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The best, cheapest, and most popular Novels published, well printed in clear, readable type, on good paper, and strongly bound, containing the writings of the most Popular Authors of the day. Of the many cheap editions and reprints of works of fiction there is none which better deserve the extensive support which they receive at the hands of the public than the series in course of issue under the title of the "Select Library of Fiction."

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London: CHAPMAN & HALL, 193, Piccadilly.


London: ROUTLEDGE & SONS; WARD, LOCK, & TYLER; WARNE & Co.; W. H. SMITH & SON. Edinburgh: JOHN MENZIES. Glasgow: MURRAY & SON. Dublin: W. H. SMITH & SON.

New York: APPLETON & Co.; SCRIBNER & Co.

Toronto: CAMPBELL & SON.

Melbourne: GEORGE RObertson.









Illustrated by a Splendid Series of Thirty-nine Chromo-Lithographs from Water-colour Drawings by ROBERT DUDLEY, Three Views in ChromoLithograph of the Voyage to England, by W. O. BRIERLY, and Twentyfour Wood Engravings.

HE account of this most interesting national event, which Dr. RUSSELL has written, is Illustrated by the pencil of an accomplished artist, and is preceded by a brief Description of the Progress of the Princess of Wales, and of the chief incidents connected with her journey, and such information in relation to the subject-matter as may justify the book being called the History of the Marriage. The text thus illustrated describes the principal Scenes antecedent to the Nuptials, from the departure of H.R.H. from Denmark to her reception by the British Fleet off the Nore; her passage through London, and her welcome by the people; her arrival at the Castle, and the arrangements and details of the Marriage Ceremony. In addition, the magnificent Bridal Presents are represented in their true colours. The Plates are in full colours and gold, and in wood engraving. Thus, as a work of the greatest national interest, as one possessing every element of elegance and refinement, it is worthy of a large demand, whilst for a long time to come it is felt that it must be, beyond every other, the most coveted Gift-book, and the most elegant Drawing-room Souvenir.

In addition to the Forty-two Splendid Plates, beautifully produced in colour-which open to our view with vivid truthfulness a panorama at once grand and historical, full of momentous and touching interest, and unsurpassed in our time-we have four pages comprising the "Marriage Attestation Deed," giving exact fac-similes of the Signatures of Fiftytwo Royal and Distinguished Personages, witnesses of the marriage, and others. These four pages alone greatly enhance the value of the book, and form a very important record of the event, being clearly and gracefully done after the original. The Twenty-two Coloured Plates forming that portion devoted to the Jewelry, &c., are particularly charming, and bring before! us, in brilliant and sparkling array, some fine specimens of the art, tempting and dazzling in

the extreme.

S. & T. GILBERT are now in a position to offer this Elegant Historical Work at the following Reduced Prices for immediate Cash :

Small Folio Copies, handsomely bound in Crimson Cloth, extra gilt, gilt edges, published at £5. 5s. Offered at £2. 2s.

Superbly Finished Large Paper Copies, the Plates Mounted like drawings, handsomely bound, Half Morocco, gilt edges, published at £10. 10s. Offered at £5. 5s.

After the expiration of this year the Reduced Price of the £5. 5s. copies will be Raised to £2. 12s. 6d.

London S. & T. GILBERT, 4, Copthall Buildings, E.C.

(Back of the Bank of England).

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Objects of Porcelain, Enamel, and Woven Fabrics,
In the South Kensington Museum, and other Collections,

Comprising One Hundred Elaborate Plates, Brilliantly Illuminated in Gold and Colours, with Descriptive Letter-press and a Notice on Chinese Ornament, forming altogether an entirely New and Superb Text-Book of Decorative Design, from Types hitherto little known, and a valuable Aid towards the Success and Development of Ornamental Art. Small Folio, Handsomely Bound, Crimson Cloth, gilt edges, price £4. 4s.


HE late war in China, and the Ti-ping Rebellion, by the destruction and sacking of many public buildings, has caused the introduction to Europe of a great number of truly magnificent works of Ornamental Art, of a character which had been rarely seen before that period, and which are remarkable, not only for the perfection and skill shown in the technical processes, but also for the beauty and harmony of the colouring, and general perfection of the ornamentation.

In the following Plates I have gathered together as great a variety of these new Styles of Ornament as have come within my reach, and I trust that no important phase of this Art has escaped me.

I have had the advantage of access to the National Collection at South Kensington and the unrivalled Collection of ALFRED MORRISON, Esq., of Fonthill, who has secured the finest specimens from time to time, as they have appeared in this country. From the Collection of LOUIS HUTH, Esq., exhibited in South Kensington, and from many objects in the possession of M. DIGBY WYATT, Esq., Colonel DE LA RUE, THOMAS CHAPPELL, Esq., F. O. WARD, Esq., Messrs. NIXON and RHODES, and others, the bulk of the compositions have been obtained. My thanks are especially due to Messrs. DURLACHER and Mr. WAREHAM for the liberal loan of many objects, which I have been thus enabled to copy in the quiet of the studio.

I venture to hope that the publication of these types of a Style of Ornament hitherto little known will be found, by all those in the practice of Ornamental Art, a valuable and instructive aid in building up what we all seek--the progressive development of the forms of the past, founded on the eternal principles which all good forms of Art display.

London: Published by S. & T. GILBERT, 4, Copthall Buildings, E.C. (Back of the Bank

of England.)

THE ART OF ILLUMINATING, as practised in Europe from

the Earliest Times, Illustrated by Borders, Initial Letters, and Alphabets, selected and Chromo-lithographed by W. R. TYMMS, with an Essay and Introduction by M. DIGBY WYATT. 100 Plates, small 4to. Original Edition, elegantly Bound in Cloth Antique, gilt edges.

Published at £3. 10s. Offered at £2. 2s.

ONE THOUSAND AND ONE INITIAL LETTERS, designed and illuminated by OWEN JONES, Twenty-eight pages, splendidly printed in Gold and Colours, folio, Cloth extra, gilt edges.

Published at £3. 10s. Offered at 18s.

London: S. & T. GILBERT, 4, Copthall Buildings, E.C.
(Back of the Bank of England.)


Poetry of the Year. A Series of Illustrations from the Drawings of BIRKET FOSTER, HARRISON WEIR, BARKER, LEJEUNE, E. V. B., DUNCAN, LEE, Cox, &c., &c., beautifully executed in Chromo-Lithography, and Mounted. 4to, handsomely bound in cloth and gold, price 16s., or handsomely bound in morocco, price £i 5s. [Just published. Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith. With a Memoir by WILLIAM SPALDING, A. M., Professor of Logic and Rhetoric in the University of St. Andrews. Illustrated with Steel Engravings from Drawings by DAVID ROBERTS, R.A., SIR THOMAS STODDART, R. A., C. STANFIELD, and C. LESLIE, R. A. In small 4to, handsomely bound in cloth and gold, price 7s. 6d., or handsomely bound in walnut or morocco, price 15s.

Off Land's End. Homeward Bound; or, Christmas Eve on Board the "Oberon." Being a Collection of Stories, grave and gay, pathetic and humorous, related by the Cabin PasSuitable for all readers, old and young. sengers. Illustrated by JOHN PROCTOR. Imperial 16mo, elegantly bound and gilt, with gilt edges. Reduced to 3s. 6d.


Masterpieces of Fiction: comprising Knickerbocker's History of New York, by WASHINGTON IRVING; The Linwoods, by MISS SEDGWICK; Elizabeth, or the Exiles of Siberia'; Paul and Virginia; The Indian Cottage; and JOHNSON'S Rasselas. Fine Portrait and Woodcuts. Medium 8vo, handsomely bound, price 5s. ; with gilt sides and edges, price 6s. [Just published.

Griffin's Emerald Gems. Embellished by First-class Steel Engravings and numerous Woodcuts. Beautifully bound in imitation malachite, and elegantly gilt, price 10s. 6d. each; in morocco at 8s. ; or in cloth, elegant, with gilt edges, 35. 6d.

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Art of Illuminating, as practised in Europe from the Earliest Times. printed in colours and gold. By M. DIGBY WYATT and W. R. TYMMS. Small folio, cloth, richly gilt, published at £3 10S. The last few copies of this splendid work offered to the Trade at a great reduction.

Memorial of the Marriage of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, and H.R.H. PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OF DENMARK. By W. H. RUSSELL, LL. D., late Special Correspondent of the "Times," illustrated by a series of Forty-two Splendid Chromo-Lithographs, from Water-colour Drawings, by ROBERT DUDLEY, including Three Views of the Voyage to England, by O. W. BRIERLY. Atlas folio, richly bound in cloth and gold, £5 5s. A few copies on Large Paper, Published at £10 10s., Offered to the Trade at a great reduction. Southgate's (Henry) Many Thoughts of Many Minds. Sixteenth Thousand, thoroughly revised, and beautifully printed on Toned Paper. 8vo, cloth elegant, gilt edges, price 12s. 6d.; or morocco antique, £i is.

Shakspearean Creations. By E. GOODWIN Lewis.

Illustrated with Photographs


from the celebrated Paintings exhibited at Stratford-on-Avon, "Shakspeare Tercentenary.' quisitely illuminated borders, by SAMUEL STANESBY. Second Edition. Small 4to, elegantly bound and gilt, price 15s., or bound in morocco extra, £I Is.

Treasury of Thought, from Shakspeare. The Choice Sayings of his Principal Characters, Analytically and Alphabetically arranged. Crown 8vo, handsomely bound in cloth gilt, price 5s. ; or morocco, 10s. 6d.

Messrs. CHARLES GRIFFIN & Co. beg to inform the Trade they have again made a large purchase of MR. BEETON'S Popular Publications, at CONSIDERABLY REDUCED PRICES, a List of which, and of several very handsome Illustrated Works, suitable for the approaching season will be sent on application.

London: CHARLES GRIFFIN & Co., Stationers' Hall Court.

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