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Reeve (J. W.) “ The Name which is above every Francis (Francis) Book on Angling. Being a com.

Name," and " The Shepherd and His Flock." Lec- plete Treatise on the Art of Angling in every tures preached in Portman Chapel, during Lent Branch, with explanatory Plates, &c. 2nd ed., re

1866 and 1867. Small Cr. Hvo, 340. Nisbet 5/ vised and much enlarged. Post Svo, pp. XV-472. Sermons (Seven) on Prayer, preached in Hagley Longmans

15, Church during Lent, 1867. Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., pp. Jeans (Thomas) Tommiebeg Shootings; or, & Moor 111. Skeffington ,

2/ in Scotland. With Illust. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, Short Manual (A) of Pravers for Communicants, with bde.. pp. viii—424. Routledge

Devotions for several Occasions, by a Priest of the Newall (Capt. J. T.) Hog Hunting in the East; and Church of England. 2nd ed., revised. 32mo, cl. other Sports. With Illust. 8vo, pp. xviii — 466.

sd., pp. 115. Hodyer (Frome)-Simpkin . 6d. Tinsley : Simple Lessons ; or, Words Easy to be Understood. Riley (Harvey) The Mule, a Treatise on the Breeding,

A Manual of Teaching. Edit. by Rev. T. T. Carter. Training, and Uses to which he may be put. 12mo, 2nd ed., revised. Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., pp. xii—100. pp. 107. New York

7,6 Mozley

1/ Smith (Rev. J. Denham) Widnowed Grain, or Selec

ART, ARCHITECTURE, &c. tions from his Addresses. 4th ed. 16mo, pp. 187. Partridge


Chateaubriand's Atala. Translated by James Spence Spencer (J.) Things New and old, with Treasury by Hardy. Illust. by Gustave Doré. Fol. Cassell. 4:27 R. Cawdray. 1 vol. Sup.-roy. 8vo. Dickinson. 107

Ottley (W. Y.) Series of Plates engraved after the Suter (James) Ordinance of Levites. Fcap. 8vo, cl.

most eminent Masters of the Florentine School, sd., pp. ix-96. Nimmo (Edinburgh)--Simpkin. 1/6

Imp. fol. Quaritch.

63/ Thoughts on Reading the Bible. By Homo. Por- Photographs of the Clyde. With Descriptive Letter.

traying the Design of the Bible; the Three Spiri. press. Small Paper. Fcap. 4to. Duthie (Glasgow tual Generations; Baptism with Water and the


10/6 Lord's Supper as done away with by St. Paul him- Tennyson (Alfred) Vivien and Guinirere. Ilust, by self; the Church, Education, &c. &c.

The Ques.

18 Photographs from Drawings by Gustave Doré. tion : is it to be a Bible, or no Bible ? Cr. 8vo.

Folio. Moxon; 12 separately :

03/ H. K. Lewis

6/ Tuttiett (Rev. L.) Counsels of a Godfather. 2nd ed.



Albert. The Early Years of H.R.H., the Prince Van Doren (Rev. W. H.) Suggestive Commentary on

Consort. Compiled, under the direction of Her the New Testament, on an original Plan. St. Luke.

Majesty the Queen, by Lieut.-Gen. the Hon. C. 2 vols. New ed. Post 8vo. Dickinson


Grey. 4th ed. 8vo, xxxi-469. Smith f Elder, 16/ Vickers (John) Imaginism and Rationalism: an Ex:

Berkley (E.) New History of Rome. For the Use planation of the Origin and Progress of Christianity. of Schools and Families. Cr. 8vo, pp. xix-412. Post 8vo, pp. viii-432. Trübner


Laurie (Edinburgh)-Hamilton Whitfield (Rev. Frederick) Changed Ones; or, Re. Calendar of State Papers. Domestic Series of the

flections on the Second Chapter of the Song of Reign of Charles I. 1636-7. Edit. by John Bruce. Solomon. 4th ed. 5th thousand. 32mo, cl. sd., Imp. 8vo. Longmans . pp. ix-98. Partridge


Cumming (Rev. J. G.) The Great Stanley ; or, James, Wilkinson (Rev. R.) “The Corn of Wheat:' a Hara

Seventh Earl of Derby, and his Noble Countess, vest Sermon. Bennell (Birmingham)-Masters. 60. Charlotte De la Tremouille, in their Land of Man, Wilson (Andrew) Sermons prenched in Liverpool. A Narrative of the 17th Century. Interspersed Fcap. 8vo, pp. 310. Rivingtone

6/ with Notices of Manx Manners, Customs, Lars,

Legends, and Fairy Tales. Copiously illustrated, from Manx Scenery and Antiquities, by Lemon and


Blight. Post Svo, pp. viii-279. Macintosh

English Cyclopædia (The). Re-issue. Biography, Cassell's Magazine. Illustrated. Vol. 1. Sup.-roy. Vol. 4. 4to. Bradbury Hvo. pp. viii-180. Cassell

5/ Fitz-Patrick (W. J.) Ireland before the Union : English woman's Domestic Magazine (The). An with Revelations from the unpublished Diary of

Ilustrated Journal, combining practical information, Lord Clonmell, 1774–98. 2nd ed., greatly enlarged. instruction, and amusement. Vol. 8. Roy. 8vo,

Feap. 8vo, Hotten pp. viii-336. Ward of Lock

7/6 Flint (Henry M.) Mexico under Maximilian, Post Illustrated London News (The). Vol. Jan.-- 8vo. Philadelphia

SE June. Folio. Office

18! Foxe (John) Book of Martyrs. With 4 Illust. Snnday Journal of Horticulture (The). vol. 12.' Sup.

Scholars' Edition, With a Preface by the Hon, and roy. 8vo. Office

8/6 Minutes of Wesleyan Conference, July 1867.

Rt. Rev. Samuel Waldegrave, D.D. 3.2mo, pp. 191.
Book Sociely

61. 12mo, bds. Office


Henderson (James, M.D.), Nemorials of. 2nd ed. Our Curate's Budget. Edit. by Rev. William Fcap. 8vo. Nisbet

3.6 Michell. 11th Series. Fcap. 8vo, cl. lp. Hodges Knight (William) Arch of Titus and the Spoils of (Frome) --Simpkin.

1/ the Temple, an historical and Critical Lecture with Quiver (The): an Dlustrated Magazine for Sunday Authentic Illustrations. Fcap. 4to, pp. 1–141.

and General Reading. Vol. 2. Toned paper Series. Longmans Roy. Svo, pp. viii-32. Cassell

7/6 Lingard (John) History of England, Abridgment of. Sunday Magazine (The) for 1867. Edit. by Thomas With Continuation from 1688 to the Reigu of Queen

Guthrie. With Ilust. Roy. 8vo, pp. vi—862. Victoria, adapted for the use of Schools. By James Strahan 8/6

5 Transactions of the Society of Engineers, 1866.

Burke, Esq. 12th ed. 12mo, 648. Duity

Marsh (-ev. William, D.D.), Life of, By his Daughter 8vo. Spon

21/ 5th thous. Post 8vo. Nisbet

Peter Parley's Universal History on the Basis of

Geography. With Maps. New ed. lsmo. T'ega. );

St. Patrick, the Missionary of Ireland. By J. S. AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, &c.

Smithson. 18mo, sd. Moffat (Dublin). Doyle (Martin) Hints at first intended for the Small

Tafel (Rudolph L.) Emmanuel Swedenborg as a Farmers of the County of Wexford; but suited to

Philosopher and Man of Science. 12mo, pp. 333.


Chicago the Circumstances of Ireland generally. New ed., re-written. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. xxii—86. Herbert (Dublin)-Hamilton


ENGLISH PHILOLOGY AND EDUCATION. Elliott (Hon. Wm.) Carolina Sports by Land and Besant (W. H.) Elementary Hydrostatics. 2nd ed.

Water; including Devil-Fishing, Wild-Cat, Deer, (Cambridge School and College Text Books.) Feap. and Bear Hunting, &c. Post 8vo, pp. ix-292. Ayo, pp. viii-224. Deighton (Cambridge )-Bell's Bentley

6/ Daldy.

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Bell (Alex. Melville) Visible Speech : the Science of Eton Greek Grammar (The): "Translated int

Universal Alphabetics; or, Self-Interpreting Physio- English ; with many Notes and Emendations, froi logical Letters, for the Writing of all Languages in the Grammars of Thiersch, Matthiæ, and other: one Alphabet. Illust. by Tables, Diagrams, and By Rev. G. N. Wright. New ed., carefully revise

Examples. Inaugural ed. Cr. 4to, 126. Simpkin. 15/ by Rev. John Massie., pp. 222. Tegg. 3/ Browne (W. A.) Civil Service Tests in Arithmetic; Frost (Rev. Percival) Analecta Græca Minora: wit

being Specimens of the more difficult Questions in introductory Sentences, English Notes, and a Dic the Civil Service Reports, with full Solutions. Fcap. tionary. New ed., revised and enlarged. Fcap Ao, pp. 90. Stanford. 2/6 8vo, pp. viii--239. Bell 4 Daldy

31 Chambers's Etymological Dictionary of the Eng. Frost (Rev. Percival) Ecloge Latinæ. A First Latin

lish Language. Edit. by James Donald. Post Reading Book, with English Notes and a Dictionary Svo, pp. viii-_581. Chambers

5/ New ed., revised and corrected. Fcap. 8vo. pp. vii Cox (Edward W.) Arts of Writing, Reading, and —202. Deighton (Cambridge)-- Bell Daldy · 2/4

Speaking. In Letters to & Law Student. 2nd ed. Fouqué (De la Motte) Undine. and other Tales Large post 8vo, pp. viii-336. Cox

6/6 Translated by F. E. Bunnett. (Tanchnitz Germai First Lessons in Geography in Question and Authors. Vol. 6.) Fcap. 8vo, pp. 36). Low. 2,

Answer. By & Lady. New ed. 18mo, sd. Jack- Goethe's Faust. From the German, by John Anster 894 of Walfuri.

1/ LL.D. (Tauchnitz German Authors. Vol. 5.) Feap Hunter (Rev John Key to Hunter's Modern Arith. 8vo, pp. xiv—293. Low

2 metie, containing full Solutions of all the Exercises Horace Odes in English Verse. Book 1 and 2 in that Work. 12mo, pp. 176. Longmans 5/

With the Latin on Parallel Pages.) By James Walter Johnson's Dictionary Modernised; with numerous

Smith. Sm. 4to. E. Wilson

7/6 Additions from the latest Lexicographers. Edit. by Horatii Opera. The Text carefully corrected in ac

Alex, Charles Ewald. 12mo, pp. 192. Warne. V cordance with the best and latest Criticisms; with Johnston (M. A.) Ladies' College and School Ex. Marginal References, and various Readings; also a

aminer; containing 600 Questions upon Literature, complete system of Notes, Critical and Illustrative, Ancient and Modern History, Geography, Biography, &c. Edit. by Rev. J. E. Yonge. 8vo. Longmans. 21/ Mythology, and Natural Philosophy. With 100 Juvenalis (Decii Junii) Salirze 13. Thirteen Satires Subjects for Themes. Fcap. 8vo. Longmans ; 1/6;

of Juvenal. With Notes and Introduction by G, A. Key containing full Answers to all the Ques- Simcox. (Catena Classicorum) Cr. 8vo, pp. xxviii tions

-130. Rivingtons

3/6 Kennedy (John) First Grade Practical Geometry.

Lester (J. D.) Short German Accidence. Fcap. 8vo, Intended chiefly for the use of Drawing Classes in

cl, sd. Nutt

1/6 Elementary Schools taught in connection with the

Perrin's French Fables.

Adapted to the Hamil. Department of Science and Art. 4th ed. Fcap. tonian System by J. Hamilton. 7th ed. 12mo. dro, 32. Oliver of Boyd (Edinburghi-Simpkin. od. Aylott

4/6 Laurie (J. S.) English Grammar Simplified; framed Persius' satires. Construed Literally and Word for vith especial reference to Analysis and Composition.

Word by Rev. Dr. Giles. (Giles's Keys to the With copious Examples and Exercises, Questions Classics.) 18mo, sd., pp. 45. Cornish

1/ and Appended Tables. Part I. 12mo, sd., pp. 32.

Terence Comedies. Construed Literally and Word Marshall | Laurie

3d. for Word by Rev. Dr. Giles. Vol. 3. Phormio. Kurby's Excelsior Readers for all Classes of (Keys to the Classics.) 18mo, sd., 80. Cornish. 1/6 Elementary Schools. Edit. by Francis Young, Thibaudin (Aug.) Dictionnaire des Verbes entièreF.R.G.S. Cheap ed. 12mo, stiff cover. Murby ; ment conjugués; or, all the French Verbs, Regular No.3, 6d.; No. 4, 6d.; No. , 8d. ; No. 6 9d. and Irregular, Alphabetically arranged and comNelson Rev. W. L.) First Reading Book. 12mo, bds. pletely conjugated, in all their various modifications

6d. of Moods, Tenses, Numbers, Persons, &c. New ed. Primer. 12mo, bds. Dean Roy. 8vo. Simpkin

6/6 Parry (Thomas) New“ Standard" Arithmetic, adapted Thucydides. Books 6 and 7; the Sicilian Expedi

to the present system of Government Examinations. tion, with Notes. By Rev. Percival Frost. New ed., Complete. 12mo, cl. lp. pp. 72. Philip; 6d.; Key revised and enlarged. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi—322. 3A, 8d. ; in 1 vol. .


5/ Spence (Lancelot, M.D.) Civil Service Geography: Williams (T. S.) German and English Conversations being a Manual of Geography. General and Political,

and Idiomatic Phrases. 18th ed., revised and cor. arranged especially for Examination Candidates and rected by Aug. Kokemüller. 12mo, 259. Williams the Higher Forms of Schools. Revised throughout

& Norgate

3/6 by Thomas Gray. With Woodcuts, Maps, and a

Wilson (H. H.) Works. Vol. 8. Vishnu Purana. General Index. Fcap. 8vo, 136. Lockwood. 2/6

Vol. 3. 8vo. Trübner

10/6 Stevens (E. T.) and Hole Charles) Grade Lesson

Xenophon's Memorabilia. Construed Literally and Books. 12mo. Longmans.

Word for Word by Rev. Dr. Giles. Vol. 1. Books Standard I. Parts 1 and 2, each

4d. 1 and 2. (Keys to the Classics.) 18mo, sd., pp. 180. 2. Parts 1 and %, each

Cornish .

2,6 3. Parts 1 and 2, each


- Soerates. Books 1, 2 on the Hamil. Tait (P. G.) Elementary Treatise on Quaternions. tonian System by J. W. Underwood. 4th ed. 12mo. Clarendon Press Series.) 8vo, pp. xix-320. Cla.


6/ rendon Press,

12/6 Thomson (Sir William! and Tait (Peter Guthrie)

Treatise on Natural Philosophy. Vol. I. (Clarendon
Press Series.) Svo, pp. xxiii—727.

Appleton's Handbook of American Travel. 9th
ed. By Hall. Cr. 8vo, cl. Trübner

16/ 25/ Atlas. John Heywood's National Atlas.

Part 3. JO Maps. 4to, sd. Heywood


Browne (J. Ross) Land of Thor. illust. Post sro, pp. 542. Low

8/6 Barrett (A. C.) Companion to the Greek Testament. Codman (John) Ten Months in Brazil; with Inci.

For the use of Theological Students and the Upper
Fortas in Schools. New edition, cnlarged and im.

dents of Voyages and Travels, &c. 12mo, pp. 208.

Boston, U.S. proved. Fcap. 8vo. Deighton (Cambridge)—Bell f Cornish's Stranger's Guide through Birmingham. Daldy.

13th ed., improved and enlarged. Feap. Svo, sd., Bibliotheca Classica. Edited by George Long, M.A., pp. 140. Cornish (Birmingham).

and Rev. A. J, Macleane. Juvenalis et Persii Sa- Darton (Margaret E.) Earth and its Inhabitants. New tire, with a Commentary by Rev. A. J. Macleane. ed., revised. Sm. cr. 8vo., iv–374. Routledge. 3/6

Nex ed. 8vo, pp. xliv-466. Whittaker 12/ Henriques (M. B. de F.) Trip to the Azores, or Bucheim (A.) Modern German Plays, arranged for Western Islands. 16mo, pp. 137. Boston, V.8. 7/0

Schools. Edited with Notes, &c. Part I. 2nd ed. Hoppin (James M.) Old England : its Scenery, Art, 12mo, cl. sd. Williams # Norgate .


and People. Post 8vo, pp. v-468. Low 7,6



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Murray's Handbook for Travellers in France: Venereal Disease, Report of the Committee ap

being a Guide to Normandy, Brittany, the Rivers pointed to enquire into the Pathology and TreatSeine, Loire, Rhône, and Garonne, the French ment of, in the Army and Navy. 8vo. W. H. Allen. 4/ Alps, Dauphiné, the Pyrenees, Provence, and Nice, Watson (Patrick Heron) Excision of the Knee Joint. &c. &c.; the Railways and Principal Roads. 10th 8vo. Hardwicke

3/6 ed., entirely revised. With Maps and Plans of Towns. Post 8vo, pp. xxxvi-684. Murray 12/

MINOR FICTION & JUVENILE WORKS. Handbook for Travellers in Southern

Brierley (Benjamin) Traddlepin Fold; and other Germany: being a Guide to Würtemberg, Bavaria,

Tales. Fcap. 8vo, bds., PP, 252. John Heywood Austria, Tyrol, Salzburg, Styria, &c., the Austrian

(Manchester) ---Simpkin and Bavarian Alps, and the Danube from Ulm to

Brock (Mrs. Carey) Sunday Echoes in Weekday Hours. the Black Sea. 10th ed., revised, with Map and

Second Series. A Tale illustrative of the Church Plans. Post 8vo, pp. xii—633. Murray


Catechism. Post dyo, pp. viii-413. Seeleys Murray's Handbook for Travellers on the Conti

Twelve Reward Books for Boys and Girls. nent; being a Guide to Holland, Belgium, Prussia, 16mo packet. Seeleys

1/ Northern Germany, and the Rhine from Holland to Brock (Mrs. Carey) Working and Waiting; or, PaSwitzerland. With Map and Plans. 10th ed., tience in Well.Doing. A Tale. Eth thous. Cr. 8vo.

corrected. Post 8vo., pp. xl-604. Murray.. 10/ Sceleys Practical Guides. By an Englishman Abroad. Paris,

Charlesworth (M. 1.) 'Ministering Children. A and the Rhine. New ed. 12mo, sd. Simpkin. 2/ Sequel. New ed. Post Svo. Seeleys Roberts (Capt.) Never Caught; Personal Adventures Copsley Annals preserved in Proverbs. By the connected with Twelve successful Trips in Blockade.

Author of “ Village Missionaries," &c. &c. 2nd ed. Running during the American Civil War, 1863-4.

Sm. post 8vo, pp. 1–311. Seeleys 1/

Dean's New Scenic Books. No. 3.
Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. ir-123. Hotten

Roy. 8vo, bds.

270 Tomes (Robert) The Champagne Country. Post 8vo,

Dodge (M. E.) Silver Skates: a Story of Life in Hol. pp. XY—231. Routledge


land. With a Preface by W. H. G, Kingston. Ilust. Wilde (Sir William R.) Lough Corrib: its Shores and

12mo, pp. viii-302. Lowo

3/6 Islands; with Notices of Lough Mask. Illust. Sq. Edwards (Mrs. C. M.) Abel Bisby; or, Little by cr. 8vo, pp. 1–306. McGlashan : Gill (Dublin) —

Little. Bino. New York

2.0 Longmans,


Example better than Precept. By the Author of

“A Trap to Catch a Sunbeam,” &c. 18mo, pp. 102. ILLUSTRATED WORKS. Warne

90. Photographs of Dublin; with descriptive Letterpres. Gilbert (William) The Washerwoman's Foundling. Wicklow ; with descriptive letterpress. Small 16mo, pp. 184. Strahan

26 Paper. cap. 4to. Duthie (Glasgow)-Simpkin ;

Glasgow Infant School Magazine (The). First each.


Series. Compiled by D. Caughie. 39th thous.
Illust. 18mo. Simpkin


Grahame (Nellie) Lilian Gordon; or, the Little Girl

who was not afraid to die. Sino, pp. 144. Phila. Bauke (Algernon C.) Vaccination Act, 1867; with delphia

2/6 Introduction, Notes, and Index. 12mo, cl. sd., pp. Hodder (Edwin) Junior Clerk; a Tale of City Life. xi-50. Shaw & Sons.


With a Preface by W. Edwyn Shipton. 3rd ed. Glen (W.C.) and Lovesy (C. W.) Representation of the Fcap. 8vo, cl. sıl., pp. 137. Jackson # Walford, 1/6 People Act, 1867, with Introduction, Notes, and Homespun; or, Five-and-Twenty years ago.

Ву Index. 12mo, cl. sd., xix-90. Shaw f. Song , 2/6 Thomas Lackland. Post 8vo. Low . Irish State Trials, 1867: the Speeches of D. C. Heron

Howitt (Margaret) Birds of a Feather; or, the Two

Schoolboys. 18mo, pp. 103. in the Cases of the Queen v. Captain M'Clure and


90. others. Longmans


Kennedy (Patrick) Banks of the Boro : & Chronicle Martial Law in the Colonies; with Special Regard

of the County of Wexford. Fcap. Sro, bes., yp: viii-372. Simpkin

26 to its regulation and restraint. With an Intro

Kindness Wins; and other Stories. 18mo, pp. 217. duction containing Comments on the Charge of the


Philadelphia Lord Chief Justice. By the Author of the “Treatise on Martial Law." Sterens g. Song

Kinley (Jane) The Ashtons: a Dark Beginning with 5/

a Bright Ending. Sq. Moffat (Dublin) . : 1/6 Representation of the People Act, 1867, (The) Lilliput Levee. Poems of Childhood, Child-Fancy,

with Copious Index. 12mo, sd., 56. Shaw & Sons. 1) and Child-like Moods. With Illust, New ed. 26mo, St. Leonards (Lord) Observations on an Act for

pp, vii-210. Strahan

2.6 Amending the Law of Auctions of Estates. 8vo, Miller (Thomas) Child's Country Story Book. With sd. Murray


8 Cold. Ilust. Sq. 12mo, pp. 115. Routledge. 3/6

Phelps ( E. Stuart) I Don't Know How. 16mo, pp. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL.

27:2. Boston, U.S. Beaman (George) Epilipsy and its Cure. Fcap. 8vo. Porter (Mrs. Anna E.) Creole Sisters; or, the Mystery Renshaw


of the Perrys. (Beadle's American Lib., No. 79) Fletcher (James Ogden) Railways in their Medical Fcap. Svo, sd. Routledge

60. Aspects. Post Svo, pp. vi—184. Cornish 5/6 Ruth Derwent: a Story of Duty and Love. By C. Hartshorne (Henry) Essentials of the Principles and J. G. 16mo, pp. 320. Boston, U.S.

6/ Practice of Medicine. A Handy Book for Students Uncle Philip's Tales about the Tools of Inferior

and Practitioners. Cr. 8vo. Philadelphia 10/6 Animals. New ed. Illust. 18mo, 180, Tegy. 1/ Langley (J. Baxter) Via Medica.

A Treatise on the Warne's Picture Playmate. Vol. 2. With 13 Laws and Customs of the Medical Profession in pages of Illust. printed in Colours. Sup.-roy., 85).


Warne relation especially to Principals and Assistants; with Suggestions and Advice to Students on Pre- Webb (Mrs. J. B.) julio : s' Tale of the Vaudois.

liminary Education. Post 8vo, 136. Hardwicke. 3, New ed. Fcap. 8vo. Jarrolas Reliet of Pain (The) by the Use of Metallic Tractors. Wood (Rev. J. GJ Animal Traits and Characteristics; 8vo, sd. Hamillon .

6d. or, Sketches and anecdotes of Animal Life. Ond Smith (W. J.) On Ringworm : an Inquiry into the Series. New ed. Iust. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii-376.


Pathology, &c. Cr. 8vo. Hardwicke
Squire (Peter) Companion to the New Edition of the
British Pharmacopæia, 1867, comparing the strength
of the various Preparations with those of the Lon.

MISCELLANEOUS LITERATURE. don, Edinburgh, and Dublin, United States, and Artemus Ward in London; and other Papers. With other Foreign Pharmacopæias. With Practical


Illust. Cr. 8vo, pp. 229. New York Hints on Prescribing. 5th ed. Svo, pp. 81-318. Brierley (Benjamin) Daisy Nook Sketches. Fcap. Churchill


8vo, 256. John Heylovod (Manchester)—Simpkin. 1/





Burton's Anatomy of melancholy. New ed. 8vo


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Brief Discourse (A) on Wine; How to Choose it, Bourne (John) Treatise on the Screw Propeller,

and How to Use it. With an account of the Produce Screw Vessels, and Screw Engines, as adapted for and Culture of the Vine, in all Ages and Countries. purposes of Peace and War. With Notices of other Cr. Svo, cl. sd., pp. vi-138. Griffin


Methods of Propulsion, Tables of the Dimensions Browne Mrs. A. C. Malicious Hens. 8vo, sd., pp. and Performance of Screw Steamers, and detailed

/ Specifications of Ships and Engines. Illust. by 54

Plates and 287 Woodcuts. New ed. Roy 4to, pp. Tegg. 8/6 xxi—551. Longmans .

63/ Cassell's Penny Readings. Illustrated. Edit. by Box (Thomas) Practical Hydraulics: a Series of Rules

Tom Hood. i'r. Ato pp. viii-416. Cassell . 7/6 and Tables for the Use of Engineers, &c. &c. Post Celebrated Jumping Frog (The) of Calaveras 8vo, pp.ii-51. Spon

4/ County; and other Sketches.

Byrne (Oliver) Essential Elements of
By Mark Twain.


Me. Edit by John Paul. Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 187. chanics, based on the Principle of Work; designed Poratledue

1/ for Engineering Students. Cr, Svo, x1-360. Consult Me for all you want to know. Fcap. 8vo. Spon

7/6 Vicholson f Sons Halifax)


Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry, 1867. Hill (Georgiana) How to Cook Game in a hundred 8vo. Cluices

4/ different ways. (Routledge's Household Manuals.) Majendie (Capt. v.d.) Ammunition: a descriptive Fcap. Svo, s., pp. 64, Routledge .

bd. Treatise on different Projectiles. Roy. 8vo. I. Home and its Duties; a practical Manual of Do


7/6 mestic Economy for Schools and Families. Fcap.

Philips (J. Arthur) Mining and Metallurgy of Gold 8), sd., pp. viii-128. Luurie (Edinburgh) —

and Silver. Must. Roy. 8vo, xix–532. Spon. 31/6 Homilion

1/ Irving Washington) Sketch Book. New ed. Cr.

NOVELS. bro, sd., pp. 158. Routledye

6d. Bell (M. M.) Doctor Weld; or, the Web of Life. By Jones (B. C.) One Hundred Lectures on the Greek the Author of "Deeds not Words." New ed. (Com. Potts, Grecian History, &c. Sixth Series contain: panion Lib.) 12mo, bds., pp. 383.


2/ ing Yine Lectures. Post 8vo. Trübner 8/6 Braddon (M. E.) Birds of Prey. A Novel. By the Jogs i l'he) and Sorrows of a Schoolmaster. By One Author of " Lady Audley's Secret." 3 vols. Post of Themselves. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 390.

8vo, pp. 938. Ward f Lock

31/6 CH. Clarke

2/ Braddon (M. E.) Lady's Mile. By the Author of Liefde John De) Romance of Charity. With Illust, “ Lady Audley's Secret,” &c. &c. Sterevtyped ed. S. cr. Sro, pp. 480. Strahan

Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 364. Ward f Lock

2/ Laga Social Papers. 16mo, pp. 296. New York. 6/ Carlén (Emilie F. Brother's Bet; or, Within Six Yan, and the Conditions that Surround him; his Weeks. By the Translator of “ The Guardian," &c. Progress and Decline, past and present. Cr. 8vo, Post 8vo, pp. 289. Bentley

10/6 pop. 365. New York

9/ Cecil Castlemaine's Gage; and other Novelettes. Melhuish (A. J.) Mental Analysis. 16mo. Long. By Ouida. Collected and revised by the Author. 2/6 Post 8vo, pp. 491. Chapman f Hall

8/ Litchell (A F.) The Wedderburns; and their Work : Child (L. Maria) Romance of the Republic. Post Svo, a lecture. 4to, sd. Blackwoods 2/6 pp. 412. Boston, U.S..

10, Varsell (Rev. Arthur) Readings from Lectures to Cook (Dutton) " Hobson's Choice." A Story. New Working Men. Fcap. 8vo, el sd., pp. 122. Micklem ed. 12mo, bds., PP. 314. Low

2! (Manchester)-Simpkin

1/ Cooper (J. F.) Oak Openings; or, the Bee-Hunter. Olin (Rev. Stephen ) College Life: its Theory and New ed. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 184. Routledge.

6d. Practice. 12mo, pp. 329. New York


Precaution. A Novel. New ed. Cr. 8vo, Oliver (G.) The Origin of the Royal Arch Order of sd., pp. 151. Routledge

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American claims arising out of the late Civil War in the United States

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ment from the three non.purchase corps of Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, and Royal Marines. 2/

Report and Evidence on the origin of the Military Reserve Funds, the Sources from which they are derived, and the objects to which they are applied

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tary condition of East India. Correspondence respecting the per. manent settlement of the Land Revenue. With Map

Papers relating to the Famine in the Madras Presidency in 1865-6, and additional papers relating to the Famine in Orissa, subsequent to the report of the Commission

3/ Fisheries. Report of Committee on the Sea-coast

fisheries of Ireland. With Evidence, &c. 3/8 Gas (Metropolis). Report of Committee on Metro

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Industrial Societies, General Statement of the

Funds and Effects of Industrial and Provident

9d. Joint Stock Companies. Return relating to, June 1866 to May 1867.

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with Map of London and its environs, showing the
Boundary of the Jurisdiction of the Metropolitan
Board of Works, also the Boundaries of the City of
London, the Parishes, districts, and extra-Parochial




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wenlied hu P& Kina 34. Parliament Streel.

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