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Questions on the Geography for Beginners.

48 pp., price 6d.

Geography for Beginners.

23rd Edition, price 1s.; or with 48 pp. of QUESTIONS, 18. 4d.

A Map-Book for Beginners.

[Just Published |

Being a Companion Atlas to the "Geography for Beginners," consisting of above Seventy Maps large and small. Price 1s. 6d. ; 2s. 6d. coloured.


Also for Map Drawing, 1s.

Book of Blank Maps.

The above Maps complete in everything but the Names, to be filled in by the Learner.

Also, price ls.

Book of Map Projections.

A School Geography.

41st Edition, price 3s. 6d.; or, with Thirty Maps on Steel, 5s. 6d.

"Without exception, the best book of its class we have seen. We recommend its immediate adoption by all publie and private teachers."-Atlas.

A School Atlas.

This Atlas consists of Thirty beautifully-executed small Maps on Steel, in which is found every place mentioned in the Author's "School Geography." It also contains a list of several hundred places, with their latitude and longitude. These names are accented; and, in cases of difficulty, the pronunciation is also given. Price 2s. 6d. ; or 4s. coloured.

The Young Composer; or, Progressive Exercises

in English Composition. 30th Edition, price 1s. 6d.

A Key to the Young Composer.

With Hints as to the Mode of using the Book. Price 3s.

Dr. Allen's Eutropius, with a complete Dictionary

for Schools. Price 3s. cloth.

The School Arithmetic.

8th Edition, price ls. 6d.

"This little book will undoubtedly become a universal favourite. Eminently practical, well stored with examples of wider range and more varied character than are usually given in such books, and its method of treatment being thoroughly inductive, it is pre-eminently the book for general use."—English Journal of Education.

A Key to School Arithmetic.

Every Question is worked in full, practical directions accompanying each Rule, and a Short Introduction gives general hints on teaching Arithmetic. Price 4s. 6d.

The Science of Arithmetic.

A Systematic Course of Numerical Reasoning and Computation, with very numerous Exercises. By JAMES CORNWELL, Ph.D., and J. G. FITCH, M.A. 10th Edition, price 4s. 6d.

Grammar for Beginners.

An Introduction to Allen & Cornwell's School Grammar. 49th Edition, price ls. cloth; 9d. sewed. "This simple Introduction is as good a book as can be used."-Spectator.

Allen and Cornwell's School Grammar.

39th Edition, price 2s. red leather; 1s. 9d. cloth.

"The excellence of the Grammar published by the late Dr. Allen and Dr. Cornwell makes us almost despair of witnessing any decided improvement in this department."—Athenæum.

Select English Poetry for the Use of Schools and

Young Persons in General. Edited by the late Dr. ALLEN. 13th Edition, price 4s.

London: SIMPKIN & CO. and HAMILTON & CO.

Edinburgh: OLIVER & BOYD.

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Cruchley's School and Family Atlas. A most excellent

and valuable production. It is clearly and boldly engraved, and contains thirty-one Maps; those of Germany and Italy exhibit the new territorial divisions which war and political events have been the instruments of creating; while the Map of Africa embraces all those important and interesting regions which Dr. Livingstone and other no less heroic modern explorers have discovered. To advanced Students of Geographical Science this Atlas will prove of unquestionable value. Imperial folio, bound in cloth, 168.

Cruchley's School and Family Atlas contains a selection

of Twenty-two Maps from the above. Imperial folio, bound in cloth, 12s.

Cruchley's School and Family Atlas contains a selection

of Fourteen Maps from the above. Imperial folio, bound in cloth, 8s.

Cruchley's Complete School Atlas of Geography will

be found a most valuable work, and must prove of the utmost service to the more advanced Student of Geography. Immense pains have been bestowed upon its production. Its execution is of the highest kind. It contains thirty-one coloured Maps. Imperial 8vo, bound in cloth, 7s. 6d.

Cruchley's Companion to Modern Geography. This

is a very unique and exceedingly useful publication. It contains, besides Map of both Hemispheres, those of the principal countries of the world, exhibiting clearly and accurately the natural features by which each is distinguished, and will be found a desideratum to the Geographical Student. Contains Twenty-four Maps. Imperial 8vo, bound in cloth, 5s.

Cruchley's Educational Atlas of the World. A highly

desirable help in the study of Modern Geography. It contains eighteen well-finished Maps of the most important countries, and will be found of most advantage by those scholars whose knowledge of the great world in which we live is not of the highest kind. Imperial 4to, boards, 3s. 6d.

Cruchley's Handy Atlas of Geography. This Atlas,

notwithstanding its cheapness, will be found of great utility. It contains Twelve Maps, accurately constructed and well engraved. Imperial 4to, cloth, 2s. 6d.

Cruchley's Modern Atlas for Beginners. It contains

Twelve useful Maps of countries, acquaintance with which it is desirable that the young student of Geography should possess. It is portable in size, and in perfection of execution and accuracy of detail is not inferior to Cruchley's more advanced and complete series. Imperial 8vo, boards, 2s. 6d.

Cruchley's Atlas of Geography. This marvellously cheap

production contains Nine Maps, all highly coloured, the extreme demand for which is, perhaps, the highest enconium that can be bestowed on its general merits and practical utility. Imperial 4to, ornamental covers, 1s. 6d.

Cruchley's Shilling Atlas. The remarkable cheapness of this

Atlas has not prevented the publisher from being regardful of the excellence which it has been his aim to obtain, in the completion of his more extended and expensive series. Besides well-executed Maps of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, it contains those of the four great divisions of our globe, in addition to those of the other portions of the United Kingdom. Each Map is clear and comprehensive. Imperial 4to, ornamental covers, 1s.


81, Fleet Street, London.



Thirteen in Series, commencing at the earliest period, and continued down to the present time. In addition to their general truthfulness, they are interspersed with faithful descriptions of the manners, the domestic habits, and condition of the people in different epochs of their history.

"Miss Corner has, in a manner most clear, succinct, and truthful, narrated the great events of the histories of Spain and Portugal, Germany, Holland and Belgium, Italy, and other countries. They might be read with advantage by multitudes of parents as well as children. The language is so simple that children must comprehend it, but withal go free from childish insipidity that an adult may read it with pleasure."-Athenæum.

Corner's History of England and Wales.

71st Thousand. New edition, enlarged, with Table showing the Relationship, Progeny, and Lineal Descent of the Sovereigns of England, from Egbert to Victoria. Steel Plates, Map, Pictorial Genealogy of the Monarchs of England, and Illustrations of the principal events, Chronological Table, and Iudex. 3s. 6d. bound; or, with Questions, 48.

Corner's History of Greece,

After the same approved style as her "Rome," with
Questions, 3s. Map, and Chronological Table and
Index. 18th Thousand.

Corner's History of Rome,

From accepted English and Foreign authorities,-Dr.
Arnold, Niebuhr, Keightley, Macpherson, Smith, &c.
With Questions, 3s. 6d. Map of the Empire, Chrono-
logical Table and Index. 24th Thousand."

"This is a truly faithful and useful work, well adapted for youth, whether at school or at home."-Herald.

Corner's History of Italy,

From the earliest period to the establishment of the
Kingdom. New edition, with Map and Steel Plates.
Cloth gilt, 2s. 6d.

Corner's History of Ireland.

14th Thousand. Plates, Map, Chronological Table, and
Index. 2s. 6d. bound. With Questions, 38.
Corner's History of Scotland.

Plates, Map, Chronological Table, and Index. 19th
Thousand. 2s. 6d. bound. With Questions, 3s.

Corner's History of France.

Plates, Map, Chronological Table, and Index. 24th Thou-
sand. New edition. 2s. 6d. bound. With Questions, 38.

Corner's Every Child's History of England.
With Questions to each Chapter, adapted to the Junior
Classes. Price 18. sewed; or 1s. 6d., bound in cloth,
with coloured Map.

Every Child's History of Rome.

With Map, and Questions for examination at end of each Chapter. By EDWARD FARR. Adapted for the Junior Classes. 18.; or, cloth boards, 1s. 6d.

Every Child's History of France.

With 70 Cuts of Monarchs, Questions, and Map. By
E. FARR. cloth, 1s. 6d., or 1s. sewed.

Every Child's Scripture History.

With two Maps,-Palestine in the Time of our Saviour, and Wanderings of the Children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. With Questions, ls. ; cloth, 1s. 6d. Every Child's History of Greece.

With Map, &c., 1s. ; cloth, is. 6d.

Papa and Mamma's Easy Lessons in GeoGRAPHY. By Miss SARGEANT. A Companion to Miss CORNER's Play Grammar, illustrated; or, the Elements of Grammar explained in easy Games. Each 1s. sewed; ls. 6d. cloth.

Scripture History Simplified.

By Dr. J. KITTO, LL.D., and Miss CORNER. Price 3s. 6d., in a bold clear type, royal 18mo. Third Edition, with Chronological Table, Index, Questions, and two large Maps.

The Educator's Guide.

By H. MAIR. Price 1s., or 1s. 6d. cloth.

Rodwell's First Step to English History.

New Edition, enlarged. By Miss CORNER. 2s. 6d Charles Butler's Guide to Useful KnowLEDGE: containing, in the form of an easy Catechir a Complete Series of the newest and most useful infor mation connected with the Arts, Sciences, and the Phenomena of Nature. 20th Edition. 1s. 6d. cloth.

Charles Butler's Young Pupil's Guide to Geography. A New and Concise Description of the Five Great Divisions of the Globe, their Natural, Miner 1 and Vegetable Productions, and the Characteristics of their Inhabitants. New Edition, improved by E. FinL 17th Thousand. 1s. 6d. in cloth; or, with the Use of the Globes, and Seven Glyphographic Maps, price is cloth.

The Play Grammar ;

Or, the Elements of Grammar explained and made a Pleasant Pastime. By Miss CORNER. 20th Edition, improved, with Illustrations, ls. sewed; 1s. 6d. cloth. Dean's Sixpenny Coloured Picture Alphabets and First Books for Children. About fifty sorts Imperial 8vo. Lists on application.

Dean's Coloured Shilling Picture Untearable Cloth Books, Oil Colour, Toy, and First Books for Children. About 78 sorts.

Untearable Alphabets. Price 1s.

Coloured Pictures, 26 sorts. List on application.
Pleasant Poems for the Young and Good.
By Mrs. BURDEN. Cloth gilt, gilt edges. Frontispiece
designed by R. WESTALL, R. A. Price is. cloth gilt.
All the poems in this book are original, the language is
simple, the subjects lively, and calculated to impart
instruction and to inculcate right principles.

Noah Webster's Illustrated British and
American Spelling and Reading Book. Cloth gilt, is

Dean's Illustrated Modern Spelling and
READING BOOK, with meanings attached to each
Word, comprising the information of Carpenter with
the usefulness of Butter and the simplicity of Mavur,
Price 18. 6d. cloth gilt.


The Blacklead Pencil Drawing Book.

By H. WORSLEY, In Six Parts. Imp. 8vo, price 18. each; or bound in one vol., cloth, 5s. 6d.

The copies in this work, being printed in Bheklead, have all the appearance of original blacklead pencil drawings. The great advantage is, that the pupil is not led to suppose that he is required to copy what he cannot exactly imitate.


1. The HOME PRIMER; or, Early Buds. Illustrated with above 80 Engravings. 1s. cloth gilt.

2. HOME BOOK of SHORT STORIES in SHORT WORDS for LITTLE CHILDREN. By Miss STAFFORD, Whh 31 Engravings. 1s. cloth gilt, 6d. sewed.


The Royal Nursery A B C, and First Book. ¦ With over 400 Illustrations of every-day cemtion objects. Crown 8vo, 6d. boards.

The Royal Nursery Spelling and Reading BOOK. With over 250 Illustrations of every-day common objects, &c. 6d. sewed.

The two books in one vol., 1s, cloth.

Round Games and Exercises of Grammar; fully proving that the Elements of Grammar can be made very amusing. Royal 18ino, Is, fully Illustrated. Church of England Catechism Explained, with Scripture Proofs. By the Rev. R. MONTGOMERY, M.A. Pp. 72, price 3d.

Children are, through the means bere afforded, taught a just sense of the principles of the faith they profess

A Catalogue of these and other School Books free on application.

London: DEAN & SON, 65, Ludgate Hill, Print and Book Publishers.

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de la Jeunesse. 12mo, bound, 58. BENELACHI. L'INTERLOCUTORE ITALIANO. A New Set of Italian Dialogues, with Vocabulary of English and Italian. 12mo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

FRANÇAIS; or, French as it Ought to be
Spoken. 12mo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

Niceties of French Conversation. 12mo, cl., 2s.
versations in French and English, on Naviga-
tion, Manufactures, Agriculture, and the Cus-
toms, with special reference to the Treaty
between England and France. Post 8vo, cl. 4s.
-Né Coiffe: for those who can study French
only by Fits and Starts. 18mo, boards, Is. 6d.
tion, enlarged and improved, 12mo, cloth, 4s.
French-English Dictionary, upon an entirely
new plan; containing above 30,000 Terms,
Names, Acceptations, Phrases, Modes of Expres
sion, and New Words, not in any Lexico-
grapher: to which is added a Dictionary of
French and English Sea Terms and Phrases for
the use of the Navy. 8vo, cloth, 128.
planatory Notes, by C. A. FEILING. 12mo, cl., бs.
Second Edition. 12mo, cloth, 48. 6d.
HERODOTUS. Edited by Professor G. LONG.
New Edition. A thick Vol., 12mo, cloth, 68. 6d.
ORIENT. Abridged for the Use of Schools,
&c., by J. DAVENPORT. 12mo, cloth, 6s.
LA SCIENCE des PETITS.-Leçons Faciles
imitées de l'Anglais. Par Mdlle. C. W. With a
Facsimile Letter to the Author by Monsieur
GUIZOT. 18mo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

LANGUAGE, with Exercises. New Edition,
revised by J. C. TARVER. 12mo, bound, 5s.

-Exercices. 12mo..

Exercices Corrigés. 12mo


1 6

1 6



of LEARNING FRENCH. 8vo, cl. 12 Ditto. 12mo, cloth

Ditto. Key. 8vo, cloth..

New Method of Learning German,
Part I. 8vo, cloth..




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Do. do. Part II. 8vo, cloth..
Do. do. Key, complete. 8vo, eloth.. 7
-Introductory Book to the German Me-
thod. 12mo, cloth

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3 6 German Declensions Defined. 12mo, cl. 26 - New Method of Learning Italian. 8vo, cloth

Ditto. Key. 8vo, cloth

..12 ( 7

(The most approved method to learn a Foreign Language.)

ROCHE (A.) HISTOIRE des PRINCIPAUX ECRIVAINS FRANÇAIS, depuis l'Origine de la Littérature jusqu'à nos Jours. 2 vols. 12mo in 1. Cloth, 8s.

LES POËTES FRANÇAIS: Recueil de Morceaux Choisis des Meilleurs Poëtes Français. Sixth Edition. 12mo, cloth,


ÇAIS: Recueil de Morceaux Choisis. Seventh
Edition. 12mo, cloth, 63.
GRAMMAR, with Exercises for the Use of
Schools and Private Students. Revised and
improved by E. ALBRECHT, Professor of German.
New Edition, bound, 5s.

KEY. 12mo, cloth, 2s. 6d. NEW GUIDE to GERMAN and ENGLISH CONVERSATION. With a Copious Vocabulary and Tables. 12mo, cloth, 3s. 6d.

DEUTSCHES LESEBUCH: or, Lessons in German Literature. With English Translations. 12mo, cloth, 68. SCHMID.

DAS TAUBCHEN (the Dove), and HEINRICH von EICHENFELS: Two Tales. With Complete English Vocabulary, by T. MATTHAY, of Wimbledon College, &c. 12mo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

TARVER (J. C.) ETON SCHOOL FRENCH and ENGLISH DIALOGUES. New Edition. 12mo, cloth, 3s. 6d.



cloth, 3s. 6d. VERGANI. RACCONTI ISTORICI. New Edition, with Notes by COMELATI, 12mo, cloth, 5s. 6d. VIEYRA.

GRAMMAR of the PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE. With a Copious Vocabulary. Twelfth Edition. 12mo, roan, 78. XENOPHON. ANABASIS. Edited by

Professor G. LONG. 12mo, cloth 5s.

London: DULAU & CO., Foreign Booksellers, 37, Soho Square.


J. C. CURTIS, B.A. Principal of the Training College, Borough Road London.

1. A School and College History of England, containing Supplementary Chapters on Constitutional History, Literature, Commerce, &c. 8th Thousand, price 5s. 6d.

"A very capital school history."-Reader.

Price 6d. each.

2. Outlines of English Grammar. Thousand.


"An admirable introduction to the mysteries of English grammar."-Norfolk News.

3. Outlines of Scripture History.


4. Outlines of English History.




"Two excellent little school books, literally crammed with information."-City Press. 5. Outlines of Geography.


6. Chronological and Genealogical Tables. 4th edition, price 2s.

"An invaluable companion to any history of England." -English Journal of Education.

7. The Poetical Reader. 18th Thousand. Price 18., extra gilt, 18. 6d.

"An excellent selection, made with great judgment.”— Nonconformist.




Counsels of a Godfather. By Rev. Laurence
TULLIETT, Perpetual Curate of Lea Marston,
Warwickshire. 2nd Edition. Fcap. 8vo, cloth,
bevelled boards, 3s. 6d.
[Nearly ready.

Plain Words. By Rev. W. Walsham How,
M.A., Hon. Canon, St. Asaph; Rural Dean,
Rector of Whitlington, Shropshire. 72nd
Thousand. Fcap. 8vo, cloth limp, 2s.; boards,
2s. 6d.; or large type edition, 3s. 6d.

Plain Words. 2nd Series. By Rev. W.
WALSHAM How, M.A. 40th Thousand. Feap.
8vo, cloth limp, 2s.; cloth boards, 2s. 6d.; or
large type edition, 3s. 6d.

Complete in one volume, 4s. 6d.
Sacra Privata. By Bishop Wilson. Royal
24mo, antique calf or morocco limp, 3s. 6d.
Bishop Wilson on the Lord's Supper.
Royal 24mo, antique calf or morocco limp, 3s. 6d.
Lord's Supper and Sacra Privata. Royal
24mo, complete in 1 vol. Antique calf, morocco
plain, antique calf limp, or morocco limp, 5s.;
cloth boards, 28.

Plain Words about the Prayer Book. By
Rev. WILLIAM BAIRD, M.A., Chaplain to Earl
Beauchamp; Vicar of Dymock, Gloucestershire.
F'cap. 8vo.
[In the press.
10, Paternoster Row London.


Le Petit Precepteur; or, First Steps to French Conversation.
By F. GRANDINEAU, formerly French Master to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Author of "Con-
versations Familières," &c. Thirty-third Edition, square 16mo, with Fifty Woodcuts, 3s., cloth.
Il Piccolo Precettore; or, First Steps to Italian Conversation.
Being a Translation from Le Petit Precepteur. By F. GRANDINEAU. With Additional Exercises.
Square 16mo, 3s., cloth.
By T. PAGLIARDINI, Head French
[In preparation.

A Sequel to Le Petit Precepteur.

Master of St. Paul's School, London.

Der Kleine Lehrer; or, First Steps to German Conversation.
On the Plan of "Le Petit Precepteur." 38., cloth.
First Lessons in Geography, in Question and Answer. New
Edition, completing an issue of 246,000 copies, 18mo, sewed, ls.

First Lessons in the History of England, in Question and
Answer. On the plan of "First Lessons in Geography." Sixteenth Edition, 18mo, sewed, is.
First Lessons in Astronomy, in Question and Answer. Sixth

Edition, 18mo, sewed, 1s.

London: JACKSON, WALFORD, & HODDER, 27, Paternoster Row.

Price 3s. 6d., the Eighth Edition of EARD'S LATIN MADE EASY:


an Introduction to the Reading of Latin, comprising a Grammar and Exercise Book; with an English-Latin and Latin-English Vocabulary, an Index of Subjects, and a Supplement containing Tables of Verbs.

A KEY to the above, consisting of Translations of the Latin and English Exercises, may be had, price 28.

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Military Asylum, Chelsea.
metic, Part I., containing a graduated
Series of Exercises in Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication, Division, &c. Price 18.


MCLEOD'S MENTAL ARITHMETIC, Part II., containing the Theory and Practice of Fractional Arithmetic. Price Is.

MCLEOD'S MANUAL of ARITHMETIC, containing a graduated_Course of 1,900 Questions for Class Instruction. Price 9d.

MCLEOD'S EXTENDED MULTIPLI cation and Pence Tables, &c. Price 2s. a dozen. London: LONGMANS, GREEN, & Co.

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