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The Sacred Hymns of the Brahmins, as Essays and Reviews. By Brooke Smith. preserved to us in the Oldest Collection of Religious Fcap. 8vo.

[In the press. Poetry, the Rig Veda-Sanhita. Translated and Explained by MAX MULLER, M.A., Taylorian Professor of

The Dervishes; or, Oriental Spiritualism. Modern European Languages, Oxford University; Fel- By John P. Brown, Secretary and Dragoman of the low of All Souls' College. 8 vols. 8vo. [Vol. I. shortly. Legation of the United States of America at ConstanOriginal Sanskrit Texts, Illustrative of

tinople. In 1 vol. crown 8vo, with 24 Ilustrations. 14s. the Hindus, their Religion and Institutions. Collected,

Female Characters from Goethe's Works. Translated, and Elucidated by J. Muir, Esq., D.C.L.

Designed by William Kaulbach, and executed in the Part 1: Mythical and Legendary Accounts of the

highest style of Line-Engraving. With Explanatory Creation of Man and the Origin of Castes. Second

Text by GEORGE HENRY Lewes. 1 Vol., containing Edition. Re-written and greatly enlarged. In 1 vol.

21 engravings, large folio, cloth. £7 78. Svo.

[In January. The History of India, as told by its own The Sacred City of the Hindus: an Historians : comprising the Muhammadan Period. By

the late Sir H. M. Elliot, K.C.B., of the East India Account of Benares in Ancient and Modern Times. By

Company's Bengal Civil Service. Edited, from the Posthe Rev. M. A. SHERRING, M.A., LL.B., and prefaced

thumous Papers of the Author, by Professor Dowson, with Introduction by Fitz-EDWARD HALL, Esq.,

of the Sandhurst Military College. In 3 vols. 8vo. D.C.L. Price to Subscribers, 15s.

[The First Volume is now ready, price 18s. will be published in the course of the year, in a handsome 8vn. Volume of about 300 pages, with 10 Full-page Woodcut

The History of India from the Earliest Illustrations from Photographs.

Ages. By J. Talboys WHEELER, Assistant-Secretary

to the Government of India in the Foreign Department. Shakespeare and the Emblem Writers of

In 3 vols. Vol. I. The Vedic Period and the Mahá his Age: with Ilustrations from the Original Woodcuts Bharata. Svo, pp. 632, Map of Ancient India. Handand Engravings. By HENRY GREEN, M.A. In 1 vol. somely bound in cloth, price 18s. The Second Volume, demy 8vo, of about 400 pp., and upwards of 100 Illus- containing the Ramanyan, is in the

press. trative Woodcuts or Engravings.

[In the press. Sketches of the Ugly Side of Human Chapters on Man: embracing the Outlines Nature. By A. A. Patos. Crown 8vo, cloth. 7s. 6d.

of a Science of Comparative Psychology, and an Exami- Language and the Study of Language. nation of the Material Hypothesis of Evolution. By

A Course of Lectures on the Principles of Linguistic C. STANILAND WAKE, F.A.S.L. In 1 vol., of about 320 PP.

Science. By William D. WHITNEY, Professor of SansPrice 78. 6d.

[In preparation.

krit in Yale College, New Haven. Svo, pp. 489, 10s. 6d. Man's Origin and Destiny: Sketched from

0 Kee-Pa: a Religious Ceremony of the the Platform of the Sciences. Lectures delivered before

Mandans. By GEORGE CATLIN. In 1 vol. 4to, with 12 the Lowell Institute, in Boston, in the Winter of 1865-6. By J. P. Lesley. In 1 vol. 8vo. [In preparation.

Chromo-lithographic Hlustrations. 14s.

The Book of God. Theodore Benfey's Practical Grammar of

An Introduction to

the Apocalypse. In 1 vol., crown 8vo, cloth. 14s. the Sanskrit Language, for the use of early Students. Second Revised and Enlarged Edition. In 1 vol. royal

The Enfranchisement of Women. By Mr. 8vo.

[In the press.

John STUART Mill. 8vo, pp. 16, stitched. On the Natural and Morbid Changes of A Voice from Mayfair. 8vo, stitched. 4d. the Human Eye, and their Treatment. By C. BABER,

A Winter Journey from Gloucester to Ophthalmic Assistant-Surgeon to Guy's Hospital. With Six Plates in Chromo-lithography, containing 36 Figures,

Norway. By John Bellows, of Gloucester. Fcap. and four Plates of Instruments.

(In the press.

8vo, pp. 100, Map. Sewed. 18. od. Memoirs on the History, Philology, and

Technological Dictionary. French, GerEthnic Distribution of the Races of the North-Western man, English. Containing the Technical Terms used in Provinces of India : being an amplified Edition of the

Arts and Trade; Civil, Military, and aval ArchitecGlossary of Indian Terras. By the late Sir H. M.

ture; Bridges, Roads, and Railways; Mechanics, ConELLIOT, K.C.B., of the East India Company's Bengal

struction of Machines, Artillery, Navigation, Mines Civil Service. Arranged from Manuscript Materials

and Smelting Works, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,

Mineralogy, &c. Edited by C. Rumpf and O. MOTHES ; collected by him, and Edited by RHEINHOLDT Rost, Ph.D., Secretary to the Royal Asiatic Society. In 2

preceded by a preface by M. CHARLES KARMARSCH, Chief vols. 8vo. Price to Subscribers, before publication, 24s.

Director of the Polytechnic School of Hanover. Royal

8vo, cloth, 10s. Cd. On the Chemistry of the Globe. A Manual

A Handbook of Gymnastics and Athletics. of Chemical Geology. By Dr. T. STERRY HUNT, F.R.S. 2 vols. 8vo.

(In preparation.

By E. G. RAVENSTEIN, F.R.G.S., &c., President of the

German Gymnastic Society of London, and Join Popular Lectures on Chemical and Phy- HULLEY, Director of the Athletic Club, Liverpool. 8vo,

sical Geology. Delivered before the Lowell Institute by cloth, pp. 400, and 1000 Woodcuts. 83. 6d.
Dr. T. STEKRY HUNT, F.R.S. 1 vol. 8vo. [In preparation. The Life and Teachings of Confucius,
Life and Explorations in Brazil. Ву with Explanatory Notes. By JAMES LEGGE, D.D.
Professor AGASSIZ. 2 vols., with numerous Illustra-

Reproduced for General Readers from the Author's tions, 8vo.

[In the press.

Work on "The Chinese Classics," with the Original

Text. 1 vol. crown 8vo, 10s. 60. Ancient Faiths embodied in Ancient

Theatre Francais Moderne. A Selection Names. By Thomas Ixuan, M.D. In 1 vol. 8vo, of Modern French Plays. Edited by the Rev. P. H. upwards of 500 pp., Illustrated with numerous Wood

ERNEST BRETTE, B.B., Head Master of the French cuts.

(To be ready in January. School in Christ's Hospital; CHARLES Cassal, LL.D., Review of the Work of Mr. John Stuart

Professor in University College, London; and Theo

DORE KARCHER, LL.B., of the Royal Military Academy, Mill: entitled, Examination of Sir William Hamilton's

Woolwich. Former and Present Examiners in the UniPhilosophy. By GEORGE GROTE, Author of "The His

versity of London, and for the Civil Service in India. tory of Ancient Greece.” 12mo, cloth.

(Nearly rewly. Vol. 1. 12mo, cloth. 6s. Ludus Patronymicus; or, The Etymology Nursery Tales, Traditions, and Histories

of Curious Surnames. By RICHARD STEPHEN CHAR- of the Zulus. In their own Words; with a Translation NOCK, Ph.D., F.S.A., F.A.G.S. In 1 volume of about into English, and Notes. By HENRY CALLOWAY, M.D. 200 PP.

[In preparation. Vol. 1. Parts I. to V. 8vo, sewed. 28. 6d. each. London: TRÜBNER & CO., 60, Paternoster Row.


Golden Thoughts from Goldon Foun. Carpenter's Popular Readings. New

tains. A Fine Art Book for 1868. Beautifully Volumes. A New Edition of the Fourth at Fit

Illustrated. Sm. 4to, cioth gilt and gilt edges, 21s. Volumes, completing the entire Work, with gerti Spirit of Praise (The). Fully Illus

Pagination and Full Contents. Crow dry cloth trated and Ornamented by the Best Artists.

new style, each 4s. Small 4to, cloth gilt and gilt edges, 21s.

Carpenter's Penny Readings in Prose Half Hours with Best Authors. A New

and Verse. Library Edition, re-modelled and re-edited by Notice. — Any of the Ten Volumes, priee 1s CHARLES KNIGHT; with Selections added of the

boards, containing a complete course of Eoglise La Best Works of Standard Authors who have

ture, are to be obtained. written since the publication of the Original Aunt Louisa's Keepsake. Demy 4to, Edition. 4 vols. crown 8vo. finely printed, with cloth, elegantly gilt, with 24 Pages of Innstrations Steel Portraits, cloth, 21s.

printed in Colours by Kronheim and Dalziels 5* ; The Poets of the Nineteenth century.

mounted on linen, cloth gilt, gilt edges, 10s. 5 Solected and Edited by the Rev. A. WILMOTT.

Uniform, same price, size, and style. Post 4to, with 100 Illustrations by Eminent

Aunt Louisa's SUNDAY PICTURE BOOK. Artists. Cloth gilt, gilt edges, 12s. 6d.


AUNT Louisa's LONDON PICTURE Book Chandos Poets (The). A New and Elegant Edition of Standard Poets, printed in

The Treasures of the Earth; or, Mines, large type, with a Red-line Border, and fully

Minerals, and Metals. By WILLIAN JOSE Illustrated with a Steel Portrait and first-class

With Original Illustrations by Cooper. In Engravings by the Best Artists. In large crown

large fcap. 8vo, price 3s. 6d., postage td. 8vo, elegantly gilt, and gilt edges, new style, each Sea-Fights. A Book for Boys. Com78.6d. ; orin morocco, plain style, gilt edges, 158. piled and Edited by L. V. With Ulustrations

1. LONGFELLOW's Poems, including Selections from In fcap. 8vo, price 2s.6d., cloth gilt, postage 41, Dante.--2. LEGENDARY BALLADS of ENGLAND and ScotLAND.-3. POETICAL Works of SIR WALTER SCOTT, with

Aunt Louisa's London Toy Books. Notes, Introduction, &c.

With large Original Plates by the first Artists, Goldsmith's (Oliver) Vicar of Wake

in the very best style of Colour-printing and field. Elegantly printed in new type, on fine

letterpress descriptions. Price Is. each, in deny

4to, stiff covers. toned paper, with 12 large page Illustrations, by Skill, printed in Colours by Kronheim & Co.'s

Nursery Rhymes-A. Apple Pie-Childhoot's

Happy Hours—The Railway ABC-Sing-& Sons Oil Process. Large crown 8vo, gilt and gilt edges, 7s.6d.; morocco elegant, new tooling, 15s.

of Sixpence-Edith and Milly's Housekeeping

The Life of a Doll- Nursery Songs—John Gila Home Book (The) of Pleasure and -The Seaside-The Robin's Christmas Ere

Instruction. An Original Work, edited by Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
Mrs. VALENTINE. With 250 Choice Illustra-

Aunt Louisa's Sunday Books. In tions, and Articles by the Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe.” Miss Dyson, Mrs. Ogilvy, Miss

demy 4to, stiff covers, price Is. each. Stephens, Albert Warren, Henry Warren, &c.

The Proverbs of Solomon-Joseph and His

Brethren-The Wonders of Prosidence- Toe Second Edition, large crown 8vo, cloth, elegantly gilt, and gilt edges, 78. 6d.

Story of King David. Don Quixote de la Mancha: His Life

Warne's Large Picture Toys and and Adventures. By CERVANTES. Sm. 4to, with

Alphabets. Large crown 8vo, Picture Wrapper

mounted with linen. (16 varieties.) 100 Illus. by Houghton. Cl. gilt, 728 pp. 78. 60. The Path on Earth to the Gate of

WARNE'S COLOURED ORNAMENTATIONS. Heaven. By the Rev. FREDERICK ARNOLD. Crown 8vo, 16 Full-page Illustrations from Ancient and Reward Texts, Bijou Texts, Reward Tickets, Revard Caris,

Modern Masters. Cloth gilt, gilt edges, 7s. 6d. Doré's Two Hundred Humorous and

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fully Illuminated, Kronheim's process, size 7? inda Grotesque Sketches. Royal 4to, boards, 7s. 6d. by 10), on cardboard, 58. The Arabian Nights. A completely The Lord's Prayer. Size, 19 inches by 141, New and Elegant Edition, revised throughout,

price 1s. 6d. with Notes by the Rev. Geo. FYLER TOWNSEND.

The Ten Commandments. Tuuminated and Cr. 8vo, with 16 Page Illustrations, cloth gilt, 58.

embossed, 10 Cards, printed in Oil Colours by ko

heim, size 5 inches by 61, envelope wrapper, 28. d. Andersen's (Hans) Fairy Tales. A

Warne's Coloured Texts. 12 Cards, in wrapper, New Translation from the German, by Mrs. 54 inches by 41, 18.; 44 inches by 31, 6d. PAULL. Crown 8vo, with 12 Page Illustrations, Warne's Reward Tickets. Sciff Cartridge, in cloth gilt, 5s.

wrapper, new Texts, new style (144 varieties), S) IN L** May and Her Friends. By E. M. B.

by 51, in black ink, per gross of Cards, each contains

12, 38.; in red ink, 4s. A Book for Young Ladies. With Original Illus

Warne's Revard Texts. Square, 4) inches by trations by Lawson. Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 5s.

3), picture wrapper, 10 Cards each, with 10 Tests to Old Friends and New Friends. Tales,

Illumination, 6d. Fables, and Emblems. Edited by H. W. Warne's Bijou Texts. Oblong, 47 inches by ll. DULCKEN, Ph.D. With 100 Original Illustra

handsome wrapper, two packets of 12 Cards, printat i tions by J. D. Watson, John Gilbert, Harrison

Illumination, each 6d.

Warne's Coloured Texts. On Cards, KrosWeir, H. K. Browne, &c. Cloth elegant, 59. heim's Oil-Colour Printing, size 9 inches by á 11 Gems of National Poetry. A Selection varieties, each 8d.

from our Best Modern Poets. with Artistic Warne's Reward Cards. Carte de visite sise, Borders round each page, and first-class Illus

printed in Colours and Ilumination, 6 distinet packt trations throughout by Tenniel, Weigall, John

of 12 Cards, each 6d., viz.: 1. The Christian's Bebet

2. Prayers and Promises 3. Complimentary_4. Mote Gilbert, W. B. Scott, &c. Crown 8vo, cloth and Proverbs --5. Hyinns with Words--6. The Seasota, gilt, and gilt edges, 58.

with Descriptions.
London : FREDERICK WARNE & CO., 15, Bedford Street, Covent Garden.




1736 pages, large crown 8vo, 7s. 6d., half-bound.




Compiled and Edited by MARY JEWRY. With 24 Pages of COLOURED PLATES (Printed in Kronheim and Co.'s Oil Colour Process), howing distinctly how Two Hundred different Dishes should be served and brought to Table.


Mutton Cutlets with Roast Pig hond Gaufres Eggs à la bonne femme Tomato Sauce

Roast Pigeon vonds and Raisins Egg Toast

Neapolitan Cake

Roast Rabbit le Hedgehog Figs

Neapolitan Pastry Roast Sparerib bles Filleted Plaice

Omelet with Sweet Herbs Roast Turkey ricots Fillets de Boeuf

Open Cross-barred Tart Rolled Loin of Mutton ichokes Fillets of Soles

Open Jelly with Whip- Russian Charlotte aragus Fillet of Veal

ped Cream

Saddle of Mutton
ced Carp

Salmon troot

Forequarter of Lamb Orange ani Jelly Scalloped Oysters f Olives Fricandeau of Veal Orleans Plums

Shoulder of Mutton is' Nests Gâteau Oysters

Sirloin of Beef
Gâteau de Chocolat Partridges

led Fowl

Snipes led Leg of Pork Greengages

Pea-Hen, Larded and Soles led Leg of Mutton Grapes and Ferns

Glazed (Watercress Spatch-Cock led Rabbit Grapes


Spinach and Eggs led Turkey Grated Ham and Toast Pears

Spitchcocked Eels led Quarter of Lamb Grouse

Petits Choux á la Com. Stewed Veal and Rice wn Haddock


slau of Beef
Pigeon Pie

Target of Lamb
iled Kidneys

Tartlets t's Head

Haunch of Venison Plovers’Eggs in a Basket Tendons de Veau
f's Heart
Huîtres au lit

Toad-in-the-Hole l's Tongue & Brains Ices

Queen Mab Pudding Tongue nelons Jelly of Two Colours Ramakins

Trifle inelon de Boeuf Jerusalem Artichokes Raspberries

Trout liflowers Kippered Salmon

Red & White Currants Turban of Rabbit
sotilly Basket Lamb Chops & Potatoes Red Mullet In and Out Turbot
Lamb Cutlets & Green of Paper

Twelfth Cake
ese Canapées
Ribbon Jelly

Vanilla Cream
Lemon Sponge Cake Ribs of Beef

Veal Cake
ne of Pork

Veal Cutlets
colate Cakes
Lobster Salad

Rice wi'h Red Pears Vegetable Marrow
istmas Cake
Roast Duck

Vol-au-vent (small) istmas Pie Mayonnaise de Saumon Roast Fowl

Vol-au-vent istmas Pudding Meat Pie

Roast Goose

Wedding Cake 's Head & Shoulders Melon

Roast Larks

Wild Duck b Méringues

Roast Leg of Pork Whitebait mped Skate

Middle Slice of Salmon Roast Leg of Mutton Whiting quettes of Rice Milan Soufflé

Roast Loin of Pork Woodcock
ried Eggs
Mince Pies

Roast Loin of Veal Yorkshire Pie
'ried Rice
Minced Veal
Roast Pheasant

Yorkshire Pudding tards with Jelly Mutton Cutlets “This is a book that has been long wanted, for we have had nothing of the sort, unless we must reckon t ponderous and pretentious work, ‘Beeton's Book of Household Management,' with its smattering of ural history and anecdote as a makeweight. The wise housewife will welcome the 'Model Cookery ok,' which does not profess to be more than it is, and, better still, is what it professes to be."-Fun. “The paragon of cookery books.Bell's Messenger. NOTICE.TO THE PUBLIC AND THE TRADE. ---An insulting Advertisement having apred in last week's Athenæum,reflecting on the publication of the above (but just keeping clear of l), obliges us here to remark that it is simply opposition talk. A comparison of WARNES MODEL OR ER Y with the book referred to will at once show its originality and superiority in every depart. nt, and make the review criticised (in Fun) one of real (Earnest) to all purchasers.

48mo, cloth, gilt edges, price 1s.

Showing the Value of any Article at per Pound and Ounce, from 6d. to ls. 6d.

Invaluable to Housekeepers.
London : FREDERICK WARNE & CO., Bedford Street, Covent Garden.



Beg respectfully to invite the attention of the Trade to their Catalogue of Books in elegant Calf, Morocco,

and Russia Bindings,

[blocks in formation]


With Plain Spaces on Sides for Arms, Crests, or Presentation Addresses.
HEIR Stock comprises selections from the Books issued by all the leading Publishers,

together with a large collection of valuable remainders; and their bindings, which
range in style from the plainest half-calf to the most elegant inlaid morocco, are of

the very best possible quality, while the prices at which their Books are offered to the trade are far lower than those of any other house.


AND 4, WELLS STREET, JERMYN STREET, LONDON, S.W. Prize Medal, Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1867.





Times, and World-Illustrated and Comic
Papers-Nation, Round Table, and other Literary
Periodicals--Atlantic Monthly, North American
Review, Bankers' Magazine, Hunt's Merchants'
Magazine, and all other Monthly and Quarterly
Magazines published in America. Supplied at
lowest rates by

Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C.

respectfully to inform the Country Trade they supply all Weekly and Monthly Periodisi and Newspapers per first trains after publicatie. Miscellaneous orders for Books, Music, &, care fully completed. Enclosures received and packad Terms moderate, which will be sent with priniet order forms upon application.

W. M. CLARK & Co., 17, Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row. Established at the above address in 1829.

Valentines. Valentines. Valentines,

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DEAN and SON’S new descriptive List of Valentines for 1868, sent post-free. Very many novelties for the ensuing season, from a Penny to a Pound.


SUPPLIED TO THE TRADE ON THE MOST LIBERAL TERMS. A large Stock of Popular Foreign Educational, Literary, and Scientific Works

always on hand. N.B.Fast Train Parcels received from the Continent Twice a Wees WILLIAM ALLAN & CO., FOREIGN BOOKSELLERS & PUBLISHERS



This Day, No. 4, for January, 1868, price 1s.


Edited by ANTHONY TROLLOPE, and Illustrated by J. E. MILLAIS, R.A.

for Greed. A Novel by the Baroness de Bury With Our Fortifications.
an Illustration.

Madame Tallien : a Biographical Sketch.
hap. XI.- Mademoiselle Félicie's Husband. XII. - The Cost of Coal.
Raoul's Distress. XIII.-A Prudent Young Lady. Alpine Climbing.
New Member of the European Family.

Phineas Finn, the Irish Member. By Anthony Trollope.
- Uncontrolled Ruffianism of London, as measured by With an Illustration.
the Rule of Thumb.

Chap. XII.-Autumnal Prospects. XIII.–Saulsby siness at the Present Day,

Wood. XIV.-Loughlinter. XV.-Donald Bean's ary November.


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This day, 12mo, limp cloth, price 38. he Slide Rule, and How to Use It.

In a few days, 12mo, limp cloth, Containing full, easy, and simple Instructions

Dates and Events. A Tabular View of to perform all Business Calculations with un- English History. To which is added Tabular exampled rapidity and accuracy. By CHARLES

Geography of the entire Globe. For the Use of Hoane, C.E., Author of Mensuration Made

Candidates for the Army and Navy, and the Civil
Easy,' &c. With a Slide Rule in Tuck of Cover. Service, and for Schools and Self-Instruction. By

EDGAR H. RAND, Esq., Trinity College, Dublin.
Now ready, post 8vo, cloth, price 7s. 60.
Treatise on Coal and Coal-Mining. This day, 12mo, limp cloth, price 2s.
By WARRINGTON W. SMYTH, M.A., F.R.S., Pre- The Emigrant's Guide to the Colony of
sident of the Geological Society, Chief Inspector

Natal. By Dr. ROBERT JAMES Mann, F.R.A.S., of the Mines of the Crown and the Duchy of F.M.S., &c., Superintendent-General of EducaCornwall.

tion in the Colony. Illustrated with a Map. London : VIRTUE & CO., 26, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, E.C.


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