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Q. 1. How many years are comprised in this book?

A. About 300 years and better; it is but a continuation of the former? Q. 2. What befel Amaziah at this time?

3. What did the angel of the Lord command Elijah to say to him ?

Q. 4. What occurred when the king sent 50 men after him ?

Q. 5. What when a second and third company ?

Q. 6. What did he say to the king and what was the issue ?

Q. 7. What took place between Elijah and Elisha ? Q. 8. What occurred near Bethel ?

Q. 9. How were the two prophets enabled to pass Jordan ?

Q. 10. What took place as they still went on This was about 895 before Christ.

Q. 11. What did Elisha take up and what did the sons of the prophets say?

Q. 12. Was there a promise that he should return ? Malachi iv. 5, compared with Mat. xvii. 12

Q. 13. (Chap. 3.) Who succeeded Amaziah and what was his character?

Q. 14. Why did he go up to battle and who went with him ?

Q. 15. What took place when they went to Elisha, and in the morning after ?

Q. 16. What was the issue of this war? Q. 17. (Chap. 4.) What is refated of the woman who cried unto Elisha ?

Q. 18. What of the Shunammite?

Q. 19. What did she do when the child died and what was the consequence ?

Q. 20. (Chap. 5.) Who was Naaman and what is said concerning him?

Q. 21. How was he healed ?
Q. 22. What befel Gehazi and why?
Q. 23, (Chap. 6.) What occurred at Jordan?

Q. 24. For what purpose did the king of Syria send a host unto Elisha and what occurred to them?

Q. 25, What was the state of Samaria when Benhadad beseiged it?

Q. 26. What did the king attempt to do with Elisha?

Q. 27. (Chap. 7.) What remarkable prediction did he utter ?

Q. 28. How was it fulfilled ?

Q. 29. (Chap. 8.) What advice did Elisha give the Shunaminite and why?

Q. 30. How did she regain her property ?
Q. 31. What occured when Elisha was at Damascus?
Q. 32. What was Hazael's answer ?


Q. 1. Who was anointed to succeed Jehoram and by whom? (Chap. 9.)

Q. 2. Relate the destruction of Jehoram ? He reigned 11 years.

Q. 3. What other king was slain and how ?
Q. 4. What became of Jezebel ?

5. (Chap. 10.) How many sons had Ahab and what became of them ?

Q. 6. What became of the prophets, the images and temple of Baal ? Q. 7.

What was the conduct of Jehu' after this ? Q. 8. How did Hazael treat Israel? He was the son and successor of Ben-hadad 2d. See chapter 8.

Q. 9. How long did Jehu reign and who succeeded him ?

Q. 10. (Chap. 13.) What was his character and how long did he reign ? 1 verse. This was about 835 years before Christ.

Q. 11. Who succeeded him and how long did he reign? This was about 818 years before Christ.

Q. 12. What was his conduct?
Q. 13. What took place between him and Elisha?

Q. 14. Where was Elisha buried and what miracle is related concerning his body?

Q. 15. What took place between him and Amaziah king of Jutlah ? (Chap. 14.)

Q. 16. Who was his successor and how long did he reign? His reign began about 802 before Christ. Q. 17. What prophet lived in his days or soon after?

Q. 18. »To what city was he sent ? Jonah i. 1.
Q. 19. What occurred when he fled :
Q. 20. Repeat his prayer ? (Jonah 2 chap:)
0. 21. What was the result of this message ?
Q. 22. How did the prophet conduct himself?

Q. 23. Of what was his preservation in the deep em. blematical ? Mat. xii. 39, 40. and Lnke xi. 30, 32.

Q. 24. Who was the King of Nineveh at this time?

A. It is generally supposed Pul, the same mentioned in 2 Kings xv. 19.

Q. 25. Did Hosea still live and prophesy?

A. Yes. He exhibits the wickedness and foretells the captivity of Israel.

Q. 26. By whom and for what was Amos accused before Jeroboam and what was his reply Repeat Amos vii. 10 to 17.

Q. 27. Who was the king defeated by Jeroboam 2d. and what places did he recover?

2 Kings xiii. 24. Ben-hadad 3d. Chap. xiv. 28.

Q. 28. Who succeeded Jeroboam 2d. and how long did he reign? Chap. xv. 8 to 12.

Q. 29. By whom was he succeeded, how long did he reign and how was he cut off? There appears an interval of 11 years before this king succeeded.

Q. 30. Who next sat upon the throne and for how long a time?

Q. 31. How did he conduct himself? Q. 32. To whom did he pay tribute ? See also 1 Chron v. 26. This was 19 years before its destructiom Q. 33. Who succeeded Menahem and how long was his reign ?

Q. 34. Who killed him and reigned in his stead ?

Q. 35. How long did he sit upon the throne and how was he removed ?

Q. 36. Did Hosea immediately succeed him, and if so, how is it said that he did not begin to reign until the 12th year of Ahaz, when it is said he killed Pekah the 4th of it?

A. He was subject to the king of Syria for 8 years, and was not properly acknowledged king until he revolted from him.

Q. 37. Who came against Hosea ?

A. He was the 1st king of Babylon after the division at the death of Sardanapalus, the father and predecessor of the one mentioned in 2 Kings xx. 12. and in Isaiah xxxix. 1.

Q. 38. In what year of Hosea's reign was Samaria taken? Q. 39.

39. What was done with the people ? Q. 40. Why did the Lord give them into the hands of the Assyrians ?

Q. 41. What occurred in Judah about this time to Isaiah xxxix. 1, 2.

Q. 42. Who was this king who took and destroyed Samaria ? A. This was Salmanasar, the 2d king of Assyria (after the Assyrian empire had fallen at the end of the reign of Sardanapalus, having stood 1450 years, and was divided in those of Babylon, Nineveh and Media 32 years before this) who took and destroyed Samaria about 758 years before Christ and in the year of the world 3246, agreeably to the predictions of Hosea viii. 5.9.-ix. 3.-X. 5 to 9--ix. 5. and of EzekiIxxi, 23, 6.

Q. 43. Who were placed in the land when they were removed ?

Q. 44. What was done when the lions destroyed many of them

Q. 45. Did they hearken?

Q. 46. Was there a mixture of the Jewish and of Pagan worship prevalent among them for a long time?

A. There was. A temple was some time after built at Samaria and a rivalship set up against Jerusalem which preduced the state mentioned in John iv. 9. and Luke ix. 52, 53.

Q. 47. Did the ten tribes ever return ?

A. No. Nor have they ever been certainly discovered since.



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Q. 1. Who succeeded Rehoboam son o Solomon and when ? 1 Kings 15.--and 2 Chron. Ch. 13.

A. About 963 years before Christ and of the world 3040.

Q. 2. How long did he reign and what was his character?

Q3. What victory did he gain ? 2 Chron. xiii. 14. to 20.

Q. How many wives and children had he ?

Q. 5. Who succeeded him and what was his char. acter?

Q. 6. Who came up against him to battle and what prayer did he offer on entering it?

A. This was Zara 2 King after that in 1 Kings 3. 1. Q. 7. What was the result ?

Q. 8. What did the prophet Azariah say to him? 2 Chron. 15.

Q. 9. What did he do when he heard it ?

Q. 10. What took place when Baasha came up and built Ramah ? 1 Kings Chap. 15. 16.

Q. 11. Why did he degrade his mother?

Q. 12. What is related of him near the end of his reign ?

Q. 13. How long did he reign?

Q. 14. Who succeeded him and what was his character? About 919 before Christ.

Q. 15. What did the Lord do for him and how was be punished ?

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