ReMembering the Body

Gabriele Brandstetter, Hortensia Völckers
Hatje Cantz, 2000 - 382 pages
This text and picture book designed by Bruce Mau reflects the myriad issues surrounding representations and concepts of the body, focusing on the body in movement. ReMembering the Body is dedicated to dance, the experimental territory par excellence of the moving body, and explores a variety of topics such as choreography in the cinema, choreography and spatial concepts, the aesthetics of violence and subversion in both the sciences and the arts, and notions of the body as a machine and as an animalistic organism. Texts by cultural critics such as Fredrich Kittler and Mau's picture essay combine to present fragments of the pictorial dismemberment of the body as a vivid history of movement. Arrestingly and uniquely designed, ReMembering the Body is an ideal and thoroughly indexed reference work as well as an important cultural document.

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Embalmment and Anatomy in Egypt and Europe
The Memory of Movement
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