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Lage John Wm.) Lives of Indian Officers, illustrative Sheridan's Pronouncing and Explanatory English of the History of the Civil and Military Services of Dictionary. Revised by W. Birkin. New Ed. India 2 vols., 8vo, pp. xv-991. Strahan 36/ La. sq. bd. Mozley.

3/6 Kackenzie (Rev. James) History of Scotland. Cr. Stevens and Hole's School Series. The Complete Svo, pp. vii—663. Nelson

7/6 Reader. Being a carefully graduated System of Palgrave (Francis) History of the Anglo-Saxons. Teaching to Read and Spelí, by means of attractive

Nevi. Illust. Cr. 8vo, pp. xli—332. Tegg. 5/ and instructive Lessons. In° 4 Books, especially Pius II. (His Holiness Pope). By George White. designed for Upper and Middle-Class Schools. By Feap. so, sd. Washbourne

1/ E. T. Stevens and Charles Hole. Book 3. The Smith Goldwin) Three English Statesmen : & Course Exemplar of Style. Cr. 8vo, pp. vii—312. Longof Lectures on the Political History of England.

2/6 Post @ro, PP. 3us. Macmillan; 6/6; Cheap ed. Williams's Preceptor's Assistant. New Ed. 12mo bro, cl. sd.

bd. Simpkin .

5/ Smollett; his Life and a Selection from his Writings. By Robert Chambers LL.D. Post 8vo, pp. vi-221.

Announcements. Chambers


BLACKWOODS, Taylor. The Family Pen. Memorials Biographical

The Public Schools of England: Winchester, Westand Literary of the Taylor Family, of Ongar. Edit.

minster, Shrewsbury, Harrow and Rugby. By by Res. Isaac Taylor. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo, pp. xiv

the Author of "Etoniana.” 4. Jackson & Waiford


MACMILLANThurlow (Hon. T. J. Hovell) The Company and the

Essays on a Liberal Education. By Various Writers. Crown. 2nd ed., revised and corrected. 8vo, pp.

Edit. by Rev. F. W. Farrar. 1-301. Blackwoods

7/6 Announcement. LANAXANS

EUROPEAN AND CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY &c. Pastor Fliedner of Kaiserwerth ; & Sketch of his Liłe. Trans. by Catherine Winkworth.

Anderson (Wm.) and Tugman (James E.) Mercantile A Dictionary of General Biography. Edit. by W. Correspondence, containing a Collection of ComL R. Cates.

mercial Letters in Portuguese and English, with MACINTOSH

their translation on opposite pages, for the use of The Great Stanley: or, James, 7th Earl of Derby,

Business Men and of the Students of either of and his Countess Charlotte de lá Tremoille, in their the Languages, treating in Modern Style of the Land of Man. By Kev.J. G. Cumming.

system of business in the principal Commercial

Cities of the World. Accompanied by pro-forma Reminiscences of a Septuagenarian, from the

Accounts, Sales, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Drafts, 18 to 1815. By Emma Sophia, Countess &c., with an Introduction and copious Notes. 12mo, pp. xi—194. Trübner

6/ A History of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. By Alonso (J. F.) Elementary Grammar and Guide to Henry White.

Conversation for the use of Travellers in Spain. Historical Puzzles; being Notes on some Doubtful Fcap. 8vo. Quaritch

2/6 Points of History. By Octave Delepierre.

Blackley (Rev. Wm. L.) and Friedländer (Carl M.)

Practical Dictionary of the German and English

Languages, containing the following improvements: ENGLISH PHILOLOGY AND EDUCATION.

New Words in general use not to be found in other

Dictionaries. Compound Words not translated Bilton Charles) Class and Standard Series of Reading

literally. Prepositions annexed to Verbs and books adapted to the requirements of the Revised Adjectives where necessary. Meanings of words Code. Book 1. Lessons in Monosyllables. 18mo,

separated by figures, and directions distinguishing pp. viii-06. Longmans

4d. their various Acceptations. Idiomatic Expressions Book 2. (Standard 2.) ismo, pp. viii- with their proper equivalents in each Lauguage.

6d. School Edition. Post 8vo, pp. ix-1169. Long. Bourke (Rev. U. J.) College Irish Grammar. 3rd Ed.

7/6 4/

Ciceronis Oratio Philippica Secunda. From the Easy Lessons; or, Self-Instruction in Irish. Text of Orellius, carefully revised. With Notes, by 1. Ed. 12mo, pp. 396. Williams & Norgate . 4/ the Rev. G. B. Wheeler. 12mo cl. sd., pp. 83. Dalgleish (Walter s.) Introductory Text-Book of T'egg.

1/ English Composition, based


pro Cneo Plancio Oratio accurante recensita. Sinthesis. 6th ed., rearranged. 12mo, cl. lp. pp:

With Notes, by Rev. G. B. Wheeler.

12mo cl. sd., 9. Oliver & Boyd (Edinburgh)—Simpkin 1/

pp. 78. T'egg

1/ Key to Outlines of English Grammar and Do Porquet (L. P.) Abrégé de l'Histoire de France. Analysis. "With practical hints and explanatory

New Ed. 12mo. Simpkin

3/6 EsiesFor the use of Teachers. 18mo, cl. lp.

First French Reading Book, 28th Ed. 12mo. 1/ Simpkin.

2/6 Fernandez (Joseph) Henry's Junior Dictation Lessons Dindorf. Poetæ Sævnici Græci, ex recensime et Frap.xopp. 175. Bean

1/6 Griffiths (John) Notes on the Geometry of the Plane

cum prolegominis G. Dindorfii. New Ed., with

Prolegomina on the Lives, Writings, Language, and Inangle. Post 8vo, viji—76. Parker * Co.

4/ Metres of the four Dramatists. Xackay (Rev. Alex.) First Steps in Geography.

The Text carefully

revised according to the best MSS., and with footJsme sd., pp. 56. Blackwoods

4d. Kurby's Excelsior Readers for all Classes of Ele

notes supplying all necessary critical data. 1 vol. Imp. 8vo. Null.

20/ mentary Schools. Edit. by Francis Young, F.R.G.S. Donaldson (John Wm.) Complete Latin Grammar 256. Murby

1/ for the use of Students. 3rd. Ed., revised. 8vo, Words, Three Parts in One. 12mo, ed. Educalional Standard " Arithmetic in

pp. xii — 540.

Deighton (Cambridge) ; Bell off Daldy

14/ Report on the Public Schools and System of

4d. Euripides Crowned Hippolytus. Trans. into Public Instruction in New York, Philadelphia,

English Verse by Mr. P. Fitzgerald. 12mo. Chup. man & Hall.

7! Baltimore, and Washington. Boston, U.8. 8vo 2,6 Routledge's Pronouncing Dictionary of the

Hamilton (Gavin) Subjunctive of the Greeks and

Latins. With an Appendix on Mh. 8vo, pp. xviiEnglish Language: founded on the Labours of 137. Oliver fp Boyd (Edinburgh); Simpkin 5/ Walker, Webster, Worcester, Craig, Ogilvie, and other distinguished Orthologists, and enriched with

Hariri (Al.) Assemblies (The) of. Trans. from the

Arabic, with an Introduction and Notes, Vol. 1 many thousand modern words connected with

containing the Introduction and the first TwentyScience , Literature, and Art. Edit. by P. A. Nuttall,

six Assemblies. By Thomas Chenery, M.A. 8vo, LL.D. Cr. 8vo, pp. xii-756. Routledge

18/ 3,6

pp. 560. Williams | Norgale


104. Longmans

tamo. Williams & Norgate



pp. 55. Simpkin.

Stäfd. 6. cap. 8vo, PP: Parry Thomas New

Trading Co. (Birmingham-Simpkin



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Hebraist's (The) Vade Mecum; a first attempt at a Veness (Rev. W. T.) El Dorado; or, British Guiana sa

complete Verbal Index to the Contents of the a Field for Colonisation. 8vo, vii-199. Cassell. 10% Hebrew and Chaldee Scriptures. Arranged accord. Wright (T.) Ludlow Sketches; a Series of Papers a ing to Grammar:-the Occurrences in full. 8vo, the Scenery and Antiquities of Ludlow, &c. Cr. Bra pp. iv-636. Groombridge

15/ Jones (Ludlow): Bradbury Kirk (Rev. Thomas) First Latin Book. A New

Announcement. Exercise Book with rules for Beginners carefully

ROUTLEDGEM graduated and simplified. Fcap. 8vo, pp. X-154.

Baines's Lancashire. New edition, edited by Joka Bemrose f. Lothian

2/6 Levizac (M.) French Dictionary. 'Revised by N.

Harland, F.S.A.
Lambert. 17th ed. 12mo, bd. Simpkin . 6/6
Masson (Gustave) La Lyre Française. Fcap. 8vo,

LAW PARLIAMENTARY, &c. pp. xxviii-440. Macmillan .

4/6 Rabenhorst's Pocket German and English Dic

Bainbridge (W.) Treatise on the Law of Mines und

Minerals. 3rd ed. 8vo. Butterworths. 幾 tionary. By G. H. Noehden. 6th ed., improved by D. Boileau. 18mo, bd. Longmans


Egan (Charles) Practical Treatise on the last Riddell (Jacobi) Reliquiæ Metricæ. Fcap. 8vo.

Bills of Sales, comprising the Statutes for

pre Parker


venting Frauds upon Creditors; and for the file Thompson (D'Arcy W.) Scalæ Novre; or, a Ladder to

registration of Bills of Sale, with the chief Juded Latin. 12mo, pp. XX--430. Williams f Norgate 4/6

Decisions given thereon. 2nd ed., with Notes, Pre Volpe (Girolamo) Italian Grammar. For the use of

cedents, Forms, and Index, 12mo, bds, pp. 4. Eton. 12mo, pp. viii-232. Trübner


Shaw & Sons Wendeborn's German Grammar. 12th ed., revised

Hale (W. H.) Inquiry into the Legal History of the by A. Heimann, 12mo. Whittaker


Supremacy of the Crown in Matters of Religion. Westmonasterienses (Lusus Alteri) sive Prologi et

Roy. 8vo. Butterworths Epilogi. Part 2. 1820-65. Curâ J. Mure, H.

Lindley (Nathaniel) Treatise on the Law of Partner Bull, C. B. Scott. 8vo. Macmillan


ship, including its Application to Companies. Ind.

ed. 2 vols. Roy. 8vo, lxxxir-1711. Marseil. 61 Lloyd (Eyre) Law of Compensation under the Land's

Clauses, Railways' Clauses Consolidation and Me GEOGRAPHY, TOPOGRAPHY, &c.

tropolitan Acts, &c., with a full Collection of Forms Adams (Andrew Leith) Wanderings of a Naturalist

and Precedents. 8vo, pp. xxx-273. Slettas! in India, the Western Himalayas, and Cashmere.

Haynes La, post 8vo, pp. xi— 333. Edmonston


Pratt (w. Tidd) Law relating to Friendly Societies Alpine Journal (The), Vol. 3, for 1867; a Record of

and Industrial and Provident Societies, with the Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation.

Acts, Observations thereon, Forms of Rules, de, By Members of the Alpine Club. Edit. by H. B.

and the Leading Cases at length, and a copion

Index. George. With maps and illust. 8vo. Longmans. 8/6

7th ed. 12mo, bds., xix-248. She #

Sons Atlas. The Globe Edition. An Atlas of the Euro

Stephen (Sir Geo.) Juryman's Guide.

New edi pean States, in 45 Maps, on a uniform scale and projection. With Plans of London and Paris. With carefully revised and brought into conformity with Index. Post 8vo, hf.-bd. Macmillan


the requirements of the Law as it now stands, bis! Bowden (Rev. John) Norway: its People, Products,

Barrister of the Middle Temple. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. and Institutions. Post 8vo, pp. xii—250. Chap.

viii-184. T'egg . man of Hall


Tomkins (F.) Institutes of Roman Law. Part I. For. Hardwicke's Shilling Handy Book of London.

8vo. Butterworths Edit. by Walford. New edition. 32mo, cl. lp.

Wharton (J. J. S.) Law-Lexicon; or, Dictionary of Hardwicke


Jurisprudence, explaining the Technical Words and Hugo (7.) Medieval Nunneries of the County of

Phrases employed in the several Departments of Somerset and Diocese of Bath and Wells. Sup.

English Law; including the various Legal Terms roy. 8vo. J. R. Smith


used in Commercial Business; together with an Donegal Highlands (The). Post 8vo, pp. xx—248.

explanatory as well as literal Translation of the Murray (Dublin)-Rivingtons .


Latin Maxims contained in the Writings of the ! Jackson's Guide to the Town, Abbey, and An

Ancient and Modern Commentators. 4th ed. Roy. tiquities of Bury St. Edmund's. New ed. With

8vo, pp. xiv—996. Stevens & Sons Plan. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. viii-72. Jackson & Frost

Wilkinson (R.) Reformatory and Industrial Sehools' (Bury St. Edmund's)


Acts, 1866. With Notes. 12mo. Krigh! Marsh (M. H.) Overland from Southampton to Queens. land. Post 8vo, pp. 87. Stanford

3/6 Murray's Knapsack Guide for Travellers in

MEDICAL AND SURGICAL. Switzerland. New ed., revised. With clue Maps, Braithwaite (W. and James) On Affections of Plans, and Mountain Outlines. Fcap. 8vo, pp.

the Eye and Ear, embracing the opinions and xxxix-602. Murray

5/ practice of the most eminent Surgeons during the in Tyrol and the Eastern Alps. Illust. last Half-Year. (Reprinted from with maps and plans. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xxxix—635. Retrospect,” Vol. 55.) * 12mo, sd. Simpkin . . 1 Murray

6/ Philip's Excursionist's Guide to the Environs of

Commentary on Midwifery, and the Diseases

of Women and Children, for the last Half-Year, London; with Topographical, Historical, Bio- with the opinions of the best writers on the subject graphical, and Descriptive Notices, Routes, Dis. 12mo, sd. Simpkin . tances, and Fares. By George Emerson. Fcap.

Churchill (Fleetwood, M.D.) Manual for Midwives 8vo, sd., pp. viii-163. Philip


and Monthly Nurses. 2nd ed. Fcap. Sro, pp. FI Shaw (Rev. James) Twelve Years in America: being --177. Fannin (Dublin)-Longmans

Observations on the Country, the People, Institu. Cooley (Arnold J.) Prescriber's and Dispenser's Vede tions, and Religion; with Notices of Slavery and Mecum; or, General Handbook of Compoan! the late War, and Facts and Incidents illustrative Medicines. Part 2. The Mixture Book; or, disof Ministerial Life and Labour in Illinois, with tures, Pharmacopæial, Hospital, and Magistini

, Notes of Travel through the United States and their preparation formulæ, doses, leading uses

, and Canada. Cr. 8vo. Herbert (Dublin)-Hamilton, 5/ Taine (H.) Italy, Naples, and Rome.

synonyms, including Quack Medicines. Cr. Ne

Translated ci. sd. Hardwicke from the French by J. Durand. Post 8vo, pp. xi

Horton (James Africanus B.) Physical and Medical 356. Williams s. Norgate

7/6 Thomson (Mrs. Charles) Twelve Years in Canterbury,

Climate, and Meteorology of the West Coast of

Africa with valuable Hints to Europeans for the New Zealand, with Visits to the other Provinces, and Reminiscences of the Route home through

preservation of Health in the Tropics. 8vo, pp. DIY

-32), Churchill Australia, &c. (From a Lady's Journal.) Sm. cr. Hughes (Richard) Manual of Pharmacodynamies 8vo, pp. xiv-226. Low

3/6 Post &vo, pp. xy—55). Turner,

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King Joba) Canses, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Pathology Dircks (Henry, C.E.) Inventors and Inventions ; in

und Treatment of Chronic Diseases. Roy. 8vo, Three Parts :-1. The Philosophy of Invention, Pp. 1607. Cincinnati

75/ considered strictly in relation to ingenious conPary (F. W. M.D.) Treatise on the Function of trivances tending to facilitate scientific operations,

Digestion; its Disorders, and their Treatment. 8vo, to extend Manufacturing skill, or to originate new pp. 11–217. Churchill


services of Industry. 2. The Rights and Wrongs of Sqaire Balmanno) Unhealthy Skin and Hair, their Inventors, particularly as affected by the intiuence

pretention and management: a popular Treatise of Patent Monopoly, legally and politically examined. on Cataneous Hygiene. Fcap. 8vo. Longmans. 1/6 3. Early Inventors' Inventories of Secret Inventions,

employed from the 13th to the 17th century, in LINOR FICTION & JUVENILE WORKS.

substitution of Letters Patent. With Portrait. Post

8vo, pp xii—282, Spon Alphabetical, Arithmetical, Geographical Dominoes. Dreams coming True; or, Visions more than 2,000 Ogley, each

1/6 years old verified in Events of the Present Day. Aunt Louisa's London fog-Books. Sea-Side. Ato, Hvo, sd., 60. J. Heywood (Manchester)--Simpkin. 1/ sd. Warne.

1/ Elise (Madame) Ladies' Book of the Month July. Ballantyne (R. M.) Young Fur Traders; or , Snow. Ohg. ed. Stevens

60. Flakes and Sunbeams from the Far North. New Froude (James Anthony) Short Studies on Great Ed. Fear. 8vo, pp. vi-429, Nelson .

3/ Subjects. 2nd ed. 8vo, vi-410. Longmans. 12/ Boek (A Shilling) of Golden Deeds. For the use of Gasparin (Ctss. De) By the Sea Shore. Reveries of a

Parochial Schools and Libraries. Selected from Traveller. Authorised Translation. Fcap. 8vo, pp. - A Book of Golden Deeds," by the Author of“ The 213. Edmonston

3.6 Heir of Redclyffe." 18mo cl. sd., pp. 127. Mac- Handspike (The): an Occasional Magazine. Con.

1/ tributed by Members and Friends of the First Denison !(Mrs.) Among the Squirrels. With Illust. Middlesex Artillery Volunteers. Illust. Roy. 8vo, by Ernest Griset. Sm. cr. 8vo, pp. 327. Rout. sd., pp. 96. Hotten

1/ ledge

5/ Hare (A. and J. C.) Guesses at Truth. By Two Ford (H. A.) Childhood of Ada Grey: a Book for Brothers. New ed. Sm. er. 8vo, pp. lvi-576.

Little Girls. New Ed. 18mo, pp. 141. Murgan 1/ Macmillan
Hovitt (Mary) Hope On! Hope Ever! A Tale. Hill (Georgiana) How to Dress Salads. Shown in a
Ser Ed låmo. Tegg

1/ hundred different ways. (Routledge's Household Harzball (Emma Theodora's Childhood: or, the Manuals). cap. 8vo, sd., pp. 63. Routledge. 60.

om House at Wynbourn. (A story for Children.) Life (The) of a Navvy; written by bimself. Edit. by lomo, pp. 123. ujarne.

1/ Hon. Eleanor Eden. Popular Ed. Fcap. 8vo si. More (Handah) Shepherd of Salisbury Plain. New Warne

6. ed. La s., sd. Oliphant (Edinburgh)-Hamilton, 6d, Maynard (Walter) Enterprising Impresario. La. Paget (F. É. Tales of the Village Children. Second post 8vo, pp. 407. Bradbury

14/ Series. 3rd Ed. 18mo, pp. xi—204. Masters 2/ X Haffie' (M. J.) Twenty years' Statistical Tables, Sherwood (Mrs.) History of Susan Gray. New Ed, lamo. Warne

giving Monthly Price and Yearly Average of Money,

1/ Corn, Cotton, and Cotton Goods; also Stocks of Sarimpton (Charles) Black Phantoin ; or, Woman's Cotton. 1847--66. 3rd ed. 8vo, sd. Thomson og Endurance. 12mo. New York

7/6 Son (Manchester) Tales and Allegories. By E. N. L. 16mo. Suciely Odds and Ends. 1867. Fcap. 8vo. Edmonsion. 4/6 for Promoting Christian Knowledge

1/ One Hundred New Double Acrostics on Old SubWilson (Prof. Tales. Lights and Shadows of Scottish jects. Written by Two Poor Women. Edited by Life

. Trials of Margaret Lyndsay. The Foresters Mrs. Greville. With Key. Fcap. 8vo. Pickering. 2/6 Jal Vol. Fcap. 8vo. Blackwoods

2/6 Wood-Cart (The); and other Tales of the South of

Perry (W.) Treatise on the Identity of Herne's Oak. Pranee. By F. M. P. Reprinted from "The

La sq. Booth


Public School Matches (The), and those we meet Magazine for the Young." Roy. 18mo, pp. 186.

there; Ups and Downs of a Public School. By a Wykehamist. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 153. Routledge


Raikes (Charles) Englishman in India. Post 8vo. pp. xiv—351. Longmans

7/6 Ablett (W. H.) Advice to Youths about entering a Shirley (Evelyn Philip) Some Account of English Comercial Career. Fcap. 8vo. J. Clarke.

1/ Deer Parks. With Notes on the Management of American and Italian Cantatrici; or, & Year at the Deer. With Ilust. Fcap. 4to, pp. xiii-_-267. Singing School of Milan. By Lucius. Post 8vo.


21/ 10/6 Sketchley (Arthur) Miss Tomkins' Intended, Fcap. Art of Conversation (The), giving Hints, Suggestions,


8vo, bds., pp. 120. Routledge dod Rules for cultivating and promoting pleasant

Snowballs of 1857. Collected by M. A, E. Fcap.
Social Intercourse. By Roger Boswell. (Cassell's

8vo, sd.

Steadman (Charles) Manual of Swimming: including
Bestan (Isabella) Vegetables, How they should be Bathing, Plunging, Diving, Floating, Scientific
Blanc (lanis) Letters on England. Second Series.
Cooke and Served up. Cr. 8vo, sd. Ward & Lock. I/ Swimming, Training, Drowning, and Rescuing.

With Plates. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi-270. Dwight Translated by James Hutton and L. J. Trotter.


5/ Brice (S. W.) Coalfield of North Somersetshire. 8vo, % rols. Post Svo, pp. 535. Low .

16/ Tract (A) on Twigs and on the best way to Bend them.

By the Author of "A Tract for the Times." (Odds 2/

and Ends, No. 20.) Fcap. 8vo, sd., 32. Edmonston. 6d. Burns (Robert) Complete Prose Works. Fcap. 8vo, Wood (Mary S.) Social Hours with Friends, 12mo

6/ Catlin ( George) 0.Kee-Pa; a Religious Ceremony,

3/6 pp. 300. New York . and other Customs of the Mandans. With 13 cold. Illnst. Sup.-roy. 8vo. Trübner

14/ Cobbett (William) Cottage Economy. 18th ed. Fcap.

NAVAL, MILITARY, AND ENGINEERING. Donaldson (William) Treatise on the Art of Con.

structing Oblique Arches with Spiral Courses, 2nd ed., considerably enlarged. 8vo, pp. xi-296.

3/ With Plates. 8vo, pp. 38. Spun

10/6 Haskoll (W. Davis) Examples of Bridges and Drawing Room Magic. A Manual of Mystical Viaducts: from the Contract-Working Drawings or

With Alysteries, for the Parlour, School, or Drawing. Poom. With numerous illustrative Diagrams.

Admeasurements of Select Works. 2nd Ed.

the addition of upwards of 550 Estimates and the (Cassell's Handbooks). Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., pp. vi

With 16 Plates. Practice of Setting-out Works. 1/ Fol. 32. Lockwood

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sd. Bemrose fs Lothian

pp. 1–461. Nimmo


dro, pp. viii-224. Griffin



-90. Cassell



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Scott (Sir W.) Monastery. Copyright Ed. 8vo $1.

Black Stowe (Harriet B.) Uncle Tom's Cabin. A Tale of

Life aniong the Lowly. With a Preface by the Right Hon. the Earl of Carlisle. New Ed. Cr. Ara sd., pp. viii-192. Routledge.

Uncle Tom's Cabin. A Tale of Life among the Lowly. Unabridged Ed. (Notable Novels Cr. 8vo, sd., pp.

187. Warne Stretton (Hesba) Clives of Burcot. A Novel New

Ed. Post 8vo, pp. 472. Routledge. Thomas (Annie) Walter Goring. A Story. New El.

12mo bds., pp. 432. Warne Trollope (Anthony) Last Chronicle of Barset. Wich

3:2 Ulust. (In 2 Vols.) Vol. 2. Bro, pp. 5.

Smith & Elder. Tytler (Sarah) Huguenot Family. 3 vols. Post here. pp. 1008, Hurst & Blackeli.

$11 Village on the Cliff (The). By the Author

“The Story of Elizabeth." With Illust. 3rd Ed. 8vo. pp. viii-318. Smith & Elder . 126 Whiting (Sydney) Romance of a Garret. A Tale of

London Life. 2 vols. Pust 8vo, pp. 630. Chapman # Hall .

21 Woods (Mrs. J. C.) The Curate's Friend: 8 Story, Post 8vo. Whitfieid .

10/0 Announcement. EDMONSTON & DOUGLAS

The Secret of Happiness. By Ernest Feydeau


NOVELS. About (Edmond) Man with the Broken Ear. Trans. by Henry Holt. Sq., pp. 254. New York.

7/6 Aunt Margaret's Trouble. By the Author of

“Mabel's Progress." 2nd Ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 292. Chapman & Hall.

3/6 Bee (B. H.) Percy's Wife. A Story. Post 8vo, pp. viji --311. Chapman f Hall.

9/ Braddon (M. E.) Rupert Godwin. By the Author of

“ Lady Audley's Secret." 3 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 968. Ward of Lock

31/6 Braddon (M. E.) Sir Jasper's Tenant. By the Author of " Lady Audley's Secret." Cheap °Ed.

Fcap. 8vo bds. Ward & Lock.

2/ Caldwell (Mrs. Marsh) Emilia Wyndham. New Ed.

(Sel. Lib. of Fiction.) 12mo bds., pp. 352. Chapman f. Hall.

2/ Christ Church Days. An Oxford Story. 2 vols. Post 8vo. Bentley

21/ Church (Mrs. Ross) Confessions of Gerald Estcourt. 3 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 919. Bentley .

31/6 Cooper (J. F.) The Bravo : A Tale. New Ed. Cr. 8vo sd., pp. 151. Routledge .

60. Cooper (J. F.) Sea Lions; or, the Lost Sealers. New Ed. Cr. Svo sd., pp. 185. Routledge.

6d. Clyffards of Clyffe (The). By the Author of “Lost

Sir Massingberd," &c. New Ed. Post 8vo, pp. 851. Chapman & Hall .

6/ Crowberry (D.) North of the Tweed, or Lorance

Langton. 3 vols. Post 8vo. Newby . 31/6 Dickens (C.) Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzle

wit. (The Charles Dickens Ed.) With Illust.

Cr. 8vo, pp. vii—522. Chapman f. Hall. 3/6 Dumas (Alex.) Nanon; or, Women's War. New Ed.

Fcap. 8vo sd., pp. 816. Routledge Eiloart (Mrs.) Curate's Discipline. 3 vols. Post 8vo. Hurst & Blackett

31/6 Ewald (H. F.) Story of Waldemar Krone's Youth.

2 Vols. Cr. 8vo, pp. xiii-604. Edmonston 16/ Gayworthys (The); a Story of Threads and Thrums.

By the Author of “A Summer in Leslie Gold. thwaite's Life," &c. New Ed. Fcap. 8vo. Ward & Lock

2/6 Quy Livingstone; or, Thorough. By the Author

of“ Sword and Gown," &c. 6th Ed. (Railway Lib.) Post 8vo bds., pp. 373. Routledge

2/ Helme (Elizabeth) St. Clair of the Isles; or, the

Outlaws of Barra. A Scottish Tradition. Unabridged Ed. (Notable Novels.) Cr. 8vo sd., pp. 138. Warne

6d. Hidden Fire. A Novel. 3 vols. Post Svo, pp. 855. Tinsley

31/6 Holmes (Mrs. Mary J.) The Cameron Pride. A Novel. 12mo. New York.

7/6 Hood (Tom) A Golden Heart. A Novel. 3 vols. Post 8vo, pp. viii—862. Tinsley.

31,6 Hugo (Victor) NotreDame; or, the Bellringer of

Paris. New Copyright Translation and the only one in which the entire Text of the Original is rendered into English. (Library of World Wide Author's.) Cr. 8vo, sd. pp. 202. Hotten . 6d. Kirby (Major C. F.) Adventures of an Arcot Rupee. 3 vols. Post 8vo. Saunders 4. Otley.

31/6 Lytton (Lord) Pelham; or, Adventures of a Gentle.

With a Notice of the Author and his Works. New Ed. Fcap. Svo sd., pp. xxxii-336. Routledge 1/ Lytton (Lord) Leila; or, the Siege of Granada : and Calderon, the Courtier. New Ed. Fcap. 8vo sd., pp. 164. Routledge

1/ MacDonald (George) Alec Forbes of Howglen.

(Hurst & Blackett's Standard Lib.) Post 8vo, pp. 440. Hurst & Blackell,

5/ Pomeroy (John) Until the End. A Novel. New Ed. I vol, Post 8vo. Wood.

10/6 Reuter (Franz) In the Year '13; a Tale of Mecklen.

burg Life. Trans. from the Platt-Deutsch, by Charles L. Lewes. Authorized Ed. (Tauchnitz Collection of German Authors. Vol. 4.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. vij—299. Low. Sd., 1/6; cl.

2/ Scott (Michael) Tom Cringle's Log. New Ed.

Blackwood's Stand. Nov. Florin Series.) 12mo bds., pp. viii-342. Blackwoods .

2/ Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels. New Issue. Vol. 36.

Redgauntlet.-2. Vol. 37. Betrothed. Fcap. 8vo hf.-bd. Black, each




PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS. Births, &c. (Scotland). 9th detailed report. 8vo 16 Cape Coast. Correspondence respecting the arrest

and deportation of King Aggery to Sierra Leone. 18 China. Reports from the Foreign Commissioners at

the various ports in China, for 1865. 8vo. 10. Colonies. Reports showing the present state of Her Majesty's Colonial Possessions.

Part I, West Indies and Mauritius, 2/; Part 2, North American Colonies, African Settlements Australia, &c. 11

Return of Alterations in the Customs Tariffs of the Colonies

84. Customs. 11th Report of Commissioners. Fo. &d. East India. Papers respecting the Famine in Bengal and Orissa. 2 parts. Maps.

(Deccan). Papers relating to the Hyderabad assigned district

10u. East London Water.' Repori of Committee on

Bills Education. Report of the Committee of Council on

Edncation for 1866.7. 8vo Emigration. 27th General Report. Bro

9d. “Elizabeth Buckram." Correspondence respecting

the Wreck of the. Harbours. Reports of Engineers in charge of the works at the Harbours of Refuge at Dover, Alderney,

Portland, and Holyhead, for 1866-7. With Plan. 143 Import, &c., Duties. Rates of duty levied by the

Tariff's of Foreign Countries. Jews in Moldavia. Correspondence respecting the

persecution of. 2 parts Kinloss Peerage. Evidence on claim . Limited Liability Acts. Report and Evidence on

the Working of the. Local Government of the Metropolis. Srd Report

of Committee, with Evidence, &c. Lunacy. 21st Report. 8vo

(Ireland). 16th Report. Svo

(Scotland). 9th Report. 8vo Manufactures, &c. Reports of Secretaries of Eu

bassy, &c. No. 6. (New Tariff of Belgium, Water staat of the Netherlands, Tea Trade of Russia, Wine Trade of Spain.) Svo Merchant Service. Qualifications for certificates of

competency of masters and mates, and copies of the

examination papers in use. “Mermaid." Correspondence respecting the British

schooner "Mermaid," sunk by å shot fired from the Spanish fort at Ceuta.


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List supplied by P. S. King, 34, Parliament Street,

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trial of the

Plaas. 2 parts. .

Daths. Pirport of commission of inquiry as to the

POETRY AND THE DRAMA. ** caths, afirmations, and declarations required to be Arnold (Matthew) New Poems. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii3:( takea, other than those taken by members of Par. 214. Macmillan,

6/6 liament, the clergy, or witnesses in judicial pro- Cleveland (Chus. Dexter) Complete Concordance to teedings, svo

1/6 the Poetical Works of John Milton. Sm. cr. 8vo, Paris Exhibition. Correspondence respecting.

pp. viii-307. Low

6/ With Plan

2/ Dante's Divine Comedy. Trans. by Henry W. Poor Ireland), Report for 1866. 8vo

3/ Longfellow. Paradiso. Post 8vo. Routledge. 3/6 Frisons (Ireland). 13th annual report of the Milton's Poetical Works, With a Memoir. Ilust. by directors of convict prisons. 8vo


Martin, &c. New ed. Cr. 8vo. Bush; s. 2/6: cl. 3/6 Public Works (Ireland). 35th annual report, (loans Shakespeare (The Prince's): a Selection of the Plays

and Tants, landed property improvement, drainage, of Shakespere, carefully expurgated and annotated bartars, inland navigation, &c.)


for the use of Families and Schools. By Rev. D. Queen's College Cork. Report for 1866-7, with Mathias. Cr, 8vo. Bentlay.

6/ espies of examination papers. 8vo.

8d. Sidney (Sir Philip) Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia. Beformatories. 20ch report of the Inspector of With Notes by H. Friswell. La. paper.

Sm. 8vo.
Reformatories and Industrial Scbools. 8vo. 1, Low
Salmon Fisheries. 6th annual report of Inspec. Vaughan (c. m.) Words from the Poets. Fine Ed.

Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi-316. Macmillan,

2/6 Shannon. Bateman's report on the.


Words from the Poets. For the use of Sir John Port's Charities. Return of the income Parochial Schools and Libraries. (Shilling Book and expenditure of the Hospital at Etwall, and Ed.) 18mo cl. sd., pp. xvi_316. Macmillan 1/ school at Pepton, 1864-66.

30 Waldy (Rev. C. R. W.) Labourer's Child; and other Snider Rifle. Report on the ammunition for the. 4d. Poems. Cr. 8vo, Purkiss (Wimborn)-Macintosh. 6/ Trades' Unions, &c. Correspondence respecting the Werge (John) War and Peace : or, Two Aspects of

progress of foreign industry and production, co- the World. A Poem in Two Cantos. Fcap. 8vo. Geraure societies, and trades' unions abroad. pp. iv-105. Simpkin.

3,6 11 Young (Rev. E.) Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Turnpike Trusts. Special report and evidence on Immortality. New Ed. Roy. 18mo. Tegg . 1,6 bill


Announcement. | Universal Art Catalogue. Correspondence respect


4d. A Collection of Seventy-nine Old Black Letter Whitworth Guns. Correspondence respecting the Ballads and Broadsides, printed in the Reign of


Queen Elizabeth, between 1559 and 1597. Woodhouse Collection. Correspondence respecting the bequest by Mr. Woodhouse, of his antiquities to

SCIENCE, NATURAL HISTORY, &c. the British Museum, and report by Mr. Newton Cassell's Popular Natural History. New Ed. relative to objects missing from ihe collection. With Cold. Engs. Vol. 4. Reptiles, Fishes, Insects,


Worms, Crustaceans, Molluscs, Sea-Stars, Echino. Workhouse Dietaries. Papers respecting. .

bu. derms, &c. Hlust.

Imp. 8vo, pp. vi - 346. Cassell.


Clausius (R.) Mechanical Theory of Heat, with its POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DAY.

Application to the Steam-Engine, &c. With Introd.

by Professor Tyndall. 8vo. Van Voorst. Austria, A Constitutional State: a short sketch of

15/ Davis (J. B.) On the peculiar Crania of the Inhabi. the rise, progress and developinent of constitutional hfe in the Austrian Dominions.

tants of certain Groups of the Islands in the Western 8vo.

Dulau Co.

Pacific. 3 plates. 4to. (Haarlem) Williams f. Norgate 4/

1/6 Elliot (D. G.) Birds of North America. Part 1. 4to. Greed H. Herries) and Williams (Walter) Handicrafts.


50/ men and Capitalists: their Organization at Home Gray (John E.) Synopsis of the Species of Starfish in atid Abroad. Republished from the “ Times," with

the British Museum. With Figures. 4to, sd. Preface by Mr. Herries Creed, a Sketch of English

Van Voorst

7/6 Iron Works, and an Appendix. With Map. Roy.

Jones (Thomas Rymer, F.R,S.) Natural History of $To sd., pp. 123. Wrighi (Birmingham); Simpkin 2/6 Birds : a Popular Introduction to Ornithology. Essays (Six ) on Commons preservation : written in

Ulust. 12mo, pp. 576. Soc. Pro. Chr. Kno. 9/ coaspetition for Prizes offered by Henry W. Peek,

Miall (Louis C.) Summary Notes on Vegetable a legal and Historical Examination Anatomy and Physiology, and the Classification of Nadorial Rights and Customs, with a view to the

British Plants. With 4 Plates. 8vo sd., pp. 16. preservation of Commons near great Towns. By

Simpkin .

1/ John M. Maidlow, W.P. Beale, F. O. Crump, H. H.

Miller (Wm. Allen) Elements of Chemistry: Theo. Hæking, R. Hunter, and E. H. Lockhart. 8vo,

retical and Practical. Part I. Chemical Physics. pp. 173-172. Low


4th Ed., with Additions. 8vo, pp. xx—643. LongFreeman (Philip, M. A.) Church-Rates, Patrimony

15/ of the Poor: being an Attempt to set the Subject in

Moore (Thomas) British Ferns and their Allies : an a New Point of View. 2nd Ed. 8vo sd. Masters 6d.

Abridgment of the Popular History of British Hall (W. E.) Plan for the Reorganization of the

Ferns," and comprising the Ferns, Club-Mosses, Army. Macmillan

Pepperworts, and Horsetails. With Col. Illus. by

1/ Coleman. New Ed. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 124. on the Remuneration of the Routledge.

1/ Medical Officers of Sick Assurance Societies. 8vo Nave (Johann) Handy-Book to the Collection and

1/ Preparation of Freshwater and Marine Algae, Nalone Rev. Sylvester) Tenant Wrong Illustrated in Diatoms, Desmids, Fungi, Lichens, Mosses, and a Nutshell: or, a History of Kilkee in relation to

other of the Lower Cryptogamia; with Instructions landiurdism during the last Seven Years.

for the Formation of an Herbarium. Transl. and Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. 8vo sd.

Edit. by Rev. W. W. Spicer. Illust. Fcap. 8vo, 1/ pp. xii-203. Hardwicke.

2/6 Monroe James) The People the Sovereigos. Being

Proctor (Richard A.) The Constellation--Seasons: an & Comparison of the Government of the United

Easy Guide to a Knowledge of the Stars; exhibiting States with those of Republics that have existed

the Appearance of the Heavens at any Hour of the before, with the Causes of their Decadence and

Night all the Year Round. With Plates. 4to sd.

5/ 9/ Russell (Earl) Speech on the Irish Church. Revised

Readwin (T. A.) Index to Mineralogy. 8vo sd. and Corrected. With a Preface. Ridgway. . /

J. Heywood (Manchester); Spon.

1/ Tergolina (V. de) The Cause of the Slade Baronetcy.

Science of the Weather (The) in a series of Letters

Edit. by and Essays by several Authors.

7/6 6d. Post 8vo. Laidlaw (Glasgow); Griffin .



Heslop (T. P.) Speech


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sd. Hardwicke

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In &

Kelly (Dublin).

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