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itt (Right Hon. Wm.) Life of. By Earl Stanhope. 4 vols. 3rd ed. Post 8vo. Murray tephen (Sir James) Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography. 5th ed. Post Svo, pp. xvi-663. Long7/6

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Strickland (Agnes) Lives of the Queens of England. From the Norman Conquest. Abridged ed. Post Bro, pp. i-550. Bell & Daldy. 6/6 Vaughan (Robert) Revolutions in English History. Trois 2nd ed. 8vo. Longmans Vetelly Henry) Story of the Diamond Necklace, fold in detail for the first time chiefly by the aid of Original Letters, Official and other Documents, and Contemporary Memoirs recently made public; and comprising a Sketch of the Life of the Countess de la Motte, pretended Confidant of Marie Antounette, and particulars of the careers of the other actors in this remarkable drama. With 2 Plates. 2 vols. Post 8vo. pp. xx-630. Tinsley Yonge (Chas. Duke) History of France under the Bourbons, A.D. 1589-1830. Vols. 3 & 4. 8vo, pp. xxvii-1051. Tinsley. Announcement.


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The Last Days of Louis Philippe and the RevoIntion of 1848. By M. Guizot.

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Model Letters for the use of Schools and Families. 5th ed., with additions. 18mo, cl. sd. Tegg. 6d. Lewis Dio.) Musical Gymnastics for Families and behools. With Illus. of all the Positions. 9th ed., with an Intro. by M. C. Tyler. Post 8vo, bds., PP. 115. Tweedie



Love Rev. Edward C.) St. Nicholas College and it Shools. A letter to Sir Jno. T. Coleridge. Fcap. Sp. 48. Parker. McDowell (J.) Mechanics required for the additional Ejects for Honours at the Previous Examination, and for the Ordinary Degree. Post 8vo, pp. viiiDeighton (Cambridge)-Bell & Daldy. 3/6 Parry (Thomas) New "Standard" Arithmetic adapted to the present system of Government Examinations; the Notation List being carried through all the Standards, and the Questions being printed in Words instead of Figures. Part 3, Stand. 5 & 6. Feap. d. Educational Trading Company (Birming ham)-Simpkin.


Robinson (kev. Hugh G.) Literary Reader: Prose Authors. With Biographical Notices, Critical and Explanatory Notes, &c. (Nelson's School Series.) Cr. 8vo, pp. viii-437. Nelson 3/ Taring (Rev. Edward) Elements of Grammar taught in English: with Questions. New ed. 18mo, Pp. x-136. Macmillan

2/ Vyvyan (Rev. Thomas G.) Elementary Analytical Geometry for Schools and Beginners. Post 8vo, Pp. xii-210. Deighton (Cambridge) · Bell & Daidy 7/6 Walker and Webster Combined in a Dictionary of the English Language. With an Appendix. by John Longmuir. 19th thous 8vo. Tegg. 5/ Whitworth (Rev. William A.) Choice and Chance. Two chapters of Arithmetic. With an Appendix containing the Algebraical Treatment of Permutations and Combinations newly set forth. Post 8vo, Pp. viii-160. Deighton (Catridge). Bell & 3/6




Dr. Ogilvie's School Dictionary. An English Dictionary-Etymological, Pronouncing, and Explanatory. For the use of Schools.

EUROPEAN AND CLASSICAL PHILOLOGY, &c. Cæsar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. By Charles Anthon, corrected and enlarged by G. B. Wheeler. New ed. 12mo. Tegg 4/6 Del Mar (Emanuel) Spanish Grammar, Key to the Exercises in the 7th edition of. 12mo, pp. xii-17. Nutt 3/6

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Demosthenes' Olynthiac Orations. With Short English Notes for the use of Schools, (Oxford Greek Texts). 18mo, sd., pp. 36. Parker 1/ Euripides' Iphigenia in Tauris. A new and accurate Translation. From the Text of F. A. Paley. With Notes Critical and Explanatory. By E. S. Crooke, B.A. 12mo, sd., pp. 73. Hall (Cambridge)-Whittaker 2/ Feller (Dr. F. E.) New Pocket German Dictionary. To which is added a Pocket Companion for Travellers, containing a Collection of Conversations, a Geographical Vocabulary, and a Table of Coins, &c. 8th ed. 32mo, hf. bd. Ward & Lock 3/6 Smith (William) and Hall (Theo. D.) Student's Latin Grammar. For the Use of Colleges and the Upper Forms in Schools. 2nd edit., revised and enlarged. Roy. 12mo, pp. ix-395. Murray Valpy's Latin Delectus. With Grammatical Notes adapted to the Public School Latin Primer, and a Vocabulary on the plan of White's Junior Scholar's Latin English Dictionary. By John T. White. 12mo, pp. vii-280. Longmans. . 2/6

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GEOGRAPHY, TOPOGRAPHY, &c. Angus (G. F.) Polynesia; or, the Islands of the Pacific. Being a popular Description of their Physical Features, Inhabitants, Natural History, and Productions, &c. Fcap. 8vo. Soc. Pro. Ch. Kn. 4/ Atlas. A Classical Atlas of Ancient Geography. By Rev. Thomas Nelson. 22 col. Maps. Cr. 8vo. Thin (Edinburgh) 4/ Atlas. An Elementary Physical Atlas, intended chiefly for Map Drawing, and the Study of the Great Physical Features and Relief-contours of the Continents. With an Introduction to serve as a Guide for both purposes. By Rev. J. P. Faunthorpe. Obg. bds. Stanford. 3/ Australia as it is: or, Facts and Features, Sketches and Incidents of Australia and Australian Life, with Notices of New Zealand. By a Clergyman. Post Svo, pp. xiii-286. Longmans 7/6 Baker (Sir Samuel W.) Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile and Explorations of the Nile Sources. With Maps, Illust., and Portraits. New ed. 2 vols. Post Svo, pp. xli-743. Macmillan Cheltenham, The New Guide to its Spas and Educational Establishments, with descriptive account of the Surrounding Country, and List of the Hunting Coverts. With Plan. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii -106. Westley (Cheltenham)-Simpkin. Dunn (Rev. B. S.) Brazil the Home for Southerners; or, a Practical Account of what the Author and others saw and did while in that Empire, 12mo, pp. 296. New York. 10/ Eden (Hon. Emily) "Up the Country." Letters written to her Sister from the Upper Provinces of India. New ed. Post 8vo, vi-396. Bentley 6/ Ellis (Robert) Enquiry into the ancient Routes between Italy and Gaul: with an Examination of the Theory of Hannibal's Passage of the Alps by the Little St. Bernard. 8vo. Deighton (Cambridge)— Bell & Daldy Ferrybridge (Mrs Honry Nelson) Naples and Sicily under the Bourbons. A Series of Sketches. Post 8vo, pp. ix-324. Newby 10/6 Houlding (Henry) From Lancashire to London on Foot. Feap. 8vo, sd., pp. 56. Heywood & Son (Manchester)-Simpkin

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Lorne (Marquis of) Trip to the Tropics and Home through America. 8vo. xii-355. Hurst & Blackett 15/ Miller (William) London before the Fire of 1666: with an Historical Account of the Parish, Ward, and Church of St. Giles Without, Cripplegate, brought down to the present time. Woodley Paris: a Handbook; or, French at Sight. 32mo, sd, Washbourne 9d.

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Porter (Rev. J. L.) Giant Cities of Bashan: and Syria's Holy Places. New ed. Post 8vo, pp. 371. Nelson Shepherd (C. W.) North-West Peninsula of Iceland: being the Journal of a Tour in Iceland in the Spring and Summer of 1862. With Map and Plates. Cr. 8vo, pp. xi-162. Longmans 7/6 Stephens (Francis) Topographical Directory of Great Britain and Ireland. A Brief Gazetter of all Counties, Cities, Abbeys, Parks, Rivers, Lakes, and Islands, Mountains, Hills and Valleys, Woods and Forests, &c. Sq. 18mo, pp. iv-427. Routledge. 3/6 Timbs (John) Nooks and Corners of English Life, Past and Present. 2nd ed. With Illust. Cr. 8vo, pp xii-871. Griffith & Farran 6/ Taylor (Bayard) Colorado. A Summer Trip. 12mo, pp. 185. New York 7/6

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LAW, PARLIAMENTARY, &c. Browne (Latham) Treatise on the Companies Act, 1862, with special reference to Winding-Up for the purposes of Reconstruction or Amalgamation, with Forms and Precedents. 8vo. Stephens & Haynes 21/ Law (The) of Libel as affecting the Newspaper Press, with its proposed Amendments. 8vo, sd. Marlborough.

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Leake (S. M.) Elements of the Law of Contracts. 8vo. Stevens & Sons 22/ Lumley (W. G.) Poor Law Election Manual. 3rd ed. 12mo, pp. vii-175 Shaw & Sons 5/ Smith (Toulmin) Practical Proceedings for the Re moval of Nuisances to Health and Safety, and for the execution of Sewerage Works, in Towns and in Rural Parishes, under the Common Law, and under Recent Statutes. With numerous Forms and Instructions for conducting the business of Local Authorities. 4th ed., with large additions. 12mo, pp. xii-378. Sweet 10/6 Smyth (Chas. Stuart) Handy Book of the Law of Shipping. For the use of Merchants, Owners, Charterers, Shippers, Underwriters, Brokers, Consignees, Pilots, Salvors, Average Staters, Masters, &c., &c. 12mo, sd., pp. 78. E. Wilson. Stone (Samuel) Justices' Manual; or, Guide to the Ordinary Duties of a Justice of the Peace, with an Appendix of Forms, and Table of Punishments. 12th ed., 12mo, pp. xxiii-663. Shaw & Sons. 18/6

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Da Costa (J. M.) Inhalations in the Treatme Diseases of the Respiratory Passages, by th of Atomized Fluids. 8vo, pp. 37. Philadelphia Dalton (John C.) Vivisection. What it is, and it has accomplished. 8vo, pp. 40. New York Duke (Valentine) Physiological Remarks upo Causes of Consumption. 8vo, pp. viii – Fannin (Dublin)-Longmans Dupré (Ferdinand) Orthodox or Allopathic Medi What is It? 8vo, pp. xiv-157. J. Hey (Manchester)

Maudsley (Henry) Physiology and Pathology of Mind. 8vo, pp. xv-442. Macmillan Struthers (John) Historical Sketch of the E burgh Anatomical School. 8vo. Maclachlan E burgh)


Taylor (Charles F.) Infantile Paralysis, and its dant Deformities. 12mo, 119. Philadelphia Taylor (George H.) Movement Cure, its Princ Methods, and Effects. 12mo, pp. 60. New Yor Three Years in the Field Hospitals of the of the Potomac. By Mrs. H. 16mo, PP Philadelphia

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Ward (Stephen H.) Healthy Respiration. 2n Fcap. 8vo, pp. v-98. Van Voorst Wilson (Erasmus) On Diseases of the Skin; & Sy of Cutaneous Medicine. 6th ed. 8vo, pp. 1 931. Churchill; 18/; with Plates

MINOR FICTION & JUVENILE WORKS Adams (W. H. D.) Boy makes the Man: a Bo Anecdotes and Examples for the Use of Y With Illust. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 208. Nelson Alger (Horatio, Jun.) Charlie Codman's Crais Story for Boys. 12mo, pp. 231. Boston, US Barton Todd. By the Author of "Amy an

Brothers," &c. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 128. Nimmo Bob, the Crossing-Sweeper. By the Auth "Shadow and Sunshine." 2nd ed. Book Socies Bowman (Hetty) Our Village Girls. 3rd ed. Book Society

Brock (Mrs. Carey) Home Memories; or, Eeh
a Mother's Voice. 7th thous. Cr. 8vo. Seel
"Buy an Orange, Sir?" or, the History of
Woodford. New ed. 18mo. Book Society
Children's Hour Series (The). Found Aflos
other Tales. Feap. 8vo, vii-328. Johns:
Collier (Rev. Joseph A.) Little Crowns, and E
Win them. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 128. Nimmo
Davenport (Emma) Our Birthdays and
Improve them. 2nd edit. Fcap. 8vo, PI
Griffith & Farran

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Franc (M. J.) Marian; or, the Light of Some
Home. 3rd. ed. 12mo. Low
Grandmamma's Nursery Stories. Illust.
pp. 46. Whitfield

Great Riches: Nelly Rivers' Story. By Aunt
Feap. 8vo, pp. 117. Nimmo

Hamilton (W. J.) Eph Peters; or, the Scot
Mohawk Valley. (Beadle's American Lib
Fcap. 8vo, sd. Routledge

Hazelton (Harry) Trail of Blood. A Tale
York. Cr. 8vo, sd., 115. Marr (Glasgow)

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1/ rgy and her Feather. A Story for Girls. By the Author of Shadow and Sunshine." 2nd edit. Book Society 9d. My E.J. Sunshine of Greystone: a Story for Girls. Mth ed. Feap. Svo, pp. iv-364. Marlborough. 5/ Mia and Charlie; or, A Week's Holiday at the Rectery. Was Illust. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii31. Darton. 3/6


By H. L. L. Feap.


Mismary Evenings at Home, pp. Mouro Bev. Edward) Pascal, the Pilgrim. A Tale for Young Communicants. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, JP. 51. Westers 1/6 Mysterious Parchment (The): an American Story. Hermed and edited by J. W. Kirton. Cr. 8vo, pp. 14 Partridge 1/6 Od Gems Re-Set. By the Author of "Village Misaries &c. &c. Feap. 8vo, 231. Nelson. 2/6 Oliver Optic's Haste and Waste; or, the Young Pilot of Lake Champlain. 12mo, 313. Boston, U.S. 6/6

Hope and Have; or, Fanny Grant among the Indian mo, pp. 283. Boston, U.S. . 6/8 Our Children: Sketched from Nature, in Pencil and Terse. Cr. 4to. Dean 5/

Right Way (The) and The Contrast. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 128. Nimas 1/ Robert and Ellen. 18mo, cl. sd., 115. Masters. 1/ Robinson (Bev. Rob.) Sanny Scenes; or, Recollections of Continents! Rambles among Men and Mountains. New ed. Imo. Book Society

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Routledge's Scripture Alphabets. Cold. Illust.
Bell Elizabeth M.) Journal of a Home Life. Post
13. Longmans


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Stowe Harriet B.) Daisy's First Winter, and nes. Feap. 8vo, pp. 122. Nimmo fering Children. Fcap. 8vo, sd. Nest (Glouces -Longmam


Tempest (Leigh Dan's Treasure; or, Labour and Love. New ed. Feap. 8vo. Darton


vive Years Old: Addressed to Sunday School clare and Young Persons generally 12mo, sd. Butchard

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iam Freeman: a Tale for Youth.

Book Society


3d. New ed. 9d.

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Early English Text Society. Trübner & Co. Vol. 22. The Romans of Pontenay or of Lusigen, otherwise known as the Tale of Melusine. Translated from the French of La Condrette (about 1500 or 1520 A.D.) edited from an unique manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, with an Introduction, Notes, and Glossarial Index by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A. 8vo sd., pp. xix-299. 6/ Vol. 23. Dan Michael's Ayenbite of Inwyt, or Remorse of Conscience in the Kentish Dialect. 1340 A.D. Edited from the unique MS. in the British Museum, by Richard Morris, Esq. 8vo sd., Pp. c-359 10/6 Vol. 24. Hymns to the Virgin and Christ, the Parliament of Devils, and other Religious Poems. Chiefly from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lambeth MS. No. 853. Edited by Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A. 8vo sd., pp. xvii-138. . 3/6 Vol. 25. The Stacions of Rome (in Verse, from the Vernon MS., about 1870, A.D.; and in Prose from the Porkington MS., No. 10, ab. 1460-70 A.D.), and the Pilgrims' Sea Voyage, (from the Trin. Coll. Cambridge MS. R. 3, 19, temp. Henry VI.), with Clenc Maydenhod (from the Vernon MS., about 1370 A.D. in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.) A Supplement to "Political, Religious, and Love Poems," and "Hali Meidenhad" (Early English Text Society, 1866.) Edited by Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A. 8vo sd., pp. xiv-407

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1/. Vol. 26. Religious Pieces in Prose and Verse) Edited from Robert Thornton's MS. (Cir. 1440. in the Lincoln Cathedral Library by George G. 2/. Perry, M.A. 8vo sd., pp. xii-105. Fox (W. J.) Collected Works. Memorial Edition. Vol. 6. Miscellaneous Essays-Political, Literary, Critical, and Biographical. Post 8vo, pp. 424. 5/ Fry (Herbert) Our Schools and Colleges. Containing the principal Particulars respecting Endowed Grammar Schools, Collegiate Schools, Proprietary Schools, Middle-class Schools, and other important Institutions, where the young are trained for the Naval, Military, Civil Service, Middle-class, and Similar Examinations; as also information respecting Colleges and Universities. First annual ed. Post 8vo, pp. xx-240. Hardwicke 3/6 Hazlitt (W. Carew) Handbook to the Bibliography of the Early Popular Poetical and Dramatic Literature of Great Britain to 1660. Part 1, Roy. 8vo. J. R. Smith 2/6 Heads of the People; or, Portraits of the English. Drawn by Kenny Meadows. New ed. 8vo. Routledge. 12/6 Hill (Georgiana) How to Preserve Fruit in a Hundred different Ways. (Routledge's Household Manuals.) Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 64. Routledge. ва. Lamb (Charles) Essays of Elia. First Series. New ed. Post 8vo, sd., pp. viii-127. Bell & Daldy. 1/ Last Essays of Elia. New ed. Post 8vo, sd., pp. viii-163. Bell & Daldy. 1/ Works Collected and Edited by Sir Thomas N. Talfourd. New ed. Roy. 8vo. Bell & Daldy. 10/6 Lectures (Six) at Exeter Hall, 1866-7. Delivered at the request of the Committe of the Young Men's Christian Association. Post 8vo, pp. viii-186. Nisbet 2/6

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Locke (John) Essay concerning the Human Understanding. 35th ed., carefully revised, and compared with the best copies. In 1 vol. Post 8vo, pp. xvi -664. Tegg

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Mann (Horace), Thoughts Selected from the Writings of. Pp. xvi-240. Boston, U.S. Massey's Railway Satirist. Fcap. 8vo, sd.


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Popular Readings. Feap. 8vo, bds. Society for the
Promotion of Christian Knowledge.
Rolleston (Christopher) Condition and Resources of
New South Wales. 8vo sd., pp. 30. Ridgway. 1/
Scott (Benjamin) Statistical Vindication of the City
of London; or, Fallacies Exploded and Figures
Explained. 8vo, pp. xi-200. Longmans.
Shakspere: Some Notes on his Character and
Writings. By a Student. 8vo, hf.-bd., pp. vii-119.

4/6 55th thous.

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Sketchley (Arthur) Brown Papers.
Fcap. 8vo, sd. Fun Office.
Swift (Jonathan) Gulliver's Travels into several,
remote Nations of the World. Illus. New ed.
carefully edited by a clergyman. 18mo, pp. xv-
398. Tegg.
Truths Illustrated by Great Authors. A Dictionary
of nearly Four Thousand Aids to Reflection, Quota-
tions of Maxims, Metaphors, Counsels, Cautions,
Aphorisms, Proverbs, &c. &c., in Prose and Verse.
18th ed. Fcap. 8vo. Lockwood.
White (H.) Guide to the Civil Service. 8th ed. By
Ewald. Fcap. 8vo. Warne
Wood (Sir Charles) Administration of Indian Affairs,
from 1859 to 1866. By Algernon West. 8vo.
Smith & Elder.

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Memoirs of a Physician. (In 2 vols.) Vol.
Feap. 8vo, sd., pp. 413. Routledge.
Farrow (Morley) Hamperton the Financier. 3 vo
Post 8vo. Skeet
Fitzgerald (Percy) Seventy-five Brooke Street.
Story. 3 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 857. Tinsley. 31
Goddard (Julia) Joyce Dormer's Story. 2 TC
Post 8vo, pp. 633. Bradbury


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3rd ed.


Adams (William T.) Way of the World. A Novel.
12mo, pp. 464, Boston, U.S.
Ainsworth (W. H.) John Law, the Projector.
(Sel. Lib. of Fiction.) 12mo, bds., pp. 410. Chap-
man & Hall.
Aitchenbie (Henry) Melchior Gorles. A Tale of
Modern Mesmerism. 3 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 936.
Auerbach (Berthold) On the Heights. Trans. by F.
E. Bunnett. Authorized edit. (Tauchnitz German
Authors.) 3 vols. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 1071, sd.
Cheap edit. Fcap.
4/6; cl. 6/


Braddon (M. E.) Only a Clod.
8vo, bds. Ward & Lock
Lady's Mile. By the
Audley's Secret," &c. New ed.

& Lock

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Only a Clod. By the Author of "Lady Audley's Secret." Sterotyped ed. Fcap. 8vo, bds., pp. 350. Ward & Lock Caballero (Fernan) Sea-Gull (La Gaviota.) From 2/ the Spanish by the Hon. Augusta Bethell. 2 vols. Post 8vo. Bentley

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Chamier (Capt.) Ben Brace; the Last of Nelson's Agamemons. New ed. (Railway Lib.) Feap. 8vo, bds. pp: 419. Routledge ·

Chanter (Charlotte) Over the Cliffs.


New ed.

(Smith & Elder's Monthly Vol.) Fcap. 8vo, sd., pp. 247. Smith & Elder


Cockton (Henry) Sylvester Sound, the Somnambulist.
With Illust. New ed. Post 8vo, xii-433. Warne. 5/
Cometh up as a Flower. An Autobiography. 2 vols.
Post 8vo. Bentley


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Eugene Aram. A Tale. New ed. Fet
8vo, sd., pp. xví-320. Routledge
Massary (Isabel) Our Cousins in Australia; or,
miniscences of Sarah Norris. Post 8vo, pp. viil
489. Nimmo

My Son's Wife. By the Author of "Caste," &
3 vols. Post 8vo, pp. 1007. Hurst & Blackett. 31
Reade (Charles) Griffith Gaunt; or, Jealousy. Srde
3 vols. Post 8vo. Chapman & Hall
Scott's Novels. Popular Edition. The Black D
and a Legend of Montrose. Copyright edit. 8

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Thynne (Lady Charles) Off the Line. 3 vols. P
8vo, pp. 626. Hurst & Blackett
Trollope (Anthony) Last Chronicle of Barset. Vol.
Illust. 8vo. Smith & Elder
Village on the Cliff (The). By the Author of "T
Story of Elizabeth.' Illust. 2nd ed. 8vo. S
& Elder
Vincent (Sir Francis) Sir Hubert Marston. A Novel
3 vols. Post 8vo. Chapman & Hall
Yates (Edmund) Black Sheep. A Novel. 3 vo
Post 8vo, pp. 960. Tinsley

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After Glow (The): or, Songs and Sonnets for my
Friends. Fcap. 8vo. Smith & Elder.
Ballads and Legends of Cheshire. With Illust.
Post 8vo, pp. xix-314. Longmans

20/ Barr (Matthias) Little Willie, and other Poems on Children. Longmans

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Billington (Thomas) Last of the Knights Templars.
A Poem. Feap. 8vo. pp. 88. Washbourne 2/
Byron Lord) Poetical Works. With Life and Portrait.
Illust. Cr. 8vo, sd., pp. xvi-457. Dicks 7d.
Carpenter (J.E.) Entertainer's Song Book. 18mo, bds.
Casey (John K.) Wreath of Shamrocks: Ballads,
Songs, and Legends. Fcap. 8vd, pp. 141. R. S.
MeGee (Dublin)
Cowper (Wm.) Complete Poetical Works. With Life
of the Author. Illust. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 548. Milner


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List supplied by P. S. King, 34, Parliament Street.

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Shakspeare (The Handy Volume). Vol. 12. 32mo, sd. pp. 355. Bradbury 1/ Wesley (Charles) Seen in his finer and familiar Poems. Edit. by F. M. Bird. 18mo, pp. xvi-598. New York. 7/6 Whittier (John G.) Tent on the Beach, and other Poems. 16mo, pp. 172. Boston, U.S. 6/ Willis (N. T.) Poetical Works. New ed. Fcap. 8vo, pp. viii-260. Routledge.

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POLITICS AND QUESTIONS OF THE DAY. Andrews (Thomas) Studium Generale. A Chapter of Contemporary History; the University of London; the Queen's University; the Catholic University; the College of Maynooth. 8vo, sd. Longmans. 2/6 Alcock (Col.) The Militia, the Nucleus of our de fensive Force. W. Mitchell. 1/ Army Misrule. By a (late) Common Soldier. 2nd Post 8vo. Chapman & Hall 3/8 Boddington (Dr. George) On Household Suffrage, Triennial Parliaments, and Reform of the House of Commons, based upon Constitutional Principles, with Supplementary Remarks. 8vo sd., pp. 50. Ridgway.


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Bannatyne (Major) Our Military Forces and Reserves. W. Mitchell. 21 Confederation of the British North American Provinces: the Speech of the Rt. Hon. Earl of Carnarvon. 8vo, sd. Murray 1/ Dalton (G. T.) Irish Peers on Irish Peasants; an Answer to Lord Duffering and the Earl of Rosse. Ridgway. 1/ Disraeli (Rt. Hon. B.) Parliamentary Reform; a Series of Speeches on that subject delivered in the House of Commons. 1848-66. Reprinted (by permis. sion) from Hansard's Debates. Edit. by Montague Corry. 2nd edit. Svo, pp. xi-479. Longmans. 12/ Duff (M. E. Grant) Inaugural Address delivered to the University of Aberdeen on his Installation as Rector. 8vo, sd., pp. 50. Edmonston Essays on Reform. 8vo. Macmillan Europe. Letters by Vigil. 8vo, sd., pp. 75. Cockram (Torquay)—Simpkin 1/ Farrand (Banks) Comprehensive Reform of the House of Commons of Parliament, the True Poliey of Conservatism and the Hope of the Nation. Houlston Bd.


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Havelock (Sir Henry M.) Three Main Military Questions of the Day: 1, A Home Reserve Army. 2. The more Economic Military Tenure of India. 3. Cavalry as affected by Breechloading Arms. 8vo, pp. viii-209. Longmans 7/6 History (The) of the English Revolution of 1867. By Lord Macaulay's New Zealander, A,D. 3867. Edit. by Wykehamicus Freidrich, Esq. Cr. 8vo, Warne sd., pp. 32. 6d. Holloway (George) Civilization, Taxation, and Representation. 8vo. Ridgway 5/ Irish Difficulty (The). By an Irish Peer. Ridgway. 1/ Irish Land Question (The). By G. R. Fcap. 8vo. Truelove

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