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Malta. Dr. Sutherland's Report on the Sanitary Gray (Thomas) Poetical Works. Illast. las edi.

Condition of Malta and Gozo, with reference to the Roy. 18mo, pp. xii-121. Bishers Epidemic Cholera of 1805. With 12 Plans . 8/ Hemans' (Felicia) Poems. New ed. 6 rol in 1 Mines. Reports of the Inspectors of Mines for 1866,

Fcap. 8vo. Blackwoods. . Plans

710 Navy. Statistical Report of the Health of the Navy

Herbert (George) Church Porch; with lots els for 1864. 8vo.

Selection of Latin Hymns for Sunday use in Us!

41 Oyster Fisheries. Pennell's Report on the Black.

Forms. Edited by Edward C. Love, D.D te water River Oyster Fisheries. Map.


8vo, pp. vii—74. Parker Railways. Supplemental Return, showing the

Holland (J. G. Kathrina; her Life and Mint, 21

it amount of Ordinary and Preferential Railway

Poem. 12mo, pp. 287. New York Capital, Debenture Stock, &c.

6d. Houghton (Lord) A Selection from the arbod Turnpike Trusts. Abstract of the General State- With Portrait. (Moxon's Miniature Poris.) L. ments of the Income and Expenditure of the several 16mo, pp. viii-230. Moron .

Turnpike Trusts in England and Wales, 1865. 1/ Howitt (R.) Wasp's Honey; or, Poetie Gili Woods and Forests. 45th Annual Report of the Gems of Poetic Thought. Fcap. Bro, bls. Dardin Commissioners of


Jenner (Stephen) Holy Child: : Poem in it POETRY AND THE DRAMA.

Cantos. Also an Ode to Silence, and other fuent

Fcap. 8vo. Longmans Axel, and other Poems. Translated from the Swedish by Henry Lockwood. Post 8vo, pp. xxi—152.

Last of the Garayes (The); and other Poems. Di Longmans


an English woman. With Engr. Obg. Jacinia 5 Bartholomew (Mrs. Mounsey), Young Vocalist: a

Leech (William, M.R.C.S.) Progress of Life ; &, Collection of Twelve Songs, each with an Accom.

Youth, Maturity, and Old Age. A Poem, in T** paniment for the Pianoforte. Selected from Mozart,

Cantos. Cr. 8vo. Longmans Weber, Mendelssohn, Spohr, &c. 4to, pp. 16,

Lloyd (J.) Ballad of Edge Hill Fight; and other Griffith & Farran

Poems. Fcap. 8vo. Longmans

2/ Beauties from the British Dramatists. 'sq. 32mo, Lonsdale (John James) Songs and Ballads. With

1/6 pp. 128. Nimmo

Memoir. 12mo. Routledge Brierley (Benjamin) Cobbler's Stratagem: a Farce.

Lytton (Robert) Lucile. By Owen Meredith. With In 1 Act. Fcap. 8vo, sd. J. Heywood (Man.

24 Illust. by George Du Maurier. Sg. 8vo,

07 chester)-Simpkin


vii-261. Chapman 4 Hall . Britton (J. J.) Carrella. Lyrics, Lays, and Sym.

Milton (John) Paradise Lost. To which is pretired a pathies. Fcap. 8vo. Bennelt


Life of the Author, and Dr. Channing's Essay ea Camp-Fire (The). By H. A. L. (" The Old Shekarry").

the Poetical Genius of Milton, Roy. 18mo, H. 3rd ed. 8vo, pp. viii-191, Saunders f: Otley 6/

xxiv—3:25. Tegg Campbell (Thomas) Poetical Works. New ed., with

Myers (Frederick W. H.) Saint Paul, Feap. 8ro, ? Notes by Rev. W. A. Hill, M.A. Illust. by 20

55. Macmillan Vignette Engrav. from Designs by J. M. W. Turner,

Ollier (Edward) Poems from the Greek Mythology, Post 8vo, pp. Ixix- 403. Roulledge


and Miscellaneous Poems. Fcap. 8ro, PP. VCarpenter (J. E.) Devout Songster. 18mo. Rout.

181. Hotten

3 ledge


Pilgrim (The); or, Truth and Beauty in Cathle Songs for the Righteous. 18mo. Roulledge 6d. Lands. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 1–333. Burns f Lambert 36

Moral Song.Book. Roy. 32mo, bds. Route Roberts. The Legendary Ballads of England es ledge 1/ Scotland. Compiled and Edited by John S. Puberts

. Religious Song.Book. Roy. 32mo, bds. With Illust. and Portrait. (The Chandos Poets.! Routledge

1/ Cr. 8vo, pp. xi—128. Warne New Scottish and Irish song-Book. In í Robinson (G. W.) Lays of a Heart. Feap. 8r. vol. Roy. 32mo. Routledge.


Standard Reciter. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xvi-494.

Rogers. The Golden Sheaf: Poems Contributed by Routledge 2/6 Living Authors. Edited by Rev. Charles Rogert

. Clarke (J. E.) Penny Posy of Poetry for Children. Cr. 8vo, pp. Xxxii-236. Houlston . New edit. 32mo, sd. Warne

ld. Salmon (James) Gowodean: a Pastoral. 8vo, riConvent Prize Book (The). A Selection of Verses

119. Edmonston on the Festivals of the Church, Feasts of the Scott (Sir W.) Poetical Works : including Introduce Blessed Virgin, Festivals of the Principal Saints,

tion and Notes. With Original Illust." (Chandas and Miscellaneous Poems. By the Authoress of

Poets.) Crown 8vo, pp. viii. 610. Wame. . "Geraldine," &c. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii—132. Wash- Shakespeare's Plays. Edit. by Thomas Keightly bourne


6 vols. (Bell & Daldy's Pocket Vols.) 32mo, in Cowper (William) Poetical Works. With a Biogra. cloth case. Bell & Daldy

21 phical and Critical Introduction by the Rev. Thomas

Gleanings from the Comedies. Sq. Buno, Dale. Illust. Roy, 18mo, pp. 27-278. Nelson 2/

pp. 128. Nimmo Cross (Elizabeth D.) An Old Story; and other Poems.

Swinburne (Algernon C.) Chastelard : & Trageds

. Fcap. 8vo. Longmans

3/6 2nd ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 219. Hotlen . Dante's Divine Comedy: The Inferno. A Literal

Poems and Ballads. New edit. Fcap. 8vo. Prose Translation, with the Text of the original,

Hotlen collated from the best editions, and Explanatory

Atalanta in Calydon: a Tragedy. 3rd ed. Notes. By John A. Carlyle, M.D. 2nd ed. With Fcap. 8vo, pp. xir-130. Hotlen Portrait. Post Svo, pp. xlvi-432. Chapman &

Treasury of Poetic Gems. Sq. 3lmo, pp. 147. Hall


16 Vision; or, Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. Whitman (Walt) Leaves of Grass, Drum. Taps, and Trans. by Rev. H. F. Cary. Author's Corrected Sequel to Dram.Taps. Cr. 8vo. New York: 9 edit., with a Life of Dante, a Chronological View of his Age, Additional Notes, and an Index. Roy. 8vo, pp. 1–196. Bell & Daldy. sd. 1/6 .. cl. 2/6

POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DAY. The Vision; or, Hell, Purgatory, and Para- Authentic Record (An) of the Public Banquet giren dise, of Dante Alighieri. Trans. by Rev. H. F. Cary, to Mr. Charles Dickens prior to his Departure fr

A.M. Fcap. Sro, pp. xii-434. Crocker 2/6 the United States. 8vo, sd. Chapman & Hall hala Denison (Rev. Charles W.) Out at Sea. Illust. Post Bristed (C. A.) Interference Theory of Government

, 8vo, pp. 48. Partridge .


pp. xvi-109. New York, Falconer (William) The Shipwreck: a Poem. With Cobden (Richard) Political Writings, 2 vols. Hoid

Life by Robert Carruthers. Illust. by R. Foster. edit. 8vo. Ridgway.
New edit. Post 8vo, pp. 169. Nelson


Disraeli (Rt. Hon. B.) Two Speeches at Edinburgh Farrago : & Collection of Stories and Verses. By Blackwoods.

Mabel and Miriam D— Fcap. 8vo, pp. 420.
McGlashan & Gill (Dublin)-Sinpkin .

Elton (Sir Arthur) Poor Law Board and the Bad

minster Guardians. Keralıke (Bristol).






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Practical Proposals for

, a Thorong 1 tum

se prit

Fitzgerald (J.Parcell, M.A.) Letter to a Member of 'Murchison (Sir Roderick J.) Siluria. A Histo

the Manchester Racing Association, giving Reasons the Oldest Rocks in the British Isles and for Refusing to Benew the Lease of the Present Countries; with Sketclies of the Origin and Race-course. 2nd edit. Dalton & Lucy 3u.

tribution of Native Gold, the General Successi = Ivens (Coleman) Compulsory Education, and the Geological Formations, and Changes of the Ea Secular System. - A Paper, n With an Appendix.

Surface. 4th edit., including

Silu Svo, sd., pp.20. Kirby (Walsall ) ---Simpkin 30

Systein,” with a Map, much New Matter, Jones (Ernest) Labour and Capital: a Lecture. -To

many Ulust. 8vo, pp. xviii-566,"and 41 PI whichi mes appened in full the, Leading Articles

Murray thereon from the 'i Saturday Review," the Times,

Naquet (A.) Prineiples of Chemistry, founded and thin “ Pall Mall Gazette," with Answers thereto,

Modern Theories. l'rans, from the 2nd edit.

47. Tretaud (Manchester)

William Cortis. Revised by Thomas Steven od.

M:D.. 8vo, xxviii t-N18. Renshav
Keene H. G.) Indian Administration. Letters to a

Page (David, LL.D.) Advanced Text.Book of Geol.

Descriptive and Industrial. 4th ed., revised
Member of Parliament on the Indian Peoblour and

its possible Solution. Post Svo, pp. 146. W. H. enlarged. Post dvd, pp. 478.91 Blackpoils
LAN (01. :lolost! 17:10.197767

Introductory Text. Book of Geology.
Latham Baldwin). Lecture on the Sewage Diteulty.

and enlarged edit. Postovo, pp. 190. Blackicoods Delivered at Maidenhead, veply to the Paper of J. D. M. Pearce. bidyo, sd., ppothors Sponto Edt

si-the Seasons Hlustrated. Comprising 48 Views Lowe Rt. Hon. Robert l'rimine and Classical Widir.

the Earth as supposed to be seen from the Sun

different Houves and Seasons. cation. An Addressi delivered Kefore the Pliitos!

With o enlarg

Sia-Views of England, and' á Diagram represent phical Institution of Edinburgh Revised by the

the Earth's Daily Motion in her Orbit. 4to, Anthor. 8vo, sd., pp: 82. Pemanston: ) ... 1!

Longmansi. to

li Macnaught (Rev. Jobu! Tlie 'Fiituie ut, Tén huis

Roget i Peter Mark Animal and Vegetable Physiolo: hence. A Lecture delivered for the Litterpool considered with reference to Natural Theology. Young Men's Christian Association, dronp.

elit. Vithiaumenorts Auditions and Emendation $4, Peach (Rath) - Simpkin

it (Buun's Scient. Lib. 2 vols. Post Svo, xxxvi Margoliouth (Rev Dr Abyssiniais paveixe 3000.. Bell & Daly and Probable Future. A lecture, lith Notes'.id


Roscoe (Henry) Lessons in Elementary Chemistr . Macintoli

Inorganic and Organic. 6th thousand. lomo, p

a vii-1398. Mucmiltan nilicial System, and an entire Reconstračtion of Spencer (Herbert) First Principles. 2nd edit. 8v the whole Law. By an Outsider, Kidyway od. pp Avi --301, Jilliams Norgate

..: 1 Ruskin (John) Political Economy of Art Cheapest

Sweetser (W.) Hutan Life, considerel in referenFcap. 8vo, pp. yiii—248. Smith & Elder:

risto its Present Condition and Future Developinent Storer (Popr. H. R., M.D.) Is it !? A dyok for

o especially with referende to. its' Duration. 120 Mao. A Companion to : Why Not?" a Book for

pp. 32211 Nero, Yorky'outbr.v.4 every Woman. 1.2mo, sd., pp. xixhe Boston,

Symons (G, JJ Rain; How, When, Where. Why it 0.8. voto so bol is? • ;.,. 10 minute

Mensuredl.' Being a popnlari Account of Rainfa Urquhart (W2 Pi Dialogues on Taxation : Local and

... Investigations. With Illust. Post 8vo, cl. sd., PE 183. Stunforskridwar

Solci i kmperial. Post-Pro, W (Apexdqeni zlomus Tegetmeier W: B.)! Pigeons : their Structure Il job.N30

Varieties, Habits, and Management. With Coloure. bal it's

Jul juk jemail me il Representations of the different. Varieties, draw

-il !!!, 7 ) (from Life by Harrison Weir, and printed in ColourSOIENCE, NATURAL HISTORY, &oando i Imp. 8v0ipp. 199. Routledge,


Tristram (R. B.) Natural History of the Bible : being History, Series. We ea. vols. Feaji? 14. Review of the Physical Geography, Geology, ane 8vo, pp. xxv—118. Bentley,


Meuorology of the Holy Land. With a Description of the Transmutation of of every, Animal {and Piant mentioned in Holby a

$cripture. Illust. 12mo, viii-+516. Soc. P.C. K. 7

Van Monckhoven D.) Photografihic Optics; in-
sity of Cambridge. Evo, vp; ix-'97: Mistet 106
Eliot (Charles W.), and Storur (Frank 11. Mawar of flugling; the Deseription of Leuses, and Enlarging
Inorganic Chemistry, arranged to izcilitate the : Apparatus... Trans. from the French. Cr. Svo.

Experimental Demonstration of the Facts and Hardwicket, id wil.
Triuciples of the Science, Ranent., revised Post Waterhopse (G.R. Natnral History of the
. xiv Van Voerte

10 6 Mammalia. % yols. Svo. Qarilch

BE' Charles
hinight. New Issue.
sty, Bradbury,

Reissue. Arts, aud
ences.'' Vol. Foto

Atchley's New Buillota Tricu Book for 1888: Con.

taining a complete List of Fonvielle (w. De) Thunder and Lightniig! Trans.

Baitdcis” Metertals and are the largesent Prices of

Lot Trade from the French, and Edited by Ti L. Phipson, connected with the same with most Useful and Ph.D. Illust. fcap. Svo; pp, ivi - 216. Loic 5/ Important Tables and memoranda for preparing

was * Bstimates, &c., for the Use of Architects, Engineers, and its Neighbourhood." Svo, sa! Pindahl

Contractors, Builders, &c. Hy P. Thomson. To

which is added the Union of True Construction Gray (J. E. Lizards" or "Australia and savelando

with Good Taste." By F. Rogers. 12m0, pp. xvi4to, sd. Quurilch

288. * Atchley

4/ Synopsis of the Species of Slartish. Ato, sd. Boase(c: W.) Century of Banking in Dankee; being Quwatch. T.10 BYOIDES.V. 9721,796 the Annual Balance Sheets of the Dundee Banking Hooker's Plantarum, selected from the Kew Company, from 1701 to 1864. 2nd edit. Contain:

- ing the Balance Sheets of other Banks of the Dis. Series. Part 1.25 Plätes." Roy: 8vo, se. Williams trict, and Memoranda concerning Scotch and Eng. A Norgale

'lisi Banking daring the Period. Pro, pp. xxxi--Layard (E. L.) Birds of South Africa. A Descriptive 079. Grant & Son ... Catalogue.. 8vo. Longmans

Coulthart (John Ross) Decimal Interest Tables, at Marion F. Wonders of Optics. Translated froin the I wenty-four different Rates not exceeding-5 per

French, and edited by Charles W. Qirin, F.C.S. cent., calculated for the Use of Bankers and others, 'Illast. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xi-248.1 Low este !

To which are added Commission Tables, at one. Müller (Max) ° Chips from a German Workshop. 12 eighth and one fourth per cent. Stereotyped ed. vols. 8vo, pr. XXIY-735. Longmans '.

8vo, pp. vii---322. Longmans


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Darwinian Theory Theunte of the Enter

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East Indian Ready Reckoner (The) and Table Book Serret (1. A.) Cours de Calcul Ditieretties of

of Commercial and Household Calculations. By Intégral. 2 vols. Svo C. D. New ed., with Additions. 8vo, pp. xxxii- Statistique Médicale des Hospitaux de las 191. Smith & Elder


Année, 1861. 2 vols. 4to Geldard (James) Handbook on Cotton Manufacture; Tyndall (J.) La Matière et la Force. or, a Guide to Machine Building, Spinning, and

Traduite en français par Moigno. Weaving. With Practical Examples, Calculations, Ulbach (L.) Les Parents coupables. Siemnorit: :a

and Tables. Cr. 8vo, pp. 298. New York . 10:6 Lycéen. 12mo . Mining Fields of the West. A Practical Account

Vallet. Procès de Condamnation de Jeanne 1

dite la Pucelle d'Orléans. 850 of the principal Mines and Mining Districts of Cornwall and Devon. C. Thomas .

Tubertas 1

Villemin (J. A.) Etudes sur Warden (A. J.) Linen Trade, Ancient and Modern.

Prenves rationnelles expérimentales de sa Sres 2nd ed. 8vo. Longmans

ficité et de son Inoculabilité., 8vo

12/ Witt (Mme. de, née Guizot) Histoire de la Warne's Bijou Ready Reckoner. Tables showing Juif. 12mo the Value of any Number of Articles, from one

Scènes d'Histoire et de Famille. * 1203 sixteenth of ld. to 19s. Od. 92mo. Warne. 6d. White (William) Directory of the Boroughs of Shef.

ITALIAN. field, Doncaster, and Chesterfield; together with Rotherham, Worksop, Penistone, &c. &c. 11th ed.

Alfieri. 'Tragedie, Edizione diamante. 8vo, pp. 880. White (Sheffield)--Simpkin 15,


Amari. Guerra del Vespro Siciliani. 2 Fris. Svo FRENCH."

Capellini. Viaggio Scientifico nell' America Sine

trionale. Svo, map and plates Beaunis et Bouchard. Nouveaux Eléments d'Ana.

Casati. Guerra di Chioggia e la Pace di Torino. 8:04 tomie Descriptive et d'Embryologie. 8vo. Cl. 18

Cellini, Vita di Benvenuto Cellini scritta lai Berthet. Le Bon Vieux Temps. 12mo Berthond (Henry) Les Hôtes du Logis. Roy. 8vo.

medesimo. Nuova edizione, per cura di B. Bat.

Svo Plates


Dall'Ongaro. Fantasie drammatiche e Liriche. Sto 4 Claparède (T.) Héroïne Protestante. 12mo

Torni. Manuale del Pittore Ristauriatore. Sre Claretie (Jules) Les Derniers Montagnards. Histoire de l'Insurrection de Prarial An III. Roy. 8vo 76

Gioberti. Studi Tilologici. Svo

Giordano da Rivalto. Cloizeaux. Nouvelles Recherches sur les Propriétés

Prediche inedits recitate a Tirenze. dal 1302 al 1305. 8vo,

10 Optiques des Cristaux Naturels ou Artificiels.

La Lumia. Storia della Sicilia soito Englielso : 4to


Buono, 8vo
Daudet (E.) La Succession Chavanet. 2 vols. 12mo 0
Delessert et De Gérando, Les Bons Exemples,

Levi. Manuale del Codice di Procedura Civile eva Nouvelle Morale en Action. 2 vols. 12mo

mentato. Roy. Svo D'Hericault et Molandi

Lutti, Alberto. Poema Contemporane
La France Guerrière,

Sro . $ Recits historiques d'après les Chroniques et les

Orosi. Manuale dei Medicamenti Galenici e Clinic.

Sni. Svo, pp. 1000) Memoires de chaque Siècle. Imp. 8vo. Plates. 207

Peroz. I sette Cerchi del Purgatorio

Dante 24 Faucon (Mlle. Emma) Le petit trappeur ou Trois edizione. Sro.

ans chez les Oricaras, tribu indienne de l'Amerique Prina. Poesie di Benedetto Prina. Sro.
du Nord. 12mo, plates, boards, 3s.; coloured plates,
cloth, gilt edges

Ranalli. Lezioni di Storea. 2 vols. Vol. l. 87. Feuillet de Conches. F. Correspondance de Mme. Roggers. L'Immortalita dell'anima. Roy. Bry

Elisabeth de France, Sæur de Louis XVI. Publiée Venice, Il Comune di Venezia nel triennio 1505

sur les Criginaux Autographes. Roy. Svo . . 8/ relazione di Pierluigi Bembo, podestà nell detta Figuier (Louis) Vie des Savants illustres, La Renais- triennio. Svo sance. Roy. 8vo. Plates

10/ Gerard (F.J.) Etude Zootechnique. 12no 2 6 Goucourt (E. et J.) Manette Salomon. 2 vols. 12mo 6

GERMAN.T Gouffe (7.) Le Livre de Cuisine, comprenant la Abhandlungen der königl. Akademie der Fisse

Cuisine de Menage, et la Grande Cuisine. Avec 25 schaften zu Berlin. Aus dem J. 1860. 6. Bds. $ planches chromolithographiées, et lül Vignettes Bähr (J. C. F.) Geschichte der römischen Literatur sur Bois. Roy, Svo

4 edit. l. Bd. enth. den allgemeinen Theil u. die Herpin (Th.) Des Accès incomplets d'Epilepsie. Poesie. 8. 1868. 810

3,6 Becker (W. A.) Handbuch der römischen Alterthümer. Jacquemont (Victor) Correspondance inedite avec sa Nach den Quellen bearb. Fortgesetzi y. J. Mar.

Famille et ses Amis. 1824-1832. Aver Jutro- quardt. 5. Thl. 2. Abth. 8.

duction par P. Merimée. 2 vols. 8vo. 12 Inhalt: Römische Privatalterthümer s. J. Var Lafontaine-Doré. La Tables de Lafontaine. Illus

quardt. 2. Abih. trées par Gustave Doré, de plus de 300 Dessins.

Brugsch (H.) hieroglyphisch-demotisches Würler Folio. Cloth

36 buch enth, in wissenschaftl. Anordng. die gebrauch. Lamairesse. Poésies Populaires du Sud de l'Inde. lichsten Wörter u. Gruppen der heiligen u. der 12mo


Volkssprache u. Schrift der alten Agypter Delst Marguerit (H.) La Jeune Emigrante. Scènes de la deren Erklärg: in französ., deutscher u. arab,

Vie des Colons. Roy. 8vo, plates, half-morocco, Sprache, &c. 6. Pt. 4. . . gilt edges


Cantor (M.) Eneliú u. sein Jahrhundert. Matbe Paris (M. le Vice-amiral) L'Art Navale à l'Exposition

matisch-historische Skizze. 8. . Universelle de Paris en 1867. Ire partie. Roy.

Dietz (Ph.) Wörterbuch zu Dr. Mart. Luthers deut. 8vo, and folio Atlas


chen Schriften. 1. Lfg. 8. 1868 Petruccelli de la Gattina. Les Mémoires de Judas.

Drach (C. A. v.) Einleitung in die Theorie der ci 8vo Ponson du Terrail, La Bohemienne du Grand Monde

bischen Kegelschnitte. (Raumcurven 3. Orůnuen! 12mo --L'Héritage de Corinne.


8. La Drame de Planche. Mibray. 12mo. 3

Erdmann (J. E.) psychologische Briefe. delit. Pontmartin (A. de) Les Corbeaux du Gévandan.

1868.. 12mo

Feldzug, der, v. 1866 in Deutschland. 2. Hít. Ard. Rattazzi (Mme. M.) La Chanteuse. 2 vols, 12mo 71 v. der friegsgeschichtl. Ubih. d. groszen General Rodriques (H.) Les Origines du Sermon de la stabes. 8. Montagne. Svo


List supplied by Messrs. Jolini & Green, 27, Kraj * List of French Publications supplied by Messrs. IV'illiam Street, Strand. Dulau 8. Co., Foreign Booksellers, Soho Syrare.

List supplied by Mr. Darid Nutt, 270, Stranet.



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rant (F.) die Buszdisciplin der Kirche von den Vogel (A.) Beiträge zur Lierstellung der alten latein.

Upostelzeiten bis zum 7. Jahrh. Mit e. Borrede v. ischen Bibelübersetzung. 8. 1868.
Hergenröther. 8.
ritsch (K. v.) G. Hartung 1. W. Reiss. Tenerife

Weinhold (K.) Grammatik der deutschen Mundarten.

2. Thl. Bairische Grammatik. 8. geologisch topographisch dargestellt. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntniss vulkan. Gebirge. Fol. Cart. 18,6

Wilkii (Ch. G.) clavis novi testamenti philologica tasz (w.) Geschichte der protestantischen Dogmatif

nsibus scholarum et juvenum theologiæ studiosorum in ihrem Zusammenhange m. der Theologie. 8. 10,

accomodata. Edidit C. L. W. Grimm. Fasc. IV.

8. auss (C. F.) Werke. 5. Bd.: Mathematische Physik.

2/6 Hrsg. v. der königl. Ges. d. Wiss. zu Göttingen 1867.

Woltmann (A.) Holbein u. seine Zeit. 2. Thl. 8. 1868.

12 6 rentz (F. v.) Briefe v. Frdr. v. Geniz an Pilat. Ein

Beitrag zur Geschichte Deutschlands im. 19. Jahrh.
Hrsg. von R. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. 8. 1868.

jrimm (J.) Geschichte der deutschen Sprache. 2

Chijs (Mr. J. A. van der) Catalogus der bibliotheek Bde. 3rd edit. 8. 1868

van het Bataviaasch genootschap van kunsten en

(W.) die deutsche Heluensage. 2. Ausg. 8. 9/6

wetenschappen. Gr. 8vo (XX en 487 bl.) Batavia, Hauffer's (L.) Geschichte der französischen Revolu

Lange en Co.'s Hage, Mart. Nijhoff. 1864 f 2,50 tion 1789-1799. Hrsg. v. W. Oncten. 8. 9,6

Doorninck (Mr. J. J. van) Bibliotheek van NederHoffmann (F.) philosophische Schriften. 1. Bd. 8. 9/6

landsche anonymen en pseudonymen le 2e afl. Roy. Klüpfel (R.) literarischer Wegweiser f. gebildete

8vo (kol. 1-192.) 's Gravenhage, Martinus Nijhoff

. Laien. Die J. 1863-1867.

Utrecht, J. L. Beijers. per afl
A. 1. d. T.; 7. Nach

f 1,05 trag zu dem Wegweiser durch die Literatur der

Groen van Prinsterer (Mr.) La nationalité religieuse Deutschen. 8.

26 en rapport avec la Hellande et l'alliance évangé. Lienbacher (G.) die österreichische Pressgesetzge

lique. Amsterdam, le 22 Août. 1867. Gr. 8vo. bung. 2. Bu. A. u. d. T.: Practische Erläuter- (14 bl.) Amsterdam, H. Höveker .

$ 0,20 ungen d. österreichischen Pressgesetzes u. d. Ge. Haan (D. Bierens de) Nouvelles tables d'intégrales setzes üb. das Strafverfahren in Presssachen vom définies. Gr. 4to. (XIV en 735 bl.) Leide, P. 17. Decbr. 1862 etc. gr. 8. 1868. Geh. .. 6 Engels. Half linnen band.

f 14,Liliencron (R. v.) die historischen Bolfslieder der Hasselt (A. W. M. van) IIandleiding tot de leer van

Deutschen vom 13. bis 16. Fahrhundert. 3 Bd. het militair geneeskundig onderzoek (het visiteren), 8.

12/ in verband met de misleidings-ziekten en gebreken. Marx (A. B.) die Lehre v. der musikalischen Kom.

2e verbeterde en vermeerderie uitgave. Gr. 8vo. position, praktisch theoretisch. 4. Aufl. 3. Thl. (XVI en 444 bl.) Utretcht, J. G. van Terveen en 8. 1868.


.. $6,Moerner (Th. v.) Kurbrandenburghs Staatsverträge

Kaiser (F) Verslag van den staat der sterrewacht te von 1601-1700. Nach. den Orig. d. königl. geh.

Leiden on van de aldaar volbragte werkzaamheden, Staats-Archivs bearb. 8.

11 in het tijdvak van den eersten Julij 1866 tot de Muller's (M.) Sanskrit-Grammatik in Devanagarî u. laatste dagen der maand Junij 1867. Gr. Svo (24 lateinischen Buchstaben. Aus d. Engl. übers. v. bl.) Amsterdam, J. C. A. Sulpke

f 0,25 F. Kielhorn u. G. Oppert. 8. 1869.

176 Kromhout (J. H.) Projet d'un diastimètre électrique, Palm (G. A.) der Magnet im Alterthum. 4. Stutt. pour les batteries de côte. Gr. 8vo. (24 bl. met 4 gart

16 gelithogr. platen.) La Haye, van Langenhuysen De Paz (J. A.) de oratione vocali et de modo fundendi


f 0,90 horas canonicas tractatus asceticus. Textum recog. Michelsen (J. H. A.) Het Evangelie van Markus.

novit et annotationibus illustravit C. Henk. 8. 2/6 le gedeelte. Gr. Óvo. (2, XIV en 210 bl.) AmPentateuch, der, koptisch. Hrsg. von P. de Lagarde.

sterdam, G. L. Funke.

f 1,90 8..


Compleet in 2 stukken. Pott (F. A.) die Sprachverschiedenheit in Europa an

Miquel (F. A. Guil.) Prolusio florae Japonicae. den Zahlwörtern nachgewiesen, sowie die quinäre

Accedunt tabulae 11. Gr. fol. (VIII en 392 bl. met 11. vigesimale Zählmethode. 8.' 1868.


2 gelith. platen.) Amstelodami, C. G. van der Post.

Trajecti ad Rhenum, C. van der Post Jr. 1866 Pranghofer (1.) Sammlung v. Aufgaben u. Beispielen

1867 aus der Physik. 1. Thl.: Mechanische Naturlehre.

f 24,8. 1868.


Recherches sur la faune de Madagascar et de ses Putlitz (G. zu) die Halben. Novelle. 8.

4,6 dépendances d'après les découvertes de MM.

François, P. L. Pollen et D. C. van Dam. Mam. Reichenbach (H. G.) Xenia orchidacea. Beiträge

mifères et oiseaux par M. H, Schlegel et M. Francios zur Kenntniss der Orchideen. 2. Bd. 5. Hst. 4. 9/

P. L. Pollen. le livraison. Gr. 4to. (vl. 1-18 met Renmont (A. v.) Geschichte der Stadt Rom. 2. Bi.

10 gelith. platen.) Leide, J. K. Steenhoff. f 7,50 Von der Herrschaft german.

Völker bis zum Ende

Rijn van Alkemade (J. van) Handleiding tot de d. grossen Schismas. 8. Roesler (H.) üb. die Grundlebren der v. Adam Smith

algemeene plantenkunde. 2e verbeterde uitgave. begründeten Volkswirthschaftstheorie. 8. 1868. 2/6

Gr. 8vo. (XX, 968 en 40 bl. met in den tekst

gedrukte houtsneefiguren.) Utrecht, J. G. van Schlottmann (K.) die Inschrift Eschmunazars Königs

Terveen en Zoon. 1866

f 14,25 der Sidonier geschichtlich u. sprachlich erklärt. 8.

Sepp (Christiaan) Proeve eener pragmatische ges. 1868. Schüle (H.) die Disphrenia neurologica. Eine klin.

chiedenis der theologie in Nederland, van 1787 tot

1858. 3e druk. le stuk. Gr. 8vo. (VIII en 260 Abhandig. Nach Beobachtgn. an weibl. Kranken

bl.) Amsterdam, J. C. Sepp en Zoon bearb. 8. 3

f 2,40 Sophoclis tragoediae superstites et perditarum frag- Verhandelingen, van het Bataviaasch genootschap

menta. Ex recensione G. Dindorfii. Editio V. 4. 6/ van kunsten en wetenschappen. 32e deel 4to (6, Staupitzen's (J. v.) sämmtliche Werfe, hrsg. v. J. R.

VIII, 102, 2, XL, 253, 25 bl. met 16 pl.) Batavia F. Knasse. 1 Bil. Deutsche Schriften. 8. 6

Lange & Co. ('s Gravenhage, Mart. Nijhoff.) f 8,Télfy (J. B.) Corpus juris attici. Graece et latine.

Dit deel bevat: Hoa tsien ki, of: geschiedenis Fasc. 1. 1868.


van het gebloemde briefpapier. Chinesche roman. Theocriti idyllia. Iterum edidit et commentariis cri. Uit den oorspronkelijken text vertaald door G. ticis atque exegeticis instruxit A. Th. A. Fritzsche. Schlegel; Thian ti hwui. The hung-league or Vol. I. Pars 2. 8.

heaven-earth.league. A secret society with the Valerii (J.) epitome. Zum erstenmal hrsg. v. J.

Chinese in China and India, by G. Schlegel; De Zacher. 8.

prostitutie in China, door G. Schlegel. Weber (J. C.) die Alpen-Pflanzen Deutschlands u. der Schweiz. 2. Aut. Mit systematisch geordne- List of Dutch publications supplied by Mr. tern Text v. C. A. Kranz. 2 Bd. 16.

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• 4/6




No. 26, for January 1st, price 28. 6d., contains :The Common Fresh Water Sponge, by Professor Williamson, F.R.S. (Illustrated.)-Cyelcoes,

Typhoons, and Tornados, by Professor Ansted, F.R.S.-Sensitive Plants, by Maxwell T. Dlasters, M.D., F.L.S. (Illustrated.)-The Reindeer in Europe, in Post-glacial, Prehistoric and Historie Times, by W. Boyd Dawkins, M.A., F.R.S.-Science of a Snow-flake, by Robert Hunt, F.RS (Illustrated.) The Food of Plants, by Professor Church, Royal Agricultural College. Cirencester. – Reviews of Books. -Summary of Scientific Progress.

London : ROBERT HARDWICKE, 192, Piccadilly.

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Price 6d. (post 7d.); in elegant case, Is. 6d. (post ls. 8d.); Russia gilt, 23. 60. (post 23. 8i.);

or in exquisite floral binding, 3s. (post 3s. 2d.) HOWLETT'S VICTORIA GOLDEN ALMANACK FOR 1868. This miniature pocket referencer contains, in 32 pages of exquisite enamel and gold, all the

information of the larger year-books.

London : SIMPKIN, Stationers' Court; HOWLETT, 10, Frith Street, Soho; and all Booksellers.

[blocks in formation]


Now Ready.
Weale's Engineer's, Architect's, and Con-

tractor's Pocket Book, for 1868. Roan tuck,
price 6s.

Always correct when consulted.”- English Mechanic. Its interest doos not end with the year.”- Builder. Weale's Builder's and Contractor's Price

Book, for 1868. By G. R. BURNELL, Esq. 12mo, cloth, prico 4s. “. The universally recognised arbitrator in the settlement of disputed accounts.” The Engineer's and Architect's Office

Sheet and Almanack, for 1868. On large sheet,
for hanging, 2s.; or folded in cloth cover for
desk or pocket, 23. 6d.
“Its character may be expressed by a comparison with
Molesworth's Pocket Book,' if spread out upon a single

Lockwood & Co., 7, Stationers' Hall Court.

Magazine. First Series, 39th Thousand, price 3s. ; also, Second Series, 10th Thousand, price 3s.


[merged small][merged small][graphic]

Now ready, Vols. 1 to 3, handsomely bound in cloth, price 5s each.

HARDWICKE'S SOIENCE GOSSIP About Animals, Aquaria, Bees, Beetles, Birds, Butterflies, Ferns, Fish, Fossils, Lichens, Microscopes,

Mosses, Reptiles, Rocks, Seaweeds, Wild flowers, fc. "This is a very pleasant journal, that costs only fourpence a month, and from which the reader who is no natural. ist ought to be able to pick up a good four-pennyworth. It is conducted and contributed to by expert naturalists, who are cheerful companions, as all good naturalists are; technical enough to make the general reader feel that they are in cai nest, and are not insulting him by writing down to his comprehension, but natural enough and direct cnough in their records of facts, their questioning and answering cach other concerning curiosities of nature. The rader ute buys for himself their monthly budget of notes and discussions upon pleasant points in natural history and science, will probably tind his curiosity excited and his interest in the world about him

taking the form of a little study of some branch of this sort of knowledge that has won his rendiest attention. The fault is not with itself, but with the publi, if this little magazine be not in favour with a very large circle of readers."'--Examiner.

London: HARDWICKE, Piccadilly, and all Booksellers.

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