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THE COTTAGE LIBRARY. Royal 32mo, Cloth, Lettered, Uniformly Bound. Nearly the whole of them embellished a

Frontispiece, Frontispiece and Vignette, or Illuminated Title.

A Book that will Suit You. By W. Nicholson Hervey's Meditations and Contemplations
Æsop's Fables. 100 Cuts.

Herbert's Poems
Anna Lee; or, the Maiden, The Wife, and The History of the Russian War

Hungarian Brothers (The)
Anson's Voyage Round the World

Kirke White's Remains Arabian Nights' Entertainments

Lamplighter (The). By Miss Cummins A Wreath Around the Cross

Law of Kindness, and Kiss for a Blow Basket of Flowers, and other Tales

Life of the Duke of Wellington Baxter's Saints' Everlasting Rest

Life of Oliver Cromwell Beams of Silver from the Star of Bethlehem. By Life and Exploits of Robin Hood the Rev. W. Walters

Life of General Washington Berquin's Children's Friend

Life of Napoleon Bonaparte Bloomfield's Poetical Works

Life of Baron Trenck Bogatzky's Golden Treasury-Morning

Life of the Rev. J. Fletcher. By the Ret Bogatzky's Golden Treasury-Evening

Concordance to the Holy Scriptures Life of Mrs. Fletcher.

By the Rer. 1 Bruce's Travels in Abyssinia

Burns, D.D. Buchan's Domestic Medicine

Life of the Rev. John Wesley Buffon's Natural History.

Life of Joseph and Death of Abel Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

Life of Christ. By Bromley Burns' Poetical Works

Longfellow's Poetical Works Byron's Childe Harold, and other Poems

Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha, and Byron's Select Works

Poems Byron'e Choice Works

Mabel Vaughan. By Miss Cummins Cabin Boy's Story

Memoirs of the Life of Dr. Adam Clarke Cause and Cure of Infidelity

Milton's Poetical Works Cottager's Key to the Holy Scriptures. By the Moore's Lalla Rookh, and Irish Melodies Rev. John Statham

More's (Mrs. H.) Poétical Works Children of the Abbey

Moral and Entertaining Anecdotes Christian's Every Day Book

Mysteries and Miseries of New York Christ's Famous Titles. By Dyer

Mysteries of Udolpho Clarke' Scripture Promises, &c.

News from the Invisible World Coleridge's Poetical and Dramatic Works

Nick of the Woods. By Dr. Bird Cook's Voyages Round the World

Old English Baron, and Castle of Otranto Cottage Gardener

Olney Hymns Cowper's Poetical Works

O'Halloran, the Insurgent Chief Culpeper's British Herbal, complete

Old Helmet (The). By the Author of the Culpeper's Every Man's Doctor

Wide World. Death-bed Triumphs of Eminent Christians. By 1 Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded the Rev. J. Burns

Planter's Daughter (The) Don Quixote (Adventures of)

Pleasing Instructor Domestic Cookery

Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination Dodd's Beauties of Shakespeare

Pope's Poetical Works Dodd's Beauties of History

Pope's Homer's Iliad Dodd's Discourses to Young Men

Pope's Homer's Odyssey Doddridge's Rise and Progress of Religion in the Power of Prayer (The) Soul

Quarle's Divine Emblems Dryden's Poetical Works

Ratoliffe's (Mrs.) Romance of the Forest Dryden's Virgil

Ratcliffe's (Mrs.) The Italian Evenings at Home

Reciter for the Million Farmer of Inglewood Forest

Religious Courtship. By Daniel Defoe Fashion and Famine

Richmond's Annals of the Poor, &c. Fatherless Fanny

Robinson Crusoe (Adventures of) Fern Leaves. By Fanny Fern

Rob of the Bowl Finney's Revivals of Religion

Roderick Random (Adventures of) Forget-me-Not, in Poetry and Prose

Rose Clark, with other Sketches. Bg Fu Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Fern Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus Ruth

Hall, and other Tales. By Fanny Feld Goldsmith's Poetical Works, the Vicar of Sandford and Merton Wakefield

Scarlet Letter. By N. Hawthorn Gulliver's Travels, and Baron Munchausen Scottish Chiefs. By Miss Porter Heaven, the Abode of the Sainted Dead. By the Scott's (Sir W.) Lady of the Lake Rev. H. Harbaugh

Scott's (Sir W.) Lord of the Isles Heavenly Recognition. By the Rev. H. Shady Side. By a Pastor's Wife Harbaugh

Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea Heavenly Home. By the Rev. H. Harbaugh Simpson's Plea for Religion Henry Earl of Moreland

Simpson's Key to the Prophecies

New Catalogue for August on Application.

MILNER & SOWERBY, 44, Paternoster Row, London ; and Halifax, Yorkshire.





SMALLER DICTIONARIES. W. Wm. Smith's Complete Latin- Dr. Wm. Smith's Smaller LatinRnglish Dictionary. (1,220 pp.) Medium 8vo. 21s. English Dictionary. (670 pp.) Square 12mo,

78. 6d. Dr. Wm. Smith's Classical Dictionary of Mythology, Biography, and Geography. With

Dr. Wm. Smith's Latin-English, 150 Woodcuts. 18s.

Vocabulary, with a Latin-English Dictionary to

Phædrus, Cornelius Nepos, and Cæsar's “Gallic Dr. Wm. Smith's Concise Bible War." 12mo. 3s. 6d. Thietionary. With Illustrations. (1,050 pp.) MeLann Bro, 21s.

Dr. Wm. Smith's Smaller Classical

Dictionary of Mythology, Biography, and Geo

graphy. With 200 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. 7s, 6d. LATIN CLASSICS.

Dr. Wm. Smith's Smaller DictionThe Student's Latin Grammar for

ary of Greek and Roman Antiquities. With 200 the Upper Forms in Schools. By Wu. SMITH, LL.D. Woodcuts, Crown 8vo. 78. 60. Post. 8vo. 6s.

Dr. Wm. Smith's Smaller Bible Dr. Wm. Smith's Smaller Latin

Dictionary. With Maps, Illustrations, and WoodGrammar, for the Middle and Lower Forms.

cuts. (622 pp.) Crown 8vo. 7s.6d.
Abridged from the above. 12mo. 3s. 6d.
King Edward VI.'s First Latin

Book. The Latin Accidence; including & Short
Syntax and Prosody with an English Translation.
12mo. 2s. Bd.

The Student's Greek Grammar for

the Upper Forms in Schools. By PROFESSOR CURKing Edward VI.'s Latin Gram- Tius. Edited by Wu, SMITH, LL.D. Post 8vo. 6s. mur, for the Use of Schools. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

A Smaller Greek Grammar, for the

Middle and Lower Forms. Abridged from the Ozenham's English Notes for Latin

above work of CURTIUS. 12mo. 8s. 6d. Elegiacs ; designed for Early Proficients in the Art of Latin Versification. 12mo. Zs., 6d.

Dr. Wm. Smith's Initia Græca; Dr. Wm. Smith's Principia Latina,

a First Greek Course: containing Grammar, De

lectus, Exercise Book, and Vocabularies. 12mo, Pet I. A First Latin Course. A Grammar, De- 38. Od. lectus , and Exercise Book, with Vocabularies.

Dr. Wm. Smith's Smaller Classical Dr. Wm. Smith's Principia Latina,

Mythology. With Translations from the Ancient

Poets. With 90 Woodcuts. 10mo. 38. 6d. Part II

. Latin Reading Book. An Introduction 13 Ancient Mythology, Geography, Roman Antiquifree and History. With Notes and a Dictionary.

Hutton's Principia Græca, A First

Greek Course. A Grammar, Delectus, and Exercise

Book, with Vocabularies. 12mo. 88. 6d. Dr. Wm. Smith's Principia Latina, Matthia's Greek Grammar, for the Part III. Latin Poetry. 1. Easy Hexameters and

2. Eclogae Ovidianæ. 3. Prosody Use of Schools. Abridged by BLOMFIELD. Revised and Metre. 4. First Latin Verse Book. 12mo. by EDWARDS. 12mo. 3s. 68. Dr. Wm. Smith's Principia Latina,

Buttman's Lexilogus : a Critical Ex

amination of the Meaning and Etymology of PasPart IV. Latin Prose. Composition. Rules of sages in Greek Writers. Translated, with Notes, Syntax, with Examples, Explanations of Synonyms,

by FISHLAKE, 8vo. 12s. and Exercises on the Syntax. 12mo. 38. 6d. Dr. Wm. Smith's Principia Latina;

Buttman's Catalogue of Irregular

Greek Verbs. With all the Tenses extant--their Part V. Short Tales and Anecdotes from Ancient

Formation, Meaning, and Usage. Translated, with History, for Translation into Latin Prose. 12mo. 3s.

Notes, by FISHLAKE. Post 8vo. Os,

l'un. 3s. 6d.

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3s. 6d.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.


The Analytical Bible Class Boo

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In small Crown 8vo, printed on toned paper, bound in cloth extra, gilt edges, bevelled boards,

with Portrait engraved on Steel, price 3s. 6d, each.




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This elegant and useful Series of Books has been specially prepared for School and College Prizes : they are, however, equally suitable for General Presentation. In selecting the works for this Beries, the aim of the publisher has been to produce books of a permanent value, interesting in manner and instructive in matter-books that youth will read eagerly and with profit, and which will be found equally attractive in after life,

Edinburgh: WILLIAM P. NIMMO.






tions from the Greek, Latin, and Modern La HISTORY of ENGLAND. - From the First

guages. Translated into English, and are Invasion to Queen Victoria. By the Rev. G. A. panied with Illustrations, Historical, Portal POOLE, M.A. New Edition. 1 vol. post 8vo, and Anecdotal. Sixth edition, crown fent, cloth, 7s.6d.

78.6d., cloth, with an Index to every import EASY READINGS from the HISTORY of Word. This Work contains nearly Six Toga England. For the use of Little Children. By

Band Quotations and Proverbs from the Gras Mary E. C. Moore. Edited by the Rev. M. W.

Latin, French, Italian, German, Spanish e Mayow, M.A. 16mo, 28. 6d.

P guese Languages, alphabetically atraged, ENGLISH HISTORY for CHILDREN.

and accompanied with an Index referrez

more than 15,000 of the principal words. * By the Rev. J. M. NEALE, D.D. 18mo, 28. "If, as we think, this is a book which has been write Cheap edition, ls.

for at times by nearly everybody, the inference ***** CONVERSATIONS on the HISTORY of be that nearly everybody ought to buy it."-Gelsin England, for the use of Children. By C. A. B.


Edited by the Rev. J. BAINES. 18mo, 2s. 6d.

What has always been wanted is now publisted

28th Thousand, New and Enlarged Edition and Selected. By the Rev. G. B. Johns. 60.,

(172 additional pages), 53., cloth. cloth, 8d.

THE DICTIONARY APPENDIX and GEOGRAPHICAL QUESTIONS, Classed under Heads and interspersed with History and

Guide to Correct Speaking and Writing General Information. By J. BEZANT. 18.

Containing upwards of Seven Thousand Words

not found in the Dictionary, which often prove KEY to ditto, 2s.

perplexing to the best writers; together with a ENGLISH GRAMMAR, and How to Teach Book of Reference for the solution of difficulties

It; together with a Lesson in Reading and connected with Grammar, Composition, PunctuSpelling. 3rd edition, 3d.

ation, &c. LESSONS in GRAMMAR for a CHILD. “This is a work that may be put into the bands, de Large type, 4d.

only of young persons, but of those more advanced in lite,

with advantage. It contains above 7,000 words not lo bue SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY. By the Rev. H.

found in the dictionaries. This work supplies a desler. Hopwood, M.A. New edition. 2s. Cheap edi

tum long required, and may be placed not only a to

hands of every youth, but also of persons accused tion, ls.

correspondence, with advantage."--The Darker's Ganda The CHILD'S GEOGRAPHY, being an THE BEST FRENCH MANUAL abridgment of the above. ls.

78. 6d. cloth. CHARADES from HISTORY, GEO

A SAFE and SURE METHOD of graphy, and Biography. By ELIZA WAKEFIELD.

Learning French. By C. DagOBERT. ls. 6d. MENTAL EXERCISES for JUVENILE

“Thoroughly practical, by which any one, withoat the

aid of a master, may obtain a complete knowledge Minds. By ELIZA WAKEFIELD. 28.

French, and be able

to speak,

write, and read the language

with ease and fluency." BOOK of CHURCH HISTORY, founded on

HINTS FOR LEARNERS. the Rev. W. Palmer's “ Ecclesiastical History." ls.

9th Thousand. One Shilling. EASY CATECHISM of the OLD TESTA

RIGHT WAY OF ment History, with the dates of the Principal

French Correctly. Pointing out the diffealEvents. 18mo, 3rd edition, 3d.

ties which puzzle the beginner and the scholar CATECHISM on the HOLY SCRIPTURES.

in learning to Speak, Pronounce, Transiate,

and Write French. By C. DAGOBERT. By the Rev. J. E. PHIPPS. 18mo, ls.

"The Right Way,' &c., is a very excellent little mad> A BRIEF CATECHISM of the BIBLE. We advise every teacher of French to procure a aj? By the Rev. H. STRETTON, M.A. 18mo, 6d.,

it."--The Governess. cloth, 8d.


6d., by post 7d. Pentateuch. For the Use of Schools. By the WHICH IS WHICH ? Rev. C.'A. Johns, B.A., F.L.S. ls.


A compendious Dictionary of French

and English words which appear identica, Prayer. By the Rev. A. WATSON, M.A. 28. (430 pp.)

though they essentially differ. By C. Dagobeki, CATECHISINGS on the PRAYER BOOK.

"Every English student ought to consult it.”-Liter'12 By WILLIAM LEA, M.A., Vicar of Droit wich.


rature, from Chaucer to Tennyson. By HexBi A CATECHISM of THEOLOGY. 18mo,

Reed. 7th Thousand. 28. sewed., 3s. cloth. cloth, ls: 6d.

“The lectures of Mr. Reed may stand upon their merits. They are the production of a refined ani poti

mind." -Athenæum. London: J. MASTERS,

LECTURES on the BRITISH POETS Aldersgate Street, and New Bond Street. By Henry REED. 4th Thousand. 38. se

48. cloth. Second Edition, 4s, cloth.


Poets has been added by Mr. Shaw to do KENNION'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR.

Excelsior Library, and will, we hope, have an estats

circulation.”—Gentleman's Magazine. “The great beauty of this work is its thoroughly LECTURES on ENGLISH HISTORI practical character, and its remarkable perspi- and Tragic Poetry, as illustrated by Shake cuity.

The system of parsing is as admirable as it is novel.”Gentleman's Magazine.

speare. By HENRY REED. Fifth Thousand

2s. se wed, 38. cloth. SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, &Co., Stationers' Hall Court. London: J. F. SHAW & Co., 48, Paternoster Row



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