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**The History of Cape May County" is the result of ma

wany years of research, and the aut or hopes that it will meet with the approbation of the public. Some ten years ago the author began the keeping of a scrap book of Cape May county history, among other things, and this constant accumulation of facts resulted, about a year ago, in a determination on the part of the author to prepare a history of the county, which would portray its gradual development and the progress of its people from the earliest times. The cause which led to its preparation principally was the fact that mo history had ever before been published, excepting the sketch of Dr. Maurice Beesley, in 1857, which contained only fifty printed pages.

The information obtained for this volume was largely slipplemented from the collections of the New York Historical Society, the New Jersey Historical Society and the Pennsylvania Historical Society. Many facts were gathered also from the articles of Francis B. Lee, Esq., of Trenton, and the author has also been aided in his work by Colonel T. Granville Leach, of Philadelphia; County Clerk Edward L. Rice, and Mr. Aaron Leaming. The diaries of Aaron Leaming the first, of Aaron Leaming the second, and of Jacob Spicer the second have been perused and liberal extracts made from the same. The work of Dr. Beesley has been woven into this volume and proper credit given to him for every fact for which he is responsible.

The county of Cape May has a most honorable history and the one aim of the author has been to tell the facts as he finds them and yet try to keep away from the dryness which characterizes such works. There may be errors in the volume, but the author has been very careful in the verification of dates and names. The different ways of spelling family names is caused by the literal copying of the records from which they are taken.

If this volume serves to preserve to the people the history of the county, the author will feel that he has been repaid for his efforts.

LEWIS T. STEVENS. Cape May, May 15, 1897.


By Theophilus T. Price, M. D.

Tune: "Dearest Mavi" (Revised by the author for this work.) Dear land of my nativity!

And scene of childhood's play,
I fondly sing my love to thee

In humble, fervent lay.
Let others roam who have a mind;

With thee I'd rather stay,
For many ties there are that bind

My heart to thee, Cape llav.


Cape May! Cape May!

My thoughts to thee will stray
With fond delight, in memories bright,

When I am far away.

Thy sunny skies look down serene

Where warbling woodlands lay;
And fertile fields stretch out between

The ocean and the bay.
And health on every breeze is borne

That o'er thee takes its way;
And plenty pours her teeming horn
Into thy lap, Cape May.


[ocr errors]

Thy daughters' praise truth gladly speaks.

While fond emotions rise;
The glow of beauty gilds their cheeks

And sparkles in their eyes;
And hearts of love and tenderness

Within their bosoms play:
Their virtues fair adorn and bless
Thy happy homes, Cape May!


Thy sons, a generous patriot band,

Hospitable and brave,
Love loyally their native land,

Their homes, and circling wave;
Bold are their hearts where duty lies,

Or honor points the way;
And noble, honest men arise,
Thy proudest boast, Cape May!


I love to breathe thy healthful air;

I love thy sky and sea;
I love thee, for my friends are here,

And all that's dear to me.
I love thee, for thou art my home,

And wheresoe'er I stray
The golden chain of memory
Still binds me to Cape May!

Chorus: Cape May! Cape May! etc.

Cu ter XXXI-The Boroughs
Appemilix A-Members of the Legislature.
Appendix B-Boards of Freeholders
Appendix C—County Officials ...
Appendix E-Municipal Officers
Appendix D-Postmasters
Appendix F-Table of Population.


l'age 43--For "Thomas Caesar Floskins" read “Thomas

Hand, Caesar Iloskins."
Page 206--For "Daniel Ganetson" read “Daniel Garret-

Page 338–For "Willoby Snyder" read "Willoby Souder."
Page 360--For "Viss Emma T. Brooks" read "Miss Emma

T. Sutton."
Page 393--For “thunpike" read “shunpike."
Page 423-For "Mashel" read "Maskel.”

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