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Sect. XIX. Christ admonishes his disciples to be con-
stantly watchful, that they may be prepared for the

day of judgment.

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Sect. XX. The parables of the ten virgins, and the ta-

lents. A description of the last judgment.

Sect. XXI. Judas agrees with the chief-priest to betray
his Lord. The apostles make preparation for the


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Sect. XXXIX. Part of the xxiid Psalm. Prophetic of
our Saviour's reflections on the cross

Sect. XI. Christ's body taken from the cross. Joseph
of Arimathea inters it in his own tomb. The
Jewish priests seal the sepulchre.

Sect. XLI. Judas Iscariot repenting, returns the money
to the High Priest, and hangs himself.

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love for him, and commands him to feed his flock. 236%

Sect. XLIX. Christ meets all his apostles on a moun-

tain in Galilee.

Sect. L. Christ commands his disciples to baptize all
nations. He promises the aid of the Holy Spirit,
He ascends visibly up to heaven.


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Sect. LVI. Christ's assertions and predictions, concern-
ing the Holy Ghost while he was upon earth.
Sect. LVII. The Holy Spirit descends upon the apostles.

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Sect. LX. The sin and punishment of Ananias and


Sect. LXI. The Christian church increases. The apostles
imprisoned, and miraculously delivered. They are
examined by the Sanhedrim. Gamaliel's counsel.

Sect. LXII. Seven deacons appointed to assist the apos..

tles in the distribution of the public charity. The

trial and martyrdom of Stephen.

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Sect. LXXI. Paul and Barnabas go to Lystra. A lame

man cured.

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Sect. LXXII. Paul and Barnabas go to Jerusalem.
They disagree and separate,

Sect. LXXIII. Paul with Silas continues his journey.
They are cast into prison, and miraculously deli-

Sect. LXXIV. Paul and Silas preach at Thessalonica and Athens.

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Sect. LXXV. Paul visits Corinth and Ephesus, and other cities.

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Sect. LXXVI. Paul sails towards Judea. He is met by
Agabus. He is seized in the temple at Jerusalem.
He is rescued by Lysias, and sent to Cesarea.
Sect. LXXVII. Paul accused by Tertullus the orator,
before Felix. Makes his defence.
Sect. LXXVIII. Paul accused before Festus, by the
High Priest. Justifies himself, and appeals to

Sect. LXXIX. Paul makes his defence before Festus the
Roman governor, King Agrippa, and his queen

Sect. LXXX. An account of the death of Paul, and the
other apostles.

Sect. LXXXI. Concerning the operations of the Holy

Sect. LXXXII. Christ's predictions concerning the
punishment of the Jews, and the destruction of

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Sect. LXXXIII. The fulfilment of Christ's predictions concerning Jerusalem and the Jews.

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Sect. LXXXIV. Visions which were understood to be predictive of the end of the world, and the future

state of good and bad people.

Sect. LXXXV. The Conclusion.




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