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Q. 16. What took place between him and Ahab ? Ch. 18. and 1 Kings 24.

Q. 17. What did Jehu the seer say to him on his return? Chap. 19.

Q. 18. What officers did he set in the land and at Jerusalem ?

Q. 19. Why did he proclaim a fast and what prayer did he offer? Chap 20.

Q. 20. What did the Lord by his prophet say to him?

Q. 21. What was done and discovered the next morning?

Q. 22. How long did he reign?
A. 25 years.

Q. 23. Who was his son and successor and how long was his reign ? Chap 21—and 1 Kings 22.50-2 Kings 8. 16.

Q. 24, Where did he marry and what was his conduct ?

Q. 25. What people revolted against him?
Q. 26. What message came to him by Elijah ?
Q. 27. What was his end ?

28 Who succeded him and what was his character Chap 22. and 2 Kings 8

Q. 29. How long did he reign and how was he slain?

Q.30. Who governed Judah for 6 or 7 years at this time, and how was she removed? Chap 23.-and 2 Kings. 11. 15

Q. 31. Who succeeded her ? Chap 24.

Q. 32. What distinguished politician lived about this time?

A. Lycurgus, the reformer of Lacedomon and about this time Carthage was built.

Q. 33. How did Joash begin his reign, and what repairs did he make?

Q. 34. How old was Jehoiada the priest when he died ?

Q. 36. What prophet was slain ? Repeat Math. 23. 35.

Q. 37. Of what crimes was the king afterwards guilQ. 38. What enemy came up against him and how was ne finally slain ?


Q. 39. How long had he reigned ? verse 1.



Q. 1. Who succeeded him and how many years did be sit on the throne ? Chap 25.—and 2 Kings 12. 21. Q. 2

Mention some of the first arts of his reign ? Q. 3. What took place between him and the man of God?

Q. 4. How did he succeed in this war and what oce curred after he came back?

Q. 5. What did he say to the prophet ?

Q. 6, How did he succeed when he insisted upon warning with Joash king of Israel?

Q. 7. What became of him !

Q. 8. Who next sat upon the throne and how long did he continue ? Chap 26,

Q. 9. What occurred in the year of his death? Isa vi. 1. 2 Kings. 14 21.

Q. 10. Mention the prophets that flourished during this and the following reigns ?

A. Joel, Hosea, Amos, and Isaiah for about 60 years and not long after Micah and Obadiah.,

Q. 11. What important events occurred about this timer

A. Rome was founded by Romulus about 752. years" before Christ, the first olympiad began 776. Syracuse was built3 or 4after.

Q. 12. What improvement did Uzziah make ?

Q. 13. Mention the cause of his displeasure with Azariah the Priest ?

Q. 14. What happened to him after this and who succeeded him Chap ii.7. and 2 Kings xv. 7.

Q 15. How long did Jotham reign and what was his conduct ?

Q. 16. Mention the most important events of his reign.

Q. 17. By whom was he succeeded and what was his conduct? (Chap. 28.) and 2 Kings xvi. 1.

Q. 18, What was the consequence of his wickedness?

Q. 19. What did the prophet Oded say to the Syrians ?

Q. 20. What measures did Ahaz take?

Q 21. Who was sent to him and what occurred between them? Isaiah vii. 1 to 16.

Q. 22. Who distressed him still more?
Q. 23. Did his afflictions reform him?

Q. 24. How long was his reign and who his successor? (Chap. 28.) and 2 Kings xvi. 20.

Q. 25. What was the character of this prince ? (Chap 29 )

Q. 26. How long did he reign?
Q. 27. Did he effect some important reformations ?
Q. 28. Were sacrifices again offered ?

Q. 29. What was the design of his proclamation ! (Chap 30.)

Q 30. To what did he exhort them? Q. 31. Was idolatry abolished ? (Chap. 31) Q. 32. What prophets lived in this and the next reign? A. Nahum and Habakkuk.

Q. 33. What offerings were ordered by him ? Q. 34. What took place when Hezekiah was sick ? Q. 35. Repeat his prayer and his song? Isaiah Chapter 38.

Q. 36. With what was the Lord displeased in him, and what did he say to bim ? Isaiah 39 chapter.

Q. 37. What King invaded Judah about this time? Q. 38. What message lid he send to the people?

Q, 39. What did Hezekiah do with the letter sent him by (the king of Assyria) Sennacherib? Isa. 37. chap, Q. 40. What occurred when he and Isaiah prayed ?

41. What was the name and character of his successor? (Chap. 33) and 2 Kings xxi 1.


Q 48.

Q. 42. What important event is supposed to have occurred during this reign?

A. In the 15th year of it Ezarhaddon is supposed to have united the kingiloins of Babylon and Assyria. He was the successor of Sennacherib, 2 Kings xix. 37. He accomplished the prophesy Isaiah vii. 7 to 9. and carried away the remnant of Israel 670 years before Christ, and in the year of the world 3334.

Q. 43. Of what wickedness was he guilty ?

Q. 44. How did the invasion of Esarhaddon king of Assyria effect him?

Q. 45. How long was his reign, and what befel, and who succeeded him?

Q. 46. What was his character and the length of his reign and how was he removed ?

Q. 47. What was the length of the reign and what the character of his successor ? 34th chapter and 2 Kings xxi. 24.

What reformation and repairs did he effect? Q. 49. What was the answer when he sent to enquire of the Lord ?

Q. 50. Did he observe the passover! (Chap. 35.)

Q.51. What important prophesy began to be accomplished about this period?

A. Nabupolassar 3d king from Esarhaddon and father of Nebuchadnezzar, took Nineveh and destroyed it in connexion with Cyaxares king of Media, before Christ 619 and in the year of the world 3385.

Nineveh (Gen x. 11.) was situated upon the Tigris probably about 150 miles north-west of Babylon. It was 47 miles in circumference anii was once superior to it in population, having it is supposed in the days of Jonah 600,000 persons (Jonah iv. 1.) It was surrounded by a wall 200 feet high, having 1500 towers 200 feet high also. It has long been desolate according to ( prophesy. Nahum i. 8-ii. 6, 8.-and iii. 7, 11. Zephaniah ii. 13 to 15.

Q. 52, In what manner did he lose his life?

Q. 53. Was his death like that of Hezekiah greatly lamented ?

Q 54. Who succeeded to the throne ? (Chap. 36.) and 2 Kings xxiii. 34.

Q. 55. What prophet lived at this time and lamented the death of Josian ? Jeremiah i. 4.

Zephaniah prophesied during this reign, and like Jeremiah foretold the invasion of the Challeans. Zeph. i. 12, 14, and 15.

Q. 56. How long did Jehoahaz reign and who displaced him? This was about the year 606 before Christ.

Q. 57. How long did his brother reign, and what occurred in the third year of it ? Repeat Dan. i. 1, 2

Q. 58. What is mentioned of the king of Assyria while beseiging Jerusalem? Ezekiel. xxi. 19 to 23.

Q. 59. What became of Jehoiakim ? verse 6. Repeat Jeremiali xxii. 19.

Q. 60. Who was his successori He reigned 9 years in connexion with his father 2 Kings xxiv. 8.

Q. 61. How long did he reign and what became of hin? Repeat Jeremiah xxii. 25.

Q. 62. Were any of his relatives carried with him ? 2 kings xxiv. 13 to 16.

Q. 63. Who was made king in his stead and how long did he reign ?

Q. 64. How did he treat Jeremiah and why ? Jeremian xxxij. 1. and #8xvii 14 & 15.

Q. 65. How long did the king of Assyria besiege Jerusalem ? Jeremiah lii. 4 to 7.

Q. 66. What was Zedekiah's character? Jerem. lii. 2.

Q. 67. What was done to the princes and to his sons ? 10th verse of do. Q. 68.

What became of Zedekiab? 11th verse. Here ended the kingilom of Judah 588 years

before Christ, and in the year of the world 3416.

Q. 69. Who did the king of Assyria make governor of Judea ? Jeremiah xl. 7, 8.

Q. 70. What became of him? xli. 2.

Q. 71. What did Johanan do after this? do. to end also xliv. 1.

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