt, is still on sale.

Tinted covers, 6d. ; cloth, bevelled boards, 19. (13 as 12.)

Trust and Triumph. Memorials of Robert E.,

a Convert froin Romanism.

“A simple statement of the conversion and subsequent

life of one whom it was the Lori's good pleasure to inake

a witness for Ilimself, and to raise up as a light in the

midst of darkness."--Prejace.

Leaflets by Anna Shipton, Author of " Tell

Jesus," etc. (18 as 12.) Principally selected from "THE


Well printed in old-faced type on tinted paper, and done

up in an attractive wrapper. 100 assorted in a packet

for 1s.

CONTENTS : The Heavenly Friend.-The Loving Cup.-

The Dying Thief.-Who is Willing ?-"Bow beside all

Waters.” — Without Money and without Price. - The

Fourth Watch.-The First Missionary.-Home! Light!

Home !--A very Present Help in Trouble.-"Wait on the

Lord.”_The Lost Cherith.

Enamelled covers, 6d.; cloth, gilt edges, bevelled

boards, 1s.

(13 as 12.)

Prayer, Pardon, and Peace : A Narrative of

Conversion to God. With Letters from Rev. Dr. Bonar,

Rev. J. McAuslane, Mr. Brownlow North, and others.


In enamelled covers, price 3d. (13 as 12.)

Little Allie's Struggles; or, The Story of a
Workroom. By C. M. R. Founded on Fact.

In enamelled covers, price id. (13 as 12.)
Adoption. An Address by Rev. Adolph Saphir.

In enamelled covers, price id. (13 as 12.)
Life in the Church. By Rev. Adolph Saphir.

In enamelled covers, price id. (13 as 12.)
The Power of the Cross. A Check to Rational-
ism. By Rev. CHARLES GRAHAM, Author of Christ our
Light," etc.

In enamelled covers, price 1d. (13 as 12.)
Pray for the Young. An Address by Rev.

W. Conway, M.A., Canon of Westminster, and Rector
of St. Margaret's.

London: MORGAN & CHASE, 38, Ludgate Hill, London,


large pictures in oil to every subscriber of One Guinea. Size of
each chromo-lithograph (which, to insure excellence, will be entrusted to
Day and Son, Limited, for execution) 28 by 18, on mounts 38 by 25, a
size usually sold at three guineas each, or £22 is. for the set of seven,
now announced for One Guinea. Post-office orders to, and prospectuses
of, Mr. William J. Day, 20, Cockspur Street, S.W.

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