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The first volume of the new library edition of Thackeray's works, is this day issued by Messrs. Smith, Elder & Co. This consists of the first volume of “Vanity Fair,” and is illustrated with twenty engravings and eighty-nine wood. cuts. The publishers have amply redeemed their promises. The book is printed in the best style on fine toned paper, with all the original and some new illustrations ; the woodcuts being printed from the original wood block, instead of, as hitherto, from stereotype casts. The series, which will comprise about thirty volumes, will doubtless be welcome to the constantly increasing number of admirers of our great humourist, as it will not only contain all Thackeray's writings " which it is believed he would desire to be in. cluded," but new and interesting matter in possession of the publishers.

the works of these benefactors of our race, and had invested largely in the contraband editions, and was accordingly careful, before crossing the channel, to remove them from his travelling case and stow them in his pockets, hoping to escape a personal search at the English custom-house. He might have saved himself this trouble and some nervous anxiety. The luggage was not examined on landing, nor were any questions put to us by the officers of customs at Dover, and we transferred our baggage to the railway un. challenged.

From what I saw on this and previous occasions, I am convinced that the introduction of the cheap foreign reprints of the works of English authors is carried on to an enormous extent, and it appears to me doubtful whether such sums, as I believe are given by the foreign publishers for the right of re-publication, are at all equivalent to the loss the proprietors of copyrights must suffer by this wholesale introduction of editions which directly and indirectly must seriously affect the sale of the English editions.

I am Sir, yours &c., A Tourisr. [So long as English publishers keep up the English standard books at the present unreasonable high pitch, and at the same time, for a paltry sum, allow copyright works to be reprinted by Baron Tauchnitz, they must not be surprised if English tourists avail themselves of the opportunity they have of purchasing such books cheaply.]


A CAUTION. To the Editor of the BOOKSELLER. SIR, -In reply to the advertisement for “Col. lins's Family Atlas, 21s.,” in the last number of the BOOKSELLER'S Books Wanted," I received the enclosed.

Not quite liking the look of the note, I referred to the Directory, and found that the address given was a post-office. I thereupon sent a messenger instead of the stamps, and was, of course, told that the people at the post-office knew nothing of Mr. Griffin--they only received letters for him.

I then wrote Mr. Griffin, stating that if the book was sent me, stamps should be forwarded for the amount; or if sent by a messenger, pay. ment should be made on delivery.

I need scarcely say that no reply has been received, and as the same circumstance may occur to other members of the trade, you may perhaps think it worth while to cantion them.

I am, sir, yours &c..

EDWARD STANFORD. Charing Cross, Oct. 16.

[We have received from other quarters letters signed “W. B. Duncan, 179, Sloane Street, Chelsea” (a post-office), and “E. M. Massey, 18, York Road, King's Cross” (also a post-office), both of which appear to be written by Mr. Stanford's correspondent. The best way for those persons who live in the country to check this practice, will be, not to send money to any person who is not known, before receiving the books, to to get some correspondent in London to pay for the books on delivery.] THE TAUCHNITZ EDITIONS OF COPY.


OBITUARY. MR. FREDERICK LAWRENCE. - This well-knowi gentleman died on Friday morning, October 25th, after a short illness. Mr. Lawrence, who was called to the bar in 1849, was for some time in the house of Messrs. Simpkin, Marshall and Co., and afterwards in the Printed Bool Department of the British Museum. He wa the author of “A Life of Henry Fielding, and was at one time a frequent contributor t periodical literature. He was, perhaps, mor generally known as a politician; an elegant an effective speaker, he some years ago took a active part in several liberal movements in th metropolis. A most genial, kindly-hearted mar he was esteemed and liked by everybody wh knew him, and in the literary and profession: circles in which he lived.

Oct. 11. M. Frederic Dübner, aged 65, a cel brated German classical scholar, long residei in Paris. His obsequies were celebrated on t] 15th, at the Church of Montreuil, when I Ambroise Firmin Didot pronounced a mo eloquent elegy over his departed friend. said the deceased was born at Hoerslegan, ai from a child pursued with ardour those classic studies which Gottingen and Gotha offered h under various learned professors, especial Jacobs, of whose Anthology it was his privile half a century later to revise a new edition 1 the press. On returning from a tour in Italy, t deceased became aware that M. Didot v about to issue a new edition of Stephen's Gre Thesaurus, and he offered to share in the labı of its production. Of his conscientious labo on this M. Didot speaks in terms of high prai “Others," he says, “will tell all he has di for my library of Greek authors, to which Düb was pleased to say his life was attached.” made France his adopted country, and delighted to see young professors following in footsteps.

To the Editor of the BOOKSELLER. Sir,-We have hitherto supposed that the in. terests of British authors were jealously guarded by our copyright laws, but returning last week from a continental trip, I had opportunities of observing with what impunity and to what an extent these laws are evaded. The railway. trains and steamers by which I travelled were, as usual at this season, crowded with British tourists returning homewards, and the prevalence of literary tastes among the majority was amply proved by the display of the Tauchnitz cheap reprints of the works of Tennyson, Dickens, George Eliot, and other popular authors. My travelling companion had a great admiration of


In accordance with our annual custom, we have collected the titles of those books which are promised, or are likely to make their appearance, during the ensuing season. The list is nearly as long as that which we presented last year; but there are not so many important works announced as we could desire. Recent political discussions have not been favourable to study, nor have monetary affairs been propitious. To these two causes may be chiefly traced the deficiency of which we complain. There is, however, good ground for hope that, disturbing causes having now been removed, the book trade will spoedily resume its wonted activity.



By Messrs. Bell and Daldy. A Coloured Edition of Birket Foster's SUMMER

SCENES. Photographs from some of his most beautiful Water-Colour Drawings. Carefully coloured by hand, representing Water-Colour Drawings, accompanied with appropriate Poems from the Works of Clare, Crabbe, Thomson,

Joanna Baillie, &c. &c. The ANCESTRAL Homes of BRITAIN. Containing

Examples of the noblest Castles, Halls, and Mansions in England. With forty Illustrations taken from Drawings executed expressly for this Work. Edited, with Biographical and Historical Notices, by Rev. F. O. Morris. A COLOURED EDITION of the MASTERPIECES of

JULREADY ; or, Photographs from Paintings and Engravings of_his most popular Works. With Memoir by F. G. Stephen. Coloured by hand from the Originals in the possession

of Her Majesty, &c. &c. The MASTERPIECES of ITALIAN ART. Photographs

from the finest Engravings of the most celebrated Paintings of the Italian Masters in the various galleries throughout Europe. With

Memoirs of each Painter. The Great Works of Sir David WILKIE. Photo.

graphs from the finest Engravings of his most popular Paintings. With Biographical

Memoir. A New Edition of Art and Song. Illustrated by

Painters and Poets. With steel engravings from drawings by J. W. Turner, David Roberts, T. Stothard, W. Collins, F. Goodall, &c., &c. With a Selection of the choicest Poems, by Robert

Bell. A New Edition of REMBRANDT's ETCHINGS : con

taining thirty large Photographs of the choicest Etchings, taken from the Collections in the British Museum, and in the possession of Mr.

Seymour Haden. With descriptive letter-press. A New Edition of the Great Works of RAPHAEL :

a series of thirty large Photographs from the finest Engravings of his most celebrated Paintings; with a Memoir. Edited by Joseph Cundall.

By Mr. A. W. Bennett. SCOTLAND : Her Songs and Scenery. As sung by

her Bards, and seen in the camera. With four

teen Photographs. OUR ENGLISH LAKES. New Edition. Our REPRESENTATIVE MEN. Edited by E. Wal

ford. Being a Selection from “ Photographic Portraits of Men of Eminence" of twenty Portraits; and Biographies, of the most distinguished Men of the Day, in Literature, Science,

and Art. The First Series of FEN AND MARSHLAND

CHURCHES : a Series of fifteen Photographs. A Cheaper Edition of LONG ELLOW's HYPERION. With twelve Photographic Illustrations.

By Mr. J. Garnett, Windermere. Tue LAKES IN SUNSHINE. With Photographs.

By Messrs. Griffin and Co. The POETRY of the YEAR. A Series of Illustra

tions from the Drawings of Birket Foster, Harrison Weir, L. E. Barker, H. Lejeune, E.V.B. E. Duncan, W. Lee, David Cox, J. Wolf, T. Creswick, C. Davidson, W. Hemsley, &c. &c. Beautifully executed in Chromo-Lithography, and mounted; highly ornamental head lines and tail pieces.


illustrative of its Inhabitants, Animal Life and Vegetation in the Low Lands and High lountains; together with the Submarine Scenery near the Coast, taken in a diving-bell. With descriptive letterpress by the Baron Eugene de Ransonnet.

By Miss Emily Faithfull. The “Te Deum.” Containing 29 pages of closely Illuminated Work by Mrs. Fleet, of Penge, chiefly in the style of the 14th century, each verse being illustrated by different Emblems and Flowers, appropriate to the text. The size of each illumination is 104 inches by 7}, and the paintings are being copied in gold and colours, by Messrs. M. and N. Hanhart, the well-known Chromolithographists. The Queen, on inspecting the original work, was graciously pleased to pronounce it one of exquisite beauty and finish, and to accept the dedication of the voliune.

By Mr. J. C. Hotten. Lives of the Saints. With fifty exquisite to

Illuminations, mostly coloured by hand. The Letterpress within Woodcut Borders of beauti

ful design. SAINT URSULA, and the Story of the 11,000

VIRGINS, now newly told. By Thomas Wright, F.S.A. With twenty-five full-page 4to Illumi: nated Miniatures, from the Pictures of Cologne.

By Messrs. Longmans and Co. LYRA GERMANICA, the CHRISTIAN LIFE. Trans

lated from the German by Miss Catherine Winkworth. With upwards of 200 Illustrations from Original Designs, comprising Bible Landscapes, Scriptural Vignettes, Allegorical and Emblematical Marginalia, Tail Pieces, and Initials Engraved on Wood from Drawings by John Leighton, F.S.A., E. Armitage, A.R.A., and F. Madox Brown.

By Messrs. Low, Son, and Marston. CHRISTIAN LYRICS. Chiefly Selected from Modern

Authors. 138 Poems, Illustrated with upwards of 150 Engravings. Sm. 4to. Uniform with the favourite edition of Bishop Heber's Hymns, published last year. The STORY WITHOUT AN End. From the German

of Carové. By the late Mrs. Sarah T. Austin. Cr. 4to. With fifteen exquisite Drawings by E. V. B. Printed in Colours in fac-simile of the Original Water-Colours, and numerous other Illustrations. The publishers say “That no effort has been spared to render this volume the most perfect specimen of block


artist. Desirous that nothing might be wanting whi
could add to their value or increase their interest to t
English public, the publishers are able to announce that
the engravings will be accompanied by an elucidatory text
by Mr. George Henry Lewes, whose appreciative biography
of Goethe has connected his name indissolubly with that
of the subject of his book.”'

By Messrs. Warne and Co.

A Fine Art Book 1868. With Artistic

By | Înitials

, and Woodcut Tulustrations?


colour-printing yet produced, and it is believed that it
will form one of the most charmingly illustrated books of
the approaching season.” This promise, we are informed,
by those who have seen specimens of the book, is fully
borne out.
The POETRY OF NATURE. Selected and Illustrated

by Harrison Weir. New Edition.
Uniform with the pretty little edition of Gray, in the
series known as Choice Editions of Choice Books."

By Mr. Miall.

R. H. Smith. Illustrated by Photographs.

New Edition.
Illustrated by Photographs. New Edition.

By Messrs. E. Moxon and Co.
TENNYSOX-Doré, Vivien, and Guinevere.

A magnificent edition of these Idylls, illustrated by eighteen engravings on steel, uniform with the edition of Elaine published last year.

By Mr. J. Mitchell,
WORDS of COMFORT for the SORROWFUL. Selected

from Holy Scripture. Illustrated and Ilumi-
nated. By Mrs. Frances Martindale. Roy. 4to.

By Mr. W. P. Nimmo.
The POEMS and Songs of Robert BURNS. A

handsome Drawing Room Edition. With Origi-
W. H. Paton, R.S.A., Gourlay Steell

, R.S.A., Samuel Bough, &c., and other distinguished Scottish Artists. Cr. 4to.

By Messrs. Nisbet and Co.
Nativity. Printed, on toned paper, by R. Clark;
and Illustrated with Drawings by Fröhlich,
Moore, Small, Caroline Hullah, Jackson,
Durham, and Wimperis.

By Messrs. G. Routledge and Sons.
North Coast: a Volume of Original Poems.

By Robert Buchanan. With Illustrations by

the Best Artists. ORIGINAL Poems for INFANT MINDS. Printed

by Clay, from Original Woodcuts, with Ornamental Borders. (Uniform with "Little Lays for Little Folks.") By Messrs. Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday. CONTEMPORARY FRENCH PAINTERS; their National

Characteristics. By Philip Gilbert Hamerton.

Illustrated with Photographs.
WOODLAND and WILD. A Selection of Descriptive

Poetry from various Authors. With numerous
Illustrations on Steel and Wood after Rosa
Bonheur, C. Jacque, Yan Dargent, and other

Eminent Artists.
The WOMEN of the GOSPELS. Meditations on

some Traits of Feminine Character recorded
by the Evangelists. Selected from the Writings
of Chrysostom, Augustine, Jeremy Taylor,
Bishop Hall, and other great Divines. Illus-
trated with twelve Photographs after great

By Messrs. Trubner and Co.
FEMALE CHARACTERS from Goethe's Works: De-

signed by William Kaulbach, and executed in
the highest style of Line Engraving. With
Explanatory text by G. H. Lewes. In one
volume, large folio.
“The unqualified praise bestowed on the productions of
William Kaulbach by the highest authorities in art, has
been endorted by the Commissioners of the Paris Exhibi-
tion, who have awarded the great gold medal to the
author. Encouraged by this, the publishers have resolved
on the issue of an edition in the highest style of art and
regardless of expense. They have accordingly arranged
for the execution of a series of copper-plate engravings
from the original drawings, and have secured the services
of the most eminent artists in this department, the selec-
tion being determined not simply by their possession of
the highest manipulative skill, but further and chiefly by
their ability to enter into the meaning of, and adequately
to interpret these exquisite creations of the poet and the


By Mr. A. W. Bennett.
CARELLA : Songs and Sympathies. By J. J.

By Messrs. James Blackwood and Co.
The Widow's SIXPENCE; or, Go thou and do

New NURSERY Songs. By Mrs. Follen. New
and enlarged edition.

By Messrs. A. and C. Black.

By Messrs. Edmonston and Douglas.
HEROES of DiscOVERY. By Samuel Diossman.
KARL'S LEGACY. By Rev. J. W. Ebsworth.

By Messrs. Gall and Inglis.

Edition. With six Steel Engravings.
NEW SERIES of Toy Books:-

Alphabet of Old Testament History.
Joseph and his Brethren.
Daniel and his Three Friends.

Nursery Rhymes.

Ned Turner; or, Wait a Minute,
The Cord of Love.
Lucy and her Friends.
Agnes Leith.
Hugh Nolan, the Lobster Boy.

Burtie Corey, the Fisher Boy.
SHEER OFF: 'A New Tale. By A. L. 0. E.

By Messrs. Griffith and Farran,
The Book of Cats. A Chit-Chat Chronicle a
Feline Facts and Fancies, Legendary, Lyrica
Musical, Mirthful, and Miscellaneous. B

C. H. Ross.
UPSIDE DOWN ; or, Turn-over Traits. Fron

Original Sketches of the late W. M'Connel

With Illustrative Verses by Tom Hood. Castles and their HEROES. By Barbara Hattor The ATTRACTIVE PICTURE BOOK. A New Gi.

from the Old Corner. Containing numerou

Illustrations by Eminent Artists.
Gerald and HARRY; or, The Boys in the North

By Emilia Marryat Norris.
The Children's Pic-Nic, and WHAT CAME of I

By Emilia Marryat Norris.
The Bear KING. A Narrative confided to the
Marines. By James Greenwood. With Illus

trations by Ernest Griset.
The LITTLE Child's FABLE Book. Arrange

progressively in Words of One, Two, and Thre

Cousin Trix and her WELCOME STORIES. I

Georgiana Craik.
His NAME WAS HERO. By the Author of "TŁ
Four Seasons," &c.

By Messrs. Houlston and Wright,
New SERIES of Books for YOUNG PERSONS :-
The Mimic, and two other Stories, for Boy

By Maria Edgeworth.
The Bracelets, and the good French Governes

Two Stories for Girls. By Maria Edgewort
Lazy Lawrence and Simple Susan. Two Stori

for young Persons. By Maria Edgeworth. The Last Shilling; or, The Selfish Child. Rev. P. B. Power.


By Messrs. Jackson, Walford, and Hodder. By Messrs. W. Oliphant & Co., Edinburgh. The WEAVER Boy who BECAME a MissIONARY. WILLIAM FAREL; and the Story of the Swiss

Being the Story of Dr. Livingstone's Life and Reformation. By the Rev. W. M. Blackburn, Travels. By H. G. Adams.

Author of “Young Calvin in Paris," “The Silver LAKE; or, Lost in the Snow.

Rebel Prince," &c. Crown 8vo. R. M. Ballantyne.

EDGED Tools. By the Author of “Win and OLD MERRY'S ANNUAL for 1868. Profusely Wear." Foolscap. Illustrated.

Young CALVIN in PARIS: or, The Scholar and A POPULAR Book for You'xG PEOPLE at CHRIST

the Cripple. By the Rev. Wm. Blackburn. MAS TIME. By Contributors to “Merry and Small 8vo. Wise,”.. entitled “Old Merry's Christmas MR. LESLIE'S STORIES. By Robert Hope MonParty.”

crieff, Author of “The Lycée Boys,' “The Told in the Twilight; or, Stories for Young Martyr Shepherd," &c. Small 8vo.

People. By Sidney Daryl. In square 16mo, EATON PARSONAGE; or, the Secret of Home with Illustrations.

Happiness. Smalí 8vo.
SILVER LAKE; or, Lost in the Snow. By R. M.

By Mr. S. W. Partridge.
Ballantyue. Square 16mo.
By Messrs. Johnston, Hunter, and Co.

Our Four-FooteD FRIENDS. By Mary Howitt.

With Ilustrations by Harrison Weir.
LITTLE Tales for LITTLE PEOPLE. By various

By Messrs. Routledge and Sons.

WONDERFUL INVENTIONS. Edited by John Timbs. WISE SAYINGS, and STORIES to EXPLAIN THEM. Percy's Tales of the Kings of ENGLAND. New By M. H.


The WONDER Book. New Edition. By Messrs. Low, Son, and Marston.

New Books for Boys. By Rev. H. C. Adams; STORIES of the GORILLA COUNTRY. Narrated for Thomas Miller; Mrs. Eiloart; Anne Bowinan. Young People by P. Da Chaillu.

ANECDOTES of Dogs. The Boy's Own Book of Boats; showing how A New JUVENILE Book. By the Author of "The

to Make, Rig, and Sail Model Boats. An Four Sisters." entirely New and Improved Edition, By The Child's Country Story Book. By Thomas W. H. G. Kingston.

Miller. With Coloured Illustrations.

By Mr. W. Macintosh.

By the Religious Tract Society.
Denis M'CARTHY; or, a Home in New Brunswick. "THE HARVEST of a QUIET EYE." With nume.
By Messrs. Macmillan and Co.

rous Engravings by Noel Humphreys, Harrison

Weir, and other eminent artists. Imperial 8vo. Robinson Crusoe. With Introduction by Henry Our EARTHLY House and its BUILDER; or, The Kingsley. Globe Edition.

Wisdom of God Displayed in the Body of Mau. GOLDEN TREASURY SERIES. The Book of Worth- With numerous Engravings. Foolscap 8vo. ies. By the Author of " The Heir of Redclyffe.” FRANCES LESLIE. By Miss Bickersteth. With By Messrs. Mozley.

Engravings. Foolscap 8vo.

The Story of a DIAMOND. By Miss M. L. New GROUND. By the author of “The Heir of Whately. With Engravings. Crown 8vo. Redclyffe."

PAY YOUR DEBTS; or, Peter and Mary Vale. For LILLA's RELATIONS.

Little Children. Small 4to. With Coloured By Messrs. Nelson and Sons.

and Wood Engravings.

A Gift for the Young. A Box of Books, conON BOTH SIDES OF THE SEA. A story of the taining thirty-two New Short Stories. Commonwealth and the Restoration.

A new tale by the Author of the "Schonberg-Cotta By Messrs. Saunders, Otley and Co. Family.”

Words in Seasox. A Book of Friendly Counsel HELENA'S HOUSEHOLD: a tale of Rome in the first for Girls. By Sydney Cox.

century: Uniform with the "Schonberg-Cotta The History of PRINCE PERRY-Pets. A Fairy Series.'

Tale. With Engravings. HOUSE BEAUTIFUL; or, the Bible Museum. A Great GRANDMAMA'S WORKBOX. A Book of new book by A. L. 0. E. Uniform with Fairy Tales. By Mrs. Lushington. “Triumph over Midian,” “ Exiles in Babylon," BAREFOOTED BIRDIE. A Simple Tale. By T. O'F. &c. Price 28. 6d.

Edited by Charles Felix. New Edition. With Falconer's SHIPWRECK. New Edition. With Engravings.

Life by Robert Carruthers, and numerous illustrations by Birket Foster.

By the Scottish Temperance League FAIRY KNOW-A-BIT; or, a Nutshell of Knowledge.

ISABEL JARDINE's History. By Mrs. Harriet By A. L. 0. E. New edition, illustrated. With

Miller Davidson, daughter of the late Hugh thirty-four illustrations. Post 8vo. cloth.

By Mr. W. P. Nimmo.

By Messrs. Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday. A Father's LEGACY. A Book for Young Women.

BROTHER BERTIE and his FRIENDS in the FIELDS By Dr. Gregory. Forming a New Volume

and FLOWER BEDS. A Country Story. By the of Nimmo's Two Shilling Reward Books.

Author of "Aunt Annie's Stories."

Horses and DONKIES. Stories for Little Children. By Messrs. Nisbet and Co.

With Illustrations.

The WHALE's Story. With Illustrations.
FIGHTING the FLAMES. A Tale of the London
Fire Brigade. By R. M. Ballantyne.

By the Society for Promoting Christian The THREE LITTLE SPADES. By the Author

Knoroledge. of The " Golden Ladder,&c.

HERBERT GRAHAM. The Star Out of Jacob. A Scripture Story, A story intended to illustrate real and false courage, and Illustrating the earlier portion of the Gospel

the antipodes of these. Two incidents, bordering on the Narrative. By the Author of The “Golden

miraculous are given, which describe how the boy who was Ladder," &c.

regarded as a coward, allowed himself to be fiung over a Susy's SACRIFICE. By the Author of "Nettie's

600 feet precipice, rather than tell a lie, and then was

saved, by being caught in an ash sapling, and hanging Mission, &c.

there all night. DONALD FRASER. A Tale. By the Author of JOE DUNSTER'S DREAM, “Bertie Lee," &c.

A humorous account of a good-natured, stupid fellow,

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finding out his stupidity, being taught to think, and learn- magazine, which alone should enlist the liveliest goodwill ing what a number of things there are in the world worth and co-operation of all who have families, while the whole thinking about, if you only try.

scope of the project renders it eminently deserving the MARTIN Hill's ChaRGE.

support of all persons of education and taste. A story of the good influence of a child over a drunken

By Messrs. Griffith and Farran. father, not badly told. Poor LITTLE GASPARD's Dream, and LIONEL'S

The Young VOCALIST. A Collection of Twelve REVENGE. By A. H. Engelbach, Esq.

Songs, each with an Accompaniment for the The one is a story of the time of the French Revolution,

Pianoforte. Arranged from the most Eminent the other is an English historical tale of the times of the Composers by Mrs. Bartholomew. Commonwealth.

By Mr. Hardwicke.
By Messrs. A. Strahan and Co.


hoven and Professor George Dawson. Gilbert. GBACE's FORTUNE : Actual Life in a Story.

By Messrs. Longmans and Co. THE MAN OF BIRTH AND THE WOMAN OF THE ORIGINAL DESIGNS for Wood CARVING, with PEOPLE. From the Swedish of Maria Schwartz.

practical Instructions for the Art. By A. F. B. By William Maccall.

With twenty plates of Illustrations. THE CAKEER OF A MANLY Youth. A Narrative Hists on HOUSEHOLD Taste in FURNITURE and for My Sons. By a London Merchant.

DECORATIOy. By Charles L. Eastlake. With A Sister's BYE-HOURS. By the author of numerous Illustrations.

“Studies for Stories." Illustrated. ADVENTURES IN Asia, Told for Boys. By

By Messrs. Macmillan and Co. Arminius Vámbéry:

ETCHING and Erchers. By P. G. Hamerton. By Messrs. Ward, Lock, and Tyler.

With Examples of Etchings of various periods. BEETON'S CHRISTMAS ANNUAL.

By Mr. Murray. Cu DJO's Cave and the Three Scouts. Stories of the Great American Civil War.

HANDBOOK to the NORTHERN CATHEDRALS. By BEerox's Boy's ANNUAL (1868). A Volume of R. J. King, B.A. Including York, Ripon,

F'act, Fiction, History, and Adventure. With Durham, Carlisle, Chester, and Manchester. Coloured and Steel Plates.

With Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

Studies of the Music of MANY Nations. InANTIQUITIES.

cluding a Course of Lectures at the Royal By Messrs. Bemrose and Sons.

Institution. By Henry F. Chorley. 8vo. The DERBYSHIRE Doomsday Book, with the

MEMOIRS of the EARLY ITALIAN PAINTERS, and original Latin and English on opposite pages:

Progress of Painting in Italy, from Cimabue A portion of Lyson's Magna Britannia,'

to Bassano. By Mrs. Jameson. New Edition. containing the “Derbyshire Views," by Far

With fifty new and authentic Portraits. Cr. 8vo.

A CATALOGUE of the Works of Sir JOSHUA rington, with letterpress description.

REYNOLDS, with Notices of their present Owners By Mr. Murray.

and Localities. By Tom Taylor and Charles A DICTIONARY of CHRISTIAN ANTIQUITIES. By W. Franks. With Illustrations. Fcap. 4to.

various Writers. Comprising the History, MODERN and MEDLEVAL POTTERY and PORCELAIN. Institutions, Archäology, Geography, and Bio- By Joseph Marryat. Third Edition, greatly graphy of the Christian Church, from the times enlarged and thoroughly revised, with many of the Apostles to the age of Charlemagne. new Illustrations. Medium 8vo. Under the General Superintendence of William A New HISTORY of PAINTING in NORTHERN Smith, LL.D., in continuation of his “Dictionary Italy, from the Second to the Sixteenth Cenof the Bible.” With Illustrations. Mediuin 8vo. tury, from new materials and recent researches By Messrs. Jas. Parker and Co.

in the Archives of Italy, and from personal The EARLY CHRISTIAN and MEDIÆVAL ANTIQUI

inspection of the Works of Art in that country

and elsewhere. By J. A. Crowe and G. B. TIES of Rome. By John Henry Parker, M.A., F.S.A., &c. Medium 8vo. Illustrated by

Cavalcaselle. With Illustrations. 2 Vols. 8vo. Woodcuts.

By Messrs. J. Parker and Co.
By Messrs. Routledge und Sons.

An INQUIRY into the Difference of Style obsery. Gregson's FRAGMENTS of ANTIQUITIES of Lax

able in ANCIENT GLASS PAINTING, especially in CASHIRE. A New Edition. This will contain England, with Hints on Glass Painting. By the Woodcuts, Copperplates, &c., as in the old

the late Charles Winston. With Corrections edition, and in the same size-crown folio. 500

and Additions by the Author. New Edition. copies only will be printed; a portion of them to be on large paper; the small paper at £3 33.

BIOGRAPHY. and the large, £5 5s.

By Messrs. Bell and Daldy.

By Messrs. Chapman and Hall.

Arthur Helps.

The Life of Las Casas ; comprising his ConverCHURCII VESTMENTS. By A. Dolby.

sion, Voyage to Spain, his Scheme of ColonizaBy Mr. W.J. Day.

tion, Adventures on the Pearl Coast. By The CHROMOLITHOGRAPH : a Journal of Art,

Arthur Helps. Literature, Decoration, and the Accomplish

By Messrs. Bemrose and Sons. ments. Ilustrated in Colour. Edited by Mr. William Day, senior partner in the late firm of

STATESMEN SINCE THE PEACE. By T. E. Kebbel, Day and Son, lithographers to the Queen and

H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.

By Mr. Bentley.
The leading features will be profuse illustration in
Chromolithography each week - 1. Facsimiles of fine

EXGLISH SEAMEN under the Tudors. Py H. R. modern and ancient pictures, alternating; 2. Facsimiles

Fox Bourne, Esq. in colours and gold of choice objects of ornamental art ;

The Life and LABOURS of Jonn CAMPBELL, D.D. 3. Facsimiles of studies in landscape, figure, flower, By the Rev. Robert Ferguson, LL.D., and tho and ornamental painting and illuminating by eminent Rov. A. Morton Brown, LL.D. 1 teachers. Descriptive Lessons by the professors whose studies in colour are mentioned in the prospectus; appro.

The Late EMPEROR MAXIMILIAN. Recollections prate explanatory matter to the other illustrations;

of My Life. By the late Emperor Maximilian. 1 popular cagays and able reviews. The following extract

The Life of Oliver CROMWELL. By M. Guizot. from the full prospectus relates to one department of the New Edition, with Portraits.

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