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Do. of Ripon.
Te Wonderful VI useinti.

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Sets Letto Manufacture.

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Home Specia. 12mo. 1843.
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Dec., 1857, or any portion in numbers, parts or vols. HC semire Printing. 8vo. 1820.

The Recollections or Reminiscences of a Gaol Chaplain.
HAB. Contess, any Works by.
Big Fate

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1362, 1382, 1383, 1384, 1383, and Title Page, July to Dec.

1866. Kat's The la Ilands. Svo.

1822. Kart of Shakespeare. Svo.


1773. Keam's Pink so. 1838.

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Southwood Smith on Sanatory Reforin. VED: (avern Researches. 8vo. 1860.

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. H. Poems, 2 vols. 12mo. 1812.

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Rescue The Modern Pythagorean.

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Paris History of Women.

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The Engineer. Vols. for 1863, 4, 5, 6. the Cycle of Celestial Objects.

London News. Nov. 3rd, 1866. td-hand Catalogues.

S. & T. GILBERT, 4, COPTHALL BUILDINGS, E.C. hatt's Chaucer. Vol. 3. Percy Society.

Illustrated News. Jan. 5th, 12th, and 19th. Catation in the Temple. Abbotsford Club.

Lindsey's History of Christian Art. Hau of Mary Queen of Scots. Do. do.

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Marriage. A Novel. neex's Med. Portrait Gallery. 4 vols.

Inheritance. A Novel. Bjard's Spirit of Shakespeare.

Destiny. A Novel. Martin's Circle of Mech. Arts. 4to. 1813.

Life of Renée, Duchess of Ferara.

do. do,

Hist. of British Sponges Lithophytes, by G. Johnston. 1842. Hervey's Rhetoric of Conversation. Bentley.
Hist. of British Star Fishes, &c. By E. Forbes. 1841. 2 Conybeare and Howson's St. Paul. Cr. 8vo.
The Natural History of many Curious and Uncommon or vol. 1 in exchange for vol. 2.
Zoophytes by the late J. Ellis, arr. by D. Solander. 1786. Howitt's Seven Temptations.

OLIVE LASBURY, 10, PARK STREET, BRISE Heraldry of Hertfordshire.

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Vols. 4, 5, 6. 4to. Bleak House. Parts 17, 19, and 20,

Prince's Worthies of Devon.
Pickwick. Original Edition. Good Copy.

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Dombey and Son.

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Hutton's History of Derby.

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Intellectual Observer, Nos. 36 to 47.

Pickwick. Original edition. Nos. 1, 2, 3. Will

for the three numbers clean, Framjee's Parsees.

Pendennis. Part 7. 1s. Post-Office Directory for Bedfordshire, &c.

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Kidd's Antiquities of China. EDWARD HOWELL, 28, CHURCH STREET, LIVERPOOL,

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Religion in Wales. By Daniel Rowlands. Whittaker's Walley. 1818.

Book of the New Moral World. By Robert Oran. Abbotsford's Waverley Novels. 12 vols,

Revolution in Mind and Practice of the Human Ram Abbotsford's Edit. of Life of Napoleon, Tales of a Grand- Robert Owen.

father, Miscellanies, &c. Percy Society's Publications. A complete set.


Stephenson and Churchill's Medical Botany; or, I JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN, 74, PICCADILLY.

tions of Medical Plants of London and Edinburgh Chaucer. 3 vols. Percy Society.

macopæia. 1831. Framnland Hundred. Nichol's Leicester. Coate's History of Reading. 2 vols. 4to.


Balfour's Class-book of Botany.
Tighe's History of Cumnor. 1821.
Liverpool Lion. 4to. 1840–42.

Bennett's Physiology.

Tanner's Practice of Medicine. 4th edition. Dr. Syntax's Tours. Any vols. of the old edition, with Rowlandson's Plates; a complete 3 vols. Orig. edit.

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Corner's Denmark.


Monumens Historique Chev. Du Temple. Raynouard. 1813.

Turkey. Gentlemen's Magazine. 1753. Cheap.

Reader for Jan., Feb., May, June, July, 1863, and Masonry Dissected by Pritchard. All editions before 1740. Smith's Use and Abuse of Freemasonry.

to Vol. ending June, 1866. Constitutions of Freemasons. 1738, 1767, 1776, and 1784,


Porter's Tropical Agriculture.

Ladies' Treasury. Vols. 3, 6, 8, 9.
Illustrated News for Feb. 10th, and April 14th, 1866.

T. G. LOMAX, LICHFIELD. Playfair's Man's Food in Relation to his Useful Work. Dud Dudley's Metallum Martis; or, Iron made at:

Coal, Sea Coal, &c. London. 1662.
Row, E.C.

Richardson's Dictionary. 4to. Part 1. 45.6l. Re

Paget's Sermons on the Burial Service. 12m0.16 Jeffrey Taylor's Tales and Dialogues.

Howard's Scripture History. 12mo. 2 vols. LES Incidents of Childhood.

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MACMILLAN & Co., CAMBRIDOE, Clubs of London. Vol. 1. 8vo. Colburn. 1820.

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Krummacher's Suffering Saviour. Large type. The Art of Memory. London. Nath. Brooke. 1654. Wharton's Anglia Sacra. 2 vols. Folio. Shakespeare's Works. Folio. 1685. Title, Portrait, and Bishop of Oxford's Charges. 1848, 1851, 1854. first 70 pages to with pp. 196 to 209, with conclud

Serinons on Repentance of ing pages from 278.

Preached Feb. 9th, 1859.

Perceval. An Apology for the Doctrine of the Ar Mottley's Dutch Republic. 3 vols. 8vo. First edition.

Succession. 1st edition, 1839, and 2nd edition, 151

Catholic Almanack, 1866. Richardson. Abbotsford's Waverley. 12 vols.

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New Zealand. B.P.C.K. Carlyle's Frederick. Vol. 4, 5, and 6.

Dictionary of British Indian Dates.

E. MASKELL, 1, COPENHAGEN STREET, N. Humphrey's Clock. Nos. 81, 82, 83, 88.

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9, 10, 21. Breeches Bible. 4to.

G. L. C. MATHEWS, LIMERICK, Old England. Vol. 1.

History of John Decastro and his Brother Bot. Pol KEY & WHITING, HARE COURT, ALDERSGATE ST., E.C. Tennent's Account of the Island of Ceylon. 2 Fols, Gautier's Wanderings in Spain. Cr. 8vo. Tlus. Library.


Encyclopædia Britannica. Vol. 13. Parti. Etin. Riddel's Tracts, Legal and Historical. 8vo. Edin. 1835. W. J. MIERS, 15, LAMBS Conduit PASSAGE, TF State of the Cape of Good Hope in 1822. 8vo.

Nicolas's Historic Peerage of England.
Sismondi's Histoire des Français. 22 vols. Roy. 8vo. Ruding's Coinage. 1840.
Vol. 15.

Boyne on Tokens.
Hobbes's English Works. 11 vols. 8vo. 1839—46. Vol. 3. Wilson's Coins of Afghanistan.

Booth's Reign of Grace.

Ward's Lives of the Professors of Gresham College, Headlong Hall and Crotchet Castle. 1 vol. Bentley. Tytler's Scotland. 7 vols. Vol. 2. Browne's Religio Medici.

Scots Worthies. Blackie's edition. Noake's Antiquities of Worcestershire.

Sydenham Society's

Publications. Aretæus. Gough's History of the Quakers.

Reid's (Dr. Thos.) Work. Edited by Hamilton. F. KING, HALIFAX.

F. W. MONK, FAVERSHAN. Life of Professor Geo. Wilson (the Chemist).

Ellis's Mothers of England. Miscellanea Sacra, or Theological Miscellany. Published I. M. MYERS, 13, DUKE STREET, ALNGATE, ET at Ewood Hall, 1797.

Myers's Questions and Answers on the Bible. Long Arnold's History of Rome.

1854. 2 vols, One Svo.


SIMPKIN, MARSHALL & Co., STATIONERS' HALL reon's Works, Vol. 1. Svo.

COURT, E.C. at's History of Hull.

Shorthand Magazine. No. 2.

6d. salar's England. 8 Fols. Vol. 8.

Museum. Parts 1 and 4. 60. JAMES NISBET & Co., 21, BERNERS STREET, W.

Family Treasury. Jan. to June, 1865.

Five copies Nlustrated News. April 17th, 1858. red's Life and Remains. Best edition.

Schlosser's History of 18th Century. Vol. 7. Festminster Greek Grammar. Greek and English.

Evangelical Magazine. May, 1861. al of Prophecy. Part 1.

Chemical News. Vol. 7. as Origines Liturgises.

Hlustrated News. July 14th and 21st, 1866. Leon on Ezekiel. oson Kamion.

W. SKEFFINGTON, 163, PICCADILLY, W. ter's Recantation of Irvingism.

Inwood's Tables. 17th or earlier edition. Weale. Es Freten of the Gospel.

Newman's Sermons. Original edition. Vol. 5. Isyar's Philip Van Artevelde,

Strickland's Queens of England. 12 vols. 1846. Vol. 10,

Disraeli's Curiosities of Literature. 3 vols. 1858. Vol.2. W. NORTON, CHELTENHAM. Iepas. A sols. Second-hand.

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Practical Mechanics' Journal. Vol. 1 and 2. First series, Thirts Greece. Vol. 8. 1842.

D. NUTT, 270, STRAND, W.C.

Fairbairn's Crests, 2 vols.
Let's Easy on Origin and Formation of the Roman Lockhart's Life of Scott. Svo edition. Vol. 1. 1838.
Lanna 152.

Somerville's Chase. 4to. 1795. Bulmer. Euripids Potter Svo.

Popular Cyclopedia. Parts 7 and 8. 8vo. Cloth. Gas Cobleth.

Heraldic Anomalies. 2 vols. X Literature of Political Economy,

Edward's Account of Libraries. 2 vols. valournals of House of Commons. 1701–1714.

J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho SQUARE. Riset'e Bar of Ancient Philosophy. 4 vols.

2 Ritson's Robin Hood. Keeling Britannica,

Vol. 2. Pickering. 1832.
D Habes Zbliothèque Orientale. 4 vols. 4to.


Dr. Payson's American Sermons.
Da Ban Journals. Vol. 4.

Farmer's History of Tonga and the Friendly Islands, 1855. Ces als of Irish Cathedrals. 4 parts.

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Frey's Hebrew Dictionary. 2 vols.

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H. SUGG, HENRIETTA STREET, COVENT GARDEN. Hails of Anglo-Saxon Church. Vol. 2. Part 8.

Puighblanch's Inquisition. Unmarked. 2 vols.

Tom D'Urfey's separate works.
V2 PEARSON , Sussex STREET, PIMLICO, S.W. Thirlwall's Primitive.
La Fontaines Cantes et Nouvelles. 1762.

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Lanb'. Tal tria Shakespeare. 1807-9.

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W. L. TAYLOR, PETERHEAD, N.B. Vaartager's Aivatures. Edition with Comic Plate.

Blackwood's Magazine. Complete. Bound uniform. Babe's Puerns. About 1730.

JAMES THIN, SOUTH BRIDGE, EDINBURGH. Cork Poetical Works, 3 vols. 1707-8.

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4to. History. Vol. 5. Fingrey's Parainers' Guide.

Pitt's Speeches. 4 vols. 8vo. Vol. 1.

Balfour's Class Book of Botany.

Leonard Wood's Theological Works. Vol. 3.
Irela Pannage. 3 vols. Vol. 1.

Bagster's English Hexapla Testament. 4to. Sagla, Rafenshoe. 3 vols. Vol. 1.

Bible Treasury. Vols. 1 to 4. Harran': Watch unto Prayer.

Wardlaw on Independency.
Pesad 64 1860. Clean.


One Tlustrated News. Jan. 14th, and Feb. 18th, 1865. Bite Quarteriy Review. No. 87.

Double price will be given.
Pre Umanark and Companion. 1862 to 1866, or any.
Predag of Bury and Suffolk Archæological Society.

Tal 1 Part 3

Illustrated News Almanacks for 1860, 1861, and 1865. Citbeid's Valentine Verses. 8vo. Ipswich. 1827.

Arthur's Diseases of the Teeth.

4 Hart on Diphtheria. W. RIDGWAY, 169, PICCADILLY.

Claridge's Guide to Hydropathy, Temple Bar. Dec., 1864.

2 Napoleon's System Field Artillery, Letren Ners. Feb. 9th.

2 Halstead's Iron-cased Ships. Testistamiç Bible. All after No. 131, or Parts contain- 2 Brush on the Blow-pipe. re them

3 Fairbain on the Application of Iron to Millwork.

2 Toustain on Woollen Manufactures. A A., CARE OF N. RUDWICK, LEWES. Sesse Archeological Society's Works. Vols. 1 to 5.

2 Salt, its Manufacture and Uses of. Schoon's Beauties for the Flute. 4 vols.

2 Sherwin's Mathematical Tables.

2 Beans on Railway Curves. M. A. SACKETT, BIRMINGHAM.

Airy's Lunar and Planetary Theories. Vype Byron. Vols. 16 and 17. Boards.

Deitrich's Letters on Mineralogy. stator', Waverley. Vol. 9 and 12. Boards.

Pettues's Assaying, &c. he's Posages. 8vo. or 2 vols. royal 8vo.

Phillips' System of Mining Coal.

Wiggelsworth's Brewer's Guide. sman Hall's Sacrifice.

Carpenter's Chemical Physiology. bezibary's Nature Printed Ferns. Original folio.

Mann's Manual of Scientific Enquiry. JOHN SAMPSON, 13, CONEY STREET, YORK.

Harleran Dairy System. Janson and Howitt's Oriental Field Sports. 40 illus

Observations on London Milk. Bailey and Moon.

Mining and Smelting Magazine. Complete Vols. or Nos. nations, oblong, Imp. folio. 1807.

Bernard and Huette's Operative Surgery and Anatomy. J. BAUNDERS, 22, High Street, Kensington, W. Pocock's Finishing for Rooms. Lacking unto Jesus. By Isaac Ambrose. Tegg. 1839. Dibdin's Advanced Drawing Book and Progressive ditto. L. SEELEY & SON, TORQUAY.

Ashley's Etchings on Copper. Darling. 1849. Szythe's Great Pyramid.

2 Faraday's Chemical Manipulations. Murray. 1843. NcHa Monita.

3 Hoblyn's Manual of Chemistry. Scott. 1842. Hshop's Two Babylons.

2 Scoffern's Chemistry no Mystery.

Appleby's Illustrated Handbook of Machinery.

2 Babbage's Economy of Machinery and Millwork. Breydopædia Britannica. 7th edition.

2 Somerset on the Properties of the Eclipse. Set's English Garden. Vol. 7.

2 Darwin on Coral Reefs. GEORGE SHORT, BATH.

Murchison on British Mines as a Means of Investment. Hervey's Sermons for Sundays and Holidays. 2 vols. 12mo.

White's Popular History of Mammalia. Willich's Popular Tables.


Elements of Conchology. Duncan. Proceedings of Somerset Arehæological Society from com

Niccol's Essay on Sugar. mencement, 1850. Second-hand.

Tapping on Colliery Inspections. Pairtrairn's Crests. Second-hand.

Beverley's Heresy of a Human Priesthood. Punch. 1861 to 1866 inclusive. Second-hand.

E. TURNER, 4, CHARLOTTE Row, Mansion HOUSE, E.C. Smith's Bible Dictionary. 3 vols.

Willich's Tables. Last edition. Froude's England. Vol. 2.

Campbell's Testament,



J. WILSON, 93, GREAT RUSSELL STREET, W Arrowsmith's (Dr. J.) Works.

Cowley's Works. 3 vols. 8vo. Bellamy's (Dr.) Works.

Buckle's Civilization. Vol. 2. Hall's Bp.) Contemplations. Vol. 1. 1825.

Catholic Annual 12mo. 1830. Stier's Words of Jesus. Vols. 3, 4, 5.

Newman's Parochial Sermons. Vols. 1 and 4.

Life of James Quin 12mo.

Archæological Journal. Part 57. March, 1558. Sequard, Brown, on Causes and Treatment of Nervous

W. H. WOODCOCK, HUDDERSFIELD. Affections, 1865.

Bopp's Grammar of Languages. on Moral Treatment of Nervous Diseases. 1865.

Oxford Essays. 1836.
on the Use of Bromide of Ammonium. 1865.

Preistley's History of Early Opinions.
Holden, Luther, Manual of Dissection of the Human Body. Gunfield's Sketch of the Jesuits.
With Engravings 2nd edition.

G. WOODGATE, 1, CHEPSTOW PLACE, BAYSWATI Holt, Bernard, on Immediate Treatment of Stricture of

Knight's Pictorial Shakespeare. Nos. 15, 17, 19, 23 Urethra. 2nd edition. Savage's Surgery of the Female Pelvic Organs. In a

The Ecclesiologist. New Series. Nos. 3, 13, 16, 21,

and 25. Series of Plates, Royal 4to.

Martin Chuzzlewit. Nos. 9, 15, 16, 19, 20.
Dobell's Manual of Diet and Regimen.

Pickwick. Nos. 2, 3, 6, 9,
De Horne. Journal De Médecine Militaire. Paris. 1782.
Baron Percy. Manuel du Chirurgien Militaire. Paris. 1792.

Baron Larrey. Relation Chirurgicale. Paris. 1813. Fisk's Pastor's Memorials of Holy Land.
M. Paroisse. Opuscules de Chirurgie. Paris. 1806.

Browne's Religio Medici. Cockshaw. Hutchinson's Further Observations on Amputation in

Lady Clutterbuck's What shall we have for Dinner Gun-shot Wounds. 1817.

Walker on Physiognomy. Millingen's Manual for Use of Army Medical Officers in Fiddle Faddle Fashion Book.

Active Service. 1819. Maggins. De Vulnerum, &c., Curatione. Bologna. 1552. Wanted the following Works, Entitled Rota. De Vulnerum. Bologna 1555. Bottallus. De Curandis Vulneribus. Lyons. 1560. J. Baptist Caronus. De Vulneribus Copitis. Milan. 1583.

Matches Run, and of Plates and F Woodall's “Surgeon's Mate." Pub. about the last year

Run for, in Great Britain in 17-, containing of Q. Elizabeth. Brown. A Complete Discourse of Wounds. London. 1678. names of the Owners of the Horses, &c., &o. Richard de Hantesierck. Recueil d' Observatione de Medi

John CHENY. cine des Hospitaux Militaires. Paris. 1776, 1777.

The first volume contained an account of Ballingall. Catalogue of Museumn Class of Military Surgery Horse Matches, &c., run for in 1727, and the in University of Edinburgh. 8vo. Edin. 1855.

volume those run for in 1750. HENRY T. WAKE, COCKERMOUTH.

The Advertiser has the volumes for 17451 Clarke's Commentary on the Bible.

1749, but would not object to buying an impar Ruding's Annals of the Coinage. 1840.

or perfect set. Alford's Greek Testament. Vol. 2. Last edition, Admiral Smyth's Cycle of Celestial Objects.

THE Morris's Hist. of British Birds.

WILLIAM PUTING and Thomas Fawoo Fletcher's Universal Measurer. 1752.

Containing an account of the Plates, Mato THOMAS WALKER, SALFORD.

and Sweepstakes that have beon Run for in G Bentley's Miscellany. March, 1852, June, 1844, '45, '46. Britain and Ireland in 1769-70-71-72. The HENRY WEAVER, NEWARK.

volume was printed for J. Miller, No. 2, Que Builder. Nos. 1196, 1223, 1224.

Head Passage, Paternoster Row, in 1770, Sixpenny Magazine. Part 13.

contains the account of the racing in 1769. Gospel Standard. Jan to June, 1864.

The Advertiser has the volumes for 1769 Dickens's Dombey & Son, Old Curiosity Shop, David Copperfield. Original editions.

1770, but would not object to buy a perfect et

Address. No. 493, care of Mr. Tucker, Bu C. E WELDON, 22, TAVISTOCK STREET, W.C. Beeton's Bible. Parts 8 and 21.

SELLER Office. WILLIS & SOTHERAN, 136, STRAYD, W.C. Harliean Miscellany. 10 vols. 4to. 2 copies of vol 10. F ANY PERSON has to Dispose Scott's Novels. Abbotsford edition, 12 yols.

a Copy of the “History of the Molesw. Gibbon's Rome. 8 vols. 8vo. Oxford Classics.

Family from Edward I. to Henry VIIL," Chesterfield's Letters. By Mahon. Vol. 1.

GERVAIS Hollis, or JervaIS HOLLES, or can EFFINGHAM WILSON, 11, Royal Exchange.

information where such a Work can be proc! Hopkins on Average. Jones's Life of Rowland Hill.

he is requested to communicate with J. R. Blackie's Cabinet Maker's Assistant.

Vernon Place, Southborough, Tunbridge Wel






A Chip of the old Block, a Novel, by George Gretton, 2 vols., post 8vo
Ada Moore's Story: a Novel, 3 vols., post ovo
Adam (J.) Exposition of the Epistle of James, 8vo
Adams (W. H. D.) Boy Makes the Man, fcap. 8vo
Ahn's German Language, 3 Parts in 1, 12mo ..
Aimard (ljustave) Flying Horseman, fcap. Bro

Guide of the Desert, fcap. 8vo

Insurgent Chief, fcap. 8vo ..
Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary, by Barker, new edit., 12mo
Altar Service Book. Church of Eng. & Ireland, edit. by F. G. Lee, 3 vois.
Anderson (ed. C.) Antiquities of Croydon Church, roy. 8vo
Artemus Ward, his Book, new edit., 12mo

among the Fenians, new edit., 12mo
Artemus Ward's Travels among the Mormons, new edit., cr. 8vo
Arthur (T. S) Words of Warning, fcap. 8vo
Ashburner (J.) Philosophy of Animal Magnetism and Spiritualism, 8vo
Aunt Judy's May Day Volume, edit. by Mrs. Alfred Gatty, sq. cr. 8vo
Austin (R.) Metropolitan Poor Act, 1867, er. 8vo
Autographic Mirror, Series 4, fol.
Bukewell (Mrs.) Mothers' Practical Guide, fcap. 8vo
Ballads, Scottish and English, fcap. 8vo ..
Barber (M. A.) Sweet Childhood, fcap. 8vo
Barry (A.) Doctrine of the Spirit: Three Sermons, fcap. 8vo
Beadle's American Lib., No. 74, The Fugitives, fcap. 8vo

11 o Chapman НЕ
111 6 Tinsley
0 9 0 Hamilton
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0 Velson
0 4

6 Williams 2 ( C. H. Clarke 0 2 0 C. H. Clarke

2 0 C. H. Clark 0

4 6 C. H. Lav 2 2 0 Bostcorth 0 7

6 J. R. Smith 0 1 6 Hotlen 0 0 6 Holten 0 1

6 Hollen 0 2 0 Nelson 0 12 6 Baillière 05 0 2 6 Butterworths 1 1 0 Opce 0 2 6 Snow 0

3 6 Nimno 0 3 6 Nisbet 0 2 6 Beil & Dello 0 0 6 Routledge

0 Bell Doll

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Toisin (M. De) Anecdotes and Stories in French, new edit., 12mo

0 2 0 C. H. Law French Verbs at a Glance, new edit., 8vo

0 1 0 C. H. Law The) and her Friends, new edit., sq.

6 Macintosh a Isabella! Veats: How to Select, Cook, and Carve, cr. Svo

0 Ward & Lock gì u Court, a Legend of Westminster, by C. Knight, post Hvo

0 Chapman f Hall 13. Questions on Bookkeeping, cr. 8vo

0 1 6 Chambers asteth (E.) Family Prayers, 39th thous., 12mo


6 Seeleys bakb E. Family Prayers, large type, new edit., cr. 8vo

0 Seeleys T30 Wise Counsels. People's edit., fcap. 8vo, sd. 1/; cl.

0 6 Houlston is tale to France, fcap. 8vo

0 Black * 3 atins Story of Grace, new edit., 18mo ::

6 Nisbet Hamorois Poetry, feap. 850

0 3 6 Nimmo (Tbecf Ready Made Speeches, fcap. Avo

0 6 Reeves f Turner ir the Housebold. Twelve Sorts. New Issue ,fcap. 8vo

each 0 1 6 Jarrold la von Text Book of Geography of Palestine, fcap. 8vo

10 Simpkin Joarts, Vol. 7, Svo

0 H. Vickers vasion, Absolution and the Preal Presence, 2nd elit., cr. 8vo

6 Seeleys iyle's Corted Country Guide, April, 1867, 12mo


0 Office mina I E Only a Clod, cheap edit., fcap 8vo

0 2 0 Vard Lock no Cos Dict. of Science, Lit., and Art, new ed., Vol. 3, Ryo, 21/; 3 vols.

0 Longmans can Di Tonos, a Norel, by Blanche Marryat, 3 vols., post Pro

1116 Saunders & Olley rooke Ser Enest Clarke's Fall, cr. 8vo..

6 Partridge mete uzke and Practice of a Notary of England, 3rd e lit.. 8vo

0 Stevens \ Sons kulkenes, Old and New, their Cause and Care, cr. 8vo


0 Jackson of Wal. ronebo tbe Cordwainer, Autobiography of, 12mo


3 6 Masters lockan tes Doctrine of Justification, 8vo.

0 10 6 Hamilton tecbas Ala Endy Book of Meteorology, post 8vo

0 6 Blackwoods za 1 E Ite, beys of St. Peter; or, the House of Rechab, 8vo

014 0 Longmans Lard Poetical Works and Life, cr. 8vo

7 Dicke 1. Serat. Religion in Common Life, 32mo

0 3 Blackwoods De Caiversity Calendar, 1867, 12mo

0 6 6 Bell y Daddy ndy T. E. Greck Testament, critically revised, 8vo..

0 14 0 Rivingtons arter (T. T.Derat Christian's Help to Meditation, Part 2,-Lent, fcap. 8vo 02 0 Bell of Daldy Ns Bihter. Hast G. Doré, Div, 2, fol.

1 1 0 Cassell Gode to Paris, that to See, &c., 12mo, 2/; cl.

2 6 Cassell l'astriini Sbakspeare. Vol. 2,–Histories, 4to

0 10 6 Cassell Catlo J.P., Preis of Esthetic Medicine, 8vo

0 9 0 Churchill Cecil2) Original Tbonghts, 2 vols., 8vo

red. to 0 12 0 Seeleys Theaters's Ede. Coarse, Bookkeeping, Questions on, by J. Bell, cr. 8vo

0 1 6 Chambers Esete dia, Vol. 9, roy. 8vo

0 Chambers Vocal Reading Books. Step 1, 18mo, 1d.; Step 2, 14d.; Step 3 0 3 Chambers Chamben' Fuz Yetional Reading Book. Steps 1-3, in 1 vol., 18mo

0 6 Chambers Child Tangt: God: Brief Memorials of A. M. B. G., fcap. 8vo

03 0 Nisbet Is The Vanth of Mary, super.-roy. 32mo

8 Washbourne dira ci desis: Stories to Children, 12mo

0 1 0 Partridge reta Tea Bok; a Summary of Christian Work, cr. 8vo

0 4 0 Jackson Walf. chan's Gaide to Faith and Piety, 3rd ed., Vols. 1 & 2, 32mo, each 2/6; 1 vol. 0 4 6 Masters la Poly, Memorials of the, by T. W. Aveling, 8vo

( 12 0 Jackson f Walf. Lisset Pezine, Epistle to the Corinthians, trans. by B. H. Cowper, 8vo

0 1 0 Rel. Tract Soc. obe (W.F.) Varjorie Dudingstoune, a Tale, 2 vols., post 8vo

1 1 0 Nimmo sabun . C. Wúliam Wilberforce, his Friends and his Times, 2nd edit., post svo ó g ở Longmans pasisa to the Altar, 32mo ..

0 1 0 Warne nagranian Lib. Lord'Lynn's Wife, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 1 0 Warne Paris & London, Humorous Sketches, by Albert Smith, fcap. 8vo 0 1 0

Warne e Pers, by Lady B. Lennard, 3 vols., post 8vo

1 11 6 Hurst & Blackett Cweili.) Novels, new edit., Pioneers, cr. 8vo


0 6 Routledge Sovels, Vol. 1, containing + Novels, cr. 8vo


6 Routledge Contigose Cest, a Novel, by William Dathie, 3 vols., post Avo

1 11 6 C. W. Wood Cari 1. d. Presbyterianism Defended, 2nd edit., 18mo

2 Blackwoods Dalasi 7.L.) Progressive English Grammar, Key to, 12mo


6 Simpkin Daze Imua and her Pet Johnny, 18mo ..


Rel. Tract Soc. Date's rise Comedy, Trans. by Longfellow. Inferno, cr. 8vo


6 Routledge Day' Iserybody's Business, fcap. 8vo

adv. to 0 2 6 Simpkin Dean's Isuz England's Oil-Colour Toy Book

0 1 O Dean Leize D. Patinson Crusoe, Life by H. Stebbing, 12mo


6 Tegg Detsen IL Astronomy without Mathematics, 3rd edit., 1?mo

0 4 0 Soc.Pr.Chr.Kno. pravy (Eiwed) Month in Russia during the Marriage of the Carezvitch, 8vo 0 10 6 Macmillan Christian Philsopher, 2 vols. in 1, cr. Svo

red. to 0 0 Collins es barles) Oar Mutual Friend. Lib. Edit., 2 vols., post 8vo..

0 16 0 Chapman f Hall obel) True First Stage of Consumption, post Avo

0 6 Churchill de George Shorter Catechism illustrated and explained, 3rd edit., 12mo.. 0 1 6 Elliot me as the Cross, and other Thoughts, in Verse, 6th edit., fcap. 8vo

0 2 6 Nisbet W ME.G.) I nangaral Address at Aberdeen, 8vo

0 1 0 Edmonston ten Lord) Letters from High Latitudes, 5th edit., post nyo

0 7 6 Murray TEM A. Novels, new edit., Queen's Necklace, fcap. 8vo

0 1 0 Routledge baris (Mrs.) Archie Lovell, a Novel, new edit., post 8vo


0 Tinsley He's Favourite Book of Pretty Fairy Tales. Indestructible, roy. 8vo

0 6 Ward & Lock bor Dryden's Probation, by K. S. Macquoid, 3 vols., post svo

111 6 Skeet hs (R) Ancient Routes between Italy and Gaul, 8vo..

0 6 0 Bell & Daldy pelbach (A. H.) Gretchen's Troubles, 18mo

0 1 0 Soc.Pro.Chr.Kn. Lulash Catalogue of Books for 1866, roy. 8vo

Low glish Cyelopædia. Re-issue. Biography, Vol. 3, 4to

0 10 6 Bradbury atles sad Gospels, 2 vols.

0 18 Bosworth

9 quros (A.) Religious Life in England, post 8vo

0 Chapman f Hall

1 tamples of Drawing, for Youthful Students, obg.

6 Jean Gartney's Girlhood, new edit., 12mo

Ward & Lock




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