Characterology; an Exact Science Embracing Physiognomy, Phrenology and Pathognomy: Reconstructed, Amplified and Amalgamated, and Including Views Concerning Memory and Reason and the Location of These Faculties Within the Brain, Likewise Facial and Cranial Indications of Longevity

Rand McNally, 1920 - 610 pages
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Page 334 - One would say that the persuasion of their speech is not in what they say, — or that men do not convince by their argument, but by their personality...
Page 631 - WILLIAM (1792-1829), was an Irishman, like William Hare, his partner in a series of infamous murders, committed at Edinburgh, to supply dissection subjects to Dr Robert Knox.
Page 516 - In that small world, the Brain, each virtue claims Her own fair mansion. Veneration there Has found a temple; there Benevolence, As in an ivory palace, holds her court, High in front and prominent to greet Stranger and friend with salutation kind, And gracious welcome — there lodge all the powers Percipient and reflective ; those which lead To question Nature; to arrange, compare, And truth from truth...
Page xiii - ... rendering them easily available for comparative study. The Egyptian collection is specially strong in monumental works on archaeology and hieroglyphics, and contains every important edition of the Book of the dead. Science In 1896, in accordance with a cooperative plan adopted by the Chicago public library, the John Crerar library, and the Newberry library, 6331 volumes and 1488 pamphlets of the departments of science and useful arts were transferred by the Newberry library to the John Crerar...
Page 368 - I farther observe what a person sets a value on, or despises, praises, or excuses ; what events interest him ; what society he seeks ; if I see him act especially on occasions where there are conflicting interests ; if he is an author, and I read his book, &c., the whole man is unmasked before me.
Page 356 - ... In point of outward shape the universe is vast. In point of influence the Positive and Negative principles are mighty. Yet TAO folds them all in its embrace. For convenience sake the bond of society is called great. But how can that which is thus conditioned By having a name. be compared with TAO ? There is as wide a difference between them as there is between a horse and a dog.
Page 260 - can't do anything with it". If the left hand then proceeds to do the job correctly, and this is pointed out to the patient, the speaking half will reply, "Well, I must have done it unconsciously". It never even acknowledges the existence of its twin [92]. In fact, the word left (corresponding to the left side of the body, the right hemisphere of the brain) has a negative connotation which corresponds to the attitude of some members of the analytic community towards managers and intuition. Across...
Page 367 - Do you wish to ascertain the character of a person without running the risk of being deceived even though he should be advised of your intention and put on his guard? Lead him to talk of his infancy and early...
Page 603 - When the shaft of death disembodies spirits, after a sojourn of twenty, fifty, or any number of years, the [ history of their pilgrimage here below will be imprinted on the lifeless clay left behind, and furthermore, it is possible for man to decipher all the hieroglyphics emJ ployed upon the record.
Page 337 - The face of a man expresses exactly what he is, and if he deceives us it is not his fault but ours.

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