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Two days passed, and no one called for attention, was well known and appreciated in e pareel; in the interim I wrote to the address literary and artistic circles, but like his friend invoice, and to-day it is returned through the and fellow-labourer, Mr. C. Bennett, he died at st-office as “not known,” confirmed by the an early age, before his work had become suffiEt that the names of the manufacturers are not ciently remunerative to allow him to provide for the - Directory.”

his family. Experience I have gained, though somewhat May 15, at 9, North Crescent, Bedford Square, early; and I trust that this letter will not aged 80, Mr. Thomas Hookham, of Cadsdew pre too long for insertion in your columns. Cottage, Risborough, formerly of New Bond Portail somewhat suddenly the career of a gang Street, librarian and bookseller.

swindlers, and save many of your readers a May 18, at his residence, 6, Belsize Park oss resembling that of

Road, Hampstead, aged 74, Clarkson Stanfield, Yours, &c.,

R.A. This eminent artist began life as a sailor, ERNEST G. CHARPENTIER. and thus made acquaintance with the sea and Manda Hill, May 22.

other nautical matters, which he subsequently

turned to such good advantage in his famous SHABBY PUBLISHERS.

paintings, “The Day after the Wreck,” “The To the Editor of the BOOKSELLER.

Abandoned," " Wind against Tide," "The VicSE-Some few publishing firms having of tory towed into Gibraltar after the Battle of late resorted to the dodge of sending the first Trafalgar," and other subjects so well known two or three parts of serial publications for and so much admired at the annual picture exreview, and then discontinuing them as soon as hibitions of the Royal Academy, of which he noties aprear, it may not be out of place to state, became an Associate in 1832, and an R. A. in that a movement is on foot amongst editors which 1835. His name will be remembered in literature is likely effectually to prevent the gentlemen in from his connection with Douglas Jerrold in his question from reaping the advantages they seek, production of the nautical play of “Black Eyed quite so cheaply.

Susan," for which he painted the scenery when Yours, &c., FAIRPLAY. it first appeared at the Surrey Theatre.

May 22, aged 79, Mr. E. H. Bailey, the 1 OBITUARY.

eminent sculptor and academician. April 20, aged 69, the Rev. William Keating May 23, at Glasgow, aged 74, Sir Archibald Clay, B.D., nicar of Waterbeach, Cambridge,

Alison, Bart. He was the son of a clergyman, shire. The deceased had laboured long and

author of a work on “Taste.” Educated at Edin. hard in a somewhat unpopular_field-gleaning, burgh University, he was, in 1814, admitted a 12., that connected with the English Prayer member of the Scottish bar. During the followBook. In these studies, unlike most liturgical ing eight years he travelled on the Continent, students, he retained strong Protestant convic- and witnessed many of the events of that stirring tions, and for this reason, perhaps, he met with time. In 1822, he was made Deputy Advocate but little sympathy from his fellow-labourers. for Scotland, which office he held till 1830, when His best known works are the Prayer Book he was appointed Sheriff of Lanarkshire. In Ikastrated, published in 1841, by J. W. Parker, 1845, he was elected Lord Rector of Marischal and the volumes of Liturgies and Private Pray- College, Aberdeen ; and, in 1851, Lord Rector ens, edited for the Parker Society.

of the University of Glasgow. In the following May 9th, at his residence Hornsey Road, Mr. year he received a baronetcy from the governRobert Forbes, for 53 years with Messrs. ment of Lord Derby, and in 1853, the University Powerth & Son, printers, Bell Yard. The de- of Oxford conferred upon him the degree of ceased was one of the early promoters of the

D.C.L. He was an industrious but prolix writer; flourishing Finsbury Savings Bank.

he produced numerous essays and treatises, and Naylo, at Bury, Lancashire, aged 66, Mr. was a constant political contributor to BlackJohn Vickermann, bookseller and printer. The

wood's Magazine." His most important work, deceased, a native of Halifax, was at the age of

upon which, indeed, his fame as an author will fourteen apprenticed to the late Mr. Tasker, of mainly rest, was his voluminous and well-known Skipton ; but owing to his master's failure, he “ History of Europe,” which he commenced in completed his term with Mr. Crompton,

of Bury, 1833, and completed to the last French Revoluwith whom he afterwards worked as journeyman, tion and the accession of Louis Napoleon to the till

, in 1835, he commenced business on his own throne, in 1852. It passed through several edi. account. The deceased was much respected by tions, and has been translated into various foreign al who knew him. The business will be con

languages, and may be considered, on the whole, tenal by his second son, Charles.

as an able, but by no means impartial perMay 11, at 219, Regent Street, Mr. Hippolité formance.

May 25, at Peckham Rye, aged 79, Robert May 14, aged 33, William McConnell, artist Archibald Armstrong, M.A., LL.D., author of

on wood. The deceased had a Gaelic dictionary: lust begun to make name and fame when he was May 26, at 77, Gloucester Place, aged 65, Sir attacked by consumption, which prevented him Thomas Phillips, Q:C., Chairman of the Society kas nearly two years past from working at his Arts Adviession. His sketches, which abound in bumour, appeared principally in “London So. rough Street, aged 69, Mr. George Richard Chiety," the Leisure Hour,” and the “Welcome Metzler, music publisher.

test," in which latter periodical he illustrated dr. Sala's "Twice Round the Clock,” by a

Recently, at the early age of 39, Mr. Borrodaile,

a clever scholar, but somewhat erratic. He was Series of clever drawings of London life and the son of a clergyman, and was for some time Character; and designed a comic extravagance,

at Cambridge, but left there suddenly without Called the “Adventures of Mr. Wilderspin,” to

taking any degree. The deceased published Which Mr. Halliday afterwards furnished a text.

nothing in his own name, but some well-known Mr. McConnell, to whose peculiar talent as a

works bearing that of a livivg littérateur, are tomic artist we have more than once drawu

said to be mainly the work of Mr. Borrodaile.

Baillière, aged 58. and draughtsman

1 of Aaye 27, at his residence

, 37, Great Marlbo.



The prices named are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed.




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RELIGIOUS. Alden (Rev. J.) Text-Book of Ethics for Bible Classes. 18mo, pp. 92. New York

3/ Alger (William R.) Solitudes of Nature and of Man;

or, the Loneliness of Human Life. Post 8vo, pp. 412. Boston, U.S.

9/ Apocryphal Gospels, and other Documents relating to the History of Christ. Translated from the Originals in Greek, Latin, Syriac, &c. With Notes, Scriptural References, and Prolegomena. By B.

Härris Cowper. Cr. 8vo, cl. Williams f Norgate. 7/6 Andrews (Bp.) Selections from the Sermons of. Fcp. 8vo. Soc. Pro. Ch, Know.

176 Bible. The Holy Bible ; with Notes and Introduc

tions, by Ch. Wordsworth, D.D. Vol. 4. Part 1. The Book of Job. Imp. 8vo, pp. xx–105. Riving. tons.

9/ Bickersteth (Rev. E.) Prayers for Families for Six

Weeks. Large Type. New ed. Post 8vo, pp. 347. Seeleys

5/ Blackwood (Stevenson A.) Shadow and the Substance.

Addresses on the Passover. 2nd ed. 12mo, cl, sd. pp. vii-208. Nisbet

2/ Bush (Rev. J.) Canticles of the Song of Solomon: a

Metrical Paraphrase. With Notes. Crown 8vo. Hatchard

6/ Calendar (The) of the Prayer Book. Illustrated.

With an Appendix of the Chief Christian Emblems, from Early and Medieval Monuments. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xxviii-218. Parker

6/ Carter. The Devout Christian's Help to Meditation

on the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Edited by Rev, T. T. Carter. Part 3. Easter. Fcap. 8vo, sd. Bell &. Daldy

2/ Church Life. Its Grounds and Obligations. By the

author of " Ecclesia Dei." Post 8vo, pp. X-104. Strahan

2/6 Clement of Alexandria, Works of. Translated by

Rev. William Wilson. Vol. I. (Ante-Nicene Chris.

tian Library. Vol. 4). Svo, pp. 470. Clark. 10/6 Cumming (Rev. J.) Ritualism, the Highway to Rome. Twelve Lectures. Sm. cr. Svo.

Nisbet . 5/ Daily Litanies for Family Worship. By a Layman.

12mo, cl. sd. Longmans Dale (James W.) Classical Baptism. An Inquiry into

the meaning of the word Bantiew, as determined by the usage of Classical Greek Writers. 8vo, pp. 351.

Philadelphia Delitzsch (Franz) Biblical Commentary on the Pro. phecies of Isaiah,

Translated from the German, by Rev. James Martin. Vol. 1. (Clark's Foreign Theological Library. 4th ser. Vol. 14.) V-461. Clark

10/6 System of Biblical Psychology. Trans. from the German. 2nd ed, thoroughly revised and enlarged. By Rev. Rob. Ernest Wallis. (Clark's

For. 'Theo. Lib.) 8vo, pp. xvi—585. Clark 12/ Demarest (J. T.) and Gordon (W. B) Christocracy;

or, Essays on the Coming and Kingdom of Christ. With Answers to the Principal Objections of Post

millenarians. 12mo, pp. 403. New York . 10/ Diocesan Synods. A Paper at a Clerical Meeting.

8vo, sd, pp. 15. Brookes f Vibert (Lincoln)-Simp. kin

6d. Directorium Puritanicum, being a Manual of Direc

tions for the Proper Performance of Divine Service, according to the Use of the Church of England, and for the avoidance of any Perversion of the Book of Common Prayer, in the direction of Puseyism or Popery. 12mo, sd, pp. 32. Mowbruy (Oxford)Simpkin.

6d. Donaldson (George) Shorter Catechism, Illustrated

and Practically Applied. Adapted for public and private Instruction. With Introductory Notice, by Pev. Robert Rainy, D.D. 3rd edition. Roy. 18mo, pp. xvi-284. Eliot


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Epitome (An) of the Fall, Redemption, and Exalted

of Man. By a St. Vincent de Paul Brother. It

cl. lp. Washbourne Epitome (An) of the Bible: being Compilations the Old and New Testaments. Accompanii Notes from the most esteemed Writers, as Am Secker, Tillotson, &c., &c.; Bps. Hall, Portes Wilson, and others. Part 2. First Book of Lise

to Psalms. Post 8vo, pp. 108. Halchard Fenton (Rev. Thornas) Church and the Bible, in the

relation to each other. A Tract for the Tire

32mo, sel. Horigex (Frome Selwood)-Simpkin, I Fisher (G, P.) Essays on the Supernatural Origin

Christianity, with special reference to the Theorie of Renan, Strauss, and the Tubingen School. Na

ed. Cr. 8vo. New York Forbes (Bp.) Esplanation of the Thirty-Nine Articles

with an Epistle dedicatory to the Rer. E. B. Inser, D.D. Vol. 1. Articles 1 to 21. Post dro,

299, Parker, Frothingham (o. B.) chill's Book on Religion. For

Sunday Schools and Homes. 18mo, pp. Ir-317.

Boston, U.S. Fuller (Thomas) Cause and Cure of a Wonoded Cox

science. Also, Triana; or, a Threefold Romania of Mariana, Padunna, and Sabina-Ornithologie; or, the Speech of Birds-and Antheologia; or, the Speech of Flowers. Post 8vo, pp. 321. Teng. 40 Giles (Henry) Christian Thought on Life, in a Series

of Discourses. Roy. 18mo, cl. sd., pp. 124. While field Gladden (Rev. W.) Amusements: their Uses and

their Abuses. A Serinon. 8vo, sd, pp. 31. Northa

Adams Goode (Dean) Ronie's Tactics; or, a Lesson for En,

land from the Past: showing that the great object of Popery since the Reformation, has been to satsvert and ruin Protestant Churches and Protestant States, &c., &c. Second edition. Sro, sd., PP.

Hatchard Goulburn (Edward Meyricki Farewell Counsels of u

Pastor to his Flock: Nine Sermons, preached a St, John's, Paddington, before quitting that sphere are Ministerial Labour.

Fcap. 810, P. vui Rivinglons Graves (k.) Biograplıy of Satan; or, a Histmal Exposition of the Devil and his 'Fiery Domisivas

, disclosing the Oriental origin of the belief in : Devil, and future Endless Punishment, de, de

2nd edition. Hvo, sd. Chicago Hall (Rev. Charles H.) True Protestant Ritualia:

being a Review of a book entiiled “ The Lord Ritualism." 12mo, pp. 210. Philadelphia Hamilton (James) Happy Home. By the Author at

"Life in Earnest." New edition. 18mo, PP.

Nisbel Hignett (G. Edward) Additional Hymns for Public

Worship. 2nd ed. 18mo, sd. Wardie (Kidsgrove d. Hooppeli (Rev. R. E.) Reason and Religion : or, the Leading Doctrines of Christianity. Sm. cr. ára,

pp. 200. Nacintosh . How (William W.) Daily Family Prayer for Chureba

men. Compiled chietly from the Book of Couuu Prayer. 2nd ed. 12mo, cl. sd. Morgan Howell (C. R.) Jesus: All and in all. With a Prefect

by Rev. Samuel Martin. 2nd edition, carefalli per

vised. 18mo. pp. 1--209. Book Sociely Hull (John Dawson) The Cluster Crushed: ?"

position, Doctrinal, Experimental, and Practical as the last chapter of Hosea. Post Svo, pp. fi

Macintosh Hymns from the Land of Luther. Translated.

Complete in 1 vol. New ed, Sq. Kennedy (Edm

burgh) - Hamilton James (T. S.) History of the Litigation and Legisla tion, respecting Presbyterian Chapels, &c. Srun

(Birmingham) Kent (liev. Benjamin) Pastor's Note Book ; or, te

Kent parations for the Pulpit. Post Svo. Pp. rui-31).

8vo, pp:

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* List of American Publications supplied by Messrs. Trübner and Co., 60, Paternoster Row.

- 194.

og (Rer. Darid) Power of Zeal. With an Appendis. Rivington (Francis) Protest against extreme RitualFeap. 8vo. Pp. vni-137. Nisbe!


ism ; including a Brief View of the Errors of ence (Rev. P. F. Provision for the Future. A

Romanism. Skellington

6d. Sernion preached before a Benefit Club. Svo, sd., Rutherford (Rev. Samuel) Letters, 103.-1601. With pp. 14. Hodges (Frome Selwood)- Hail


a Preface, by Rev. John M.Ewan. Complete ed. Cann Rer. James ) Anti-Secularist Lectures. No. 6. Cr. 8vo, pp. XX-550. D. Grant (Edinburgh) The Spirit of the Age: and the Duties of its Teach. Ryder (H. J. D.) Idealism in Theology. A Review of

s. 8vo, sd. Tindall (Huddersfield -Simpkin 4d. Dr. Ward's Scheme of Dogmatic Authority. 8vo, Duff J.R) Family Prayers. New ed. 27th thou.

sd. Longmans

2/6 çerised and correcied. Feap. 8vo. Nisbet 3/6

Second Death (The) and the Restitution of all Things.

By M. A. Post 8vo. Longmans SZertow ( Rev. J.) History of the Foreign Missions of the Secession and United Presbyterian Church.

Seeleya (Rev. Elward E.) Bible Emblems. Cr. 8vo, $7). Ellis ( Edinburgh)

pp. 222. New York

4/ selearter, G.F.) Shilling Book of New Testament

Sermons on the Gospels from Easter to Trinity.

By a Country Parson. New ed. Flisty, for National and Elementary Schools, with

Post 8vo, pp. 134, 2 Mon 0 Instrate the Apostolic History. 18mo,

Saunders * Otley

3/6 el. st. 11. Niacmillan

Shedd (William G. T.) Heraclitus and Pastoral Theo. Kadge Toomas) Discourses on Subjects relating to

logy. 8vo, pp. vi---129. New York .

14/ Certian Faith and Life. Post 8vo, pp. 1–327.

Shipley (Rev. Orby) Six Short Sermons on Sin. Lent 7/6

Lectures, at St. Alban the Martyr, Holborn. Fcap. Yslan Ber. S. C.) Ontline of the Early Jewish

8vo, cl. st., pp. viii-103. Rivingtons .

1/ Chrtea, imm a Christian Point of View. In two Smith (Charles) Letter containing Remarks on some hroz. Bok 1-The Patriarchs. Book 2- The current opinions respecting the Eucharist. Riving. Cigreh n the Wilderness. 8vo, pp. xii


2 Semt Olley.

18/ Smith (Rev. Thomas) Key Notes of the Bible. 2nd Martin Pet. Darid) Daily Walk with Jesus in the ed. 18mo, pp. viii-181. Grant (Edinburgh) . 21

Penis) land. 18mo, pp. 251. Thornton (Oxford) Spirit Disembodied (The) When we Die we do not

1/6 fall asleep: we only change our place. By Herbert Xsarice (Fred. Denison) Epistles of St. John. A Broughton. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. 1-271. Nimmo 3/6 Series of Lectures on Christian Ethics. New ed.

Stobart (Rev. H.) Daily Services for Households.
Cr. 670, pp. 1--347. Macmillan

18mo, pp. 168. Soc. Pro, Ch. Know

1/ Gospel of St. John. A series of Discourses.

Stowe (Prof. C. E.) Origin and History of the Books Rex ed. Cr. Sto, pp. xxviii-501. Macmillan. 6/ of the New Testament; both the Canonical and the Patriarchs and Lawgivers of the Old Testa.

Apocryphal. Designed to show What the Bible is bent. A series of Sermons preached in the Chapel not, What it is, and How to use it. Post 8vo, pp. of Lincoln's Inn. 3rd ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. 347. Alac. 559. Low

8/6 gillar.

Tatian and Theophilus, Writings of, and the CleYilman (Dean) History of Latin Christianity; in. mentine Recognitions. Translated by Rev. B. P.

elading that of the Popes, to the Pontificate of Pratten, Rev. Marcus Dods, and Rev. Thos. Smith. Nicolas , 9 rols. 4th ed. Vol. 1, pp. xv—448; (Ante-Nicene Christian Lib.. Vol. 3.) 8vo, pp. 485. Valpp. 15–111; Vol. 3, pp. si—181. Post Sro. Clark

10/6 each 6/ Taylor (Rev. William) Seven Years' Street Preaching Xossall Rer. J. S.) Oar New Vicar; or, Plain Words in San Francisco, California, embracing Incidents,

oa Pitial and Parish Work. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii- Triumphant Death Scenes, &c. Edit. by W. P. 314. Bei Taldy

5/ Strickland. First English Edition. Post 8vo, pp. Xortis . 1.) Historical Associations of the English 394. Jobson Bible. 12mo, cl. Longmans .

Testament (The Greek) critically revised with the Xylne G. W.) Prayers for all Classes, and for Be- documentary evidence for the Text, accompanied by lifiers in many states of mind. 18mo, pp. 259. the most important various Readings from & col.

2/ lection of all the earliest MSS. and principal Ver. Observations on the Authenticity of the Gospels. sions, with special attention to the Codex Sinai.

By a Layman. 16mo, pp. viii-109. Chicago 7/6 ticus. By Rev. Thomas H. Candy. Svo, pp.ccxxvii Ormerod (Archdeacon) Some Thoughts for the Times,

-594. Rivingtons

14/ on the Origin of the Gospels. A charge. 8vo, sd, Testamentum Novum Vaticænum.

Post Angeli pp. #. Haddock (Ipswich)--Simpkin

60. Maii aliorumque imperfectas labores ex ipso Codice, · Some Thoughts for the Times on the Old edidit A. F.C. Tischendorf. 4to, pp. 334. (Lipsiæ). Testament. A charge. 8vo. pp. 17

Villiams & Norgate .

16, Palgrave (Francis T.) Original Hymns. Sg. sd.

Todd (Rev. John) Hints and Thoughts of Christians. 1/ Sq. 12mo, pp 260. New York

61 Piatarch on the Delay of the Deity in punishing the Tracts for the Day. Essays on Theological Subjects, Wickel. Revised edition, with Notes by Hackett by various anthors. Edited by Rev. Orby Shipley. and Tyler, 12mo, pp. 171. New York

No. 1. Priestly Absolution Scriptural. Longmans. 9d. Position (The) of the Rt. Rev. Samuel Wilberforce,

No. 2. Purgatory. 8vo. sd, pp. 48

9d. D.D., Lord Bishop of Oxford, in reference to Ritual. Tyng (Stephen H.) Lectures on the Law and the iam, together with a Prefatory Account of the Rome. Gospel. Cr. 8vo, pp. 394. D. Grant (Edinburgh) ward Movement in the Church of England, in the Simpkin

5/ dess of Abp. Land. By a Senior Resident Member Warington (George) Inspiration of Scripture : its of the University of Oxford. 8vo, sd, pp. xv-97. Limits and Effects. Post Svo, pp. viii - 281. 2/6 Skefjington

6/ Prenss (Dr. Edward) Romish Doctrine of Immaculate Way of Truth (The); or, a Mother's Teachings from Conception, traced from its source. Translated by the Bible, Post 8vo. Tribner

2/ Geo. Gladstone. Post 8vo, pp. vii-219. Clark :/

Wharton (Rev. Francis) Silence of Scripture. 12mo, Panahon (W. Morley) Sabbath Chines: Meditations pp. xii--122. Boston, U.S.

5/ in Verse for the Sundays of a Year. 2nd Thousand.

Winslow (Octavius) Ministry of Home; or, Brief Feap. Bro. Nisbet .

3/6 Expository Lectures on Divine Truth. Designed Bawasley (R. Drummond B.) Sermons preached in

especially for Family and Private Reading. First Country Church. 2nd series. 12no, pp. xvi-3-16. series. Cr. 8vo, pp. xii-339. Hunt

5/ Hatchard

6/ Worboise (Emma J.) Hymns and Songs for the ChrisReligious Tract Society's Publications.

tian Church; and Poems. Post Svo, pp. ii—184. Plain Paths : Onward and Heavenward. Roy. 18mo. J. Clarke

5/ Imp 8d; cloth 1/ Wright (Charles H. H.) Fatherhood of God, and its Ben Holt's Good Name. By the atthor of " Basil," ! relation to the Person and Work of Christ, and the &e. Pov. 16mo.

1/ Operations of the Holy Spirit. Post 8vo, pp. xiiNew Short Stories, Packet G.

5/ 60. 296. Clark (Edinburgh)


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Treatise on Architecture; including the BLACKWOODS

Construction, Building, Stone Masonry. The Resurrection of Christ; with an Examination

pentry, Roof, Joinery, and Strength of of the Speculations of Strauss, in his “ New Life Edit. by Arthur Ashpetil. With Plates. 410. of Jesus," and an Introductory View of the Pre

Announcements. sent Position of Theological Inquiry, in reference

BERSETTto the Existence of God, &c. By the late Robert

The First number of The Fen aud Macpherson, D.D.

Churches. A series of Photographs, v LONGMANS

Historical and Architectural Descriptiv The Second Table of the Commandments a Perfect

To be continued in monthly parts. Code of Natural Moral Law and of Fundamental

MACMILLANHuman Law, and the Criterion of Justice. By

Fine Art: chiefly contemporary; By W. David Rowland.

setti. SEELEYSThe End of Life, and the Life that has no ending.

BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY. By the author of“ Copsley Annals."

Bunsen (C. C. J.) Egypt's Place in Universal

An Historical Investigation in Five Books. AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, &c.

from the German, by Charles H. Cotu On the Management and Preservation of Game

Additions by Samuel Birch. In 5 vols. and Ornamental Birds, and the Laws relating

8vo, pp. xviii-913. Longmans thereto. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. viii-100. Bemrose and

Calendar of State Papers relating to Irelası Lothian


Reign of Elizabeth. 1574-8). Edited by Routledge's New Handbook of Croquet. By Edm.

Hamilton. Imp. 8vo. Longmans Routledge. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 61. Routledge. 6.

Edgar (John, D.D.) Memoir of. By iv. D. Tegetmeier (W. B.) Poultry Book: comprising the

Cr. 8vo, viii-3:35. ditchison (Belfast)-Hari Breeding and Management of Profitable and Orna.

Haddo. Memoir of Lord Hadio, in his latte mental Poultry, their qurlities and characteristics :

Fifth Earl of Aberdeen. Edited by Per. to which is added the Standard of Excellence in

Elliott. 2nd edition, revised, and with a Exhibition Birds, authorized by the Poultry Club.

Cr. 8vo, pp. xy-391 Seeleys With 30 col. illust. by Harrison Weir, and numerous

Harris (Eliza Ann) The Broaul Way and the woodcuts. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-356. Routledge 18/

Way: a Brief Memoir of. By the sather of Wright (L.) Practical Poultry Keeper : a complete

Female Jesuit." 4th ed. lomo, ch. sd., Pr and standard Guide to the Management of Poultry,

Nisbet whether for Domestic Use, the Markets, or Exhibi.

Havelock (Major-Gen. Sir llepry) Memoir. By tion. Illustrated. Cr. 8vo, pp. 213. Cassell

Clark Marshinan. 3rd edition. Post dvo, P!! Young Sportsman's Manual (The); or, Recreations

Longmans in Shooting, with some Account of the Game found

Jeffcock (Parkin) Civil and Mining Engine in the British Islands, and Practical Directions for

Memoir. By his Brother, John Thomas Ju the Management of Dog and Gun. By “Craven."

Post Svo. pp. ix-130. Bemrose of Lothar . New ed. Illust. Post svo,, pp. 385. Bell Knight Charles) Popular History of Englar:. and Daldy.

issue. 6/

Vols. 1 & 2. 8vo. Bradbury, each McGillicuddy Papers (The); a selection fri

Family Archives. With Tutrociucury less ANNUALS AND SERIALS.

W. M. Brady. 4to. Longmans British Juvenile (The) at Home, at Work, and at Marsh (Rev. William) Life of. By his Daag it! Play. Vol. 1. fol, su, pp. 95. Stock

1/6 anthor of " Memorials of Captain Hedly ! Class (The) and the Desk ; A Manual for Sunday With Portrait. Post Sro, pp. xi—580. Neobs

School Teachers. New Testament Series. By Parton (James) Famous Americans of Recent !

James C. Gray. Post Avo, pp. vi-293. Sangster. 37 8vo, PP. 473. Boston, U.S. Edinburgh University Calendar, 1867-68. 12mo. Ritter. The Life of 'Carl Ritter, late Profea bds, Muclachlan

2/6 Family Herald (The). voi. 24.

Geography in the University of Berlin. P.

4to, pp. 848. Gage. Post 8vo, pp. ix-212. Blackwood W'. Stevens

7/6 St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Life of. Library of E. Good Stories. 'Selected and Edited by J. Erskine Biography. Edit. by E. H. Thompson.

Clarke. Joth ser. Post 8vo, cl. lp. Macintosh. 1/6 Fcap. 8vo. Burns $ Oales
Mission Life.

A Magazine consisting chiefly of Thoms (William J.) Hannalı Lightfoot ; Quiero Readings on Foreign Lands, with reference to the lotte and the Chevalier D'Fou; Dr. Wilmot si scenes and circumstances of Mission Life. Edited Princess, &c. Cr. 870. W.G. Smith by Rev.J.J. Halcombe. Vol. 2. With Illust. 8vo, Webb (Maria, Penns and Penningtons of the S pp. 302. Rivingtons

3/6 teenth Century, in their Domestic and the Practical Mechanic's Journal (The). Vol. 2. 3rd Life : illustrated by Orignal Family Letters, series. ito. Longmans

14/ Incidental Notices of their friend, Thomas and Royal Blue Book, Fashionable Directory, and Par. with some of his unpublished verses, Here liamentary Guide, April 1867. 12mo, bd. Gar.

Pp. XV-130,

F. B. Killo diner

5/ Wheeler (J. Tulboys) History of India, früz

Earliest Ages. Vol. I. The Vedic Perwca ART, ARCHITECTURE, &c.

Maliá Blárata. 8vo, pp. Isario. Trabaci

Announcement. Crampton (T.) Part Singer. A Collection of Four.

LONGHNSpart Songs, Secular and Sacred. Vol. I. Pitman

A History of Greece, drawn from Original 46

3/ Hullah (John) Part Music. New ed. Soprano, Alto,

rities, and designed chiefly for the use of

and Schools. By Rev. George Wiliam C Tenor, Bass. Roy. 8vo. Longmans; each, 2/;

MACMILLAN Secular Series, Score, Vol. I.

7/ Lloyd (Wm. Watkiss Philosophy, Theology, and

Three English Statesmen: Pym, Cromwell.

Pitt. Four Lectures. By Goldwin Smith. Poetry, in the Age and the Art of Rafael. 3 Plates. Imp. 8vo, pp. 194. Williams f Norgale 21/ Macfarren (G. A.) Six Lectures on Harmony. Deli

ENGLISH PHILOLOGY AND EDUCATION vered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Bigelow (Jacob) Remarks on Classical and!

before Easter, 1867, Sro, pp. xi-221. Longmans 10/0 tarian Studies: a Paper. 8vo, sd., pp. 57. I Salmon Fishing. Drawn and Lithographed by R.O.C.

U.S. Obg. fol., ed. Ackermann


Bissell (J. N.) Algebra. 1ino, cl. sd., pp. 60. Silver (J, M. W.) Sketches of Japanese Manners and calfe (Cambridge)—Simpkin

Customs. With 28 coloured Pictures. Imp. &vo. Chambers's First National Reading-Book. 137 Day & Son

421 cl. lp., pp. 131. Chambers



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el sd

THE BOOKSELLER, MAY 31, 1867. che sis William) Examples and Exercises in English EUROPEAN AND CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY, &c. m Parsing, Syntar, and the Analysis of Sentences. 9Fogether with a Brief Outline of Etymology, Syn.

Ahn (F.) German Method. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Course.

Inl vol. 12mo. Williams f. Norgate and Analysis. Feap. 8vo, pp. 1–63. Long. Aristophanes. Edited by W. C. Green. The Achar.

1/ glas (James! Introductory Geography for the Use

nians - The Knights. (Catena Classicorum. Edit. Junior Pupils. Intended as an Introduction to

by A. Holmes and C. Bigg.) Post 8vo, pp. 203. Rivingtons

4/ Tert-Book of Geography. 18mo, cl. sd., pp. 88. Bradshaw's Complete Anglo-Italian Phrase-Book for


Travellers and Students. With a Vocabulary of the Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experi. tatal and Applied. For the Use of Colleges and

most useful Words, and Modes of Addressing the

Dignitaries of England and Italy; Letters, Notes etools. Translated and Edited from Ganot's lebents de Physique (with the Author's sanction),

of Invitation, &c. By Edward Emanuel. 32mo, * E. Alkinson, 2nd ed., revised and enlarged.

pp. 87. Adams

1/ Spain. 32mo, pp. 78. Adams

1/ llast. Post Sro, pp. vii—799. Longmans 15,

German. 32mo, pp. 80.


1/ sdner (Wm.) and Sharpe (T. T.) Comprehensive Elene-Lesson Book, in Six Parts, containing Les.

Homer's Iliad. Books 1:12. With English Notes.

For the Use of Schools. By F, A. Paley. (Grammar sons in Holy Scripture, Arithmetic, Spelling, Grabnar, and Geography, and adapted principally

School Classics. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi-450. Whittaker I

6/6 to it the Requirements of the Six Standards of Instantaneous French. The Tourist's Guide to the Prsised Code. Part 3. Intended for the Third Modern French Conversation. Containing compre. Stauni 12mo, bds., pp. 62. Educ. Trad. Co. (Eins notam)-Simpkin

hensive Vocabularies, and Phrases and Dialogues

6d. Gould kirard S. Good English;

on all ordinary Topics; every Phrase being under; or, Popular Errors

lined with its Pronunciation in English Sounds. in Labrux. Cr: Svo, pp. 1–228. New York. 6/ ** 5-Hart (4). I) Catholic Psychology; or, the Philo

Together with comparative Tables of the British

and French Coins, &c. By W. C. H. A. Fcap. 8vo, sophy of the Human Mind simplified and systematizei freu the most recent Authors, according

sd., pp. 39. J. Heywood (Manchester)-Simpkin 6d.

Key (T. Hewitt) Short Latin Grammar. 6th ed. to Nature, Peason, and Experience, and consistently with Perelation. Cr. 8vo, xx-278. Simpkin. 4/6

Post 8vo, pp. 154. Bell of Daldy

. 3/6 Jakes (Per, C. A.) and Cheyne (C, H, H.) Algebra

Mason (C. P.) Analytical Latin Exercises. Accidence

and Simple Sentences, Composition and Derivation izal Exercises, progressively arranged. New ed. of Words, and Compound Sentences. 12mo, pp. limo, pp. 164. Macmillan's School Class Books). Mamillan

viii-256. Wallon

3/6 2/6 Larkin (Joseph) Grammar for the People. Part 3.

Nugent's Improved English and French, French and Cr.490,si. J. Heycood (Manchester) -Simpkin. Id.

English Pocket Dictionary. By Smith. New ed. 32mo. W. Allan

3/ Morley Hearyl English Writers. Vol. 2, From Chancer to Ilandar. 8vo, pp. XV–462. Chapman

Outline Dictionary. For the Use of Missionaries,

Explorers, &c. With Introduction by Max Müller.

12/ Xurby's English Grammar and Analysis, taught

12mo, roan. Trübner

7/6 simultaneously. With numerous Exercises. By

Ovid's Metamorphoses (Bradley's). With Notes d. Robertsoa. 12.00, pp. 122. Murby; sd. 6d.;

adapted to the Public School Latin Primer. By

John T. White. 12mo, pp. viii-194. Longmans 4/6 9d.

Ponsard (F.) Charlotte Corday, a Tragedy, Edited,
Excelsior Readers for all Classes of Ele.
Deotar Sehools. Edit. by Francis Young. No.5.

with English Notes and Notice of Ponsard, by Prof. Feap, sro, pp. 192. Murby .

C. Cassell. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii—133. Tribner 2/6

1/ Xy First Book. Easy Reading for Very L ttle Children.

Sabrinæ Corolla in hortulis Regia Scholæ Salopiensis, With Eng. Sap. roy. 16mo, pp. 165. Seeleys 2/6

contexeerunt tres viri Floribus Legendis. Editio Nelson's School Series.

Tertia. Post 8vo, pp. xxviii-401. Deighton (Cam.
Class-Book of English
Petry, Junior and Senior Divisions in 1 Vol.

bridge)-Bell of Daldy

8/6 Itae, pp. 348. Nelson

Wilkins (Rev. 6. Musgrave) Progressive Latin De

2/ Nattall i P. Austin) Standard Pronouncing Dictionary

lectus. For the Use of Schools. 12mo, pp. viii96. Longmans

on the English Language. New ed. Cr. 8vo, pp.
10–93. Warne

Perter Samuel) Vowel Elements in Speech.



Parological and Philological Essay. Svo, sd., pp:

Contes et Critiques Français, recueillés des Auteurs

Modernes. By Elizabeth M, Sewell.

2/6 Simnozds ( P. L.) Commercial Dictionary of Trade Pardeets, Manufacturing and Technical Terms;

GEOGRAPHY, TOPOGRAPHY, &c. nu a Definition of the Moneys, Weights, and

Bradshaw's Handbook to the Paris International V-asures of all Countries, reduced to the British Exhibition of 1867. By J. R. Morell. With View 8:andard. New ed., revised and enlargel. Fcap.

and Plan. Sq., sd., pp. 147. Adams

1/6 My bl-bd., pp. viii— 463. Routledge

7/6 Dyer (Thomas H.) Po:upeii: its History, Buildings, Saith

. Synonyms and Antonyms. Collected and and Antiquities. An Account of the Destruction cttrasted by the Ven. C. J. Smith. Post 8vo, pp.

of the City; with a full Description of the Remains,

5/ and of the recent Excavations, and also an Itinerary Smith (Walter) School of Art Practical Geometry;

for Visitors. Illust. with nearly 300 Woodcuts, being a Series of Elementary Problems in Drawing Map, and Plan. Post 8vo, pp. xvi-579, Bell Pane Geometrical Figures, as given in the course Daldy

14/ of Lectures in the Leeds School of Art. Cr. 8vo,

English Cyclopædia (The). Re-issue. Geography sd, pp. 34. Goodall 1/ Vol. 3. 4to. Bradbury

10/6 Todhunter (I.) Elementary Treatise on the Theory of

From Bethlehem to Jerusalem. By K. B. 12mo. Lauations. With a Collection of Examples. 2nd

Barnicott (Taunton)-Longmans

1/6 td., revised. Cr. 8vo, pp. 1–318. Macmillan. 7/6 Handbook to the Cathedrals of England. Western Treatise on Plane Co-ordinate Geometry,

Division: Bristol Gloucester Hereford-Wor. as applied to the Straight Line and the Conic Sec.

cester-Lichfield. With Illust. Cr. 8vo, pp. vii-
tion. With numerous Examples. 4th ed., revised 327. Murray
and enlarged. Cr. 8vo, pp. V–358. Macmillan. 7, 6

36 Sorts.

Heywood's (Abel) Penny Guide Books.
Tomlinson (Charles) Rudimentary Mechanics ; being

12mo, sd. Heywood & Son (Manchester); each 1d. a concise Exposition of the Genel Principles of

Howells (W. D.) Venetian Life. 2nd ed. Post 8vo, Mechanical Science, and their Applications. 9th

7/6 pp. 1–401. Trübner ed, corrected. (Weale's Rud. Ser, 6.) 12mo, cla

Hunt (Cornelius E.) The Shenandoah; or, The Last sl., pp. viii-176, Virtue

1/6 Treatise kaj on Punetnation, and on other Matters

Confederate Cruiser. 12mo, pp. 273. New York. 7/6

Kirkland's Guide to Paris and its Exhibition, relating to correct Writing and Pånting. By an 1867. With Map and Plan. Cr. 8vo, cl. sd., pp.

1/ Oli Printer. Feap. 8vo, cl. sd., pp. 157. Pitman 2/6

78. Office

46. Nee York


5-06. Bell | Daldy

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