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cia. Darius advances at the same time.

The bold and free answer of Caridemus to

that prince, which costs him his life. De-

scription of Darius's march


Sect. V. Alexander gains a famous victory over Darius

near the river Issus. The consequences of

that victory


VI. Alexander marches victorious into Syria. The

treasures deposited in Damascus are deli.

yered to him. Darius writes a letter to

Alexander in the most haughty terms, which

he answers in the same style. The gates of

the city of Sidon are opened to him. Abdo-

lonymus is placed upon the throne against

his will. Alexander lays fiege to 'î'yre,

which at laft, after having made a vigorous

defence, is taken by storm. The fulfilling of

the different prophecies relating to Tyre .. 66.

VII, Darius writes a second letter to Alexander.

Journey of the latter to Jerusalem. The

honour he pays to Jaddus the high priest.

He is shown those prophecies of Daniel

which relate to himself. The king grants

great privileges to the Jews, but refuses

them to the Samaritans. He besieges and

takes Gaza, enters Egypt, and subdues that

country; . He there lays the foundations of
Alexandria, then goes into Libya, where he

yisits the temple of Jupiter Ammon, and

causes himself io be declared the son of that

god. His return into Egypt

VIII. Alexander, after his return from Egypt, re-

folves to go in pursuit of Darius. At his

setting out, he hears of the death of that

monarch's queen.

He causes the several

honours to be paid her which were due to

her rank. He passes the Euphrates and

Tigris, and comes up with Darius. The

famous battle of Arbela


Sect. IX. Alexander poffefses himself of Arbela, Ba.

bylon, Susa, Persepolis; and finds immense

riches in those cities. In the heat of

drinking he sets fire to the palace of Per-



X. Darius leaves Ecbatana. He is betrayed

and put in chains by Bessus governor of

Bactria. The latter, upon Alexander's

advancing towards him, flies, after having

covered Darius with wounds, who ex


a few moments before Alexander's arrival.

· He fends his corpse to Sysigambis 150

XI. Vices which first caused the declension, and

at last che ruin of the Persian empire 155

XII. Lacedæmonia revolts from the Macedonians,

with almost all Peloponnesus. Antipater

marches out upon this occasion, defeats

the enemy in a battle, in which Agis is

killed. Alexander marches against Bellus.

Thalestris, Queen of the Amazons, comes

to visit him from a far country. Alex.

ander, at his return from Parthia, aban.

dons himself to pleasures and excess. He

continues his march towards Beslus. A

pretended conspiracy of Philotas against

the king. He and Parmenio his father

are put to death. Alexander subdues

feveral nations. He at lait arrives at

Bactriana, whither Beslus is brought to



XIII. Alexander, after taking a great many cities

in Bactriana, builds one near the river

laxarthes, which he calls by his own

The Scythians, alarmed at the

building of this city, as it would be a

check upon them, send ambassadors to the

king, who address themselves to himn with

uncommon freedom. After having dif.

missed them, he passes the laxarthes,

gains a signal victory over the Scythians,

and behaves with humanity towards the

yanquilhed. He checks and punishes the


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infurrection of the Sogdians, fends Bestus

to Ecbatana to be put to death, and takes

the city of Petra, which was thought



Secr. XIV. The death of Clitus. Several expeditions

of Alexander. He commands worship

to be paid to himself, after the manner

of the Persians. Discontents arise among

the Macedonians. Death of Calisthenes

the philosopher


XV, Alexander fets out for India. A digression

with regard to that country. He be-

fieges and takes several cities which


peared impregnable, and is often in

danger of his life. He croffes the river

Indus, afterwards Hydaspes, and gains

a signal victory over Poius, whoin he

restores to his throne


XVI. Alexander advances into India. A digref-

fion relating to the Brachmans. That

prince resolves to march as far as the

Ganges, which raises a general discon.

tent in his army. Remonftrances being

made to him on that account, he lays

afide his design, and is contented with

going no further than the ocean. He

Lubdues all things in his way thither,

and is exposed to great danger at the

Siege of the city of the Oxydr cæ; and

arriving at last at the ocean, he after.

wards prepares for his return into Eu-



XVII. Alexander, in his march through deserts,

is grievously diftreffed by famine. He

at Palagardæ, where Cyrus's

monument stood. Orlines, a powerful

lord, is put to death, by the clandestine

intrigues of Bagoas the eunuch. Calanus

the Indian afcends a funeral pile, where

he puts himself to death. ‘Alexander

marries Statira the daughter of Darius.

Harpalus arrives at Athens; Demof-


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