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Pullen (Rev. Henry) Psalter and Canticles, pointed for Chanting, 8vo

0 0 Macmillan Pulpit Analyst (The), edit. by Joseph Parker, Vol. 2, cr. 8vo

0 6 Jackson y Futs. Purpose of God (The) in Creation, 2nd edit., cr. Svo


Laurie Queen (A.); a Story for Girls, 18mo ..


Harne Railway Lib., Hook Theodore) All in the Wrong, new edit., cr. 8vo

0 2 0 Rüutieiye Rawlinson (Gev.) Five Great Monarchies of Ancient World, Vol. 4, 8vo

0 16 Vuruy Reed (Dr. Andrew) Memoirs of the Life and Labours of, 3rd edit., cr. Ayo

06 Struhan Reginald Vane: a Tale of Barrack Life, by E. T. R., post 8vo

0 10 Saunders Foung Regular Service (The), by the Author of " Copsley Annals," fcap. 8vo

0 1 Nelson Reid (Mayne) Bruin, fcap. 8vo

red. to

0 6 Routledge Desert Home, fcap. 8vo

red. to

0 3 6 Routledge Forest Exiles, fcap. 8vo

red. to 0 6 Routledge Religious and Moral Anecdotes, Essay by Dr. Chalmers, new edit., cr. 8vo

0 3 6 Griffin Rhys (J.) Modern Pedagogue; or, Rustic Reminiscences, 2 vols., post 8vo

1 1 0 Saunders fütle Richmond (Rev. Legh) Annals of the Poor, 32mo

0 0 2 Book Society Young Cottager, 32mo..

0 6

Warne Riethmuller (C. J.) Three Legends of the Early Church, cr. 8vo


0 Bell \ Dally Rival Doctors (The): a Novel, by Frank Trollope, 2 vols., cr. 8vo

1 0 Neuby Roberts (S.) Legendary Ballads of England and Scotland, cr. 8vo

0 6 Wurne Robertson (F. W.) Life and Letters, edit. by Brooke, new edit., 1 vol., 8vo

0 12 0 Smith & Elder Robertson (Rev. John) Pastoral Counsels, 3rd edit., cr. 8vo

0 6 0 Macmillan Robinson (E.) Biblical Researches in Palestine, 3rd edit., 3 vols., 8vo..

2 2 0 Murray Robinson (Rev. R.) Sunny Scenes, new edit., 18mo..


0 Book Society Robinson (Robert) Teacher's Manual of Method, 2nd edit., cr. 810

0 6 Longmans Rodwell's Child's First Step to History of England, edit. by Corner, fcap. 8vo..

0 6 Dear Rogers (Rev. C.) Golden Sheaf: Poems by Living Authors, cr. 8vo

0 0 Houlston Rogers (G. A.) Art of Wood Carving; Hints to Amateurs, sm. 4to

0 0 Virtue Roget (P. M.) Animal and Vegetable Physiology, new edit., 2 vols., post 8vo

0 12 0 Bell of Dali, Romance (The) of Cleveside: a Novel, by Gertrude Parsons, 3 vols., post Svo

1116 Saunders fulley Roscoe (H. E.) Lessons in Elementary Chemistry, new edit., 18mo

04 6 Macmillan Ross (C. H.) Book of Cats: a Chit-Chat Chronicle, sm. post 8vo

0 4 6 Griffith | Ferrox Rousel (N.) Catholic and Protestant Nations Compared, 8vo..

adv. to 0 10 6 Jackson & Haij. Routledge's Child's Coloured Scrap-Book, fol...

07 6 Routledge Christmas Annual, 1867, On the Cards, 8vo

0 Routledge Household Manuals; How to Make Cakes, by Hill, fcap. 8vo

0 0 6 Routleige Nursery Tales, 24 cold. illust., 4to

5 0 Routledge Picture Book, cold. illust., 4to

0 6 Routledge Royal Road (The) to Spelling and Reading, 4to

0 6 Nelson Rumsey (Almaric) County Court Jurisdiction, 8vo ..

0 2 Amer Ruskin (John) Political Economy of Art, cheap edit., fcap. 8vo

0 1 Smith $ Elder Ruth Alan; or, the Two Homes, new edit., 18mo

0 1 0 Book Society Sabina: a Novel, by Lady Wood, 3 vols., post 8vo..

U16 Chapman Hall Salmon (James) Gowodean: a Pastoral in 3 Acts, cr. 8vo

6 0 Edmonton Saphir (Rev. A.) Conversion, illust, by Examples from Bible, new edit., fcap. 8vo. 0 3 6 Strahan Sayings, Achievements, and Interviews of Great Men, new edit., 12mo

0 36 Dean Schinzel (E.) German Preparatory Course, with Exercises, 12mo

0 1 6 Whitaker Scholastic Calendar (The) and Diary for 1868, cr. 8vo..

0 1 0 Allan Schneider (C. H.) Ecrin Littéraire, 12mo

6 Simpkia Schnick Schnack: Trifles for the Little Ones, post Svo

0 Routledge Scott (Sir W.) Fortunes of Nigel, copyright edit., 8vo..

6 Black Kenilworth, copyright edit., 8vo

6 Black Tales of a Grandfather ; History of Scotland, new edit., cr. 8vo.

7 6 Black Waverley Novels, Roxburgh edit., Vois. 42 to 48, fcap. 8vo., each 0 6 Black Seasons of Solitude, by the Author of " God is Love," fcap. 8vo..

0 0 Macintosh Sel. Lib. Fiction, Trollope (A.) Orley Farm, new edit., 12mo

0 0 Chapman * Hall Shakespeare's Works, edit. by Rev. A. Dyce, new edit., 9 vols., 8vo

0 Chapman 5 Hall Shipton (Anna) Secret of the Lord, 12mo..

0 Jorgan Chur Short Devotions intended primarily for the Young, 32mo

0 1 6 Hayes Shrewsbury (W.T.) Memorials, by his Son, cr. 8vo

05 0 Micklem Silent Hour (The) Essays for Sunday Reading, by A. of “The Gentle Life," cr. 8vo 0 6 0 Loto Silver Cup (The): or, True Heroism: a Book for Boys, fcap. 8vo

02 0 Warne Smiles (Samuel) Huguenots; their Settlements, &c., in England and Ireland, 8vo. 0 16 0 Murray Life of Telford, new edit., cr. 8vo

0 0 Murray Smith (Adam) Wealth of Nations, 8vo

0 Nelson Smith (A. C.) Union of Nonconformists with the Church, 12mo..

2 Simpkia Smith (J. G.) Digest of the Poor Law of Scotland, 8vo

0 12 0 T. & T. Clark Smith (J. N.) Handy Book Joint Stock Companies, new edit., 12mo.

0 1 0 E. Wilson Smith (R. H.) Expositions of Great Pictures, new edit., sq.


8 6 Jiall Snow : & Christmas Story, by Lyulph, roy. 8vo

0 0 6 Ward & Lock Southey (R.) Nature and Affinities of Tubercle, 8vo

0 Longm-118 Speight (Thomas) Foolish Margaret ; a Novel, 3 vols., post 8vo

1 11 6 Wood Spicer (Henry) Bound to Please, 2 vols, post 8vo

1 1 0 Tins'ey Spinsters (The) of Sandham, by One of themselves, cr. 8vo

0 10 6 Neuby Standard Essays on State Churches, 12mo

3 6 Miall Stanley (Dean) Scripture Portraits and other Miscellanies, cr. 8vo

0 0 Strahan Statutes at Large, Vol. 28, Part 1, 4to


0 Eyre - Spottis. Sterne (G. M.) Aunt Margaret's Visit, 18mo

0 1 0 Pouiled je Sterne (Laurence) Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, cr. 8vo

0 6 Routledge new edit., 18mo.

Tegg Stevens and Hole's Exam. Cards; Exercises in Arithmetic, 8 sets, 32mo, each 0 0 Lonyhdi Stewart (D.) Outlines of Moral Philosophy, by M'Cosh, new edit., cr. 8vo


W. llas Story (The) of the White Rock Cove, fcap. 8vo

3 (0) Velsunt Stowe (Harriet B.) Queer Little People, foap. 8vo. bds. 1/; el.

0 1 6 Luar Straker (C.) Instructions in the Art of Lithography, new edit., roy. Svo

0 7 6 Straker Streeter (E. J.) Hints on Gold, new edit., 18mo

0 1 0 Simpkin Stung to the Quick; a Story, by Mrs. G. L, Banks, 3 vols., cr. 8vo

II 6 Woord


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ammer (A) in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 2 6 Ward 4. Lock unday at Home, Vol. 1867, sup.-roy. 8vo

0 0 Rel. Truct Suc unday Scholar's Annual (The) 3rd Series, sq.

0 6 Stock unshine for 1867, conducted by W. M. Whittemore, 8vo

0 1 6 Macintosh usy's Sacrifice, by the author of " Nettie's Mission," 18mo

red. to 0 1 6 Nisbet wiit (J.) Tale of a Tub, new edit., 18mo

0 2

0 Teyg word (The) and the Trowel, 1867, (Vol 3), edit. by Spurgeon, 8vo

0 Passmore ylvanus, Netherton, and other Poetical Works, cr. Svo

6 Nimmo ales for me to Read to Myself, 2nd edit., sq..

0 2 Musters arver (H.) Eton French Accidence and Exercise Book, 2nd edit., 12mo

0 0 E, P. William auchnitz German Authors, Zschokke's Princess of Brunswick Wolfensbüthel, 18mo 0 2 0 Low ayler (Rev. C. B.) Memorials of Martyrs, new edit., roy. 8vo

0 6 Kel. Tract Soc legetmeier (W. B.) Pigeons, their Structure, Varieties, &c., imp. 8vo

0 10 6 Routledge reliord (Thomas) Life of, by Samuel Smiles, new edit., cr. 8vo

0 0 Murray Thackeray (W. M.) Works, new edit., Vanity Fair, Vol. 2, 8vo

0 7 6 Smith & Elder Thompson (D'Arcy W.) Sales Attici; Witty Sayings of Athenians, fcap. 8vo


Edmontston l'homson (A. F.) Milestones of Life, 12mo

red. to

Warne l'homson's Union Sacred Music Class Book, roy.


red. to

0 9 Ilumiiton Thornbury (W.) Two Centuries of Song; with Notes, new edit., cr. 4to


Low Thoughts on Men and Things, by Angelina Gushington, new edit., cr. 8vo


6 Rivingtons Thoughts on Religious Subjects, by a Layman, 2nd edit., cr. 8vo

0 6 Nisbet Three Little Spades (The), by the Author of " The Golden Ladder," fcap. Svo

6 Nisbet Thring (Rev. Edwaru) Education and School, 2nd edit., cr. Svo

0 Macmillan Timbs (John) London and Westminster; City and Suburb, 2 vols., post 8vo


0 Bentley Wonderful Inventions, cr. 8vo

0 0 Routledge Todd (J.) Student's Manual, Icap. 8vo

red. to

0 0 Roulledge Tom Butler's Trouble, 18mo


Warne Traet Jagazine, Vol. 1867, 12mo

0 0 Rel. Tract Soc. Tracts for the Day, No. 9, 8vo

0 9 Longmans Trinity of Italy (The); or, Pope, Bourbon, and the Victor, 8vo

0 14 Moron Tristram (H. B.) Natural History of the Bible, 12mo


Soc.Pro.Chr.K'n Trollope (Anthony) Orley Farm, new edit., 12mo .


0 Chapman 4: Ilut Trollope (Frank) Rival Doctors: a Novel, 2 vols, cr. 8vo

1 1 0 Neuby Twisden (J. F.) Elementary Introd. to Practical Mechanics, new edit., cr. Svo 0 10 6 Longmans 'Tyas (R.) How to Use the Barometer, 1808, cr. 8vo

0 0 Bemrose Tyndall (John) Heat considered as a Mode of Motion, new edit., cr. 8vo..

0 10 6 Longmans Tytler (M. F.) Tales of Many Lands, new edit., fcap. 8vo

3 Virtue Tytler (Sarah) Sweet Counsel, 12mo

red. to

Warne Under Lock and Key, fcap. 8vo

0 6 J. Heywood Union Review, Vol. 1887, 8vo

0 13 6 Hayes Valentine (Mrs. R.) Nursery Tales, a New Version, 18mo

0 1

Warne Village Girls, new edit., 18mo

0 1

0 Book Society Virgil's Æneid, Books 1—2, trans. into English Verse by Ë. F. Taylor, cr. Svo 0

6 Bell 4 Daldy Wallace (Alex.) Desert and the Holy Land, cr. 8vo.

0 0 Oliphant Warfare and Work; or, Life's Progress, 18mo

red. to

0 6 Nixbet Warne's Bijou Library, 6 sorts, 32mo

each 01 6 Warne Etiquette, Hoyle, Out-door and In-door Amusements, Boudoir, Manly Games Warne's Bijou Ready-Keckoner, 32mo


06 Warne Christmas Annual, 1867, Gold, Silver, Lead, roy. Svo

0 1 0 Warne Watts (A.) Laurel and Lyre, fcap. 8vo..

red, to 0 3 6 Warne Waugh (Edwin) Dulesgate, fcap. 8vo..

0 0

3 J. Heywood Weale's Rui. Ser., Baird's Management of Health, 12mo

0 0 Virtue Foundations, 12mo

adv. to

Virtue Webb (Maria) Fells of Swarthmore Hall, and their Friends, 2nd edit., fcap. 8vo 0 6 Killo Weber (F.) School Singing Book, roy. 8vo

red. to

6 Simpkin Webster and Worcester's English Dictionary, roy. 8vo. :

red. to 0 10 6 Routledge Wedgwood (Josiah) Life of, by Eliza Meteyard, 2 vols., 8vo..

red. to 1 4 0 Reeves 4. Turner Weir (Harrison) Poetry of Nature, new edit., post 8vo ..

05 0 Low Wetherfield (G. M.) County Court Law, Handy.Book for Suitors, 12mo

0 2 6 E. Wilson What's his Name: Cassell's Christmas Annual, 1867, roy. 8vo

6 Cassell Whately (Miss M. L.) Story of a Diamond, cr. 8vo

0 3 6 Rel. Tract Soc. Whist, Law and Principles of, by Cavendish, new edit., 12mo

6 De la Rue White (Henry) Gui le to the Civil Service, 9th edit. by Ewald, post ovo

0 2 6 Warne Whiting (Richard) Mr. Sprouts, his Opinions, fcap. 8vo

6 Holten Wilkie (Sir David) Great Works, 26 Photographs, with Descriptions, 4to. :


0 Bell f Daldy William Freeman, new edit., 18mo


0 Book Society Williams (A.) Liturgical Reason Why, fcap. 8vo

0 Hayes Williamson (Mrs. Frances) Only to be Married, a Novel, 3 vols., post 8vo

111 6 Tinsley Wills (J.) Poet's Wit and Humour, roy. 8vo

red, to 0 15 0 Ward & Lock Wilson (1da) Our Native Land, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 2 0 Routledge Winks (J. E.) Christian Mother at Home, fcap. 8vo

0 3 0 Il'inks Winning Words, Third Series, 18mo

0 1 6

Gall f: Inglis Wise (J. R.) New Forest, its History and Scenery, new edit., 8vo

0 10 6 Smith & Elder Wood (Lady) Sabina : a Novel, 3 vols., post 8vo

116 Chapman g Hal. Wood (Wm. Page) Continuity of Scripture, post 8vo

0 Murray Worboise (E. J.) Grace Hamilton's School Days, new edit., fcap. 8vo

0 Marlborough --Margaret Torrington, or Voyage of Life, cr. Hvo

0 5 0 Clarke Co. Word (The) was made Flesh, Shori Family Readings on the Gospels, cr. 8vo..

6 0 Hunt Words of Hope and Comfort for Sorrowful, Illuminated by Mrs. F. Martindale, fol. 3 3 0 Mitchell Wren (The) of the Curragh, Repriuted from the "Pall Mall Gazette," cr. 8vo.. 0

10 Tinsley Wrigley's Examples and Problems, Companion to, new edit., 8vo

0 12 0 Bell & Daldy Wrinkles; or, Hints to Sportsmen and Travellers, by H. A. L., fcap. 8vo..

0 0 Saunders f: Wiles Young (1.) Handbook to the Writing Desk, 12mo..

0 1 0 Simpkin Young Earl (The), 2 vols., fcap. 8vo

0 9 () Saunders of Ollip Yule (Rev. Alex.) Concerning the Answer to Prayer, fcap. 8vo, cl. sd. 2/; cl.

0 Nisbet Zschokke (H.) Princess of Brunswick Wolfensbüthel and other Tules, 18mo

0 2 0 Low

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Oliver & Bogd, Edinburgh
Oxford University Press, 1996, IIC:
Paeker & Griba
Pardon, Benj.
Parish Magazine, Tha..... 1955
Parlane, J. & R, Paisley
Parker, James & Co.
Partridge & Co...998, 1024, TIES,
Paterson, Wm., Edinburgh
Pavyer, B.
Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton 10,1
People's Blagazine, (The
Phili), George, & Son.......... 1982
Philipoll, E. Paris ........ 119, 11
Philp, John
Phrenologieal Journal

Playhon (The)

Pleas int Hours
Plin, Henri, Paris....... 1977, 1979
Poplett, John

Prager Book & Hosil Society 124
Quaritch, Bernard
Quiver, The
Ramage – Coppinger
Ransom, H.
Reed & Fox
Religious Traet Society

- $1, ។
Rimmel, E.
Rivingt as
Rock, Brothers, & Payme...... 18
Robson & Son
Rothschild, J. Paris
Round Table (The)
Routledge, G. & Sons......7
Saint Pauls
Salmon, Jas, Manchester 123, 12
Sangster, Jam & Co. ....... Top
Sans n, R, Edinbargh
Saunderg, Otley & Co.... 1,3
Sehenck & Macirlane, Edinb.
Seott & Harper.....
Seott ah Temperance League .. 1
Seggie, A. Elinburgh
Seeley, Jackson & Co. .... 1097,
Shaw, J. F., & Co. ............ The
Simmons, J. & Co.

Marshall & Co.14, 11:47
Smith, Elder, & Co... 578, na
Smith, John Russell
Smith, T. J. & J................10
Smith, William.....
Snow, John, & Co. ........... IPA
Soc. Prom. Christ. Koost 2
Sotheran, H. & Co. ....
Southgate & Co.
Spicer Brothers
Spon, E. & F. N.
Stanford, Eriwari ...........19
Statham, W. K
Stevens, Brothers ..........
Stevens, T., Coventry
Stinson, R.Y.
Stock, Elliot ..................4
Straban & Co.
Sunday at Home ............
Sunday School Unica The)....10
Suttabr, R. & A. ........ 10, 11
Tegg, William
Thomas, J., Liverpool
Tinsley Brothers .............19
TYübuer & Ca ............ Tigt,
Truelove, Edward ...........
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Unwin Brothers.......... 18
Venables, Tyler, & Sa...
Virbue & Ca...
Ward, Lock, & Tyler 1080, 1160, TB
Warne, F. & C. 1970, 1072 , DIT
Warrington & Co. ........4
Weleh, W. J................
Westleys & Co. ...............15
Whiteruan & Bass
Widdleton, W.J.,

New York, der
Williams, É P., Eton ........
Willis and Sothers
Wolt, E., & Sons ..............

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A New Edition, in 32 vols., fcap. 8vo, with Portraits, £12 188. Gil,

ESSRS. BELL AND DALDY, having become sole proprietors of the Copyright

of the ALDINE Edition of the BRITISII POETS, originally published by the late Mr. Pickering, have endeavoured to give increased value to the New

Issue by a careful revision of the Texts, by the correction of errors, and by the addition of any illustrative matter that recent literary investigation has provided. The Publishers believe that the handiness of its size, the elegance of its external appearance, and the care which has been taken to secure correctness and completeness, render this tho best, most accurate, and most scholar-like Edition that has yet been produced.

[ocr errors]

MARK AKENSIDE. With a Memoir hy the Rev. ALEXANDER DYce. The text is reprinted from the most authentic Editions.

JAMES BEATTIE. With a Memoir and Notes by the Rev. ALEXANDER DYCE, Price 5s.

ROBERT BURNS. With a Life by Sir IL ARRIS NICOLAS copione Notes and a Glossary. The most complete Issuo extant, embodying some entire l'oems and numer 11s important variations contained in more thin Two Hundred Autograph Letters of the Poet, Cullected for this Edition. The References to his work in Burns Correspondence are appenudi to the Puems to which they refer. 3 vuls. 155.

SAMUEL BUTLER. With a Life by the Rov. Jom MITFORD, and cirinus Fores, in which all important variations in the Text are displayed. 2 vols. lus,

GEOFFREY CHAUCER. Edited by R. MORRIS, Esq. With a Memoir by Sir Il. Sicolas, and a full Glossary. 6 vols. 303.

The following are some of the distinctive features of this erli'ion:

"Toplus and Creyscyde" is, for the first time, printed į from a single MS.

"The Rount of the Rose "is printed from the unique MS in the llunteriin Museum, Glasgow.

Several poems are now, for the first time, taken direct from the MS.

“ Aetas Prima." "Laulte vault Richesse," and “Prog. perity." have not before been printed, and make their appearance for the first time."

CHARLES CHURCHILL. With a Memoir by JAMES II ANNAY, Esq., and a New Ind. x.

Tooke's Edition, carefuly revised and correcten. Tuo text hias been confuily cullared with the Od I ditions, and all inportant wriations marked in Foot notes. 2 vols. 109

WILLIAM COLLINS. Edited by W. MOY THOMAS, Esq., Great prins have been taken in this Edition to give the reading finally adopted by the Poet. With a Memuir by the Editor. Price 3s. 6d.

Edited by Jonx Bruce, Esq , F.S.A. Doubtful posenges
have been carefully collated with all the best Editions.
Ibis Edition ontany all the Miscellaneous Translations
and some (opyright licces. With a Momnoir by the
Editor. 3 vuls. Price 159.

With a Memoir by the Rev. RICHARD IIOOPER, F.S.A.
Carefully collated with the old Editions. Numerous
Sotes, including me of the most valuable Contributions
of turmer Eulturs, are appeuded. 6 vols, 259.

WILLIAM FALCONER. Wirh a Menoir by the Rev J. MITFORD, and an Appen: uix, with Critical and Exp anatery Nu'es.

OLIVER GOLDSMITII. With a Memoir by the Rev. J. MITFORD, and Two alditional Poems. Carefully revised and annotat:d. 58.

THOMAS GRAY. With Notes and a Memoir by the Riv. J. Mirford, and an Appendix of curious information about the l'ut.' us.

HENRY KIRKE WIITE. With a Memoir by Sir H. NICOLAS. Carefuliy ruvi od and annotated by Norris DECK, E q. 58.

JOHN MILTON, With a Life by the Rev. J. MITFORD, derived from the most authentic sources, The Text is acem anid will copious Critical, and Explanatory Notes. 3 vols. lus.

THOMAS PARVELL. With a Memoir by the Rev. J. MUTFORD. 53.

ALEXANDER POPE. With a Memoir by the Rev. A. Dice. All obscure allusions are fully explained in the Nutes. 3 vols. js.

MATTHEW PRIOR. With a Memoir and Notes by the Rev. J. MITFORD. 2 vols. 10s.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. With a Memoir by the Rev. A Dyce. This Elitin of Shakespeare's Poems inc:udes the songs from his Pays, Price 38.

EDMUND SPENSER The Text and Life are taken from the Library Edition by J. PAYNE COLLIER, Esq. 6 vols. 238. HOWARD, EARL OF SURREY. Edited by JAMES YEOWELL, E-9. The Text has been carefully collated with the old Editi: 114, an i Notes have been added. With a Memeir by the Editor, containing frusha information about the Poet. 6s.

JONATHAN SWIFT. With a Memoir by the Rov. J. MITFORD. Allusions to topics of the day are explained in Nutes. 3 vols. 153.

JAMES THOMSON. It is believed the Text of this Edition is the most accii. ritte extant. With & Memoir by wir II. NICOLAS, annotnted by Mr. PETER CUNNINGHAM. Eiglt important Letters iecently brought to light are appeuded. 2 vuls. 109.

SIR THOMAS WYATT. Edited, with a Memoir by JAMES YEOWELL. 58.

EDWARD YOUNG. With a Memoir by the Rev. J. MITRORD, aud some adds. tional Pooms, 2 vols, Price lva.

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CASSELL, PETTER, S. GALPINS List of Illustrated Books now embraces a Series of the most beautiful ARTVOLUJIES ever submitted to the public. That all persous maj have an opportunity of inspecting at their convenience Specimen of these Volumes, the Publishers have preprred a costly ILLISTRATED CATILOGUE, in which will be found one or more specimens of each of the undermentioned works.

The Cutvique. which is in itself a very interesting work of Art, can be seen at vin' first - cluss Bookseller's throughout the Kingilom, and it can, if desired, be purchased at ile published price, viz., 28. Od.


Holy Bible, Illustrated by Doró. £.
Milton's Paradise Lost, ditto. £5.
Dante's Inferno,

ditto. £? 103. Atala,

ditto, £? 23. Don Quixote,

ditto. £1 103. Fairy Realm,

: ditto. £1 18. Croquemitaine,

ditto £1 1s. Munchausen's Travels, ditto. £l 1s. Cassell's Popular Natural History,

2,000 Illustrations. £1 10s. Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible.

31s. 60. Cassell's Bible Dictionary. 253. Cassell's Illustrated Siakespeare.

Edited by Mr. and Mrs. ('OWDEN CLARKE.
Cassell's History of England, 2,000

Illustrations. £3.
The Illustrated Book of Sicred Poems.

73. 61.
Gulliver's Travels. 78. 6d.
Illustrated Readings. 7s. 6d.
Robinson Crusoe. 73. 61.
Foxe's Book of Martyrs. 12s.

History of the British Army. By Sir

SIBB'LD DAVID SCOTT, Biurt, ESAD cated by special permission to the la

£2 2s.
English Heraldry. By Boutell. 450

Woodcuts, 7s. Ou.
Little Songs for Me to Sirg. Illes-

trated by JILAIS. G.
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. 7s. Ed.
Bunyan's Holy War. 7s. ti.
Cassell's Magazine Volume, compris

ing the whole of the North, * XXI"

SPIN-TER.'' 5s.
Goldsmith's Works, 7. 61.
Lord Milton's & Dr. Cheadle's Travels

Across the Rocky Mountains. Us
Idyllic Pictures. 103. 6).
The Quiver Volumo for 1867. is fel
Bright Thoughts for the Little Onas

7s. 60.
The Children's Album. 3s. 64.
Poems and Pictures. 218.
Picture Book for the Nursery. 68
Shilling Story Books.
Damo Dingle's Fairy Tal:8. ás.




Printed for the Proprietar. ani pablished by EDWARD Trehr, at the Office of the consult 19

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