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(Bent's List, No. 753).




British and Foreign Literature, With which is incorporated BENT'S LITERARY ADVERTISER, established not be as 1802. PUBLISHED MONTHLY.



30, 57

56 31

Allan, William, & Co. Aster & Co. Bailliere, Hyppolite Ballantyne & Co., Edinburgh.. 98 Baneroft, H. H. & Co. Barfout, Speight, & Co.... Barritt & Co..... Bell & Daldy.. Bentley, Richard Beurnett, A. W. Betta, Joho Billing, J., Guildford. Black, A. & C Edinb. Blackie & Son Blackwood, James, & Co....... Blackwood, W., & Sons.... 31, 64 Brinkman, E. British Boy, The British Juvenile, Tbe.. Barton, J. M. Canton, Robert.

Cassell, Petter, & Galpin

58, 101
Causton, Henry Keut & Son
Chan bers, W.&R...

56 32

31 44, 45

32 70 32 101

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40 30 104

Faller & Horsey

103 Gadsby, Alfred

100 Gray, John, Croydon.

.......... 12 Griffin, Charles, & Co......... 66, 82 Griffin & Farran

67 Groornbridge & Sons ..........

30 Hagger, James..

84 Hamilton, W., Glasgow.

70 Hanbury & Simpson

96 Heywood, John, Manchester 82 Holmes, William

103 Houlston & Wright..

40 Hurst & Blackett.

68 Independent, The

30 Ingle, H.

99 Jackson, Walford, & Hodder 31, 74 Journal of Horticulture...

30 Kent, W., Co.

30 Laurie, Thos., Edin.

69 Leighton, Son, & Hodge

100 Lewis & Sons

52 Lockwood & Co. ............ 70, 71 Longmans, Green & Co.

.... 72, 73 Macintosh, Wm.

75 Macmillan & Co...

...... 34-39 Marks, Joseph

102 Marlborough & Co......... 29, 99 Milner & Sowerby, Halifax 76 Morgan & Chase

28 Morell, Victor

88 Morris & Co.....

... 101, 104 Morton, J. Boston ............ 104 Moxon & Co...

70, go Mozley, J. & C..

29, 77 Murby, Thomas

78 Murray, John

79 Nash, J. F...

102 Nature and Art

46 Nelson, Thomis, & Sons

80 Newman, George.....

104 Nicholson, W., & Sons, Halifax go Nimmo, W. P., Edin,

........ 50, 51 Nutt, David


Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh

47, 64 Parker, James & Co.

85 Partridge, S. W.

47 Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton.. 87 Peel, T. C. & Co.

94 People's Magazine, The

90 Philip, George, & Son.......

86 Poplett, John

88 Religious Tract Society

74 Rivington, J. & F. H.

41-43 Rimmel, Eugene

92 Schenck & Macfarlane, Edinb... 84 Shaw, J. F., & Co.

78 Simpkin, Marshall & Co. ..32, 81, 89 Smith & Son

88 Smith, Elder & Co. ............ 84 Smith, John Russell

80 Smith, William..

88 Soc. Prom. Cbrist. Knowl.

91 Stanford, Edward

28 Stationers' Company

40 Stevens, T. Coventry

100 Stinson, R. Y.

IO2 Suttaby, R. & A.

84 Tegg, William

47-49 Templeman, C....

32 Thimm, Franz

go Ticknor & Fields, Boston

30 Treble, George, & Son

94 Trübner & Co.

54, 55 Venables, Tyler, & Son

102 Virtue & Co........ -47, 88, 93 Warne, Frederick, & Co.

97 Walker, W., & Co.

29 Walker, H. W., Leeds

56 Webb, William, Otley

104 Westleys & Co. Wesley, W.

72 Whiteman & Bass

105 Whittaker & Co. Whitfield, Green, & Son Wood, Charles W.

68 Wyman & Son


Chappan & Hall........ Clarendon Press Clark, T. & T., Binb.

82 "..... 46


33 82, 84

88 88





Clark, W. L, & Co.............. Cocks, Robert & Co. Collins, W., Sons, & Co. Cornish Brothers, Birining ham 47 Datum &C....... Day & Sun (limited) Day, Wilraund. Delagata, I. & B.... Dean & Son Deighton, Bell, & Co., Camb.. Dickes, Williar Didot Freres Tils et Cie. Dublin Steam Printing Co..." Daffy, lumas, Dublin.. Dulauk Co. podawanston & Douglas, Edinb.

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46, 95 64, 90


Subscription, 58. per annum, delivered post-free.-Single Number, 6d.; by post, 7d.

Subscriptions to The Bookseller for 1867 are now due, and Subscribers are requested to transmit the amount, 55., either in Postage Stamps or by Postoffice Order, payable at the General Post-office to MR. EDWARD TUCKER.

Subscribers are reminded that the amount is too small to admit of application being made for it by post, and they will consequently see the necessity for promptly responding to this intimation without putting the Publisher to any needless trouble or expense.

Advertisements inserted in The BOOKSELLER are charged at the following rate :—Four lines, set close, in column, 35. 6d., per line beyond, 6d. ; six lines, set close, across the page, 105. 6d., per line beyond, is. 6d, ; page, 31. 35.; half-page, il. 165. ; quarter-page, 20s. ; one-sixth, 145. Displayed Advertisements, whether

in column or across the page, are charged according to the space occupied.

THE GAZETTE. Bankrupte :

Oliver, James, Monkwearmouth Shore, bookseller and Breach, William, jun., Lewes, bookseller, &c.; solicitor,

printer. Comp. of 2s. 6d. 1s. 3d. in three and six E. Hillman, Lewes.

months. Brown, Henry, Nicholl Square, printer and engraver ;

Penfold, George, and James Farmer, Upper Street, Islingsolicitor, T. 8. Lewis, Wilmington Square.

ton, printers. Comp. of 6s. 45. on Jan. 20; 15. on Clarke, Thomas, Leicester, pasteboard manufacturer, &c.;

April 1 ; and 1s. on July 1. solicitor, R. Durrant, Leicester.

Powle, Benjamin, Portman Place, Edgware Road, staClayton, Joseph, jun., Strand, newspaper agent; solicitor,

tioner. Assignment of 5s. 2s. 6d. at three and six J. Edwards, Bush Lane.

months ; truster, William Wilson, artificial flower imCongdou, Samuel, Plymouth, printer, &c.; solicitors, Beer

porter, Wood Street. and Rundle, Devonport.

Smith, Edward, Birmingham, printer, &c.; trustees, John Cousins, Joseph, Nottingham, printers' engineer.

Goodman, printer, and Francis Evans Williams, accountDolling, James, Edgware Road, bookseller and stationer;

ant, Birmingham. solicitor, C. Buttertield, Connaught Terrace.

Stevenson, George John, Paternoster Row, publisher. Fyfe, William Wallace, Fordington, and Dorchester, pub

Comp. of 4s, 4d. on Feb. 1. ; ,

Sydenham, Richard, Poole, stationer ; trustees, James Jack, David, Oldham, printer; solicitor, J. Taylor, Oldham. Poynting, wholesale stationer, London, and George Pearson, Robert Langton, Withington, near Manchester,

Hancock Gutch, shipowner, Poole. paper manufacturer.

Thynne, William, Gateshead, music dealer, &c.; trustees, Rees, Thomas Henry, in co-partnership with John Henry Edward Fletcher, manager of railway works, Gateshead, Watts, under firm of Rees and Co., Hatcham, ink makers,

and Frederick Lucas, accountant, London. &c. ; solicitor, M. B. King, Staple Inn.

Walters, William Mills, Liverpool, printseller, &e. Comp. Rudofsky, Rodolph, late Maiden Lane, formerly Portway

10s. 4s. in four and eight months, and 28. in twelve Terrace, Camden Town, and Chandos Street, Covent

of months, secured. Garden, lithographer; solicitor, W. W. Aldridge, Moor- Wilkins, George, Derby, late Ashby-de-la-Zouch, law gate Street.

stationer and accountant; trustee, Joseph Cotton, engiSlater, Samuel, Congleton, stationer and schoolmaster.

neer, Derby. Spencer, Edward Pawley, Cherry-tree Court, Aldersgate Partnerships Dissolved: Street, book and vellum binder : solicitor, D. Howell, Billing, John, Henry Billing, and Henry Watts Whitmore, Cheapside.

Birmingham, printers and stationers. Debts paid by Dividends :

H. Billing and Whitmore. Furby, William, Bridlington, stationer, on Jan. 29;

Hirst, Job, Damon Roberts, and Absalom Roberts, Clecksolicitors, Wells and Cross, Hull.

heaton, cardmakers. Lyon, J. D., musicseller. First, 44d. Kinnear, Birining

Lister, Charles, and John Butterfield, Bishop Monkton, ham.

near Ripon, paper makers. Debts paid by Buttertield. Mars, Joseph, musicseller. First and final on Jan. 30.

Miller, Stephen, and Edward Byrne, Bread Street, whole Tranter, J. D., printer, &c. First, Ss. 10d. Eaden, Cam

sale and export stationers. Debts paid by Miller. bridge.

Newman, John and Charles Terry Sparks, Watling Street Woodward, W., jun., printer, &c. First, 4s. Parkyns.

wholesale stationers, engravers, &c. Debts paid by

Newman. Assignments, Compositions, Trust Deeds, c.

Nicholson, John William, and George Barnfather, Oldham Carnegie, David, Manchester, paper merchant; trustees, printers and bookbinders. Debts paid by Nicholson. Ingham and Ibbotson, paper manufacturers.

Paton, James, and James Baird, Dunfermline, photo Harris, William, Liverpool, journalist and agent; trustee, graphers. Debts paid by Paton. Harris, stationer, Liverpool.

Pickup, James, James Isherwood, William Grimshan Lacey, Henry, Willy , photographer. Comp. of 68., and Thomas Kay, Lower Darwen, paper manufacturits

2s. at three, six, nine months. Trustres, Joseph As regards Isherwood, debts paid by remaining partners Woodcock, Bradforu, and Edward Lacey, Thavie's Inn. Simpson, Charles Edwin, and Louis Alderman Polti, Tem Lawton, Joseph Whitehead, Rochdale, bookseller and ple Row, Birmingham, lithographic printers.

Delt stationer; trustee, John Heywood, Manchester.

paid by Simpson. Maas, John, Eastbourne, musicseller; trustee, Frederick Staines, James, and Mark William Fletcher, Leicestei Lucas, accountant, London.

box and pasteboard manufacturers. Melhuish, Arthur James, York Place, Regent's Park, Temple, Isanc, sen., and Isaat Temple, jun., Newcastl.

photographer. Comp. of 20s. 38. 4d. in six, twelve, wholesale stationors, &c. Debts paid hy J. Temple, jur and eighteen months; two, two-and-a-half, and three Turney, John Goodson, and Phillip Henry Jones, Wooburi years.

millboard manufacturers.

TRADE AND LITERARY GOSSIP. Messrs. Spicer Brothers, wholesale stationers Lovers of fine books will thank us for directin and paper-makers, will shortly remove from 68, their attention to the large paper edition Upper Thames Street to their old premises in • Walton's Angler," just published by Messr New Bridge Street, Blackfriars. They have also Little, Brown, and Co., of Boston, U.S. It is purchased their old family property, the paper splendid reproduction of Major's edition, illu mills, at Alton, Hants, where their celebrated trated with woodcuts, engraved in America, au hand-made writing papers were formerly mapu- impressions of the original steel plates. The wor factured.

has been exquisitely printed at the Cambrid, Messrs. Spon, the well-known scientific book- University Press, by Messrs. Welch, Bigelov sellers and publishers, are about to remove to and Co., on thick vellum-faced paper. Charing Cross, their premises in Bucklersbury beautiful reproduction has evidently been being required for the new street.

labour of love with the editor, Mr. John Bartlet


The retail bookselling and stationery business THE TOWN AND COUNTRY Book SOCIETY.belonging to Mr. Alired William Bennett, 5, No doubt some of our readers have been puzzled Bisbojagate Street Without, has been recently at the appearance of certain advertisements offersold by Mr. Holmes to Mr. Francis Bowyer | ing books to the public at cost price, and in some Kitto, late with Messrs. Hamilton, Adams, and instances ateven less—e.g. "all five shilling books C', Paternoster Row. Mr. Bennett will for at 3s. 9d.” Amazed at this extraordinary display the present continue his publishing business upon of philanthropy, we sent for a catalogue, and the same premises.

made some inquiry as to the “Company,” and Our readers will be glad to hear that the strongly suspect that we have traced a very close basiness of the late Mr. Nutt has, since his connection between the philanthropic Town death, been successfully carried on by Mrs. Nutt, and Country Book Society" and the “ · Library #ho, at the commencement of her third year, Company, Limited.” At any rate, it is perfectly has issued a circular, informing her friends that

clear to our minds that the moving spirit of both it will be continued as heretofore, but under the concerns must be one and the same person. The management of Mr. Haas, who was in Mr. Nutt's monthly circular of one bears so strong a family employment for several years, and has now

likeness to the monthly circular of the other, | returned from Leipzig. Mrs. Nutt says she

that we could be almost positive the same type feels “a peculiar pleasure in making this an

had been used. How one company will affect pouncement, as Mr. Haas possessed, in the

the other it is hard to say ; but we think we are fullest degree, the confidence of her late husband; not far wrong in predicting that the dividend of and she believes that Mr. Haas's name will be a the Town and Country Book Society will not be sufficient guarantee to the old correspondents

much larger than that which was lately declared of the house of D. Sutt, for the future efficient at the annual meeting of the Library Company, dondact of its business."

Limited. In addition to book selling, the Mr. C. W. Wood, son of the authoress of

new company undertakes to bind books at the · East Lynne," has commenced business as a

lowest prices--to supply all new music, five publisher at 13, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

shillings' worth at 28, – and, moreover, is Wr. Wood, besides the usual training in London,

making arrangements "for a full supply of sent some time at Leipzig, and afterwards at

stationery and general goods usually sold by Paris, and has thus made himself acquainted with

stationers." In these days of free trade we the publishing trade as carried on abroad. At

are prepared for all kinds of efforts to propresent, we believe, it is Mr. Wood's intention to

cure business, but there is something so uhusual confine himself to the publication of works of

in the proceedings of the managers of these comfiction,

panies, that we feel compelled to notice them. Mr. Cackett's business, Uxbridge, has likely

Although no reference is made to the Library been disposed of by Mr. Holmes, to Mr. Bealby,

Company, Limited, in the circular of the other late of 21, Charing Cross. Also Mr. Geake's

company, we must regard the managing director tnxiness (Morley's Library), Park Terrace, Re

or chairman as responsible for all that takes rents Park, to Mr. Cackett, late of Uxbridge ;

place in either, and think that we can easily and Mrs Hanson's business, Craven Terrace,

point out the error that has been committed. Payswater, to Mr. Harrison, of Union Terrace,

This is in requesting the services of booksellers Cânden Road.

and stationers in London, the suburbs, and the

country, to become agents for the Library ComMr. John Tatam Stanesby, has retired from pany. No doubt a sufficient inducement was the stationery and bookselling business at held out to them to open depôts and agencies, 179. Sloane Street. It will in future be carried

to solicit their best customers to become suboa by Mr. Henry Jesse Stanesby, and Mr. scribers, and thus put the manager in London in Heory Humphrey, under the firm of Stanesby

possession of all the best readers and most re2011 Co.

spectable buyers. Having these names, there THE MASCHESTER SWINDLERS AGAIN.-Not would naturally be a temptation to request these Mr. Beck this time, but Mr. James Hunt. He persons to deal at the Town and Country Book 11:23 obtained religious books from at least one Society's depôt for books and stationery. We ondon boase. He writes: “I am well known do not say that this has been done, and hope a'lanchester, and have been for the last twenty that it has not; but it is easy to see that the opzarz." On inquiry at the police-office, we find portunity is given. Now we , A3 quite confident Jis statement corroborated; the chief-constable that no one would have undertaken the agency ays that Mr. Hunt is a notorious swindler and a of the Library if he had known that its managers ricted thief:

were connected with an underselling book store. THE Law oy COPYRIGHT.-At present, this is

We wish it to be understood that we are not niessedly in such an unsatisfactory state, that aware of any dishonourable practice having been a maay points it is difficult to know what is the resorted to, but there has been the opportunity ; necie law, or how rights may be protected.

and we think the trade should know that there The last act was passed on the solicitation of is a connecting link between the two societies. *me atthors who were desirous of protecting Messrs. Gilbert, of Copthall Court, r. the last tertain interests with which the claims of book. BOOKSELLER, drew attention to the fact that

hers were supposed to clash. Those conflicting retail purchasers could procure books at trade -- ses were very fairly adjusted, but new points prices at some of the publishers. Several letters 1° difficulty hase arisen since then; of these we bearing upon the subject have reached us ; some by mention the case of the rival Belgravias, that of the rights of aliens, at present in dis

by no means complimentary to Messrs. Gilbert ;

but we think the thanks of the trade are due Lite between Messrs. Low and "Routledge, in inter to show that fresh legislation is necessary.

to those gentlemen for drawing attention to what

we must hope was an oversight. We think, therefore that the time has arrived for blishers to bestir themselves. Nothing can be

A correspondent requests us to draw the

attention of publishers to the annoyance which se in the present session of Parliament, but country booksellers are subjected through the * ue preparation may be made for a bill to be magazines being announced as ready one or two od next year.

days before they are delivered.

COMPENSATION CLAIMS. –The new street in of Surrey Street, Strand, which he had pulled the City requiring the removal of Messrs. Spon, down, and was now rebuilding. He gave £500 a special jury was called upon to assess the for a sixty years' lease and 250 to the tenant, damages those gentlemen would sustain. From and had top ay £350 a-year. The case was the opening speech of the counsel it appeared that adjourned, with the intimation that it would Messrs. F. N. and W. Spon were engaged in the not be resumed within a month. book trade, which they inherited from their CAUTION TO PAPER MAKERS.—The Times father, and which was formerly carried on in says: “Several instances having been recently Queen Street, Cheapside. In 1850 they took a observed of the use of the waved line in the lease of their present premises, No. 16, Buck- watermark of the paper used by certain banks lersbury, of which four years would be unex- for draughts on their agents abroad, it may be pired at Lady-day next. Upon their removal to useful to call attention to the Act 24 and 25 Vict. the new premises in Bucklersbury, which are cap. 98, sec. 14, which expressly reserves to the now required for the new street, they began a Banks of England and Ireland the use of paper business of a very peculiar kind, viz., that of with the curved or waving bar lines, or with the publishing and trading in books of a purely laying wire lines thereof in a waving or curved scientific character. Any person requiring any shape, or with any number, sum, or amount book in relation to any of the arts or sciences expressed in a word or words in Roman letters, was sure to be able to procure it at “the shop in visible in the substance of the paper.' Bucklersbury.” In fact, the claimants were the The Rival Belgravias.—The cross case of Hoge only publishers engaged exclusively in carrying versus Maxwell, and Maxwell versus Hogg, cam on such a kind of business within the walls of on for hearing before the Lords Justices of Appea the City. Their profits, during the first year of on the 15th inst., and the decision arrived at ha their business operations in Bucklersbury, were taken every one by surprise. Neither party is t £400. During the seventeen years their profits have the exclusive title to the name ; but Lor had risen to £1,300, or £1,400. They started Justice Cairus went beyond this, and enunciate with a stock worth £500. Their present stock the novel doctrine, that the mere declaration was worth £5,000. He (Mr. Giffard), was told an intention to make use of a name could no that this was a particular class of business, and give any right of property, nor even if in add exposed to peculiar risks when suddenly checked. tion-as in Mr. Maxwell's case-a large sum They had a very large and lucrative retail trade, money had been expended in making the inte which had progressed not by sudden jumps, but tion known. The case is of such importan by a steady increase. The first thing which the that in a future number we must devote mo jury would have to consider was the value of the space to it than we can afford in this. lease, of which four years would remain unex. Mr. Newby has been advertising "Mrs. Wood pired at Lady-day next, at a reserved rental of new work, «Sir Cyrus of Stonycleft.'" Most p£105 per annum. The claimants let off the first, sons would suppose that the work was by t second, and fourth floors, at an aggregate rental author of “ East Lynne,” especially as it of £110, so that, in fact, they carried on their understood that the author of that, Mrs. Her business there rent free. Mr. Spon would state Wood, was on the eve of publishing a new wo to the jury that with every desire to get suitable Mrs. Henry Wood has therefore, very natural premises near to their

old spot, they had been written to the papers to say that she is not unable to succeed. They had gone in every author of “Cyrus of Stonycleft;" her new w direction, but could get none except at enormous is “ Lady Adelaide's Oath.” It is to be regret rents. The second item which the jury would that Mr. Newby did not advertise in suc have to consider would be the amount of com- manner as to prevent any misapprehension. pensation to be paid to the claimants for the Not A BAD IDEA.— It is customary with v inevitable loss of their retail trade, for which one of the Paris papers to offer to their yearly s and a-half year's profits in some cases was large, scribers what they call "primes,” or premiu while in this it would be very small. Another as the new year approaches, with the view class of damage to which the claimants would be inducing their old customers to renew their exposed was this : they would have to cancel the scriptions, and of gaining new ones. The title-pages in all their stock in order that the dition is, however, that the subscriptions sha proper address of the publisher might be in. for twelve months, paid in advance. The serted. They only sought an indemnity, and miums consist of books, of which they publ not a profit. Another item in the claim would long list, leaving to their friends, and t be for depreciation of stock, which had been whom they hope to make friends, to choose moderately put down at 124 per cent., and then work from among them. A coatract is there was another item of claim for advertising, cluded with some bookseller on whose sh and printing, and new addresses. Mr. Deputy lies a stock which he has found it difficult tTegg showed the effects which a removal would pose of, and wlio admits that, however pz have upon the claimants' stock, and the very worthy it is for a writer not to be bought, great expense to which they would be put, in not an advantage that the same privilege s reprinting title-pages, &c. The jury awarded attach to his productions. After due exa the claimants £2,750. The original claim sent tion, a selection of the least vendible part o in was for £7,70 ) Os. 3d.

store is made, with a few works, with whic Another case was that of Messrs. Reeves and reading public is already familiar, thrown Turner of the Strand, next Temple Bar. The make the mass go off easier; and the bool claim exceeded £6,000, and some remarkable handed over to the managers of the journ evidence was given as to the value of house conditions favourable to both parties.

In property in Fleet Street and the Strand. The days the foremost columns of the pape rent of the premises under lease from 1860 nounce the treasure they have in store, the was £220 a-year, and such had been the in- displayed in the choice of it, and the gene crease in value that it was now “rentalised” of the proprietors in dispensing at half the at £420. Mr. Archer, a tobacconist, whose price, sometimes at two-thirds—for the pre premises were required for the Metropolitan is never entirely gratis-to their sympa Railway, had taken premises at the corner customers the cream of modern French liter


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