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Fall (The), Redemption and Exaltation of Man, fcap. 8vo

0 1 O T'ashbourne Family Prayers for Working Men, by various Ministers, 12mo

0 0 6 Hamilton Fenton (T.) Answers to Why are you a Member of the Church of England ? 12mo 0 2 Masters Fergusson (James) On the Study of Indian Architecture, 8vo

0 0 Murray Few Plain Sermons for Home Reading, by a Curate, fcap. 8vo


Rivingtont Few Practical Hints on Church Embroidery

0 0 Masters Ffoulkes ( E. S.) Christendom's Divisions. Part 2, post svo

0 15 0 Jongmans Field (Horace) Heroism; or, God our Father Omnipotent, &c., fcap. 870

0 6 Longmans Fine Arts Quarterly Review (The), Vol. 1., New Ser., imp. 8vo

0 15' 0 Day of So# Five Centuries of Eng. Lang. and Literature (Tauchnitz), sq. 12mo

0 6 Low Fox (W.) Funeral Sermon on E. McAll, 12mo..

0 0 6 Simpkin Francke (A. H.) Faith's Work Perfected: the Orphan House at Halle, 12mo

0 6 Lou Froude (J. A.) Short Studies on Great Subjects, 2 vols., post 8vo

0 18 0 Longmans Fuller (T.) Abel Redivivus; or, Dead yet Speaking, new edit., 2 vols., cr. Svo


90 Tegg Garden (F.Í Outline of Logic; for Teachers and Students, fcap. 8vo.


0 Rivingtons Gayarre (C.) Philip II. of Spain, with Introd., by Bancroft, 80 ..

0 12 0 Low Gaze (H.) Bélgium and Holland, How to see, for Seven Guineas, new edit., 12mo. 0

0 Letts Paris and its Exhibition, 5th edit., 12mo

0 1 0 Letts Glimpses of the Celestial City, Introd. by J. Macfarlane, fcap. 8vo

0 6 Nimmo Glover (0.) Doctrine of the Person of Christ, cr. Svo

0 0 Bell & Dally Goddard (Julia) Joyce Dormer's Story, 2 vols., post 8vo

1 O Bradbury Godkin (James) Ireland and her Churches, 8vo

0 16 0 Chapman* ? Gooding (R.) Domestic Medicine, 12mo..

0 2 0 Virtue Good Stories, edit. by J, E. Clarke, 10th Series, cr. 8vo

0 6 Macintosh Goulburn (E. M.) Farewell Counsels of a Pastor to his Flock, fcap. 8vo

0 0 Rivingtons Grant (James) Hymns of Heaven; or, the Song of the Saints, 12mo

0 6 Partridge Great Catechism of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, 32mo

0 Simpkin Grote (Geo.) Plato, and other Companions of Socrates, 2nd edit, 3 vols., 8vo

0 Murray Haddo (Lord) Memoranda of the Life of, by E. B. Elliot, cr. 8vo

6 Seeley Hamilton Manuscripts (The), edit. by T. K. Lowry, 4to

1 1 0 J. R. Seith Hamilton (J.) Happy Home, new edit., 18mo

0 6 Nisher Harp of Judah ; or, Gems of Sacred Poetry, 32mo

0 6 Nelson Harris (G. C.) Church's Seasons and Present Times : Sermons, fcap. 8vo

0 0 Rirington Harris (J.) Questions on Old and New Test., new edit., 12mo


Whittaker Harwood (John) Miss Jane, the Bishop's Daughter, 3 vols., post 8vo

1 11 6 Bentley Haskoll (W. D.) Engineers' and Contractors' Field Book, 2nd edit., 12mo

0 12 0 Lockrood Haupt (H.) Theory of Bridge Construction, new editi, 8vo..

0 16 0 Trabac Hawkes (Mrs.) Memoirs by Cecil, 12mo..

red. to

0 5 0 Seeleys Hayman (Henry) Letter on Public School Latin Primer, 8vo

0 2 0 Parker Hazliti (W.) Memoirs; by W.C. Hazlitt, 2 vols., post 8vo

1 4 0 Bentley Henderson (Alex.) Sermons, Prayers, and Pulpit Addresses, 8vo

0 10 6 Maclaren Henderson (James) Memorials: Medical Missionary to China, fcap. 8vo..

0 3 6 Nisbet Henry's Commentary on the Bible, 9 vols., imp. 8vo

adv. to 3 3 0 Nisbet Hitchens (J. D.) Face of the King; or, Seeing Jesus, fcap: 8vo

0 2'0'J. Clare Co. Holt ( W.) Admiralty Court Cases, Rule of the Road, 8vo

0 10 6 Maxil & Sets Holy Canons of the Seven Ecumenic Synods, 32mo

0 2:0 Simpkirt Holy Thoughts and Musings of a Departed Friend, edit. by Hutchinson, 2nd ed. fcap. 0 5 0 Masters Hood (Thos.) Comic Poems, edit. by Lucas, fcap. 8vo

0 5 0 Moron Horæ Religioso, with Introd. by Bp. Blomfield, new edit., 32mo

0 1 0 Warne and Comp. to Altar, edit. by Bp. Blomfield, new edit., 32mo

16 Warne Hughes (E.) Hand Atlas for Bible Readers, new edit., obg. 4to ..

0 2

6 Varty & Cez Hull (J. D.) Cluster Crushed, Expos. of Last Chap. of Hosea, 12mo

3 0 Macintsoh Hulme (F.) Sketches from Nature of Plant Form, Part 1, fol.

0 5

0 Day | Son Human Nature : a Monthly Record, No. 1, 8vo

0 0 6 J. Burns Hunter (G. Y.) Body and Mind: a Popular Treatise, 8vo

0 3 6 Churchill Hurst (J. F.) History of Rationalism, post Svo

0 10 6 Trübrer Hutcheson (J. C.) Pettysbams; a Novel, 2 vols., post 8vo

1 1 O Newby Hutchinson (James) Easy Lessons in Geography, 18mo

0 1 3 Simpkin Idols of Clay, by Mrs. G. Smytbies, 3 vols., post Svo

11 Individual Liberty, Legal, Moral, and Licentious, by Index

0 4 6 Vasey Jellett (J. H.) Examination of Moral Difficulties of Old Testi, 8vo

0 4 Jerrold (W. B.) Paris for the English, 1867, 12mo ..

0 2

0 Bradbury Jesuits (The) and their Accusers, by a Looker-on, Svo..

08 Washbourne Jewitt (L.) Ballads and Songs of Derbyshire, cr. 8vo.

0 6 Bemrose Johns (B. G.) Blind People, their Works and Ways, post 8vo

0 7 6 Murray Jones.(Rev. J.) Classical Studies, their Position and Value, 880

0 2 0 Longmans Kain (G. J. ) Solicitor's Book-keeping, Double Entry, new ed., 12mo

0 60 Waterlow Katie Lawford's Victories, and other Stories, by I.. C. M., 12mo'..

0 2 6 Elliott Kennaway (C. E.) Some Tones of the Voice of Prophecy and Miracle, post 8vo, 0 5

0 Parker
Kirk (Rev. John) Geological Theories : a Discourse, 8vo
Knight (C.) Begg'd at Court, a Legend of Westminster, post 8vo
Kurtz (J. H.) Bible History, a Text Book for Schools, trans., fcap. 8vo

0 1 Ladder to Learning, 19th ed., roy. 16mo..

0 2 Lamb (Charles) Eliana, post 8vo..

0 1 - Essays of Elia and Eliaba, new ed., post Svo

0 3 Works, roy. 8vo..

red. to

0 10 6 Bell Daldy -A Memoir, by Barry Cornwall, 8vo..

red. to

0 Lamb's Tales from Shakspeare, edit. by C. Knight, new ed., roy. 18mo

02 6 Griffent Lamont (E. H.) Wild Life among the Pacific Islanders, 8vo Lankester (Edwin) Good Food. What it is and How to get it, 12mo

0 0 6 Routledge Lardner (D.) Electric Telegraph, new ed. by E. B. Bright, cr. 8vo

05 Handbook of Astronomy, 3rd ed. by Dunkin, cr. 8vo

0 7 6 Larkin (Joseph) Grammar for the People, parts 1 and 2, cr. Svo..

.each 0 0 1 Simpkin Lawson (George) Injuries of the Eye, Orbit, and Eyelids, 8vo

0 12

6 Longmani Lees (W. N.) Land and Labour of India, a Review, 8vo



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6 Sutanders 4 Ola

6 Hodges f Smith




10 Hardicicke 0 90 Chapman f Hell

0 Elliott 6 Griffith & Farren 0 Beil f Dalde 6 Bell - Daldy

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0 Longmans

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a's Wife, by the Author of " Lady Flavia," new ep., fcap. 8yo

0 1 0. Warne be inaing Post, by H. L. H., 2 vols., post ovo


0 Newby

0 1. Ten Life in Egypt and Constantinople, 4th ed., cr. 8vo..

0 Bentley

0 1 6 Low nic nits of London, fcap. 870 ... 's Deater (The), a Tale of the Revolution, by a Royalist, 4 vols., post 8vo 2 2 0 Adams & Francis T.G. Poor Law Election Manual, 3rd ed., 12mo...

0 5 0. Shaw & Sons 2. Let of the Barons, new ed., fcap. 8vo

0 1 0 Routledge ... Anatomieal Outlines of the Horse, fcap. 8vo


6 Longmans

0.0 Ber. J. Anti-Secularist Lectures, No. 5. Inspiration, &c.

6 Simpkin mesu. Dealings with the Fairies, sq. 3200,

0, 2 Strahan To's Magazine, Vol. 15, 8vo...

0 7 6 Macmillan wi... Captain Jack, or the Great Van Broek Property, 2 vols., post dro.. 11 0 Tinsley ng Arcbp England and Christendom, cr. 8vo

0 10 6 Longmans in Grannie's Wardrobe; or, the Lost Key, 18mo

0 1 0 Soc.Pr.Cler. Kno.

0 6 a D. Laat British Philosophy, 2nd ed., cr. 8vo

0 Macmillan

0 se dogulom of Heaven, fcap. 8vo

0 Washbourne Way Evenings, post 8vo

red. to 0

6 Rivingtons V bizht Sermons on the Priesthood, Altar, &c., 8vo.


0 Parker le irench Dictionary, 15th ed., 18mo ..

4.6 Tegg

0 5 Kelerences, &c., relating to City of London Hospitals, 8vo.

0 Pardon Supplement to, 8vo


0 Pardon

0 Priesteparted Friend, 2nd ed., 8vo

6 Nisbet

0 is ones Foems, Vol. 2, Lucile, new edit., fcap. 8vo,

0 Chupman f Hall H. & lattoos and Discussions, Vol. 3, 8vo..

0 12

0 Longmans - In kral Address, 1867, People's ed., cr. 8vo

0 a 2 E History of Latin Christianity (in 9 vols.)

, new ed., Vols.

to 3, ea.


0 Murray Lie, ed. tj Halcombe, Vol. 2, 8vo

0 3 6 Rivingtons apsi. Tani, by Holme Lee, 2 vols., post 8vo

11 0 Smith & Elder sacru ... Essay on Improved System of Education, 12no..

0 1 6

Longmans "Tss isinis rctist of Justice in British India, roy. 8vo

red. to 0 10 0 Williams f Nor. man Pem, T.) Followers of the Lamb: a Sermon, svo

0 1 Masters *5 , Mr) Faith amui Victory, 2nd ed., 12mo


6 Nisbet s Arithmetical Exacises, in words, fcap. 8vo

0 0

6 Murby Esce'sir Reader. So. 4, fcap. 8vo

0 0 10 Murby Handbook of English Etymology, by Russell, fcap. 8vo. ,

0 0

3 Murby ra's Handbok ? Paris, 3rd ed., fcap. 8vo

0 3 6 Murray Westmoreland and Cumberland, new ed , 12mo

6 0 Murray Tish (11Xenna: the Miner of Perranzabuloe, by W. Tyack, fcap. 8vo

2 0 Hamilton are Galate and Corners of Old France, 2 vols., cr. 8vo

1 0 Hurst of Blackett be (G. Prasens for all Classes, new ed., 18mo

0 2

0 Macintosh Frs Book. Eery Peading for very little l'eople, roy. 16mo..

0 2 6 Seeleys wal Bay n stories, roy. 16mo

red, to 2 0 Hamilton

0 Le W L Serbona on the Song of Songs, fcap. 8vo

o Hayes meteen (18. Sabbath Sehool Reciter, 18mo

0 1 0 Nicholson se's Popular Tales, Vol. II., Annie's Canary, fcap. 8vo

0 Nimmo Vol. 12, Sliding Scale of Life, fcep. 8vo..

0 0 Nimmo de laprored French and English Dictionary, by Smith, new ed., 32mo.

0 Trübner

0 I und loks, So. 15, Cranbrook's Correlation of Forces, fcap. 8vo

6 Edmonston r Johz: English Dictionary for Schools, sq. 12mo

6 Blackie

0 me Rez. James) Notes on the Rubrics of the Roman Ritual, post 8vo :

90 Duity

0 Serge : Story, ard ed., cr. 8vo

0 Chapman d. Hall fare of Frer Acres, How we Managed it, &c. new ed., cr. 8vo,

0 0 Casselt EL...) OTerseer's Manual, 2nd ed., cr. Svo

0 6. Shaw of Sons 5. X.) Sentence of Kaires, and other Poems, 2nd ed., fcap. 8vo


6 Longmans Prisciples of Religion: a Commentary on the Catechism, cr. 8vo


6 Mozley a site Libivition, People's Guide to, roy. 8vo


Soc. Pro.Chr. Kn. 1 Esa, 1967, Official Guide to English, 8vo ..

0 Johnson & Sons Ed. Ge Guide to, 12mo

6 Hamilton Gate The Diamond), in English or French, 32mo, Eng., 2/8 ; Fr.

2 Low lapcal Guide to, edit. by C. A. Cole, cr. 8vo

0 1 0 Holten * Core Exhibition, Catalogue of British Section

0 36 Low ad 1 Beepos Ayres, 8vo..

adv. to 0 10 6 .J. R. Smith "a daty i The) and its Remedy, 12mo

0 1 0 Partridge TJ's Sex Standard Arithmetic, Parts 2 & 3, Keys to, fcap. 8vo.

..each 0

0 2 Philip ari leorrection of the Lord, Meditations, &c., Svo

0 0 Bosworth 16. Drapers and Housekeeping, fcap. 8vo..

0 0

6 Routledge is Reliques of Ane. Eng. Poetry, 3 vols., (Tauchnitz) 89. 12mo

0 7 6 Luw pas ībel a Novel, by J. C. Hutcheson, 2 vols., post 8vo

1 1 0 Newby LL) Jenny Booth, a Story, cr. 8vo

0 2 6 Macintosh ses and Politieus, with Eng. Notes, by L. Campbell, 8vo..

0 18 0 Macmillan

1 8 TT.S.) Studies in the Book of Psalms, roy. 8vo

0 Black kez LardLife, Letters, and Speeches, by Hon. D. Plunket, 2 volsag 8vo

1 0 Smith & Elder

3 in Classical Metres and Quantity, by Valerius, cr. 870

6 Smith & Elder leorm : Letter to Earl Derby, by One of the People

0 1 0 Trübner (R.) Helen of the Glen, Persecuted Family, Ralph Gemmel, 12mo each


6 Oliphant Tales of the Covenanters, new ed., 12mo ..

0 1 0 Oliphant Aler.) Poetical Works, edit. by Lupton, 18mo


0 Tegg

1 Celebrant Book

4,0 Bosworth leos for a Reformed Parliament, 8vo

0 10 6 Macmillan

0 2 uy Labrary, Roderick Random, by Smollett, 12mo

0 Routledge 'Tom Jones, by Hen. Fielding, new ed., 12mo

2 0 Routledge nad, an Exceptional Biography, by Harry Moreland, 3 vols., post 8vo.

1 11 6 Saunders of Otley

1 6 Edmonston sy E. B. Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character, new ed., foap. Svo and's Heroine, 3 vols., post Svo

1 1] 6 Hurst & Blackelt

1 11 6 Saunders & Otley ing (Cyrus Wife and not a Wife, 3 vols., post &vo..

0 1 Causton • Tables of Profits and Discounts, revised by Stonehouse, fcap, 8vo..

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Reid (Mayne) Mountain Marriage; or, the Bandolero, new ed., 12mo

0 2 0 Ward IL Retrospect of the Year, 1866, a Poem, 12mo

0 1 0 Simphin Rimbault (E. F.) Nursery Rhymes, cheap ed., la, sq.

0 5 0 Cramer Roche (A.) Histoire des Ecrivains Francais, in 1 vol., 12mo

0 8 0 Nutt Rogers (Mrs. G. A.) Shepherd King, new ed., 12mo

3 6 Nisbet Routledge's Coloured Picture Books, 3 sorts, 4to

each 0

6 Routledge Household Manuals, Dinners and Housekeeping, fcap. 8vo

0 0 6 Routledge Natural History of Man, by J. G. Wood, Part 1, roy. 8vo..

0 1

0. Routledge St. Thomas Aquinas on the Sacraments, by W. Humphrey, sm, 4to ..


O Hayes Saphir (Adolphe) Christ and the Scriptures, fcap. 8vo..

0 3

O Morgan! Saunders's Art of Singing and Elements of Music, fcap. 8vo

0 06 Darideon Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, Bride of Lammermoor, 8vo

0 0 6 Black (In 4 vols.) Vol. 1, 8vo..

5 0 Black Sealy (H. N.) Treatise on Coins, Currency, and Banking, Part 2, Svo

6 0 Longmas Seebobm (Fred.) Oxford Reformers of 1498, Colet, Erasmus, and More, 8vo

0 12 0 Longman Sel. Lib. Fiction, The Bertrams, by A. Trollope, new ed., 12mo..

0 2 0 Chapman Seller (W.) and Stephens (H.) Physiology at the Farm, 8vo..

0 16 0 Black.coo Shakspeare Cassell's Illustrated ed., Vol. 2, Histories, 4to

0 10 6 Cassell (Handy Volume, in 13 vols.), Vol. 13, 32mo


10 Bradbury Handy Volume, 13 vols., 32mo cl.

1 10 Bradbury Shillitoe (Thomas) the Quaker Missionary, by Thomas Tallack, cr. 8vo

0 6 Partridge Shipley (Orby) Six Short Sermons on Sin, fcap. 8vo


10 Rivingtos Shirley (W. W.) Church in the Apostolic Age, fcap. 8vo

0 3 6 Macmilla Simple Geography, by C. W., 18mo

0 0

3 Simplen Slade (Sir Adolphus) Turkey and the Crimean War, 8vo

0 15 0 Smith 1 : Smith (Albert) Paris and London, Humorous Sketches, fcap. 8vo

0 1 0 Tarne Smith (Ennis) Echoes of the Past, fcar. Svo

0 26 Whittaker Smith (J. W.) Leading Cases, 6th ed. by Maude and Chitty, 2 vols., roy. 8vo

3 10 0 W. Hann Smith (W. C.) Sermon on the Mount: Lectures, cr. Svo

0 60 Edsatse Spener (Herbert) System of Philos., Principles of Biology, Vol. 2, 870

0 18 0 Wild Spirit Disembodied (The), by Herbert Broughton, 12mo

0 3 6 Nino Stainton (H. T.) Natural History of the Tineina, Vol. 10, 8vo

0 12 6 Par l'eerst Tineina of Syria and Asia Minor, 8vo..

0 Var l'art Stevens and Hole's School Series, Stand. Grammatical Spelling, Part 3, 12mo 0 09 Langhant Stevenson (J.) Tradesman's Ready.Calculator, 32mo

0 6 Routledge Stonehouse (S.) Profit Table for Investments, new ed., 12mo

2 0 Caraton Sullivan (Rob.) Words Spelled in two or more Ways, 12mo

0 10 Grooninis Summer (A) in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life, new ed., 12mo

0 10 Ward + IN Swinburne (A. C.) Song of Italy, fcap. 8vo

3 6 Hotter Tales of Heroes taken from English History, fcap. 8vo

3 6 Nelson Tallack (Thomas) Thomas Shillitoe, the Qnaker Missionary, cr. 8vo

0 2 6 Partrida Taylor (Isaac) Elements of Thought, new ed., 12mo

0 3 6 Bell Dell Taylor (W.) Infancy and Manhood of Christian Life, 12mo..

0 2 6 Partridge Tennysoniana, Notes, Bibliographical and Critical, fcap. 8vo

0 5 0 Pickering Testament, New, Greek, Critically revised by T. H. Candy, 8vo

0 14 0 Riringtone Thackeray (J.) Anthologia Græca : Passages from Greek Poets, fcap. 8vo..

6 Bells Dald Thames (The), Illust. by Photographs, Second Series, Sm. 4to..

0 10 6 Marina Thomson (D.) Rules in Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, 12mo

1 O Campbell Tiffin (W. C.) Gossip about Portraits, 12mo

0 5 Treatise (A.) on Architecture, ed. by A. Ashpitel, 4to

1 10 0 Black Trollope (Anthony) Belton Estate, new edit., post 8vo..

60 Chapman Bertrams, new edit., 12mo

2 0 Chapeaa The Claverings, 2 vols., sro

1 60 Smith Ure's Dict. of Arts, Manufactures, &c., 6th edit., by R. Hunt, 3 vols., 8vo..

4 14 6 Longmanı Vaughan (Robert) Church and State Question as settled hy Our Lord, cr. 8vo

0 4 0 Jackson Vaux (C.) Villas and Cottages, a Series of Designs, new edit., roy. 8vo

0 15 0 Love Virgil's Æneid, by Anthon and Trollope, new edit., 12mo

0 5 6 Togg Visits to the Altar of Mary, 18mo

0 1 Walker (Charles) Incense “after the Accustomed Manner," 8vo

O Hayes Watkins (C. F.) Vindication of Mosaic History of Creation, 8vo.

2 6 Rirington Weale's Rud. Ser. Domestic Medicine, by R. Gooding, 12mo

2 0 Virtue Hann's Plane and Sph. Trigonometry, new edit., 12mo

2 0 Virtute Recent and Fossil Shells, by Woodward, new edit., 12mo.. 06 6 Virtue Webster (Edw.) Parliamentary Costs. Private Bills, &c., 3rd edit.,

post 8vo Webster's Royal Red Book, April 1867, sq. Wellington (Duke of) Despatches, Correspondence, &c., Continuation, Vol. 1, 8vo 1 0 0 Murray Whately (R.) Lessons on Hist. of Religious Worship, new edit., 18mo

0 2 6 Longngts White (Robert) Poems, Tales, Ballads, and Songs, 12mo

0 5 White (Rev. V. M ) Ritualism and New Testament Christianity, 8vo

0 1 White's Directory of North and East Riding of Yorkshire, 8vo Whitley (J. L.) Lectures for the Times on Biblical Difficulties, &c., fcap. 8vo Wilkinson (J. B.) Mission Sermons: Twenty-five Plain Sermons, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo 0 3 6 Mantere Williams (Rowland) Broadchalke Sermon-Essays, cr. 8vo Winscom (J. A.) Dear Old England, new ed., cr. 8vo Winslow (F.) Light, its Influence on Life and Health, fcap. 8vo.. Witherow (Thos ) Scriptural Form of Church Government, 16mo Woodward (W. F.) Recent and Fossil Shells, new edit.; 12mo York Congress (The) and Church Rights, 8vo Young (D.) Tongue on Fire, 18mo Leslie (E.) Ellerslie House: a Book for Boys, 12mo Le Vaux (G. W. V.) Twin Records of Creation : Geology and Genesis, fcap. 8vo Lindsay (A.) Espoused to Christ, edit. by N. Macleod, fcap. 8vo.. Linton (H.) Scriptures arranged as Written, 2nd ed., 12mo.. Lloyd (L.) Game Birds and Wild Fowl of Sweden and Norway, roy. 8vo Locke (W.) Little Sermons for Little People, 12mo

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0 J. R. Sinif

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0 TFashbourne



0 0 Slover & S 0 5 0 Webster

0 Longadu

6 Nisbel 0 17 6 Simpkin 0 4 6 Simplita

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t's Last, No. 757).




British and Foreign Literature,

hiek is incorporated BENT'S LITERARY ADVERTISER, established in the Year 1802.



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409 te & Co., Edinburgo .. 406 EEE Co.

405 Ca......

330 Det

380, 381 << Tood, W. Sons

376 Joel, (ne)

....... 379 JI Pette, & cupin

411 & Ferguen, Glasgow 376

377 thr, (The) ...... 375 2, T. L&Co...... ...... 409 *1.2 L Elinburgh

320 T, Sens, & Co. .... 380 *5.6.7.....

383 376, 412


Holmes, William

413 Hoodless, W. H.

409 Hotten, John Camden

385 Houlston & Wright.

296 Hunt, William, & Co.

394 Hurst & Blackett....

398 Ingle, H.

410 Johnson & Rowe ....... Kirkland & Co.......

... 404 Leighton, Son, & Hodge

...... 411 Longmans, Green & Co......... 303 Macintosh, Wm.

386 Macmillan & Co.

387 Marks, Joseph

409 Marlborough & Co..... 404, 409, 410 Milner & Sowerby, Halifax 390 Miller, J. Moodie, Edinburgh .. 376 Morel, Victor.....

407 Morgan & Chase

.............. 314 Morris & Co.........

407, 410 Moxon, Edward, & Co..... 391, 394 Mozley, J. & C....

404 Nature and Art

376 Nelson, Thomas, & Sons ...... 395 Newman, George..... Nichol, James, Edinburgh 308 Nimmo, W. P., Edin.

...... 392, 393 Nisbet, J., & Co. .............. 315 North American Review, (The) 376 Ogden, J., & Co.

407 Parker, James, & Co...... 318 Partridge, 8. W.

398 Peel, Thos. C., & Co.


Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton.. 396 People's Magazine, (The)

...... 377 Philip, George, & Son...

...... 397 Poplett, John

410 Ransom, H.

412 Ramage & Coppinger.

404 Religious Tract Society.......... 399. Rivingtons

300 Schenck & Macfarlane, Edinb... 455. Shaw, J. F., & Co.

398 Simmons, J. & Co.

411 Simpkin, Marshall & Co.

...... 401 Smith, Elder & Co.

401 Smith, John Russell

289 Smith, William.....

...... 404 Soc. Prom. Christ. Knowl,

377 Spon, E. & F. N.

..... 314 Stinson, R. Y.

..... 404 Strahan, Alexander

...... 322, 323 Suttaby, R. & A.

324 Tegg, William

..... 402 Thimm, Franz

394 Tinsley, Brothers

..... 327 Trübner & Co.

400 Venables, Tyler, & Son

412 Vineyard (The).

378 Virtue & Co.

403, 409 Ward, Lock, & Tyler

331 Warne, Frederick, & Co. 389 Westleys & Co.

.., 412 Whiteman & Bass

409 Wood, Charles W.

394 Wyman & Sons...

.. 410

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.... 413

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Subscription, 5s. per annum, delivered post-free.-Single Number, bd.; by post, 7d.

The BookSELLER is supplied, post free, to Subscribers of Five Shill year, which amount may be transmitted, either in Postage Stamps or by Office Order, payable at the General Post-office to MR. EDWARD Tucker.

Advertisements inserted in The BookSELLER are charged at the fol rate :-Four lines, set close, in column, 35. 6d., per line beyond, 6d. ; six lin close, across the page, 10s. 6d., per line beyond, Is. 62. ; page, 31, 35.; hali il. 165. ; quarter-page, 20s.; one-sixth, 145. Displayed Advertisements, w in column or across the page, are charged according to the space occupied.

THE GAZETTE. Bankrupts :

Bruton, Joseph, Crane Court, Fleet Street, print: Atkinson, Robert, Tendon Road, Bishop Wearmouth, and

of 3s. in three equal instalments in two, fuu High Street, Sunderland, printer, &c.; solicitor, E. H.

months. Haswell, Sunderland.

Buck, John George, Strait Bargate, Boston, Brown, Sarah (widow), trading under firm of A. Brown

stationer, &c.; trustees, Thomas Wise, tanker and Co., Strand, bookseller; solicitor, J. W. P. Scott,

and Joseph Roberts, gent., Upper Seymon Basinghall Street.

Portman Square. Charles, Thomas William, Southampton Buildings, Chan

Butler, William Frederick, Bearsted Mills, near X cery Lane, and West Strand, law stationer and litho

and Half Moon Street, Bishopsgate. Comp, grapher; solicitor, W. H. Duignan, Chancery Lane.

three months. Darton, John Maw, trading under style of John Maw

Goode, John, Coventry, printer and stationer Darton and Co., Paternoster Row, bookseller and pub

John Adams, commercial clerk, Birmingham lisher; solicitors, Lawrence, Plewa, and Boyer, Old

Hodge, Frederick, Salisbury Street, Strand, late Jewry Chambers.

ampton Buildings, bookseller; trante, William Disney, William Daniel, Pier Cliff, Gorleston, stationer,

printer, Duke Street, Stamford Street, &e; solicitur, C. Diver, Great Yarmouth.

Hogg, James, jun., St. Bride's Avenue, Fleet Fleming, Thomas, North Bitchburn, near Crook, late

Mecklenburgh Square, publisher; trim, Esk Usworth and Old Washington, newspaper agent, &c.;

liam Rowell, gent., King's Bench Wilk, ani # solicitor, W. Brignall, jun., Bishop Auckland.

Henry Leighton, bookbinder, Shoe la. Fogy, Edwin Joseph Edmiston, East Street, Old Kent

Kelly, William Joseph, Grainger Street and Royal Road, lithographic draughtsman; solicitor, H. A. Sher

Newcastle, picture dealer; trustee, Hears savage wood, Bell Yard, Doctors' Commons.

seller, Newcastle. Gibh, James, and James Skinner, trading under firm of Loder, Charles, Lincoln, printer and statinter! Jannes Gibb and Co., Gla-gow, publishers and whole

William Tomlinson Page, bank manat, ! sale stationers; claims by Sept. 11.

Thomas Forman, printer and stationer

, Nati Harper, Thomas, Cheltenham, newspaper proprietor,

and John Plumtree, grocer, Lincoln. publisher, printer, and editor; solicitor, C. P. Skipper,

Richardson, John, Geoffrey, Manchester, hoolt Cheltenham.

truster, James Roscoe, accountant, Manchets. Howitt, Thomas, North Church St., and Shakspere St.,

Rutherford, James Douglas, Darlington, staticos?! Nottingham, printer; solicitor, G. Belk, Nottingham. Francis Kemp, jun., bank clerk, Manchester, sel1 Lawrence, George James, trading under firm of Lawrence Baigent, grocer and druggist, Darlington,

and Lawrence, Upper Thames Street, late Bread Street Savage, Samuel, York Town, Trimley, late bent Hill, printer; solicitor, G. W. W. R. Harrison, Basing- Comp. of 2s. 6d. in twenty-one days; trang hall Street.

Winter, musicseller, York Town, Trimley. Lewis, William Barrett, Princes Rd., Exeter, picture dealer. Siebe, Henry Herepath, and William Georse 3 Mitchelson, George, Berry Street, Liverpool, bookseller Frith Street, Soho, lithographers, artists and p? and stationer; solicitor, T. Etty, Liverpool.

Comp. to pay 20s. by four equal instalms ! Nutt, William,' New Yard, Great Queen Street, and July, 30th Oct., 1867, 30th Jan. and oth April Craven Buildings, Drury Lane, bookbinder; solicitor,

Taylor, Samuel Robert, Freshwater. He R. J. Dobie, Basinghall Street.

stationer, &c.; trustees, James Rattenban, Proctor, John, Portland Place, late Great Homer Street, Landport, and Robert Taylor, coal merchas Liverpool, under style of James Lucas, stationer and

Cowes. newsagent; solicitor, S. D. Worship, Liverpool.

Walker, Henry John, Great Dover Street, Raby, William Edward, Northwood in Hanley, printer; lithographic printer; trustees, William Coast

solicitors, Doyle and Edwards, Verulam Buildings, neer, Herbert's Buildings, and Frederick Masr Gray's Inn.

conist, Walworth Road. Renvoize, Frederick, Mary St., Kingsland Rd., late cardboard manufacturer, King's Head Court, Beech St., Bar

Partnerships Dissolved :bican; solicitor, J. B. Pittman, Guildhall Chambers, Hooke, Edward (dec.) and Francis Pitt, Shand Roberts, John Edward, Chesterfield, bookseller and Liverpool, wholesale stationers. Debts paid be

printer; solicitors, J. Hopkinson, Chesterfield, and Inglis, James, and Thomas C. Jack, Painburgh B. P. Broomhead, Sheffield.

sellers and publishers. Debts paid by Jask. Rosewarne, John, Siddal's Road, Derby, printer and Jones, William, and Henry Gray, Old Carentisk stationer; solicitor, W. Briggs, Derby.

Oxford Street, picture dealers, &c. Del ) Stephen, Alexander Morrison, Dundee, stationer; claims

Gray. by Aug. 26.

Mawdsley, Peter, and Joseph Guyton, Seafort Tootill, Ellis, Rusholme, printer and stationer.

Seaforth, under'firin of Liverpool Dry Plate and Dividends:

graphic Printing Company,

Rivington, John, and Francis Hansard Rivino Dunkley, W. and J. H., Excter, musicseller. First, 4s. 68. loo Place and Stationers Hall Court, Leade, Carriek, Exeter.

and Cambridge, booksellers and publishers. Smith, P., London, author and tutor. First, 6s. 3]d. paid by F. H. Rivington.

Edwards, London.
Assignments, Compositions, Trust Deeds, dc.:-

Orders made to Wind Up under Companies' & Societies

The Weekly Advertiser Newspaper Company La Aitken, Henry, York Road, Lambeth, publishing agent. Richard Matthew Derrent to be liquidator.

Comp. of 2s. in twelve months.
Becker, Ernest, and William Pound, trading under firm Resolutions to Wind Up Voluntarily:-

of Becker, Pound, and Co., Basinghall Street, wholesale The Alexandra Printing Ink Company (Limited ; a and export stationers. Comp. of 4s. in fourteen duys. tors, Mr. Hagen and Dr. Hirschfeld.

TRADE CHANGES AND LITERARY GOSSIP. Correspondents are requested to mark all letters for the BOOKSELLER OFFICE with the district initials E.C., as in consequence of there

After thirty-one years'active service as put

Mr. John Rivington has retired from the line being several Warwick Squares in London our

which will now be carried on by Mr. Frut letters are frequently delayed.

Hansard Rivington, the sixth in direct in from the founder of the house in the yerli

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