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The Stock and Copyrights of the Valuable and Important Scientific Works published by the late Mr. H. Baillière, of 219, Regent Street.

Modern Books in quires and boards; Stereo. Plates
and Copyrigh's of Darton & Hodge's Juvenile
Books; The Stereos. and Stock of the late Sir R.
Phillips's Publications, &c, &c.

MESSRS. HODGSON will Sell by MESSRS. HODGSON will Sell by

Auction, at their Rooms, 115, Chancery Lane, W.C., on Tuesday, November 12, at One o'clock (by order of the Executors), the STOCK and COPYRIGHTS of the PUBLICATIONS of the late Mr. H. BAILLIERE, of 219, Regent Street; including the Library of Illustrated Standard Scientific Works and numerous Medical, Botanical, and other Works, by eminent English and Foreign Scientific Men. viewed, and Catalogues had.

To be

Important Remainders of Illustrated Works, Christmas Gift-Books, Books of Prints, &c., the Stock of" Day & Son (Limited)."

MESSRS. HODGSON will Sell by

Auction, at their Rooms, 115, Chancery Lane, W.C., on Tuesday, November 19, and three following days, at One o'clock (by order of the Liquidators), the STOCK of FINE-ART "DAY PUBLICATIONS of AND SON (LIMITED);" including the REMAINDERS of many important ILLUSTRATED and ILLU. MINATED WORKS. Catalogues will shortly be rea ly.


Auction, at their Rooms, 115, Chancery Lau, W.C., on Wednesday, November 13, and following day, at One o'clock, a QUANTITY of MODERN BOOKS, in cloth and quires, including some Remainders from a West End Publisher, and a Consignment from Scotland, comprising 324 M'Douall Stuart's Australia— 540 Sir Stafford Northcote's Financial Policy240 Staunton's Great Schools of England-110 Dr. Chalmers's Life, 4 vols.-200 Brown's Theological Tracts, 3 vols.-100 Hayes's Ballads of Ireland 480 Burns's Centenary -95 Memoir of Wellington-100 Scotland Illustrated-50 The Kirk and Manse-70 Landscape Illustrations of the Bible, 2 vols.-100 Bancroft's United States, 2 vols.-50 Marquis of Worcester's Century of Inventions-Upwards of 5,000 Volumes of Popular Modern Novels, in quire and cloth. Also, by order of the Trustee of Mr. F. Hodge, the Stereotype Plates of the Champion Handbooks, 8 vols., Martin's Holiday Tales, Parley's Wonders of Earth, Sea, and Sky, Holiday Keepsake, Forget-Me-Not, Tales of Filial Love, Mayhew's Boyhood of Luther, Johnstone's Bible Stories and Pictures and Scripture Picture Story-Book, Gems from Great Authors, &c.; and the Remaining Stock of Stereos, Coppers, and Woodcuts of Books published by the late Sir R. Phillips, of Ludgate Hill.


Important Sale of the Entire Stock of Highly Valuable and Important Works of Art, being the Print and Chromo-Lithographic Publications of Messrs. DAY & SON (Limited), Ii hographers, &c., to the Queen, by Order of the Liquidators.

MESSRS. SOUTHGATE & CO., Auctioneers of Libraries and

Works connected with the Fine Arts, 143, Strand, eight doors west of Somerset House (late of 22, Fleet-street), will SELL by AUCTION, Early in November, the ENTIRE STOCK of

HIGHLY VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT WORKS OF ART; Being the Print and Chromo-Lithographic Publications of

Messrs. DAY AND SON (Limited.)

Amongst them may be mentioned-The STOCK of THOMAS'S PICTURE of the MARRIAGE OF
THE PRINCE OF WALES; and the Lithographic Stones. A Magnificent and National Work.
FROM DEER-STALKING; a Splendid Chromo-Lithograph, approved as a Work of Art and a Good
Likeness, by Her Majesty the Queen. The following note from the Lithographer, by command of Her
Majesty, confirms the above statement:-" Her Majesty finds the figure very good, but the face wanted
a little alteration: H.R.H. Princess Louise has made the necessary alteration, as you will find, and
Her Majesty desires me to return now the picture to you for its completion." And from
Mr. Carl Haag:-"The result you have obtained is to me a very satisfactory one, and far surpasses my

Included in the Sale will be a vast assemblage of Proofs and Prints of the Publications of the house of Messrs. Day and Son, and many others; and nearly a Complete Set of every Chromo-Lithograph that has ever been published in London; most of them touched by the Artists, and several Hundreds of them elegantly framed, and used as specimens to obtain Orders in the Retail Department.

Amongst the Photographs will be found the STOCK of the Work entitled, "BEDFORD'S PHOTOGRAPHIC PICTURES IN THE EAST." Folio. A Work of singular interest and necessary truthfulness; and a large stock of Photographs of less interest.

Also a nearly complete Set of all the Works ever published by Messrs. Day and Son, many of them

now very scarce.


R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell the Business of a Dealer in Second-hand 9. It is situated in the principal thoroughfare The Stock, &c., to be purcounty town. ed at a valuation.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, uer, &c., 48, Paternoster Row.

R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell

the Business of a Bookseller and Stationer, nated in the principal street of a first-class Unisity Town. About £500 required. The returns ve been £1,500 a year. Rent moderate.-Apply Mr. HOLMES, 48, Paternoster Row.

R. HOLMES is instructed to Sell

an old-established Bookselling. Stationery, nd Printing Business. Returns about £3,000 a year. arge premises, double-fronted shop, garden, &c. Il at a valuation; about £1,000 to £1,200 required. -Apply to Mr. HOLMES, Valuer, &c., 48, Pateroster Row.

MR. HOLMES is instructed to Sell a

first-class Bookselling, Stationery, and Printing Business, established 50 years, and situated in the centre of a large and fashionable watering place. All at a valuation; £1,500 to £3,000. Rent £160. Can let off, furnished, £300 to £400 a year. In good hands the returns might be increased to £3,000 a year.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, 48, Paternoster Row.

MR. HOLMES is instructed to Sell a

first-class Business an easy distance from London. Rent cleared by letting. Returns £3000 a year. No Printing. In same family half About £1,700 required; £1,000 in a century. cash, and the balance by instalments. The above is an opportunity rarely to be met with.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, 48, Paternoster Row.

HOLMES is instructed to Sell

MR. Business of a Bookseller and Stationer,

established many years, and situated in the vicinity
of Belgravia. Rent £54; can let off £30. Re-
turns nearly £1,200 a year. Capital profits.
About £500 required.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, 48,
Paternoster Row.



Printer's, Stationer's, and Bookseller's Auctioneer,
Valuer, and Accountant,

26, Great Winchester Street, Old Broad Street,
Respectfully offers his services to the trade in
Transfers, Valuations for Partnerships or Probate,
Assignments to Creditors, or Sales by Auction
under Assignments, Bankruptcy or otherwise, in
town or country. References given.

MR. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed

to dispose of an old-established Bookselling. Stationery, and Printing Business, doing a very large trade amongst Merchants, Shippers, and others. About £600 required.


R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed to dispose of a Country Litho and Letterpress Printing Business, suitable for two persons. The profits are guaranteed at £2,000 per annum. The Machinery and Plant is of the best description. Cash required, £8,000. A large share of it can remain for a term.

MR. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed

to dispose of a Bookselling and Stationery Business, situated in the West of London. Trade £12 a week. Price, including Stock, Fixtures, Fittings, Premium, &c., about £550.


R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed to dispose of a City Printing Business. Returns, £600. Price £300.

MR. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed

to dispose of a Letterpress Printing and Stationer's Business, situate in Cheshire. Returns large. Price, including Plant, Stock, Fixtures, and Premium, £550.


R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed to dispose of a Suburban Stationery_and Fancy Business, with a 19 years' lease. Rent only £40. Price £160. Returns good.

R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed

MR. HOLMES is instructed to Sell M" to dispose of a Blokselling and Stationery

the Business of a Bookseller and Stationer in the suburbs. £150 required.-Apply to Mr. HOLMES, 48, Paternoster Row.


Business in the West of England. Returns, £800.
Established fifty years. Price about £335.

STOCK FOR SALE-A Miscel- MR. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed

laneous Stock of Stationery, Books, Bibles, Church Services, Albums, Children's Books, &c., to be Sold a Bargain. To be seen at 48, Paternoster Row. Apply to Mr. HOLMES.


ANTED, to Purchase a Country
Bookseller and Stationer's
Send full particulars to W. MASLAND, 8, South-
ampton Street, Reading, Berks.

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Bookselling, Printing, Stationery, and Paper
Hanging Business, which has been successfully
conducted for a number of years, and is now
offered on account of the death of the proprietor.
Apply to Mr. JoHN HEYWOOD, 143, Deansgate,




FOR Sale. An unusual opportunity presents itself in the sale of a small but first-class Publishing Business, including some very popular Copyrights in works of a special character, and a good commission connection. Suitable to conduct by itself, or in connection with a larger business.Address, Publisher," care of Unwin Brothers, Printers, Bucklersbury, London, E.C.


to find a young man as Junior Partner in an old-established Engraving, Copperplate, Litho, and Letterpress Printing and Stationery Business, with about £300 cash. Income of £150 per annum.


R. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed to dispose of a genuine Lithographic and Excellent Copperplate Printing Business in a fashionable Price about £200. watering place. returns. The Stationery Trade can be added.

MR. GEO. NEWMAN is instructed

to find a Partner with £500 to join an Envelope Manufacturer and Wholesale Stationer.

MR. GEO. NEWMAN has for dis

posal a Monthly Serial, having a large sale, to be parted with in consequence of dissolution of partnership. Price £50.

R. GEO. NEWMAN, Trade Valuer,

ing of their Businesses to forward particulars of the same, to be entered upon his Register, free of charge. Purchasers can have Businesses for warded upon application.-Auction and Valuing Offices, 26, Great Winchester Street, E.C.


M. BURTON, Valuer and General

Trade Agent. Thirty years in the Book,


Stationery, Printing, and Publishing Businesses, Go, J. LOCK YER, of over 20 years'


the "Run and Read" Library.

5, South Villas, Camden Square, London, N. W.

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WAT on Sale, where there is a good

opening. Address, Mr. LAWRENCE, 3, Granville Terrace, Lewisham.

experience in the Trade, and for many years the representative of the "Caslon Letter Foundry," &c., begs to offer his services in the above capacity to Gentlemen either disposing of, or entering upon, a Business.

Address, 50, Moor Street, Birmingham.


the Trade, is instructed to negotiate a Partnership in a well-established and flourishing Printing Business, with a Newspaper and Railway Guide of extensive circulation attached, in a Northern Cathedral City. Capital required, about £1,500 for a 3-5th share. Address, Mr. LOCKYER, Trade Agent and Valuer, 50, Moor Street, Birmingham.


UBLISHER'S or BOOKSELLER'S T Partner or a Loan at 10 per Cent., for the PUBLI

Assistant, or Clerk, Traveller, or Collector. The Advertiser, aged 33, will be open to an Engagement shortly; is leaving his present appointment-that of first hand in a West End Publishing House for satisfactory reasons. Qualified to take the management. First-class references.-Address, M., 6, Smith Square, West


EORGE PHILIP & SON, Wholesale and Export Stationers, Caxton Buildings, Liverpool, have vacancies for respectable

commencement of a Business of increasing demand and little competition, in which engraving forms a prominent part. The Advertiser has had long experience, and has an influential connection. A small amount only would be required for the purchase of materials (which retain their value for many years), besides the ordinary outlay for wages and rent.-R. C., Post Office, Ludgate Hill, London, E.C.

and steady men in the Stationery and Letterpress A

Binding Departments. Also several experienced
Females in the Sewing and Folding Departments.


ANTED, immediately, a competent Assistant, accustomed to the Foreign Book Trade.-Address, No. 1365, Office of the BOOKSELLER.


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Librarian, and Newsagent's Business for Sale, situate in one of the best parts of London. Established 60 years. Returns, £4000, at good profits. A capital of £3,000 will suffice for carrying on the business and for the purchase of good. will, stock, &c.-Address, Z. Z., care of Mr. EATON, 1, Ivy Cottages, New Road, Hammersmith.


AND T. GILBERT are in want of OCCAS

a respectable Young Man as Book Collector, one who is well acquainted with the trade houses, and whose character will bear_investigation.— 4, Copthall Buildings, London, E.C.

Tengagement wanted by a Young


Man as Assistant. Age 23. Good references.-
Address, G. W. BOURNE, Mr. Clements, 75,
Regent Street, London, W.

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Catalogues composed for the trade by H. SAMUEL BAYNES, successively and for several years engaged as the Cataloguer in two of the most extensive establishments for Second-hand Books, both terminated.-Address, 28, Gloucester Street, Queen Square, W.C.


tioners.-Wanted, by a Young Person, a Re-engagement in the above Business. Has had six years' experience.-Address, A. B. C., Roberts' Library, Arabella Row, Pimlico.


experience as Manager of a Retail Bookselling and T BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS,

will shortly be prepared to take an Engagement in either of the above capacities. References unexceptionable. Address, H. W., 30, Great Oxford Street, Liverpool.

aged 24, a Re-engagement; has had seven years' experience both wholesale and retail. Country preferred. Address, W. S. S., 2, St. Peter's Terrace, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.

LEIGHTON, SON, & HODGE beg to intimate to Publishers, Printers, and the Public generally, that they execute, in the best style and on the most moderate terms, every description of WHOLESALE BOOKBINDING, either in Cloth or Leather (also Account-Book Binding), with promptitude and punctuality. Their Stock of Engraved Brass Dies is most extensive and varied, and designed in the best taste; and their powerful Machinery and Steam power give them great advantages in the rapid execution of large Orders.

Applications for Estimates will meet with prompt attention.




MESSRS. SMITH, ELDER, & Co., beg to

inform the Trade, that Prospectuses and Show Cards of the New Edition of Mr. Thackeray's Works may be had on application. 65, Cornhill.


Take advantage of the commencement of another Season to announce that they will hold Sales, at frequent intervals, of


of every description, at their spacious and well adapted promises (to which they have lately made additions), including one of the


Lists of Goods will receive prompt attention; and, as Catalogues are carefully distributed in London nd throughout the Country, amongst Messrs. Puttick and Simpson's numerous connection, a medium of sale offering unusual advantages is presented.

Messrs. Puttick and Simpson will also resume their Sales of


and the business of General Auctioneers and Valuers, as formerly, and for many years carried on by them in Piccadilly.

The special attention which Messrs. P. & S. have hitherto paid to Sales of

Books, Music, and Froperty connected with the Fine Arts,

will be continued, and no exertions will be spared to maintain these branches of their business in undiminished efficiency.


[Established (in Piccadilly), 1794.



Medical Dictionary. 1813. Reece, M.D. 5s.
Shakespeare. 1807. S. Ayscough. Notes. 78. 6d.
Bunyan's Holy War. Illum. Dalziel. Clean. 7s. 6d.
Gardener's Chronicle. 1849. Cloth. Clean. 7s. 6d.
Temple Bar. 1865, January to December, 58.; 1866,
January to December, 5s.

Cornhill. 1865. January to December, 5s.

Les Petit Emigrés. 1809. Mme. de Genlis, 2 vols. 1s. 6d.
Recueil Choisi. 1805. N. Wanostrocht. 1s.
Servant's Magazine. 1840. Vol. 3. 1s.
Illustrated News. 1863. Parts 240 and 241. Clean. 2s. 9d.


Sumner's Records of the Creation. 2 vols. 8vo. Calf. 10s. 6d.
Watts. Lyrics of the Heart, etc. 8vo. Morocco. 15s.
Vicar of Wakefield. Illust. by Mulready. Morocco. 15s.
Moore's Life of Byron. 8vo. Morocco.

Forster's Life of Goldsmith. 8vo. Calf. 12s. 6d.
Baillie's Dramatic and Poetical Works. Morocco. 158.
Goldsmith's Poetical Works. Illustrated by the Etching
Club. Small 4to. Morocco. £1 18.

Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso. Illustrated by
Birket Foster. Imperial 8vo. Cloth. 68. 6d.

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Roy. Agric. Soc. Journal of Agriculture. Vol. 3 to
and part 1 of 1865. Wanting 3 parts. The lot,
Also 19 odd parts, from vol. 3 to 21. The lot 17s. 6d.
Baxter's Christian Directory. 5 vols. 8vo. Boards. 78. 6d.
Valpy's Delphin Classics. 141 vols. Boards. £35.
Valpy's Stephens's Greek Thesaurus. Folio.
Half-bound calf. £8.
L'Encyclopédie. 36 vols. 8vo, and 3 quarto.
boards. Lausanne. 1781. £10.

10 vols


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2 vols.

6 Cicero's Orations (Arnold). 4s.
9 Electa ex Ovidii Metamorph. 43.
3 Bland's Latin Hexameters.

4 Mathematical Tables. 38.
1 Jugurtha of Sailust. 2s. 6d.

4 Olynthiais of Demosthenes. Wilkins. 4s. 6d. 4 Heather's Mathematical Instruments.

7 Landmarks of English History. 1s. 6d.


6 Xenophon Cyropedia. Gorham. 6s.

10 Wright's Seven Kings of Rome. 3s. 8 Todhunter's Algebra. 7s. 6d.

5 Wand's Geometry. 4s.

4 Simson's Euclid. 68.

2 Goodwin's Course of Mathematics. 15s.

2 Natural Philosophy. Newth.

4s. 6d.

20 Wanostrocht's Recueil Choisi. 3s.

Chambers's Traditions of Edinburgh.
Cloth. 1825. 4s. Cd.

Memoirs of Geo. Heriot. Plates. 12mo. Cloth. 1822. 38. Cd.
Southey's (R.) Peninsular War. 8vo. Cloth. 6 vols. 15s.
Davis's History of Luton. 8vo. Plates. Cloth. 3s.
England Delineated. 150 plates. 8vo. Calf. 2 vols. in 1.
1804. 78. 6d.

Southey's Vision of Judgment. 4to. Half-calf, 1821. 43. 6d.
Thomson's Seasons. Bewick's Cuts. 8vo. Calf. 1805. 5 6d.
Vitruvius's Architecture. Translated by Gwilt. Plates.
Imperial. Half-bound. 1826. 10s. 6d.

Rudge's History of Gloucester. Cuts. Cloth. 8vo. 3s. 6d.
Penny Cyclopædia. 8 vols. Parts. 8s.
Dispatch Atlas. Complete. Unbound. 6s.
Knight's (C.) British Portraits. 2 vols.
half-morocco. 12s.

Cochrane's Columbia. 2 vols. 28.
Cochrane's Pedestrian Journey. 2 vols. 2s.

Imperial 8vo.

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Glossary of Architecture. 3 vols. 1815 and 1841. Cl. 26s.


Chambers's Civil Architecture. By Papworth. Imperial 4to. Half-bound. 1823. £1.

W. F. Pocock's Designs for Churches and Chapels, with Estimates. 4to. Boards. 1819. 2s. 6d. Langley's Builder's Jewel. Square 12mo. 1768. 1s. 6d. Large Portfolio, con. 150 Architectural Drawings. 10s. Histoire de l'Eglise Gallicane, par Longueval. 18 vols. 12mo. Bound. Clean. 123. 1782.

Henry's History of Great Britain. 12 vols. 8vo. 83. 1805.

Paley's Works, with additional Sermons, &c.


By E.

Paley. 7 vols. 8vo. Boards. 103. 1825. Wooler's Black Dwarf. Vols. 4, 5, 6. 8vo. 6s. 1820-21. Brookes' Nat. Hist. 6 vols. 12mo. Plates. Cf. 4s. 1763. Dodsley's Collection of Poems. 6 vols. 12mo. Calf. 3s. 1775. Beza's Latin Testament. Small 8vo. 28. 1574. Græcorum Respublica ab Vbbone Emmio descripta. 48mo. 1s. 1632.

Bromley's Royal Letters. 8vo. Boards. 3s. 1787. Grey's The Lords and The People. 8vo. Bds. 3s. 1835. Memoirs of Mrs. J. Coutts. By Dr. Hetherington. Svo. Cloth. 23. 1854.

By Rev. T. T. Carter. 8vo.

Memoirs of J. M. Good. By Dr. Gregory. 8vo. Half-
calf. Neat. 2s. 6d. 1828.
Memoirs of Bp. Armstrong.
Feap. Cloth. 2s. 1857.
Memoirs of Mrs. H. S. Herschell. By her Daughter. 8vo.
Fcap. Cloth. 23. 1854.

Memoirs of Rev. G. Massy. By Rev. D. Massy. 8vo.
Feap. Cloth. 28. 1855.

Memoirs of Mrs. Cooper. Preface by Rev. J. Bickersteth. 870. Feap. Cloth. 1s. 1853.

Memoirs of Dr. T. H. Burder. By J. Burder.

Cloth. 18. 1844.


Memoirs of E. H. M. Græme. By Rev. D. Pitcairn. 8vo. Feap. Cloth. 1s. 1854.

Memoirs of Rev. John Finley. By his Widow. 8vo. Post Cloth. 18. 6d. 1856.


The Works of the English Poets, from Chaucer to Cowper. 21 vols. 8vo. 1810. £4 108.

Historical View of Alnwick. 2nd Edition. 1822. 5. The Newcomes. 2 vols. Half-calf. Original Edtn. 78. 6d. The Virginians. Nos. 1 to 17. 3s. 6d.

Bleak House. Original Edition. Half-calf. 1 vol. 7s. History of the Abipones. 3 vols. 8vo. Half-calf. 4s. 6 d

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