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Pancras LANE, LONDON, 1867.






various Animals, and the Tools they work with. 18mo, cloth extra, with numerous Engravings, STRUTT'S (JOSEPH) SPORTS and PASTIMES of the PEOPLE

of England. A New Edition, by William Hone, Author of “The Every-day Book," &c. Svo, civil Illustrated with 140 Engravings, 4s. 6d.


Hiring and Service; with the Decisions on the subject, and an Abstract of all the Status: regulating Labour, and relating to Apprentices. By HENRY F. GIBBONS, LL.B. Cant., Barrisier

at-Law of the Middle Temple. Crown 8vo, limp cloth, 18. each. THE JURYMAN'S GUIDE. By Sir George STEPHEN. A New Edition,

GEORGE carefully revised and brought into conformity with present usage, by a Barrister.


Swift, D.D. Imperial 32mo, cloth, 23. ; gilt edges, 2s, 6d. STERNE'S (L.) SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY THROUGH France and Italy, with the History of a good warm Watci-Cout, and a Life of the Author. Framing size, 21.4 by 19] inches, price 88.


Pro_re-8," &c. &c. A'Fine Portrait, engravid on Sieul, new and literal Translation from the original Latin, witt from an undoubted likeness of the div ne dreamer. copious adiitional Notes, original and selectei. By

“A beautiful mezzotint Engraving of John Bunyan, by JAMES MURTOCK, D.D. Revised and Supplementar G. Zobel."- London Rerier, May, 1867.

Notes adued by James Seaton Reid, D.D. fro, cioth, 5$ “Tue liktness is derived from the best authorities, and

HUMAN UNDERSTANDING (An Essay it has all the ruggedne:s and force of character which

on). By JOHN LOCKE, Geni. With the Author's lio would naturally be looked for in the lineaments of this

and Illustrations, and an Analysis of his Loutrik of sturdy Puritan."- Morning Star, May, 1867.

Ideas. A new Edition, carefuliy revised, and contain ABEL REDEVIVUS; or, the Dead yet ing upwards of 600 Questions for the use of Stude Speaking: being the History of the Lives and Deaths

By A. M., Gold Medalist, and Ethical Moderator is of Eminent Modern Divines. By Thomas FULLER, D.D., Trinity College, Dublin. 35th Eddit., cr. Sfo, cloth, js. Author of "The Wortbies of England," &c. A New THE BIBLE INTERPRETER; or, a Concise Edition, with Notes by W. Nichols, and Forty-three Dictionary of the Holy Scriptures. By the R-F. INGRAN full-page Portraits. 2 vols. crown 8vo, cloth, Os.

COBBIN, M.A. 7th Elition, Illustrated with numervall THE CAUSE and CURE of a WOUNDED Engravings, 18mo, cloto, Is. 6d. Conscience--Triana; or, a Three-fold Romanz-Orni

STEVENS' (ABEL) History of Methodism. tbol.gie ; or, the Speech of Birds-and Antheologia;

embracing the Life and Times or John Wesley. Ve* or, the Speech of Fluwers. By Thomas FULLER, D.D.

Elition, with Notes, Copious Index, and an Appadi, In 1 vol. crown 8vo, cloth, 4s. od.

containing a List of all the Writings of June ani In the Press

Charles Wesley, &c. 2 vols, post Svo, cioth Es bad FULLER'SJOSEPH'S PARTY.COLOURED Volume II. may he had separately, price sis. fi.

Coat, David's Heinous sin, Hearty Repentance, Heavy THE SPECTATOR. With
Punishment. In 1 vol. Clown Svo.

Notices of the Contributors. Illus, with Esz ittei** FULLER'S COMMENTS UPON RUTH,

Portraits engraved by E. Finden, Medium svo, dl., do tit and Notes upon Jonath. In 1 vol. cruwn Svo.

HISTORY of NAPOLEON BUONAPARTS. THE MISCELLANEOUS WORKS of Dr. With an Appendix. Cr. Svo, cl.. gilt sides, is igiteiger

Adam Clarke, comprising :- Vols 1 & 2. Memoirs of the os. Illus.with full-pazje Engravings by G. Cruiahuak, &c. Wesley Family ; 3 & 4. Strm's Rellections ; 5, 6, 7, 8. Crown Svo. Illustrated with numerous Engravings, s. 1 Sermons; 9. Fleury's Manners of the Israeites;


gi t back, and sides, and edges, és. 10, 11, 12. Detached Pieces; and 13. Christian Missions.

PALGRAVE'S (FRANCIS, F.R.S., F.S.A.) Demy 12mo, cloth, 2s, 6d per vol.; or the complete sut History of the Angl.) Saxons. of 13 vols, for £i 10s.

* Uniform with Teng's Edition of the History of SERMONS OF MR. HENRY SMITH, some

Napoleon, time Minister of St. Clement Danes, London : together with a Preparative to Marriage, God's Arrow against


with Life of the Author, and Notes, by the Ror. Atheists, Certain Godly and Zeal us Prayers, &c. Printed according to his corrected copies in his lifetime.

LUPTON, A.1. Imp., cloth, 23. ; gilt edges, 23. 6. With a Memoir of the learned Author, by Thomas

Ilustrated with Thirteen Engravings. FCLLER, B.D. The whole carefully edited by the author HALL'S (BISHOP) DEVOTIONS, Sacred of “Glimpses of onr Heavenly Home," &c.

Two vols.,

Aphorisms, aud Religions Txble Talk. Selected in crown 8vo, cloth, 88.

his writings. To which is pretixed a brief Memiri

the Author. The whole carefu ly revised and artinyei Illustrated with a Steel Frontispiece and Title by John Gilbert, and 16 full-size pace Engravings, Svo, cloth,

by the Rev. T. W. MORRIS. Svo, cloth, 58. 8s 6d. ; balf-call, cloth sides, 12. 6.

In Two Parts, FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS. A Com- SIMSON'S (DR.) ELEMENTS of EUCLID. plete and Autheutic Account of the Lives, Sufferings,

Revised and Corrected by Dr. ROTHERFORD with cut and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive and Pro- siderable additions by W. Rossiter, E-4. Books I 604 testant Martyrs in all Parts of the World. With Notes, and 5 to 12. 18mo, cloth, ls. 6d. each. Comments, &c, by the Rev. J. MILNER, M.A. A New TEGG'S SPELLINGS. Well Printed and and Corrected Edition, with an Essay on Popery, and Modernised 12mo, cloth, 9d. ; Fine l'aper Edit., da bi Additions by the Rev. INORAJ COBBIN, M. A.

Carpenter -- Fenning--Mavor-Guy-Vyse - Marabad Mr. WILLIAM TEGG will be happy to forward his Catalogues of Standard Works, of School Books,

and of fine Steel Engrarings, free to any Applicant.



London : WILLIAM TEGG, 12, Pancras Lane, Cheapside.

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DR. NUTTALL'S LARGER ENGLISH DICTIONARY. be thely printed, with New Head Lines, and on larger

paper, price 53., 960 pp., New Style of Binding. he Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language: Ethern based on the Labours of Worcester, Webster, Ogilvie, Richardson, Craig, Goodrich, Johnson, Walker

, and other eminent Lexicographers ; comprising many Thousand New Words which Modern Literature, Science, Art, and Fashion have called into existence. Edited by P. AUSTIN NUTTALL, LL.D.

The great want that has hitherto existed of an English Dictionary, at once entitled to be regarded as a work of bits

, cumprehensive and cheap, has induced the Publishers, regardless of a very great outlay, to make an attempt the the deficieney by issuing the Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language, at a price without

unik in Forks of this class. When it is considered that this volume is edited by an eminent lexicographer, that it

calvčies in its contents upwards of Twenty-two Thousand Words more than the very best of its contemporaries, and Ethat it want a rare speciinen of typographical excellence, it is confidently expected that it will at once take rank as the dheapes and most popular Dictionary of the English Language that has yet claimed public approbation and support.

WARNE'S USEFUL BOOKS.-NEW VOLUME. Price One Shilling, Picture Boards. - A Fern Book for Everybody: containing all the British Ferns,

with the Foreign Species suitable for a Fernery. By M. C. Cooke, Author of ". British Fungi," " Microscopic Fungi," &c., &c. With numerous Original Illustrations and Page Plates.

Recently published in this Series :1. Anza A Practical Guide By J. T. Burgess.

3. Poultry in all its Varieties. By Elizabeth Watts. :: Orchard and Fruit Garden, By Elizabeth Watts.

MODERN PRACTICAL GARDENING. In 1 Vol., price 3s. 6d., cloth gilt, New Style. Vegetables, Flowers, and Fruit: their Culture and Produce. BY ELIZABETH WATTS.

With Three Coloured Illustrations. A STANDARD BOOK OF NATURAL HISTORY. In super-royal 8vo, price £2 2s., cl., New Style. The Game Birds and Wild Fowl of Sweden and Norway. With

an Account of all the Seals and Salt-Water Fishes of those Countries. By L. LLOYD, Author of Scandinavian Adventures,"

," "Field Sports of the North of Europe,” &c., &c. Illustrated with 48 pages of Chromo-Lithography, 65 Woodcuts by Wolf, &c., &c. Two Hundred an

Fifty Copies is all can now be supplied of this magnificent volume. In October, a Second Edition of Fire Hundred Copies will be issued, when the chromo-litho plates will be rubbed off the Stones, and no more Copies & the Work obtainable.

Orders will be executed in the order of receipt.

In demy 4to, price One Shilling, stiff Picture Wrapper.
The Sea-side; a series of Original Pictures for the delight of

Children. In Kronheim's best style of Oil Colour Painting, with descriptions by the Author of
* Aunt Louisa's Toys,” “The Home Book,” &c., &c. In this series are now issued :
4. Childhood's Happy Hours

7. Edith and Milly's Housekeeping 5. Nursery Songs

8. John Gilpin 6. Life of a Doll

9. Sing a Song of Sixpence And of The Sunday Books, same size, style, &c. 1. Jozega soà his Brethren. 12. Proverbs of Solomon. 13. King David (The Song of) | 4. Wonders of Providence (The)

The same also kept, mounted with fine Linen, price 2s.

In fcap. 8vo, price One Shilling, Picture Cover.
The Night Fossickers, &c.

Australian Tales, Comprising-
The Night Fossickers

King Rum Tum's Ghost
The Shepherd's Hut

Tale of a Skull
Mystery and Murder
These are Original Tales, never issued previously in any shape.

Uniform in size, style and price, have lately been issued :-
1. Lord Lyxx's WIFE.


In limp cloth case, price One Shilling, pocket size. Grant's Descriptive Bird's-eye View of the Paris Exhibition Park. Printed on Thick Paper, and

Tinted throughout. This Map is copyright, and the only one that fully describes the Park of the Paris Exhibition. The Birthday Scripture Text-Book. Large Type Edition. In fcap

. 8vo, price 29. 6d., cloth, gilt edges, New Style, a New Edition of the above Popular Book. Fully interleaved and finely printed. Life of a Navvy. By the Hon. Miss Eden. Price Sixpence, se wed, cloth cover, limp.

London: FREDERICK WARNE & CO., Bedford Street, Covent Garden.

1. Paltay ABC
2. A, Apple Pie
2 Nursery Rhymes

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Ty Lutra's Revenge
A lap fe Life
The Baked Claims

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Adair.-A new System of Bee-keeping, Natt.--Plain Sermons on Personal

with Description of, and Directions for, Managing Bees ligion. By the Rev. GEORGE W. Natt, late Re in the Section Beehive. Svo, pp. 74. Cincinnati, 1867. St. Andrew's Church West, Philadelphia. W 2s. 6d.

Memoir. Crown 8vo,

pp. 408. Ph landet

8s. Cooke. --Wearing of the Gray; being Personal Portraits, Scenes, and Adventures of the War.

Ott.-The Art of Manufacturing Soap By Jons Estex COOKE. Illustrated. 8vo, pp. 601. Candles. With the most recent Discoveries, Vero York, 1867. 205.

detecting Frauds, &c. By Adolf Ort, Ph.D.

cloth, pp. xir-193. Philadelphia, 1867. lisad Eldridge.- A Key to the Bankrupt Act. The Bankrupt Act, printed from the Official Copy,

Peverelly.-The Book of American Annotated, Digested, and Indexed for the easy and con- times, containing a History of the Principal la venient reference of the legal profession, and of business Cricket, Rowing, and Yachting Clubs of the men. By G. MORGAN ELDRIDGE, of the Philadelphia States. By CHARLES A. PETEPELLY. Croma0 Bar. 8vo, pp. 79. Philadelphia, 1867. 2s. 6d.

pp. 556 and 4 plates. New York, 1866. 11. Gage.-Elsie Magoon; or, the Old Still Ripley.-Church Polity: a Treatise House in the Hollow. A Tale of the Past. By Mrs.

Christian Churches and the Christian Ministry FRANCIS DANA GAGE. Crown 8vo, cloth, pp. 321. HENRY J. RIPLEY. 16mo, cloth, pp. 22. Bet Philadelphia, 1867. 7s.6d.

Gs. Geological Survey of Illinois. Α. Η. Sabin.--A Dictionary of Books relatii

WORTHEN, Director. Volume I. Geology. Assistants : America, from its Discovery to the Present Tim Prof. J. D. WHITNEY, Prof. LEO LESQUEREUX, Mr.

JOSEPH SABIX. Part II. Allen to Andre 8 HENRY ENGELMAXX. Pp. XV-504, ii, and eleven

97--192. Part III. Andrews to Aschlund *** plates and plans. Chicayo, 1866. Volume II. Palae- -288. 10s. 6d. each part. New York, 15. ontology. Descriptions of Vertebrates. By J. S. New- Paper. Royal 8vo, 21s. each part. BERRI and A. H. WORTIEX. Description of Invertebrates. By F. B. Mark, and A. H. WORTHEX. De- Shedd. – Discourses and Essays. scription of Plants by Leo Lesqnereux. Pp. xix-470, 6, and 30 large plates. Chicago, 1866. 2 vols. 4to, cloth.

Williad G. T. SHEDD. Crown fro, cloth, 1

Doston, 1867. 7s.6d.
Harrison.-An Essay on the Steam Boiler.
By Joseri HARRISOs, jun., M.E. To which is added

Shedd.—Lectures upon the Philosop the Report of the Committee on Science and the Arts, History. By WilLIA G. T. SHED, Profis constituted by the Franklin Institute on the Harrison Andover Theological Seminary. Cronu 514 che Boiler, together with a complete list of all patents for 128. Anderer, 1861. 4s. improvements in steam boilers issued by the United States, England and France, &e., &c. 12mo, cloth, pp. 219. Philadelphiu, 1867. 6s.

Smith.-Treatment of Fractures

Lower Extremities by the Use of the Internas Harwood. - The Law and Practice of

sory Apparatus. By N. R. Sth, MD.

8vo, cloth, pp. 70. Baltimore, 1867. 153. United States Naval Courts-Martial. By A. A. HARWOOD, T.S.N.

Svo. Law calf, pp. 325. V-w York, 1867. 18s.

Spiritualism.--The Invisibles: an

nation of Phenomena commonly called Spiritual James.-The Bankrupt Law of the United

cloth, pp. 331. Philadelphia, 1867. 98. States. 1867. With Notes, and a Collection of American and English Decisions. By Edwis JANEs. Svo, cloth,

Stevens.--History of the Methodist Ver York, 1867. 183.

copal Church in the United States of Abxand

AREL STEVENS, LL.D. Vol. 3. Crowa bro, Kehoe.-The Indian Club Exercise. With

510. Vetc York, 1867. 7s. explanatory Figures and Positions, Photographed from Lite. Also general remarks on Physical Culture. Ilus

Stewart.-Sorghum and its Products trated with portraitures of celebrated Athletes, exhibit- Account of Recent Investigations concerning the ing great Muscular Development from the Club Exer- of Sorghum in Sugar Production, together with cise, engraved from Photographs expressly for this scription of a New Method of Making Sugar and work. By Six. D. KHOE. 4to, cloth, pp. 123. Vero Syrup from the Plant. Adapted to Comuus Yuil, 1867, 128. 6d.

F. L. Stewart. Crown 8vo, cloth, pp. 240. .

1867. 6s. Klippart.-The Principles and Practice of Land Drainage. By Jous H. KLIPPART. 2nd edition.

Swedenborg on the Athanasian Creed 12mo, pp. 462. Ciacinnati, 1567.


Subjects connected with it. 12mo, eloth, p. 1

Virk, 1967. Cs. Liggins.-One Thousand Familiar Phrases in English and Romanized Japanese. By the Rev. Joux

Van Buren.-Inquiry into the Origin LIGGINA, for reveral years a Missionary in China and Course of Political Parties in the l’nited este Japan. Second Edition. 8vo, pp. 59. Vero York, 1567. Os. MARTIN VAN BUREX. Edited by his suis in

Svo, cloth, pp. ix-436. Vexc York, 197. 18 National Preacher and Village Pulpit. Sermons from Living Ministers of the United States.

Vose.--Orographic Geology; or, the Oni Vol. IX. New Series. Enlarged. Conducted by Rer. and Structure of Mountains. A Rev* Bro W. H. BIDWELL. 8vo. Half-bound, pp. 332. Vere L. Voi, Civil Engineer. Sro, doth, pp. 123 York, 1866. 78. 6d.

1866. 165.

Pp. 325.

London: TRÜBNER and Co., 60, Paternoster Row.


To be completed in Twenty-five One Shilling Monthly Parts.





Opinions of the Press on this Magnificent Edition.

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bero dan pa

Lanet edition of the Poet's life and works is to be attempted. To one has a better title to undertake, and few Lambetta qualifications for performing the task than the Ba P.H. WADDELL. If enthusiasm for his subject, perior library talent, and the possession of a gifted mind a qualities needed to invest an edition of Burns with fresh interest, it would not be easy to find those Tulitis chined in any individual more markedly than

Mr. FULL... It is characterised by great beauty and picturesqueness of style. It will be one of the most beautifub editions of “BURNS” that have yet been sei-An ADTEETISER, April 25, 1867.

Tuz Pitor so far has done his work well. Burys finds is lin i stoongenial biographer and exponent. His reception d the Poet as a man, and of the products Es muze, B incomparably truer than that of the herd of azping its sto bave dwelt ad nauseam on the faults of the one, ai lortbar worst to exaggerate the blots upon the other.-DEN STANDARD, April 24, 1867. Bez tas not read been presented biographically as the

And certainly, if the time has come for the apothesis, it would be folly to deny Mr. WADDELL'S title to be High Priest of the ceremonial.

Mr. Waddau bas qualifications for his design such as few biocrapben ter posessed. for no Scotsinan, and probably do man living, has so thoroughly, so earnestly, so devotional sturated himself with the Poet's sentiments and artros.

We shall expect to find the volume,
Then wolte, in etery respect the crowning edition of
Bussi-DOURLS HERALD, Jay 3, 1867.
Tarta part of the long announced edition of the works

Er is inued, and is in every way worthy of the high estaticos formed of it. The editor is the Rev. P. Lirer WADDELL .. . and he prefaces the part with an

at bography. webplare, &c., are among the best of the kind we have

The coloured plates of Bunxa's CARLISLE EXAMINER, May 4, 1867. Yu WADDELL is already pretty well known as a writer the Genius and Works of Burss, an essay from his pen tates mbject being almost as highly

regarded by many as the data on " Burxs” in CARLYLE'S "Heroes and Hero Wat is admired by nearly all the literary world. les from the instalment of this biography

given in the bet art, t will be a valuable addition to what has been tët the genius of the Scotttsh poet.-NORTHERN Lires : Newcastle: April 29, 1867, Te Editor brings to his subject a generous spirit and

pretative intellect, and the facts of the author's life and contemporary incidents are treated with judgment tad esatu-BOLTON GUARDIAN, April 27, 1867.

NOTE ss have been the lives of Robert Burns-although the genius of Christophe North and Thomas CAELILI has come to the elucidation of his strange career, De too have studied the inner life of the Poet, and seen

e leef bet profound prelections of one man, who above these comprehends his complex nature, felt that there ma for something higher and better. And we have flere, at will have it when this work is completed. Mr. AODELL has come to his great and self-imposed task

pemarkable qualifications. The work and the take command our hearty admiration. To Scotchmen

England, and to all who love Burxs, this new and
Pendid edition will be a lasting treasure.- MIDDLESBRO'
TDGING by what is before us, this edition of BURNS
hises to be worthy of the Poet.-MANCHESTER CITY
Pirs, May 11, 1867.

It may seem a superfluous undertaking for any one to do over again what has already been done so well; but we feel sure that such critics as are disposed to take this view of the matter have only to look into the sinall specimen of Mr. WADDELL's handicraft, that has as yet been issued, in order to find sufficient grounds to warrant the publication of a new edition, and more particularly to justify the composition of a new life of the Poet.-PEONE'S JOURNAL: Dundee : May 11, 1867.

The first part of this superb edition of Burys was issued some weeks ago. The Editor's name has been intimately associated with that of our great Poet. Both from his well-known reputation as an earnest, liberal, and independent thinker, and as an eloquent writer Mr. WADDELL is of all men that could be named the most thoroughly qualified to undertake the task of editor and biographer of Burns. The most beautiful and in all respects the most perfect edition of the Life and Works of Burss that has yet been published.-ELGIN COURIER, Jay 10, 1867.

Tus "Spiritual Biography” is far out of the beaten track, and is marked by repressed enthusiasm, as if the writer were tracing the life of a prophet, and more than a prophet. We shall have here a unique edition of the Works of BURNS.-PERTHSHIRE ADVERTISER, May 2, 1567.

It will be among the best editions of the Poet's works ever published.-STIRLING JOURNAL, May 3, 1857.

Mr. Waddell's life of Burns is certain to take a foremost place among the numerous biographies of the Poet.--STIRLING OBSERVER, May 2, 1867.

The publisher of this edition of Burss has been fortunate in finding an editor so well fitted, by long and loving study of his subject, to do justice to the work he has undertaken. -HAMILTON ADVERTISER, Jay 4, 1867.

The Rev. Mr. WADDELL brings not only cultivated tastes, but an intense admiration of the Poet to the discharge of his editorial duties. . To Scotchmen all over the globe, we doubt not this superb edition will be peculiarly acceptable.--PAISLEY & RENFREWSHINE GAZETTE, May 4, 1867.

IT was with the utmost pleasure we hailed the announcement that Mr. WADDELL was engaged in a work for which he was so eminently fitted; and we have good reason to expect that it will prove the edition of the works of the immnortal Bard. We expect for this edition an unprecedented sale in every quarter where the name of Brass is known.-GREENOCK HERALD, May 1, 1867.

PROMISES to be, when complete, one of the most beautiful editions yet issued of the poems of our National Bard. Rev. P. HATELY WADDELL is one of our great Bard's most enthusiastic admirers, and we have no doubt but that he will acquit himself satisfactorily and creditably in the task which has been undertaken by him.--DUMBARTOS HERALD, Jay 6, 1867.

The Rev. Editor has performed his task, so far as we have seen, with great ability and taste.

The poems given so far

appear to present a corrected text, which is much required, for Burns' poems have often suffered in the printing,

We are sure it will be highly popular, not only in Scotland, but wherever poetry that appeals to the heart is read and admired.-'DERRY SENTINEL, April 26, 1867.

The edition now on our table promises to excel its predecessors in the excellence of its typography, the fulness and accuracy of its information, the enlightened “system of commentary, both critical and moral," of its notes. One of the most beautiful and attractive books which has issued from the press.-AIRDRIE ADVERTISER, Hay 4, 1867.

THE Rev. P. H. WADDELL edits the work, which he prefaces with a few observations to the reader on the pronunciation of Scottish words, which frequently sound so awkward on Southern tongues, The volume, when finished, will form a most attractive gallery of fine arts.- North OF ENGLAND ADVERTISER: Newcastle: April 27, 1867.

, 14, MAXWELL London: W. Kent & Co., Paternoster Row; Liverpool: W. GILLING; Manchester : John HEYWOOD ; Edinburgh : 'J. MENZIES ; Dublin

: M'GLASHAN & GILL; 'and all Booksellers.

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Old Black-Letter Ballads and Broadsides.

In the press, to be published at the end of June, price 123. COLLECTION of SEVENTY-NINE OLD BLACK-LETTER BALLA

and BROADSIDES, printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the Years 1 1597, all of the highest interest and curiosity, presumed to be unique, and 'hitherto unku Reprinted from the celebrated Folio Volume formerly in the Library of the late George DANIEL, I accompanied with an Introduction and Illustrative Notes.

The above is beautifully printed by Messrs. WHITTINGHAM & WILKINS, on fine toned size, post 8vo, consisting of above 300 pages, to range with the Collections of PERCY, Ritsox, &c.

A Detailed Prospectus and Descriptive Catalogue of the Ballads, consisting of 16 pages $ro, be had on application, or will be forwarded on the receipt of two postage-stamps.

A Specimen Catalogue of above 50,000 Volumes of Rare, Curious, Useful, and Valuable B Splendid Books of Prints, Picture Galleries, Illustrated Works, &c., on Sale, at greatly reduced p may also be obtained on application; or in the Country for two postage-stsmps.

London : JOSEPH LILLY, 17 and 18, New Street, and 5A, Garrick Street, Covent Gari

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NOTICE OF REMOVAL. JULY, 1867. W. GLAISHER begs to inform his Customers, and the Trade in general, he has just Removed his Stock of Remainders from his old premises in Lat Conduit Street to very much more extensive ones at No. 265, High Holborn 4 doors west of the Inns of Court Hotel), where all communications should in fut be addressed. A New Trade Catalogue will shortly be issued.

W. GLAISHER, Wholesale Bookseller, 265, High Holborn, W.



have opened a London Agency, at 10, Warwick Square, Paterno Row, for the purchase and forwarding of Books and Stationery.

Messrs. BANCROFT & CO. respectfully solicit Consignments of Goods, upon which they pay freight and duties in San Francisco, and carefully follow the instructions of shippers regat the same. They are prepared to act as Agents for Ålanufacturers, make collections, and prom execute all commissions entrusted to their care.

Being in constant and direct communication with the entire coast, they possess sụperior facil for introducing new goods, and keeping stock within reach of an intelligent and growing commar The Business was established in 1856. \It covers the entire ground of Books and Stationery in department, and is by far the largest house of the kind on the Pacific Coast. Their locatio unsurpassed, the Retail Department fronting on Montgowery Street, and connecting with the Wom sale Department, which occupies an entire three-story building, 32 ft. by 50 ft., fronting on Merch

Subscription Books - The exclusive agency for the Pacific Coast of good frst-class works desired. l'his department is conducted separately from the general business, is thoroughly tematised, and a corps of good canvassers constantly in the field. Messrs

. H. H. Bancroft f Co. will be happy to receive Catalogues of Books, Slationery, and other Artå suitable for the San Francisco Market.

References.-- British and Californian Bank, London; Messrs. Sampson Low, Son, & Marston, Ludgate Hill; Mr. J. Whitaker, BOOKSELLER Office ; Messrs. Thos. Rhoads & Sons, 6, Vine Store w. C. Ralston, Esq., "of

the Bank of California, San Francisco; G. W. Duer, Esq., Cashier of el M. Theodore Salles, 5, Rue Neuve St. Augustin, Paris ; Mesers. Harper & Brothers. Near Land National Bank of the State of New York, New York City.


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