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Estimates promptly furnished.
All Work undertaken at this Establishment executed with Taste and Despatch.

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OGDEN & CO., PRINTERS, 172, St. John


Street, Clerkenwell, E.C., solicit the attention of Publishers and others to the facilities they possess for executing every description of Letterpress Printing. The Premises have been built specially for them; the Type has been carefully selected from the best foundries, and includes many of the handsomest Modern founts, the entire series of Messrs. Miller and Richard's Old Styles, and a choice assortment of Titling and Fancy type for both styles; and the Machines-Platen, Anglo-French, Perfecting, and Single Cylinder-are of the most modern and improved construction. These appliances, with the experience gained during many years' general management of one of the largest London offices, may afford some guarantee that work entrusted to them will be done satisfactorily, and at very moderate charges.

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LEIGHTON, SON & HODGE beg to intimate to Publishers, Printers, and the Public generally, that they execute, in the best style and on the most moderate terms, every description of WHOLESALE BOOKBINDING, either in Cloth or Leather (also Account-Book Binding), with promptitude and punctuality. Their Stock of Engraved Brass Dies is most extensive and varied, and designed in the best taste; and their powerful Machinery and Steam power give them great advantages in the rapid execution of large Applications for Estimates will meet with prompt attention.




TO BE SOLD, either separately or in One Lot, about 1,600

Volumes of Books, the greater part of which are withdrawn from a Circulating Library, comprising many of the older popular Histories, Travels, Novels, &c.

Catalogues forwarded on receipt of one stamp by F. DUNSTER, Bookseller, Lyme Regis, Dorset. F

TRADE VALUER. FOR SALE, the Copyrights and Re

EO, J. LOCKYER, of over 20 years' I. Mariner's Friend ; Nautical Steam, and Ship-building Phrases, in ten languages.

years the representative of the “Caslon Letter II. Merchant's Friend; Commercial and Foundry," &c., begs to offer his services in the Legal Phrases in ten languages, with a Table of

above capacity to Gentlemen either disposing of, Coins, Weights and Measures, besides Improve. or entering upon, a Business. ments in Manuscript.

Address, 50, Moor Street, Birmingham. III. Engineer's and Miner's Vade Mecum, DOR SALE in five languages.


, it comprised are the forculatius IV. Cosmopolitan Traveller's Polyglot, of the day, and contains about 2,000 or 3,000 in eight languages.

Volumes of Books.- M. E., 35, High Street, NewV. Stenography and Phonography applied port, Monmonthshire. to 3,065 languages, or the new Universal

INPriBAN KIRU, PROGY; new wel alleable

Alphabet, in Manuscript.
DR. REEHORST offers to translate, to inter-

for purposes of a Newspaper and Jobbing Business, pret, to correct proofs, &c., in ten languages, and

to be sold by valuation. There is a good oppor. to teach seven.-Stanstead Lane, Forest Hill, tunity for establishing a printing business in a London.

rapidly increasing watering-place, in which there

is no such establishment. - Apply to the Official GENTS WANTED FOR LLOYD'S

Assignee, County Court, Christ Church, Hants. £20,000 Steel Plate Railway and County 127 Map of the British Isles, only 10s., including Re

for £1 48., packed in chest and carriage ference Book, giving One Million Names and paid. List for one stamp:- Address, JOHN ARTHUR, Length of all the Railways. £2 a day can be made The Library, 5, South Parade, Leamington, by male or female. This is the only Map published showing all the Railway Stations, &c. Printed instructions how to canvass furnished

House, whose publications are very to Agents. Send for Terms to J. T. LLOYD, 83,

popular and well known, a Traveller of position Fleet Street, London.

and experience. Must be well acquainted with Cautiox.–The Public are cautioned against a

the country trade, and able to furnish unquesspurious imitation of these Maps now being

tionable testimonials as to character, &c.-Address, offered. None are genuine without the Publisher's A. Z., care of Marlborough & Co., Ave Maria signature.

Lane, London.

ANTED, by the Advertiser, aged

22, a Re-engagement in a Bookseller's Assistant, a Re-engagement. Of thorough busiand Stationer's. Country preferred. Has had ness habits, and good Salesman, and has had the six years' experience in Town and Country, and management of a large library. Middle age. Has can give first-class references.--Address, No. 1350, no objection to the country. --Address, J. W., 35, BOOKSELLER Office.

Mary Street, Hampstead Road, N.W.


SAMUEL BAYNES, successively and for several perience, who has recently vacated his situation as Manager in a West End Establishment, after

years engaged as the Cataloguer in two of the eight years' superintendence, a post of respon-

most extensive establishments for Second-hand

Books, both terminated.--Address, 28, Gloucester sibility where trust and confidence are pre-re.

Street, Queen Square, W.C. quisites. The Advertiser has a thorough knowledge of book-keeping.--Address, J. M. J., 54,

Ex: Offord Road, Barnsbury, N.

perienced Cataloguer, who has a know

ledge of Rare Books and Foreign Languages. TO BOOKSELLERS AND STA- Good Salary.-Apply, by letter only, stating past tioners.—Wanted, by the son of an Inde

engagements and qualifications, to 1256, Bookpendent Minister, a country or suburban situation,

EELLER Office. Age 18. Seventeen months' “ Row” experience.

BOOKSELLERS AND STAReferences from his late employer.- Address, P. M. EASTMAN, Chapel House, Windsor.

in the above business. Has a good knowledge of BOOKSELLERS AND STA

the trade. Age 21. Good references.- Address,

VERITAS, Butler's Library, Ventnor, I. of W. has just completed his apprenticeship), an engagement as Junior Assistant. Good references given.

by a Young Man, aged 21, either WholeApply, 12, Halsey Terrace, Cadogan Street, Chel- sale or Retail.-Apply, L. H. WAYBROOK, Alphing. sea, London.

ton, Exeter,


T Statiche so-Kanten, Le Sexperienced

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VER Monstructions

respecting the sale of a

M pogar. Litho and General Printing Busi

R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell MR. GEO. NEWMAN, a fine Old Concern in the country, within

(ESTABLISHED 1854), miles of town. Returns £3,000. No printing. £1,700 required; £1,000 in cash, balance by

Printer's, Stationer's, and Bookseller's Auctioneer, talentz. In same family many years.


Valuer, and Accountant, t-class Business and a thorough genuine Con- 26, Great Winchester Street, old Broad Street, In-Appls to Mr. HOLMES, Valuer, &c., 48,

Respectfully offers his services to the trade in a ternosie Row.

Transfers, Valuations for Partnerships or Probate,

Assignments to Creditors, or Sales by Auction R. HOLMES

under Assignments, Bankruptcy or otherwise, in

town or country. References given. Est-class Stationery, Fancy Stationery, &c., ba sintas. Clear profits, after all expenses, £3,000 R. GEO. has for

year. $2,000 to £3,000 required in cash, and the wiance by instalments.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES,

ness in the Country. The nett profits over £2,000 S. Paternoster Row.

per annum. Machinery, Plant, and Goodwill,

£8,000. A large portion may remain for a term. R to Sell

R. GEO. for Trifersity town. £500 returns hire been £1,500 a year.–Apply to Mr. HOLMES, Stationery, and Printing Business connected with Paternoster Row.

Merchants and Shippers. Returns, £1,665. About

£600 required. Proprietor retiring. (R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell the Business of a Bookseller and Stationer in

(R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed the vicinity of Belgravia. Rent £54. Can let off

to Dispose of a Printing and Manufactur3. Returns nearly £1,200 a year. About £500

ing Stationery Business in the City, doing a large racired.-apply to Mr. HOLMES, 48, Paternoster

and lucrative trade. Price £1,100.


MP. "Old-established Business in a large MBO E genuine old-established Bookselling




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of Wight, Bookselling and Stationery. Same hands twenty-seven years. Price, about £550.


Park All at a valuation; £500 to £600. Established nearly half a century. An excellent vypaturity for any young man wishing to comce business. Rent 452. — Apply to Mr. HOLLE, 48, Paternoster Row.

R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell an


in a watering-place of importance,

a genuine Litho and Copperplate Printing Business. Price £200. A genuine co cern.

MR. old-established Bookselling Stationery MR.posata. Le terpress Printer's and Sta


and Printing Business. Returns about £3,000 a Tesi. Large premises, double-fronted shop, gardem. &c. Ål at a valuation. About £1,000 to $1.300 required. – Apply to Mr. Holmes, 48, hiernoster Row.

TR. HOLMES is instructed to Sell

Itioner's Business, in Wales. Returns, £300 to £400. About £550 cash required.

R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed

to find purchasers for two genuine Printing and Stationery Businesses in Kent. About £300 cash each. Particulars can be obtained as above.


. ,


Pricting Business, established fifty years, and Buata in the centre of a large and fashionable matering-place. All at a valuation; £1,500 to $2,000. Rent £160. Can let off, furnished, £300 5400 a year. In good hands, the returns might

increased to £3,000 a year.–Apply to Mr. HOLYES, 48, Paternoster Row.

posal, a Stationery and Bookselling Business in the Wost of England, for £300. Trade £800 per annum.


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established Bookseller's, Printer's, and Stationer's Business for Disposal. North of Eng. land. Returns, £9,000. Price, £3,500. The office is replete with machinery and steam power. ARTNERSHIP. An old-estab

lished Engraving, Copperplate, Litho
Printing and Stationery house, require a Junior
Partner with £300. Particulars at 26, Great
Winchester Street, E.C.
ARTNERSHIP. – Envelope Manu-

facturer and Wholesale Stationer in the City, doing a large business. £500 required.Particulars at 25, Great Winchester Street, E.C.


ing, either practical or otherwise, business being principally among large printing firms. A large income to be made. £750 cash required. M :

respectfully informs parties about Dis: posing of their Businesses, that they can be entered upon his Rogister, free of charge, at 26, Great Winchester Street, E.O.


Messrs. SHAW & Co., 48, Paternoster Row, E.C.


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diate possession, an old-established Printing, Bookselling, and Stationery Business situated in the centre of a manufacturing town in Lancashire. The business has been carried ou by the present proprietor for upwards of thirty years. Incoming about £500, part of which might remain on security if desired. Satisfactory reasons can be given for declining-For further particulars apply, Mr. CLARKE, Bookseller, Preston.



give Notice that a General Meeting of the Members will be held at No. 56, Old Baile (Sunday-School Union), on Thursday the 24th day of October next, at Seven o'clock in the evening precisely, for the purpose of considering alterations in, and additions to, the Rules, pursuant requisition, duly signed which has been sent to me.

W. MEYRICK, Hon. Sec. 4, Storey's Gate, Great George Street, Westminster, Aug. 6, 1867.



Imperial 8vo, handsomely bound, gilt edges, price 12s. 6d.


Or, The Poet's Kalendar.

The largest and best collection of Rural Poetry published.

London: CHARLES GRIFFIN & CO., Stationers' Hall Court.


AYLOTT & SON, 97, St. Paul's Road, ISLINGTON.
Nichols' Series of the Poets, viz:--
Spenser. 5 vols. 108.-Dryden. 2 vols. 48.-Chaucer.
3 vols. 68.-Butler. 2 vols. 4s.-Bowles. 2 vols. 48.
-Specimens of Poets. 3 vols. 6s. All uncut, fit for

Nichols' Divines :-
Sibbes's Works. 7 vols. 215.-Clarkson's. 3 vols. 98.
Adams'. 8 vols. 98.-Goodwin's. 9 vols. 27s. All new.

Belsham's History of England. 12 vols. Boards.

Hargrave's State Trials. Vol. 1. Folio. Calf. 10s.
Bagster's Analytical Greek Lexicon. 4to. Cloth. 135.
Jorrock's Jaunts and Jollities. Col. plates. 103. 1843.
Life of a Sportsman. By Nimrod. Col. plates. 208.
Quarterly Jour. of Agriculture. 1855 to 1865. 48 pts. 358.
Useful Knowledge Society's Atlas. Coloured. Hf.-rus. 20s.

H. HOPKINS, Glasgow,
Doré's Bible. 1st ed. 2 vols. Cloth. New. £10.
Harvey's Phycologia Australica. 50 pts. New. Comp. 755.
Bridgewater Treatises. 12 vols. 8vo. Cl. uncut. 60s.

Hist. of Franco. Hen. François le Blois. 80 eng. 4 vols. 105.
Wars of England. Thomas Mante. 8 vols. Plates. 178.64.
Sacred Biography.

Hunter, D.D. 5 vols. 10s.
Blair's Sermons. 5 vols. 78. 6d.
Hoyland's Epitome. 2 vols. 78. 6d.
D'Aubigné's Hist. of Refor. in 16th Cent. 3 vols. 78. éd.

C. KING, St. Neots, Huxts.
Harleian Miscellany. Vols. 1, 2, 3. 4to. 58. per vol.
Utopia Mori. Pocket size. Cf. Janson. 1631. 39. Gd.
Verstegan's Eng. Antiquities. 12mo. Plts. Cf. 1673. 5s.6d.

Valpy's Delphin Classics. 141 vols. Bds. Regent's ed.

Maunder's Treasury of Biography, Natural History, &c

5 vols, Hf.-cf., nt. Good as new. Fine set. 1857-9. 28s. Nicolas's Testamenta Vetusta. 2 vols. Roy. 8vo. Hi.

cl., nt. 1826. 15s, 6d. Burke's Commoners. 4 vols. Roy. 8vo. Hf.-calf, neat.

Cloth sides. 1833-8. 259. 60.


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AIKIN & SON, Kixg's Lynx.
Dixon's New America. Clean copy.

Dublin Review. May 1860 to Oct. 1866.
Johns's Land of Silence and Darkness.
Banker's Magazine. 1858 to.
Builder. 1865.
Price on Calculus. Vol. II. 1854.
Percy Society. Nos. 1, 6, 17, 45. Good price.

Muir's Stamp and Tax Office Manual. 1861. Blackwoods.

Grant's Scottish Cavalier.

Diagnosis of the Discases of Women.
Miller's London before the Fire of 1666.
Dawson's Students' Pastime.
Smitton's Human Immortality.
Campin's Diagrams to Facilitate the Calc. of Iron Bridges.
Street's Brick and Marble Architecture in Italy.
Willis's Principles of Mechanism.
Johnson's Modern Diary of Cow-keepers.
Engineering. Vol. I.
Peacock's Doctrine of Limit. Algebra. 2 vols.

Boswell's Life of Johnson. Edited by Malone.
Prior's Engl. Popular Flower Names,
Grantham's Ship Building.
Nieritz's Blind Boy.
Moor's Oriental Fragments, Kings' Seals, Coins, &c. 1834.
Palgrave's Essays on the King's Council.
Sealy's Treatise on Coins, Currency, &c. Pt. 2. 1866.
Lindley's Treasury of Botany. vol. 1, only.
Buxton's Existing Ideals of Policy.
Kinlock on Diplomacy and Foreign Office in France.
Doubleday's Financial and Monetary Hist. of Eng. 1856.
Imray's Steam Engine.
Edgeworth's Helen.
Twilight Thoughts.
Scott's Kenilworth. 8vo. 1 vol. Illustrated.
Longfellow's Hiawatha. Illustrated. 8vo.
Stories of Switzerland. By a Lady.
Longman's List of Periodicals for 1867.
Horace. By Marshall.
Biggs' Thucydides.
Reynolds's Ålomer's Illiad.
Wilkinson's Egypt. New ed. 5 vols.
Hutchinson's Durham. 3 vols. 4to.
Hoare's Ancient Wiltshire, North and South.
Warburton's Vallum Romanum. London. 1753. sto.

BLOMFIELD, 177, GRANGE ROAD, SOUTHWARK. AYLOTT & SON, 97, Paul's Road, ISLINGTOx, N. tson's Ancient Earldom of Athol.

Yu-kiao-li, or the Two Fair Cousins. In English. 2 vols. Book of Taymouth.

Amory's John Buckle. 3 vols. 8vo. shay's Two Years in Venezuela.

John de Castro. leday's Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera.

Poems of Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell. Pub. by Aylott rworth's Glass-Plate Factor's Guide.

and Jones. san's Outlines to Hesiod. Cook's Journal. A set.

E. BAILY, CIREXCESTER. d's Lectures on Meteorology. 1812,

Macintosh's Book of the Garden. 2 vols. 8vo. t's Eccentric Characters.

Morton's Handbook of Farm Labour. ses Moore's Almanack. 1715.

Ilustrated London News. Nos. 1266-71, 1406, 9, 10, 12. s's Fotitis Historica.

Guardian, 1865, March 15, June 14, Oct. 4. 1866, Apr. 4. Curta'Essay on Probabilities. Red cloth. Ben's Essays. 2 vols. 18mo. Sharpe.

G. BARBER, STOCKPORT. sop's Geology of Cheltenham. 2nd ed.

Cassell's Family Prayers. Parts 3, 4, 5. * Thompson's Speech on Taxation. 1832.

National Preacher. American, 1858, 60, 61, 65. ad's Christian Memorials. Masters.

Lingard's History of England. Unabridged. a's Ceylon. 2 vols. Last edition. Clean,

Knight's Museum of Animated Nature. Part 11 to. og on Ben Chagin. Longman and Co.

BICKERS & SON, 1, LEICESTER SQUARE, W.C. a's Works. Vol. 10. 12mo. Green cloth.

Tales of a Grandfather. 9 vols. ih Priest. 12mo. J. H. Parker and Co. "Fair. 2 vols. Original edition. Clean.

Napier's War. Vol. 6. 8vo.

Lavater's Physiognomy. 2nd ed. 4 vols. Roy. 8vo. y of the Bass Rock. Post 8vo. od Queries. 1st series. Vols. 8 and 9.

Causes Célèbres. A set.

Cumberland's Theatre. A set. to Bille. 4to. Parts 2 and 16. 3s.

Martyr of Antioch. By Milman. Bostitas. i Ozford.

Sir Thomas Lawrence's Engravings. Small paper. sis's Lectures. By Burnet. Proofs.

T. W. BICKLEY, SHREWSBURY. i's Beauties of the Boyne.

Johnes's Essay on Dissent, &c. la on the Baptismal Controversy.

Cambrian Register. Vols. 1 toʻ3. ma's Mrs.) Poetical Star. 12mo.

Pye Smith's Scripture Testimony. Vol. 3. Bds. od Savage's Poems.

Coke's Detection of Court and State. Vol. 2. ng's Christ of History,

Wesley's History of the Bible. Vol. 1. 1717. ša Decken's Yacht Sailor.

Bp. Lavington's Methodists and Papists compared. ard on English and Foreign Sailing Boats. il ca Cinlization. Vol. i.

L. BOOTH, 307, Regent STREET, W. a'r Holy Guide. 1662. 12mo.

Mountaineer on Indian Sporting. d's Anatomical Observations. 1845.

Duffs British Guinea. dermos 10 Fols. 8vo.

Hoffman's Lays of the Hudson. derd Exsys 1856.

Nuttall's American Ornithology. zgarsbian Nights. 1st edition. Vol. 3.

Hawkshaw's South America. elsing's Journey from this World to the other. he's Farts. Vol. 4. 4to.


Huttner's Life of Christ. 8vo. 1818. sary of the Anti-Jacobin. Last edition.

Knight's Scroll Ornaments and Vases. 2 vols. 4to. rer mod Honey. School Book.

Priestley's Corruption of Christianity. 2 vols. 8vo. sermons on Roman Catholicism.

Punch. Nos. 147 to 150, 155, 283, 355, 357, 371, 538, 565, 568. ming Helps to Daily Communion. Westley & Davis. Tracts for the Times. No. 89. Svarthmore Hall.

W. BROWN, Hion St., STOKE NEWINGTON, N. bert Spencer's Works. Except his Essays. tbs. 12mo. J. W. Parker.

Knight's Pictorial Shakspeare. Pts. 22, 27, 30 to 49, 52, atering Home. Nisbet.

53, 55, 56. der's Beform Speeches.

Young's Christ of History, thly Review. ist series. Vols. 48 and 65.

Plutarch's Lives. 8vo. Vol. 6. Boards. 1819. utes's History of Australian Discoveries.

Dwight's Theology. 8vo. Vol. 2. Boards. 1824. pot's Cabinet Shakspeare. Vol. 8.

Hallam's England. Post 8vo. Vol. 1. its Paradise of the Soul.

Dr. Pressier's Life of Christ, de Gabalis. English or French.

J. BUTLAND, LEWES. Livray's Birds. Vols. 1 to 3. it on the Stage.

Rob Roy. 3 vols, 12mo. 1818. Vol. 1. as Bocial Statics.

Sussex Archæological Collections. 1-3. n's Science of Exchanges.

CASSELL, PETTER, & GALPIN, LUDGATE HILL, E.C. be es Currency. maa's Notes on India.

Cassell's Illust. Family Paper. Vols. 1 to 4. Fol. series. man's Saints. Original edition.

Dec. 31, 1853, to Dec. 5, 1857. In Nos., Parts, or Vols. ba's Wild Flowers, and other Works. 4to. Cloth.

E. CHARLTON, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE. * 100 Romances of Real Life. 1843.

Bewick's Ironstone of Cleveland. New or clean secondhd. - Legends of Florence. Palirey.

E. CLULOW & SON, DERBY. da Travels. 1 vol. Svo.

Illust. London News. Vol. 46. In Nos, or cloth. Motte's Views of Oxford.

Lieber's Political Ethics. Smith's Cookery. 's Caves of Western India.

T. COLE, 8, HOLYWELL ST., STRAND. 1834. Hamilton and Co.

Campbell on the Atonement. er on Bees. Boards or cloth.

Hengstenberg on the Psalms. Vol. 3. wood's Oriental Entomology.

The Farmer. By Josiah Ringstead. Pub. about 1800. Te's Egyptian Inscriptions. * on Artillery. 1863.

E. COLWELL, HEREFORD. ish Constitution Analyzed. 1811. 2 vols. 12mo.

Ecclesiastical Gazette. No. 160. singharn's Poems and Songs. 1847. 18mo.

Quarterly Review. No. 94. an's Speeches at the Bar. 1855. 2 vols.

Whewell's Elements of Morality. Vol. 1. 1848. field on Shakspeare's Plays. 1850.

Churchill's Works. 4th edition. Vol. 1. dy on the Shakspeare Controversy. 1860.

Cibber's Works. Vol. 1. 1736. ley's Who invented Locomotion 1858.

T. J. CONNOLLY, GALWAY. es Biographies of the Jesuits. 8vo. nett's Bibliotheca Americana. 1713. 4to.

Eadie's Dictionary of the Bible. 7th ed. 18mo.' Griffin. ler's Life. By Bethune. 1833. 8vo.

Sirr's Notes on St. Luke's Gospel. 8vo. Longman. Casas' Spaniards in America. 1699. 8vo.

L. D. CUNDALL, BRISTOL. 's Art of Forming Roads. 1850.

Union Review. Nos. 9 and 17. dsay's History of British Lichens. 1866. 12mo.

Our Mutual Friend. Part 14. my on Marine Engine and Screw Propeller.

Ainsworth's Jack Sheppard. 3 vol. ed. Cruikshank's pite. hards's Miner's Arithmetic, &c. 1869. 8vo.

or Vol. 1 only. Rory of Robespierre. 1794. 8vo. ling's Proverbs. 1880.

DALTON & LUCY, 28, COCKSPUR STREET, S.W. dart on Language. 1860.

Trench's Sacred Poems for Mourners. pson's Sandwich Isles. 1848.

Pre-existence and Future Existence. By Piazzani. French ser's Works. Vol. 7. Bell's Notes, Parker.

or English. le of Cardinal Borromeo.

Twice Married. ** Truth Seeker. 5 vols.

Cottage on the Cliff. te of Robert Maikes.

The Ibis. Vols. 1 and 2. itin Morrie Tits, Services, and su

Poems, Sacred and Miscellaneous. By H. G. Whittaker.

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