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RELIGIOUS.* Bartlett (E. E.) Ministry of Reconciliation : a Ser. Cr. 8vo. Longmans

1/ Bateman (Josiah) Church of England in harmony

with Holy Scripture. Post 8vo, pp. viii-58. Macintosh.

1/6 Beaumont (Rev. Dr.) Sermons. 2nd ed. With the

Addition of a Popular Lecture on the Councils of
Trent. Cr. 8vo, pp. 541. Weston (Manchester)

4/6 Book of Family Prayer (The): composed wholly of

the words of Scripture. Post 8vo, cl. sd., pp. 192. Macintosh

1/6 Bull (Rey, A. H.) Jesus and the Twelve; or, the

Training by Christ of his Disciples. Post 8vo, pp. xii-161. Parker

10/ Carpenter (J. E.) Sunday Readings in Prose an:

Verse. New ed. In 1 vol. Fcap. 8vo. Warne. 3/ Christian Ministry Considered (The) in relation to

the Priesthood of Believers and the free exercise of Spiritual Gifts. fcap. 8vo. Longmans

61. Church's (The) Broken Unity. Chiefly reprinted

from the "Old Church Porch." Ou Presbyterian. isin and Irvingisma. Edit. by Rev. W. J. E. Ben

nett. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-310. Hayes 3,6 Davies tiev. s.) Sermons on Important Subjects.

With Life, &c., by A. Barnes. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo.
Ogle f: Murray (Glasgow)---Hlamillon

10/6 Dixon (Joshua) Church Catechism Illustrated in a

series of Scriptural Sxaminations on its various Doctrines. Originally compiled for the nse of a Surnay School at Leeds. 12th ed. 18mo, cl. sd.,

pp. V--207. Secleys. Cloth limp, 1/; roan 1/6 Doudney (Rev. George D.) Sermous preached in

(harles' Chapel, Plymouth. To which are aided Letters addressed to his family and Friends. Fcap. Svo, pp. viii-321. Seeleys

3/6 Ecce Homo, Reply to. 12mo, cl. sd., pp. 186. Macintosh

2/6 End of the World (The). A Plain Sermon preached

at a Harvest Home Festival. 8vo, su. Hodges (Frome)-Parker

60. Essays on Religion and Literature. By' various

Authors. Edit. by Abp. Manning. Second Series. 8vo, pp. 500. Longmans

14) Harris (Henry) Historical Religion and Biblical

Revelation. Post 8vo, cl. lp., ix-134. Parker. 3/6 Kitto (John) Bible History of the Holy Land. With

Woodcuts and Maps. New ed. 8vo, pp. X-196. Routledge

7/6 Daily Bible Ulustrations.

New ed., revised and enlarged by J. L. Porter, D.D. Evening Series. Job and the Poetical Books. JanuaryMarch. Post 8vo, xii_435. Oliphant

6/ Garratt (Samuel) A Pastor's Farewell. Twelve Ser.

mons including the last Eight preached in Trinity Church, Lincoln's Inn Fields. Fcap. 8vo, pp. X211. Seeleys .

3/6 Lange (Dr.) Conimentary on the Holy Scriptures:

Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical, with Special reference to Ministers and Students. Vol. 9, of the New Testament, containing the Epistle General of James, by Drs. Lange and Oosterzee; the Epistles General of Peter by Dr. Fronmüller; &c. &c.

Roy. 8vo, pp. 541. New York . Lea (William Catechisings on the Prayer Book. 2nd ed. 18mo cl. sd., pp. 104. Masters

u/ Line upon Line; or, a Second Series of the Earliest

Religious Instruction the Infant Mind is capable of receiving. With Verses illustrative of the Subjects. By the Author of "The Peep of Day." Part 2. Cheap ed. 18mo, cl. sd., vii-326. Hatchard. 1/4

M'Causland (Dominick) Shinar, the Scripture Fiece

of the Confusion of Language and the Disperene verified by Modern Discovery. A Lecture delivered before the Dublin Young Men's Christian Asstein tion, June 5, 1867. 8vo, pp. 48. Bentley . . M'Cosh (James, D.D.) Christ the Way, the Tre

and the Life. A Sermon. Jackson f Iatford. od M'Neile (Rev. Hugh) Church and the Churcbes; e.

the Church of God in Christ, and the Churebes o Christ Militant here on Earth. New ed., revised 2 vols. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xlvi—701. Howell (Liver pool)---Hatchard Marshall (John) Bible Primer: being an Igtrodal

tion to Laurie's Bible Readings. 3 Parts in !

18mo, c) sd. Marshall of Laurie Milman (Dean) History of Latin Christianity; in

cluding that of the Popes to the Poatificate of Nicolas 5. (In 9 vols.) Vols. 4, 5, &0. ttà sul

revised ed. Post 8vo. Murray; each Neale (Rev. J. M.) Medieval Hymns and Sentence:

3rd ed., with very numerous Additions and corrections. 3!mo, pp. xvii-224. Masters. New Theory of Geology, in which the Truth of the

Bible is demonstrated, and Dr. Colenso's Ausck Refuted, by proving from facts and science the literal accordance of Geology with the 1st Chiap.

of Genesis. By J. L. Cr.dvo, pp. 182. Hanikas, 3.0 Pars02s ( Theophilus) Deus Homo: God-Man. Cr.

8vo, pp. 455. Chicago Preachers' Treasury (The); being Outlines of

Sermons, selected from the "American National
Preacher," by a Manchester Minister. Vol. 2

12mo, pp. 280. Micklem (Manchester). Prosont Crisis (The) in the Church, with its hearing

on Reunion: a Letter from a London Priest to a

Country Priest. 8vo, sd. Longmans
Rowley (Adam Clarke) Joel. A Translation in

Metrical Parallelisms, according to the Hebrew
Method of Punctuation; with Notes and References.
Fcap. 1to. Hamilton

3. Short (A.) Treatise on the History and Character of

Moses. 8vo. Parker Simple Prayers for School-Boys. 18mo, sd., pp. 56. Mowbray (Oxford)-Masters

6d. Stone (John S.) The Divine Rest; or, Scriptural

Views on the Sabbath. Cr. 8vo, 301. New York. 10 Trench (Bp.) Studies in the Gospels, 2nd ed. sro, pp. 332. Macmillan

106 Tweed (Rev. James) Homilies on the Sermon on the

Mount. Post 8vo, pp. viii-104. Parker
Warne's Bijou Text Books. 64mo, cloth. I'arse :
each .

Rills from the River of Life.
Dew of Hermon.
Daily Gleanings.
Casket of Gems.
Bible Gems and Brief Prayers.

Rays of Light.
Witty (Rev. J. F.) The Cause of the Atrocities in

Sheffield, What is it? Where is it to be found?
Sermon. 12mo, sd. Pawson (Sheffield)—Sumpkin. Id.

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AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, &c. M'Combie (William) Cattle and Cattle-Breeders. So.

post 8vo. pp. 206. Blackwoods Roberts (J. P.) Irrigation in Spain. Sro sd. Spes l! Seller & Stephens (Messrs.) On Non-Nitrogenised

Food in a Physiological Point of View. Black woods

64. Thomson (William) Cultivation of the Grape Pine.

5th ed., enlarged. 8vo, pp. viii—79. Blackwoods S/ Walsh (J. H.) British Rural Sports. By Stonehenge. 7th ed. Cr. 8vo. Wuine.


List of American Publications supplied by Messrs. Trubner and Co., 60, Paternoster Row.


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Waring (George E.) Draining for Proat and Draining Parkman (Francis) France and Englanil in North

for Health. 12mo, pp. 211. New York . .. 7/6 America. A Series of Historical Narratives. The Yoang (Arthur) Farmer's Calendar. Describing the Jesuits in North America in the 17th Century, Business necessary to be performed on various kinds 8vo, pp. 463. Boston, U.S.

11/ of Farms during every Month in the Year. Entirely Scott (John) Partisan Life with Mosby. Containing re-written to Present Date. By John C. Morton. an Account of the Original Mode of Defensive War New ed., with numerous Illust. Svo, pp. as practised by him, as well as of the Military m--124. Warne.

12/6 Operations of his Command. Roy. 8vo. Low. 16/

Smith (Ven. Archdeacon) History of England for

Young Students, from the Earliest Times to the ANNUALS AND SERIALS.

12mo Athlete (The) for 1866. New ed. Cr. 8vo. Chapman

Present, with main points of consideration.
pp. 344. Warne .

2/ # Hall

2/ Tiptaft (William) Memoir of with a selection from Churchman's (The) Shilling Magazine. Vol. 1. his Letters. By J. E. Philpot. Fcap. 8vo, sd., (March to August, 1867.) 8vo. Houlston 7/6

pp. 144. Gadsby.

1/ Country Life. No. 1. Office.


Todd (C.S.) Incidents in the History of Kingston-uponFamily Friend (The) and Domestic Economist.

Hull from the Accession of Edward II. to the Death Vol. Midsummer, 1867. 8vo, pp. 460, Houlston 3/6 of Richard III: a Lecture. 8vo, sd. Longmane. 1/ Foreign Office List (The), July, 1867. 8vo. Harri

5/ Good Stories Selected and Edited by J. Erskine Clarke, M.A. llth series. Cr. 8vo, pp. 157. ENGLISH PHILOLOGY AND EDUCATION. Macintosh

1/6 Indian Army (The) and Civil Service List. July

Alden (Rev. Joseph) Young Citizen's Manual : a 1847. 12mo sd. W. A. Allen


Text-Book on Government for Common Schools. Intellectual Observer (The): Review of Natural

12mo, pp. 134. New York. History, Microscopic Research, and Recreatire

Bowes (John) Notes on the Colonial Empire of Great Science. With Plates.

Britain, suggesting a course of Instruction on the Vol. 11. 8vo, pp. 492. Groombridge


Fcap. 8vo sil. Educational Trad. Comp. Our Carate's Budget. Edit. by Rev. William (Birmingham); Simpkin. 12mo, sd. .

60. Michell. Ninth and Tenth Series. 1200 cl, sd.

Companion Letter-Writer (The) a complete guide Helyes (Frome); Simpkin; each

to Correspondence on all subjects, with numerous Portraits of Men of Eminence. Vol. 6. Sm: 4to.

Commercial Forms. New ed. 12mo cl. su., PP: 187. Warne

1/ 21/ Tinsley's Magazine. Conducted by Edmund Yates.

Davis (Wm.) Junior Arithmetic; containing Exercises No.1. August, 1867. 8vo. Tinsley.

in the Elementary Rules, Reduction, Simple and Transactions of the National. Association for the

Compound Proportion, Practise and Bills of Parcels.

6d. Promotion of Social Science. Manchester Meet

12mo bds., pp. 72. Longmans ing, 1868. Edit. by George W. Hastings. 8vo,

Eger and Crime: an Early English Romance. Edit. Pp. 11-810. Longmans

from Bp. Percy's folio MS., about 1650. By John 12/

W. Hales and F. J. Furnivall. 4to, pp. 64.


Events of England in Rhyme; or, a List of the Collectanea Archæologica; Communications made Chief Occurrences of English History, from 55 B.C.

to the British Archeological Association. Vol. 2. Part 2. 4to. Longmans .

to a.d. 1866. By M. B. C. Roy. 16mo. Longmans 1/

21/ Furnivall (Fred. J.) Education in Early England. Derby Day (The); by Phiz. A Series of 8 Chromo- Some Notes used as Forewords to a Collection of Lithographs. Fol.' Fores


Treatises on “Manners and Meals in the Olden Photographs of the Clyde. With Descriptive Letter. Time," for the Early English Text Society. Byo press. 4to. Duthie (Glasgow); Simpkin 21/

1/ Photographs of Irish Scenery.'Co. Wicklow. With

sd., pp. 74. Trübner

Gardner and Sharpe's Series of Home LessonDescriptive Letterpress. 4to. Duthie (Glasgow); Books. The Comprehensive Home Lesson-Book.

21/ Photographs of Killarney. With Letterpress. Ato

Key to Arithmetical Examples in Part 3, intended Dathie (Glasgow); Simpkin ·

for Standard 3. Fcap. 8vo sd., pp. 14. Educa. 21/ Trad. Comp. (Birmingham); Simpkin.

3.1. Pugin (E. Welby) The Designs for the New Palace Murby's Excelsior Readers for all Classes of

of Justice critically considered. Dedicated to her Majesty's Commissioners for the New Law Courts.

Elementary Schools. Edit. by Francis Young.

Cheap ed., unabridged. 12mo cl, limp. Murby. 1/

4d. No. 1, 3d.; No. 2,

Robertson (Rev. J.) Gospel Questions; or, a Course BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY.

of Lessons on our Lord's Personal History: to Aytoun (Wm. Edmondstoune) Memoir of. By Theo.

which are added Hints and Aids for answering

Gospel Questions. 12mo, pp. 143. Bean 21 dore Martin. With an Appendix. With Portrait. Post 8vo, pp. vii-363. Blackwoods .

Todhunter (I.) Algebra for Beginners, with numerous

MacBancroft (George) Joseph Reed: an Historical Essay.

Examples. New ed. 18mo, pp. viii-328.


4/ Booth (Mary L.) History of the City of New York.

Mechanics for Beginners. With numerous Illust. 2 vols. Sm. Ato, 892. Neio York


Examples. (Macmillan's School Class-Books.) Chronicles of the Picts and Scots, and other Early

pp. viii-350. Macmillan.

4/6 Memorials of Scottish History. Edit. by W. F.

10/ Confucius, Life and Teaching of

. With Explanatory

EUROPEAN AND CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY &c. Notes. By James Legge, Þ.D. Post 8vo, pr. vi

10/6 Black's New and Complete Grammatical German and Draper (John Wm.) History of the American Civil

English Dictionary. Edit. by F. W. Thieme. Ilth War. (In 3 vols.) 'Vol. 1. 8vo, 567. New York. 16/ Heroism and Adventure in the Nineteenth Cen

Stereotype ed. 12mo. Williams f Norgate . . 6/

Brette (Rev. P. H. E.) Theatre Français Moderne. tary: as exemplified in the American Civil War. A Selection of Modern French Plays. 12me. With numerous Anecdotes, a Map, and Portraits. Triibuer.

67 Peap. 8vo, pp. viii--204. Warne

2/ Newton (Mrs.) Memorials of the Life of. By her

Cicero's Cato Major and Lælius; or, de Senectute

and de Amicitia. With English Notes. By John Daughter. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii-201. Wesleyan T. White, D.D. New ed. 12mo, pp. vii — 162. 2/6 Longmans

3/6 Poole (Joshua) Life of, with Details of his conver- Selected Epistles. With Short English Notes sion, and some Particulars of his Subsequent Career.

for the use of Schools. Part 1. (Oxford Pocket 1200 cl. sd., pp. 124. Morgan di Chase

1/6 Texts., 18mo sd., pp. xvi-112. Parker


Bligh (Ramsgate) ; ..

8vo. New York


Skene. 8vo. Black .

338. Trübner .

Conference Ofice :

. 1/

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Fischel (Dr. M. M.) German Reading Book on an Paris Guide par les Principaux Ecrivains et

entirely new Principle; a Story by Franz Hoffmann, Artistes de la France. Deuxième Partie. La literally Translated with copious grammatical Notes, Vie. Cr. 8vo. Lacroir

10 Explanations of Idioms, and a German grammar. Thomson (Rev. R. Wodrow) Ben Rhydding: its 4th ed., revised and considerably enlarged. Cr. 8vo, Beauties, its Ways, and its Treatment. 4th ed pp. X-357. Nult.

5/ Fcap. 8vo, sd., 71. Ireland (Manchester)-Simplis. I/ Jerram (C. S.) Formation of Tenses in the Greek Travels in Norway for Children. By Uncle Joba Verb. Cr. 8vo. Rivingtons . 1/6 18mo. Soc. for Prom. Chris. Kno..

I Livy. Books 1-3. Literally translated by a Winter Journey from Gloucester to Norway.

Graduate of the University, T.C.D. With a brief 12mo sd. Trübner .
Memoir. New ed., revised. By J. A. Mongan.
12mo, pp. viii-196. Kelly (Dublin); Simpkin 2/6
Masson (Gustave) French Classics. A Selection of

Plays by Corneille, Molière, and Racine. With Akerman (J. T.) Landlords, Tenants, and Lodgers
English Notes. Vol. 1.-Cinna, & Tragedy, by A Legal Guide. With an Appendix of Foras

, P. Corneille. Les Femme Savantes, a Comedy by Leases, Agreements, &c. New ed. (Pettitt's Used Molière. (Clarendon Press Series.) Fcap. 8vo, Books.) Fcap. 8vo sd., pp. 56. Wame. . . 61. pp. viii-234. Macmillan


Recovery of Debts in the Superior Courts spl Merimee (Prosper) Colombe. Fcap. 880, pp. viii- County Court; the Jurisdiction and Procedere. 210. Trübner

3,6 With the Act conferring Equity on the County Roche (A.) Prosateurs Français: sth ed. "Cr. 8vo.

Courts; and a variety of useful Information impor Nutt

6/ tant to both Creditor and Debtor. New ed. Sargent (John Young) Easy Passages for Translation (Pettitt's Useful Books.) Fcap. 8ro sd., PP. O.

into Latin, adapted to the Standard of the Pass Warne Examinations in the University of Oxford. (Claren. Davidson (Charles) Concise Precedents in Cos don Press Series.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. 160. Mac. veyancing; adapted to the Act to amend the Law millan

2/6 of Real Property, 8 & 9 Vict. cap. 106; with prsetical Sewell (Miss) Contes et Critiques Français. Re- Notes and Observations on the Act, and on the Act cueillis des Auteurs Modernes. By the Author of for the lesser of attendant terms. 7th ed, rerised Amy Herbert," &c. Post 8vo, pp. 1-351. and enlarged. 12mo, pp. xxiv—576. Varwel 15 Longmans

5/ Gibbons (Henry Fred.) Handy-Book of the Law of Thring (Kev. Edward) Manual of Mood Construc. Masters and Servants, showing the Rights, Daties, tions. 12mo, pp. 37. Macmillan .

1/6 and Liabilities of the Parties to the Contract of Tyrel (J. De Poix) International Grammar of House. Hiring and Service. With the Decisions on the

hold Words, English and French. 4th ed., revised. Subject, and an Index to all the statutes regulating 12mo. Longmans

3/6 Labour and relating to Apprentices. 12mo sd., White (John T.) First Latin Exercise Book, adapted pp. x-106. Tegg.,

to the Syntax of the Public School Latin Primer. Ingram (Henry B.) Executors, Administrators, and 12mo, pp. xii-148. Longmans .


Trustees, compiled from the latest Authorities, Virgilii Bucolica et Georgica. With English Notes, With concise Illustrations and form for making a

critical and explanatory, and a metrical Index. By Will. Also, the office duties, and liabilities of Dr. Anthon, New ed., corrected. 12mo. Tegg 4/6 Executors and Administrators Obtaining Probate

or Letters of Administration, the Distribution of an

Intestate's Estate; &c. (Pettitt's Useful Books.) GEOGRAPHY, TOPOGRAPHY, &a

12mo bds., pp. 125. Warne

1/ Baëdeker (K.) Paris and Northern France. Hand.

Soriven (John) Treatise on Copyhold, Customary book for Travellers. With 2 Maps and 26 Plans.

Freehold, and Ancient Demesne Tenure ; with the 12mo, pp. 302. Williams | Norgate


jurisdiction of Courts Baron and Courts Leel. Bradshaw's Hand-Book to Brittany, with Notices

5th edit. By Henry Stalman, Esq. Roy. Bro, pp. of the physical features, agriculture, language,

579. Butterworths customs, history, antiquities, and sporting of the

Tomkins (Fred.) Institutes of the Roman LAF. Pert l. Country, and a complete Itinerary and Guide to all

Containing the Sources of the Roman Law and its the Objects of Interest. By J, W. C. Hughes.

External History, till the Decline of the Eastera With Map. Roy. 16mo, viii-69. Bradshaw . 2/6

and Western Empires. (In Three Parts.) Roy. 840, Illustrated Traveller's Hand-Books.

New editions. With Maps, Plans, &c., Roy. 16mo.
France, 5/; Spain and Portugal, 7/6; Switzerland

MEDICAL AND SURGICAL and the Tyrol. New ed., with Map and Plans. Cross (R.) Auvergne, its Thermo-Mineral Sprinn Roy. 16mo, 3/6; Italy, North and South, including Climate, &c. Cr. 8vo. Hardwicke Sicily and Sardinia, 7/6; Great Britain and Ireland, Hayden & Cruise (Drs.) Report of the Cholers in 4 sections, each, 1/; Paris and its Environs,

Epidemic of 1866, as treated in the Mater Misri sd. 1/6, cl. Adams .

2/6 Clark (Rev. Hamlet) Letters, Home from Spain

cordiæ Hospital, Dublin ; with general Remarks a

the Disease. Algeria, and Brazil, during past Entomological

8vo sd., pp. 66. Fannin (Datlin;

Longmans Rambles. 8vo, pp. 178. Van Voorst

7/6 Morris (E.) Practical Treatise on Shock after Sargisel Cross (R.) Auvergne, its Thermo-mineral Springs, Operations and Injuries. Cr. 8vo. Hardtoieke 38

Climate, and Scenery. A New Salutary Resort for
Invalids. Cr. 8vo. Hardwicke.

Pharmacopeia of the United States of America

4/ 4th Deceminal Revision. Cr. 8vo. Trübner Macgregor (J.) Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Trousseau (A.) Lectures on Clinical Medicine. Tra

Canoe on Rivers and Lakes of Europe. With Illust. lated and edit. by P. V. Bazire. Vol. 1. Sro, cloth. and Map. 5th ed. 12mo, pp. viii-318. Low. 01 Hardwicke Murray's Hand-Book for Travellers in Glouces

Part 3. 8vo, sd. tershire, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire.

Williams (C. T.) Climate of the South of France With Map and Plans. Post 8vo, pp. xxviii-183. and its Varieties most Suitable for Invalids; with Murray

6/6 remarks on Italian and other Winter Stations. C. to London as it is. New ed., revised.

8vo, pp. 90. Churchill 18mo, pp. Ivii-317. Murray

3/6 in Scotland. With Travelling Maps and

Wright (Henry G.) Uterine Disorders: their Coe

stitutional Influence and Treatment. Pust erg Plans. Post 8vo, pp. lix-388. Murray 9/ in Southern Germany: being a Guide to

pp. xii-268. Churchill Wurtemberg, Bavaria, Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, &c., and the Austrian and Bavarian Alps,

MINOR FICTION & JUVENILE WORKS. and the Danube from Ulm to the Black Sea. 10th Archie's Ambition. 18mo, cl. sd., 100. Mastera. I ed., revised. With Map and Plans. Post Svo, pp. Defoe (Daniel) Life and Adventires of Robinson xi-033. Murray

10/ Crusoe. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. 192. Routledge. Bad

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Merton Tune Book (The): a Collection of Hymn

Tunes used in the Church of St. John Baptist, Oxford. Compiled by H. W. Sargent. Edited and Arranged by L. G. Hayne. 4to, pp. 113. Vincent

(Oxford); sd., 3/6; cl., 01; with Words, 7/ Pleasure Seeker's Guide (The) Hotel Directory, &c., 1867. 12mo, sd. Houlston

6d. Poetical Works (The) of Valentine Verity, containing

the Shade of Byron, &c. Edit. by G. W. Leonard. Vol. 1. 8vo. Elliott.

10/6 Renon (H.) Monograms and Ciphers. A Complete

Collection, 4to. Jack (Edinburgh) --Simpkin. 42/ Rogers (Rev. Charles) Christian Herves in the Army and Navy. Cr. 8vo, pp. 230 Low. .

3/6 Staton (J. T.) The Visit to the Greight Parris

Eggsibishun of Bobby Shuttle un his Woite Sayroh, 1867. 12mo sd., pp. 88. A. Heywood (Man.

chester); Steam Engine (The Model) How to Buy, How to Use, and How to Construct it. By a

"Steady Stoker." Illust. Cr. 8vo, sd., 80. Houlston. I/


Ellen's Baptism; or, "Do let me be Christened."

A Story founded on Fact. By the Author of “ Easy Readings from the History of England." 18mo, sd. pp. 13. Hodges (Frome) - Simpkin

6d. Good Old Stories: a Nursery Picture-Book. With 60 Cold. Illus. 4to, bds. Nimmo .

5/ Hamilton, W. J.) Shawnees' Foe; or, the Hunter of

the Juidata. (Beadle's American Lib., No. 78.) Feap. 8vo, sd., pp. 123. Routledge

6d. Little Rosy's Travels; or, Country Scenes in the

South of France. With 24 Illust. by L. Frölich. Sm. 4to, pp. 239. Seeleys .

6/ Yereweather (Rev. J. D.) Semele; or, the Spirit of

Beauty: a Venetian Tale. 12mo, pp. 167. Riving. laas

3/6 Litford (Edward L.) The Arab's Pledge; a Tale of

Morocco in 1830. 12mo, pp. 196. Hatchard. 3/6 Mysterious Cooks (The); a Tale of Australia. To which is added Christmas in Queensland. By Tudberry Gilcobs. Fcap. Svo, sd., pp. 95. Ireland (Manebester-Simpkin

1/ Nimmo's Fourpenny Juvenile Books. '18mo, sa. Nirmo; each

Pearls for Little People.
Great Lessons for Little People.
Reason in Rhyme.
Æsop's Little Fable Book.
Grapes from the Great Vine.
Story Pictures from the Bible.
The Tables of Stone.
Ways of Doing Good.
The Pot of Gold.
Stories about our Dogs.
The Red Winged Goose.

The Hermit of the Hills. Nimmo's Juvenile Tales. Reynard the Fox. 4to, sd. Ninne

6d. Robinson Crusoe in words of one Syilable. By Mary Godolphin. With Cold. Illust. Roy. 16mo, pp. vii-161. Routledge

3/6 Smedley (Frank E.) Colville Family. And Seven

Tales by Seven Authors, edit. by Frank E. Smedley. New ed. Post 8vo, bds., pp. 334.

Virtue. 276 Souvestro (Emile) Pleasures of Old Age. Translated. Post 8vo, pp. xii—314. Routledge Symington (Maggie) Vernon of Holly Mount. (Re.

printed from the “ Christian World ” Magazine.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. 75. Bennell . Trollope (Anthony) Lotta Schmidt; and other Stories. Cr. 8vo, pp. 403. Strahan.

10/6 Tytler (Sarah) The Diamond Rose. A Life of Love and Duty. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 402. Slrahan 5/

NAVAL, MILITARY, AND ENGINEERING. Molesworth (G. L.) Pocket-Book of Useful Formulæ

and Memoranda for Civil and Mechanical Engineers.

12th ed. Obg. 32mo roan, pp. 280. Spon . 4/6 Smith (Maj.-Gen. M. W.) Cavalry Outpost Drill, with & Chapter upon Cavalry Skirmishing. Post 8vo.

4/6 Wyatt (Capt. W. J.) Political and Military Review of

the Austro-Italian War of 1866, with an Account of the Garibaldian Expedition to the Tyrol; a Review of the Future Policy of Italy, and her present Financial Difficulties. With Portrait. 8vo, pp. 128. Stanford.




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NOVELS. Blake (Lady) Sisters Sainthill. 3 vols. Post 8vo. Hurst of Blackett

31/6 Chandos. A Novel. By Ouida. New ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. 442. Chapman f Hall .

6/ Child (Lydia Maria) Rosa and Flora. A Romance. 2 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 606. Routledge

21/ Cooper (J. F.) The Headsman, A Tale. Cheap. ed. Cr. 8vo sd., pp. 166. Routledge

6d. Dickens (Charles) Adventures of Oliver Twist.

(Charles Dickens' Edit.) With 8 Illust. Cr. 8vo, pp. viii-258. Chapman & Hall.

3/ Donelan (A. M.) Flora Adair ; or, Love works

Wonders. 2 vols. Post 8vo. Chapman f. Hal 21/ John Thorpe's Marriage. A Novel. 2nd ed. 2 vols. Post 8vo. Chapman f Hall.

21/ Lytton (Lord) Strange Story; and the Haunted and the Haunters. New ed. 12mo sd., pp. 365. Routledge

1/ Moir (D. M.) Life of Mansie Wauch. Tailor in

Dalkeith. Written by Himself. New ed. (Blackwood's Stand. Nov., Shilling Series.) Fcap. 8vo sd., pp. vi-236. Blackwoods .

1/ Polly. A Village Portrait. 2 vols. Post Svo, pp.

564. Tinsley , Ramsay (Grace) A Woman's Trials. '3 Vois. ' Post 8vo. Hurst of Blackell

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3/6 Maling (E. A.) Handbook for Ladies on In-door

Plants, Flowers for Ornament, and Song Birds. 1 vol. Fcap. 8vo. Smith f. Elder


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Ballads and Broadsides, printed in the Peiga «

Queen Elizabeth, between the years 1919 and la PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS..

Accompanied with an Introduction and Illustrata Abyssinia. Further correspondence respecting

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(Manchester); Kilto. East London Waterworks. Report of Commis.

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8vo, pp. 122. Strahan. polis Water Act, 1852, with Evidence, &c. 6/6

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Report of Committee on
Ecclesiastical Titles and Roman Catholic kelief

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“ Stonehenge." With Illust. Cr. 4lo, pp. vinActs for the regulation and inspection of Mines. 5d.

148. Cor.

16/ Navy Dockyards. Return of stock, valuation, and

Elderhorst (w.) Manual of Blow Pipes Analysis, &e. expenditure on ships.

Cr. 8vo. Trübner.

106 Balance sheets.


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Account of the Mollusca which nor inhabit the New Forest. Returns relating to the enclosures, the

British Islands and the Surrounding Seks. Vol. 4 growth of timber. With Map, &c. .


Marine Shells, in continuation of the Gastropoda ss Now Parishes, &c. Returns of Districts assigned to

far as the Bulla Family. With Plates, Post oro,

ItoPp: 487. Van Voorst Churches, under the Church Building Acts, 1802-3,

121 and of the districts and new parishes constituted

Smith (Worther G.) Mushrooms and Toadstools. under the New Parishes Acts, 1860-6.

5d. How to distinguish easily the Differences between Paris Exhibition. Report of Committee on pur.

Edible and Poisonous Fungi. With Two Large chases for the benefit of Schools of Science and Sheets containing Figures of 29 Edible and 31

Art in the United Kingdom. With Evidence. 9. Poisonous species, drawn the natural size and Poor. 19th Annual Report of the Poor Law Board.

coloured from living specimens. 12mo sd., 61. Avo


Hardwicke Prisons (Ireland). 15th Report of inspectors. Svo. 31 stainton (H. T., British Butterflies and Moths: an Public Accounts. lieport on the plan of subdividing

Introduction to the Study of our native Lepidoptera each vote of the estimates under subheads, &c.

With 16 Cold. Plates. Post 8vo, pp. 1-22 With Evidence

8d. L. Reeve of Co.
Queen's College (Belfast). Report for 1866. 8vo. 8d.
Railways. Appendices and index to Report of Royal
Commission. .


TRADE AND COMMERCE. Report and Evidence on the guards and Beaton (Alfred Charles) Quantities and Measare passengers' communication bill.

8d. ments, How to Calculate and take them in Brick Science and Art. 14th Annual Report. 8vo 2/6

layers', Masons', Plasterers', Plambers', Painters, Sea Coast Fisheries (Ireland). Report on Bill. 31. Paperhangers', Gilders', Smiths', Carpenters, and Simla Court Martial. Copy of the proceedings at Joiners' work. With Rules for Abstracting and

Simla, on 25th June, 1866, for Trial of Captain Hints for Preparing a Bill of Quantities. Weale's Ernest Scott Jervis.

2/6 Rud. Ser. 156.) 12mo cl. sd., pp. 68. Virtue . 1! Correspondence respecting ditto 60. Simpson (S.) and Wise (E.) Readiest Reckoner eter Statistical Abstract. 1832-66. 8vo

8.1. Invented. With a List of Stamps and general

Commercial Information. 15th ed. Re-calenlaul POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DAY.

by C. O. Rooks. 12mo. Tegg, Cloth, 2,8; roan ! Belgian Volunteers (The) Visit to England in 1867. By Frank Foster. 12mo sd. Snore',


FRENCH." Fitzgerald (W. F. Vesey) The Suez Canal, the

L'Abbé Les Odeurs Ultramontaines. Sra. Eastern Question, and Abyssinia. Cr. 8vo, pp. 119. Barral. Trilogie Agricole. 12mo Longmans

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Baudry et Jourdier. (6clisme d'Agriculture.

12mo Working Classes, 1832-1867. Fcap. 8vo bds., pp. Boinet (A.A.) 'Traité pratique ins Maladies des xv--304. Sirahan

2/6 Ovaires et de leur traitemea!. Orariotomie. Social and Political Dependence of Women (The). yo 2nd ed. 8vo. Longmans 3/6 Boscowitz. L'Ame de la Plante. 12u:

& Union League Club. Report of the Committee on Boucher de Perthes. Sous dix Rois.- innreina de

Municipal Reform, especially in the City of New 1791 à 1867. Tome VIII., Ire partie. 12mo. % York. 8vo, pp. 144. New York

Canel (A.) Recherches sur les Jeux d'Esprit, les Universal Suffrage. Female Suffrage. By a Re. publican, not a “ Radical."

Singularités et les Bizarreries Littéraires, ' % vols. 12mo sd., pp. 116. 8vo

21 Philudelphia


List of French Publications supplied by Mests. List supplied by P. S. King, 34, Parliament Streel, Dulau f Co., Foreign Booksellers, Soho Square.

. 108


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