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fracts for the Day: Essays on Theological Subjects, AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, &c. by various Authors. No.3. The Seven Sacraments. Adair's New System of Bee-keeping, with descrip

Edit. by Rev. Orby Shipley. Svo sd., pp. 88. tions of, and directions for, Managing Bees in the 照 Lornan

1,6 Trail W. Decalogue of Sinai.' Fcap. Svo, ci. 1p.

Section Beehive. 8vo, pp. 74. Cincinnati. 2/6

Artbuthnot (Hon. Mrs.) The Henwife : her own Vaclaren

1/6 flens Dreach (Abp., Shipwrecks of Faith: Three Sermons

Experience in her own Poultry.yard. With Illust. 1,19 preshed before the University of Cambridge in

by Weir. 6th ed. Fcap. 8vo, 216. Jack; 4/6; cold. 7/6 473 Mas, 1967. Fcap. 850, pp. 83. Macmillan 2/6 Burgess (J. T.) Angling: a Practical Guide to Bottom as: Inttiett Rev. L.) Germs of Thought on the Sunday

Fishing, Trolling, Spinning, and With 322 Com Special Services; being the Harmonized Teaching

a Chapter on Sea-Fishing. Illust. (Country Lib.) of the Collect, Epistle, Gospel, and First Lessons. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. viii — 182. Warne

1/ 2nd ed. Feap. Sro, pp. vii—212. J. Morgan, 3/6

Forest (The) and the Field. By H. A. L., the Old ¿ Eser Unfoldings of Grace (The); or, the Glories of Shekarry.” With Illustrations. 8vo, pp. xix-551. a lebsrah, as manifested in the sereral titles; Jehovah. Saunders of Otley

21/ 10. Jireb, Jehovah - Rophi, Jehovah - Nissi, Jehovah- Grant (E. B.) Beet-Root Sugars and the Cultivation

Skueta, Jehovah-ysidkenu, Jehovah-Shammah. By of the Beet. 16mo, pp. 158. Boston, U.S. . 6/ ACA.H. 2nd ed. 18mo sd., pp. 126. Yapp . 11 Manures for the Many; or, the kinds and quantities

Tu Doren (Rev. W. H.) Suggestive Commentary on of the substances usually employed for the FerSearn the Sex Testament, on an original plan. St. Luke. tilisation of Soils, and the Improvement of Crops,

_Vas 1 & 2. Post Hro, PP. vi- 1078. Dickinson 10/ considered chiefly in relation to Vegetable and Teaghan (Rev. J.) Sermons preached in Christ

Flower-Garden Cultivation. 3rd ed., greatly en.
Charch. Brighton, 1866-67. Reported for the
Brighton Pulpit."

larged. (Manuals for Many, No. 11.) 12mo, sd.,
12mo. Verrall (Brighton);

pp. 38. Journal of Horticulture Office

3d. 6/ Yoyiey Charles, B.A.) "Sling and the Stone.” New

Sportascrapiana. Cricket and Shooting, Pedestrian, Series. Pari 7. Death and Resurrection. Svo, sd.,

Equestrian, Rifle and Pistol Doings, Lion Hunting

and Deer Stalking, by Celebrated Sportsmen : with M. i. Träbeer


hitherto unpublished Anecdotes of the 19th century, TASTED (Pev, I. P.) The Wicked not Annihilated : Pafutation of Modern Sadduceeism. 24mo, pp.

from George IV. to the Sweep. Edit. by C. A. W. 7. Bosta, U.S.

Post 8vo, pp. xvi-328. Simpkin .

1/ Westeott (Brooke Foss, B.D.) Gospel of the Resur:

Stewart (W. C.) Practical Angler; or, the Art of Teetun: Thoughts on its Relation to Reason and

Trout-Fishing more particularly applied to clear

water. 5th ed., revised and enlarged. Fcap. 8vo, Histors, tadel. Fcap. 8vo, xxiii—244. Macmillan 4/6 Whitfield (Rer. Frederick) Voices from the Valley,

pp. xvi-215. Black

3/6 Watts (Elizabeth) Modern Practical Gardening, Vege. Testifying de Jesus. 5th ed., revised. Post 8vo, pp. 1-6. Pertridge

tables, Flowers, and Fruit: How to Grow them. 3/6 With Col. Illust. Fcap. 8vo. Warne

3/6 Orchard and Fruit Gardens : their Culture

and Produce. (Country Library.) Fcap. 8vo, bds., ANNUALS AND SERIALS. pp. iy—188. Warne

1/ Ananal Register (The): a Review of Public Events

at home and abroad, for the year 1866. New Series.
Sro, pp. 5i-18). Rivingtons


18/ Belgravia. A London Magazine. Conducted by M.

Allen (C. Bruce) Cottage Building; and Hints for 2. Braddon. Vol. 2. June 1867. 8vo, pp. 504.

Improved Dwellings for the Labouring Classes. 7/6

With Notes and Additions, by John Weale. 6th ed., British Controversialist(The), and Literary Magazine.

with numerous Illust. (Weale's Rud. Ser. 42.) 1997. Vol. I. Cr. 8vo, iv-476. Houlston

1/ 12mo cl. sd., pp. viii-133. Virtue.

3/6 Charekman's Companion (The). New Series. Vol. 1.

Barnard (George) Drawing from Nature; a Series Jan-Jane. Fcap. 8vo. Masters

of progressive Instructions in Sketching, from 4/

Elementary Studies to Finished Views.
EAST Church of England Magazine (The). Vol. 62.
January to June, 1867. Sup. roy. 8vo, pp. 429.

Part 1.--Trees, with Examples of Foliage. Illust.

by 9 Plates and 53 Woodcuts. Imp. 8vo, pp. vi 5/6 -88. Longmans

7/6 Conhill Magazine (The). Vol. 15, Jan. - June, 1997. Sro, pp. 760. Cornhill

Part 2.-Foreground Studies, with Examples in but Blue: an Oxford University Magazine. No. 1.

Sepia for Brush Practice. Illust. by 5 Plates and 37 Woodcuts.

7/6 Sto

, sd. Shrimplon (Oxford)—Whilla ker. 1/ Khoes from the Clubs. Part 1, June. Sup.-roy.

Part 3.-Sketching Tours, with Examples of Studies

from Switzerland and the Pyrenees, and Hints

2/ Hemilist (The). Conducted by David Thomas.

for Studying from Nature. Illust. by 4 Plates and 17 Woodcuts.

7/6 F. 9. Third Series. Cr. 8vo, xii-360. Kent. 5/6 Easie Rules on Earlie Rising, by a late Philosopher. Laat's Universal Yacht List, for 1867. Obg., bd. Illustrated and Illuminated by Lady F. Bushby. Ladies' Treasury (The): an Illustrated Magazine of

Fol. Dan & Son

21/ Lann (Henry C.) Elements of Music systematically Entertaining Literature, Poetry, Domestic Economy, explained, with an Appendix, for the use of Rugby Needlework, &c. Edit by Mrs. Warren. Vol. 3. School. Jeffreys

1/6 New Series. Sup.-roy. 8vo. Office


Elements of Music Systematically ExLaadon Society. An Illustrated Magazine of Light

plained : with a Chapter addressed to Pianoforte and amusing Literature, for the Hours of Relaxation.

1/ Vol. II. &vo, pp. 570. Office .

Players, in place of the Appendix

9/6 Loath (The): a Magazine and Review. Vol. 6. Jan.

Parker (John Henry) Introduction to the Study of

Gothic Architectnre. 3rd ed., revised and enlarged.
June, 1887. 8vo, pp. iv576. Simpkin 8/
Apathly Packet 'The) of Evening Readings for

Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi-276. Parker

5/ Rossetti (William Michael) Fine Art, chiefly con. Members of the English Church.

New Series, temporary. Notices re-printed with Revisions, Vol. 3. Jan.-June, 1867, 8vo, pp. 620. Mozley. 7/

10/6 Our Curato's Budget Series 5. Edit. by Rev. Wm.

Post 8vo, pp. XX—392. Macmillan

Thomson (J., F.R.G S.) Antiquities of Cambodia. 16 Michell. Fcap. 850. Hodges (Frome)-Parker . 2/

84/ Sock and Baskin. No. 1. Office

Photographs. Imp. 4to. Edmonstun

ld. Watkins (C. F.) The Basilica, or Palatial Hall of Hiking Tales for Cottage Homes. Edit

. by W. H. Justice and Sacred Temple, and a Description of Kingston. Series 3. Post 8vo. Griffith 4 Farran. 1/6


the Basilican Church of Brixworth. Taeyard (The), a Journal for Clergymen's Wives,


Rivingtons .
District Visitors, and other Church and Parish
Wylde (Henry) Music in iis Art-Mysteries. '8v0, pp.

6/ Handinaids. No. 1. Sup.-roy. 8vo. Rivinglons. 82.

vii-157. Booth



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ENGLISH PHILOLOGY AND EDUCATION, Berkeley (Hon. Grantley F.) Anecdotes of the Upper Arnott (Neil, M.D.) Arithmetic simplified for Geng Ten Thousand: their Legends and their Lives. 2

Use, and adapted to Students, in any Departmen vols. 8vo., pp. xv-836. Bentley .

of Science or Art, also to serve as a Supplement Boswell (James) Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., the Author's "Elements of Physics" and

comprising a series of his Epistolary Correspon. Works of Popular Science. 8vo. Longmans. dence and Conversations with many Éminent Per- Barnes (R. Y.) Treatise on Book-keeping; showing sons; and various original pieces of his composition; advantages of a clear, distinct, and accurate meth with a Chronological Account of his Studies and of Accounts; and explaining the Principles of numerous Works. The whole exhibiting a view of New and Improved System, adapted to meet Literature and Literary Men in Great Britain for wants of the entire Trading Community; and nearly half a Century. New Ed., Annotated with the use of which Perfect Book-keeping may copious Notes. With Illust. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. xvi obtained in all Businesses, small as well as la -526. Routledge

3/6 with ease and profit. 8vo sd., pp. 44. Halden Campion (Edmund) A Biography. By Richard Beasley (R. D.) Arithmetic for the Use of Schools

Simpson. Svo, pp. 387. Williams f. Norgale. 10/ with a numerous Collection of Examples. 121 Chron, and Memor, of Great Britain and Ireland.

bds. Rivingtons The Chronicle of the Reigns of Henry II. and

Blake (Sophia Jex) Visit to some American School Richard I. 1169-1192. Edit. by W. Stubbs. Vols. and Colleges. Post 8vo, pp. xii-250. Macmillan 1 & 2. Roy. 8vo. Longmans. each.


Byrne (Oliver) Tables of Dual Logarithms, Dar Drummond (Thomas, R. E.), Memoir of. By John

Numbers, &c. Cr. 4to. Bell 4 Daldy F. M‘Lennan, M.A. 8vo. Edmonston.

Christian Schools and Scholars; or, Sketches of 15/

Education from the Christian Era to the Council of Fitzpatrick (W.J.) Ireland before the Union; with

Trent. By the Author of " The Three Chancellors, Revelations from the unpublished Diary of Lord &c. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. xx–950. Longmans.

30/ Clonmell, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 1774

Currie (James) English Prose Composition. A -1798. A Sequel to the Sham Squire and the Practical Manual for use in Schools. 1:2mo, po. Informers of 1798. Post 8vo, bds., pp. iv–241. vii-111. Blackwoods Kelly (Dublin); Holten. Hamst (Olplar) Martyr to Bibliography: a Notice of

Euclid's Elements of Geometry. Trans. from the the Life and Works of Josepb-Marie Quérard.

Latin of the Right Rev. Thomas Elrington. To

which is added à Compendinn of Algebra, also a Bibliographer. 8vo, pp. 63. J. R. Smith . 3/6 Kingsley (C.) Three Lectures delivered at the Royal

Compendium of Trigonometry. New ed., with an Institution on the ancien Regime as it existed on

Appendix. Feap. 8vo, pp. vii - 261. Herbert

(Dublin); Bell of Daldy the Continent before the French Revolution. Post Grammar-School Dictionary (The), Dictionary of : l 8vo, pp. xxiy-136. Macmillan .

6/ Liddle (Joseph), Memorials of: Light and Love.

the English Language; giving the signification, Part 1. Biographical Sketch. Part 2. Bible-Class

pronunciation, etymology, and syllabication, of 'allLessons. The latter introduced by Remarks on the

English words, according to the Best Authorities. Management of Sunday-Schools. By Jas. Alex.

With a Vocabulary of the Root of Words, the Macdonald.

Pronunciation of Scripture and Classical Proper Fcap. 8vo, pp. xii - 145. Walker (Leeds); Hamilton

Naudes, and a Pronouncing Vocabulary of Ger Londsdale (Henry) Worthies of Cumberland. John

graphical Names. Post 8vo, pp. viii-342. Versie Christian Curwen.

(Edinburgh); W. Allan f. Co. William Blamire. Post 8vo,

Laurie (J. s.) New Standard Readers. Cheap el. pp. xv_317, Routledge

5/ Maccarthy.

12mo, cl. sd. Marshall & Laurie. No. 1, 3d.; No. The Life and Letters of Florence Maccarthy Reagh, Tanist of Carberg, Maccarthy

2, 5d. ; No. 3, 7d.; No. 4, 8d.

Lowo (Rev. Edward C.) St. Nicholas College and its Mor; with some Portion of the History of the Schools. A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir J. T. Ancient Families of the South of Ireland. 8vo. Long

Coleridge. 3rd ed., corrected and enlarged. 12.00

16/ Mann (Horace) Life and Works of. Edit. by Mrs.

sd., pp. 17. Parker.

Murby's Introductory English Grammar. Fish Mary Mann. 2 vols, 12mo. Cambridge, U.S.; eech 15/ Marsh (Rev. William, D.D.) Life of. By his Daughter,

Numerous Exercises. By J. Robertson. limo sl. the Author of“Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars."

Pp. 62. Murby With Portrait. 3rd thous. La. post 8vo, pp. xi

Sayer (Thos. A.) Aids to Memory; or, a Practical 580. Nisbet

System of Mnemonics. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 10!

71. Virtue. Mazzini (Joseph) Life and Writings. Vol. 4. Critical and Literary. Post 8vo. Smith & Elder.

Turnbull (W. P.) Introdnetion to Analytical Plane

9/ Vullinger (James Bass) Cambridge Characteristics in

Geometry, 8vo, pp. ix-264. Deighton (Cambridge ;

Bell f. Daldy the Seventeenth Century: or, the Studies of the University and their Influence on the Character

Warne's Victoria Picture Spelling Book. Cord

: and Writings of the most distinguished graduates

piled and edit. by Mrs. R. Valentine. With 384 during that Period.

Illust. Revised ed. Evo, pp. 152. Warre . : Post Svo, pp. XV - 207. Macmillan.

Wedgwood (Hensleigh, M.A.) Dictionary of English

4/6 Oglethorpe. A Memoir of General James Oglethorpe,

Etymology. Vol. 3. Part 2. Completing the iYerk. one of the Earliest Reformers of Prison Discipline

8vo. Trübner, 5/6; complete in : vols... Williams (W. Mattieu) Short-Hand for Everybody

, in England, and the Founder of Georgia in America. By Robert Wright. Post 8vo, pp. xvi--414. Chap

Easy to Learn-Easy to Write-Easy to Read and

Useful to all. man * Hall.

12mo sd., pp. 79. Simpkin . .1

10/6 Townsend (George H.) Manual of Dates: a Dic. tionary of Reference to the most important Events in the history of Mankind to be found in authentic

EUROPEAN AND CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY, &c. records. 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. Cr. 8vo, pp. viii-1116. Warne

Angier (Emile) Diane: a Drama in Verse. Ed! 16/

with Notes, by Karcher. 12mo. Trübner . Vizetelly (Henry) Story of the Diamond Necklace, told in detail for the first time, chiefly by the aid of

Aristotle's Rhetoric, Introduction to. With Analysis, original Letters, Official and other Doenments, and

Notes, and Appendices. By E. M. Cope. gr. Contemporary Memoirs recently made Public; and

pp. xvi — 464. Niacmillan comprising a Sketch of the Life of the Countess de

Arnold (Matthew) On the Study of Celtic Literatore, la Motte, &c. &c. 2 vols. 2nd ed., revised. Post

8vo, pp. xviii-181. Smith of Elder

Arnold and Browne. 8vo, pp. xvi-644. Tinsley .


English-Greek Lexicon; founded on a Work pro Announcement.

pared by J. W. Früdersdorff. BENTLEY

and improved by the late Thomas K. Arnold, and Historical Essays on Latter Times. By J. Van Henry Browne, JI.A. 4th ed. Sro, pp. riii—619 Praet. Edit. by Mrs. Austin.


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A copions phraseological

Revised, enlarged,

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Claradon Press


u Bellows (J.) Tons les Verbes : Conjugations of all

Home in South Africa. By a Plain Woman. 18mo. the Terbs in the French and English Languages.

Soc. Pro. Chr. Kno.

1/6 Berised by Beljame and Strickland. 32mo, sd.

Hoppin (J. M.) Old England, its Scenery, Art, 'and Tribuer

1/ People. 16mo, pp.iv—468. New York 10/ apman George Tragedy of Alphonsus, Emperor

Hunstanton and its Neighbourhood; being a of Germany. Edit. by Karl Elze. 12mo, sd. Guide to the Lynn and Hunstanton Railway Line. Inilar


2nd ed., with additions. Post Svo, sd., pp. 77. Chandler Henry W., M.A. Elements of Greek Thew (Lynn)

1/ Attentuation, (Clarendon Press Series.) Fcap. Jerrold (W. Blanchard) Paris for the English, 1867. 07. pp. Tili-91. Clarendon Press.

2/6 2nd. ed. 12mo, st. pp. viii-238. Bradbury 2/ Euripides Crowned Hippolytus. Translated into Milton (Vset.) and Cheadle (W. B.) North-West English Verse, by M. P. FitzGerald. Ilmo. Chap. Passage by Land. Being the Narrative of an Hall.

Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific, underEorace. Odes and Epodes, the Carmen Seculare, taken with the view of Exploring a Route across

ed the First Satire. Translated by Christopher the Continent to British Columbia thorugh British Haches. With the Latin Text. 8vo. Dorman Territory, by one of the Northern Passes in the (Sartsampton)-Longmans

10/ Rocky Mountains. 7th ed. Post Sro, pp. xxiv— Telly 1'7) Mans Dictionary. Part i. Manx-Eng. 594. Casselt

6/ Furt. Eng.-Many. I rol. 8vo. Planx Society. 17)

Packe (Charles) Guide to the Pyrenees. Especially Lane E. W.) Arabic English Lexicon. Book 1. intended for the use of Mountaineers. With Maps,

Part 3. Roy. 4to. Williams | Noryate . 25/ Diagrams, and Tables. 2nd ed., rewritten and
Longinus on the Sublime. Translated by Thomas much enlarged. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. xx--201. Long-
ER Stebbing.
12mo. Shrimpton (Oxford)-

7/6 5/

Practical Guides; or, Red Books for the Continent. Amo J. A. J.) Aetna.

Revised, amended, and By an Englishman Abroad. Edition 1867. Simpkin. szpitised. Sro. Bell & Daldy 3/6 General Continental .

5/ Pekins John) Latin and Greek Accidence, intended Switzerland

2/6 ehiety for the use of Candidates for the previous France, Belgium, Holland, the Rhine (conEzar ination at Cambridge, and the Military. Ex.


1/ Soitations. 2nd ed., enlarged. Post 8vo, PP. iv

Paris and Belgium

2/ 10. Hell Cambridge -Simpkin

3/6 Sartoris (Adelaiule) Week in a French Country. Sehiller (F.) Lay of the Bell; or, Human Life and House. With Illust. 8vo, 200. Smith & Elder. 8/6 the River. Translated by J. W. Grant. 8vo. Shaw (G.) Rambles about Filey. Fcap. 8vo. Walker 3/6 (Leeds)-Hamilton

2/6 Sophocles Edipus Rex.

From the Text of W. Shaw (James) Twelve Years in America, being Dindori

. With Notes by William B. Jones, M.A. Observations on the Country, the People, !· -titu. Clarendon Press Series.) Roy. 16mo, pp. 73.

tions, &c. Post 8vo. Herbert (Dublin)--Hamision. 51

1/6 Tapernoux (P. E.) My French Componion to Paris Sophocles, Tragedies of. A New Translation, with a and its Environs; with Maps and Illust.; also

Biographical Essay, and an Appendix of Rhymed What to Say and what to Do, on the Journey and in
Charal Odes and Lyrical Dialogues. By E. H.

Paris. 12mo, el. lp., pp. 202. Longmans 2/6
Pian.ptre, M.A. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xev-502. Twamley (Charles) Histtory of Dudley Castle and

7/6 Priory, including a Genealogical Account of the Lenophon's Anabasis, construed literally and word Families of Sutton and Ward. Post 8vo. J. R. for vord. By the Rev. Dr. Giles. Vol. 2, book 5.


4/6 (Giles's Keys to the Classics.) 18mo sd. Cornish 3/6 Walking Tour (A) round Ireland, in 1865. By an

Englishman. Post 8vo, xix-406. Bentley. 10/6 GEOGRAPHY, TOPOGRAPHY, &c.

LAW PARLIAMENTARY, &c. Ansted Prof. D. T.) Phrsical Geography. 2nd ed. Amos (Sheldon, M.A.) Codification in England and the Post svo, pp. xxiv-467. W. H. Allen 12; State of New York. 8vo, sd., pp. 37. Ridgway 1/ Atlas. Black's General Atlas of the World. New Cockburn (A. E.) Charge of the Lord Chief Justice of

A series of 56 Maps containing the latest England to the Grand Jury at the Central Criminal Diserreries and New Boundaries, accompanied by

Court, in the case of the Queen against Nelson and introductory description and Index.

Roy. fol.

Brand. Taken from the Shorthand Writers' Notes, 60/

revised and corrected by the Lord Chief Justice. Badeker (K.) Switzerland and the adjacent portions

With occasional Notes. Edit. by Fred. Cockburn, of Italy, Savoy and the Tyrol.

Handbook for

Esq. 2nd ed., 8vo, pp. 165. Ridgway
Travellers. With 33 Maps, Plans, &c. 3rd ed.,

Innes (Alex. T.) Law of Creeds in Scotland. 8vo.

15/ Fcap. 8vo, pp. xl-417.

Katchenovsky (Prof.) Prize Law; particularly with

. 5/6 Bartlett's (C. H.) Illustrated Map of London, or

reference to the Duties and Obligations of BelliStruger's Guide to the Public Buildings, Theatres,

gerents and Neutrals. Trans. from the Russian by ad all Places of Interest, Smith - Sun

F. T. Pratt. Sterens & Sons

10/6 1/ Black's Guide to Norway. Edit. by Rev. Robert

Lowndes (R.) Admiralty Law of Collisions at Sea. 8yo cl.

7/6 Bowden. With Map and illustrations. Fcap. Svo,

Stevens & Sons.
Pp. rij-144. Black
Black's Picturesque Tourist

Scotland. 18th

MEDICAL AND SURGICAL. Blackburn (Hepry) The Pyrenees: a Description of d. 1807. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xlii—605. Black . 8/6 Barber (George) Pocket Companion to the British and

London Pharmacopeias of 1851, 1864, and 1867, Suramer Life at French Watering-Places.

With comprising the Formulæ of the Three Pharma: upwards of 100 Ilust. by Gustave Doré, and Map. copæias in parallel Columns; an abbreviated Materia Rov . Svo, pp. xvi-327. Low

18/ Medica; Tables, &c. 4th ed., revised and improved. Bradbury J.) Three Weeks from Home through Roy. 32mo, pp. 1–194. Simpkin

2/6 France and Switzerland.

Cr. 8vo sd. Ireland Braithwaite's Retrospect of Medicine; & HalfManchester); Warne

1/ Yearly Journal. Edit. by W. and James BraithCollins C. A.) Cruise upon Wheels. 3rd ed. Cr. waite. Vol. 55. JanuaryJune, 1867. Post 8vo, 2/ pp. xxxix--108. Simpkin.

6/ Grant's Bird's-Eye View of Paris, Exhibition, and Chambers (Thomas King) The Indigestions or

1/ Diseases of the Digestive Organs functionally Guide (A) to the English Lake District

, intended Treated. 2nd ed. Svo, pp. vi-337. Churchill 10/6 principally for the use of Pedestrians. By a Cam. Fox (Wilson, M.D.) On the Diagnosis, and Treatment bridge Man. 2nd ed., revised and enlargeii. With of the Varieties of Dyspepsia, considered in relation Maps. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii—123. Garnett ("Vinder. to the Pathological Origin of the different forms of

Macmillan 7/6 2,6 Indigestion. 8vo, pp. xiv—213.



revised and augmented.
Filliams & Norgale


Bro, bls. Routledge

Park. Warne


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Fuller (Henry Wm.) On Diseases of the Lungs and Mulock (Miss) Alice Learmont. A Fairy Tale. By

Air-Passages: their pathology, physical diagnosis, the Author of " John Halifax," &c. With Mast. symptoms, and treatment. 2nd ed. 8vo, pp. xii- New ed. Fcap. 8vo bds., pp. 119. Chapmar 534. Churchill.

12/6 Hall Jackson (R. E. Scoresby) Note-Book of Materia Our Premier; or, Love and Duty. By Frank Foster,

Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics. With a Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo sd. Snow Supplement containing the alterations and new Palmer (Synde) Little Captain. A Temperance Tale preparations introduced into the British Pharma- 32mo sd. Tweedie copæia of 1867. By Angus Macdonald. Post 8vo, Parsons (Mark) Life-at-Ease Incumbents. Sketches, pp. xii—678. Maclachlan & Stewart (Edinburgh); Post 8vo, pp. viii--208. Masters Hardwicke.

12/ Sargent (L. M.) Right Opposite : a

Tale: Cr. sro, Note-Book of Materia Medica, Supplement cl. sd. Partridge

BL. to, containing the Alterations and new Preparations

Ursula's Girlhood. 18mo. Soc. Pro. Chr. Kr. 16 introduced into the British Pharmacopæia of 1867. Valentine. The Home Book of Pleasure and lo By Angus Macdonald. Post 8vo sd., pp. 46. struction. Edited by Mrs. R. Valentine. Wich Maclachlan (Edinburgh); Hardwicke.


250 Ilust. Post 8vo, pp. vi-567. Wame . 183 Lee (Edwin) State of the Medical Profession. John. Yonge (Miss) The Danvers Papers; an Invention.

2/ By the Author of "The Heir of Redclytse.” Feap Meadows (Alfred) Prescriber's Companion. 2nd ed., 8vo, pp. 147. Macmillan .

much improved and greatly enlarged. Roy. 32mo cl, sd., pp. xii—231. Renshaw .

3/6 Oppert (F.) Hospitals, Infirmaries, and Dispensaries:

MISCELLANEOUS LITERATURE. their construction, interior arrangement, and ma- Ashworth (John) Strange Tales, from Humble Life." nagement, with descriptions of existing Institutions, Third Series. Fcap. 8vo sd., pp. 172. Mickler and remarks on the present system of affording (Manchester); Simpkin Medical Relief to the Sick Poor. Roy. 8vo, pp. xvi-218. Churchill .

Beeton (Isabella) House and Home Books. 12mo 10/6 sd. Ward f Lock; each .

1/ Reade (Thomas) Syphilitic Affections of the Nervous

Fish and Soups. Poultry and Game. Preserves System, and a case of Symmetrical Muscular

and Confectionery. Puddings and Pastry. Atrophy; with other Contributions to the Pathology of the Spinal Marrow. Post 8vo, pp. viii-111.

Bibliomania. Odds and Ends. No. 19. Feap. Svo

6d. Churchill.

sd., pp. 39. Edmonston Ready Remedies for common Complaints.

Bigelow (Jabob) Modern Inquiries : Classical

, ProManual of Domestic Medicine and Household

fessional, and Miscellaneous. Cr. 8r0, pp. 11–379.

12,6 Surgery. (Routledge's Household Manuals.) 18mo

Boston, U.S. sd., pp. 132. Routledge,

Blaikie (William G.) Counsel and Cheer for the

6d. Smith (N. R.) Treatment of Fractures of the Lower

Battle of Life. 12mo bds., pp. xi—212. Strakan 16 Extremities by the use of the Anterior Suspensery

Brown (J.) Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions Apparatus, 8vo, pp. 70. Baltimore.


in Greyfriars Churchyard, Edinburgh. Cr. Svo. Hamilton

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