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Q. 31. What promise did God make to him concerning the earth, and what was the sign ?

Q. 52. How many years were there from the creation to the flood ? A. Probably about 1656.

Q. 33 Into what sin did Noah fall after this ?

Q, 34. What prophecy did he utter concerning his sons ?

Q. 35. Were these predictions remarkably fulfil. led p*

Q. 36. How old was Noah when he died ?
A. He died about A. M. 2006.



Q. 1. (Chap. 2.) Who was Nimrod ?
A. He founded the Babylonian empire.
Q. 2. Were all the people still of one language ?
Q. 3. Where did they dwell?
Q. 4. What did they attempt at this time, and why?
Q. 5. What did the Lord say when he saw it?
Q. 6. What was it called and why?
Q.7. What was the consequence of this confusion ?

Q. 8. Who was the father of Abram, and where did he dwell?

Q. 9. Who was Abram's wife ?
Q. 10. To what place did Terah remove ?

Q. 11. What was Abraham commanded to do, and what was promised him ?

Q. 12. How old was Abram when called ?
Q. 13. How long after the flood was this ?
Q. 14. Where did Abram go and what did he take?
Q. 15. Who went with him ?

427 years.

*Canaan was the son of Ham, Africa was peopled by three of the four sons of Ham-and most of the North and Central African nations are his descendantsthe tribes of Canaan destroyed by Joshua were his descendants—as were also the Carthagenians and Phoenetians all of which have been the servants of servants.

Shem peopled part of Asia, and was the progenitor of the Jewish nation. Japheth peopled Europe, and after attained dominion over the casoendants of shom-his posterity the prinapal promoters of Christianity,



Q. 16. What did God promise to the seed of Abram?
Q, i7, What did he do?
Q. 18. Where did he remove ?
Q. 19. Why did he go into Egypt?
Q. 20. What did he propose to Sarai and afterwards
Q. 21. What was the consequence of this sin ?
Where did he


? Q. 23. Where did Lot settle ? Q: 24. What was the moral character of Sodom ?

Q. 25. What did the Lord give Abram after this separation ? Q. 26.

Where did he build an altar at this time ?
Q. 27. What happened to the king of Sodom, and to

Q. 28. What did Abram do ?
Q. 29. Who was Melchizideck ?

A. Heb. vii. 1, 2, 3, 4, &c. A pious king and priest whose parentage, birth, &c. are not mentioned in the Bible, and not known.

Q. 30. What took place between him and Abram ? Q, 31.

What reward did the king of Sodom offerAbram?

Q. 32. What promise did God make to Abram ?

Q. 33. What was he commanded to do, and what occurred as the "sun was going down?”

Q. 34. What did God then say to him? Q. 35. Who was Hagar, and why did she flet from Abram's house ? Q. 36,

What did the Angel of the Lord say to her? Q, 37. What was the name of her son, and what was he to be?

Q, 38. Did God appear again to Abram ?

Q. 39. To what were the names of Abram and Sarai changed ?

--signifying probably multitude ? Q 40. What was the sign and seal of the covenant made with Abram ?

Q. 41. What was the command concerning circumcision !

Q. 42. What did Abraham desire concerning Ishmae!!

Q.43. What was the age of Abram and Ishmael at the time of their circumcision ?

Q. 44. Who beside them were circumcised ?
Q. 45. What may we infer from this ?

А That it is proper for believers in all ages to procure the affixing of the baptismal seal of the covenant in their name upon all such children as they adopt or rear under their own immediate care and inspection.



Q. 5.


Q.1, What took place in the plains of Mamre Chapter 1

Q. 2. Who were these men ?
Q. 3. What did Abrahain do?
Q. 4. What promise was renewed to him ?

Was God displeased with Sarah, and why? Q. f. What did the Lord of Abraham ?

Q.7. What did Abraham do when he was told of what was coming upon Sodoin?

Q. 8. What did Lot say when he saw the two angels?

Q. 9. What did the men of Sudom do when they heard that they were with Lot ?

Q. 10. What was the effect ?

Q 11. What did Lots sons-in-law do when he told them of the approaching destruction of Sodom?

Q. 12 What did the two angels do with Lot and his family!

Q 13. Where did Lot go ?
Q. 14. What became of Lots wife?
Q. 15. What took place after he left Sodom?

What sons had Lot in Zoar?
Q. 17. Where did Abraham remove from the plains
of Mamre : (Chap. 20.)
Q. 18.

Who was the king of Gerar ? Q. 19. Did Abraham again deny that Sarah was his wife?

Q. 20. What did God say to him after he had taken Sarah from Abraham ?

Q. 16

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Q. 21. What did he say to Abraham

Q. 22. Did Abimelech give any thing to Abraham when he restored Sarah?

Q. 23. What did Abraham do for Abimelech ?
Q. 24. What promise was fulfilled to Sarah ? Ch.21.
Q. 24.

What did Abraham call his son ?
Q. 26. Did Abraham circumcise him, and at what
age ?
Q, 27. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born i

A. Verse 5.-which was 2108 years from the creation ? Q. 28.

What became of Hagar and her son after the birth of Isaac, and why did they leave Abraham's house?

Q. 29. What took place in the wilderness ?

Q. 30. What was the covenant between Abraham and Abimelech, and what ilid Abraham give ?

Q. 31. What did Abraham call the place of his residence ?

Q. 32. What did God command him to do?
Q. 33. How did he act ?
Q. 34. Was his son really sacrificed ?
Q. 35.

What was promised him on this occasion ? 36. What was the name of this mountain and what was it afterwards called P

Q. 37. . Who,was Nahore
Q. 38: How old was Sarah when she died ?
Q. 39. Where was she buried ?
Q. 40. Of whom was it bought ?



Q.1. Where did Abraham send his servant and for what purpose ? Chap. 24, Q. 2.

What oath did Abraham require of him? Q. 3. What prayer did the servant offer and what befel him as he drew near the city of Nahor?

Q. 4. What did he say to Betheul and Laban?
Q.5. Who was Abraham's second wife!

Chap 25

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Q. 6. How old was he when he died?
A. 2182 years from the creation, and 1822 before

Q. 7. Where was he buried ?
Q. 8. How long did Ishmael live!

Q. 9. How old was Isaac when Rebekah became his wife?

Q. 10. What sons were born unto Isaac?
Q. 11. What did Esau sell to Jacob ?
Q. 12. What promise did God make to Isaac ?
Q. 13. Where did he now dwell and why ?
Q. 14.

Was he prosperous ?
Q. 15. Where did the Lord appear unto Isaac ?
Q. 16. What did he do immediately after it ?
Q. 17. What did Esau do that grieved his parents ?
Q. 18. What did Isaac commandi Esau ? (Chap 27.)

19. What scheme did Rebekah devise to obtain 'the blessing for Jacob ?

Q. 20. Did she succeed ?
Q. 21. Did Jacob purposely deceive his father
Q. 22. Repeat the blessing of Isaac ?
Q. 23. What did Isaac prophesy of Esau ?
Q. 24. How did Isaac feel towards Jacob?
Q. 25.

What advice did Rebekah give Jacob P
Q. 26. (Chap. 28.) What did Isaac say to Jacob be-
fore his departure ?

Q. 27. What occurred near Ilaran ?

Q. 28. Did this dream contain any renewal of the promise of a Saviour ?

Q. 29. What did he say when he awoke?
Q. 30. What did he call that place?

Q. 31. What vow did he make and what monument did he leave ?

Q. 32. (Chap. 29.) What occurred at the well near
Haran ?

Q. 35. What did Jacob do when he saw Rachel ?
Q. 34. How long did Jacob serve Laban?
Q. 55. What did he give him ?

Q. 36. Mention the names of the sons of Jacob ? (Chap. 30.)


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