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s List, No. 764).




British and Foreign Literature,

which is incorporated BENT'S LITERARY ADVERTISER, established in the Year 1802.



y, The

.. 1321

William, & Co........... 1320

1 288 · & Co. ........ 1293, 1296, 1312 A. W.

1329 atyne & Co., Edinburgh 1325 tt & Co.

1294 $ Daldy

1286, 1295 on, J. M.

1332 on, Robert

1324 all, Petter, & Galpin.. 1297, 1328 5, W. M., & Co....... 1320 ns, Wm., Sons, & Co.

1296 cemporary Review, (The).. 1287 George

1286 u Son..

1299, 1320 sonds & Remnants ........ 1331 & Spottiswoode

1292 iner, Wm. Wells

1286 ott, Joseph

.... 1324 gow Infant School Mag. d Words

1287 fin, Charles, & Co..... 1301 Hilton & Co.

1300 abury & Simpson .......... 1329 dwicke, Robert....

....... 1286 yman, Brothers, & Co....... 1326 rring, Wardley, & Co. ...... 1328 Imes, William ....... 1332 tten, John Camden

1303 ulston & Wright...

1300 wlett & Son

1286 irst & Blackett..

1298 ckson, Walford, & Hodder.... 1302

Jenking & Cecil

...... 1330 Johnson & Rowe

1298 Journal of Horticulture (The).. 1292 Judd, H. K. & Co.

1327 Kelly & Sons

1331 Kent & Co......

1286 La Mode Illustrée

1293 Leighton, Son, & Hodge

1330 Lewis & Sons

1330 Lockwood & Co.

1286 Longmans & Co........ 1298, 1304 Mackenzie, William

1298 Macintosh, Wm.

1289 Macmillan & Co.

1305 Marks, Joseph

1328 Marlborough & Co. ......1329, 1331 Menzies, J. & Co., Edinb.

1312 Milner & Sowerby, Halifax Morris & Co.

1327 Moxon, Edwd. & Co.

1323 Mozley, J. & C.........

1302 Murby, Thomas

1296 Murray, Alex. & Son

1298 Musical Bouquet (The) ........ 1302 Myers, J. J., Southampton 1327 Nelson, Thomas, & Sons

1307 Newman, George.............. 1332 Nimmo, W. P., Edin... ..1308, 1309 Ogden, J., & Co.

1326 Peacock, Mansfield, & Britton.. 1310 People's Magazine, (The) 1291 Philip, George, & Son.......... 1311 Poplett, John


Quaritch, Bernard

1333 Ramage & Coppinger

1320 Ransom, H. ......

..... 1324 Religious Tract Society ........ 1312 Rimmel, E.

1286 Rivingtons...

.... 1300 Saint Pauls Sangster, James & Co.

1298 Schenck & Macfarlane, Edinb... 1327 Scott & Harper.....

1326 Shaw, J. F., & Co.

1312 Simpkin, Marshall & Co.

1286 Smith, William......

1328 Smith, Elder, & Co.

... 1313 Smith, Joseph

1286 Soc. Prom. Christ. Knowl.

.... 1290 Sotheby, Wilkinson, & Hodge., 1333 Stevens, Brothers

1320 Stevens, T., Coventry

1322 Stinson, R. Y.

1328 Strahan & Co.

1287 Sunday Magazine (The)..... 1287 Swain & Co.

1331 Tegg, William ............1314, 1315 Trubner & Co....

1316, 13 17 Venables, Tyler, & Son

1327 Virtue & Co.

1321, 1328 Warne, F. & Co.

..1318, 1319 West, R. C.

1331 Westleys & Co.

...... 1329 Whiteman & Bass

.... 1330 Whiteman, F. & Co.

1323 Wood, Charles W.



.. 1286

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Subscription, 58. per annum, delivered post-free.-Single Number, 6d.; by post, 7d.

Subscriptions to The BookSELLER for 1868 are now due, and Subscribers are requested to transmit the amount (55.), either in Postage Stamps or by Postoffice Order, payable at the General Post-Office to MR. EDWARD TUCKER.

Subscribers are reminded that the amount is too small to admit of application being made for it ky post, and they will consequently see the necessity for promptly responding to this intimation without putting the Publisher to any needless trouble or expense.

Advertisements inserted in The Bookseller are charged at the following rate :-Four lines, set close, in column, 3s. 6d., per line beyond, 6d. ; six lines, se close, across the page, 10s. 6d., per line beyond, is. 6d. ; page, 31. 35.; half-page, Il. 165.; third, 255.; quarter-page, 20s. ; one-sixth, 14s. Displayed Advertisements, whether in column or across the page, are charged according to the space occupied.

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THE GAZETTE. Bankruptcy Annulled,

Westlake, Benjamin, St. James'-road, Hollossy, DET D'Arcis, Frederick Hilaire, Clarendon-terrace, South

vendor, &c. ; solicitor, G. F. Mant, Great James-street. Kensington, late Burleigh-street, editor and translator.

Wheelhouse, William, Carrington-in-Basford, journey.

man printer, &c.; solicitor, G. Belk, Nottingham. Bankrupts :

Yoakley, Richard, Grafton-street, Dublin, bookseller and

stationer; agent, H. F. Leachman, Dame-street, Dublin Baker, William, Norwich, stationer, newsvendor, &c.;

solicitor, M. 8. Emerson, Norwich. Bowman, Peter, Glasgow, newsagent; claims by March 2.

Assignments, Compositions, Trust Deeds, &c. :Boyle, William, York-street, Hulme, Manchester, book- Baugh, Spencer, Forest-road, Dalston, late print- eller ;

binder; solicitors, Eltoft and Hampson, Manchester. and photographer, Ludgate-hill; comp. of 25. di Brownrigg, Joseph, Compton-street, stationer, newsagent, Bright, John Philips, Ilfracombe, stationer and printa; &c.; solicitor, F. George, Bishopsgate-street.

comp. of 68. 8d. in two months; trustec, James Barrow, Bunting, William Goggs, Red-cross-square and Canter- builder, Clifton Wood, Bristol.

bury-terrace, Walworth, printer; solicitor, J. V. P. Brockett, Margaret, Gateshead, stationer, printer, and Plimsaul, South-square.

newspaper proprietor; comp. of 78. d. on 2nd Dec., a Clark, Joseph Henry, in partnership with E. Curtis, York- office of solicitor, Mr. Longstaffe, Gateshead. street, Covent Garden, publisher and printer.

Cockram, Jolin, Bristol, music-seller; trustees, Charles Clarke, William Spencer, Cousin-lane, Upper Thames- Collard, Grosvenor-street, and John Brinsinead, WIE

street, late Bevis Marks, residing at Boundary-road, more-street, pianoforte manufacturers. St. John's Wood, wholesale stationer; solicitors, Duffield Colnaghi, Bernard Oswald, Stanley Villas, Chelse & Co., Tokenhouse-yard.

advertising agent; comp. of 19s. 6d. in three year. Collins, James, London-wall, and Campbell-road, Bow, Crofts, William Francis, Denmark-street, Canberwell, printer.

printer; comp. of 23. Gd. on 30th Jan. Collins, Richard, and David Standring, Failsworth, in Davis, Charles William, Dane's Inn, Strand; comp. to

Manchester, paper manufacturers; solicitor, J.H. Sykes, pay debts in full, 2s. 6d. in six, nine, and twelve months Manchester.

and 58. in fifteen and eighteen months, and 2, 6d. Deere, Edward, Carter-lane, wholesale stationer; solicitor, months. J. Edwards, Bush-lane.

Dobinson, John Robert, Stockton, stationer; mmp. of Douglas, James Alfred, Broad-street, Birmingham, sta- 13. 6d. on 18th Nov. 1867; trustee, Alfred William tioner, &c.; solicitor, G. G. Pole, Birmingham.

Dibble, accountant, Stockton. Forsyth, Thomas, Airdrie, bookseller and stationer; Dowling, Dionysius Wilfred, Change Alley, Cornhill, claims by April 9.

newspaper proprietor; comp. of is, in three months. Foster, James, Oakfield-road, Penge, late printer, East- Dyson, Robert, Lincoln's Inn Fields, law stationer: comp.

road, City-road ; solicitor, W. Hicks, Orchard-street. of 29. 60. by two equal instalmenta in six and twelve Frame, Frederick, Holly House, Wavertree, near Liver- months; trustee, D. Clutton, law-stationer Symond a Inn.

pool, advertising agent, &c.; solicitor, C. Pemberton, Edwards, William Thomas, Bath-street, and Gerard. Liverpool.

street, Aston Manor, Birmingham, engraver; comp. of Gasson, Edwin Thomas, Rye, music-seller and photo- 2s, on 15th Jan. grapher; solicitor, W. Dawes, Rye.

Edwards, William, and Frederick Wildenbach Whichek Goldberg, Hyams, and Joseph Rosenberg, Marlborough- Iver Mills, Iver, paper-makers; comp. of 3s. by two

street, Newcastle, and South Shields, trading under instalments of 2s, and is., at one and three months. firm of H. Goldberg « Co., print dealers, &c.; solicitor, Elam, William, James Elam, and John Elam, HreiJ. G. Noel, Newcastle.

mondwike, card-makers; comp. of 8. 9d. by the Goodall, James, High-street, Staleybridge, stationer, &c.; instalments of 48. 6d. and 4s. 3d. on 4th Feb. and ethi solicitor, T. Chorlton, Manchester.

May, secured. Halfyard, Henry Gilbert, Crewkerne, music-seller, &c.; Ferguson, John, Thurza-street, Charlton-road, Hong solicitor, G. L. Lang, Crewkerne.

and Market-place, Manchester, bookseller; trustee, Joha Hall, Maitland, High-street, Blue-town, Sheerness, book- Heywood, bookseller, Manchester.

seller and stationer; solicitor, T. Willis, Sheerness. Fox, John, Cromer, stationer, &c.; trustee, Nathanid Henly, Thomas Large, Calne, late Bathford, paper Newstead Field, farmer, Runton. maker; solicitor, A. Henderson, Bristol.

Fryer, James Richard, Union-passage, Bath, book-eller Howard, John, Argyle-street, Birkenhead, music-seller; and printer; comp. of 7s. by four instalments, S. solicitors, Richardson, Oliver, & Co., Liverpool.

1s. 6d., 1s. 6d., and 23. on 1st Dec., 14th Feb., 14th Palfrey, Frederick Jones, Didcot, printer; solicitor, J. T. April, and 14th July next. Dodd, Wallingford.

Gatenby, William, Stretford New-road, Janchete, Payne, Thomas, Great Suffolk-street, Borough, news- bookseller and stationer; comp. of 5s. to pay trade agent, &c.; solicilor, J. Edwards, Bush-lane.

creditors, by three equal instalments at four, eight, and Pentecost, Thomas Whitley, Church Cottage, King's twelve months, and to pay cash creditors 5s, imme

Kerswell, book canvasser, &c.; solicitors, Hooper and diately after last instalment is paid; trustee, Janne Michelmore, Newton Abbot.

Powell, cashier, Booth-street, Manchester. Philo, John, Queen's-place, Blackheath-road, printer; Goodman, Caleb, Burton-on-Trent, bookseller and det

solicitor, C. Delmar, Three-king-court, Lombard-street. Agent; comp. of 10s. by three instalments, 5s, on Isth Polybank, George Henry, Piccadilly, photographer, &c.; March, 2s, 6d. on 13th Sept. and 13th March, 18.3. solicitor, J. L. Longstaffe, Berners-street.

Griffiths, Elizabeth, and Mary, Pembroke Dock, statiares; Rutter, William Francis, Newgate-street, and Cross- comp. of 2s. in two months after registration.

street, Islington, bookseller and publisher; solicitors, Harriss, George, Bell-street, Edgeware-road, stationer and Courtenay & Co., Gracechurch-street.

newsagent; comp. of 5s. by two equal instalmente i Shaw, James, and John, trading under firm of Shaw & Co., six and twelve months.

Sauchiehall-street, Glasgow, stationers; claims by Hatch, Samuel, Mill-street, and Bold-street, Liverpool April 6.

printer, engraver, &c.; truslees, Oswald Hopwood, Thornton, John, Princes-street, Oxford, bookseller's County Palatine Loan Company, and William Thomas

assistant, late bookseller, Goswell-road; solicitors, Nash, Bilsborough, house agent, &c., Liverpool. Field, & Co., Suffolk-lane.

Heath, Robert Vernon, Piccadilly, photographer; comp. Weale, James Watt, High Holborn, publisher and book- of 5s. by two equal instalments on 15th July next and

seller; solicitors, Walters and Gush, Basinghall-street. 15th Jan., 1869.

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IIoase, John, Sheffield, stationer and bookbinder; comp. Wheeler, Francis, Broadway, Westminster, stationer ;

of 5s. by two equal instalments in three and six months. comp. of 1s. on 1st April. Jennison, James, Queen-street, Scarborough, stationer Williams, Thomas, Aberystwith, bookbinder, &c.; comp.

and printer; trustees, John Bradley, currier, and Wil- of 58, on 12th Feb., 12th May, 12th Aug., and 12th Nov.; liam Touse Shepherd, confectioner, Scarborough,

trustee, Senson Hart, wine and spirit merchant, GeorgeKnight, John, William Edmund Winstanley, and Matthew street, Tower-hill.

Birkhead, Earlstown, paper manufacturers; comp. of Partnerships Dissolved :105. by two equal instalments on 7th Feb. and 7th May,

Akerman, Edward, and Jolin Hurwitz, Leadenhall-street, 1848, secured; trustee, Hugh Shinniren, accountant, Liverpool.

printers and lithographers. Lampray, Thomas, Paternoster-row, paper merchant;

Barfoot, Eleanor, and Charles William Speight, Strand,

booksellers and stationers. Debts paid by Barfoot. comp. of 6s. 8d, by two equal instalments on 18th Feb. and 18th May.

Bennett, Edward Colston, and Charles William Allen, Marsh, Charles, Yeovil, stationer and printer; truslees,

Birmingham, newspaper proprietors, John Pointing and Richard Cruse, stationers, Joiners'

Brook, George, and Joss Brook, Huddersfield, booksellers, Hall-buildings.

stationers, printers, and bookbinders. Moore, Robert Bendle, Birkenhead, in partnership with

Crofts, Robert, and Robert Martin, Old Bond-street, printHenry Lascelles Carr, newspaper proprietor and printer;

sellers, &c. comp. of 5s, on 1st March, 1868, and 15s, on 1st March,

Davis, Charles, and William Thomas Allen, Kennet

wharf, Upper Thames-street, printers and lithographers. 1869. Viorse, John Edward, Devonshire-street, Bishopsgate

Debts paid by Allen.

Hardcastle, street-without, printer; comp. of 18. on 6th Jan., 1868.

John, and Edward Mason, Southport, Parker, Elizabeth Charlotte, Worthing, music-seller;

printers; debts paid by Hardcastle.

Henderson, Catherine, widow, and John, Hercules-place, comp. of 5s. in fourteen days from execution of deed. Party, Charles Richard, Cambridge-terrace, St. Peter's,

Belfast, printers and publishers. Debts paid by J.

Henderson. Islington, bookseller; comp. of 3s. by two equal instal

Henry, John, and William Whyte, junr., Colthrop Mills, ments, on registration, and 10th Jan. next. Patey, William, Burnham, stationer and printer; trustee,

Thatcham and Old Change, paper makers, &c. Robert Salisbury, auctioncer, &c., Burnham,

Holden, George, & Son, Liverpool, booksellers. Peel, Thomas Clifford, Lant-street, Southwark, trading

James, Joseph, and Thomas Grossutt, Sheffield, printers as Thomas C. Peel & Co., wholesale stationer; tristees,

and bookbinders. Debts paid by Grossutt. William Garden, gent., Upper Thames-street, and

Knight, John Catlow, and Thomas Foster, Eastcheap, William Fitch, wholesale stationer, Old Fish-street-hill.

stationers; debts paid by Knight. Plumtree, William, Louth, photographer; trustees,

Kyles, William, and James L. Law, Bath-street, PortoCharles Clark, builder, and Thomas Darnill, plumber,

bello, photographers. both Louth.

Marion, Claude Maines Augustin, benr., Augusto Leon Poole, Clement William, Foots Cray, and Ripley Cottage,

Marion, junr., Henry Edward Géry, and George Bishop, Bexley Heath, paper pulp manufacturer, &c.; comp. of

Soho-square, wholesale dealers in ornamental and fancy 25. by two equal instalments in six and twelve months.

stationery, &c. Debts paid by Marion, junr., Géry, and Potts, Thomas, Daventry, stationer, printer, &c.; trustee,


Marshall, Barbara, and John Paton, Glasgow, trading John Line, shoe manufacturer, Daventry. Roberts, James Tonge, Hereford-road, Bayswater, book

under Firm of M Millan and Marshall, stationers.

Ollivier, Robert Wilby, and Louis Alexander Emanuel, seller and stationer; comp. of 105. by four equal instal

Old Bond-street, music publishers and sellers, as regards ments in three, six, nine, and twelve months.

Emanuel Podrigues, Alfred, Bath-street, Newgate-street, stationer;

Powell, Arthur, and William Wallace Auld, South comp. of 5s. by two equal instalments at two and four months from ioth Dec., secured; trustee, Henry William

Hanover-street, Edinburgh, law and general printers. Banks, accountant, Coleman-street.

Reynolds, James, and Alfren Dumsday, Cuckfield, staSanders, Thomas, Cook's-court, Lincoln's Inn, law sta

tioners, newsagents, &c.

Roberts, James, and James Cooper, Elland, card manutioner; comp. to pay debts in full, by four equal instal

facturers. ments at three, six, nine, and twelve months.

Shorrock, Eccles, and James Dimmock, Over Darwen, Smart, Lucy Ann, widow, Gloucester, bookseller and stationer; comp. of 10s.

paper-makers. | Smith, Frederick Charles, Grantley Villas, the Park,

Simpson, George Wharton, and Edmund Dring, GoughPeckham, die sinker; comp. of 25. 6d, in six months.

square, Fleet-street, proprietors of the Photographic Smith, John Hall, West Cowes, I. W., printer; comp. of

Nen's, and Photographic News' Almanack. 58., 48. in ten days, and 1s, in six months,

Wagstaff, Eliza, & I. House, Balls-buildings, Morning-lane, Squire, Henry, King William-street, Strand, trading

Hackney, fancy paper stainers. Debts paid by House.

Whyte, William, and Robert Biggart, Allander Mills, under the firm of Henry Squire and Co., photographic dealer, &c.; comp. to pay debts in full by four equal

Milngavie and South Albion-street, Glasgow, paper instalments, at six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-one

manufacturers, &c. Debts paid by Whyte. months; trustee, John Austin Hart, accountant, Moor

Wicks, George, and George Thomas Wicks, Truro, book

binders. pate-street. Stradling, Edward, Beckwell-street, Plymouth, book- Dividends : binder; comp. of 5s. on 28th Nov.

Browne, T. C, bookseller, &c., ster; third of 1d.; Thomas, John, Priory-street, Carmarthen, printer; comp: Harris, Nottingham. of 58. by four equal instalments at three, six, nine, and

Francis and Jackson, lithographers, &c. First, 123. 14d. twelve months after registration.

Parkyns, London. Trayhearne, John William, Oxford-street, music-seller ; Vaughan, W., stationer. Second, 5d. Turner, Liverpool. comp. of 20s. by eight equal instalments on 1st April,

Walker, Henry John, Great Dover-street, printer. First 1st July, and 1st Oct., 1868; and 1st Jan., 1st April,

and final. J. Priest, Buckingham-street, Strand. 1st July, and 1st Oct., 1869, and 1st Jan., 1870.

Petition to wind-up under Companies' and Societies' Acts : | Underwood, John, Brecknock-crescent, and Maclean's.

The Church and Country Newspaper Company (Limited). buildings, New-street-square, stationer and ink manufacturer, trading under firin of the Patent Ink and

Solicitors, Rhodes, Son, & Duffett, Chancery-lane. Stationery Company; to pay debts by instalments of

Orders made to wind-up :one-eighth every six months until paid in full; inspector, Moore, M'Queen, and Company Limited); official liquida- ! George Thorowgood, drysalter, Cock-lane.

tors, William Agnew, Richard Lloyd, Thomas McLean, Warr, William Henry, Featherstone-buildings, Holborn, and Lewis Pocock; solicitors, Stevens and Wilkinson,

and Oakley-equare, St. Pancras, printer; comp. of 4s. Nicholas-lane. by four equal quarterly instalments; trustee, George The Strand Printing and Publishing Company (Limited). Henry Law, accountant, Beaufort-buildings, Strand. Solicitors, Miller & Smith, Watling-street.

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Idam, D. C. B., Newcastle March
Adams, William P., Oxford March
Aitken, H., York-rd, Lamb. May
Aitken, T. É., York-buiklings June
Alien, H. W. & G. J. Davis,

Allen & Morton, Bayswater April
Allen, Henry W.,

Chatham Junc Ambler, William, Leeds Aug. Andrews, Chas., Cheltenham Sept Armstrong, Robert, Moorsley

Banks Paper Mill, Durham June

Ashworth, Thomas, Oldham Feb.
Atherton, G., Aug.
Atkiuson, Robert, Bishop-

wearmouth & Sunderland May
Atkinson, William, Penrith April
Bacon, George W. & Francis

Apperson, Paternoster-row June
Backhouse, Margaret, Wells Sept.
Bagshaw, George, Graham.

street, Birmingham April
Bailey, A. M., Cheltenham Feb.
Baker, William, Stockton July

Baker, William, Norwich

Dec. Ball, Abraham, Macclesfield Oct. Banks, G. L., Cloudesley-sq. Feb. Barham, J. F., Watling-st. Feb. Barlow, Joseph, Newcastle March Barnes, John, Leeds

Feb. Barratt, F. R. Peterborough Sept. Barringer, W. S. Edward's st. Sept. Bastin, E. J., Little Earl-st. April Baugh, S., Forest-rd.,Dalston Dec, Beeker, E., and W. Pound, Basinghall-street


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Bennett, William Ampthill Sept. Benson, J. & J. C., Manches. June Bielefield,J. M., Wellingta-st. March Blake, A. J., Salter's Hall.ct Sopt. Bollington, J., High-s , Puldtu March Booty, G. T., Buckleisbury Murch Bousfield, C., Chicksand-st., Whitechapel

June Bowmar, Poter, Glasgow

Dei. Boyle, W., tlulme, Manches. Doc. Boynton, James, Huuter-st., Brunswick-square

April Bruyrield, H. T., Horsleydn. July Breach, W., junr., Lewes Jian. Bridges, J., widow, Oxford March Bright, J. P., Ulfra ombe Dec. Brockett, M., Gateshead Dec. Brook, Samuel, Brigghouse, in Halifax

June Brooke, Henry D., Rudo

June Brvok,J., Hunslet, in Leeds July Brooksbank, H., S:einton April Broome, Charles, Leicester March Brown, Henry, Nicholl-sq.

Jan. Brown, S., widow, Strand May Brown, F., Richmond bill April Brownrigg, Jozeph, Compton Dec. Bruce,J., Montreal-rd, Brightu Oct. Bruton. Joseph, Crane-court May Buck, J. G., Boston

May Bult, I B., New Quebec-st. April Bunting, W. G., Red Cross-sq. Dec. Burbidge, John, Moorgato-st. Feb. Birch, E., Elizbth-t, Pimlico Aug. Burns, George, Edgeware-rd. Ang. Burns, Hugh, Liverpool March Burns, Walter, Newry June Butcher, H. A., Battersea April Butler, W. F., Maidstone

May Butler, W. H., Newcastle Oct. Baxton, George W., Salford Aug. Cable, J. E., Kingsland July Cano, R. W., Southampton Sept. Cane, R. W., Southampton Oct. Cannon, T., Hoxton

April Carbutt, Wm., Birkenhead March Carnegie, David, Manchest. Jan. Carr, A. & J. M., Newcastle June Charles, T. W.,Souli'ton Bldgs Sept. Cark, Adam, Duffield May Clark, Charles H., Exeter March Clark, J. H., York-st, Cor-grd March Cark, Samuel, Amen Corner Dec. Clarke, C.H.,Paternoster-row Aug. Clarke, Robert, Preston Clarke, Thomas, Leicester

Jan. Cirke, W. S., Cousin-line

Dec. Clayton, J.. junr., Strand Jan. Cleary, William, Bolton Feb. Clegg, Robert, Mere lith-st. March Cockram, John, Bristol

Dec. Coker, J. T., Little Britain Sept. Colley, Franc, Burnsley Feb. Collin, W. H., under firm of

Rees and Collin, Tomlin's.
grove, Bow-road

Aug. Collins, Richard and David,

Standring. Failsworth Dec. Collins, Alfred, Brewer-st. Sept. Collins, Elward James Mor

timer, Cecil-street. Strand April Collins, James, London Wall Dec. Colnaghi, B. O., Chelsea Dec. Congdon, Samuel, Plymouth Jan. Cook, Robt., Lambeth Feb. Coon, Martin, Douglas-st, Deptford

Feb. Cope, W., trading under style

of W. S. Kirkland and Co.,

Salisbury-st., Strand, &c. Aug. Cousins, J., Nottingham Jan, Craig J Holme's-lane, Louth April Craighead, James, Aber loen Feb. Crofis, W. F., Camberwell Dec. Cullen, John I., Liverpool March Curtis, John Sydney, Leeds June Dalton. C. S., Hanway-st. Sept. Dane, J. S., Haverfordwest Aug. Darton, John Maw, Pater. noyter row

May Darton, J. M.,Paternoster-row July Davey, Johu J., Brentwood July Davis, Jacob, Spitalfields Aug. Dy, Michael J., Plenouth Oct. Deero, Edward, Carter-lano Out. Deere, E iward, Carter-lane

Dec. Disney, W. D, Folkestoue Dixon, T. S., Watney-st., Feb. Dobinson, J. R., Stockton


Dolling, J., Eigewaro-road Jan. Doran, Edward J., Liverpool Sept. Doran, Edward J., Liverpool Oct. Douzlas, J. A., Birmingham March Douglas, Jas., Birminghain Dec. Dowling, D.W , Change-alley Dec. Dyson, R, Linc. inn Fields Dec. Ewards, W. and F., Iver Dec. Edwards, J. A., Chudos-st. April E iwards, W. T., Birmingham Dec. Elam, W. J. & J., Heckmond. Dec. Elick, E., Leinster-terrace April Elliott, C. E., Scarborough (et. Els, T. and W., Birmingham April Endall, David, Great Marlow March Evans, Charles J., Strond July Evans, W. E., Gt. Portland-st. Aug. Farrand, Banks, Stafford Sept. Fawley, W. B., Kenuington July Ferguson, J., Manchester De.. Ferguson, R., Eliuburgh Oct. Figdor, Morris, Liverpool March Fisher, C. M., Twickenham

Sept. Fisher, Walter, Bristol Feb. Fieining, T., North Bitchburn My Fogg, E. J. E., Old Kent-rd. May Forsyth, Thomas, Airdrie Dec. Foster, Edward P., Peckham Sept. Foster, James, Penge

Dec. Fox, John, Cromer

Dec. rame, F., Wavertree

Dec. Francis, W.AA.J.Gray's-ina-r, April Francis, William, Hull Ang. Friend, Marian, Deptford March Fryer, James Richd., Bath Dec. Fuller, Hiram, Strand March Fyfe, W.W. Fordington & Dor. Jan. Gaçe, J., & R. Gray, Glasgow Sept. Gaze, J., & R. Gray, Gluscow Oct. Ga«son, Edwin Thomas, Rye Dee. Gaten by, W., Manchester Dec. Gates, Joseph R., Folkestone Feb. Gankroger, Thos., Sowerby March Gearing. Henry, Liudfield

Aug Geber, F. G., London-wall June Genese, S., Hardy-st., Livpl. Oct. Gibb, J. & J. Skinner, Glasg. M45 Gillari, Wm. E., Bra lford Oct. Gillett, G. B., Shettield June Gis in, H. T., Pitfield-street April Gimson, William, Old-street Aug. Ginger, Fred., Lewisham Juno Goldberg, H. &J.R., Newcastle Dec. Goodall, C. H., East-road Juge Goodall, James, Staley bridge Dec. Goo te, Joh), Coventry May Goodman, C., Burtou-on-Trt. Dec. Gorton, W., St. Jobn-st. March Granger, J., Birmingham

J 1919 Grant, Ebenezer, Sunderland Oct. Green, L., Aldersgite-st. March Griffiths, E. & M., Pembroke Dec. Grithith, B., King's-road. Oct Griffiths, T. Kelsall, Holywell Feb. Groves, H., Torriano-Avenue March Hale, E. H., Cheltenbam April Haley, A. W., Manchester March Halfyurd, H. G., Crewkerne Dec. Hall, J., Grenville-st, Dubl. Oct. Hall, Maitland, Sheerness Dec. Hallam, G.T.&J., Marshall-st. Ap:il Hamer, Alfred, Horsforth Sept. Harper, T., Cheltenham

May Harris, William, Liverpool Jan. Harriss, George, Bell-street Dec. Hatch, Samuel, Liverpool Dec. Haworth, Gilbert, Rochdale June Hazard, J. L. and J., Isling. Sept. Heath, Robert V., Piccadilly Dec. Henly, Thomas Large. Caine Dec. Hickmott, J. V., Staplehurst June Higgins, Thos., Fulham April Hinchliffe, Abol, Hull Oct. Hine, G., Winkhill, rear Leek June Hirst, Mark, Sbeffield Oct. Hislop, James, Glasgow April Hodge, Frederick, Strand May Hodges, J., Frome, Belwood Sept. Hodson J. W., Cloudesley-ter, June Hozg. James, James, junr.,

and John, St. Bride's-ar, June Hogg, J., jr., St. Bride's-av. May Hooper, George, Regent-st. July Hotson, John, Thanet-place July Hough, A. J., Bournemouth Aug. House, John, Sheffidd Doc. Howard, John, Gluscow Dec. Howitt, Thos., Nottingbam May Ilughos, Henry, Clapham June

Hughes, Jobu, Bşrugsrum July
Hutton, James, Es ex-street Jube
Jack, David, Oldhan Ja,
Jackson, W. H., and H. A.,
Lewsey, Brentford

Jackson, Henry, Seaconube in
Jackson, Henry Hikington,

Low Harrugate
Jenkins, G. W., Finchley
Jenkins T., Berley-beati
Jones, John, Eriington
Juch, Ernest, London-wall A
Judd, Heury,
Kelly, W.J., Newcas: e
King, Horatio Nelson, Bith Apr
Kirsch, G. B., Caledonian-rd. Aug.
Knight, J. W. E. Winstanley

& M., Birknead, Evizoan Dee
Knizht, Chas. H Wothing Marcelo
Lacey, Henry, Willesden Jan
Lambert, T., ross-gate, York Oct.
Lampray, T., Paternoster-pus Dei
Laugran, F. T., Northampto July
Latham, W. J., Cross-stre: Ang
Latimer, Robert, Brampion Ang
Lawrence, G. J.. Tbanes- May
Lawrence, J. G. Bread-st hill Feli
Laxton, Henry, Arunde - June
Leach, S. Middlesbrough
Lee, Edward. High HoltenJe
Lee, 1. J., Bishopsgate-ekat Jn5
Lenn, John B., Drury-bane
Leslie, H., Haverstock-hi!!
Lewis, Moss Alfred, Islington Manch
Lewis, W. B., Exeter
Levy, Matthias, Edinonton Apri!
Linton, Henry, Cannon-st.
Linton, Henry, Holloway
Lipscombe, H., Worcester
Lockless, J., Camberwe!!
Lockwood, Wm. F., Morpeth A.
Loder, Charles, Lincoln Nay
Low, Peter, Glasgow
Maas, John, Eastbourne

Melonongh, J. S., Liverpool rb
McGhie, Thos, S., Liverpos Ang.
Macken ie, J. F., Ardwiek Vareb
Mikcham, J. P. & J. Paeps,

Manning, B, C., Horti id
Mardon, John, Ramazat
Marks, Eiward N. Battersea ?
Marles, J., North-st., Exeter da
Marsh, Charles, Yeuil
Marsh, J. T., West-square

Marshall, W. IL, Westanin terja:
Mason, R. H., Old Bond-st

Matthews, Robt., Sheffield Sere
Melberish, A. J., York-place, Jan.
Mellor, Sumxel, Rippondeu Jose
Metcalf, John, Liver, rool
Mitchelson, G., Liverpool
Molyneux, T. T., New Wnis Jay
Moore, R. B., Birkenheai
Morse, G., High-st., Mordake July
Morse, J. E, Devonshire-st. Doc.
Moses, Henry, Wheeler-st bept.
Mottram, John, Cloak-tine
Murphie, G., Kingsbridge

Mussabini, N. G., forden ? Aur
Neal, T., Sash-et., Finsbury March
Neal, Thomas, Grore-rized Ang
Netbercliit, F. G., Poland-st. Jube
Newmareh, Isaac, Hull
Newton, D. M., Houghton-st. Ju'y
Nichols, G. H., Earl's-court Jan
Nurton, George, Praed-street Nuh
Nutt, W., Great Queen-st. Nay
Yuttall, James, Burnley

Oliphant, H. W., Banstea! Aug
Oliver, J., Monkwearnjouth Jau
Paine, William, and Michael

Paine, Stratford-on-Avon Set
Palliser, w., Winlaton
Paris, John C., Borough-rd. Marco
Parker, Elizab. C.; Worthing Dec.
Parry, Charles, Islington Dis
Patoy. William, Burubam

Payne, Thos., Ġt Suffolk-st. De
Payne, S. L., Edgeware-road Sards
Pearson, R. T., Hartpool
Pearson, RL, Withington Jan.
Peart, James, Birmingham Jus
Poel, Thoai, C, Late rect Dec-
Pendleton, C., Chipping er: vet
Penfold, G. and J. Paris,

Upper-stiret. Islington Jas
Peniooost, Tbos. W, King's




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Perris, Henry, Livorpool June
Putsch, Albr., Biruingham Juny
Pettigrew, T.. Dblin Aus,
Phillips, William H., Carliff June
Phillips, William H., Carditf Aus.
Philo, John, Blackheath ri. Dec.
Poilp, E., Torriino-avenue Ost.
Piumtree, William, Loutn

Polybank, G H., Piccadilly Doc.
Poole, Clement W., Footscray Dec.
Putter. E. J., Hverfordwest July
Potts, Thomas, Daventry

Pultoa, C., H'gh-st., Peckm April
Powie. Benj., Portman-place Jal.
Pruckter, G., St. John's-wl. July
Proctor, Join, Liverpool May
I'r ysor, G. F., Dyor's-b.dogs. April
Plaby, W. Edw, Hanley May
Reifearn, J. W., Suurlamp.
ton court, Hlborn

Riiford, C. E., London-roid June
Ruishaw, Aud., Gateshet June
Res, T. H., in partnership
with J.H. Watts, under tri
of Rees & Co, Hateuam

Jan. R-es, William North, and W.

H. Coilin, Gracechurch-st. Aug.
Rzes, William North, Gracu.

church-st., and Hanw-|| Auz
Renvoiza, Fred., Mary-streut May
Rihards in, J. G. Munches. May
itibeards, J. T., Hackney-rd. Jane
Richarrison, J. Burrow, in Fan April
Richardson, Wm., Leighton July
Riley, John, Leicester
Rision, Charles, Chelsea March
Roberts, J. T., Blyswater

Roberts, J. E, Chesterfield May
korerts, John S., Elinburzh March
Robinson. C., and A. Porter,

Borough-rd, & Thames-st. March
Robinson, W.H., Gt. Qu'en-st. March
Rodr gues, Arthur, Bath st. Dec.
Rogers, John B., Hastings March
Kigers W. J., Stoke Damerel April
Rose, Win. J., Deddington April
Rewarne, John, Derby
Rott, Henry, iSwansea Sept.

Rudofsky, R., Chandos-st. Jan.
Ritterford, J.D., Dar ington May
Rutherford, Walter, Pimlico April
Ritter, Win. F., Newgate-st. Doc.
Ryland, George, and Thomas

Lytteltou kult. Brmnm. Aug.
Rylind, Geo. Crowther, and

F. H. Ryand, Brmngın Aug.
Sala, George A H., Sloane-st. Sept.
Salmon, J., Bell Sauvage-yd. Feb.
Sarnuels, Richd., Soutuwell June
Saunders, Georso, Russell-
street, Berrondsay

Sanders, Thos., Cookis-ct.

Savage, A., Bishopsgate-st. Fol).
Sarage, Sil'nuel, Trimley
Scotlorn, John, Kunnington Sept.
Searn, John X., Lee Green Jig
Shiw, James & John, Glasg. Des
Shllard, Johu E., Bristol Oct.
Siebe, H. & W. Burnett, Fri h-s May
Sim nons, Thos., Southwark Juno
Sims, Joan J., Fetter-lana July
Slate., Samuel, Congleton Jan.
Smart, Lily A., Gloucester

Smith, Elwd., Birmingham Jan.
Smith, Fred. C., Peckham Dec.
Sinith.R. H., Brook-sc., Eut-r April
Spencer, E. P., Cherrytree-et, Jan,
Squier, Ephraim G.. Liverpl. March
Stead, Francis, Frith street Sept.
Stephen, Alex. M, Dundee Muy
Stevenson, G. J., Patno4.-row Jan.
Stevenson, James, Hanley April
Stokes, E. C., Bridgewater

Stradling, Edwd , Plymouth Dec.
Straker, E. W., Thames-st. Aug.
8:reat, R., Bridgewater-sq. Sept.
Strickland, G. A. Caledon-ri. Aug.
Sydenham, Richard. Poole

Sykes, John W., Praed-st.

Taylor, S. R., Freshwater

Thomas, John, Carmarthen Dec.
Thomson, R., Edinburgh March
Thoruton, John, Oxford Dec.
Thurston, J. W., Nailsworth April
Thwaites, John, Liverpool April
Thynne, William, Gateshead Jan.

Tin man, James, Southport Oct.
Toothill, Ellis, Rusholme

Travhearne, J.W., Oxford-st. Dec.
Tutton, J. W., Strood Green July
Underwood, G., Berwick-st. Oct.
Underwood, J. Brecknock-

cres & Maclean's-buildings Dec.
Unwin, Albert, Jermyn-st. June
Ussmer, Alex., Norwood April
Valentine, W., Peckham Juo
Varnham, Arth., Bedforu-st. July
Vaugliu, John, Worcester June
Viles, Henry A., Carey-st.
Walker, H. J., Gt. Dover-st. My
Walker, W., senr., Runcorn Out.
Walter, W. M., Liverpool Jan.
Wonsorough, H., Bristol Anz.
Warr, W. H., Feathersto-bugi. Dec.
Watson, E., Kennington July
Watis, J unes H., Goode-st.

Weale, J. W., High Holborn Dec.
Wells, Wm. H., Ted lingtou Sept.
Wesley, William, Fleet-st. Sept.
Westlake, Benj. Holloway Dec.
Wheeler, F., Bridway, Westr. Dec.
Wheeler. Wm., Carrington Dec.
White, Henry, Kennington March
Whiceley, T. & J., Stainland June
Whitlock, F., Birmingham Aug.
Wigley, Henry, Daision Feb.
Wilco:ke, S. H., Blackman-st Oct
Wilcockson, H., Goodye-st. April
Wilkins, George, Derby

Jan. Wiiliams, A, Muswell-till Fub. Willians, G., Wolverhampt. Oc", Williams, T., Aberystwith Doc. Willmott. T. II., Sunderlaud July Wilson, Wm. Stockton June Winter, H. S., Keusington July Wood, J., Bute-dock-, Cardif April Wood, J., Bute-docks, Cardiff June Woodin, A. A., Old Bon 1-st. Feb. Wright, Ann & Geo., Bristol July Wroe, Albert, trading as Col

lingwood & Co., Bradford April Ye:f, W. R., Newport, I.W. March York, John Edgbaston, ncar Birmingham



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TRADE AND LITERARY GOSSIP. Oxford. - Those who pass through Paternoster LITERARY ACTIVITY OF THE YEAR.---During Row will observe that a change has taken place the past year there have appeared 4,144 new in the inscription on the well-known Oxford Bible Warehouse, which has been turned into

books and new editions, which may be thus the warehouse of the Oxford University, and

classified that the word “late" appears over the names of Religious Books and Pamphlets

849 Messrs. Gardner & Son. This alteration is due, we Minor Works of Fiction, and Children's believe, to some changes which have taken place Books at Oxford. The University Press is a company, Novels

410 in which the University holds the largest number Annuals and Serials (volumes only)

257 of shares, the other "skilled partners” or pro- Travels, Topography

212 prietors being Mr. Combe, Mr. E. Gardner, English Philology and Education..

210 Mr. E. P. Hall, and Mr. Latham, who make European and Classical Theology and Transtheir own paper, cast their own type, make the lations

196 ink; and print, not only Bibles and Prayers, but Historical and Biographical

193 a large number of learned, historical, philolo. Poetry and the Drama

150 gical, and religious books. The books of the Politics and Questions of the Day

143 learned side," as it is called, are published for Science, Natural History, &c.

133 the University by Messrs. Macmillan & Co.; and Medical and Surgical.

121 the University now has its own London ware- Law

101 house for the sale of Bibles. A glance at the Trade and Commerce.

63 last two numbers of the BOOKSELLER will show Agriculture, Horticulture, &c.

62 that the Oxford Press is resolved to move with the Illustrated Works (Christmas Books). 62 times. In our October list will be seen the long Art, Architecture, &c.

53 series of announcements of an Educational Series Naval, Military, and Engineering

42 in every branch of learning. Those men who are Miscellaneous, not classified..

352 presumed to be most competent for their several tasks have been selected as editors, quite irrespec.

4,144 tive of their nationalities or Almæ Matres. In Last year the total was 4, 204. the last number of the BOOKSELLER there were specimen pages of several of the smaller Prayer After thirty-four years' active service in the Books, of which the University publishes a great old.established house in Piccadilly, Mr. Alfred number of editions, suitable for every purpose; Taylor will shortly retire from his partnership in amongst others, there is a specimen of the Basker- the firm of Hatchard & Co. Mr. Taylor retires ville edition- --one of the handsomest volumes yet from business, and in doing so hands over the issued.

reins of the old house to a grandson of the late

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