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roy. 8vo.


Shore (Omey Bohun) Domestic Medicine : Plain and Home in the Wilderness, Being Adventures brief Directions for the Treatment requisite before and Experiences in Uncivilized Regions. By Advice can be obtained. 2nd ed. (Handy Outlines J. Keast Lord.

of Useful Knowledge.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii-238. liday Excursions of a Naturalist. Forming a Nimmo.

2/ Guide Book to the Natural History of the Inland

Announcement. and Litteral.


Clinical Lectures on Syphilis. A Course of Lec. mer Cangat: Personal Adventures during Twelve tures delivered at the Lock Hospital. By Walter Saccesarul Trips in Blockade Running. By Coulson.

Captain Roberts. irish Homes and Irish Hearts, By Fanny Taylor. MINOR FICTION & JUVENILE WORKS.

Andersen (Hans Christian) Will-o'-the-Wisp, and The Pyrenees : a Description of Summer Life at

oiber stories. Trans. by H. W. Dulcken. Ulust. French Watering Places. By Henry Blackburn.

Fcap. 8vo, pp. 148. Routledge.

1/6 TSIB

Arthur (T. S.) Words of Warning. A Series of Tales

and Sketches., Fcap. 8vo, pp. 208. Nelson 2/ Lina, Sketches of the Capital of Peru, Historical,

Aunt Judy's May-Day Volume. For Young People. Statistical, Administrative, Commercial and

Illust. Edit.. by Mrs. Alfred Gatty. Sq. cr. 8vo, By Manuel A. Fuentes.

pp. viii-384. .

Bell & Daldy 51 Brook (Nelsie) Ernest Clarke's Fall; or,


not into Temptation." 12mo, cl. sd. 48. Partridge. 60. Austin R. Cecil) Metropolitan Poor Act, 1867, with Cobbe (Frances Power) Confessions of a Lost Dog. Introduction, Notes, Commentary, and Index. Cr. Roy. 16mo, pp. 59

Griffith of Farran 2/ S., pp. IXI-49. Butterworths

2/6 Dame Buckle and her Pet Johnny. A Story for Broeke Rebard; Treatise on the Office and Practice Little Children. By the Author of Steps up the

a foary of England. With a Full Collection of Ladder." 18mo, pp. 105. Religious Tract Society 1/ Precedents. 3rd ed. Edit. by Leone Levi. 8vo, De Foo (D.) Robinson Crusoe. With Life by Rev. DT-73. Stevens f Sons

21/ H. Stebbing. New ed. Fcap. 8vo. 1'egg. · 2/6 Hekt 5.) Admiralty Court Cases on the Rule of the Ellis (E. S.) The Fugitives ; or, the Quaker Scont of Pond. o. W. Marwell .

10/6 Wyoming. (Beadle's American Library, 74.) Fcap. Ingras (Henry B.) Handbook for Executors, Ad- 8vo, sd., pp. 122. Routledge

6d. ministrators, and Trustees Compiled from the Engelbach (Alfred H.) Gretchen's Troubles. A Story xey Antborities. With concise Instructions for

of German Peasant Life. For Girls. 18mo, pp. 126. homem, &c. &c. &c. Post 8vo, bds., PP;

Suciety for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1/ 199. Pettist

Effie's Favourite Book of Pretty Fairy Tales. Oviton H. 11 Derseers' Manual ; Showing their

With Coloured Pictures. Printed on Linen. Sup. Duties, Liabinies, and Responsibilities; to which

Ward 4 Lock

776 are added as Index of Cases, Table of Statutes,

Hammond (Edward Payson) Children and Jesus; or, and's copians General Index. 2nd ed. Post Bvo, Stories to Children about Jesus, 12mo, pp. 92. pp. 15–24 Share & Sons . 3/6 Partridge .

1/ Smith John Wm. Selection of Leading Cases on

Leslie (Emma) Ellerslie House. A Book for Boys. various Branches of the Law; with Notes. The Cr. 8vo, pp. xii--216. Partridge

2/6 Thord and Fourth Editions by James Shaw Willes Little Facts for Little People. By S. T. C. With and Henry 8. Keating. The Sisth Edition by Fred. Ilust. New ed. lomo, pp. 162. Seeleys . 2/6 Phiap Hande and Thos, Edward Chitty. 2 vols. MacDonald (George) Dealings with the Fairies, HIT*u, pp. lxxii—1820. W. Marwell 70/ * where more is meant than meets the ear." With Webster Edward) Parliamentary Costs. Private Illust. 16mo, pp. 308. Strahan

2/6 Bus . Election Petitions, &c. 3rd ed. Post 8vo. Marshall (Mrs.) Grannie's Wardrobe; or, the Lost

20/ Key. 18mo, pp. 122. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge


Mulock (D. M.) Cola Monti: a Tale for Boys. New
ed. Fcap. 8vo.

2/6 Akbarter (John) Notes and Studies on the Philo. Nimmo's Popular Tales. Vol. ii. Annie's Canary; sophy of Animal Magnetism and Spiritualism : with and other interesting and amusing stories. By Oberations on Catarrh, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Eminent Authors. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 256. Nimmo 17 6. Serofula, and Cognate Diseases. 8vo, pp. 444.

Vol. 12. The Sliding Scale of Life. By

12/6 James M.Levy. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 312. Catlow J. P. On the Principles of Æsthetic Medicine. Nimmo

1/ 10. Hudson (Birmingham); Churchill . 9/ Parish Difficulty (The), and its Remedy.' i2mo, ly (4.) Methomania: a Treatise on alcoholic pp. 92. Partridge

1/ Poisoning. 18mo, pp. 70. Boston, U.S.

Pollok (Robert) Tales of the Covenanters. Cheap Deball Horace) On the True First Stage of Con. ed. 18mo, sd. Oliphant

1, yaption. Lectures delivered at the Royal In- Helen of the Glen

6d. imary for Diseases of the Chest. Post Svo, pp. Persecuted Family

ad. *. Okurchill 3/6 Ralph Gemmell

60. Being Ralph) Manual of Domestic Medicine, de Rimbault (E. F.) Nursery Rhymes, with the Tunes tribing the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of to which they are still Sung in the Nurseries of the most common Medical and Surgical Affections ; England. Cheap ed. Sm. Ato, sd. Cramer 5/ the whole intended as a Family Guide in all cases Routledge's Coloured Picture Books. 3 sorts. 4to. accident and emergency, and to give directions Routledge.

Each 2/6 us to the proper Method of proceeding in those Story of a Bee (The) and her Friends. Told by is where the Surgeon's aid is obtained after herself. With Plates. New ed. Sq. pp. vii-63. dabeuty and much delay. (Weale's Rud. Ser. 112.) Macintosh

2/6 mo, . sd., pp. viii-204. Virtue

2! Tales of Heroes: Taken from English History. By Laater (G. Yeates) Body and Mind, A Popular the Author of " The Juvenile Sunday Library," &c. l'r-atise on the Nervous System and its Derange. 12mo, pp. 226. Nelson

3/6 Deale. Churchill

3/6 Warner and Wetherell. The Golden Ladder: Lawson (George) Injuries of the Eye, Orbit, and Stories Illustrative of the Eight Beatitudes. By the

Eyelids: their immediate and remote Effects. Ilust. Authors of “ The Wide, Wide World," &o. 26th Hvo, pp. xiv-430). Longmans 12/6 thous. Fcap. 8vo. Nisbet

3/8 Le Bride J. A.) Anatomical Outlines of the Horse. Wonderful Stories (The) of Fuz-Buz, the Fly, and fcap. 870, pp. vii—252. Baily (Cirencester) - Mother Grabem, the Spider. Sq. pp. 79. Phila

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Wood (Rev. James) Stories from Greek Mythology. Memoranda, References, and Documents relatin Fcap. 8vo, pp. 128. Nelson

1,46 the Royal Hospitals of the City of London.


Supplement to, consisting of Original D Artemus Ward among the Fenians. New ed.

ments from the Record Office, the British Muse Fcap. 8vo, sd. Hollen


&c. &c. 8vo. Pardon . Beeton (Mrs Isabella) Meats, How to Select, How to

Mill (John Stewart) Dissertations and Discuss Cook, and How to Carve. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 1–189.

Political, Philosophical, and Historical. Repri Ward & Lock


chiefly from the Edinburgh and Westminster Book (The) of Ready-Made Speeches; containing

views. (In 3 vols.) Vol. 3. 8vo, 379. Longmant, Examples on the following subjects :-Loyalty,

Paris Universal Exhibition, 1867. Complete Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese, the Army, Navy,

cial Catalogue, English Version. Translated! and the Volunteers, Political, Forensic and Elec

the Proof Sheets of the French Catalogue, publi tioneering, Railways, the Drama, &c. &c. &c. Roy.

by the Imperial Commission. 8vo, sd. John

Sons 18mo, pp. xi-244, Nicholson (Halifax), Reeves do Turner


Ramsay (E. B.) Reminiscences of Scottish liê Books for the Household. New Issae. Fcap. 8vo.

Character. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 3 Jarrold; each


272. Edmonston For Fathers and Mothers.

Richardson (Rev. R.) Drunkenness. 32mo, wra On Home Happiness.

Washbourne For Workers and Thinkers.

Ross (Charles H.) Week with Mossoo, with a w For Young Women.

ness for Mamselle. With Illust. Cr. Svo, sd.

, For Young Men.

127. Routledge For Boys and Girls.

Smyth (C. Piazzi) Life and Work at the G Of Poetry, Home and School Life,

Pyramid during the Months of Jan., Feb., M. For Young Men and Women.

and April, A.D. 1865, with a Discussion of the ! athway of Health.

ascertained. 3 vols,, with Illust, on Stone Home, Sweet Home.

Wood. 8vo, pp. xli— 1653. Edmonston Popular Readings.

Tennysoniana. Notes Bibliographical and Crit Tales in Rhyme.

on Early Poems of Alfred & c. Tennyson. Opini Brande and Cox. A Dictionary of Science, Literature,

of Contemporary Writers. In Memoriam ; rarie and Art: comprising the definitions and derivations

Readings, with parallel Passages in Shakespear of the Scientific Terms in General Use, together

Sonnets. Various Readings in Later Poetas (1842 with the history and descriptions of the Scientific

1865). Patriotic and Minor Poems, Allusios Principles of nearly every branch of human know.

Scripture and to Classic Authors. The Tennys ledge. New edition. Edit. by W. T. Brande and

Portraits. Bibliographical List of Tennys Rev. Geo. W. Cox. (In 3 vols.) Vol. 3. 8vo, pp.

Volumes and of his Contributions to Period V–1068. Longmaus; 21); Complete 3 vols.


Publications. Fcap. 8vo, xii—170. Pickering, Chambers's Encyclopædia. A Dictionary of Uni.

Announcements. versal Knowlege for the People. With Maps

HOTTENand Woodcuts. Vol. 9. Roy. 8vo, 827. Chambers. 9/

A Sequel to “The Sham Squire." By W. J.I Dinners and Housekeeping. How to Manage.

patrick. How to Cook. How to Serve. How to Rule. For

TRUBNERthe use of every woman who is, or who expects to

King Arthur; or, the Drama of the Rerolet be, the Housekeeper of her own home. By G. P.

Humanitarianism; or, the Principles of the (Routledge's Household Manuals.) Fcap. 8vo, sd.

volution. The New Commonwealth; e, pp. 90. Routledge

6d. Institutions of the Revolution. By Johns. Se Fow Practical Hints on Church Embroidery.

Glennie. Masters

1/ Froude (James Anthony) Short Studies on Great Sub

NAVAL, MILITARY, AND ENGINEERING jects. 2 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 631. Longmans. 18/ Grote. (George) Plato, and the other Companions of

Haupt (Herman) Generel Theory of Bridge Sokrates. 3 vols. 2nd ed. 8vo, xc-1786. Murray. 45/

struction; containing Demonstrations of the ! Hamilton Manuscripts (The): containing some

ciples of the Art, and their Application to Pre Account of the Settlement of the Territories of the

With Practical Illustrations. Roy. 8vo. New Fork Upper Clapeboye, Great Arden, and Dufferin, in

Thomson (D.) Rules in Navigation and Naa the County of Down, by Sir James Hamilton.

Astronomy, for the use of Mariners desire Edit. by T. K. Lowry. 4to. J. R. Smith .. 21/

obtaining Certificates of Competency at the

Marine Board Examinations. Fcap. 8vo, si Johns (Rev. B. G.) Blind People; their Works and Ways: with Sketches of the Lives of some Famous

47. Campbell (Glasgow)--Spon Blind Men. Illust. Post 8vo, xii-196. Murray. 7/6 Lamb (Charles) Eliana. Post 8vo, sd., PP.


NOVELS. Bell & Daldy

1/ Lankester (Edwin) Good Food: What it is, and How

Ada Moore's Story. A Novel. 3 vols. Post

pp. 738. Tinsley . to get it. (Household Manuals.) Fcap. 8vo, sd., Aimard (Gustave, Flying Horseman. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 64. Routledge. .


pp. 312. C. H. Clarke Lardner (Dr.) Electric Telegraph. New edition.

Guide of the Desert ; or, Life in the l'u Revised and re-written by Edward B. Bright. With Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 320. C. H. Clarke

140 Illust. Post 8vo, pp. xii—272. Walton 5/ Lees (W. Nassau) Land and Labour of India. A

Insurgent Chief. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp

C. H. Clarke
Review. 8vo. pp. xiii—200. Williams of Norgate 6/ Collier (Wm. Francis) Marjorie Dudingstar
Low (Sampson, Jun.) Handbook to the Charities of Tale of Old St. Andrews. 2 vols. Post nu

London. Comprising the Objects, Date, Address, 511. Nimmo .
Income and Expenditure, Treasurer and Secretary
of abore Eight Hundred Charitable Institutions

Cooper (J. F.) Novels. New ed. Vol. 1. (r.

Routledge. and Funds. Corrected to March, 1867. Forming also a Supplement to the Charities of London in

Cooper (J. F.) Pioneers; or, the Sources of the 1861, their objects, operations, &c. Fcap. 8vo,

quehanna. A Descriptive Tale. Newed. tī

sd., pp. 181. Routledge pp. viii-188. "Low

1/6 Dickens (Charles) Our Matual Friend. With 10 Charities of London. Comprising an Ac. count of the Operations, Resources, and General

Library Edit. 2 vols. Post Svo, pp. 83,

man f Hall, Condition of the Charitable, Educational, and Re. ligious Institutions of London. New ed. with an

Duthie (William) Counting the Cost. A North

vols. Post 8vo. C.W. W'ood. Alphabetical Summary of the whole, corrected to April, 1867, with Additions. Fcap. 8vo. Low. 51

Edwards (Mrs.) Archie Lovell. A Novel. Nr

Post 8vo. pp. 440. Tinsley .'

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Fie ding (H.) Tom Jones, New ed. (Railway Lib.) Board of Audit. Correspondence :

60, 1 zno, bds. Routledge

2/ Charitable Bequests (Ireland). 22nd report 3d. flei

(Rev. G. R.) The Hussar. New ed. (Railway Children's Employment. 6th report of Commis. 6.) Feap. Svo, bds., pp. 533. Routledge 2/ sioners. Agricultural Gang system.

1/10 Areton (George) Chip of the Old Block. A Novel. China. Reports on Imports and Exports,1865,8vo 100. sole. Post 8F0. Chapman f Hall

21/ Commercial Reports, from H. N. Consuls abroad. Hi Tood (John) Miss Jane, the Bishop's Daughter. No. 4. Svo

ва. $ Tols. Post 8vo, pp. 903. Bentley 31/6 Dundee Seamen. Return.

6d. A teheson (J. C.) Pettyshams. A Novel. 2 vols. East India. Tariff Valuations return.

4d. Pedro. Neoby


Statistical abstracts, 1810–65. 8vo. 5d. Ksight Charles) Begg'd at Court: a Legend of Ecclesiastical Commissions. 19th report. 8vo. 3/

estminster. Post 8vo, pp. 283. Chapman f Hall. 9/ Harwich Harbour. Report of the Conservancy Board, Legnard Lady Barrett) Constance Rivers. 3 vols. with Plans

2/ Post Sro, pp. 921. Hurst & Blackell

31/6 Ionian Islands. Correspondence respecting the state Lord Lynn's Wife. A Novel. By the Author of of the Ionian Islands since the withdrawal of British

- Lady Flavia." New ed. (Companion Lib.) Fcap. protection.. Bro, sd., pp. 250. Warne.

1/ Jews. Correspondence respecting the condition and Lost at the Winning Post. By H. L. H. 2 vols. treatment of Jews in Servia

4d. Past 90: Nechy

21/ Lamirande. Correspondence respecting the extradic. Layalist's Danghter (The). A Novel or Tale of the tion of M. Lamirande from Canada. Two Parts. 2/2 Besolution. By Royalist. 4 vols.

Post 8vo,

Manufactures, &c. Reports, No. 3. 8vo 60. p. 1970. Adams Francis 42/ Mines. Inspector's Reports for 1865.

5/ Ifitea Lond) Last of the Barons. New ed. Fcap. Navy. Reports on the trials of the Channel Aleet. TOPP. IVİ–487. Routledge 1/ Two Parts.

1/ Laequoid K. S.) Elinor Dryden's Probation. 3 vols. Prisons (Ireland). 13th report on Convict Prisons. Pos. 8. Skeet 31/6

5d. Kaitland J. A.) Captain Jack; or, the Great Van "Queen Victoria,” Correspondence respecting the

Brzek Property. A Story. 2 vols. Post 8vo, pp. seizure of, by the Spanish revenue cruiser“ Toro." -3. Tinsley


Reformatories (Ireland). 6th report. 8vo 3d, Yereland (Harry) Raymond. A Novel An Excep- Slave Trade. Correspondence A & B. 1866. 3/11 tiel Biography. 3 rols. Post 8vo. Saunders fo Tancred Charities, Report on, by Mr. Martin. 2/

31/6 Tornado,” Correspondence respecting the seizure Larryat (Blanebe) Briars and Thorns. A Novel. of the, by the Spanish frigate“ Gerona." 6 parts. 3,6

3 Fols Post Bro, pp. 905. Saunders of Otley. 31/6 Tay River. Report of Commissioners to the Board Only George. A Story. 3rd ed. Post 8vo, pp. 338. of Trade. Plan.

1/8 hara Hall, 6/ Waterford County Election, Report and Evi

. Part Barriet Nr. Wynyard's Ward. By Holme Lee.

dence on

1/6 2 rols. Pest tiro, pp. 594. Smith & Elder


Wrecks. Returns for 1865. Chart
Raymond's Heroine. 3 vols. Post 8vo. Hurst of


POETRY AND THE DRAMA. Rafini John Quiet Nook in the Jura. By the Book (The) of Humorous Poetry. With fllust. Anthor of " Dator Antonio," &o. Sm. post 8vo, Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi_464. Nimmo

3/6 PP. 1-1. Edmanston

7/6 Dante. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Beott's Waferley Novels. New Issue. Vol. 30. Trans. by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Inferno. Pereri of the Peak-3. Vol. 31. Quentin Dur. Post 8vo, pp. vii—246. Routledge.

3/6 vang-1 Feap. Beo, ht-bd. Black; each. 4/6 Dove on the Cross (The), and other Thoughts in

Copyright edition entire. Vol. 1. 8vo, pp. Verse. 6th ed. Fcap. 8vo. pp. viii-136. Nisbet 2/6 1:03. Black

5/ Hood (Thomas) Comic Poems. Edit. by Samuel The Bride of Lammermoor. Copyright Lucas. With Preface by Thomas Hood the Younger. station. @vo, sd. Black

Fcap. 8vo, pp. xxiii-479. Moron

5/ Szellett T. Adventures of Roderick Random. With Jewitt (Llewellynn) Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire. : Messir of the Author. (Railway Lib.) Fcap. 8vo, With Illustrative Notes and Examples of the bes, sp. IV–349. Routledge


Original Music, &c. Cr. 8vo, pp. xvi-307. Bemrose Saythie's (Mrs. Gordon) Idols of Clay. 3 vols. Post

& Lothian

7/6 . Sanaders - Olley

31/6 Lytton (R. B.) Lucile. By Owen Meredith. New ed. Trollope Anthony) Belton Estate New ed. Post

Fcap. 8vo, pp. x–320. Chapman & Hall 6/ Bre, p. 372. Chapman & Hall


Oxenham (H. N.) Sentence of Kaires, and other Bertrams, A Novel. 6th edit. (Sel. Lib. Poems. 2nd ed. Fcap. 8vo. Longmans 4/6 Piston.), bds., pp. 487. Chapman & Hall. 21 Percy (Thomas) Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. The Claverings. With Illust. 2 vols. 8vo.

3 vols. (Tauchnitz.) Sq. 12mo. Low. 776 Elder

261 Poems in Classical Metres and Quantity. By Announcements. Valerius. Cr. 8vo. Smith & Elder

3/6 Cams & HALL

Pope (Alex.) Poetical Works. With Life of the No Man's Friend. By F. W. Robinson.

Author and Notes by Rev. J. Lupton. With Illust. inst & BLACKETT

Roy. 32mo, pp. xviii-526. Tegg

2/ Hec's Bride. By the Author of “St. Olave's," &c. Retrospect of the Year 1866. A Poem on the

principal Distinguishing Events of that year, 12mo, The White Lie. By the Author of Emily sd., pp. 42. Simpkin.

1/ Poinder."

Shakspeare (The Handy.Volume). Vol. i3. 32mo, sd., pp. 356. Bradbury.

1/ Har sbore Rubies. A Novel, by the Author of

Cassell's Illustrated. The Plays of Shake. "George Geith."

speare. Edit. and Annotated by Charles and Mary A New Novel, by the Author of Guy Livingston. Cowden Clarke. Vol. 2. Historical Plays. Illust. Phabe Tallant. By Author of " Bitter Sweets.” Imp. 8vo, pp. 600. Cassell

10/6 The Tallants of Barton. A Novel. By Joseph Smith (Ennis) Echoes of the Past. Fcap. 8vo. Wilson, Hation.

(Kendal); Whiltaker

2/6 Swinburne (Algernon Charles) Song of Italy. Fcap. PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS.. 8vo, pp. 66. Hotlen

3/6 Agricultural Exhibitions. Reports by Professor

White (Robert) Poems including Tales, Ballads, and Wilson on the Agricultural Exhibitions at Vienna

Songs. 12mo. Rutherford (Kelso); Longmans 5! ad Aarhus (Denmark). 880 .


Announcements. British North America. Correspondence respecting

BENTLEY the Intercolonial Railway Loan

3d. The Prince's Shakespeare. A Selection of the Plays

of Shakespeare, carefully Expurgated and Anno List supplied by P. S. King, 34, Parliament Street,

tated. By Rev. Duncan Mathias.




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e ed's Table of Profit and Discounts, direct ! The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. By Sir

intermediate: for the use of Agents, Mercha Philip Sidney. Edit. with Notes, by Author of Factors, and others, showing the sum to be ad “The Gentle Life."

to cost price in order to maintain any determi

Rate of Profit, from 24 to 50 per cent. after alior POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DAY.

any agreed Rate of Discount; with Tables

Discount from 22 to 80 per cent. Cheap Brookes (Henry) Shilling Handy-Book on Reform. revised by Sam. Stonehouse, 12mo. cl. sd., pp.

The Peers and the People, with Illustrative Tables Causton of Boroughs and Counties, and their Populations, Sealy (H, N.) Treatise on Coins, Currency, Patrons, &c. Mann

1/ Banking. Part 2. 8vo. Longmans Individual Liberty, Legal, Moral, and Licentious;

Temple (James A.) Anglo-French Calculator, thel in which the Political Fallacies of J. Mill's

of Yards and Metres, adjusted. 18mo, sd. Temp Essay “On Liberty" are pointed out. By Index,

Announcement. Vasey .


SMITH & ELDERPolitical Reform: Letter to Earl Derby. By One

A Manual of Marine Insurance. By Ma of the People. Trübner

1/ Stallard (J. H.) London Pauperism amongst Jews

Hopkins. and Christians. An Inquiry into the Principles and Practice of Out-Door Relief in the Metropolis,

FRENCH." and the Result upon the Moral and Physical Con. Audouard (Mme.) Olympe L'Orient et ses People dition of the Pauper Class.


8vo, pp. xii-327. Saunders of Oliey


Beulé. Causeries sur l'art. 8vo. Trevelyan (Sir Chas. E.) Purchase System in the Boigne (La Comtesse de) La Maréchale d'Auber British Army. 2nd ed., with Additions. 8vo, sd.

12mo Longmans


Boissard. L'Eglise de Russie. 2 vols. 8vo. Announcement.

Coquerel (Ath.) Reponse au Livre du Dr. Strasus. MURRAY

Vie de Jésus. 12mo The Wages and Earnings of the Working Classes.

Couche. Voie, Matériel Roulant et Exploitat With some Facts illustrative of their Economic des Chemins de fer. Vol. 1, fasc. 1, & Adas. Condition. By Leone Levi.

Coulomb. Le Calvaire et Jérusalem d'après

Bible et Josèphe. 8vo

Delaporte. Le Problème Economique et la Doctri

Catholique. 8vo. Cranbrook (Rev. James) Doctrine of the Correlation Desnoiresterres. La Jeunesse de Voltaire. 8vo. 1

5 of Forces, its Development and Evidence. Odds Franck. Phillosophie et Religion. 8vo.

and Ends, No. 18. Fcap. 8vo, sd., 30. Edmonston. 6d. Gasparin (Mme. de) A. Constantinople. 1200 Denison (Edmund B.) Astronomy without Mathe- Gautier (L.) Les Epopées Françaises. Tome matics. 3rd ed., much enlarged. Sm. post 8vo,

Svo pp. viii-330. Soc. Pro. Chr. Kno.

4/ Graetz. Sinaï et Golgotha, ou les Origines Lardner (Dionysius) Handbook of Astronomy. 3rd Juduisme et du Christianisme. 8vo.

ed., revised and edited by Edwin Dunkin. With Grandville. Les Animaux peints par eus-men Illust. Post 8vo, pp. xxii—628. Walton . . 7/6 s'oyal 8vo.. Masson (David) Recent British Philosophy; a Review

Girardin. Pensées et Maximes par Hetrel, 8vo. with Criticisms; including some Comments on Mr. Kock (Paul de) Le Professeur Ficheclaque. 12m2 Mill's Answer to Sir William Hamilton. 2nd edit. Lan (J.) Les Chemins de Fer Francais devant lel Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. viii—273. Macmillan

6/ Juges naturels. 12mo.. Spencer (Herbert) System of Philosophy. Princi. Leclercq. Les Petits-fils de Don Quichotte. 12mo.

ples of Biology. Vol. 2. Evo, pp. viii—660. Williams Littré (D.) Etudes sur les Barbares et le Moyen A 4 Norgale

18/ 8vo Stainton (H. T.) Natural History of the Tineina. Moynier. Les Institutions Ouvrières de la Suit Vol. 10. 8vo. Van Voorst.


8vo Tineina of Syria and Asia Minor. 8vo. Nicolas. Le Symbole des Apôtres. 8vo Van Voorsti

4/ Raymond. La Bonne Menagère. 12mo . Winslow (Forbes) Light: its Influence on Life and

Steenackers. Histoire des Ordres de Chevalerik. Health. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi-301. Longmans . 6/ des Distinction honorifiques en France. 4to. Woodward (S. P.) Manual of the Mollusca: a Treatise

on Recent and Fossil Shells. With Illustrations. 2nd ed. (Student's Series.) 12mo, pp. xiv—512.


6/6 Archiv d. norddeutschen Bundes. Sammlung Announcements.

Gesetze, Verträge u. Actenstücke, die Verhältni EDMONSTON & DOUGLAS

d. norddeutschen Bundes betretiend. Herausg. A Handbook of the History of Philosophy. By Dr.

J. C. Glaser. Part II. 8vo. Albert Schwegler. Translated by J. H. Stirling.

Barrande (J. Systême silurien du centre de MURRAY

Bohême. 1. Partie: Recherches paléontologique On Molecular and Microscopic Science. By Mary

Vol. II. Texte. 4to, cl. Somerville.

Criminalgeschichten, die interessantesten,

Länder aus älterer'u. neuerer Zeit. Umgearbe TRADE AND COMMERCE.

brsg. v. N. Bollert. Vol. 1.

Förster (E.) Raphael. Vol. I. Bank Act (The) and Currency. The Correspondence between Lord Overstone and Henry Brookes, Esq.

Galen (Ph.) Jane, die Jüdin. Erzählung. 3 B)

12mo The Bank Act of 1844 and Free Trade in Gold. By Henry Brookes. Reasons for an alteration in

Grimm (H.) Unüberwindliche Mächte. Roms

3 vols. 12mo.. the Legal Tender. By Robert Slater. Mann 1/6

Helmholtz (H.) Handbuch der physiologischen Opal Kain (George James) Columnár System of Solicitors' With Atlas of Plates, 8vo..

Book-Keeping by Double Entry. To which is Hermes. Zeitschrift" i. class. Philologie hrsg. ! added a System of Rental Accounts, adapted for

Hübner. Vol. II. Part I. 8vo.. Landowners, Solicitors, Land and Estate Agents, Ibn-El-Athiri chronicon quod perfectissimami Execntors, Mortgagees in Possession, &c. 8th ed. scribitur. Vol. 1. Post 8vo, pp. 133. Waterlow

6/ 8vo. Stonehouse (Samuel) Profit Table for Investments, showing the Actual Profit per cent. per annum, to

List of French Publications supplied by Merah be derived from any purchase or investment.


Dulau g Co., Foreign Booksellers, Soho Square. ed., extended. Post 8vo. Causton .


List supplied by Lir. David Null, 270, Strand.

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8vo. Portrait..


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Edidit. “C. J. Tornber;

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Delivery Book, admitted by the Trade to NATURE AND ART. meet the great want of the day. A cheap yet

correct Account Book for registering the delivery Sa 12 – MAY, 1867. CONTENTS :

of Magazines and Periodicals. the Harnczy between the Mosaic and Egyptian MARLBOROUGH & Co., London, or direct from the Cose gonies. By J. Bonomi, F.R.A.S. (Ulus- Publisher, W. LANG, St. Ives, Hunts.

Now ready, Parts I. & II. (to be completed in ten), la Sketching from Nature. By Aaron PENLEY,

8vo, closely printed in double columns, 2s. 6d. ; Professor of Landscape Painting at the Royal

large paper, 5s. Military Academy, Woolwich. No. X. (Illustrited)

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL HANDEray Scraps from Odd Larders. By W. B.

book to the Early Popular, Poetical, and Lord, Poyal Artillery.

Dramatic Literature of Great Britain to 1660. By aperto and its ['ses. By B. L.

W. CAREW HAZLITT. the American Water-Weed. By the Rev. W.

A Prospectus, with a Catalogue of J. R. LISTSETOS. (Illustrated.)

Smith's Published Books and Remainders, forPeter Fon Comelins.

warded on receipt of a postage label. The Merwerpe. Our Brita Butterflies. By ARTHUR GARDINER

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square. BUILD. F.ZS. Part I. (Illustrated.)

New York: J. Sabin. Leipzig : T. O. WEIGEL. The Vale of Cashmere. By W. SIMPSON. E YOUR OWN INTERPRETER

(Illastrated) Sign-Paictes and Signboards. Scriety of British Artists, Suffolk Street.

with Map, Plan, Views, Diary, Note Book, and Vasic : Bane.

full information. One Shilling. hatapatos of the Royal Academy,

London: C. A. BARTLETT, Stationers' Hall Macbelet's * L'Oiseau." (Illustrated.)

Court. By post for 14 stamps, from Mr. WeetPETIES :

MAN, Grantham, Lincolnshire. ** Tee Hail and the Rod."-" Elijah the Prophet." ERMAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, Libe to s Swallow. From the Danish. By H. W.

and Spanish Books, Periodicals, and News. papers supplied regularly to the Trade, and on the

lowest terms. With Vignette Portrait, 2 vols., handsomely board, price One Guinea.

FRANZ THmm, Foreign Bookseller and Publisher, Rough Notes of an Old Soldier during

Brook Street, Grosvenor Square. Fifty Years Service, from Ensign G.B. to

Now ready, in crown 8vo, price 2s. Officers of the British Army. The stirring THE HORTICULTURAL DIRECTORY meenus of the Peninsula and of our Eastern con geest in A4, the hardships of a rebellion

For 1867. dering Canadian winters, the campaign in the

EDITED BY Crines, together with the siege of Sebastopol,

ROBERT HOGG, LL.D., F.L.S., are one and all familiar to the author. In each of these be bore a part, discharging the duties Co-Editor of the "Journal of Horticulture and Cottage * sere assigned to him with a buoyant

Gardener," &c. &c. &c. irit; and he now tells the story of what he

The HORTICULTURAL DIRECTORY will be a comaw, by land and sea, with a light heart, and in cun graphic way, that will weary no one.

plete Register of the Addresses of all the most important establishments and persons connected

with the gardening interest in the United KingIra Game Birds and Wild Fowl of Sweden dom and on the Continent, and will consist of: and Norway, together with some account of the

I. London Seedsmen and Florists.-II. NurPans of the Coasts of those Countries. By

serymen, Seedsmen, and Florists residing within L. Luya, Author of “ Field Sports of the North

the postal districts of the Metropolis.—III.

County of Earope," and " Scandinavian Adventures."

List of the Nurserymen, Seedsmen, and Florists With One Hundred Illustrations in colour and

in England and Wales.-IV. Ditto, ditto, in Scototherrue Saper-royal 8vo, elegant, £2 28.

land. –V. Ditto, ditto, in Ireland.-VI. Ditto, ditto, in the Channel Islands.–VII. Alphabetical

List of the Nurserymen, Seedsmen, and Florists Thromolithographs and Woodcuts, handsomely in Great Britain and Ireland.–VIII. County List bound, £2 2s.

of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry in spanese (Sketches of the Manners and England, their Gardeners, and the nearest Post Castoms of the). By Lieut. J. M. W. SILVER.

Town.-IX. Ditto, ditto, of Wales.-X. Ditto, 226 Compolithographic facsimiles of Native

ditto, of Scotland.-XI. Ditto, ditto, of Ireland. Drawings, with Wood Engravings and Des

XII. Alphabetical List of the Seats in Great bantire Text.

Britain and Ireland, showing the Counties in which they are situated, their Owners, the nearest

Railway Station, and distance from it.-XIII. Third Elition, price 1s.; free by post, 1s. 1d.

List of the Botanic Gardens and Public Estabbe Life of a Salmon, written by Him

lishments throughout the World, with their CuraY; comprising a Narrative of the Life, Per

tors and Superintendents.-XIV. Alphabetical

List of the Gardeners, and their full Addresses, Sonial Adventures, and Death of a Tweed

in Great Britain and Ireland.-XV. List of the Simvaa. Edited by a FISHERMAN.

Botanical, Horticultural, and Floral Societies in

Great Britain and Ireland, with the Names and Just published, price 1s., post-free, 1s. 1d. Addresses of their Secretaries, indicating those Poz's Tale: a Sketch of the Hunting Society. --XVI. List of Landscape Gardeners,

that are in alliance with the Royal Horticultural hald By the Author of "The Life of a

Garden Architects, and Horticultural Builders Salmon."

and Engineers.--XVII. Nurserymen, Seedsmen,

and Florists on the Continent. London:

JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURE" Office, 171, Fleet DAY & SON (Limited), 6, Gate-street, W.C. Street, London, E.C.

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