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Manning Abp.) Christ and Antichrist: a Sermon at Pupils (The) of St. John the Divine. By the Author

the Mass of Requiem for those who fell in defence of “ The Heir of Redclyffe.” Part 1. (Sunday of Rome. 8vo, su. Longmans 1/ Lib.) Cr. 8vo, sd. Macmillan .

1/ Memory Pictures of the Life of Christ. 10) Purpose (The) of God in Creation and Redemption;

Original Drawings by William Brough. With and the Successive Steps for manifesting the same Mnemonic Plan and Explanation by William Stokes. in and by the Church. 3rd edit. Post 8vo, pp. 4to, sd. Macintosh, 1/; tinted, 2/6; coloured . 5/ xvi-308. Laurie

5/ Merivale (Charles, D.C.L.) Sermon Preached in Refutation (A) of Mr. W. H. Gillespie's “ Argument

Dedham Church, on the occasion of the opening of à priori for a Great First Cause," showing demon. the New Hall of the Grammar School. 8vo, sd. stratively the fallacies in that gentleman's reasonWatts (Manningtree)- Simpkin

6d. ing, as contained in his great work, “The Necessary Miall (Edward) Nonconformist's Sketch.Book : a Existence of the Deity.”'. Farrah

od. Series of Views, classified in Four Groups, of a Religious Tract Society's Publications. State Church and its attendant Evils. New ed. Glad Tidings; or, Sketches of Missionary Enter. Post 8vo, bds., pp. xvi-270. Miall . 2/ prise. In packet

1/ Milman (Henry H., D.D.) History of Latin Chris. Maurice Guildford; or, the Trials of a Small Boy. tianity; including that of the Popes to the Ponti- Roy. 18mo, pp. 107

i/ ficate of Nicholas 5. (In 9 vols.) 4th and revised Ludovic; or, the Boy's Victory. By the Author of ed. Vols. 7, 8, 9, Post 8vo, pp. xxvi-1123.

“The Awdries and their Friends," &c. Roy. Murroy. each

18mo, pp. 137

2/ Moister (William) Stories, Sketches, Facts, and In- The Mirage of Life. With Illustrations by Tenniel. cidents, illustrative of the Providence and Grace of 10mo, pp. 2:25

4/6 God, in connection with the Missionary Enterprise. Pilgrim Street. By the Author of " Jessica's First Post 840), pp. viii-- 416. Hamilton

51 Prayer," &e. With Illus. Roy. 18mo, pp. 2092/ Montalembert (Count de) Monks of the West; from Memorials of the English Martyrs. By Rev. C. B. St. Benedict to St. Bernard. Authorised transla

Tayler. New and revised edit. Illust. 8vo, tion. Vois. 4 and 5. Svo, pp. viii-814. Black

7/6 scoods 21/ A Gift for the Young. In box.

1/6 Montalembert (count dej conversion of England, Harvest (The) of a Quiet Eye. Leisure Thoughts being a Sequel to the Monks of the West. Au

for Busy Seers. By the Author of “ My Study thorised translation. 3 vols., 8vo, pp. xvi-1315. Chair," &c. &c. Ilustrated. Sq. cr. 8vo, pp. Blackwouds


6/6 Mystical Woman (The) and the Cities of the Nations. My Pretty Story Book. With Coloured Engravings. By Dionysius. 8vo. Macintosh

Roy. lomo

5/ Newton (Rev. Richard) Great Pilot and his Lessons. Our Earthly House and its Builder; or, the Wisdom Fcap. 8vo. pp. 206. Oliphant


of God as displayed in the Body of Man. With Newton (Rev. Richard) Bible Blessings. 12mo, pp. Illust. Roy. 18mo, pp. 160

2/ 318. New York

6/6 Pay Your Debts; 'or, Peter and Mary Vale. Bible Jewels. 12mo, pp. 320. New York 6,6 Imp. 16mo, pp. 80

2/ New Year's Gift to Our Heavenly Father; or, Story (The) of a Diamond. Illustrative of Egyptian Dedication of the First Hours of the Year, Quarter,

Manners and Customs. By Miss M. L. Whately. Month, or Week to God: a Simple Form of Prayer. With Illust. Sq. cr. 8vo, pp. viii --237 3/6

By a Father of a Family. 32mo. Washbourne '40. The Plant of Grace. By Rev. Charles Stanford. Nicholson (W.) Bible Class Reader; designed for Day 16mo, cl. sd., pp. 61

8d. Schools, Sunday Schools,&c., and to assist and interest

Frances Leslie; or, The Prayer Divinely Taught. Instructors of the Young and other Persons. 12mo, Ry Miss E. Bickerst-th. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 224 2/6 pp. 432. Nicholson f. Sons (Halifax)-Simpkin. 2! Richardson (Rev. F.) The Crusade. 201h Thous. Nocturnal Sermons, preached by an Archbishop in 32mo, pp. 32. Washbourne

Id. his Dreams, on a variety of Social Topics. No. 1. Richmond (Rev. Legh) Annals of the Poor. 32mo, Before the Lord Mayor and Corporation of London. sd., pp. 189. Book Society

2d. E. Bumpus

30. Riethmüller (Christopher James) Three Legends of Olmsted ( Rev. M. N.) Walks and Words of Jesus. А the Early Church. Square cr. 8vo, pp. 96. Bell & Paragraph Harmony of the Four Evangelists. 12mo, Daldy

57 PP. 394. New York

9/ Riley (Rev. H. A.) Restoration at the Second Coming On the Great First Cause, His Existence and of Christ. A Summary of Millenarian Doctrines.

Attributes. By Zadkiel. 12mo, sd., pp. 48. With Introd. by Rey. J. A. Seiss. 12mo, pp. 288. Beryer. 1/ Philadelphia .

7/6 Parker (T.) Errors of Unitarianism, being a Reply to

Robertson (Rev. John, D.D.) Pastoral Counsels, a Pamphlet by Rev. J. C. Street, entitled, “What is being Chapters on Practical and Devotional Sub: Unitarianism?" and a Defence of Scriptural Truth. jects. With a Preface by the Author of “The 8vo, sd. Akrill (Lincoln)- Simpkin .

2d. Recreations of a Country Parson." 3rd ed. Small Parks (William, B.A.) No Uncertain Sound! or, the cr. 8vo, pp. XXXV-327. Macmillan

6/ Gospel of the Grace of God proclaimed in all its Ryle (Rev. J. C.) Our Home! a Christmas Thought. fulness and freshness to Perishing Sinners, Post

12mo, sd. Hunt

Id. Avo, pp. 351. Slater (Manchester - Whiltaker . 3/6 Saphir' (kev. Adolp.) Conversion. illustrated by Partridge (S. W.) Lever Lines for Spare Minutes. Examples Recorded in the Bible. New ed. Fcap. Intended as Helps to a Higher Life. Post 8vo, cl. 8vo. Strahan

3/6 sd., pp. 46. Partridge

1/ Seasons of Solitude; or, Moments of Meditation on Pearson (Bp.) Exposition of the Creed. New edit. the Things of Eternity. By the Author of " God is

With an Analysis by Edward Walford. (Bohn's Love," &c. &c. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-400. Macin.
Stand. Lib.) Post 8vo, pp. xxxii-626.

Bell &

5/ Daldy

5/ Shipton (Anna) Secret of the Lord. Fcap. 8vo, pp. Phelps (Austin) Still Hour; or, Communion with 214. Morgan & Chase. Boards, 2/; cloth. 3/

Gud. New edit. Fcap. 8vo, cl. sd., pp. 91. Short and Simple Prayers, with Hymns, for the use Strahan

1/ of Children. By the Author of " Mamma's Bible Pinnock (Rev. W. H.) Laws and Usages of the Stories," &c. &c. 6th ed. 16mo, pp. 101. Church and the Clergy. Vol. 6. The Ornaments Griffith f Farran

1/ and Goods of the Church. 2nd edit. Revised and Shori Devotions, intended primarily for the Young; brought down to the Present Time. Post 8vo. together with Forms for Self-Examination and De. Hall * Sun (Cambridge)— Whittaker .

6/6 votions on the Blessed Sacrament. By a Priest of Pirie (W. R., D.D.) Natural Theology; an Inquiry the English Church. 32mo, cl. sd., pp. 64. Hayes 6d.

into the Fundamental Irinciples of Religious, Skelton (Eliza) Voice Around; or, God in Every. Moral, and Political Science. Blackwoods 5/ thing. Cr. 8vo. Deun

5/ Pulpit Analyst (The). Edited by Joseph Parker, Smith (Rev. Adam C.) Union of Nonconformists

D.D. Vol. 2. Post 8vo, pp. iv--716. Jackson & with the Church. A Sermon. Cr. 8vo, sd. Bur. Walford

7,6 nett & Hood (Middlesborough) --Simpkin 2d.


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Silent Hour (The). Essays for Sunday Reading. Winslow (Octavius) Foot of the Cross. Nes elit.

Original, and Selected by the Author of “The 18mo. Nisbet
Gentle Life." Small post 8vo, pp. viii-303. Yule (Rev. Alexander) Concerning the Answering of

6/ Smith (George, LL.D.) Life of David, King of Israel.

Prayer. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii-160. Nisbet. C1. Ip. 2s.; cl..

28 Roy. 12mo, pp. xii-398. Longmans

7/8 Songs on the Gospels for the Christian Year; or, Comments in Verse. By a Clerk, M.A. Fcap. 8vo,

ANNUALS AND SERIALS. pp. vii--200. Skeffington

4/6 Standard Essays on State Churches. By R.

Adcock's Engineer's Pocket-Book. 1868. Tz. Wardlaw, D.D.; J. H. Hinton ; John Brown, D.D.;

Simpkin J. Pye Smith, D.D.; Thomas Binney; D. Young,

Adventurer (The). No. 1. Conducted by Preseci!

Williams D.D.; Baptist N. Noel; John Dymond ; Alex. Vinet;

Etonians. Svo, sd. J. A. James; Edward Miall; A. J. Morris. 1 vol.

All the Year Round. A Weekly Journal. Conducteå 12mo. Miall

3/6 by Charles Dickens. Vol. 18. June 29 to I. i. Stanley's Scripture Portraits and other Mis- 1867. Roy. 8vo, pp. 620. Office

cellanies. Collected from the Published Writings Argosy (The). A Magazine of Tales, Travels, Essays of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D.

Cr. 8vo, pp.

and Poems. Christmas Volume, 1867. 8vo. Pp viii-_464. Strahan


478. Strahan Sweet (James B.) Failure of the present Sunday:

Argosy (The) for 1867, 2 vols. in i. Sto. Strahan 16 School System : its Cause and Remedy. 8vo, sd.

Art Journal (The). 1867. New Series. Vol. 6. Cleaver

6d. Roy. 4to. pp. 492. Virtue Catechism on the Church and Church.

Band of Hope Review (The). vol. 1867. Folio. Membership, for use with the Elder Scholars in the Partridge Schools of all Classes, and with Candidates for Con

Beeton's Christmas Annual. 8th Season. Nine of firmation, or for Parochial Distribution. 12mo, sd.

Us. Roy. 8vo, sd., 92.


Ward i Lock Cleaver

6d. Belgravian Annual (The). Edit. by M. E. Braddon. Tayler (John J.) Catholic Christian Church, the 1868. 8vo, sd. Warwick House

Want of our Time. Cr. 8vo, sd. Williams & Nor. Bond Street, & Magazine of Popular Musie. Ser gate


and Copyright. No. 1. Vol. 1. Imp. bro, sd. Taylor. Godly Fear. Selections from the Works of Hopwood Crew Jeremy Taylor. Roy. 32mo, pp. 152. Hislop. 1/6

Boyle's Fashionable Court and Country Guide, Taylor (Rev. William) Christian Adventures in South and Town Visiting Directory.

January, 1868. Africa. Post 8vo, pp. xxx–557. Jackson f Wal

12mo. Office ford .


British Controversialist (The), and Literary Maga Thomson. Life in the Light of God's Word. Ser. zine. 1867. Vol. 2. Crown 8vo, PP. 475. mons by William, Lord Archbishop of York. Post

Houlston 8vo, pp. vii-317.' Murray


British Workman (The).. Voi. i867.' Pobo. Thomson (Rev. Arthur) The Questions of Jesus; or,

Partridge the Great Physician dealing with Souls. Fifty-two

Builder's (The) and Contractor's Price-Book, far Short Expositions for Family Reading. Post 8vo,

1868. Revised by G. R. Burnell. 12mo. Lockwood pp. viii-280. Elliot


Chambers's Journal. Christmas Number, 1957, Thoughts on Religious Subjects: being the Second Under One Roof. Roy. 8vo, sd. Chambers Edition corrected and greatly enlarged of Tracts.

Chatterbox. Edit. by J. Erskine Clarke. 1867. By a Layman. Post 8vo, pp. vii-307. Nisbet. 3/6 4to, bds., pp. 412. Macintosh Tracts for the Day: Essays on Theological Subjects.

Child's Companion (The), and Juvenile Instrueur. By various Authors. No. 8. The Rule of Worship.

1867. 18mo, pp. 380. Rel. Tract Soc. Edited by Rev. Orby Shipley. 8vo, sd., pp. 48.

Children's Friend (The). Vol. 7. 1867. Sm. 40, Longmans


pp. 188. Seeleys. Bds., 1/6; cl. No. 9. Popular Rationalism. 8vo, sd., pp. 48 . 98.

Children's Picture Magazine (The). Vol 30. 1987 Tucker (Pomeroy) Origin, Rise, and Progress of

Sq hf.-bd., pp. 261. Wink* (Leicester)-Simaka 19 Mormonism. A Biography of its Founder, and

Children's Prize (The). Edit. by J. Erskine Clarke

1 History of its Church.

1867. Sq. cr. 8vo, sd., pp. 188. Macintosh 12mo, pp. 302. New

Christian Pioneer (The). Vol. 21. 1867. 1200, York 9/ hf.-bd. Winks | Son (Leicester-Simpkin

16 Tuttiett (Rev. L.) Life to which we are Called. Seven Plain Practical Sermons, preached at St.

Christian Treasury (The), containing Contributions

from Ministers and Members of various Evangelical Paul's Knightsbridge, in 1866-67 ; and at Lea Marston. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 84. Sackeli (Birmingham)

Denominations. Roy. 8vo, pp. viii—616. Johnstone -Gardner.

f Hunter

2/6 Tytler (C. E. Fraser) Apocalyptic Roll the Title Deed

Christian's Penny Magazine (The) and Friend of of the Church. The Seals, the Mystery of Good

the People. Vol. 3. New Series 12mo, pp. vin- !

328. Snow and Evil, contending for the Mastery. With a new Christian World Magazine (The). 1867. Edit. by Apocalyptic Chart. 8vo, pp. xx–290. Johnstone for Hunter

Emma J. Worboise. 8vo. J. Clarke Co.

7/6 Vaughan (C. J., D.D.) Twelve Discourses on Subjects

Churchman's Companion (The). New Series. Fol. connected with the Liturgy and Worship of the

2. July to December. 12mo, pp. 572. Masters 4

Churchman's (The) Monthly Penny Magazine, and Church of England. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xiii-396. Macmillan

Guide to Christian Truth. Vol. 1. New Series

6/ Vaughan (Robert, D.D.) Daily Prayer Book for the

Jan. to Dec. 1867. 8vo, pp. 236. Macintosh . 16 Use of Families.

Church Builder (The).
Sq. cr. 8vo, pp. xii_348.

A Quarterly Journal of Jackson 4: Walford .

Church Extension in England and Wales, 1567.

7/6 Williams (Alfred) Liturgical “Reason Why": being

Post Svo, cl, sd., pp. 190. Riringtons a Series of Papers on the Principles of the Book of

Cornhill Magazine (The). Vol. 16. July to Dee. Common Prayer. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-274. Hayes 4/

1867. 8vo, pp. vi—760. Smith & Elder

An Winks (J. F.) Christian Mother at Home; her Duties

Englishwoman's (The) Domestic Magazine. and Delights. With an Introductory Preface by

Illustrated Journal, combining Practical InformaThomas Cooper. Lecturer on Christianity. Fcap.

tion, Instruction, and Amusement. Vol. 3. Sop: 8vo, pp. 149. Winks f. Son (Leicester)-Simpkin 3/

roy. 8vo. Ward & Lock Wood (Vice-Chancellor Wm. Page) Continuity of

Family Treasury (The) of Sunday Readings

. Edit


by Rev. Andrew Cameron. Scripture as declared by the Testimony of Onr

vol. Sup.

76 Lord, and of the Evangelists and Apostles. Post

roy. 8vo, pp. 764. Nelson

Father William's Stories. Vol. 2.' 1867. Sm. 410, 8vo, pr. xli-128. Murray “ Word was made Flesh" (The). Short Family

6/ d. Book Society

Floral World (The), and Garden Gnide Edit by Readings in the Gospels, for each Sunday of the Christian Year. Post 8vo, pp. xii-463. Hunt

Shirley Hibberd, Esq. 1867. 8vo, pp. r-378, 6/ Grocmb-idge


pp. 96.





People's Magazine (The). An Illustrated Misce

for all Classes. Vol. 1. Sup.-roy. 8vo, pp. 1

832. Soc. P. C, K.
Peter Parley's Annual. A Christmas and

Year's Present for Young People. With Colo
Engravings and Woodcuts. Sq. cr. 8vo, pp. v

312. Darton y Co. Pleasant Hours: a Monthly Magazine of Amu

and Instructive Reading. With Ilust. 1

Sup.-roy. 8vo, pp. 152. National Scciety Record ('i'he) of Zoological Literature. 1866.

3. Edited by A. C. Gunther. 8vo. Van Voorst Servants' Magazine (The). New Series. 1

12mo, pp. 284. Partridge Stories and Miscellaneous Reading for Even

Schools. Prepared by the Author of "Stories
Catechisings in Illustration of the Collects,"

Vol. 2. 12mo, pp. 288. Mocley
Storm-Bound. 'Christmas Number of Tinsle

Magazine. 8vo, sd. Tinsley Sunday at Home (The): a Family Magazine

Sabbath Reading. 1867. Sup.-roy. 8vo, pp. 8

Rel. Tract Soc. Sunday Scholars’ Annual (The). Containing Stor

and Ballads for Sunday Scholars, written by 1 best Authors. Ilust. Third Series. 16mo, vii-146. Stock

] Sunday Teachers' Treasury (The): a Magazine ce

taining Materials ready for Use, for Sunday-Scht Teachers, Tutors, Governesses, Parents, Managers of Schools. 1867. Post 8vo, pp. iv~51

Macintosh Sunshine, for 1867. Conducted by W. Meyn

Whittemore, D.D. Sq. 8vo, pp. 188. Macintosh' 1 Sword (The) and the Trowel; a Record of Comb

with Sin, and Labour for the Lord. Edit. by C. I

Spurgeon. 1867. 8vo, pp. viii-576. Passmore Taking Tales for Cottage Homes; or, Instructi

and Entertaining Reading about Life on Land ar at Sea, at Home, and in the Colonies. Edited i W. H. G. Kingston. Vols. 1 and 2. Post 8v Griffith k Farran

each 3 Series 4.

1 Temple Bar. A London Magazine for Town an

Country Readers. Vol. 21. Nov, 1867, 8vo, p

572. Bentley Tract Magazine (The) and Christian Miscellan

1867. 12mo, pp. 332. Rel. Tract Soc. Transactions of the Philological Society, f

1867. Part 1. 8vo, sd. Asher Transactions. Published by the Royal Medical an

Chirurgical Society of London. Second Serie

Vol. 32. 8vo, pp. lxv_649. Longmans Union Review (The). A Magazine of Cathol

Literature and Art, Vol. 5. (Vol. 2 of a Ne Series). Jan. to Dec., 1867. 8vo, pp. 61 Hayes

13 Warne's Two Annuals.

The Five Alls. Gol Silver, Lead. Edit. by Tom Hood, and Mr Valentine. With Plates and Woodcuts. 1 Vc Roy.-8vo. Warne

3 Winning Words. A Lamp of Love for the Youn

Folks at Home. Third Series. Roy. 18mo, pi 188. Gall & Inglis



Friendly Visitor (The). 1867. Illust. Sup.-roy. 8vo, bds., pp. 188. Seeleys. 1/6; cl.

2/ Gardener (The), & Magazine of Horticulture and

Floriculture. Edit. by William Thomson, 1867. 8vo, pp. 494. Blackwoods

7/6 General Baptist Magazine (The), for 1867. 8vo.

Winks (Leicester-Marlborough Gold, Silver, Lead. A Collection of Original Stories.

With numerous Illust. Edited by Mrs. Valentine. (Warne's Christmas Annual). Roy. 8vo, sd., Warne.

1/ Golden Hours for 1867. 'A Magazine for Family

Reading. Edit. by W. M, Whittemore. Roy. 8vo, pp. 188. Macintosh

2/ Good Stories. Selected and Edit. by J. Erskine Clarke, Twelfth Series. Post 8vo. Macintosh 1/6 1867. 1 Vol.

5/ Good Words for 1867. Edit. by Norman Macleod, D.D. Illust. Roy. 8vo, pp. 862. Strahan

7/6 Gospel Missionary (The) for 1867. Vol. 17.

pp. 188. Beil & Daldy Gutch's Literary and Scientific Register and

Almanack, for 1868. Tuck. Stevens 3/6 Hanover Square. No. 1. 8vo. Ashdown & Parry 1/ Hardwicke's Science-Gossip; an Illustrated Medium

of Interchange and Gossip for Students and Lovers of Nature. Edit. by M. C. Cooke. 1867. Roy. 8vo, pp. 288. Hu dricke

5/ Haswell (C. H.) Engineer's and Mechanic's Pocket

Book, 1867. 21st edit., revised and enlarged. 12mo, tuck. New York

12/ Hunt's Yachting Magazine. Vol. 16. 8vo, pp. 584. Hunt

14/ Infant's Magazine (The). By the Editors of the

“ Children's Friend." Vol. 2. Sm. 4to. Seeleys. Bds. 1/6; al.

2/ Judy. Vol. 1. 4to. Office

6/6 ! Ladies' Treasury (The) of Literature, Occupation,

and Amusement. Illust. Edited by Mrs. Warren. Vol. 3. New Series. Sup.-roy. 8vo, pp. 572. Bemrose

10/6 Leisure Hour (The). 1867. Sup.-roy. Svo, pp. 828.

Rel. I'ract Soc.
Lodge's Peerage and Baronetage of the British

Empire as at present existing. Arranged and
printed from the Personal Communications of the
Nobility. With the Arms of the Peers. 37th edit.
Revised and enlarged. Roy. 8vo, pp. lxii-812.
Hurst & Blackett

31/6 London Society. An illustrated Magazine of Light

and Amusing Literature for the Hours of Relaxation. Vol. 12. 8vo, pp. vi—666. Office 9/6

Christmas Number. 8vo, sd. Office. 1/ Magazine for the Young. 1867. 18mo, hf.-bd. Mozley

2/6 Missing Link' Magazine (The). vol. 3.

8vo. Macintosh

4/ Mission Field (The),' a 'Monthly Record of the

Proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel at Home and Abroad. Vol. 12. Post 8vo, pp. 424. Bel f Daldy

2/ Mission Life; or, the Emigrant and the Heathen. 1867. 8vo. Rivingtons .

7/6 Month (The): a Magazine and Review.

July to Dec., 1867. 8vo, pp. 572. Office 8/
Monthly Packet (The) of Evening Readings for

Members of the English Church. New Series.
Vol. 4. 8vo, pp. 620. Mozley

7/ Mothers' Treasury (The). Containing various

Pieces of Permanent Interest. Vol. 4. 8vo, pp. 192. Book Society

2/ Net (The) Cast in Many Waters. Sketches from the

Life of Missionaries, for 1867. Edited by Anne
Mackenzie. 8vo, pp. 1-192. Bemrose

2/ old Merry's Annual. 1868. Roy, 16mo, pp. viii663. Jackson & Walford

5/ Our Curate's Budget. Edit, by Rev. Wm. Michell. Twelfth Series. Feap. 8vo, cl. sd.,


40. Hodges (Frome)-Simpkin

1/ Our Own Fireside. Edited by Rev. Charles Bullock. Vol. 4. Roy. 8vo, pp. iv-670. Hunt

7/6 Parish Magazine. 1867. Edited by J. E. Clarke. 8vo, Bell f: Daldy

2/ Penny Post (The). vol. 17. jan. to Dec., 1867. 8vo, pp. 329. Parker .





Vol. 7.


AGRICULTURE, HORTICULTURE, &c. Anderson (George) Art of Skating; containing man

Figures never previously described. With Illus trations, Diagrams, and Plain Directions for th Acquirement of the most Difficult and Elegan Movements. 2nd ed. Post 8vo, cl. sd., pp. viii71. Cor

2 Du Breuil's Vineyard Culture. With Notes by Joh Werder. 12mo, pp. 337. Cincinnati

10 Hunting Grounds (The) of the Old World. B

"The Old Shekarry," H. A. I. New ed., wit!

Illust. Post 8vo, pp. xv_498. Saunders of Otley 6 Modern Farming, in a Series of Treatises by Dis

tinguished Agriculturists. Edit. by Robert Scot Burn. Crops-Stock, Poultry, &c. Cr. 8vo, pp. 1– 384. Fullarton

each 5 Mohr (F.) Grape Vine: a practical Scientific Treatise

on its Management. Translated. 12mo, pp. 129 New York

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Randall (Henry S.) Sheep Husbandry.

Hoffman (Rev. C. Colden) Memoir of.

Br Rer. Account of the different Breeds, and General Direc- George Townshend Fox, M.A. With a Preface by the tions in regard to Summer and Winter Manage- Hon. and Right Rev. Samuel Waldegtare, D.D. ment, Breeding, and the Treatment of Diseases. With Portrait. Post Sro, pp. xxiii-365. Seleys 6 6 8vo, pp. 338. New York

91 Isaac. The Polemic Divine; or, Memoirs of the Profitable Pigs. How to Breed, Feed, and make Life, Writings, and Opinions of the Rev. Daniel |

them Pay. With Mode of Treatment in Health Isaac. By James Everett. 3rd edit. Post ero, and Disease. 2nd ed. 12mo, sd. Virtue . . 11

pp. vi—313. W'. Reed Rivers (Thomas) Orchard-House; or, the Cultivation Italy (The Trinity of); or, the Pope, the Bourbon, i

of Fruit Trees under Glass. 18th ed., enlarged and the Victor; being Historical Revelations of the and improved. Fcap. 8vo, pp. X~221. Long. Past, Present, and Future of Italy. By an Englis


Civilian. 8vo, pp. xxviii-335. Moroa Science (The) of Foxhunting and Management of Jackson (Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall", Life

1 the kennel. By Scrutator. Cr. 8vo, hf.-bd., pp.

of. Abridged from the larger work of Professor xvi-410. Routledge

5/ "Wrinkles," or Hints to Sportsmen and Travellers

Dabney. With Portrait. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii—276.

Nisbet upon Dress, Equipment, Armament, and Camp Life.

Jennings (Louis J.) Eighty Years of Republican By H. A. L., The Old Shekarry." With Illust.

Government in the United States. Post Sro, pp. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii -294. Saunders of Otley 6/

XP-288. Murray .
Josephus (F.) Jewish War. With his Autobiography.

A New Translation by the late Rev. Rob. Trail

Edit., with Notes, &c., by Isaac Taylor. Hast. Barry (Sir Charles, R.A.) Life and Works of. By Rev. 2 vols. in 1. Roy. 8vo. Houlston

Alfred Barry, D.D. With Portrait and Illustrations. Kératry (Count Emile De) Rise and Fall of the 8vo, pp. xiv-107. Murray


Emperor Maximilian. A Narrative of the Jerican Bisset (Andrew) History of the Commonwealth of

Empire, 1866.7, from Authentic Documents. With England. From the Death of Charles I. to the

the Imperial Correspondence. Post Svo, pp. vilExpulsion of the Long Parliament by Cromwell : 312, Low being Omitted Chapters of the History of England. Knight (Charles) Popular History of England. Rien

(In 2 vols.) Vol. 2. Svo, pp. xvii-505. Murray 15/ issue. Vol. 5. 8vo. Bradbury Bramwell (Williamı) Memoir of, By James Sigston. Keysell. The Earnest Life. Memorials of Rer. I 32mo. Nicholson (Halifax)

1/6 Thomas 0. Keysell, with Extracts from his CorresBrownlow (Emma Sophia Countess) Slight Re

pondence. By Thomas M'Cullagh. Cheap edit. miniscences of a Septuagenarian from 1802 to Post 8vo, pp. xi-318. Walker (Leeds-- Hamilton 3.6

1815. Post 8vo, pp. viii-199. Murray 7/6 Kollonitz (Countess Paula) Court of Mexico. Trans. Calendar of State Papers and Manuscripts by J. E. Olivant. 8vo, pp. xix-303. Saunderst relating to English Affairs existing in the Archives Olley

12: and Collections of Venice. Vol. 2, 1509-19. Edit.

Lacordaire. The Inner Life of the Very Rev. Père by Rawdon Brown. Imp. 8vo. Longmans 15/ Lacordaire, of the Order of Preachers. Translated Campbell (John, D.D.) Life and Labours of. By from the French of the Rev. Père Chocrane, O.P.

Rev. Robert Ferguson, LL.D., and Rev. A. Morton By a Religious of the same Order. With Preface Brown, LL.D. With Portrait. 8vo, pp. xx–559. by the Very Rev. Father Aylward. Post 8vo, PP. Bentley


xx–556 Kelly (Dublin)-Simpkin Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and

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. 8vo, polo

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Micklem (Manchester)-Hamilton .

Organization, adapted to the Primary Schools of

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A, B, C, D. tion. Translated from the Third Edition of the Original German Work, by Walter C. Perry, Esq.

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Thring ( Rev. Edward) Education and School. And

edit. Murray

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Young (Townsend) Handbook to the Writing.Desk; ceded by a History of the Religious Wars in the

or, the Principles and Practice of Orthography. Reign of Charles ix. With Illust. 850, pp. xviii

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and Compounds; copious Exercises on all Ambiguities arising from Similar and Obscure Sounds;

and Sentences for Dictation and Correction. ENGLISH PHILOLOGY AND EDUCATION. Adapted for Public and Private Instruction, the Burgess (William R.) Investigation of a Common Competitive Examinations, &c.

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EUROPEAN AND CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY &c. Lecture. 8vo, sd. Rivingtons

1/6 Baume (Paul) Practical French Grammar and ExerChaucer. The Prologue, The Knightes Tale, The cises. For the Systematic, Practical, and Gradual

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of the History of the English Language, from the Bland's Latin Hexameters and Pentameters, Norman Conquest. With numerous Specimens. Vocabulary to. By a Harrow Tutor. 2nd ed. 12mo,

3rd edit. Posi 8vo, pp. xvi-536. Griffin . 7/6 hf.-bu., pp. ix-45. Crossley of Clarke (Harrow) Day (Henry N.) Grammatical Synthesis, the Art of


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Anglais. 12mo. Dulau

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2/ Dodgson Charles L., M.A.) Elementary Treatise on De Lolme (J. L.) Lessons in French: or, a Compen

Determinants, with their Application to Simulta. dious French Grammar for the use of Schools and neous Linear Equations and Algebraical Geometry: Adults. With Exercises on all the Rules, and Cr. 4to, pp. vii-143. Macmillan

10/6 Examples of Familiar Subjects required for daily

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