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The BOOKSELLER is supplied, post free, to Subscribers of Five Shillings year, which amount may be transmitted, either in Postage Stamps or by Por office Order, payable at the General Post-office to MR. EDWARD Tucker.

THE GAZETTE. Bankruptcies annulled :

Juch, Ernest, London Wall, editor of the "Herman Darton, John Maw, Paternoster-row, bookseller and

newspaper; comp. of 58. in six months, by two publisher.

instalments on 1st Nov., 1867, and 1st Feb., 188

Latham, William James, trading under firm of W. Bankrupts :

Latham & Co,. Cross-street, Hatton-garden, libre

and engraver; comp. of 68. 6d. by two equalidades Ambler, William, Leeds, paper tube manufacturer ; in three and six months; trustee, Thomas familjen solicitors, Blackburn and Son, Leeds.

accountant, Basinghall-street. Atherton, George, Cursitor-street. and Annis-road, South

Latimer, Robert, Brampton, bookseller, printer Hackney, printer; solicitor, J. P. Godfrey, Gray's Inn.

tioner; trustees, Thomas Routledge, courrier, and the Burch, Edward, Elizabeth-street, Pimlico, stationer, &c.; Hewitt, tailor and draper, both Brampton

solicitor, G. W. W. R. Harrison, Basinghall-street. McGhie, Thomas Sumner, Liverpool, printer and statist Burns, George, Edgeware-road, printer ; solicitor. J. T.

comp. of 3s. on 31st August. Porter, Orchard-street. Collin, William Henry, late in co-partnership with

Marles, Jason, North-street, Exeter, printer; p William North Rees, under firm of Rees and Collin,

10s. by four equal instalmente, in three, six, nice,

twelve months, secured. Tomlin's-grove, Bow-road, and Gracechurch-street, pub- Mottram, John, Cloak-lane, printer, lithographer

lisher and printer; solicitor, H. Mason, Basinghall-street. Cope, William, trading under style of W. S. Kirkland and

engraver; trustees, Daniel Forshaw, gent, New

road, and Lucy Cockerton, Florence-terrace, New Co., Salisbury-street, Strand, Rue de Richelieu, Rue de

Oliphant, Henry William, Fern Villa, Banstead, la Fontaine Auteuil, and Universal Exhibition, Paris, alist; comp. of 18. in twelve months. bookseller, agent, &c.; solicitors, Ashurst, Morris & Rees, William North, and William Henry Collin, Gr Co., Old Jewry. Evans, Wardle Eastland, Market-place, Great Portland

church-street, printers and publishers; trustees, Kicks William Starkey, New Bridge-street

, Blackfriars, Jame street, musical instrument maker; solicitor, T. Kearsby, Bucklersbury.

Spicer, Upper Thames-street, wholesale stationer, is

Theodore Richard Schweitzer, zeut, Thongmetom Francis, William, Lansdowne-street, Hull, bookseller and stationer; solicitor, T. Gilder, Hulí.

street; solicitor, P. S. Brisley, Laurence Poantze-lane. Gearing, Henry, Lindfield, bookseller, stationer, &c.;

Rees, William North, Gracechurch-street and Hareed solicitor, C. Lamb, Brighton.

publisher and printer; comp. of Is. in teave wette Gimson, William, trading under firm of William Gimson

trustee, William Holmes Postans, wine merchant, Food

lane. & Co., Old-street, card board manufacturer and wholesale stationer; solicitors, Rooks, Kenrick and Cook,

Riley, John, Leicester, stationer, &c.; comp. of 1%

by three instalments of 5s., 5s. and 2.6. on 4th * Eastcheap. Hough, Alfred James, Bournemouth, late Christchurch,

1867, 4th Feb., and 4th May, 1868; treate,

Simons, paper maker, Nottingham. bookseller, printer, stationer, and newspaper proprietor; solicitor, R. D. Sharp, Christchurch.

Ryland, George Crowther, and Frank Hanboy Alples!

under firm of Frank H. Ryland, Birminghas, pahit Jenkins, George Washington, Torrington-place, Finchley, of the “Monthly Commercial Calendar;" copp

fancy stationer, &c.; solicitor, R. J. D. Dobie, Basing- 1s. 3d. in two and 1s. 3d. in four months; ther,

hall-street. Kirsch, George Berkley, Edward-square, Caledonian-road,

Blower, accountant, New Canal-street, Birmzeta Ryland, George and Thomas Lyttleton Helt

, kun late Kenton-street, Brunswick-square, bookbinder ;

ham, newspaper proprietors;

comp. of $ 6. solicitor, E. F. Marshall, Lincoln's Inn Fields.

months. Lipscombc, Henry, Lowesmoor, Worcester, stationer, &c.; Stokes, Edward Conrad, Bridgewater, bookseller,

solicitor, J. Tree, Worcester. Lockwood, William Frederick, Wansbeck Cottage, Mor

tioner and newspaper proprietor; comp. r baby peth, music dealer, &c.; solicitors, Hoyle, Shipley and

equal instalments, in one and two months from Hoyle, Newcastle.

tration; trustee, Frederick Burt McDonal, Batan Mussabini, Neveles Gaspard, Morden-grove, Lewisham

Inspector, Bridgewater. road, journalist ; solicitor, W. E. Goatley, Bow-street.

Straker, Edwin William, Upper Thamesetre, printa Neal, Thomas, Grove-road, Victoria-park, late printer,

comp. of 5s. in seven days after registration

Strickland, George, Arthur-terrace, (kiaden-roa &c., Clifton-street; solicitor, T. Heydon, King's-road. lithographer and" engraver ; comp. ef 15. in tweine Palliser, William, Lintz-ford, Winlaton, paper maker; months.

solicitor, S. Robson, Gateshead. Pettigrew, Thomas, St. Andrew-street, Dublin, printer and

Wansbrough, Henry, Redland Hill Hose, Bellas bookbinder; agent, T. M'Govern, Dame-street, Dublin.


late trading under firm of Wastesh Phillips, William Henry, Cardiff, late in co-partnership

Lucas, Redcliffe-street, wholesale stationer, printer with Samuel John Davies, under firm of Phillips and

factor; trustee, John William Lucas, paper mere

and Edward Jones, baker, Berkeley-place, both. Berik Davies, law stationers, &c.; solicitor, R. W. Griffith,

Watts, James Hinkley, Goode-street, Tottenham Court-

Partnerships Dissolved :road, bookseller and dealer in engravings; solicitor, J. Davidson, John and W. Muir, Glasgow, whalesia B. Pittinan, Guildhall Chambers.

tioners and pocket-book manufacturers. Det valt Whitlock, Frederick, Moseley-road, and Paradise-street,

Davidson. Birmingham, photographer; solicitor, A. B. East, Birm- Dolby, Henry, Samuel Dolby and Joseph Antbrer

I ingham.

mann, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn, and Grieks Assignments, Compositions, Trust Deeds, &c. :

street, printers. Debts paid by E. Andersin, et

Ironmonger-lane. Buxton, George William, Salford, engraver; trustee, James

Faithfull, Emily, and William Wilfred Head. Farris Gaskin, commission agent, Everton-road, Manchester.

street, and Princes-street, printers, de. Det er Clarke, Charles Henry, Paternoster-row, publisher; com

Head. position of 4s. by two equal instalments in three and

Linton, Francis Miles and Henry, Clarent, TOE six months, secured.

road, City-road, paper colorers and enamele Clarke, Robert, Preston, printer and newsagent; comp. of

Smith, Joseph Thomas, and Henry James Holines Pr 2s. by four equal instalments on 31st July, 31st October,

Horn-yard, Crutched Friars, printers. 31st January, and 30th April.

Taylor, William and John Dodd, Buchanan-stat Dane, John Spencer, Dew-street, Haverford West, music gow, photographers. Debts paid by Taylar.

seller; comp. of 2s.6d. in one month. Davis, Jacob, Ann-street, Spitalfields, picture dealer, &c.;

Resolutions to Wind up Voluntarily under Compassion

Societies' Acts. comp. of 1s. 3d. Jackson, Henry Pilkington, Low Harrogate, printer; Day and Son (Limited). Liquidators, John H. trustee, James Abraham, surgeon, Low Harrogate.

Robert Leighton.

TRADE AND LITERARY GOSSIP. The partnership subsisting hetween Messrs. Mr. John Heywood, of Manchester King and Loder, wholesale stationers, Little started a daily local newspaper at the lens Knightrider-street, having expired by effluxion of time, Mr. Loder has retired, and Mr. Whita

One Halfpenny; and we understand that ker has taken his place. The firm will trade as France and America is about to be trad.

experiment in journalism--already familiar King and Whitaker.



PATERNOSTER Row.-Like many other parts MANCHESTER. --On Monday, the 19th, a dinner of London, the Row is undergoing a process of was given at the Clarence Hotel, Manchester, to restoration that will leave little of the original the booksellers of that city, by Mr. George behind. The work has been very gradual, and Routledge and Mr. Gent (of Manchester), partly on two occasions was accelerated by accident. to celebrate the great success of the forthcoming The first improvement was the rebuilding of new edition of Baines' “ History of Lancashire, Messrs. Bagster's and the Aldine Chambers, after (in which Messrs. Routledge and Sons, and Mr. a fire; the style followed on that occasion being Gent, are jointly interested,) and for the further that of the ordinary brick wall with square holes object of getting the booksellers in the important for windows. A slight improvement was made by city of Manchester to know and understand each the Sunday-School Union in rebuilding the pre- other better. In every way the meeting was of mises now occupied by Messrs. Trübner; but a most satisfactory character, and there was a Mr. Compo, the architect employed by the Reli- general feeling that the trade should hold occagious Tract Society, went far ahead with their sional meetings, and by understanding each new house. Mr. Kent having succeeded to the other better and co-operating, it was thought old-established business of Messrs. Sherwood, that something might be done towards checking Gilbert, & Piper, rebuilt their house at the cor- the evil of underselling. It was stated during ner of Ivy-lane; no unnecessary expense was the evening that the large number of 381 copies incurred in ornamentation, but the house is con- of the new edition of Baines and 289 of the large veniently arranged for business. Fire very pro- paper (five guinea) copies had been subscribed videntially effected the removal of a tállow. for by the Manchester trade alone, making a melting establishment which had long poisoned total of 670 copies subscribed for in Manchester the Row, and at the same time so damaged before the book is ready. Mr. Harland, the Messrs. Longman's houses, that it was necessary editor of the book, was present. to rebuild them and several others; and the pre

EDINBURGH.--Mr. Menzies informs us that on sent handsome, well-designed block of buildings arose in their stead-Messrs. Blackwood's house

the lst of July he “assumed into partnership forming part of the pile. The next improvement

Mr. Wm. Turner, Mr. D. Macnab, Mr. G. S. was that of Messrs. Hamilton's, whose business

Mackenzie, and Mr. Thomas Inves, each of had long been much cramped for want of space;

whom had for several years been at the head of the house adjoining has also been re-erected on

a different department of his business ; that the the same plan. We should have mentioned that

firm will be John Menzies & Company; and that Messrs. Simpkin & Co. had pulled down and

the business transactions will continue to be carre-erected their place of business in Stationers'

ried on in all respects as heretofore.” Hall-court. Messrs. Nelson, of Edinburgh, LIVERPOOL. —Mr. William Ridings has become having purchased the lease of the block at the

partner in the house of Messrs. Webb & Hunt; corner opposite Messrs. Longman's, are

the business will in future be carried on under about erecting a house which it is said will be the firm of Webb, Hunt, & Ridings. the handsomest in the neighbourhood; it will bare two fronts, one to Warwick-lane, and the

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA.—Mr.W. B. Stephens other to the Row, the principal entrance being

has recommenced business as a bookseller and at the corner. Lastly, the old house in Lovell's- stationer at No. 11, Collins-street West. court, used as a printing office by Mr. Pardon, has been pulled down-also two houses in Pater

UNDERSELLING.–The following sensible cir

cular has been forwarded to their customers by noster-row—and are now being rebuilt to form a convenient printing-office, with two shops facing

Messrs. Pearse and Brown, of Swansea :

" Pearse and Brown respectfully beg to inform their

Custumers that they have resolved, after mature 1 COMPENSATION CASES.—The premises occu- sideration, to discontinue the allowance of Twopence in

pied by Messrs. Kelly & Co., publishers of the the Shilling on the published price of Books. Post-Office Directories, being required for the P. F. B.'s reason for taking this step is, that they are Dew Courts of Justice, a claiın for more than persuaded it is a sixtem which cannot be carried out with £20,000 was made for the business, premises, fairness to the Trade or to the Publishing Houses; the and loss by removal ; but after some negotia- omall remnant of profit which is left after the deduction is tions, the sum of £12,500 was agreed upon.

made being insufficient to meet ordinary trade expenses." Mr. Wm. Stevens claimed £19,729, but it was arranged that he should receive £10,000, have

“RATTENING."- Mr. Bosworth's letter in our the place rent free till Lady-day, 1868, and re

last has evoked a very mixed response. Some

say, purchase his machinery and plant for the nomi.

"Serve him right; and why don't other publishers do the same?” Others think it “ a

shame that one man should be stopped, while BRADFORD.--As a mode of promoting social others are allowed to undersell as much as they intercourse among the members of the Book- please.' sellers', Stationers', and News-agents' Association, the committee arranged an excursion on

Mr. Holmes informs us that he has recently | the 6th inst. to Bolton Woods. The company

sold Mr. Parson's business at Southgate, to Mr. comprised representatives of the principal book

Bramwell, of Spa-road, Bermondsey. The busiselling and news-agency houses, including the ness, for many years in the hands of Mr. Wink. president of the society, Mr. J. Lund. The ley, junior, Harrow-on-the-Hill, has also been excursionists went by train to Ilkley, and thence disposed of to Mr. Overhead. Mr. Dunn, of by waggonettes viu Bolton Bridge to the Strid. Prom the strid they proceeded to Barden Tower

, stationery business belonging to Mr. Welch of and then down the opposite bank of the river to

that town. the Valley of Desolation, visited the Abbey, and returned to the Red Lion about five o'clock.

Messrs. Miller & Richard, type founders, have Here, after tea, sentiments appropriate to the

removed their London establishment to No. 110, occasion, and relating to the nature, objects,

Hatton-garden. and working of the society, were spoken to by

Mr. Pearson has removed from 68, St. Martin's. lane, to No. 6, Museum-street, Bloomsbury.

the Row.


nal sum of £200.

different members.

for you.

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PHILADELPHIA.-In the BOOKSELLER for June CHRISTMAS BOOKS. –The only books of which we gave an account of the opening of the new we have received notice as being in preparativa and magnificent Lelger building. The persons for the forthcoming season, are the following engaged in the establishment have lately pre- first “A Drawing - Rom edition of Burus, sented the following testimonial to their talented to be published by Mr. Nimmo, of Elinburgh employer :

who says :-“ The volume will contain upwants TO OUR HONOURED AND ESTEEMED

of sixty entirely original illustrations, drawn esEMPLOYER, GEORGE W. CHILDS, Esq. pressly for it by R. Herdman, R.S.A. ; Gourlay Sir:-The three hundred and nine employés of the

Steell, R.S. A.; D. O. Hill, R.S. A.; Sam. Bongt, Public LEDGER ESTABLISHMENT

A.R.S. A.; Clark Stanton, A.R.S. A.; J. B. Ma Desire to convey to vou some slight expression of

donald, A.R.S. A.; W. M‘Targart, A.RS A.; THEIR HEARTFELT THanks

John M‘Whirter; George Hay; W. E. Vallade; For your great kindness and consideration for all J. Cassie ; E. J. Douglas; Joha Lawson; J. O. of them, continued without intermission since you Brown; Chas. A. Doyle; Mrs. D. 0. Hill. The have been

names of the artists who have kindly promised PROPRIETOR OF THE Public LEDGER;

their assistance-comprising several of the most For your innumerable acts of generosity and courtesy, of which all of them have been the frequent

distinguished members of the Royal Scottish and gratified recipient.

Academy -

--are a sufficient guarantee that they For your goodness of heart, your benevolence, your

will be executed in the highest style of art. enterprise, and your cardinal virtues, which not only The Publisher has every cootidence that he will honour you, but reflect honour upon those who labour be able to produce a book worthy of the memory

of Burns; and, at the same time, such a collecFor the uniform justice with which you have ruled tion of examples of Scottish art as has never ben the Public Ledger Office-a justice always tempered surpassed. The engraving of the illustrationis with mercy-a inercy always ansious to pardon. will be under the direction of Mr. R. Paterson ; And, above all, honoured sir, your employés desire

and the volume will be printed by Mr. R. Clark to thank you

of Elinburgh.” For having built a palace for them to work in, a printing-house which is unparalleled in the world, a

Another volume of Tennyson's poetry, "Vivien printing-office which in all its departments is the most

and Guineveve," illustrated by Doré, uniforin healthy, comfortable, and spacious on the Americau with the “Elaine,” issued last year by the same Continent.

publishers-Messrs. Moxon and Co. For all this, and more than this, that you have done Messrs. Bell and Daldy will publish three for them, yoor employés desire, though it be in volumes -" The Masterpieces of Italian Art," insufficient words, to convey to you

“The Masterpieces of Wilkie," and The AnTHEIR MOST SINCERE TEANKS,

cestral Homes of England." And on their behalf, we subscribe ourselves your

“ The North Coast," a volume of original GRATEFUL FRIENDS AND EMPLOYÉs. Here follow the signatures of the different Heads of poems by Robert Buchanan, will be published Departments.

by Messrs. Routledge and Sons. Messrs. Macmillan and Co. announce that they Messrs. Low, Son, and Marston will issue a have in preparation a series of books under the new edition of Mrs. Austin's translation of the generic title of A Sunday Library for Household ‘Story without an End," with fifteen illustra. Keuring. At first sight it would not appear tions by E. V. B., printed in colours. that there is any lack of books for this purpose ;

Mr. Basil M. Pickering, a true sou of his but every father of a family has felt that how- father, announces a collected edition of the petever large his library, there was still a difficulty ical works of the Right Hon. John Hookban in finding suitable books to put into the hands Frere, an author almost forgotten, but who in of his children on the Sunday afternoon or

his day created a sensation. Just fifty years evening. This is just the class of books which ago, in 1817, there appeared a small volume, Messrs. Macmillan offer to supply--books that bearing the title of “Prospectus and Specimens will afford profitable subjects of conversation ; of an intended National Work, by William and instructive yet not tiresome, and suggestive yet Robert Whistlecraft, of Stowmarket, in Suffolk. reverent. The subjects announced are "The Harness and Collar-Makers, intended to comprise Pupils of St. Johu," by Miss Yonge ; “Seekers the most interesting particulars relating to King after God,” the " seekers” being the heathen Arthur and his Round Table.” This exhibited philosophers Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus a considerable amount of talent, and inspired the Aurelius; “The Hermits,” by the Rev. Charles Don Juan and Beppo of Lord Byron. Twa Kingsley ; Alfred the Great," by Thomas

lines have become proverbial Hughes ; “St. Louis, St. Francis de Sales, “Adown thy slope, romantic Ashbourn, glides Calvin, and others,” by M. Guizot ; and the Re- The Derby Dilly, carrying six insides." formers, “ Huss, Wycliffe, and Latimer," by Mr. Frere's other poetical works were, we bothe Rev. Professor Maurice. The other con. lieve, printed abroad, and never published in tributors are George Macdonald, the Rev. B. F.

this country. Westcott, Mr. L. B. Seeley, Bishop Alexander, The correspondence between Maximilian and Miss Wedgwood, and Miss Winkworth ;-—the Napoleon III. is said to be in this country, last-named will contribute a volume upon a sub- where it will shortly be published. A pamphlet ject peculiarly her own, “The Sacred Poets of on the subject of the unhappy Archduke's Germany.” The work is to appear in monthly judicial murder has been seized and suppressed parts and quarterly volumes.

in Paris and Florence, by the several goreA Hymnal, baserl upon Sir Roundell Palmer's ments of France and Italy. "Book of Praise,” will shortly be issued by Dr. Littlelale, in a letter to the Guardit, Messrs. Macmillan. It will contain the very says that the criminal statistics of Sweden cream of that book, and will probably be very are the highest in Europe ; Saxony, the home of largely adopted for Congregational use.

Luther, comes next; and that the moral conditains 320 hymns. One edition will be published tion of Norway is a byword. Another corre at sixpence, in cloth, another, in larger type, at a spondent says that, from 1830 to 1834, one shilling, and a third, with musical notes to every person in every forty-nine in towns in Sweden was hymn, selected by Mr. John Hullah.

punished for some crime or other.

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The Bravlxay has taken the town by storm. Old "BALLADS. -Mr. Lilly has just published Fifty thousand copies of the first number were a volume of ballads which will at once commend suld on the day of publication. It was a bold itseli tu all lovers of our olden literature. About experiment to give a shilling magazine for six- the antiquity and authenticity of the seventypeace, but the sale of ninety thousand has nine ballads and broadsides here printed there sluwn the good judgment of the pablishers. can be no question--they were in the possession The contents are varied and attractive; the of Mr. George Daniel of Canonbury, and after author of " Guy Livingstone” contributes the his death, sold by Messrs. Sotheby and Wilkintirst five chapters of

"Brakespeare, or the son for, we believe, £700; and the whole of | Furtunes of a Free Lance ;" Robert Buchanau, them have been reprinted, without alteration or I Clement W. Scott, and H. S. Clarke, short correction, in this handsome volume. In an in

elus; John Hollingshead, a paper in a very teresting introductory chapter, we are furnished questionable taste, "Dramatic Critics Criti. with a very lucid account of balla ls generally, cised;" Ernest Griset gives eight grotesque and of the place they supplied in the literature experiences in the Life of a Wonderful Crab; of their period. That they were a political H. J. C. M. Bellew contributes some pleasant power, and like the press in all ages, hated by recollections of Holland House ; the author of the rulers, is cluar, from a proclamation being * The Gentle Life” writes about “ Falling in issued as early as 1533 for the suppression of Love;" Mr. Edmund Yates gossips about " In ** fond books, ballads, and rhymes." In 1537 the Season ;" the Rev. C. W. Dennison supplies we have an account of one Joho Hogon having 30 American paper; and Mr. F. C. Burnand been taken up for singing a political ballad in gives two chapters of “Second Thoughts.” public, and a few years later the legislature

St. Paul's, and not the Metropolitan, is to be passeil an Act against “ Printed Ballads, Plays, the title of Messrs. Virtue's new magazine. The Rhymes, Songs, and other fantacies.” At this first number will contain the commencement of

time few of the cominon eople could read, but a dew tale, by Mr. Anthony Trollope, to illus. all could listen ; and, consequently, the ballad. trate which Mr. Millais' pencil has been re- mouger's trade was a thriving one. The ballads taidel

thus sold and sung, were spe edily destroyed, Tinsley's Magazine, like the Broadway, will hence their rarity. Nor are the older ballads in future be published on the 16th of each those which alone become rare. Where are now month. Aunt Anastasia, in her chapter on

the countless ballads which were commonly sung "Pretty Prayer-Books," tells us of a curiosity, about the time of the first Reform Bill-those in viz, that her first had Dr. Watts's hymns which th, Duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel, bound up at the end! The chapter on Paris and Queen Adelaide were held up to ridicule? It Fashions is amusing; it seems that Count Bis- would be hard to collect one half of them; but mark's name has been applied to the shade of no one can doubt their influence on the masses. brown, which is now fashionable for chignons, The ballads here reprinted are exceedingly varied and the writer goes on to say,

• Whether or in their nature; some relate to wonderful events, not we shall have Bismark in the form of a such as “The true report of the forme and scent as well, I am unable to say. Possibly, as shape of a monstrous childe borne at Muche he is only a Count, such a result is not to be Horkesleye, Co. Essex, 1562,” and other mon: looked for. It is chiefly between reigning strosities, which appear to have been of more princes and princesses and perfumers that an than common interest to the ladies in those days. intimacy exists. Now-a-days a princess cannot Others are of the true ballad kind, “Patient marry without some perfumer immediately an

Grissell,” and “ The Marchant's Daughter of bouncing that he has made use of her to com

Bristow.” Others are on Scriptural subjects, pose a perfume. Thus, when the Czarowich was and many are against Popery. We need not married, à Parisian perfumer announced the describe the volume at any greater length, for * Essence of Princess Dagmar.' Formerly those who are curious to know its contents will Sovereigns cured the king's evil ; now they do well to see it for themselves; or at any rate, content themselves with scenting our linen. to send Mr. Lilly two postage stamps and request People have some very erroneous impressions him to forward a nicely drawn-up synopsis of the abrat perfumers; they imagine that they are

work. always occupied in cboosing from among the Mr. Maidment is editing a collection of old various plants those most likely to furnish an Scottish ballads, which will be published by agreeable perfume; but it seems that they Mr. W. Paterson, of Edlinburgh. He is said to

their time in turning over the leaves of have discovered, that at about the date when the the “Almanach de Gotha;” and when the ballad of Sir Patrick Spens was written, there name of a princess strikes them, they ask what was a family of that name resident on the Fifewill be the best thing to make of her - shire coast, and that he has obtained a clue to

This question satisfactorily the identity of Sar Patrick. settled, they take their princess, distil her, The new volume of Macmillan's elegant Golden place her upon their shelves, and dispense her at Treasury series is in Frerc), La Lyre Francuise, the rate of three francs a bottle."

a collection of the best chantes and chansons, by The first volume of “ Cassell's Magazine," now M. Gustave Masson, of Harrow, who has precompleted, will make an elegant table-book, full fixed a short memoir on popular songs in France, of pictures

, with plenty of light reading for those and in addition to the alphabetical index has who have but a few minutes to spare, anil a

appended some useful notes and a chronological complete three volume novel for those who wish table. If we mistake not, the volume will become 1 to take it up again and again.

a standard prize book in all the better class of Mr. William Carew Hazlitt wishes to organize schools, and a general favourite at the same il new printing club, with the title of the Rox.

time. burghe Library,” under the control of a sinjle

Mr. James Anthony Froude has returned hard-of course his own, the authors to be from Spain, where he has been for some months, selected by himself, but paid for by the sub. gathering materials from the records of the scribers ; "the aunal subscription entitling subscribers to two volumes.

government and the Inquisition, for
maining volumes of his history.


essence or a cream.


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of £800 a year.

The Book Society in Paternoster-row has is. The question of dramatic copyright in America

Sunday-Scholars edition of Foxe's has been raised in rather an interesting way in Book of Martyrs at the low price of 2d. The an action brought by Mr. Lester Wallack, the preface by the Bishop of Carlisle contains some manager of Wallack's Theatre, New Yoră, of the most disgusting expressions we ever saw against Mr. W.J. Florence. Mr. Wallack pur. in print. It is marvellous that a Christian chased from Mr. T. W. Robertson the copyright bishop can write such filthy words, or that a of his successful play, produced last April in Society can be found which takes a pride in London, called “Caste. Before it could be procirculating a book containing them.

duced in New York, however, Mr. Florence of Those who like to see genuine humour, albeit

the Broadway Theatre, being in London, saw the in a homely dress, will do well to lay out six- piece night after night, committed it to memory, pevce on a copy of “The Visit to the Greight

with all the action, &c. (it has never been printed Parris Eggsibishun of Bobby Shuttle un his wife and, returning to America, produced it at the Sayroh," just published by Messrs. Abel Hey. Broadway. Mr. Wallack appears to have onwood & Son, of Manchester.

tended that such a feat of memory is impossilde; Mr. Samuel Ferguson, Q.C., author of “Forg

but it does not seem that Mr. Florence could ing the Anchor,” and some smaller poems, pub

have got at the dialogue of the play in any other lished in magazines, has been appointed head of manner, and similar prodigies are not unknown the New Record Office, in Dublin, at a salary

The important question, however, was whether

in any case there had been an invasion of copy. The London Review regrets to hear that Mr.


Judge Barnard decided in favour of Mr. Dickens' health is such that he has been recom


-no doubt inevitably so, considering mended by his medical atteudant to abstain

the present state of copyright between the two from work, and without loss of time to take a

countries. The London Review agrees with the voyage to America.

ew York Tribune in thinking that

, in the abMr. Edmund Yates, the well-known Flâneur

sence of a binding law, considerations of honour of the Morning Star, has retired from the office

should have prevented Mr. Florence from :

course of conduct which is far from reflecting of gossiper in chief of that paper, an office which credit on him. he filled very much to the satisfaction of the lovers of scandal and dealers in small talk.

SOMETHING LIKE A Book. - Early in the 17th Mr. Henry Bohn finds it difficult to retire

century, Cionacci, a Florentine nobleman, pro

jected an edition of Dante in a hundred volunes, altogether from the book trade, and although he

wherein he purposed, by appropriating a volume has given up his old premises in York-street to Messrs. Bell and Daldy, he has opened another

to each canto, to comprise in chronological order, place of business (close by) in Henrietta-street.

every comment then existing, together with a

Latin translation of the Strozzi Library!
The Viceroy of Egypt has presented the
French Society of Men of Letters with the sum

A Royal Sign Manual warrant of Charles the of £1000, with which to found a free admission

Second, issued in the first year of his reign

, 15 to the College Chaptal.

printed in the Builder, which states that it is

new to our dramatic history, and was found The Negro population of the United States in an old office book belonging to the office of have eight newspapers edited and got up entirely the Lord Chamberlain.

Neither Malone por! by coloured people. These newspapers are severally published in New York, Baltimore,

Payne Collier noticed it. In the sigu manual Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and

eleven plays are assigned to Sir William DaveCincinnati.

nant, the patentee of the Duke's Theatre ; one

by Webster, “The Duchess of Malti; one by BOOK - HAWKING. The secretary of the Sir John Denham, "The Sophy and nine by "Book-Hawking Union” informs us, that a gold Shakespeare. We have here, then, fresh and medal has been awarded this society at the Paris startling evidence of the pre-eminent popu. Exhibition. The editor of the Athenæum is in want of a

larity of Shakespeare over other dramatists in

the reign of Charles the Second.” good ballad on Agincourt; if he will turn to old Michael Drayton, he can get any length of ballad

A popular SCRIPTURE NATURAL HISTORY is that he pleases out of the three hundred and

announced by Messrs. Longman, to be published seventeen verses there provided.

in Monthly Shilling parts, under the able Mr. Dickens has been complaining of the con

management of Mr. J. G. Wood, editor of duct of American publishers; but, it appears to

Messrs. Routledge's Natural History

, and an us without cause.

thor of that agreeable work, In reply to an inquiry, Messrs. Harper & Brothers, of New York, say

Hands." The title of the work will be, Bible that they paid for the advanced sheets of

Animals, being an Account of the various Birden ! A Tale of Two Cities

Beasts, Fishes, and other Animals mentioned in

£1,000 Great Expectations

the Holy Scriptures. It will give the popular

1,250 Our Mutual Friend


natural history of every creature named in the Bleak House

Bible, from the Ape to the Sponge, with especial

400 reference to the bearing of these particulars Little Dorritt. This is pretty well for “ American pirates," who,

upon the numerous after all, secure no copyright in what they pay without Hands,"

living creatures are mentioned. Like Hous for. We would very much like to see a corresponding statement of the amounts paid by

copiously illustrated with original designs, en

: " honourable Englishmen" for Webster's Dictionaries, Cooper's novels, or Longfellow's poems. The issue of the ninth sixpenny number,

ings by Messrs. F. Keyl, T. W. Wood, and I

Smith. These illustrations will be taken in every completes Messrs. Chambers's Etymological Dictionary, which now forms a compact volume of

graphic accessories of each subject (foliage, land.

practical case from living specimecs; and the nearly six hundred closely and clearly printed

scape, architecture, &c.) no less than the action pages.

of the central figure, will have reference to some passage or passages of Scripture.



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Home without


Scripture texts in which “Bible Animals" will be

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