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Mackay (Charles) Studies from the Antiqne and

Sketches froin Nature. 2nd ed. Fcap. dvo, !

xii--271. Virtue Morris (William) Life and Death of Jason. A Potr.

Post 8vo, pp. 363 Bell f Daldy Morton (Mrs. James) Clarkson Gray; and other Poelm.

2nd edit. 12mo. Menzies ( Edinburgh) - Houlston. 18 Simcox (G. A.) Prometheus Cnbound: a Traged

Cr. 8vo. Smith f Elder Song of Songs (The). A Hebrew Pastoral Draai

Not by King Solomon. With Notes and Illustrati by Satyam Jayati. Roy. 8vo, pp. 87. Williams and

Norgale Stowe (Harriet Beecher) Light after Darkness. Fina

ligious Poems. Hlust. Feap. 8vo, 105. Low, 38 Swain (Charles) Songs and Ballads. Fcap. 8ro sila

pp. 100. (Ireland.) Simpkin Waldy (Rev. c. R. W.) The Labourer's Child; aad other Poems. 8vo. Macintosh

8 Whiting (William) Edgar Thorpe; or, the Warfare of

Life. A Poem. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xi--317. Duoce (Winchester ---Simpkin

Colliery Explosions. Blackwell's Report on the

Oaks Colijery Explosion, with evidence taken at the Coroner's Inquest. Plans .

2/ Commercial Reports from Consuls abroad. Nr.6.

vo. (Brazil, Chili, Egypt, Morocco, Prussia, Russia, Turkey, United States.)

70. Courts of Law. Return of the Expenditure on ac.

count of all Courts of Law and Justice and Legal

Departments, in each of the three kingdoms.. 2/2 Dublin Hospitals. 9th Report of the Board of Superintendence. Svo

3d. East India. 2nd Report of the Bengal Sanitary Commission

2/2 Finance Account .

1/2 Education (Ireland). 32nd Report of Commissioners. Vol. 2. 8re

2/ Fraser's Report on the Common School System of the United States, and of Canada. 8vo. 2/6 East London Waterworks. Capiain Tyler's Report

on the quantity and quality of the water supplied by the East London Waierworks Company

5d. Fisheries (Ireland). Report of the Deep Sea and

Coest Fishery Commissioners for 1800. (Oyster Culture, &c.)

80. Jamaica. Further Papers relating to the affairs of. 2 parts.

1/9 Luxemburg. Coi respondence, Protocols, and Treaty relating to the Grand Duchy of.

10d. Manufactures, &c. Reports of Secretaries of Em.

bassy, &c. No. 5. 8vo. (Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Spain.)

7d. Mines. ' Report and evidence on the Mines, &c., Assessment Bill.

7d. Rivers Pollution. 20. Report of Commissioners,

(River Lee), with Evidence and Map. 2 parts. 3 Railway (India). Danver’s Report for 1366. 3/ Schools (Scotland). Appendix to the 1st Report,

being Answers to heads of Examination, and Cor. respondence. 8vo

9d. Shannon. Lynane's Report on the Shannon and Suck Rivers.

4d. Sourvy. Correspondence respecting Scurvy in Mer. chant Ships.

1/6 San Francisco." Report on the wreck of the. 6d. Sir John Port's Hospital. Martin's Report le: specting.

ild. Tamworth Charities. Report on.

4/ Trados Unions. 1st and 2nd Reports on the Or.

ganization and Rules of Trades Unions, with Evi. dence.

2/1 “Tornado." Papers respecting the. Part 8. 6d. Turkey. Reports relating to the condition of the Christians in.

1/ Victoria. Correspondence respecting the new En.

actment of the Appopriation Act, and the recall of the Governor.

1/4 Valuation of Property. Report of Committee on Bill.



POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DAY. Anderson (George) Reign of Bullionism. Varray

(Glasgow); Longmans Beale (Wm. LL.D.) Elementary Education in the

Agricultural Districts : the Substance of an Address.

Smith f. Son. Ewald (Alex. Charles) Our Constitution. An Epitome !

of our Chief Laws and System of Gostimert. With an Introductory Essay. Small post @ro, pp.

vi-336. Warne Gover (Rev. William) Rural schools. Hints for the

Extension of the (rants of the Committee of Councii on Education to Small Parishes, and Remarks apca the late Minutes affecting Training Colleges. Letter to the Bishop of Oxford. 8vo sd. Sachei

(Birmingham); Simpkin Midland Railway (The): a Word to the Shareholders. E. Wilson

od Mill (John Stuart) Speech on

the Admission ! Women to the Electoral Franchise. 870 sd., pp 18. Trübner.

0d. Mitchell (Joseph) Railways of Great Britain and

Ireland : a Plan for Lessening the Taxation of the country by the Assumption and Improved Adminis tration of ine Railways of Great Britain and Ire'and

by the State. 2nd ed., revised Stanford Protection of Our Commerce (The), and Distrito

tion of Our Naval Forces considered. Bru ad.

Harrison Republic of Chili (The) ; its present positiof.

E. Wilson



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POETRY AND THE DRAMA. Ballads, Scottish and English. With Illust. Fcap. 8vo. pp. viii-172. Nimmo

3/6 Bealey (R. R.) After-Business Juttings. Poems and

Lyrics. 2nd ed. Fcar. 8vo, cl. sd., gilt, pp. 100. Micklem (Manchester)- Piiman

1/6 Emerson (Ralph Waldo) May.Day, and other Pieces. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 192. Routlı ilye

1/ Cordis Cantiunculæ : Little Lyrics of the Heart; and

Pendule Animi: Little Flights of the Mind, By a Clergy man of the Established Church.

Fcap. 8vo. Kitto Gough (Benjamin) Kentish Lyrics, Sacred, Rural, and

Miscellaneous. Post Svo, xii-248. Hovlston. 5/6 Greenwell (Dora) Poems. Fcap. 8vo, pr. si~372. Strahan

61 Ingelow (Jean) Story of Doom; and other Poems. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 296. Longmano

61 limay (Albert John) Life.Boat, a Companion Poem

to Falconer's “Shipwreck." lmc, sd. Wilsen (Newcastle-Griffith of Farran

1/ Johnston (Josephij Oppression; or, the Tyranny of Nations. A Poem.“ Post sio, su., pp. 64. lley. woud of Son (Manchester - Simpkin

1/ Lost Crusader (The): a Poem.

In Four Cantos. Fcap. Svo. Saunders off Olley


SCIENCE, NATURAL HISTORY, &C. Atkinson (Rev. J. C.) British Birds' Eggs and Nests,

popularly described. With Col. Illust. Nem ed.

Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii--182. Routledge Brooke (Charles) Elements of Naiural Philosophy;

or, an Introduction to the Study of the Physical Sciences. Based on the Treatise by the lete Golding Bird. 6th ed., and 3rd by the present author, amended and greatly enlarged. Feep. pp. xxxiii-851.

Churchill Cooke (M. C.) Fern Book for Everybody. Containing

all the British Ferns, with the Foreign Species suitable for a Fernery. With Plates. (Coultry

Lib.) Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. ir–124. Warried English Cyclopædia (The). Re-issue. Natural His

. tory. Vol. 3. 4to. Bradbury Lewes (George Henry) History of Philosophy, from

Thales to Comte. 3rd ed. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. CXI0

1070). Longmans Mill (John Stuart) Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy, and of the principal Philor sophical Questions discussed in his Writings. &nd

1 ed. 8vo, pp. xvi-633. Plues (Margaret) British Grasses: an Introduction

to the Study of the Graminse of Great Britain and Ireland. With Plates.

Post Evo, pp. Visa 3u1. L. Hrere of Co..






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Ortolan. Résumé des Eléments de Droit Penal. DHOSSTON & DOUGLAS

8vo. die Frost and Fire : Natural Engines, Too!-marks, and

Séménow. Les Manvais Maris. 12mo.

3/ Sonnet (H.) Dictionnaire des Mathematiques ApChips. By J. F. Campbell. 2nd ed., with addi. tional chapter.

pliquées. Deuxième fascicule. 8vo

3/6 Steeg. Le Messie d'après les Prophètes. 8vo. 2/ Straeten (E. van der) La Musique au Pays-Bas avant le xix Siècle. 8vo. Vol. I.


Tableaux des Monnaies d'Or et d'Argent des Browning (Penben) The Currency considered with a principaux Etats du Monde. 12mo, Plates. 3/6 Vier to the effectual Prevention of Panics, followed

Taine (7.) Notes sur Paris.-Vie et opinions de by Observations on the Subject. Svo, sd. Spon 1/

M. Frederic-Thomas Graindorge, principal associé Davis (A.) Treatise on Harness, Saddles, and Bridles :

commandataire de la Maison Graindorge and Co

(Huiles et Porc salé á Cincinnati.) 12mo their history and manufacture from the earliest

5/. times down to the present period. Author :: 2/

Thuret (Mm. E.) Mademoiselle de Sassenay. Histoire Ott Adolph) Art of Manufacturing Soap and Candles,

d'une Grande Famille sous Louis XVI. 2 vols. ineloding the most recent Discoveries, embracing



Willson (Edouard · James) Glossaire de all kinds of ordinary Soaps, especially those made

Termes by the cold process, and the making of Tallow and techniques d'Architecture Gothique, composé en and Composite Candles. 8vo. Philadelphia, 10/6

Anglais, traduit intégralement, et remanié sous la ** Timber Merchant's (The) and Builder's Ready

forme d'un Glossaire français-anglais par A. Le Roy. Prekoner and Guide. By T, J. S. La. sq., sd.


2/ Blake (Tarmouth); Hamilton.



Aus Friedrich Rückert's Nachlasz. Hrsg. v. H.
Rückert. 8vo


Baedeker (K.) Switzerland and the adjacent portions Albam poetique illustré. Choix varié de Popsies

of Italy, Savoy, and the Tyrol. 3rd edir. 12mo. 5,6 françaises par D'Oradour. 18mo. Plates. Cloth, Bahnsen (J.) Beiträge zur Charakterologie. Mit gilt eiges

besond. Berücksicht. pädagog. Fragen. Voll. 7/ Avril. Saltimbanques et Marionnettes. iamo: 31 Bernhardt (Th.) Geschichte Roms von Valerian bis Baptain (l'Abbé) Idées et plans pour la Meditation et zu Diokletians Tode [253—313 n. Chr.). 1. Abth. la Prédication. limo

3./6 Politische Geschichte d. römischen Reiches von Blage Charles Grammaire des Arts du Dessin. Roy. Valerian bis zu Diokletians Reigierungsantriit. Bro. Illustrated. 20/ 8vo

6/6 Blanc (Louis) Lettres sur l'Angleterre. Deuxième Bibliorum, sacrorum, vetustissima fragmenta graeca Série 2 vols. Pro

12/ et latina ex palimpsestis codicibus bibliothecae Boallée. Histoire de Demosthène accompagnée de TC

Cryptoferratensis eruta atque edita a J. Cozza. Notes Historiques et Critiques. 8vo 5/ 8vo

18/6 Champílenry. La Belle Paule. Svo

5/ Buhse (F.M. D.) internationale--französisch-englisch. Dictionnaire Français-Anglais-Japonais, composé par M. l'Abbé Mermet de Cachon, et publié par les

spanisch-italienische-Grammatik f. Deutsche. Vol. I. II. 8vo

8/6 soins de A. Le Gras pour la partie Anglaise et de

Vol. III. Schlüssel zu den ucbungstücken. Leon Pagés pour la partie Japonaise. Roy. 8vo. Ire.

3/6 12/6 Cellini (B.) Abhandlungen üb. die Goldschmiedekunst Dabeis E. De la Deviation des Compas à bord des u. die Sculptur. Uebers. u. verglichen m, den

Navires et du Moyen de l'obtenir à l'aide du com. Parallels tellen aus Theophilus diversarum artium
pas de Deviations. 850
Flammarion. Dieu dans la Nature. 8vo.

schedula v. J. Brinckmann. Svo

3/6 7/6 Heine (Henri) De l'Angleterre. 12mo

Chapman's (G.) tragedy of Alphonsus, emperor of

3/ Germany. Edited with an introduction and notes De Tout un peu. 12mo

by K, Elze. 12mo

3/6 Hamel (E.) Histoire de Robespierre. Vol. 3. 8vo. 7/6 Curtius (E.) griechische Geschichte. Vol. 3. Bis zum La Brayère. Les Caractères, avec dix-huit Gravures Ende der Selbständigkeit Griechenlands. 8vo. 5/6 à l'exo forte par Foulquier. Roy. 8vo

Legeavé (E.) Les Pères et les Enfants au xix Siècle.

Curtius (G.) zur Chronologie der indogermanischen
Sprachforschung. 4to

Le Hardy de Beanlien. L'Education de la Femme.

Danko (J.) Historiarum revelationis divinae Veteris et
Novi Testamenti pars II. et III. Svo

Lucu. Le Procés du Matérialism. jamo:

Finsch (0.) u. G. Hartlaub, Beitrag zur Fauna Cen. Vemorial de l'Artillerie. Ou Recueil de Memoires

tralpolynesiens. Ornithologie der Viti-, Samoa. u. Tonga-Inseln. Svo

28/ experiences, obserervations, et procédés relatifs au Service de l'Artillerie, redigé par les soins du Comité,

Graefe (A. v.) Symį tomenlehre der Augenmu:kelläh.
Na VIII, avec atlas de 24 planches. 8vo


Michard. Guillaume de Champeanx et les Ecoles

Graff (i.) die Leuchtthürme, Leuchtbaaken u. Feuer. de Paris au zile siécle. 850.

schiffe der ganzen Erde. 5th edition. Svo 3/ Michiels. Histoire de la Peinture Flamande. Vol. 4.


Grimm (H.) Unüberwindliche Mächte. Roman. 3 vols. 12mo

17/6 5/ Moland, Moliére et la Comédie Italienne. 8vo.

Gutzkow (K.) Hohenschwangau. Roman u. Geschichte. 1536-1567. Vol. 2. 12mo.

5/ Yoncant. Histoire du Caractère et de l'Esprit

7/ Hoefer (E.) neue Geschichten. 2 vols. i2mo. 1076 Français depuis les Temps les plus reculés jusqu'a

Hold (A.) Geschichte d. Feldzuges 1866 in Italien. la Renaissance. 2 vols. * 12mo.

Mit Benützg. authent. Duellen. 8vo .. 11/0

7/ Jahrbuch der deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft. 8yo

2/ Lognier et Appia. La Guerre et la Charité,

Hrsg. durch F. Bodenstedt. 2. Jahrg. 8vo. 10,6 Janko (W. v.) Wallenstein. Ein Charakterbild in neuerer Geschichtsforschg. auf Grundlage

7/ Mandrès, Jésus Christ Le Fils de l'Homme. 8vo 1/8



Kolb (M.) der königliche botanische Garten in Nicolas. Des Doctrines Religieuses des Juifs pen.

München. Svo

4,6 dant les deux Siècles Anterieurs à l'ère chrétienne.

Klopp (D.) der König Friedrich ij. v.

Preuszen seine Politik. 2nd edition. 8vo

10/6 Nourrisson. La Politique de Bossuet. 12mo


"Ερμής, Λόγιος. Σύγγραμμα φιλολογικών περιοδικών 3/6

τεράκις του έτους εκδιδόμενον υπο Κ. Σ. Κόντου. Τόμ. 1. Τεχ. 2. 8νο

61 Pulau $ Co., Foreigra Booksellers, Scho Square, List of French Publications supplied by Messrs.

List suppiied by Mr. David Nult, 270, Strand.




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Montblanc. Le Japon tel qu'il est.

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Nacy. Le Droit usnel, on l'Aorcat de soi-même. _derangegeb. Quellen. dio

Nmreau Gaide en Affaires.

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Mechulle-Leut', die Ein Polizeiroman. 2 vols. 8vo 11/
Mendelssohn-Bartholdhy (K.) Friedrich v. Gentz.

Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte Desterreichs im 19.

Jahrh. m. Benutzg. handschristl. Materials. 8vo 2/6 Mitterrutzner (J.G.) die Sprache der Bari in Central

Afrika. Grammatik, Text u. Wörterbuch. 8vo 8/ Mooren (A.; ophthalmiatrische Beobachtungen. 8vo

5/6 Naundorff (J.) Unter dem rothen Kreuz. Fremde u.

eigene Erfahrgn auf bohm. Erde u. den Schlacht.

feldern der Neuzeit. 8vo. Petermann (H.) Thesaurus s. Liber magnus vulgo,

“Liber Adami" appellatus opus Mandaeorum summi ponderis. 2 vols. 4to.

105/ Petitalot (J. B. J.) Coronula Mariana seu theologica

dissertatio de beatissima deipara. Molinis 1866. 12mo

3/6 Pläne der Schlacht-u. Gefechtsfelder v. 1868 ļauf

genommen u. bearb. v. der topograph. Abth. d. königl. preuss. Generalstabes. 2. Lfg. Maasstab 1.25,000. Lith. Folio

10/6 Pohl (C. F.) Mozart u. Haydn in London. 2 Abth. Haydn in London. 12mo.

9/ Robiano (L. v.) Anna Boleyn. Historischer Roman, 2 vols. 12mo.

12/ Schaff (Ph.) Geschichte der alten Kirche. Von Christi

Geburt bis zum Ende d. 16. Jahrh. Svo 21/ Schwane (J.) Dogmengeschichte der patristischen Zeit [325—787 n. Chr] 2 Lfg. 8vo.

7/ Schweinfurth (G.) Beitrag zur Flora Aethiopiens. 1. Abth. Cart. 4to

18/6 Semper (C.) Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen. 2.

Thl. Wissenschaftliche Resultate. 1. Bd. Holo thurien. 1. Hft. 4to.

. 16/

Shakespeare's (W.) dramatische Werke. Hrsg. v.

Bodenstedt. 3. Buchn. 12mo.
Inhalt: Antonius u. Kleopatra. Uebers. Y. P. Begge
Mit Einleitg. 1. Anmerkgn.
Simar (Th.) Lehrbuch der katholischen Moral

logie. Svo
Sophoclis Oedipus rex edidit et adnotavit H.
Herwerden. Editio major.

Accedunt anal: tragica et anecdota Ambrosiana. Svo. Trajectis

Rhenum, 1866.
Staatengeschichte der neuestein Zeit, vol. XII

A. u. d. T.: Geschichte Englands seit den Freitas

schlüssen v. 1814 n. 1815. Vol. II. Bro Testamentum, novum, graece.

Recensuit in usum academicum omni modo instruxit C. lis

chendorf. Editio academica V. Tomo ! Tychonis Brahe Dani observationes septem cone

tarum ex libris manuscriptis qui Harniae in magn bibliotheca regia adservantur nunc primum F. R. Friis. 4to. Havniae.

11 Ulmann (H.) 5 Jahre Würtembergischer Geschichte

unter Herzog Ulrich. 1515-1519. 850 Vallaurii (Th.) animadversiones in dissertationem

Friderici Ritschelli de Plauti poëtae nommital.

4to. Mémoire sur les Microcéphales ou Hommessinges

par Charles Vogt. In-4. 209 pag. de texte et 2
planches lith.
Wackernagel (Ph.) Beiträge zur niederländischen

Hymnologie. 1. Hft. Lieder der niederlandischen
Reformierten aus der Zeit der Verfolgung im 10.

Jahrh. Svo
Wolff (Ph.) arabischer Dragoman. Grammatik, Phra

sensammlung u. Wörterbuch der neu-arab. Sprache
2. edit. Svo


NOTICE.The July Volume of the Charles Dickens

Edition of Dickens' Works is now ready.

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London: CHAPMAN & HALL, 193, Piccadilly. CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ DES LIVRES DE LA BIBLIOTHEQUE DE AMBROISE FIRMIN DIDOT. Tome Ier, Tre partie. Livres avec fig. sur bois.-- Solenniter

- Romans de chevalerie. 1 vol. in-8. 7 fr. 50. Le même, grand papier, 16 fr. L'ensemble de

cette publication formera environ quatre demi-volumes. Cette première livraison se compose de 392 pages à 2 colonnes. La première série comprend la description de plus de 900 ouvrages avec figures sur bois. Chacun de ces ouvrages est étudié

au point de vuo bibliographique et artistique. Ce travail approfondi forme un utile complément au Manuel de Libraire. La série suivante, qui contient plus de 60 articles, est relative aux solennités : entrées

, pompes, sacres, obsèques. La troisième série est consacrée aux romans de chevalerie, classés dans

un nouvel ordre, plus rationnel que l'ancien, et analysés avec beaucoup de détails. La seconde livraison, qui paraîtra prochainement, terminera l'étude de cette classe si intéressante de livres, encore à peine étudiée.


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ILLUSTRATED IN COLOUR, Siited by Mr. WM. DAY, (senior partner in the late firm of DAY & SON, Lithographers to the

Queen and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.)


1, Facsimiles of fine Modern and Ancient Pictures, alternating.
2. Facsimiles in Colours and Gold of choice objects of Ornamental Art.
3. Facsimiles of Studies in Landscape, Figure, Flower, and Ornamental Painting and

Illuminating by eminent Teachers.
Descriptive Lessons by the Professors whose studies in colour are mentioned in the last paragraph ;
appropriate Explanatory Matter to the other Illustrations; popular Essays and able Reviews.
The following extract

from the full Prospectus relates to one department of the Magazine, which alone should enlist the liveliest goodwill and co-operation of all who have families, while the whole scope of the project renders it eminently deserving the support of all persons of education and taste :

The Accomplishments present a wide field for Chromolithographic Illustration. It is intended during the year to give fifty-two descriptive lessons, with fifty-two coloured models or illustrations, on landscape, figure, flower, and ornamental painting, and illumination. An illustrated lesson on one or other of these subjects will be given every Testek; each traach, coming round again in its turn about once a month, will be presided over by an eminent professor, and these fifty-two lessons will contain more information than any one could attain in a similar number of lessons for fifty-two guitas, -in addition to which, absolute facsimiles of the professor's studies will remain; and thus a lesson, fich given in the ordinary way from master to pupil would there exhaust itself and end, continues in the

Journal a life-giving property, to be used ad infinitum by member after member of a family."

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. The size will be an elegant Quarto ; each number will contain SIXTEEN Pages, in double columns, and THREE FULL-PAGE CHROMOLITHOGRAPHS. Price SIXPENCE to Subscribers.

The YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION will be TWENTY-SIX SHILLINGS; for this will be received Fifty-two Sambers, i.e.-One every Saturday, of the Journal, containing in all 832 pages of text, double

columns, and 2.36 full-page Chromolithographs, of a thoroughly artistic character; i.e. --Fifty-two copies in Colour of Modern and Ancient Pictures, Fifty-two in Colour and Gold of choice Objects of Ornamental Art, and Fifty-two Facsimiles of Studies by eminent Teachers in every walk

of Art; which will constitute two magnificent volumes, such as heretofore would be published at Ten Guineas.

To prepaid Subscribers for the whole year, and to no others, will be presented, within four months of the pablication of Number 1., the most highly-finished Chromolithograph conceivable (such as hould sell at Two Guineas each), to the full size and in absolute

facsimile, of the Garvah kaphael (size lý in

. by 13 in.), for which the British Nation paid, in 1865, Nine Thousand Guineas.

The Illustrations for such a Journal involve an enormous outlay, and require very consider. ble time for production. It is absolutely impossible to provide trome geek ter

weeksiota auctuating or uncertain circulation, and it is therefore necessary, before publishing the first camber, to have a Fized List of Subscribers, and to whom alone the supply of the Journal

STE:CRIBERS WILL ALSO BE RECEIVED FOR THE First Four NUMBERS ONLY, for which Two Shillings must be remitted, such Subscribers to have the option of continuing the Magazine for the year after receiving Number I. (which will give sufficient time to prepare the Fifth and succeeding numbers ; but to those who may thus conditionally subscribe, the great privilege of The Garvagh Raphael"

Applications for full Prospectuses (which alone can give an idea of the great value of this Journal), and all comtannications for the Editor, as well as all orders for Advertisements, to be addressed to Mr. WILIAM J. Dar, at the Office



Every Subscriber to receive, for each Guinea paid,

Executed in the finest Style of Chromolithography, in facsimile of the

can be guaranteed.

will not be accorded.

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The Property of the British Nation, and now exhibiting at the South Kensington MUSEUM. Each Chromolithograph will be about 28 by 18, on mount 38 by 25, a size usually sold at Three Guineas

or 222 ls. for such a set of seven as now announced for One Guinea.

Specimens of the Cartoons may be seen at the Gallery. NOTE.Booksellers supplied with Prospectuses bearing their own Names and Addresses, for either or both of the above, on application.

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.






CONTENTS. FRONTISPIECE —"THE SHEPHERD Boy.” Printed in Colours, after a Painting by the late Jas. BATI UP AND DOWN THE LADDER.”—By WILLIAM GILBERT, Author of De Profundis,"

Austin's Guests,fc., fc.
PARISIAN SKETCHES. With Illustrations by Gustave Doré.
About Ferns. (Hlustrated.)

Home Memories of the Poets :-
Something about the Eider Duck. (With a View in one of Robert Southey. With an Illustration.)
the Fiords of Norway.)

Children's Games. (With Music.) Flint Jack. (With a Portrait.)

St. Swithin. (With an Illustration.) A Night without a Nest.

Rosamond's Prayer. (With an Illustration.) Profitable Bee-keeping.

The Castle of Blois. . By the Author of "Flenia? How they make Sovereigns.

teriors." (With an Illustration.) The Castle of Edinburgh. (With an Illustration.)

Sketches of Modern Artists. (With coloured Free! Evenings at a Lighthouse :-1. Rolled up in a Mainsail. from a Painting by James Bateman. The Science of Common Things. (Illustrated.)

Seeing is Believing. (With View of an Iaicre x George III. (With a Full Page Illustration.)

Yard, Whitechapel.) Poem-Little Evils.

Correspondence :-Words of the Wise, &c.

Just Published.



Fourth Edition, post 8vo, price 4s., cloth boards.

The Christian Knowledge Society's SERIES OF TABULAR VIEWS OF THE ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE KINGDOM Each Series is printed in four Sections, from Steel Plates, mounted to fold in a book, 4to, cl. baca MAMMALIA. 4s.






Just Published. THE NATURAL HISTORY OF BIRDS. A Popular Introduction to Ornithology. By Thomas RYNER JONES, Esq. F.R.S., Professor Natural History and Comparative Anatomy in King's College, London. Illustrated with nearly 3

Engravings. 12mo, cloth boards, 9s.

Recently Published.

A Popular Introduction to Zoology.

Illustrated with nearly 500 Engravings. 12mo, cloth boards, 78. 60.

A Brief Account of the Country, its Inhabitants, and their Institutions.

By SAMUEL MOSSMAN, Esq. With Map and eight full-page Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo, cloth boards, 49.; gilt edges, 4s. 64. "Mr. Mossman has executed his task admirably. It is a book that will please and inform readers of all ages."-S***

In the Press.


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By the Rev. H. B. TRISTRAM, M.A., F.L.S., Author of "The Land of Israel."

With numerous Illustrations.


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