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Lytton (Lord) Last Days of Pompeii, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 10 Routledge What will He do with It? new edit., 2 vols., fcap.


0 2

Roulledge Lytton (Lord) Zanoni, new edit., fcap. 8vo

10 Routledge

0 Cann (J.) Secularist's Objections to the Bible, Svo

6 Simpkin Ileod (Norman) The Starling, a Scotch Story, 2 vols., post svo

0 16 0 Strahan How can we best Relieve our Deserving Poor, cr. 8vo..

0 06 Strahan Wzjendie (V. D.) Ammunition: a Treatise on different Projectiles, 8vo


0 Wangal (A.) of Collects, Epistles, and Gospels. Part 1, Adv. - Trin., by S. W., fcap. 0 8 Mozley Wargaret's Engagement, a Novel, 3 vols, post 8vo


6 Bentley Marsh (Rev. William) Life of, by his Daughter, 3rd thous., post 8vo

0 10 0 Nisbet Nartial Law in the Colonies

05 0 Stevens f Sons Vereyn (Henry) Life and Letters, by J. Sargent, new edit., 12ino

0 5 0 Seeleys Heltuish (A. J.) Mental Analysis, sq.

2 6 Longmans Willer (Thomas) Child's Country Story.Book, ia. sq.

0 3

6 Routledge ligotes of the Wesleyan Conference, 1867, 12mo

0 1

4 Office YtrelliA. F.) The Wedderburns and their Work: a Lecture, 4to

0 2 6 Blackwoods Witchell (Josepb) Railway Finance, 8vo ..

0 1 0 Stanford Broekhoven (D). Van) Popular Treatise on Photography, 2nd edit., 12 mo

0 16 Virtue Ycuereitf (P. H.) Oudendale, a Story of Schoolboy Life, fcap. 8vo

red. to 2 6 Macintosh Vatimer (Mrs.) Precept upon Precept, Part I, 18mo

2 6 Hatchard Marby's Excelsior Readers, Cheap Edit., No. 3, 64.; No. 4, 60; No.5, 84.; No. 6 0 0 9 Murby Harray's Handbook of France, new edit., post Svo..

0 12 0 Murray of Switzerland, Savoy, &c., new edit., post 8vo

0 10 O Murray Wirsell (Arthur) Readings from Lectures to Working Men, fcap. 8vo..

0 1 0 Simpkin aconal Realing Book, Standard 6, cr. 8vo

0 1 4 National Soc. Seison Rev. W. L.) First Reading Book, 12mo

0 6

Primer, 12mo

( 6 Dean Sewall Capt. J. T.) Hog-Hunting in the East, 8vo

0 Tinsley Veter-For Ever, by R. Gray, 3 vols., post svo

Il 6 Bentley 1 (John) Fiscal Legislation, 1812–1865, 8vo.

0 7 6 Longmans man (C. F.) Kindly Words to a Country Flock, 12mo

0 2 6 Hatchard lüter (G. Origin of Royal Arch of Masonry, new edit., cr. 8vo

0 5 6 Spencer pen (E. A.) Select Tales in French, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 2 6 Asher hlinary (The) and the Canon of the Mass, cr. Hvo

0 ) 0 Palmer htley i W. Y.) Plates engraved after Masters of the Florentine School, imp. fol. 3 3 0 Quarilch var lads, their Ups and Downs, 18mo

0 6 Rel. Tract Soc. Paze (Leigh) Stars of Earth ; or, Wild Flowers of the Months, cr. 8vo

0 5 0 Johnstone f H. Farker Frances F.) 'Truth without Novelty, 3rd edit., fcap. 8vo..

0 3 0 Hatchard Parry (T.) New Stand. Arithmetic, 12mo, bd; Key, 8d; I vol.

0 Simpkin Paall (Mrs. H. B.) Means and the End, new edit., post svo

6 0 Houlston Pearsall (J. S.) Public Worship : Method of Conducting it, 2nd edit., cr. 8vo

3 0 Jackson & Wals. Penny Cyclopædia, 2nd Supplement to, imp. 8vo ..

adv. to 0 18 0 Bradbury Perey T. Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 5

0 Routledge Perrin's French Fables, Hamiltonian System, 7th edit., 12mo

4 6 Aylott Peter Parley's Universal History, new edit., sq. Phillips (J. A.) Mining and Metallurgy of Gold and Silver, roy. 8vo

1 11

6 Spon Pregraphs of the Clyde, sm. paper, cr. 8vo ..

0 10 6 Simpkin Porter (Rev. G.) Priest's Manual, 'Holy Sacrifice of Mass, 2nd edit.,

2 6 Washbourne Post-Office Directory of Dorsetshire, Hants, and Wiltshire, new edit., sup. roy. 8vo 1 5 0 Kelly Fractical Guides, Paris and the Rhine, new edit., 12mo

0 2 0 Simpkin Precept upon Precept, Part 1, 18mo

0 2 Halchard Psalms (The) Chronologically arranged by Four Friends, cr. 8vo

0 10 6 Macmilian Puneh, Re-issue, Vols. 1861–1865, 410

.each 017

0 office Quiver (The), New Series, Vol. 2, sup. roy. Sve

0 6 Cassell Pailway Lib. Sir Victor's Choice, by Annie Thomas, cr. 8vo

0 Roulledge Pagg (T.) Creation's Testimony to its God, I lth edit., cr. 8vo

0 5

0 Griffin Leere (J. W.) Lent Lectures in Portman Chapel, 1866-7, sm. cr. 870

05 0 Nisbet Beid (Capt. Mayne) Giraffe Hunters, 3 vols, post 8vo

1 11 6 Hurst & Blackett Belief of Pain (The) by Use of Metallic Tractors, 8vo

6 Hamilton Report on the Venereal Disease in the Army and Navy, 8vo

0 0 W. H. Allen Roberts (Capt.) Never Caught, fcap. 8vo..

0 Hollen Robinson (F. W.) Anne Judge Spinster, 3 vols., post 8vo


Milly's Hero: new edit., post 8vo


60 Chapman & Hall Romance of Adventure (The); or, Tales of Enterprise, new edit., fcap. 8vo

6 Routledge Robinson (F. W.) Woodleigh, new edit., 12mo

0 Chapman f. Hull Ross (George) Studies: Biographical and Literary, 8vo


6 Simpkin Routledge's Comic Reciter, edit. by J. E. Carpenter, 12mo..

0 Routledge Books for Country: Crab, Shrimp, and Lobster, by Lord, fcap. 8vo

10. Routledge Every Boy's Annual, 1868, edit. by E. Routledge, 8vo


0 Routledge Routledge's Popular Reciter, Edit. by J. F. Carpenter, fcap. 8vo

10 Routledge Rowbotham (J.) Method of Learning French Genders, new edit., 12mo


6 Griffith f. Far. byle (Rev. J.C.) Coming Events and Present Duties, cr. 8vo

6 Hunt Sadler (Rev. M. F.) Second Adam and the New Birth, 4th edit., fcap. 8vo

Bell of Daldy Sangreal (The); or, the Hidden Treasure, 18mo

0 1 0 Johnstone f. H. Sea Boy's Grave (The), roy. 16mo

red. to

6 Oliphant Search (A) for a Secret, a Novel, by G. A. Henty, 3 vols., post 8vo

1 11

6 Tunsley Sel. Lib. Fic. Woodleigh, by F. W. Robinson, 12mo

0 2 0 Chapman & Hall Short and Simple Prayers for Children, 6th edit., 16mo

0 0 Griffith & Far. St. Augustine's Confessions, new edit., 18mo..

Parker St. Leonards (Lord) Observations on Law of Anctions of Estates, 8vo

0 Murray St. Patrick, the Missionary of Ireland, by J. S. Smithson, 18mo

0 6 Moffatt Scott (Mich.) Cruise of the Midge, new edit., fcap. 8vo..

0 0 Blackwoods Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, New Issue, Vols. 38 & 39, fcap. 8vo


Kenilworth, cheap edit., 8vo

6 Black
The Abbot, cheap edit., 8vo

6 Black

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Scott (Sir W.) Novels, Vol. 2, cr. 8vo

0 3 0 Hollen Scripture Acrostics in Verse, by Author of "Last Sleep of Christian child," 10mo

0 16 Riringlons Sermons (Seven) On Prayer, preached in Hayley Church, 1867, 12mo

0 2 0 Skeifington Short Manual of Prayers for Communicants, 2nd edit., 32mo

0 8 Simpkin Sibree (Marie) Sermons from the Studio, post 8vo..

7 6 Jackson ģ Walf. Simple Lessons, edit. by Rev. T. T. Carter, new edit., 12mo

1 O Mosley Sir Frizzle Pumpkin, Nights at Mess, &c., new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 1 0 Blackwoods Sir Tristram's Will, by Alice King, 3 vols., post Svo

Ill 6 Hurst # Blacketi Smith (Alex.) Alfred Hagart's Household, Popular Edit., cr. Svo

0 6 0 Sirahan Smith (James) Letter to the Duke of Buccleuch, 8vo

0 2 6 Simpkin Smith (Rev. J. D.) Winnowed Grain, 4th edit., 10mo

0 1 6 Partridge Smith (W. J.) On Ringworm; an Inquiry into its Pathology, sm. cr. 8vo

0 3 6 Ilardıricke Smithson (J. S.) St. Patrick the Missionary of Ireland, 18mo

0 06 Moffatt Smyth (W. H.) Sailor's Word-Book: Digest of Nautical Terins, 8vo

1 0 Blackie Sowerby's English Botany, 3rd edit., Vol. 7, roy. 8vo

1 18 0 Hardwicke Spence (L. M. D.) Civil Service Geography, Revised by T. Gray, fcap. 8vo

0 2 6 Lockwood Spencer (I.) Things New and Old, 2 vols., cr. 8vo ..

0 12

6 Tegg with Treasury, by R. Cawdray, sup. roy. 8vo 0 15 0 Dickenson Squire (P.) Companion to the New Edit. of British Pharmacopeia, 8vo

8 6 Churchill Stanley (The Great), or James, Seventh Earl of Derby, by Cumming, cr. 8vo

0 7 6 Macintosh Starling (The), a Scotch Story, by Norman Macleod, 2 vols., post 8vo..

0 16 0 Strahan Staton (J. T.) Bobby Shuttle's Visit to Paris Egzibisshun, cr. 8vo

0 0

6 Simpkin Steinmetz (A.) Everybody's Weather Guide, 8vo

0 1 0 L. Reere Stephenson (Edmund) Maximilian's Execution Discussed, 8vo

1 E. Wilson Sterne (L.) Tristram Shandy, cheap edit., cr. 8vo..

0 0 6 Routledge Stevens and Hole's Grade Lesson-Books, Stand. I, Parts 1 & 2, 12mo ..each 0

0 4 Longmans Stand. 2, Parts I &2..

. each 0

06 Longmans Stand. 3, Parts 1 & 2

.each 0 0 6 Longmans Stone (Lewis) Notes on the Writings of Professor Fawcett and others, 8vo

0 1 0 Bosworth Strutt's Sports and Pastimes, new edit., 8vo


6 Tegg Sunday Magazine (The), 1867, edit. by Dr. Guthrie, roy. Svo

8 6 Sirahan Suter (1.) Ordinance of Levites, fcap. 8vo..

0 1 6 Niramo Taking Tales for Cottage Homes, edit. by Kingston, Vol. 3, cr. 8vo

0 1 6 Griffith of Far. Tait (P. G.) Elementary Treatise on Quaternions, 8vo..

0 12 6 Macmillar Tauchnitz German Authors. Goethe's Fuust, Trans., fcap. 8vo..

0 2 0 Low Fouque's Undine, and other Tales, Trans., fcap. 8vo.. 02 0 Low Temple (Rev. F.) Rugby School Chapel Sermons, 1858–60, new edit., cr. Svo

7 6 Macmillan Ten Letters from a Christ's Hospital Boy, 1851-1862..

0 04 Bennett Tenants of Malory (The), a Novel, by J. S. Le Fanu, 3 vols., post svo

1 11 6 Tinsley Tennyson (Alfred) Vivien & Guinivere, Ilust. by Doré; Phot, fol., ea. 63/ 1 vol. 6 6 0 Moron Terence Comedies, Vol. 3, “ Phorinio," construed by Dr. Giles, 18mo

0 1 6 Cornish Thackeray (W. M.) Denis Duval, post svo

0 5 0 Smith Elder Thibandin (A.) Dictionary of French Verbs, new edit., roy. 8vo

0 6

6 Simpkır Theories (The) of Copernicus and Ptolemy, by a Wrangler, 8vo..

0 0 Longmans Thomas (Ànnie) Theo Leigh : a Novel, new edit., 12mo

0 Chapman of Hall Thompson's Commercial Ready-Reckoner, 12mo

0 0 3 Simpkin Thomas (Annie) Sir Victor's Choice, new edit., cr. 8vo..

0 0 Routledge Thomson and Tait's Treatise on Natural Philosophy, Vol. 1, 8vo..

1 0 Macmillan Thoughtful Hours, sq.

.ady to

0 0 Nelson Thucydides, Books 6 & 7: the Sicilian Expedition, ed. by E. Frost, new ed., fcap. 8vo 0 Macmillan Tomes (Robert) Champagne Country, post evo

0 0 Routledge 'Transactions, Society of Engineers, 1866, 8vo. .

0 Spon Tuttiett (Rev. L.) Counsels of a Godfather, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo

0 6 Gardner Tweedie (W. K.) Ruined Cities of the East, fcap. 8vo

red. to 0 2 0 Nelson Uncle Philip's Tales about the Tools of Inferior Animals, new edit , lemo


o Tegg
Van Doren W. H.) Commentary on New Test., St. Luke, 2 vols., 2nd edit., post 8vo 0 10 0 Dickenson
Vickers (John) Imaginism and Rationalism: the Origin of Christianity, post ovo 0 7 6 Tribner
Walter (Emile) What is Free Trade ? post Pro


Low Warne's Picture Playmate, Vol. 2, sup. roy. Evo

0 6

Warne Waterdale Neighbours (The), by the Author of "Paul Massie," 3 vols., post 8vo 1 11 6 Tinsley Watson (P. H.) Excision of the Knee-Joint, 8vo

03 6 Hardwicke Watts (I.) Catechism of Wages and Capital, 12mo..

0 0 2 Simpkin Weale's Rud. Ser., Photography by Monckhoven, 2nd edit., 12mo

0 1 6 Virtue Webb (Mrs. J. B.) Julio: A Tale of the Vaudois, new edit., fcap. 8vo..

0 2 6 Jarrold White Roe (The) of Glenmere, and other Tales, fcap. 8vo

0 3 0 Johnstone H. Whitfield (Rev. F.) Changed Ones, 4th edit., 32mo

0 1 0 Partridge Whitney (W. D.) Language and the Study of Language, Lectures, post 8vo

0 10 6 Trübner Wilde (Sir W. R.) Lough Corrib, its Shores and Islands, sq. cr. 8vo

0 10 6 Longmans Wilkinson (Rev. A.) The Corn of Wheat, a Sermon

0 6 Masters Williams (T. S.) German & English Conversations, 18th ed. by Kokemuller, cr. Svo 0 3 6 IIilliams - Norg. Willich's Popular Tables, 6th edit., by M. Marriott, post 8vo

0 10 0 Longmans Wilson (A nòrew) Sermons preached in Liverpool, fcap. 8vo..

06 0 Rivingtons Wilson (H. H.) Works, Vol. 8, Vishnu Purana, Vol. 3, 8vo

0 10 6 Trübrer Wise Sayings; and Stories to Explain them, by M. H., 18mo

0 1 6 Johnstone & H. Wolstenholme (J.) Book of Mathematical Problems, cr. 8vo..

0 6 Macmillan Woman's World, Part 1, 4to

0 0 5 Orice Wood (Rev. J. G.) Animal Traits and Characteristics, 2nd ser., new edit., fcap. 8vo 0 6 Routledge Wood (Mrs. Henry) Lady Adelaide's Oath, new edit., post svo

0 0 Bentley Wright (J. C. & H.S.) Selection of Psalms in Verse, Poems and Trans., cr. Svo 0 3 6 Bell f Daldy Xenophon's Memorabilia, Vol. 1, Books 1 & 2, construed by Dr. Giles, 18mo.. 0 2 6 Cornish

Hamiltonian System, 4th edit., 12mo 0 6

0 Ayloll Yardley (Edward) Melusiva, and other Poems, fcap. 8vo

0 O Longmans Yates (C.) Broken to Harness, new edit., post Svo


0 Bentley Yates (Edmund) Kissing the Rod, cr. 8vo, bds. 2 ; cl.

0 6 Roulledge Running the Gauntlet, cr. 8vo, bds. 2/; cl.

0 2 6 Routledge



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Bent's List, No. 762).




British and Foreign Literature,

With which is incorporated BENT'S LITERARY ADVERTISER, established in the Year 1802.




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Allur, William, & Co....... 826, 878 Asher & Co.

886 Bain, A, W.

894 Buaster & Sons,

826 Ballantyne & Co., Edinburgh .. 888 Burritt & Co..... BI & Daldy

824, 825 Beanrose & Sons

827 Bentley, Richard.. Bizza, A. & C. Edinburgh 826 Bek ol, James, & Co. 828 Pakwood, William & Sons 852, 874 Brazitary & Evans

829 British Workroman (The) 814 buss, m., & Co.

816 Barton, J. M.

899 Cameron & Ferguson, Glasgow 852 Canton, Robert

896 Cassell, Petter, & Galpin 830, 893 Chapman & Hall..

832, 833 Chromolithograph, The)

866 Clark, W. M., & Co........ 878 Clark, T. & T., Edinburgh 872 Cocks, Robert & Co. .......... 852 Collins, Wm., Sons, & Co. 869 Cooling, E, Derby

878 Coran, Alex. & Sons

822 Cox, George

815 Darton & Co................... 863 Dega & Son

870 La la Rue, Thomas, & Co. 822 Dellagana, J. & B..

893 Deighton, Bell, & Co., Camb... 857 Dickinson, R. D. Dulau & Co.

816 Eyre & Spottiswoode

828 Freeman Wm. ............815, 852 Gall & Inglis, Edinburgh 871 Gardner, W., Wells............

826 Gilbert, S. & T.

834, 835 Gillott, Joseph

8y6 Glaisher, William..

878 Glasgow Infant School Mag. Goodall & Son Good Words-....

911 Griffin, Charles, & Co.......836, 890 Grifeth & Farran...

873 Hanbary & Simpson Hardwicke, Robert 841, 874

Heywood, A. & Son, Manchester 726
Hayman, Brothers, & Co....... 893
Herring, Wardley, & Co.
Hodgson, Messrs...

897 Holmes, William

893 Hotten, John Camden ..838, 839 Houlston & Wright.

840 Hunt, William, & Co.

837 Hurst & Blackett..

872 Jackson, Walford, & Hodder

873 Jenkins & Cecil

892 Johnstone, Hunter, Co., Edinb. 875 Journal of Horticulture (The).. 886 Kelly & Sons..

891 Kelly, W. B., Dublin

826 Kent & Co...

815, 816 Kitto, F. Bowyer

852 Knight & Co..

814 Leighton, Son, & Hodge 899 Lewis & Sons

893 Lockyer, G. J., Birmingham 899 Lockwood & Co.

828 Longman & Co. 826, 842, 857 Low, Son, and Marston..... 843 Macintosh, Wm.

844 Macmillan & CO.

876 Marks, Joseph

894 Marlborough & Co.....840, 874, 895 Masters, Joseph

846 Maxwell, Wm. & Son.......... 846 Milner & Sowerby, Halifax 877 Morris & Co............ 874 Moxon & Co...........

879 Mozley, J. & C.....

854 Müller & Nijhoff, Amsterdam., 886 Murby, Thomas

857 Murray, John ......

...... 847 Musical Bouquet (The)

815 Myers, J. J., Southampton 891 National Society (The)

857 Nelson, Thomas, & Sons ..848, 849 Newman, George.... Nichol, James, Edinburgh 847 Nicholson, W. & Sons, Halifax 872 Nimmo, W.P., Edinburgh..850, 878 Nisbet & Co.

853 Nutt, David

854 Ogden, J., & Co.

895 Partridge, 8. W.


Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton 820, 821 People's Magazine, (The) 867 Pettitt, T. & Co.

822 Philip, George, & Son.. 856 Pickering, B. M.

874 Poplett, John

890 Puttick & Simpson ............ 900 Ramage & Coppinger

.......... 880 Ransom, H.

892 Religious Tract Society

854 Rimmel, E.

816 Rivingtons..

858, 859 Rock, Brothers, & Payne...... 895 Routledge, George & Sons.. 819, 874 Saint Pauls

865 Sangster & Co.

862 Schenck & Macfarlane, Edinb... 890 Shaw, J. F., & Co.

862 Simmons, J. & Co.

894 Simpkin, Marshall & Co. ..815, 816 Smith, William..

891 Smith, Elder, & Co. ..813, 860, 900 Soc. Prom. Christ. Knowl. 867 Southgate & Co.

897 Spon, E. & F. N.

741 Stevens & Sons......

846 Stevens, T., Coventry

884 Stinson, R. Y.

891 Strahan & Co.

864, 881, 911 Sunday Magazine (The)..... 911 Sunday School Union (The) 814 Suttaby & Co.

............ 815 816 Tegg, William

885 Thomas, J., Liverpool

815 Ticknor & Fields, Boston 814 Trübner & Co.

882, 883 Tweedie, W.

........816, 852 Venables, Tyler, & Son

893 Virtue & Co.

.865, 891 Walton, James

887 Ward, Lock, & Tyler .... 912 Warne, Frederick, & Co. .,817, 839 West, R. C.

896 Westleys & Co.

895 Whiteman & Bass

892 Whiteman & Co.

894 Wolff, E., & Son .............. 894 Wood, Charles W.

............ 874 Wyman & Sons...

........ 818



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London: PUBLISHED AT THE OFFICE, 10, WARWICK SQUARE, PATERNOSTER ROW. Subscription, 58. per annam, delivered post-free.-Single Number, bd.; by post, 7d.

@ROHE BOOKSELLER for November (issued about December 10)

will contain a series of Illustrated Notices, describing the chief Books of the Season adapted for Presents. It will also contain some

other literary features of interest, besides numerous Illustrated Advertisements printed on toned paper. The Number will thus in various ways be rendered attractive to Bookbuyers as a guide to the purchase of Books for Presents, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year; as, in addition to the ordinary circulation, it finds its way into the drawingrooms of thousands of wealthy Bookbuyers in all parts of the worldand it may be safely affirmed that no illustrated volume is more carefully examined.

No expense whatever is spared in the production of the CHRISTMAS BOOKSELLER, in proof of which it may be mentioned that every copy of the issue for 1866 cost the proprietor more than two shillings; and, notwithstanding the large impression, it was out of print immediately.

To meet the views of the Retail Trade who may wish to circulate copies in their own localities as “THE CHRISTMAS BOOKSELLER," an additional number will be printed without any special reference to trade matters, and will be supplied to Booksellers, with their own Names and Addresses printed thereon, at the rate of one hundred for 50s., fifty for 30s., twenty-five for 175. 6d. The price to the public will be Ison or if sent by post is. 6d. Orders for copies must be received by the 15th November. No larger number than one hundred will be supplied to the same person ; nor can the Publisher supply any at the above prices if ordered later than the day mentioned.

Books WANTED AND BOOKS FOR SALE.—Subscribers wishing to have their “Wants” inserted in the Christmas Number must, with their copy, remit six stamps for every book.

book. No notice will otherwise be taken of their “Wants." The BOOKSELLER is supplied, post free, to Subscribers of Five Shillings a year, which amount may be transmitted, either in Postage Stamps or by Postoffice Order, payable at the General Post-office, to Mr. EDWARD TUCKER.

Advertisements inserted in The Bookseller are charged at the following rate :-Four lines, set close, in column, 35. 6d., per line beyond, 6d. ; six lines, set close, across the page, 10s. 6d., per line beyond, Is. 6d. ; page, 31. 35. ; half-page, il. 16s. ; third, il. 55. ; quarter page, 20s.; one-sixth, 14s. Displayed Advertisements, whether in column or across the page, are charged according to the space occupied. In

consequence of the time required for getting upthe Illustrations, Advertisers will much oblige the Publisher by sending their copy early.

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* “In the midst of this winter-wealth of Seasonable Books, commend us for a golden key to our golden treasures to The Bookseller, which furnishes the magic 'Open Sesame' to all our publications. The Bookseller may be described as the organ of the book-world of England. It contains complete lists of all new and standard works; it reveals the operations of the whole publishing trade every month; and it is, moreover, enriched by short articles of intelligence, interesting and valuable to all readers and lovers of books, and careful little notices of new works of importance. The Christmas Number is a marvel of matter, literary and artistic. All the Christmas books,

without exception, are either recorded or described in its pages, which are made luminous by a rich selection of illustrations from the majority of them. Wherever you open The Bookseller, you come upon a piece of art or of literary news, in some shape, worth the whole cost of the number. We know of no independent publication which from its size, subjects, or the beauty of its typography and general arrangement, is more worthy of a place on the drawing-room table. All readers, to say nothing about purchasers, to whom it is indispensable, should possess The Bookseller."--The late Mr. ROBERT BELL, in The Home News.

THE GAZETTE. abruptcy Annulled

ments on 19th March, Junr, December, 1808; and uts, James, Plumstead, formerly Chatham, newspaper 19th March and June, 1899. qoprietor, &c.

Hazard, John Lewis and James, Ca nden Street, Islington, rupes

printers; comp. of 5s. 6d. by two instalments; 2s. 6d. e, John, Montreal Road, Brighton, late stationer and

in three, and 3s. in six months. afer; solicitor, C. Lamb, Brighton.

Hirst, Mark, Sheffield, lithographer; trustee, Joseph 5, Alfred, Brewer Street, Regent Street, preparer

Barber, accountant, Sheffield. plotographie papers; solicitors, Stocken and Jupp,

Lockless, John, York Road, Albany Road, Camberwell, {padlenhall Street.

newsagent, &c.; comp. of 24. on 30th September. ir, Elvard, Carter Lane, wholesale stationer.

Pen:lleton, Charles, Chipping Norton, printer, stationer, "Ina, Robert, late trading under tirın of Robert and newsagent; comp. of 47. on 1st November. .: mon and Co., High Street, Elinburgh, marble

Philp, Eliward, jun., Toriano Avenue, Camden Road, • 1997 manufacturer; claims by 4th February.

journalist, &c., to pay £80 a year by quarterly instalT. James and Robert Gray, Saltmarket Street, Glasgow, ments, until debts are paid in full. First on 25th lice under rum of Gage and Gray, publishers and

December; trustee, William Meech Sherring, gentleman, - Esellers ; claims hy 21st January.

Great Russell Street. 94, Erenezer, late Sunderland, stationer, &c.; solicitor,

Shellard, John Edwin, Colston Villa, Horfield Road, Y Bobinson, Sunderland,

Bristol, bookseller; trusler, Richard Howard Leaker, Ton, Grenville Street, Dublin, printer, &c.; agora,

smith, Anchor Lane, Canons Marsh, Bristol. 1. Forsythe, Eustue Street, Dublin.

Tingman, James, Southport, bookseller and stationer; - Life, Abel, Scale Lane, Hul, printer and newspaper

trustees, George Heywood, stationer, Manchester, and netur.

George Richardson Carter, Bank Manager, Southport. Lent, Thomas, Foss Gate, York, hookseller, stationer,

Walker, William, sen., Runcora, book eller, printer, and 360ernt; solicitor, R. Dale, York.

stationer ; comp. of 105. by four equal instalments 1, Benjamin Coiston, Bishopston, Horiield, late

on 1st April, 1st October, 18:9; and 1st April and īsten, stationer, &c.; solicieor, W. Benson.

1st October, 1869; trustee, Jonathan Potter, Runcorn. Sathan, Farnborough Terrace, Battersea,

Wilcocke, Saunuel Hull, Blackınan Street, Southwark, **; micilor, R. J. Dobie, Basinghall Street.

music-eller ; comp. of 33. in six weeks. in George, Ritoll Street, Bernoud ey, stationer,

Williams, (teorge, Wolverhampton, printer; cornp. of 58: put, &c.; solicitor, J. B. Pittman, Guildhall

by two equal instalments, tirst on 1st December, and

second in three months after. od, George, Berwick Street, Sohn, late picture Partnerships Dissolved :; solicitor, A. Wit, Cannon Siire.

Ashford, Henry, and Thomas Bristo Ashford, Newgate Henry Andrew, late Carey Street, publisher.

Street, photographic publishers. :

Benrose, Henry Howe, William Bemrose, jun., and 7.1. J. 8., jun., printer; first of 6s. 4d., Edwarls. Richal Lothian, Paternoster Row, publishers, as STIL, John, Fleet Street, publisher; inal dividead, at reyards Lothian. un, Benban and Tindoul, Beex Sireet.

Burton, Jolin, Alfred Henry Burton, Oliver Burton, and bie, G., printer and stationer; first of 6s. 6d., Jonn William Burton, Leicester, Derhy, Nottingham, HAT, Exeter.

Burton-on-Trent, and Melton Mowbray, booksellers, ***exts, Compositions, Trust Deeds, de.:

stationers, printers, binders, and photographer, as Airbu, lacclesfield, stationer ; trustee, William

rends A. H. Burton ; debts pailly remaining pariners. Tatton, brushinaker, Sutton, near Macclesfield.

Lloyil, Richard and James, Griechurch Street, print1.1, William Henry, Campbell Street, Newcastle, book

Fellers, publishers, and dealers in pictures and drawings; L-?; tristee, Thomas C. Jack, publisher, Edinburgh.

debts paid by J. Lloyd. . Richard William, Sorthampton, inusicseller; comp.

Lyall, James Watson, and James Hogg, Stirling, news. a by two equal instalments, on 7th December

paper proprietors, under style of “Stirling Journal and udith sarch, guaranteed.

Advertiser," and in Perth' and Crieff, under style of 7. Micheal Joseph, George Street, Plymouth, photo

“Perthshire Journal and Constitutional;" 31st Der. ber; comp. of 28. 61. by two equal instalments

McKay, Andrew Williain, and Lewis Pocock, Pall Mall, Ist Octoher and 1st November.

East, printsellers, &c.; debts paid by Mekry. w Eriward Joseph, Duke Street, Liverpool, printer,

Wilkinson, John, and John Gilbert Ira er, Lupin Street, 14p. of 2. in one month from registration.

Birmingham, paper and twine dealers; debts paid by

Wilkinson. 2.itt Charles Edward, Scarborough, book eller and AD100ST ; trustees, Robert Johnson, book seller, South

Wilkinson, William, William Hall Burnett, and George ; Edmund Wrigley, wholesale stationer, Man

Hood, Middlesborough, booksellers, publishers, stash; and Thomas Harrison, gastitter, Scarborough.

tioners, printers, &c.; debts paid by Wilkinson. 2c, Batnuel, Hardy Street, Liverpool, printseller, &c.; Petition to wind-up under Companies' and Societies' Acts :PT. of 105. by two equal instalments on ist November

The Strand Printing and Publishing Company (Limited); *7 156 April, secured. urt, William Edward, Bradford, printer; comp. of

solicitors, Miller and Smith, Watling Street. by instalments, half on registration and residue, in

Resolution to winul-up voluntarily :* months.

The Cheltenham Newspaper Company (Limited) ; liqui941, Bailey, King's Road, Chelsea, bookseller and dators, George Personage and William Byrne, account

narr; comp. of 10s. by six equal quarterly instal. ant, Cheltenham.

TRADE AND LITERARY GOSSIP. A WORD TO THE TRADE --A few pages further ought to have retained to slip through their fingers. en will be found our Seasonal list of amounce- Publishers have done their part of the work in Ernts of forthcoming books. Every publisher preparing saleable books, and offering them to n town and country contributes each bis por- the trade at prices which afford a reasonable Eon, and altogether the list is a goodly one, margin of profit. They have also spent considerlny of the books are such as booksellers able sums of money in advertising and making koerally may dispose of, or such as a few them known; but, having done all this, they

ago they would have kept in stock. have too frequently had to complain that they low publishers, as a body, constantly say, “We have met with no response from the trade ; their, on the part of the trade, a very generally books have been sold only to such customers spread dislike to give us an order for stock as they had themselves interested by means of boks." That such is the case need excite no advertisements, and who would have purchased wonder, when we remember how little the chief those books even though there had been nointer7.ublishers have done to promote the interests of mediate booksellers at all. Here and there, there the retail trade, and to discourage the pernicious are some exceptions, booksellers, who do know i'ractice of underselling; but things must be met their business who watch the advent of new as they are, and not as we could wish them to be, books, and who, as soon as they are ready, bring the question may therefore be asked, --are book. them before the notice of customers. Such men wers thoronghly alive to their own interests, and are genuine booksellers, and generally are successtortbey masters of their own position ? We think ful in their busiuess. We do not find them sitting that they are not: they have shown too much down and crying out that bookselling is all going apathy, and have allowed business which they to the dogs, and that they wish they had never

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